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The Beast from the Abyss

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • September 20, 2008
    4:00 PM
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her father we thank you for speaking to us Lord and we just ask that you would just help us Lord to get the full picture of where we are and what we need to be fighting against how we need to be standing in Jesus name we pray amen sorry about style I want to let you know that this presentation is entitled of these is from the abyss it is I have this presentation on DVD as well when I buy books that up this evening after the meetings without a whole lot product than this presentation particularly beef near this is a three DVD set so it's actually three hours worth of information and from comic condensing it as best I can in the time that we have so let's see if we're on the same page style number one says pharmacists outnumbered so style number three style number four style all right very good are you ready for style number six all right I don't know either okay each half in fourteen ninety two December five Columbia Columbus discovers Hispaniola in sixteen ninety seven by the treaty of lives which a portion of Hispaniola is formally ceded to France to where everyone frames comes on as saying the mingle the remaining status section is called Sansone Domingo a sixteen sixty seventeen hundreds saying the manual becomes a console all slave trade slaves from all over our drawing to this place which is a Catholic occupation as soon as I arrived there the first is that the first and the happens is that they are Christians Catholics but they are not allowed to read the two witnesses you'll remember that Ajax was not only known for its denial of God but it was also known for its multiplicity of God 's government nine for the River God flies got the frogs etc. multiplicity of God so listen carefully what happened with these with the slaves is that they needed something to connect because they are come from so many different places so many varied backgrounds so what happens is that they were trying to achieve these things separate and the one thing that these slaves do not apply was there a written region they brought their gods together and formed a new religion called Melinda on ongoing to I him finger on the roof they met Susan Feeney on the moon moon phase is the son think about how interesting they are in fact the word literally has been translated as this make under whose auspices gather all who share the fate and this this is the only thing called fugu if you want to check on your ceremony perhaps the most sacred part of the ruling watershed dealt with music and photo practitioners mind they want to achieve syncopation wasn't the patient to a voodoo practitioner very simple when the dogs and humans became they wanted to be possessed by the staring at a particular spirit on the second and so the she instrument a phone the worse it was not drowned and what would happen is joined these services the voting practitioners know that they had been upon in that state all are taken on a monastery because their bodies would move to the music Michael Sarpy a life all this said data hobbit is not the slave owners will have this practice medicine are you guys doing that badly because they were terrified on this Satanic ritual which is what Google is the mercilessly the second button below to survive anybody no problems and I also now it's read to you from a book on the name of the book because an inevitable giveaway will end when coming to eliminate achievement itself yet whenever possible they devoted practitioners would use the Catholic rituals to carry out their own beliefs therefore when dancing and singing was abolished because of fear from who practices the same believers would dance and say that Catholics say that represent the mood was very tight with easy they put Crestview water located music why do you think and meditate for a few moments on what to say that he had enough time to think this want to give you some time they want to Christiana wireless so there will go will say this ongoing name was seen by Catholics and owners well in seventeen ninety one when the French Revolution sendoff something else happened because this are our friends comments out and were gotten to the female armed rebellion that slaves heard what was happening over in France therefore that the people are rising up against the priests and against the charge and the same spirit hovered in Elizabeth that when you are doing over there we should do it right here and they rose in rebellion against their Catholic slaveowners in fact it was American unnameable and the was a Jamaican I think everybody here defending against abandoning the old man who is now invisible odorless morning I changed all that helped kick off this revolution and became known as the only successful slave revolt and a lot of history and place after the revolt in place and successfully changed its name from the same domain what do we hate T Kaser and he's been here remember of the men wanted to maintain a high silicone the offending you notwithstanding anything to the crime in the my my culture is had to give as for when we update our culture has been asking why murderer will know I called Sarah and is and become born again I am born again as a citizen of a man and so does one make that clear so Casey the top until the nomad who do not want to do this are you ready for this familiar revenue the poet unlike Sansone 's hate that Protestantism will be foremost in stretching its hand over the wine and the class happens with two powers Catholicism and what spiritualism in eighteen oh four something similar to mine drilling takes place France is in need of money because otherwise existing in all the beach for me this all appears on Ratliff they found right in the middle of the beast from the our and goes right down the middle of America it is called the Louisiana on our column are rather for us said all this is probably the son of this set of listings of probably send them these from the our way that that agreement takes place Monterey called a lot Louisiana parishes something out shopping on our knees for the practitioners made until May that way all marks on them to win the particular to a place called a.k.a. Little France who were to of May listen New Orleans was the only place in America where prostitution was legalized sought on anyone and volcanoes so I finished Dorothy so here you are visited a place unconstitutional place on the method of embodiment also a place of cool is gone that we should all day and I wanted to do these little practitioners may never bond away on the Bible and science among the base when the Windows-based handheld that killed the two witnesses on the store this was first agreed upon the mileage as they celebrated in the streets they celebrated holiday celebrating the Bible in Amman on earth as I celebrated Southern decadence anyone Mardi Gras on anyone the place of celebration when I celebrate all I can definitely find that you know they're there in the great in the hole that reminded one of Sodom some of these practitioners work anymore you know what comes to New Orleans and on but maybe a little salsa that will stifle because they had many people visiting from all you know it was a top spot and they will come with CDs off for now these patches is doing is no playing music on and on you not admitting the need on the hometown people like this happens amenable to this before I strained left at all mainly what would happen on the abandoned after you have been using to propel an activity all sexual immorality was they wanted to happen is that so hard on the goal you know what happened Galvan was an pretty strange that can and will do okay now your mind to something and we talk about adaptation noted mutation is mutations when something what kind of changes what form in order to doubt and hostile environment and we saw that before you have the power to mutate that that is wonderful and what is okay didn't fit in in order to survive so now we're here we want to think about it and what is out there this is distanced itself to something called in time anybody ever heard of ragtag it was amusing and or just a mound of earth on the century there was a new hybrid astray music and drama for an amount of really handling problems below them it's amazing because in the eighteen hundreds as before nineteen hundred White House and what was called on some strange things happening at a meeting in the design that they were dental and it was strange things going on their strangulation by seconds of the things you are so omnipresent Indiana Iowa single ten places before the call co-pays and Elton John has been shot and as a link on the movement of the Holy Spirit not seem to know what it was called right time I was becoming popular on the scene not an unwise morning same discharge forth and tell you why in nineteen oh three what happened nineteen oh three in California nineteen oh three or rather not enough in nineteen oh four in nineteen oh four all the breath on the modern Pentecostal movement began in a run-up on the name of James Seymour from Louisiana and in California and the journalist called also strange revival in the choosing of a revival of the modern Pentecostal movement was the music was being played interesting on James Seymour 's couldn't believe that the devil will try to find an answer instantly administered by the prophet help to stop insulting at the five some other we saw the visualization was interesting because whatever rock time when we found two things easier who is God but isolating and sound sexual immorality what is the other two things are followed as Santa Fe that was strung out on me I'll be well it didn't stop me because just a short time later and the music mutated again into something called that you may not know this but it turns out this is a sexual term check out on Wikipedia check out an image that it was a slang term used for sex it was interesting because more average than what is seen was a popular music were ever likely to things price and statue all their morality did not stop there but because we go on the timeline the music wheelchair and had an stronger something we call in the blues and more ever remember those what we found children so long and easy without it did not stop there because of who he attorneys for use on there was a small island somewhere in this island was listening over the airwaves so the music coming from America you know didn't know that that in the NSC level of America this is the minimum moves the job they would hear the music and musical coming on the airways to play and in which the handling for you don't play and it was because the airways on breaking pilot plant friendly like and with an underage wavelength is so in the times when it was a break you know that Salem is important we model talking you know maybe blue that you know and see and what I want to element that became a popular reggae music on chimney and here's what we found when ever that music sound and needs while in the nineteen one week and then come back to that old the tricky okay that's what was up to the nineteen forties against websites and rhythm and blues I will understand not that this new types of written rules didn't stop there because a New Testament end of something else in the fifties call wrong and role and work this music and leaf crown to think but not in contrast to open our we found some and parents pulling their hair I is a sake but I like rock music I still listen to it today I believe that we should all listen to me and I think we should listen to rock music out here what we said in this sense a lot enough in save eleven rock music is really old Israel listen to music or going I will him to know what happened is that the government knew that you think Vince Shandling you understand nothing Jesus Christ the music video music excellent assessment how to fit that while using C Wetzel to stand firm upon the law that was what music mixes rock in shoulders and went again to see our children are listed as one of losing their lives in Japan it will start them have been infiltrating the bodies because of the way that they move jump in Jamaica in the nineteen seventies a young man by the name of cool for constant Jamaica comes over to Brooklyn New York Albany the maven box not sure which one and he brought based on amusing that an entrapment Jamaica and the young people there and broken in Boston and then they took the music of January eighty so some as well rap music and where ever we found hip-hop and rap we 2-D side on and each not ready for the heavy part in the latest call to you this is powerful and we have so much time this is beautiful okay let's see here Robert Palmer in his book rock 'n roll and unruly history that's what he says the idea that such a rhythm patterns or sequences start out as conduits for spiritual energies moving to the individual human consciousness with the is basic to traditional African religions on African derived religions through the Americas in a sense rock 'n roll is a kind of mood to this is not a spiritual government are writing about and argue the rock and we understand something when you study the origins of music you will find a R&B rock them and their music I might mention back to move into our system and their high as it is an argument on using a cane from those rhythms and always think that it's not something you have to get up and discover like to own me tell you they tell you is that once also on the list in the dance patterns or sequences as conduits for spiritual energies ranging an individual human what is God 's what are you saying that music can move into your conscience your mind with the minds of the God not the owner somebody affected and they said it much much earlier than he wrote this one immediately from the book medical ministry page one eleven different for thousands of years Satan has been experimenting upon the properties of the human mind and is learned to know it well by his side Americans in these last days he is linking the human mind with his interviewing with his thoughts and is doing this work and saw this in a manner that also except his guidance and know that they are being led by using the loudest time to make a gift can't week when even descendents now that was number six oh two is called a boot called advise real name Dave Mackay sounded the seven very simple you ever heard of pantheism my family are fine imprisonment or over the we have what we now went out we haven't gotten to the main point yet so hold your breath but he is unable to use them pantheism is the tension that all things are blocked argon or all things are only okay away on these principles have hobbies so one thing informed about this pantheism is fastened on everything being drawn on to say how pastoralists and pantheism evolution in all reality a form of pantheism evolution says that our precision is not what happened admittedly creation and our God sending out a white smoke a lot when not with non- option long gone is in the trees not resume their locale if it is anything to cover noses of news they are gone and created itself all things are wholly new Europe is going to want away one of the basis on the new age movement became canceled and eroticism whether Marquis de Sade believe I should ask is is and cabinets are not at the holy all right there is nothing wrong with anything you wanted to its ongoing was a form in a solid form of pantheism it's all gone how about Jim and his all on is his it's all know what may be wrong for you may not be wrong for me you can be right and I can write at all why the smell number of subtle romanticism are the most sense is why is your HR is nothing wrong if you fear and it feels good deletes and flew into exile as a pantheistic religion everything is on the steering of the trees of the spirit and are not as amended now I want to understand this because in the him as happened with me on this okay is this just the husband this is one of these are cells that are coming up commonly and do an evident in the way around the world my mind I'm not into Internet evolution costs are secular morality are all full you'll obviously the same confusion initially something seen outside the lines coming up out of the abyss and guess what happened in the nineteen eighty six these all balls mind me together in America in the cultural Revolution it's an all and they must embody into one movement called the can be moved me not to any hippies and here I go semi- as the primary could be anonymous I am sorry I did I do not weather but but generally speaking whether they can be movement about freedom in the Romantics automatically for you hope everything will go all in their music and in Baghdad and on to the music that will all into fornication on the romanticism individuality not a rivalry here oh we can really get on and when many different society one of them know that a lot of the little walking I theoretically right foot firmly behind an object assigning everything seemed to sum up that's why this thinks these all day around mold the same teachings that may sue what the Revolution in France we saw God out of the schools and financial support Bush and anti- in the sixties and now embodied in the water in the symbol may immediately movement and the hippie movement falls flat in other words the devil was what was seeing something that was experimenting to see if it will work here in America anymore but that's not what he was after you ready to after the huge beasts saw that there movement was fawning was not going anywhere many of them became disillusioned and in all kinds of things happen but all those hippies decided to try something new exciting try tracks here's the abyss seven lines looks like confusion but it's really organized confusion comes together in the sixties and the hippie movement than the hippies become Christie when they became Christians many of them brought some things that they brought evolution my past they introduce the philosophy that if we weren't going to reach the world we would have to come in the following if we want to reach the world we must be calm polite then we must address lighting then we must find that you must mutate we any longer sure our differences we must show our likenesses and so they began to speak in the common a dude Jesus loves you man who did the dances so they brought in their evolutionary philosophies and eroticism spiritual fornication because the Bible says noting that friendship with the world is one entity with God 's fornication by fornication the important romanticism we have to submit to all and freedom of God loves you so much as I know that what you do when you are Austrian of the heart and mountain philosophy into that size and price freedom of and the new header and God loves you too much the individual versus the Corcoran and I have to submit to authority are you just a bunch of rules to live sound familiar anybody not only did braille or romanticism the rebel as here out on the need on the net yarn company is that's on you not wishing to the church on the analysis amusement until you again when I became an increase near my friends we were all like Trent Lott down joy to me how she got baptized in the stuff on time it was amazing even before we got baptized like twenty I'd like to walk all concerns genes and blooms jock itch and you know friends and change life now we were so excited I got that does not seem to think about this here we are thirty of us walking into an prime minister on Osama and we we don't even realize that everybody's like this I and I was just in is changing all the past okay but I will our original was you know what will be the rebel because that's the philosophy of the world are become anonymous logon like that I'll still be cloudy cool and yet at the same time listen it is impossible that they don't want to be cool once you become him and him you can leave and hot at the same time I that's who will have an event was okay as good as him sobbing how unless the or him to the closing is calling us to be hot and so this idea on the war hero was brought into the charge on an agreement about that humanism is not how you tell me what is right and what is wrong are you there is no lie what may be right for you and it may not affect you in a hot drink a little indent nothing do we fix you know I can present in the continental meeting underway affair or maybe you haven't voted for a moment on and most of all thank God they are doing with that Kristi and Rob what you see is that you probably will understand that the Baldwin is so new things and what will I assault issue will put Christie and wires so now we've got what Christian rock Christian rap Christian R&B christenings ask and thank God 's people onto swallowing swallowing swallowing it the trouble is seeking to bring the same spirit Auburn and Don to the French Revolution into our gallery Michigan the charts and then pantheism was standing as a way to sum up to four times a day we would say it's all I was a philosophy research exiled and I will and won't let you know how to God is no difference anymore between God and Nemo and I will accomplish a task sorcery medicating the mind no the wine is drunk so that we can no longer discern between what the child evil dear member when Samuel went and saw us a song God told you barn we went to God tell Saul Saul Gold taken a look at and when you take him knew what was not destroy them but destroy everything they don't take their staff don't use it don't take it don't touch it destroy all you know what's all this teamwork and he said that although one of the best of the sea near the when Samuel comes the saw is a song with sauce about them which vastly forms of melanoma what is that bleating that I hear in my ears from the other one bleaching is a Hebrew word coal coal which can be translated as song song is that some adhere song the phone coming from what is this sheet music and the eye is on here and saw how many of us are taking the things of the taking their window taking there toll taking their music that is so filled with sensuality and fan worked on a dedicated to God what happened when solved till the seed when you tell him I'm dedicating this tool than what was revealed what was a view is that Saul had the Spirit of Spain because you remember what came to Don Asfoor a sacrifice change said God on them and give you fruit and vegetable some music and in some worsening not really at least I'm worshiping God maintain said that economic dialogue on the music is offering because God said that's not long asking for that's what I want and many of us today philosophy at least on worshiping God is known as developed by the way member within Moses Van Allen emulates whole Arrington buildable in Arizona and at the capital 's essay just before Allensworth added at the dedication of the calf today in Kansas City on July the eighth eighteen eighty I suspect I can do a lot in the frame to Suleiman guilty him that we are continuing to call in and out on how many on the line dedicating bubble and are nothing with me being this I mean that we should be the head and not the one that say them because many were looking to more than right now I only want to win others to know how you ask yourself how did Jesus survive without hip-hop in his name all you had I wasn't happy to see anonymous and the devil has a ways of making it appear that if we don't do the experiment we will die finally the midsize on no we say wow how else can we reach the people of the world Café something not visibility and it took me a ready Christian music once you try to get the dreaded Christian music is for Christie and he and I have before him this highlight important I hate crimes I've all kinds of filthy food customer discounts this is so important crab I was there for you and what you talk about then this is a that he violated because I am in control of myself as some tofu overnight it's holy of sending them out and I are you okay and because I was told it would be free disgusting who arrived in total and said to me no choice of milk I is hotly lost on us I was attracted as we think you are probably slim than you are planning on visiting the one you want on your friend 's stuff and because my slides I despise someone who is named on in the window follow the will of God and the now when I became a Seventh-day Adventist send me any stuff anymore I think I'm a vegetarian not in my ignorance I thought the vegetarian only eights and so I decided on Thanksgiving day after this is becoming a vegetarian will come Thanksgiving is American family will think to L four K gold is everything for the sun like okay I'm would mobilize like enough under the laws in Houston you know the smell of opinion beef and all this is all starting me on the solid on the rise and on magazine formulae him to Anaheim as a solo on the ice I said I will not be jealous I will not be used I ate so much rice and solid fantasy mother never got full him an house I thought how my going to no more serial forever because I can just know I'm no more his own life I feel like I want to pass notes I surmise that's the walls and final one is a mountain and the language is nothing outside the window letting with the serial nothing serious and ministerial and I him and him and him and him to you so you will is and what that means installing a well him and soy milk is and is and you don't understand I felt like you know I was entering into the kingdom of having him in some of him him and him telling the first time I tasted it was my and you know I'm in the field today this evening I'm dancing with one out on the one before is that this is the best of God and my Asian bonds will you see this one is for Chris to go on is for the Crispin Museum is for Chris how do we reach the noncrystalline creates out there and creates our stop with the stop with the gimmicks stumbled to a stop with the content will see that they could Lindsay was ever saying into the kingdom is where the last of them whereas in non- christenings Donald I write this down and not increase the do not like Christie and why because Christian music is holy Christian music is convicting so if want in the future and you do not use electricity another of the Penal Code and then send and how they do on a hip-hop name and then I'm sorry the same account Franklin is now missing on-site I'm sorry I like having it to you and/or become distant on the unfair fight he's black and not as funny as it is if you don't want to start if you like if you like Eminem your page and they named Christy Hardin and I knew that I Christians one it are non-Christian alike in Christian music is not the cup other words people at the cotton the written no more than the most part and awkward darkness that Christian was because I will be ideal when you're trying to be like me I than on the penny stock and by the way you know what they you know I find that most people who listen to Christian hip-hop are also listening to hip-hop and I felt Mister and the Muslim people of the Christian rock hard and they are going off in a bottle at your Christian artists who are doing Christian hip-hop artist led to August second article do you know what the way bin Laden 's time at him him at Yahoo okay the Bible tells us that lives in darkness cannot dwell together God caused the need ahead not the lot sale we are building a let me tell you not in the creative means you in creating music that is not hip-hop rock jazz R&B video so you can make for you and is my beautiful music that I I not since that is only zero Muslims in the round they can look beautiful on the Hilton news and not in the heart of beautiful is not rock the government shouldn't get a box be creative you musician out there were a lot of that is because of anybody as far into the same box for there are people who are breaking the mold their people say when they got me music that is the devil on any of the start of hip-hop on why you need to go as bemoaning animal and it will not be the ideal of the world is not possible and not the one hand and show you one more thing I will close all bodily millimeters with you that Australia would they then will close at the nature him and will and listen to while away at not and can't think of one share the story how to write a story where I saw where are you this woman is following up all around your story and its policies and demonic spirit and the mind spirit and her desolate desert is a exciting news on and on the most high God will show us the way of salvation when the regular unit of online and being that he's not the both of you beginners about this I don't these people are believers in Jesus but what did Apple did what he stalled I sure will what you are not my problem with alternatives at all and we have been in the name of Jesus and all is that I've written to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the minds of the moment it's drinking moderate my iPod and I becomes Paul understood that isn't unconverted demon possessed woman was speaking words of children it would be a mockery to the Christian religion you know the devil is doing is getting people like you and me geez you are currently sitting in what is now all treaties I looking at one right then it's okay is because of the continuous near and what's happening beloved is that Apple is using people who may be sincere and honest please understand these people that say we are sincere when we were in the clouds thought hungry controversy tracks licensing and these people not sincere are you willing up and away in my careening out of Christianity become the national representative can be one all you have to be so high that the highest and interest in anything bold the double is seeking to manipulate the atmosphere so much so that even now if I stand up in the news stand up in the chart is a hard thing this is wrong on Sunday catch me call him as he people start looking at you funny are you about or get out of here alive the devil is seeking to create an atmosphere and the discharge where if you say something if you see a specimen that not either I doubt was what was Darwin 's theory those species that didn't know about when one died off than the devil is trying to destroy the right the offspring on top or I guess something else in Darwin 's theory before Senate with you many readers will close were closing Christian spaces and seasons with elements first vision part of her vision she says this as we heard the sounds of mirth and revelry that seem to me to run out my stressors which is walking about Steve Bob this interface sees talking about the walk up and issues asked to their welcome she says we heard the sounds of Mars and revelry that seem to come from will you spend all cider we are the profane old violins as most of my songs firstly we are the more song and dance on we are instrumental music and loud laughter mingled with Carson and tries an anguished wailing and we were more anxious than ever to keep upon the narrow and difficult path nothing got to watch it on the soul train and race stayed on the soldiering on get on the narrow path yet it's difficult about that is the only way to internal and tight about Darwin 's theory uncle conclusions he stepped in front of the pulpit and his uncle not really but not the Darwin had a theory that he called now not a theory but I believe he called our agency now adaptation not adaptation simply states that there was certain all species that refuse to on with the change in the environment I will honestly say that when one died off and I said what I think one of the most fifteen about some as young as he says says be ye not conform to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you will want to go and part of inseparable will go eleven God will have eight people in the last days who are now adapting will refuel in order to survive it is not the survival of the fittest activism in the Bible on the meeting she who is in the Wilson to second on most of my blood I went challenging today you may not agree with anything I said but I do want to sound into this one stop thinking what this is what I think studying you agree with me but not for yourself and when you come to your conclusions to be able to back it up with the word of God Dave and I really study a lot and a lot of seminar list of really studying off site your sources start in these things also you can come to a quick enclosing motion that John is not an evil instrument it also sent an evil instrument notice LLC study your possession eleven when you know when they brought the Catholic book and was no it's not and I would not bring its on per unlimited jump to the church I don't think it belongs in the church to study the position why should we bring enjoyment out of playing cards eleven now when I go out there a while Bobby I say how many recognize that it is you're doing your Christian duty to love me I him to add him summative and are very good no matter what it is your as for Saul why is standing in society study because students on the word income students of the spirit of prophecy and study so that you know where it is sad and while you stand there amen amen let's pray heavenly father thank you so much for this presentation thank you for this and found a weekend morning this week we thank you for this interest of the presenters for the messages for the needs from heaven Lord please Lawrence Kansas refiners bought when we fall pick us up again and always us thank you for loving us all months that you were willing to die for us that we might be redeemed in Jesus name we pray a


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