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Escape From the Black Hole

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • September 20, 2008
    2:00 PM
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father we thank you so much for your enough for us we ask Lord today then you would just see just instruct us Lord and the open our eyes Lord that we may see as you would use me that you would speak to me and that you would just anoints the words that they will reach the hearts of your people in Jesus name we pray amen I would like this starts by sharing a little bit of my test might understand how many of you know a little bit about my testimony solidly a family just learn livid about my testimony by this week on arcade you know that I monetize my for my long time ago okay get this to fear you a as I shared earlier this week I was a part of a four-man hip-hop group and we were in the middle of recording our first album when I was introduced to the seventh day Adventist message we had about twenty of my friends in somewhere between twenty to thirty people had the best school left on Virginia State University to come out to New York City where we were limited recording we are limited in the lifestyle that we saw on TV enough that said the parties you know smoking drinking and just living what we thought was the life in this environment we met an Adventist he was we were all around twenty in our early twenties salicylic teenagers and this zone and that we met again a share with us something some the word of God and may have knowledge of the Bible was so incredible we had never heard of the Sunday ad mins before this was on a microphone appeared Jonathan Jonathan block muscles and a microphone of Caroline no okay do I need a microphone yes if you can get me a microphone I'll be great if not I just started talking loudly on the again louder than this so don't worry I'm not preaching you okay and so we were introduced to the Seattle in his message then enough funniest thing in the world were all smoking and drinking on the woods is like hanging out now this guy who is yet how to do it some of these things with us begins to open the world I would listen now total transformation in the house so we would be literally just like puppets and three four o'clock in the morning and before we were the site partying hanging out not being walked into the house you do seem like people sprawled all over the floor with Bibles open to study studying Japanese masses who are actually still smoking and drinking while redoing and so it was just you know real slutty side but God through that through that event through that's in the Holy Spirit castrated and brought about a powerful transformation in our lives well we got so excited that what we decided to do was to share the three Angels messages in our hip-hop music and nobody heard that so here we are with John Locke 's and the how well are you saying nowhere when on the regular avenues with the Beatles cool and he and him essay I saw enough dreadlocked single pads in the way to tell you about Jesus in and leaving the clubs Aston Villa next Friday night I Friday night in the club 's Ad-Aware rhyming about Jesus were arriving about the Sabbath where where whining about the three Angels messages arriving about the market of these and I would like things like who wants all the antichrist and I will and we stopped on our great controversies I sold on the wheel exists modified and we way possible to like get this mess is all because of a grieving group this time we were really honest really sincere and then I began to think about that you know what something 's wrong here because on you know I mean we would just be no honey we would do our size then we stopped talking between them until the people like you know what are you doing here get out on Babylon why do in this club don't you know Jesus came tonight would you be ready and the the Lord began to speak to us because we would see people dancing to this life-and-death message that we thought we were preaching this is the three Angels messages why are you not repenting in the club wine and dancing while you don't appear affordable obligor along the edges of the wood blinds and I have not and I'm going North something 's gone on here something is not right we would go on programs like him teen hello son how do you remember that program from weighing in on early nineties teen Summit VE team soul train and I wasn't in the car so straining you understand why call it soul train in a moment but we would go on these all of these programs and I mean we were known as the hip-hop group that was not afraid to talk about the Bible so we need on beating when my was in our hands while we were performing in her amended interviews and we would all talk about you know it it's about God it's about God and the name of Margaret was for you monsters will be monsters belong on a moving dongle and I don't do that but you know this differently are ready to take you know at first we have decided socially monsters because you know we first of all my brother and I were dancers syllable he and boogie monster is enough by week over yesterday but then we know that the name evolved to be to mean that you know people were afraid of what they didn't understand and want to be like a conscious hip-hop group and Emily became advanced where I will now will you do not only okay you know people see SMH I guess they think we looks scarier but indeed we are Christians leaving that many of us while we're not about you monsters that we were really China work it was really making all artifacts and so we would have all these interviews with no Rolling Stone magazine and again we were insults like coming up I mean these people are like these guys be the next on Jim Morrison because the weekend on the meetings we had and you earn above the doors that is good we modeled our album name was called the riders of the storm so that you know who I was worth they were Jim Morrison the doors because they were so crazy paranoid lunatic when I met this cool to be limited and syllables while models him the okay was as a means of limiting them that you know the next doors on the hip-hop generation and those how things while one day what one really began this process of realizing that something was wrong is that when they were sitting around the reading letters and down we got one fan letter that asks young setting up freezer with you guys are doing your hip-hop group for Jesus and that's great but I have a question for you doesn't the Bible say that in light and darkness cannot dwell together if that is so how can you have a name like boogie monsters and claim to be serving Christ and solely on the letter laugh with this guy denies weirdo the next day we all came together as institutions and environment and you know I really pray that I will need this animal who died in a thoroughly the letter but I really pray that this guy will be and because it will come in handy partly because of him while standing here today without all the stuff that I was all of the stuff that wine here today amen so we decide which has been on our group then that the labels that you not doing that because everyone already knows you by that name 's stock and you don't hold the ordeal dog began to speak to my brother and I and what I want to share with you in this particular session is some things that he began to share with me has shared with me over the process of time now I have this presentation on DVD so for those of you who want to get a hold of this I'm actually went to Jamaica and smoke on this very subject and so you can do where you have these available auction night the even final escape from a black hole and gave some very powerful jams on the share with you industry to do the session and assess whether you looking at some more issues with the entertainment industry in particular with music so you have your Bibles all right let's open up that's open up to Revelation chapter twelve revolution chapter twelve verse eleven the Bible says they are they overcame him by what the blood of the land by the word of their testimony all we are told that we overcome the beast we won't become the dominant last phase by having the ballade on the lamb not why that's important to understand because what is the blood of the Lamb remember when Jesus just before he was about to die he gave his disciples what bread and wine bread and what everyone bread and wine and that wine was symbolic of the blood it was short wine it was know what fermentation any somewhat big dildo wants to do is if you know that we overcome by the blood he wants to take away the blood and replace it with something else what is the replace with the wine of the wine of Babylon was Babylon means confusion what kind of wine is fermented are unfermented fermentative in other words while crossing is fermented when a person is drinking fermented wine they can no longer held the differing us between what is right and what is wrong what is good and what is evil don't raise your hands and you cannot tell the difference when it comes to music don't raising think about that because more than double wants and eleven if you want to confuse the mind so much that we try to sentence what is right and wrong once we really are building to design and call good evil and evil what good were ending we will then went in and up and a whole lot of trouble so noticed was the revelation chapter eighteen Revelation chapter eighteen somewhat in the living verse twenty three and eighteen verse twenty three the Bible says and the lot of a candle shall shine no more at all in the and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in the foregoing merchants were the great on the earth for behind the high what's the word there sorceries were all nations deceived and we were there for sorcery is the worst form of Shia and you know what I hate holding microphones because it reminds me as he liked your piece is in him I think that a square whether you thought you the great work performance you may want to write this up the great work of pharmacy on the Greek word for sorcery is the word for McCain in which we get our English word what pharmacy or pharmaceutical wording of pharmacy you get zero one a jobs bill in illegal drugs and what not and she them I sold the Bible tells us here that all who are deceived in the last days will be deceived by source or read by sorcery is amazing because when I go places nasty when you come into this presentation last table how many know someone that is struggling him I like how money was found with sensory but when we opened the definition up and realize then that word sorcery is a great morphology of pharmaceutical which means filmmaking mind so that it will not follow God when the analysis on the couple of questions for modeling this can enjoy the meditative mind you known some marijuana you know someone who's smoking doing drugs you know someone who was struggling with sorcery I want about alcohol and alcohol Medicaid the mindset will not follow the law on the web doesn't mean you know someone that is drinking alcohol you know someone is struggling with sorcery like to point out that when you knew a job on the store 's new sees spirits sold here by now you understand why it is because without it we are dealing with supernatural force on the economy alcohol supernatural Finland and the devil is able to use that to medicate them I can tell the news and Medicaid minds than what my father will run along without asking I'm no smart instrument was sorcery a whole lot of handling what why become of him and that will have the power is using television in these days some Medicaid people 's minds when they will not follow the will or the law got not one of my music and music Medicaid the mind SunTrust will not you know somebody struggling with sorcery I feel you maybe all of you you see the double understands that God 's people cannot have clear minds on God he does not want to have clear minds to be able to write me do some I have the truth and error in the last days shall you something the Lord share with me that just absolutely blew my mind revolution chapter twelve verse five notice what he says here revelation twelve verse life the Bible says and the great Dragon was cast out that old serpent called the Devil and Satan which is seen in the whole world he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him why was Lucifer cast out of heaven because he wanted to be like God you want to be like God who is Jesus so you want to be like Jesus but what was used mainly for he was called Jesus so Satan wanted to me like my phone and are limiting a muscleman is is a coincidence that all the most famous on all sports musicians the people that are idolized the most authentic Michael I think about and I'm not calling these people say China could you say that it appears to me how amazing same as having the world wanted to be like Michael Jordan Michael Jackson Michael Phelps Mike Tyson think about all the markets you can think of anyone even hydrolyzing and Mornington my interest someone in my coal interesting so Lucifer was sobbing coming with the new item Michael he wanted to be more popular and more things that Michael he is exalted above Michael and the Lord asking where the fire come from can be exalted above somebody else got one out in the again when Lucifer the realize of the entire entertainment industry is based upon the value to exalt oneself above all others are one of the famous omelette anyone are one of the more famous and beloved that principle can be can also be found in science the unsettling thing when we design Simon and send one another and treat one another we are exercising the very same principle and Lucifer exercise in heavy and so the Bible tells that that means angels while one half hour of cabin warily cast down for this are the criminals Anthony how are these Angels influencing men upon the earth today and immediately below the present invention solvers for describing the same solo album called devil and his angels in heaven renovations on the source of the artist hailed June the third part on the stars of heaven the captains of the art so these angels were called lot stars and the stars were cast where down to the heart and the stars are not influencing the owner of house because the man are now calling themselves stars what astrology the study and worship of the stops us from there as they look at the stars anything okay we must parcel on this is what I should wear today this is possible that this is what happens when they got there I want to start now we decided and is my financial astrology and that's why we are strongly we all do not worship the stars but I have a question when the possible astrology is going on in the midst of the Seventh-day Adventist church today could it be possible that many of our young people are looking at the star and dressing according to the Star and walking according to the Star and I began talking and modeling their entire lives in a startling amount in the savoir are you saying one thing could be possible that God 's people are stargazers what's interesting beloved really interesting is that I remember that pointing out to me where these angels these stars that were cast out cast on for your where is the home of the these stars where is the home of the loss Angel in his life a Hollywood and highly will Los Angeles the CD of Angels Hollywood new probably realize that a Virginia couple of minutes reader Hollywood you may not realize this is the capital of spiritualism coming out hotly what is the largest promoter of spiritualism margin than any spiritualistic movement also you have to do is put out one more week and a whole lot of America and much of the rest of the world was sent down to this day and the influence Hollywood the city of the lost Angel I'm not saying that got zero hits that's one of their headquarters to sell everything and what's even more interesting maybe not by Harry Potter Harry Potter and his series field I want beyond their means about Harry Potter Y at house one hundred made out of a special type of tree Holly Barry three and every tree is one of the three nine century trees in ancient witchcraft witchcraft which are which is when you lose apparently put spells obsolete upon people 's jobs they were to help a person 's transition into death smoother so Harry Potter on in there I'm a kind of more than call me a wood and color in the facts Hollywood the single moron and the Devils have that is lolling the people of God suite could it be to see the love and the devil is much much wiser than we think that these things are either a coincidence or the government has been pulling the wool over our eyes were some obvious things up we would collect that the music that draws the rock 'n roll but none entertainment on the baton is almost as notes on up in the word the answer came and industry anything more entertainment and break it down into earnings to come in one of the name coming chain but I'll take a retail chain it means the whole or parts as an end refers to being in a state of self the one entertainment means to come in the process and to hold in a state of that sin are you being entertained are you being entertained it's interesting that when one went out and be out and we were deceived by the circuit button when the serpent came to a student not appear as himself he appeared as a media now as a medium swan that communicates or that is used on the go-between between the spirits and humanity right so that the only literature itself is what is backed off so he appeared at a medium in the form of a shopping the Bible condemn the use of any of I will send us what endless and beloved is not when Ms. Newman is one of the maneuvers medium distinctly a default that are in a musical voice the answer paying her class I wasn't back in those times in and it's interesting did you know that the powerful the world meeting on his media Center mama could also and I was using the meaning of as a meeting on communicate his very character into the people of God when you think you think it's possible to anyone as they turn the own way on TV anyway they have what's called what program name are in comradely love and sidelined his name probably have when you send her watch how I taught us evangelicals by hypnotism with new forms in the last days and I believe a lot of that we are seeing many people hypnotized I can tell when a president hypnotized Lyndon is revealed when I was an amusing when I was going you know my parents never want like a regular insane job and when I began to watch my favorite stars and star days ago I began doing all of a sudden I now what happened to me I was being what he will grant me as I was not taught to want I will thought me my meal all the main window want to change the way a person dressed in the way that they want to win a new talk show who had been being you hold me and the government wanted to talk to hypnotize the people of God in these last days how anyone say turn the station when you think turn one of the options and channeling in his work what shall I send the Internet is accumulating communication of evil spirits when you are sitting watching that violence that's that's sex that's a lie was that shallow dodging another things are being she will continue and using what you have any control over me analysis on what you control the TV waiting when you sit down in your chair and return decision what is a news and it's okay you see that serious revelations appear to log on Shaw wanted me to control on a additions and many of us believe that we died away when an console but we only unleavened on the dongle is constantly from a disk is seen anybody that's been opened yet you think about it they want to give an example of how the devil is so cunningly deceived in God 's church soloists are from point a point is this this is a Moron you got the TV on a commercial comes on and says coming soon and he already so and him and him and you guys is vital not to pass on him you can edit your CNN on urea to send Hamas says Lee you I did indeed is his second drug evening diagnoses and so we go to the movie theater line with an imposter here for a second know you know that Paul and Colossians three versus who he says is and was second in the missus on do not Mrs. and I assure there is an extended Colossians three yes yes Colossus three sensor affections where is it set your assumptions on things above not on things upon the earth when Internet that's what I'm looking for is a good verse that is not what I'm looking for man is to listen to my mind but now here we are Colossians chapter one verse twenty three if you can save ground is settled and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel which you are and which was preached to every creature under heaven whereof I Paul am made a minister Paul sent me so you are not moved away from the gospel was funded by that word one cause of the word he was saying look at my lady on the one who has to move half of feigning emotion he motioned means to move I was in my back song on accreditation guessing your emotions were one star that's when the board moved Minnesota office in sinister no more stars away from the gospel on your emotions enable everyone to know away from also thought that another Dutch know your mouse away from the gospel so what is and how we want to know the you don't get him in a what you know these are defined in no mall you motion picture use pages some beautiful way from the gospel of Jesus Christ so when you're seeing Superman as your hero and Spiderman as your funeral and then you look at Jesus and he and I have no spiderwebs come out as had been the lamb on the Dolphins almost him down is more exciting than Jesus does what you see on this adventure is certain that you know all that were real I want to be a part of that imaginary thing what God is saying to be a part of the real thing the devil wants to know us and sold by the way do you know that the word that he used there for more is the word art collection they know now that means you can form around on I don't know how command WinWord and worked upon our Tyndale was I want to us Denise is auctioned that makes it the science all malls may not otherwise cinema some the word kinesis but when you go to the cinema you are going to be moved with Everhart of telekinesis telekinesis is the finest ability to deform an object without touching the reason time I could be possible that the devil through the cinema is performing China and Nice on our characters with you as so we called to them only to be moved is what happens in one two-hour movie or a happy one of the guy that was sought by the rate being either trying to live in one inch wide to session your emotions are literally be moved all over the place and then you come out wondering why your emotionally unstable and why I'm so we come the movie and thought it was all fine but now when in reality and there is a lot that is on the when is the next movie coming when is the next he is a master off I need on the high so the next time you send out another like Gregor and then the last time I told you it was great and the boys and was in the cheaper just to let you know you see us and you might as well been waiting for him on an annual holiday that sounds like a trauma so what happens now is that you're on the strong standards and getting these your you're becoming a junkie and had an unlimited videogame the near future and as high content like escape from something and now what happens when you come the charge and the passage then when they are instinctive and there's no explosive action drama sizzling on his remote control and push the snooze button and high thinking in three minutes I is the other while South Africa and outlines how those that when we fall asleep in the service that demonic angels on their for the purpose of not causing us to sleep just when the words in the heart of our show absolutely in that amazing how we know we say no sermons should only last about half an hour a human mind cannot retain such information for such a have mercy on these so this will allow you only see me as hard as he will and then when the thing is over with you and Daisy says at three minutes and twenty saloons and noises that it is responded well and this is a whole I love music and we can be repaid me and someone cradling Oglala member and I thought it was good and I was in the evening amazing to solve what happens is that you begin to lead the charge because church is born May and then watch the way saying that you turn can be through what can we do to bring about what we do is exposing we bring Hollywood right into the chair and that it's time for us to get why it's time for us to realize that we are facing an enemy that is currently it is time for us to sulfate catalyst see any difference it's time for us to begin I is one of the best things you might know people in the charts this book and I believe it is because of this boy is not being preached at it should be now young people getting bored because this is the greatest drama and then how I call it the drama of the agents this is a great drama in the world that we tell you something of what I my Courtney out in the world was no unit owner that was my hip-hop media without written dreadlocks longer and there walked around the chain beer deluge of last handle my students really want to cross a street in an just as hot parts of your government at the window the appearance of wisdom in I was not a wise rapper ice cube young man he's what I know that I was the one everyone will each not little did I realize you don't you bother my brother 's name was shy about this codename were in the same group so you know what we really want my Star Wars constant had seen on the force be with you in all things I realized that the slot laws of England the thing they fit in August on the real Star Wars you don't get to use it as a beautiful beloved because he doesn't know remember that Lucifer wanted to exalt himself about no one starts out at the stars of God and the Bible Continental so I was not an set of shots on war play are you a Star Wars film and volume the problem was an All-Star is coming soon until Israel also what that's all Jesus Christ is not at all Israel but that's the hardest artists as they were starting to come into the art and science and become the place where you live in the morning and the three wise men are the only ones that we are seeing is so in the common worship he so shocked in the when did nothing in the Bible tells us that on the husband until multiplied in the book of Daniel we had fallen under the law on seeing these are some of the plot and multiplied because of this watch is on the run is up on the mats and I can buy myself what the more you stand upon the solid in the morning that will multiply so we set another date on the news a new kind of star war against the stars of God the stars of Hollywood but unaware in a star war right now because Daniel chapter twelve admin .py and turn many to righteousness the stars for ever and there are two kinds of stars stars that reflect the glory of God and stars that Bonzo on the glory of man not Windstar are you from WinStar say something interesting in fact if I can than you do this to you doesn't you can know why I call this this half of this seminar soldiering want to know how to program soul train so strangely resemble it is not now rated do it about and whether it was a whole dance program at a party program that came on suddenly be easy I never have a strain on our body would like to know while the party line in it with you and you anyway in that demonstration and this view is not paid I was not dancing I was just kind and so as I realized that I saw on a sultry in the real property facilities as I saw the rapidity with which this illusion was just talking about spiritualism sorcery culture and ours was on me going with this for you like me Angel baby not carefully since my eyes upon the chain it seems abnormal all I was on board the soldiering how to fix it up on the train charges of Angel they are binding and bundled rate environment is the conductor who appeared like a sad state repair person whom all the passengers looked up to an average I was perplexed and as much in the angel who is in season it is Satan the conductor in the form of an angel of light is taken the Wildcats of the argument of us on the loser to believe that life that they may be bad I asked the angel if there were no ashes of the woman right newsgroup in addition I say that there were not that he didn't look in the opposite direction I saw a little company child maintain now roll pathways so Ms. somewhere taken a training some were walking the narrow path are you on the soldier four five nine we do not want to find pedophiles because I hate flies and I went to the store they were on a flashlight is copyrighted this five paper five hitter reminds me of the story I want to share with you very quickly we can rate a close in a moment it was a fly China had assigned the role he saw part of the butterflies dancing in all look like they were having so much fun Celestine -ist flight we don't want to go there it looks like they're having fun catch they can escape your doctor can't not look up and having fun with him I hear there's oh seven second business he and the farm is way over to the party landed and you know the rest of the story of love and listen to me if you know there stopped there is no way out not all the money the previous women in the world and the most answer where married now three weeks later somebody else the remittances of using auto on our signal I was living in a while they'll all the riches are still seeing that straps okay I'm closing with a silent assassin if you must listen as articles of this do you know that Hollywood has gone so far as the counterfeit eternal life yes what you mean this in on how we would do in Hollywood they have what is called a Hollywood walk of fame what is I want a famous where stars are placed in a stone and the offerees we know we want you become famous will write your name in a stone what that means is the one is the one who saw the hollow center where the stars are being more time eyes are direct counterfeiting to Revelation chapter two when Jesus says to him although I will write his new name in a stone coincidence beloved God is calling you to change some I was on the dark side what a godsend so join join come over and tell you every time I see I do see a cousin on the drama right now no real live movies I to be good him him him and I realize this in the movie this is the reason has to why cannot you want to read other and I won't be you won't let me know and I want you to be I got the strength renewed but a lot easier than all that is an opportunity wants you to follow his strength is in the end of the movie is close what role will you play in that movie when the whole unit on the last move is unsound the last movie theater minorities last year such end of the one thousand years do you know that Allen says will appear like a Randy vision all the events of the history over the last movie theater owner you watch the movie that you're living right what role would you have played in that movie heavenly father thank you for speaking to us Lord we have a short break we've gone and the time but please Lord make us really to be our size in Jesus name we pray


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