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The Oil Crisis Part 3: God's Fire Drill

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • September 19, 2008
    8:00 PM
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him him and you are him who is south of hours I hear him saying that I have to tell you that's for the first time since I've been here since Wednesday I see you read Zen or raising anybody know the name of a no why do I feel regenerated well California was an overnight trip didn't get a good sleep on the plane got here and now I have to live a little while to get into the campus and that thing causing settings so I couldn't really see them well preinstall anything I still decide there is a I couldn't get to sleep pattern down about I I got graph and today I feel really January and ran rings regenerate is would you pray the father we thank you for what you are about to teach us father I ask that your Angels that excel in strength with today's every unclean thing from this place nor from the back of this room to for every high meet every year and may have a hard being in so not lose to me listening to you speak to us Lord we pray and cry something a man we learned over these past days that we are an oil crisis we understood that while the world is looking at what is happening out there in the world God 's people we are focused on the oil crisis all in the Bible in particular Chapter twenty five the time is coming where there will be a short outlawing the oil represents the Holy Spirit notice with me in the book of Matthew chapter twenty five Matthew chapter twenty five strides as they oil crisis with these words and sound kingdom of heaven be like ten virgins which took their lands and went forth to meet the bridegroom I've been more wise and five were foolish they were foolish took their last to know oil is but the wise took oil in their vessels with their while why haven't they all love over why is I believe there is a difference between the sleeve that I want to Virgin 's exterior is endlessly I sell this missing or lost files read read we generated a I guess you don't have to usually when I live for you and I are reading and then refresh the spirit of the love I believe that he is wise words of this area is enough twenty eight when he is come unto me all that paper I read Ecclesiastes five versus will the rest and recently his mindfulness as he is on an communal rather prepare for final and the night before because you are in harmony therefore while watching more prepared for the final until you will find and identify my life is so presented to you tonight that the difference between those who are one of those little as you know I know the red hues chapter four verse nine he was four and verse five please listen him us strive the grass that God will steal music and movies that he gators shot therefore an person on the wireless is there remain there for a brass to the people of God I want to share a story with you on a story that is so incredible nonetheless who I pray that you will change your move ever NY March eighth he is renowned English story is a story that will unfold in the word of God Shelley is all about breasts he seen as a rest and he was the fourth person on in the written word a few small one everyone and therefore is he on this site most things are not necessarily is in TV is primarily peaceful about it in reference to use and is the only children of Israel when they came out on the engine and so in an honest laugh is on the children of Israel is often loses Verizon and he reimbursed for an influenza remain in the morning as and for the people on the Internet will will will will will will will will have no problem I have only one answer ethanol brass now this is beautiful of where the grass where in the dress is an common in women that is nice and I know this is not as low as the momentum and I call in is no winning union of the things I gone I is is always remember the amazing part is in place and we shall serve the Old Testament and then went to him and in the latest chapter twenty six the knitting is chapter twenty six verse thirty three minutes twenty six verse thirty three here are speaking to the children of Israel time on the agreement of the promised land and he is here happen to you among the heathen and was also absolutely darling solving the person is way and in July will I live in shower before they did not grasping the Osama bin Laden will will will him to her home on another sunset a few as well as I is unless you are an angel is it's you live in the Old Testament where God when he and him and for forty years is not in God there is no against God there is no singing at all why not call having his son accusing all gone and pain is not being not watching the notice the book of Revelation chapter twelve you see not only what is Johnson I is not as in the user is all inside it was warm something exactly is a sure thing I think he is no more than you and everyone somewhat seasonal on a yacht the sweltering on a side oh I do have an almost seven seconds add a more than cool as I will lose the ten moves in to send you occasional as well I said that he will in our network is so you try to work with me okay you know and so we were in Iraq when using a restful evening of cells will rest is as is and I and an occasional Margarita and on me this on change your life for Amber was an easy twenty eight is easy to twenty eight the Scriptures speak of on Lucifer 's fall Ezekiel twenty eight verse fourteen first starting the Bible says here I didn't even know an article on who is thinking about the expanding upon the liver and most of her indicated in the Bible says in an and he is in the New Testament when Susan and I sent you today he will him been waiting for them no word will be needed then I even want another things I hate losing or even on nine he was having lunch with Carol he will say even one wrong move please follow me please so while there is an and or and the Bible says is there a way in hell I can than when he is in phenomenon is how we may not understand what is he mimicking them and they need I mean somehow someone loses an eye is most home is more than women on the news and now the law here and we don't need home all morning doing the law is set in a timely fashion so as to deceive intelligent handling and some is and is in and okay I I thought that one of those evil the company is not as easy as fourteen euros of their round be will him the most time I let me tell you I is not being as I find them as I will does righteousness is losing and I can not be time for giving the window is union as I myself am using the URL and write as you he is going on on the prison world 's argument in a guy and I will be wanting you will be like Jesus he is in all and argument on sanctification saltwater one segmentation in the argument of how he got this on one only does what is a heaven and he said all he is somewhat seasonal jobs in Israel is his will on the windshield is more than and enjoy solitude you will have to know why because you refuse to sell Nina Simon tonight change your life and this is another him our return to what they saw not the reality is reality and you really want to find something interesting in the Bible says that God saw that it wasn't on will will will will will go please notice with me Genesis chapter two Genesis chapter two I want you to notice verse fifteen and then put in into the barn is on duty and judge you on what to do maybe as I am in you you are in heaven and now I'm creating art from all is said to me on my one hundred for a home on micromanaging the ordinal number four is in the preliminary and long will the Bible says in Genesis two one C U K there is a reason that God did not want to know is it doesn't doctrine the world and since then the rest of seven the season for you and you and him and him alone I think he is I is oh him will him and him and him and all the principles on the government to honor a a new dissonance in your life around I love it C is not as whole on the government on the principles of God 's son and I and is read this don't run out and he is watching the notice easy the twenty first twelve want to know is why God gave man the South Ezekiel chapter twenty verse twelve is Chapter twenty verse twelve moreover also my baby my son is to be assigned between them I will I will sanctify them you used to and what will look for the sanctify myself and my and gone as principal as the Indian government giving the Sabbath you know he will understand define yourself in education and I'm dating anyone and I made this assignment forever change your life so interesting it someday is an beloved will will will is the man in the Garden of Eden I listen to this on the good news Bible says in this way can not place the man in the Garden of Eden and why did you put in the barn too hard garden will glory from these I know he was in the Garden of Eden hazard is too small are occasional intermittent change what is most than in the art with me I would put tenderloin this is absolutely amazing taking work for is no one here is what it means to rest just settled down to be Confederate soldier almost literal translation says it this way given that the potential in the evening Yahoo music on the heart and put a new engine because when my roommate and I will need in the meantime the chief and that will bring you into a state of Sangha down undo that he did indeed and I will bring some tea and he will be setting himself up against Ghana and indeed we know the story I will send me so in the government off our lives Jesus Christ was sent to reason in particular any time you and I will give you some impossible this is arranged as to what he will usually find that enmity on and on and on and on all day and we know and we refused and when the music know what you know and announce recently signaled a possible essential read that obey me and me just to the downtown I really been from you I thought that he was the attention in this matter is in his work on this amazing how a wireless alarms are the words on the letter has gone to college again and from the works of lawlessness and the motive that is beautiful this is only the denoted as people say that God is on the two works in anonymous MSI we cannot work our way to heaven he is now awake and have donated the money to you again in the legalese eleven is a sign that we only see in the mail it is at seven I understand how the government anonymous on Saturday and I had anything I know about you on when you wanted means and she is and so are you ready to listen to this on you and you want to understand the moment you cease tone rests in God you have broken see you guys thought that you could do whatever you want to do during the week made this assignment change your life you thought that breaking is not singling me they told me I have to be here tonight so I am here as soon as all of us could only leave him on the seventh day not a lot of us can only be a sentence is actually on the seventh they are simple I will send you something God is one and the activating and he is Wednesday your life forever is the need to go to have a big weekend is alarming what do you are you doing during the week named his son the drive for another missing the Sabbath is the alternate side of submission not many teams and leaders in the one essential of the something is revealed in the Bible microphone is that every seventh year no man wants to while the rest of my face on what is most dauntless wanted to do something you see on the father 's fear that one day when the Lord will also house in years something interesting is absolutely amazing the point of not being on the resident is being held at the millennium comes about when looking at generally one generally speaking the seventh two thousand years but my sister is that we started on the first day of the week that was darkness and then said that there be like that first they say I'm really impressed his manager and happened in the Scripture first of all we find this in the very beginning and fell into darkness what is the story said that me while I is one that Genesis three televangelist said as I entered this world like the one for me what happened on day to want to read it only you know what's interesting to know him and him that have to happen at Spencer Martin off on the wanderers will be following you on day three I sent otherwise separated horizontally but other than that in Niger he then stands out in my moment brings the children of Israel I do and what the waters suddenly want to explore the Bible says all I can I is in the eye and the next Mandarin and after Israel and into the promised land and then waiting for the coming months I got no comments on God and see the right in the middle of the week though the new Bible students you brought you find that you created in the fish it am I just think I can I can remember to look in and see after Jesus died and he went ahead and sent out a call and send out this is him and through the dark agencies in the middle of a big number since God created man and I cannot help but think about Don Lafferty creation the seventh day Adventist insurance who was born to go face-to-face with the beast and the last means being the mistakes and eleven until you something I need and we are meeting in the time just before Friday Sunday is coming to an health is economy and we want to answer correctly he will listen finally Jesus or I will come in and do what we receive you unto myself where I you maybe also did you know beloved outside what is happening in Israel and did not cast me disarm and change your life forever below the Mason Jesus come to want to become infected and enter his rest at noon we reached the him himself summarily old not when we die I want to add to this extra is real this is what you window you have made this assignment seems who are monogamous and every seventh day God has created he's what seems most too soon to online to see if I have to prepare for the second coming of Jesus try not to menstrual Formato you see how did you do as a sign was going down today how do you ask all the ceremony was coming in and seal today don't raise your hand you will establish charming and you're still my ambulance and your plea is coming on you and anyone ever experience that a lot of natives are may change your life forever in the East font is solid something the public does not have given anything was to say are you actually need to enter into myself up to Smoltz why are we not right for the sound of the garden is a for one day a week on the interesting ways in one of the best time to prepare Sunday the fire the wingman unaccountably on the prokaryotic are all around we are running around the column anonymously we do not know me to reflect on how my spiritual eyes you are waiting until we see as before we send ten hands on you you will find a new one being many when Jesus named his son change your life for an nominal sum of all solids more than we already do not know what you failed as we go into the cake I think anyone in if you are long that will be seen this is what you have to hear God has given you an opportunity to come on you mess up and you understand this is so whether we are writing to enter into his rest is all that is when DE and his address you don't get that song than help using the Power Mac and twenty two that talked about this and that I was invited into the wedding feast but when the king was not properly want to ask a Mexican answer and send us how much is lost on you will be in June zero Scripture is and it's hard to sort what you doing right now in these early hours as a rule are you thinking right now on the settlement policy it's what you would be thinking inherent him a him are thinking right now is that if we were to instantly and then we would be disintegrating half of the meanest son and change your concept on the Sabbath for an easy woman had not fully understood what this day is really all about using God has called us and we will release this data we'll only do it correctly visits to the what and what are you doing in a long time to any usable as possible on and doing able is on the Sabbath day to the drain on the sound down once a small on asylum and I wanted to defend on Israelis they are doing is on the other they are not on my side no longer what is was an infant is not to knew these men on the tablet had the meeting increases alone in his will for us not to it's possible not to do it on any day on the week building on you maybe for a simultaneous uninteresting on the Bible China speak as if I can't get on the Bible tells us to talk about those eyes of adultery that cannot cease from thinning the analyses and to the Greek word enough but I will tell you him him you didn't have to cannot be I said I is not a fun and I is more than enough time at the Martin is called what we say we have to see are you marked me as I and you sweat here are many satellites that can reveal that we are only resting and I reveal that we were not in the things of this world and the things of heaven and homework new Wilmington worldly things right now are sending my thoughts as well I think you are only as in London on the web want to be limited in mind and got the momentum and to try to change your in heaven right now and on and not so the change log cabin at recess I love Tommy and Jimmy to get on I hope you know what you're saying you during your self from the day when he is awesome I can wait us out to the older I hope you think I can lead to the homework window watching the clock when you signed the jump in the Warsaw laying you are a small race first the Atlanta on this this didn't think this on the side eleven the sum is about all dependence upon God in the story where God suspended two of them is really a six-figure salary on the second of what happened there was one message said I want to send in their is nothing less than beloved God wants the children of Israel and he was trying to teach them to prepare them for that Sabbath the children of Israel partly what he wants in on day one has to worry about making the threat that he will face a rematch is so solid and that's an visiting their wine we had to have happened on someone you can receive you will blessing me tell you something you want manual you can hear tonight saying okay on your minimizing will and I was on assignment in Who's Who on the Sabbath day is an thing I know I become God has been trying to gain them the blessing while we know that many of you came tonight menu Sabbath I say I don't know what's happening I'm not being blasts this is for me I beloved dongle looking for the blessing when God has been giving the blessing as we date on the week to truly understand the Sabbath didn't you have been living the wind suddenly to Jesus Christ and what ever she say and now beloved the self is a sign of ministry because Isaiah fifty eight South Asian business fast I call you to bring the poor into your where Angel your home where's your home where you will understand its insurance while you are out looking for the poor the naked to bring them into your home today I went my ministry people here you are trying to wait for people to branch 's old house house on us as soon as I can answer and not just talking that we'll start in a few minutes certainly after we leave anyone and intend to bring anyone into the house when you for some reservoirs and I thought I have one you love yourself yes I'm about to myself are you really sent me at this really going on in the South made ascending change your life and on coming around the bend I promise you the south is what brings about a range needed sure will not service on the Sabbath is what brings a lot of random noise in the Isaiah fifty eight Isaiah chapter fifty eight notice with me first state Isaiah fifty eight verse eight the Bible tells us here after it's talking about the Sabbath and seventy one of them observe it's a birthday and I wait for the morning that the virgins were there that I shall spring forth righteousness on those feelings for the good already on the north side of the room will then show no call on the Lord shall answer about why and he will say here on your person not sometimes he continually usually satisfy myself and make it more than also be little more time in the spring of one and when his people refunds or both that means when they arrive in their life his one and the releasing upon the formidable entry is more likely the one that I realize this is not an handsome husband minimum you will love it it is not uncommon in which are you the south is the CEO of God 's governing that my wife says in the last days of those who received the field what is the scene of God is thus almost but what does that mean I'm keeping this on to know it means choosing the very principle not only that they are very loving and rest in Christ because women trying to monotonous and the last days will not be allowed do I refuse to do Sunday will be part of it will be in Green Bay and tries everything is probably around noon attachment and love it this is Paul Millsap and Jesus rested from his work did you know that troughs you see that I love it out online on hand and will reveal the principle on so people and say how much I want to understand you wanted in the side yard and statement of account and you are not messing a new one so I can than half his life in the default and is due to warming and the people because they have the seal of God become the norm rather than that I wish there was now you know that's what it means in the community and are you on a railway building anywhere in the home for you when I got home around half him unable to learn how to live to assess the needs and shots they needed to show us just saying you will listen to me this change in closing I want to notice remember the story and when the Hmong new March the thirteenth when he said that there were people who were confident into Jerusalem on the Sabbath and they sought again to Jerusalem I'm not one who is anonymous I enter in London and Warsaw the only team to Montana and the Bible says that all present are they shooting to come in on why to the tree and may enter into doing those who wish feelings now will not be able to sample and the are you really learning how to sell Revelation fourteen the third Angel met Angels message says those who received the mark has no graphs they nor not why they refuse I refuse home rest in his command and now they will never have read they will never enter into that rest that I want to make an appeal to you tonight know what unfounded appeals a scary thing is scary for you and miscarry for me but God is speaking tonight so it's not about me and it's not a molecule it's about God the car underneath your chin I wanted to take the grapples and other some of our men and from the civilians mean such truly experimental blessing on the seventh day today is the seventh day God is calling him now just south some of you will not have been calling the guy you as well are doing on your mailing on way to insult you is the one that is called you know who you want to say to resist me know I want to turn the him who are wanting you to give your life find advice on finding you to need up five please will you know what that means it is in the tomorrow in your car when we know a guy with a bonus and I in fact know what I think Martin the car is really to leave anonymous puts you on the spot when this cost on the Sabbath he said he thought I need you to begin I need is there wanting him to send when one would you say a name is there one would you stand a man would you stand up and come on don't exist anymore please understand what I mean when I say that I is there another one is in place that please say a name please and you and you will and I drilled tonight he was tonight in which it would be a new waiting for wages stagnating wages and to staff which is a net as long as I would say which is just you are in the world layout and eight hundred thousand dollars the thing is a genuine challenge them online for some time you do this a gym I will so I never made a better decision in my life that is that what you waiting you will want to know where I'm coming from and is a man a name and e-mail please now is the time now is the time which is now coming in with a warm review Mrs. is driving at resisting the devil is trembling right now because you know if you decide that you want to be in a dangerous warrior that Jesus Christ you know how to build a strategy meeting in the industry because he wanted that my heart but even on that job and you and me now my destiny going on there is some you would want to stand with him asking about and how we wear my young man in a name where no me know some of these young men out there who are running away from God John is saying now is the time to stop resisting would you send healing as you until you when please is a number that it is free and a name for them in Jesus Mortal Kombat if you will as long as and when I was in fact it is to rewrite and I will will I will knew who was barren on the menu tonight the official is an argument on the say is don't be whose margin and to come out just when what we can all be ashamed there is nothing to be ashamed about his mentor went out and come majorly down and didn't come to know that you would hear the spirit of God you think all now we come come he wondered that please don't let distance hold you back praise problem with the devil is in right now loving angels and obligors please I know there was one really really am I will write soon as I know I'm talking to you now a come on and in the voice of God calling you mad young woman who isn't in the voice of God please before it's too late I guess I will price it is upon and soon you will be able to hear the voice of God because you two minus one zero John thank you thank you praise God would you come to come praise praise God praise the to him who was sat here are a few who are seen as a problem message to take this tomorrow you've been out here for a reason to sell the end credits on the watching universe God is depending upon you to reveal the principle I call him is rejoiced me tomorrow is very good to know that I been baptized already and you want to be rebaptized would you I'm not can wait longer please would you come amen brother amen you would be strictly and I think I know what they are tremulously on the time that we were friends we read in you and you can't care what your position is the problem is not one thing I will looking to come down would you come to come in on several levels change he will give you and I will get out and John a name he may make sure you want to call in the police outlining one finality I want you out there in on to pay his son on the world the world that does not understand what the sample is really about how they wanted to come and you are ready to say what she does not will will see from the window December heavenly father we are thankful tonight then we have called on class of what heaven will be like his father we are told in the kingdom of heaven that every Sabbath sunset as we will come for you as we understand more about this but they never thought of that heaven is a reality on and on till I meet my father feeds off the sound of heating so that we can they are involved in these will come in for him and start a new life in you and is and is one that had been in and you cannot legally fire Joe Lord and father when the real problems when you come in threatening more mainly new because we had gone through the weekly fire engine of meaning anyway you come back pain and you say in the ninth grade on a new in Jesus name we pray amen


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