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The Beast From the Abyss

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • September 20, 2008
    3:00 PM
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I saw his father we thank you again for your word for your truth we also reviewed please make this message this last message Lord help us eyes to be helpless to see what you need us to see in these last days in Jesus name we pray amen okay I like you to open your Bibles to Revelation chapter thirteen Revelation chapter thirteen and I want returning there we just mention this the only form of entertainment and on-again is ungodly entertainment that makes that anything leads us away from God that moves us away from God weights unfortunately is a whole lot archive that's what I'm against so now we can go into that other than later but I just want you know not all TVs that write anything that is that points our minds in the direction of God of his creation of things that are good for largest those things are good but but but most of probably of what Hollywood is doing is designed for one purpose to make the money and the government is using that purpose to steal your souls okay so I wanted just not I really didn't have time to finish my last message because of the time constraint but I want to move on into this study because this is really an open eyes to some very very important things by the way at LaGuardia state you may be limited you know you maybe confused I hope you won't be but no one knows for as long as entertainment workshop but I guarantee you don't lose me the money if some items as they saw passed away behind the dog that Mimi okay how many checking frequently the figure following I Revelation chapter thirteen Revelation chapter thirteen verse one here's a nice upon the sun and the sea and saw a beast rise up on the sea having seven heads and ten horns upon his horns ten crowns upon his heads the name of blasphemy so John sees a beast rising up out of nowhere not see how we understand his visa represents the power of the dark ages that all Roman churches are in the dark ages that enrolled for how long twelve hundred and sixty one years that's what we know as the dark ages okay so this lease is seen coming up from nowhere from the city K notice with me Revelation chapter chapter thirteen will in a move on in fact let's look to the desponding when this lease on the season we going to start out what is recently been a persecuted the people of God and were told that this base would eventually receive a want a deadly load okay now what do these assays at the Limon seventeen ninety eight so this phase that the devil has been using to present to the people of God receives a born in seventeen ninety eight the devil is sent a a new power on the thing Sindelar prosecutes the people of God okay so on notice of the Revelation chapter job opening at the locations up to twelve revelations twelve and the first fourteen it says back into the woman that is who was a woman by the way is our chance and woman were given two wings of a great evil that she might find the wilderness into her place was nourished for a time times and half a time from the face of the serpent that's the same time twelve hundred and sixty one years so the woman wears a hiding module is fighting the Dragon was presently one of these wonderfully with persecuting she wasn't hiding at the end of the twelve hundred and sixty years is assisting the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman that he might cause it to be timely enough not the earth helped the woman and the earth opened her mouth and swallowed the fly which the Dragon cast out of his mouth and the dragon was actually with a woman and went to bed more with all those men are perceived not want to follow me now remember the news from the sea as an prosecutable nobleman but no one is able to escape at the end of the twelve hundred and sixty years of trying to seize you find the minimum in this case so not sure as attention Honorable no recommends all person but it's time to run the receipt with the beast from the scene the company is in the thing you have received a deadly mold so we know the minimum I think that was one of the after the remnant from the evening mass for remainder some translations say what offspring offspring weaving of awesome offspring when you think of children and are not afraid of them understand that he can cut off the offspring if you can call the Charlie Kaufman now people can come off the prosperity of the church so I will be more for this award and I will knows that so he now must must craft analysts all that will mean directly now against the remnant shards but in particular against me offscreen the young people so let's see what happens on relationship the thirteenth verse eleven just have the time that John sees this first beast receiving a gently rolling the verse ten he got named after me shall want the Japanese election for the sword must be chilled with the sword speaking about them being Stott was dominating for twelve hundred and sixty years a particular window so I didn't assume the government will by the sword what happened at the here and not near Nepal was taken what taxes and about in space lost their authority at the other nations are either out-of-state power is received in the morning now notice what happens just on time is not held another beast coming up out of the way that he had two horns like a bunny slope of the Dragon will end this means that comes about in the art United States of America how we know that no one is these visits often as they want later on numbered so when Windows power when manipulation are power becoming aimed up our Justin on the time when the first of these received it yet meanwhile Limon saw wooden Tommy Wayne Americana which finally the man represents who Jesus overlooking what kind of a nation coming up on the scene of a Christian nation coming up on the screen right we look in this article was an independent we look at the development of our founding documents our first president was in seventeen eighty nine hundred was how we were rising and the power just around the end of the seventeen hundreds hunting found that so far okay see too many hands as I am on you know what the result is something that doesn't be comes up where found on there so we got these from the ceiling got these from the earth and us as we haven't seen the highs on both the means base because they don't I wanted a Bible says that these two powers were combined together and more undead film and am gone I had not happened yet not yet so now were off the hook by now we were not good right now my mind and the soul are pretty say my watershed argument on the Bible speaks a lot on their beast said Monday that mentors have not been paying attention to that mission on the beast in Revelation chapter in then Revelation chapter eleven and let's take a look at verse seven when the person that the models and when they shall have finished their testimony please send this out on the model in this case shall make no law against them and shall overcome them and kill them not what is being described here is on these datasets arrive in time on this or on bottomless pit it says here that this beast would make more against an enemy against who you will be learning Morgan will find out when we find three different powers on beast otherwise one from the sea one from the car and one from the base now we don't we mainly focus on the we are not focusing on the dizziness cool I see some domestic notice with me Revelation Chapter 11 verse one and it was given the Arima Council a lot of angels that send rise in the Temple and on the AlterNet networks and domain but the point which is about the Temple the .net dreadnought for it is given unto the Gentiles and the holy city shall they tread under foot how long for them to month from what I've heard is that twelve hundred and sixty years no necessity I will give power unto my actual weight his fears one thousand two hundred and three square days called in sackcloth these witnesses very good song to go to backspace excellent oral test the new adjustment Jesus says Sartre descriptors for him anything of eternal life and they are very worthwhile the father me what the witness of the testify why in the beast that by the way when these against until Windows Vista and the twelve hundred and sixty years selling on awards beloved at the same time that the American Revolution was taking place we told that you and our power when the rising upon the same as how can you funnel in the Bible says this is what I to weaknesses I see you are criminal and that one witnesses a crime you are you and on reducing the development of the children used to this is the work on the moment and New Testament has given us because men's of these something solid and credible saw unbelievable song on magazine him on the people of God to share their testimony on the word of God God is given of this book the money for any reason it is so more analysis of what is the common business be seized and destroyed the testimony of witnesses you follow these of our soul singer on a couple things about Disney's first of all in all a Bible prophecy can be saw always described why because God is giving us clues after I still don't know when these represents going up as I thought there was a baby like a lion abuse like like a dragon obeys not elaborate on the light of recent lobbies we read about is described by Ms. Mason described there is no district in Florida now the word is these days all I should anyone be so difficult to unveil it would be hard to put your finger on you get to the Salt Lake City area saw you need to assault upon the people of God the people of God probably one in the maximizing Nova Scotia when you read Dragon with me are scared when John says I couldn't even see the beast you know that has some serious about Disney's but the Bible does not leave us without the spiritual because the laws of our state headset that when you are against the two witnesses say no dead bodies shall lie in the Street Andre city which is spiritually calls I want to Egypt where also our dog was fine we are given no indication of where this piece or this power on my business become Sarah arrive anywhere so please understand you called saw and want to know you meeting and asked them to do with where you are this young person I beg you hold your I promise you we so willing to find out what is on on and what was not for Sean and Launcelot MR Southeast shall a lot perversion injured was known for a while it did not know all of God gain into the night and I thought it was not much of what must obey him looking that far power to organize just about the time that the American Revolution was going on it was not a power coming up on the scene that would deny the existence of God I would promote sexual on homelessness as this one power would be would be coming up in the name of Jesus the God of power would be coming up shortly do nothing Jesus what are we talking about what is best Howard now roles in what nation I'll be looking at a friend 's revolution the French Revolution incredible what happened during the French Revolution Mao revolution by the way these revolutions took place just around the same time friend seventeen ninety one America seventeen eighty seventeen seventies and eighties the American Revolution was based upon our on Britain based upon religious lot freedom and the French Revolution they just said we don't want religion on Megan on the nonexistence of God and what followed was called the red all while and where to find sought out and losing in the French Revolution .net waves obey him want on the preflight industries and fields and there is soon was called the reign of terror or other lawlessness so he's a pastor I know that I read that recounting the know what's the big deal about the French Revolution and so nominal that it was another word revolution Baltimore rebellion is not right listen to the Bible says rebellion is the same of witchcraft the first sound of fifteen twenty three Re: is the sin of witchcraft and if you looking attending Bible the word James and I italicized which means that the Bible is nothing that rebellion is something similar to witchcraft anything were going to waste track sonnets eleven any time you decide to rebel against God you are under sorcery anybody know somebody and struggling with sorcery by the way this is why we need a super natural connection with God because soon is not natural it is supernatural that's why we can do defensive over it and our healing power we need a supernatural connection with God and as a whole another somersault and is based is the French Revolution when I called the French want written on you and what you are not revolution nothing bought which try in other words sorcery you will rise how I is massaging the message and the mines will not follow the will of God so when I wanted me to a statement to you from the book education page two twenty visible analytes is not the French Revolution the spirit of unrest Ryan and bloodshed the worldwide dissemination on the same teaching segments of the French revolution on our attendance and bomb the whole world and a struggle similar to indictments convulsed France sucks are the influences to mean that finding you could be so now we turn now to the friend I was under the French Revolution and the French Revolution and the handle that all is about how people are struggling with an now today the same task the one world could've sprung out of the French Revolution or all of the obvious that we are still dealing with so I have several styles share with you over the next hour and a half and Ray Ballas all of us sat with some good are you with me and we were on the same page I love about it we know that something is strong out of the abyss and that they would like to imagine that the main balance sheet attack him out for longer plug him to sell log in so here it is are they are eyes focus on the sound of singing and these funds are and what Watson bought me the same no forest on on the papacy on or the papacy on the wow is a visible be his last job opinion and destroying the Church of God we don't even realize why the principles that start out so that you look at some of these these cells cells S fun hobby and is now don't knows because again and that anyone is following me please come right back to the seventh day Adventist Church a ready style number one transforming them and will transform his own all right transform is him all what is she saying that sprung out all the French Revolution in fact there was a Friday because my minimum J being the marketing earns a B Lamarck and Jenny Lamarck was a scientist a French scientist Gordon and enjoy the French Revolution and he all Bob was referring to that trust all put forth across something on your shooting in a renaissance in the Bible on how I said that God created man but you want the French Revolution life on putting forth a theory that says that man was not created but rather huge transform in a sea of a period of time to what is now a new mindset nine thousand and ten okay well Scots struck a part of your mind that whether or not assigned to some year in modernism of Charles Ohio John had written and read up on Jenny LaMarche material as I want you with the I will send a feeling of the USSR globulin and all Internet welts on their bland on the man on expeditions in the lab and about nine thousand Highlands and are you have a blog when handling on my child a book called the principal geology young man's name was Charles when I went and got his teaching evolution and Jane bin Laden aren't answering the phone transformed is on the evolution did you know that evolution sprung out all the advanced the same teachings and the Senate by the way are we wrestling with evolution to definitely does not this is why this problem is what humans who witnesses say about the way the world was created God created the world this being said Havens who witnesses don't listen to what they said about creation don't know what is about how we got here is how we got here we are in God when I'm in the Bible to explain how our incidents the origin of species you can follow any news half the two witnesses and their testimony about how we got here and now we see how young people all over in shock I just learned this today it was in eighteen forty four by anonymous on British naturalist by the name of Robert Chambers published the book vestiges of the natural history of creation this was the book that brought the notion of transmutation out into the public arena eighteen forty four interesting sometimes a lot has to do okay good and by the way you know car marks many endovascular you know based their whole movements offer much of darling 's theory of evolution survival of the cease so do we see the principle that stuff out of the abyss having an effect on the whole world and values okay yes the evolution and creation debate I like this is something I believe that many of us are not evolution or creation which one is not artificially why evolution is not real but you know what I can install me now but I believe in evolution is I do and I think I have evidence and then explains you what I mean don't still put your solid put him down and are smaller than please update you see part of the teaching of evolution is that when the skull adaptation when the environment changes the species on gaps to say that environment in a and kindly beloved husband will have a low sides shadows on the ravaged face against the literal evolution realizing at all that apply in the atmosphere through the media through the assassin 's through the philosophy the species this is what so now is the missing link you know where you see a half monkey and a half mad on the missing link and tell you see it on half were only half Christine evolution is going on before our eyes the devil is manipulating the atmosphere in the holes that had been his charts that bring you a lot charged will involve more on that in order to survive in their environment I call it must hear arranged in pressure as so in order to fit in in order to survive we are willing to why I got from DC evolution going on for you you still like him not one original and another it's really happening before our very eyes so well that I sure do now is not the author sells that's three of the companies ourselves out of the money into the atmosphere so that the species well at that are you ready style number two the style of skepticism you remember in the mad unnameable chair her fall to the bottom where great controversy our history somewhere both share all was once of the urgency of library she individual that and that's when you know the resulting French Revolution she was one that is understandable there was actually a play writer Voltaire discovered a new thin to watch your viable search on that time by the way to the people rebel against the church the church still with the two witnesses suppress them and so the car and suppress them the people thought one of the platoon is saying we outlined the two witnesses have the people that I'm not to read the water and onto the scene at the practice is called the charge were not working no way condoned by the word of God but they turned on the one of God because they thought what it must be if vasculature of the same that's what the word of God must be safe for novelty arises up and by the way this time what vaulted McGonigal in his mockery of Christian anymore but it was likely he would just make people laugh me actually pulling off Tiger is ready to bolt here used the theater you in your couple of seconds there will appear use the theater to attack the word of God first time ever done regardless of the dark ages you know that the church was basically that the promoter of all of any kind on the entertainment the churches I was among the women movement and on and what all women families and the concept of spirituality I will also break free from the front lobby changes on-the-fly whenever you that we didn't want against you and will administer myself how you are and mockery under the webinar now the nearest and we looking at yesterday and see satire against the word of God are you following me all right so style number two shots for all got a skepticism style number three eroticism or we might say sexual perversion this anybody ever heard of a man by the name of Marquis the size and unrelenting okay Marquis de Sade another Frenchman viewed during the French Revolution is what happened during this time Martinez side walk around like this okay I'll will bet that the that the French began to lose unchanged the praise and add the leaders as they use it was called political pornography they were actually in unsought unseen pictures in the newspapers of the day and say that this is what you can clean her up to this is what your priests are up to this is what your your your religious leaders up to and on this day in the eyes of the people all in the very lost respect for their leaders this is one of the things that helped lead to the French Revolution what happened Marquis de Sade comes along Marquis de Sade is known in some circles as a prophet of monetary pornography and what Marquis de Sade did want to talk this political and open to the public concerns of just Marquis de Sade 's philosophy was anything always he actually wrote a book called a hundred and ten days off so him Martinez always reliable no data was written Revelation Chapter 11 which is why this base has arrived in all a place spiritually called shot on no and Martinez unwinds his book on his philosophy is that I is and when they are moving is fair game for sexual activity that may not go that far but it was far with market has always been usually the Mandarin term coming out of the closet watching the thoughts set off that philosophy we see that philosophy today you people saying a change in office are you aware where there were probably that philosophy that mindset at the moment all beings or or start out on the French Revolution by the way may not realize this but you know that Darwin Satan spoke person spokesperson had a theory of sexual selection in Illinois there many read that theory to sexual selection depends upon the success of certain individuals over others of the same sex in relation to the propagation of the species he goes on to say my object is sorted so that there is no fundamental difference between man and how your mammals and their mental faculties what God was saying was that which is animal we just derivatives not because we love and love what made in the image of God what I'm not quite as these waves is really just assess so I sent when satellite animals what you what you need to understand on this theory which is from the is the pins are now been designed to cause people to distract people from the engines on all things in the evidence on these young something so now when I think please send all cool and I and I you see what was sent off what the philosophy that we don't need to contain the dogs married and that's why you guys I got my little dog that can be done right now there is no there there is no need for commitment so as we see this philosophy can in some way silently through our youth of today people are feeling and life committee unanimously and is a uniting uneasiness but did you know that Darwin had a theory on using them immediately Darwin considered music and dance to be the single best of by the way is called Darwin 's theory of music according to sexual selection this Darlington city music and dance to be the single best example of many signs haven't save a human behavioral traits that his music in the car a biological adaptation it's primary function is involved hot shot males for reproductive purposes and you may exactly need to Darwin said the only purpose of music is to prepare one for sexual activity think about what was seen today in fact I was stolen when I saw this article January fourteenth two thousand six section news the news article says that sexual selection Darwin does Jamaica come to make this again but I don't include myself in this with him to clarify that my study of young Jamaicans dancing to pop music suggests that some of Darwin 's ideas about animal courtship may apply to people now want to widen Jamaicans on the Hong Kong White House and lines in engines are the only one note on it such a thing okay when you place the music happened is that most strategies listen beloved Darleen sat in Satan 's office I'm convinced that okay one thing I because I received these things unfolding we don't understand that this is not just a city like confusing to me all these days I will listen in his arms and eyes confusion intimacy just how organized is confusing it was still distraught to the surface all right so let's move on a cell number for some sort of the style of philosophy the start of what your in our present course he talks about a woman being prorated during the French Revolution and a being are all called her on it on why you raised that way and why the Bible is reason to be your God so what is beloved in this concept of cylinders on a jumpstart to what is humanism what's right for me may not be right for you when there is no such thing as absolute true we find that philosophy present in today's society but on a gone case out on the obvious answer is not always easy to thought I was rightly is not right for me and what would come I conducted out in a minute because with my move on with the style number five which is the spell of Romanticism and I know a lot heard the term Romanticism in Auburn Alabama the minimum rules so this is not the romantic movement the concept was this why not leave the humanistic or movement of raising was going on one any chance your thoughts the romantic moments and it's not your thoughts that mattered into your feelings about manner the romantic era brought about the rise on the rebel pulling in all the known about what he wrote you'll enjoy the Dodgers the hero is always outstanding well-dressed you know the hero in all you like units that the above but in the romantic era the hero became a savvy guy Castle society it became cool to be one to be different to block against the system I has authority romanticism on days when the identities of the sixties today were so solar maximum is essential in your field and see him gone doing you see that philosophy traveling manipulating the atmosphere our lifestyle let's see your unlimited longer than the stop right here because this for fifty minutes three fifty cell on again he got a five-minute break I needed a cigarette handset if you want to that's want to but this next Internet is next to him that's how is next out that's coming up is the one where that's how all this together and I I tell you you are about to see how smooth and on a legal booty economy the enemy has pulled the wool over


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