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Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.




  • September 20, 2008
    2:00 PM
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I was some savory together all father in heaven we thank you for the privilege and opportunity on to be here the study word and father to study the teachings of God to consider Christ in on very new and different way we realize with excellence as we shall see these next few sessions is not an option for the Christian Lord it is actually a necessity it is the expectation of gone in our creation we trust in free will eventually abide with us now is going to this presentation in Jesus name we pray and I still as you can see the own the whole concept here is the idea of the seminar is to look at the cause of the Christian excellence what is excellent I will place in the Christian 's life and building this upon the cause of higher than the highest source one of first start off with a couple quotes from different thought people thought leaders and individuals in the world that we may know of on just a weekend to get an idea of leaving the cause of excellence what comes to mind so when you think of excellence would you think it means to excel was excellent Steve being the best being the best you can be anything else that comes to my we think of excellence seating of perfection you think of excellence okay that's good if you could name an individual who you think is excellent would you name that you know of in your life right now say this person is excellent policy besides Jesus and a half and half and him also so essentially he's the best out of the circuit of individuals and we would categorize and see you consider him to be an individual who if you had to attribute excellence you say he would be a person of excellence all right while it showed me some thoughts off of different individuals this is Lyndon B. Johnson he's a former US president United States and he said the noblest search is the search for excellence is the search for excellence then you also notice Joe Paterno he made this statement he said losing the game is heartbreaking losing a sense of excellence or worth is a tragedy so insane that there is an association here is a sports individual he says legume you can on nuke it was a game that will break your heart but if you wish and desire for excellence for four worth a desire to go beyond please come forward you have to sit in the back if you lose your desire for our sense of excellence award that is a tragedy for many of us Martha Graham a distinction the only sin is mediocrity is mediocrity today's of people in the world of making different cause of the ideas about on this and Oprah Winfrey she says I was raised to believe that excellence is the best deterrent to racism or sexism and that's how I operate my life now we know what Oprah has aspired to me to which he is currently she's one of the wealthiest people in the world at the same time Oprah says that she was taught she was raised to believe that when hard being a black female to overcome racism to overcome sexism the only deterrent was excellent and waxy look at actual case of that in different areas of philosophy where people would buy so the philosophy bites with an individual because of their race and how excellence was a means of overcoming the barriers that exist in society that has made this statement he said what I always hated and intestate and cursed above all things was this contentment this healthiness and comfort is carefully preserved optimism on the middle is this a prosperous booth of mediocrity Syria's as Germany and anything worked this is the thing that I've always hated in the test of this cause of them it's okay just to be average this constant boot is what he calls a prosperous brood of mediocrity Philip Brooks made a statement from a book called I love books I highly recommend it if you never heard events by John B Snyder six is entitled I love books any person desirous of the accident you need to read that book and this is one of the bolts from that from the book I love books he says that will be the day for every man when he comes suddenly becomes absolutely contented with the life that he is now living with the thoughts that he was thinking with the deeds that he is doing when there is not for ever beating the doors of his soul some great desire to do something larger when she knows that he was met and made to do because he is still in spite of it all the child of God if there's never something beating at our doors for something better disabled you can do something larger than what you did yesterday this conscience is when we did today with a look the bottom I think you today I'm fine I never have to think again the things I did today I never have to do anything else because I'm achieved in this place of excellent wood is no way to go beyond he says that will be the day for every one we reach that place and when glistening this statement perfection fortunately is not the only alternative to mediocrity a more sensible alternative is excellence striving for excellence is stimulating and rewarding striving for perfection and practically anything is both neurotic and futile will we ever get to the police will will be completely comfortable with what we have done is oftentimes said to us and we often think in our minds that we you are your best deal you worst critic right when no matter what you do other people may pleasingly think you for what you have done us imagine his blessing to me I saw no flaws in as a preacher I typically you know when you talk to your friends everyone always the same courage we freeze all have risen Lord it was a blessing it was a blessing but the one applicable to the test really okay anything I could've improved their people stop and think in some hypotheses along with it I thought it was fun but it was perfect really so this began to give me personal insight in my experience and I cannot trust the opinions of other people to determine my standard of excellence the question of accidental again in the second presentation entitled hundred percent there's is the concern of what exactly am I talking about when all striving for excellence in on looking at room for improvement in my own life problem made the statement she said the secret of joy in work is contained in one word excellence to know how to do something well is to enjoy is a natural you know you think about the things that people play instruments when I got to play that instrument well they enjoy it don't think I had a friend plays the piano and he sings is a tenor and when he stress was having a rough day when things are just not going the way that he wanted them to go Eagles and piano and ingesting socks a just place an effective he can play well no notes no music you can play by ear all these different things in thing at the same time to know how to do something well is what proceeds to define for us as the cause of the accidents learning how to do something well Aristotle made this statement excellence is an art won by training and habituation we do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence follow his thinking but we rather have those because we have acted rightly so we are what we repeatedly do excellence then is not an act but a habit the understand what he's trying to say since has excellence is an art first of all is won by training individuation so what is the actually spend lot is in the result for the preparation the preparation right to says it's one by training and habituation things as we do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence we afterward he says but rather we have these things because we acted rightly that enables further says we are what we repeatedly do excellence that is not an act but a habit John W Gardner made the statement excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well extraordinarily well look at some things in the spirit of prophecy that obtained the statement a little deeper José Ortega made the statement excellence means when a man or woman asks of himself more than others when a man or woman asks of his or herself more than others do just survey some different ideas of what people think of excellence now Bill Morgan persistence is the twin sister of excellence one is a matter of quality the other a matter of time so you have these excellence and persistence they liked my sisters almost like Siamese twins one is an issue of quality pushes it is an issue of time so you can succeed in quality and in time both in these areas easy some people may act well at one time you can when the gold medal in the one that but for years now salon comes along Swan 's faceting you monstrosity ciliated a one-time but imagine if you could maintain gold-medal winning for that event for the entire life would that not be saying something to say I'm constantly despite France's now that I'm older my body worn I may not be able to undo in the same kind of training he's enjoyed not only persistence but excellence so persistent excellence even becomes an issue Vince Lombardi the famous football coach said the quality of a person 's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence regardless of their chosen field of endeavor the quality of a person 's life is in direct proportion to the commitment to excellence James W Martin Davis other things some people have greatness thrust upon them so this thrust upon them why is that James may achieve it they do not achieve it unwittingly by doing what comes naturally and they don't stumble into it in the course of amusing themselves all excellence involves discipline and tenacity of purpose so here we get excellence coming out in the form of discipline and being steadfast and fixed upon a particular purpose there was a front right when I studied business on college there was a professor was talking on Sigma entrepreneurship class and he was saying that one of the lessons of being an entrepreneur and one of the ways that people succeed he was a very successful entrepreneur he said look I have a guy I called Magoo in the school room what happens is I given the task and what happens is when I tell him hey look I mean these papers to be copied he will take those papers he will bolt to the copier it does not matter how we people stop in it does not matter what your authority repositioning the company use it you can't a lot he's tried to copy papers he will tell you when I'm done copying papers then I will come and talk and he was selling that this guy is like a laser beam when he does want to ask you focuses on that task make sure the done well that he puts it down up until that point you cannot distract but many of us as we strive to be excellent in various fields would end up losing the excellence because we get distracted we lose the tenacity of purpose or perhaps we lose discipline Michigan on James Garner connects these things very well Ralph Martin one of the most imposing would you write a description excellence is not a skill it's an attitude excellence is not a skill is not that people are born with excellence or the hey you know you're more prone to be excellent if somebody else will also look at that this is one of my favorite ones excellence can be obtained if you care more than others think is wise risk more than others think is safe dream more than others think is practical expect more than other see also excellence is possible you can obtain and you see the heart of this quote this constituting is always thinking more thinking more is how this is subtly bringing out excellence not know that there can be more I think it can be more that can be done there is more that can be said this more books that can be written as more lectures that can be given so this is cause of this is actually an anonymous quote but it was very powerful now just beginning etymology of the word excellent instance of the Latin axillary or excellent deal which means surpass so excellent in its basic most rudimentary definition just simply means to surpass it is not a static word then it is a dynamic would perfectionist data going into a place of perfection you are there you are perfect you a complete there's nowhere else to go but excellence is no there is surpassing to one person said this I some are some lectures of all biblical economics and I was talking about on different principles of how we make decisions and one of the one of the things that came out of guide on that talk was the fact that I said that good is the enemy of next so oftentimes wiser that we settle for good we can achieve best so you sit on a siltation in this session i.e. this good is the enemy of best oftentimes within the Christian life and especially been administered schools we are not choosing between good and evil we often are choosing between good and best within the statement goes on to say but best is the enemy of better say good as the enemy of best don't settle for anything less than the best but they want to achieve the best best then becomes the enemy of better cease to strive for anything beyond that and this becomes the concept of excellence challenges us to always surpass two always stressful with all you yes I see him and yes yes what do I do that I'll say yes correct in the Bible prevention is not started me as yet exactly what she would do that in the second so exactly the right thing and also actually let the cat out the back is that excellence and perfection in the Bible actually be B synonymous is that in the in the biblical mind excellence and perfection are the same thing affection is not all you got to this place only God is perfect in that sense he is complete there's no further than jingle on this forest is character and everything now let's look at some things were gone towards this not be on your Bible study to Genesis chapter one G Osborne Bibles no they're coming her Bible is coming out right now only use this chart so Genesis chapter one and basically what I'm a start on establishing here's to talk about a general bases for excellence so Genesis chapter one and notice with me starting in verse eleven oftentimes when the Bible was to emphasize something he uses that mechanism of repetition so we say when we want to know what is the passage right emphasizing to get across back in those days have Hebrew Microsoft office knows you can like highlight italicize a bold something to say this is what I'm trying to get across as I'm writing this so typically understanding the Bible one of the one of one of the key ways to assess the depth of the passage and in its subtle messages using what's being repeatedly he was actually a lot of repetition in the writing but is typically repetition of thought but anyway without getting too too deep into this notice in Genesis chapter one says in verse eleven and God said let the earth bring forth grass the herb yielding seed him from tree yielding fruit after his kind whose seed is in itself upon the earth and it was so verse twelve and the earth brought forth grass and herbs yielding seed after his kind and the tree yielding fruit whose seed was in itself after his kind and God saw that it was good that we jumped on the verse twenty one and God created great whales and every living creature that moves with which the waters brought forth abundantly after their kind and every windfall after his kind verse twenty four set of the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind cattle and creeping thing of the beast of the earth after his kind and it was so God made the beast of the earth after his kind and the cattle after their kind and every living thing that could've been funnier after his kind and saw that it was good so using the phrase am seeking to bring out in what phrases that after his kind right so we seen this phrase repeated in Genesis chapter one after his or their time not follow this letter makes two points out of this concept still here this begins to debunk this concept of you know people get the veins of history devolution and also the stop of the Bible says when God created the scene these trees he says it reduces after his kind so increased in orange tree on strings only produce what oranges right and other orange trees of you plan on seeing unanimity or status printable is so trusted by humanity many farmers in the world is that when they go to plant an apple orchard are they thinking then I'm I dig graves this time has ever crossed the farmers my knowledge never crossed his mind when he said hey I have an apple orchard I have no peace trees in my and my farm so when his time comes you can actually give me good I'll give you some peaches will trade on the really received it other like a beach right it's asleep but was so trusting that you seem to only produce what it is so conceived going to produce peace strengths so the first thing that we can derive from this concept is that you cannot separate what something is from what it will produce you cannot separate with something useful it will produce Jesus used the same illustration of Matthew chapter twelve the other number that Matthew seven Jesus says that by their fruits right you shall know them doesn't that gather grapes of features all he knows if there's things on their intervention you can be sure so you have this constant that this principle is so trusted in Galatians six Paul says be not deceived whatsoever you so you shall read if you self injuries again thanks best system is indispensable to back a creation so God created nature he says after his kind so you cannot separate what something is for what it will produce all right is this point clear yes now notice the second point when it produces let's say like this little tree right so you can't have this little tree not an artist so he comes on in the tree has a little fruits you know since they've got their and this Orange three flaws this orange fall to the ground church in the plants in the say the scene takes NOAA germinates at all the different things when the scene germinates doesn't immediately become an orange street yes or no so this is what I'm saying a farmer he goes takes is overseen puts it in the ground and has been putting it in the ground and start lifting off the ground because it's immediately becoming a luxury is not with happening correct so he knows that he puts the scene in the ground there also becomes a process of development the father let's start this early stage is where it's becoming mature I following so therefore you have this process of development I think that is speaking to you on this process of development that happens I will connect with excellent in the moment so there you have a situation produces after its kind and it has been a steady growth of development right noble back to your Bibles Genesis chapter one a notice what the Bible says in verse twenty six Sunburst twenty six Don says and God said let us make man in our image what's the next race after our likeness right let us make man in our image after our likeness so he get this the standard for the whale was the first created well right so this was once God created he's a great gray whales in the seas they only produce baby whales in the baby was eventually become other wells that produce other beanie Wells but now the Bible says after repeating this phrase while Dennis is one everything else in creation its originator it's standard was in creation itself but when it comes to humanity as I think that after my kind so follow this we just saw these these different principles right so God produces us after his likeness so point number one is you cannot separate what something is what it will produce right so we become this is what we had this concert that were made in the image of God right so the story of humanity does not begin with our brokenness it does not begin with our rebellion the story of humanity does not begin with this desire to rebel against God store humanity actually begins with God himself visits that is the most essential component of what it means to be a human being is to be made in the image of so our story is not about all my weaknesses and my failures and my inability spend my shortcomings my story begins with a very good-looking you were created to be in the likeness of God and DOS in whatever God is this is what he produces in you this was his intention at the same time we also realize in the phrase that there is a process of development yes so I bought is the originator right knee openings after his kind Hollinger development any guesses infinite right so I like that the tree here humanity has this infinite path of development you will never arrive your produced after the likeness of God and God is eternal God is infinite has always been using IM so you have this caused that Halo to produce me on after his kind so you have a situation where I'm produced in the image of God and come back to that in a moment and how we connect this to ask was but we see that therefore this is process of development it's an infinite process of development that God has put us upon so this causes of education where the Bible split when we talk about in public education she says higher than the highest human thought can reach is God ideal for his children and know what the next letters godliness God likeness is the goal to be reached so whatever plans you have for yourself whatever desires for greatness whatever it is I say look Monday only been this the Bible simply says the creation that he will create after the likeness of God whatever plans whatever desires whatever aspirations hopes or dreams are not big enough because higher than the highest human thought is gobbling for his children God 's likeness so doing you'll see here that Adam was produced after the likeness all was he created as a person who had arrived yesterday no Solano was created right to reflect the image of God yes but if you really didn't just like the baby well was just like a mother well but she had growing to do are you with me so Adam was not relieved they were not treated as if all we arrive that's it we'll definitely have to they were created in they were set upon this path of development to reflect more and more and more the image of the Creator and vascular statement so with this being setting the tone now let's started to the constantly image of God and why this connects us to excellence now is not excellent yes well elicited a Bible text that tells us a good song first the chapter song eight and I want you to notice this song feeds is actually on the beginning and the end of the song so someone can someone read verse eight and verse nine very loud for us a soulmate that a song old Lord how excellent song eight verse one sized idea some a verse one and verse nine hundred and eighty three our first night rocks of this phrase most wonderful which religion you as it currently good news okay so that Fraser he reason is my mantra many of you have teamed into new keys and this is how actually write the sweeter than the song from how excellent is your name in all the earth so this concept of the name of God right so we were first created in the image of God yes now the Bible says that God 's name is what excellent writers so God 's name is excellent question at him and so we see I was created in God 's image his name is excellent now look at one other thing which is the cause of the glory now there's a text we read in church for Scripture reading the score their second Corinthians chapter three second Corinthians chapter three in verse eighteen and someone can we do for us second Corinthians chapter three verse eighteen all right so now follow this the Bible says and we all with open face beholding art seasons in the same way what we do isn't it is okay is not a rhetorical question I want to this is a dialogue with the seminar so so the whole thing is that we are changed into the same way it makes my heart we changed into the same image the Texas from image to image from what glory to glory even by the spirit of the Lord right so what is he waiting my image and glory DC that so unchanged into the same image from glory to glory is it a immediate process according to the text right so he says your change from one glory of God to the next glory of God in your change into the same image so you what are the same right yes or no so we say that God 's glory and his image so we made an image about now but Isaiah chapter forty three just to solidify this is on reverse seven all right so we were greater for what an related his soul did not die greatest to reflect his image to reflect his glory to their own follow that yes or no now the question is can we connect on the name to his glory and his image that becomes a what was good Exodus was called Exodus thirty three and someone read verse eighteen starting verse eighteen eighty one elastic and reading and see so keep reading and set out to all my and out in the world and is sold as is no go to verse twenty two and a shot of the past will only pass on that output is wrong and I will call you will now notice this Moses told God he said I received to show me away your glory in God says in verse nineteen I will make all my goodness pass before you and I will proclaim the name of the Lord DC that is aloe shoyu my glory what is the soul is God is God playing a trick on Moses Lord usually employ often claim my name now obviously telling him what that make the cinema to proclaim my name and inadvertently do not believe that this is all made my glory pass before you following Sonata is a literal glory to the passage is also deposited boxes on the proclaim my name now we know in verse and chapter thirty four what did God give the most when he proclaimed his name the Commandments right that reflect the character of God right so we can connect here the name of the Lord to his glory by following yesterday okay so you in Exodus thirty three eighteen to twenty two next name and glory as equal now we disconnected imaging glory right yes or no knowledge saying name and Lloyd are the same so therefore name and image on the same so when Adam and Eve were created in the image of God they board the anywhere in his dad 's name right now here's the interesting thing about the concept of name so the Bible says that God 's name is what it's all made what is it it's excellent so God 's name is actually in the vase will glory in correct correct so you have this cause of that excellence is in the very name of God the very image of God the very glory of God right is actually so therefore we were made in the image of God we were greeted to be actually right so you have this constant now we're continuing going then nothing would glory muffin excellence to excellence the following estate of excellence surpassed but there's more to surpass then you need there is more distant past thing intended is more to surpass from glory to glory to glory to glory now let's talk about wanting briefly now the Hebrew word and I think I was colleges just in case I lose my my ways the Hebrew word is his work shed a pronounced shame yes it would need shame right like it's a shame I felt into my seminar modesty and so the word shame is the Hebrew word for name sets a later remembrance was the board Friday shame right arrives to follow that now if there was this is a also a singular noun if they wanted the plural number shall you some verses if they wanted plural it would be as aged and unique she moved that is more than one names do not have many names is something on life it is a monument to one of people going I many names I have schmooze in other words are many names now follow this with a look at some text in the Bible briefly so let's go to twist the best policy was go to since when Exodus was look at first fourteen Exodus thirty four someone read that for us Exodus thirty four verse fourteen she had to keep the sun owns two fifty K better wrap this up soon thirty four fourteen whereas it now is that God 's name that we call him the jealous God we pray we say all heavily jealous God is that what is that so say his name him jealous thought riot notices is without sellers of no other God for the Lord whose name is jealous so is a jealous God the name so that that's like I don't think his name is jealous right but women would get another text go to Proverbs chapter twenty one Proverbs twenty one to get a use of this Hebrew word Proverbs twenty one and an alleged acts verse twenty four someone read that trial and hardy scorner is is what name deals right notice deals in proud wrath so it masses were saying his name now that's a nice I see the name of the person so my feeling proud wrath my name is probably hard is that my name know my name is Sebastian Cordell in progress so it's talking about name is dealing with a certain kind of character the very essence of the individual not what I would get one more instance court Isaiah chapter nine and this is the most compelling argument to show that named in the Bible represents your very essence you are the essential meaning of who you are Isaiah nine we know this verse verse six anyone is in house the Prince of peace is what his name now but other more than one names listed in the text so if it was more than one names anticipated when she grew up with a use shoot right but guess what word they use this is something wonderful counselor the mighty God everlasting father so what is it assuming that all these are one and the same thing is a singular his name so the cost of knowing a person 's name in the Bible was knowing the very essence of who they are so he is someone after your name in the Bible you I mean that's like asking a very personal thing now with elegant identity issue really briefly and then I have to on go back to some of our slides go to Genesis and a look at the story of Jacob and I want to notice something powerful you Genesis and when I look at twenty seven we know the story Issac was about to bless these all right and Jacob came to get the blessing with the advice of his mother she given the whole plan evolution impossible things got down on the lake newsstands and AltaVista and Jacob was walking up on the general to the music in the Bible and Mission impossible music in the background then he walks in a notice with me in verse eighteen follow this very carefully and he came unto his father and said my father and he said Jeremiah who are now my son and he says and Jacob said unto his father I am Esau thy firstborn know who sent him to his father Jacob sentences father I'm Jacob what he say I am Esau your son right your firstborn I have done according as thou baiters may arise by training sit and eat of my medicine that my soul may bless me and Isaac said unto his son how is it about found it so quickly my son and he said because the Lord thy God brought it unto me quick thinking Jacob didn't think about that one mom but I got out of it verse twenty one and Isaac said to Jacob not the Esau come near I pray that I may feel me my son whether thou be my very son Esau are not now what does that tell you what was going on as is not fully convinced trying to think yeah I'll tell is this really is all sizes okay come near my son and I may value you really my son Esau are not notice what happens briskly towards it when the odds are that his father he felt and he said the voice is the voice Jacob 's voice but the hands are the hands of Esau 's imagine the confusion behind Suzanne look he could not see Jacob 's true identity are you following so when you say a person 's name their very essence I cannot see your essence is a natural accuracy we really are in your heart of hearts in your mind I cannot see that silliness as if I could represent humanity 's ability to perceive the name of other people I cannot see so then you have this concert were Jacob is experiencing identity theft you thought this was a new thing right still your IBM stock fell Jacob was the originator is solely identity problems logging light would do the phone anymore cooking at his mom hook it up many also blogging with Harry are not seriously put on these regardless of any Konstantin everyone's thinking when you're trying to be someone that you really not when you're not sure to remain we approximately get essence of who you are in your own heart people will say what you sound like David Ashford you sound like Peter Gregory Selig is present but the voice is Sebastian I can't put my finger on it but we try to be something is someone who we are not people still since that's not really because we think and wanted to get a blessing have to be someone that I'm not in order for me to Excel have to be someone that I'm not so we come before our heavenly father as if we are a self thinking was once the blessed Esau Sinai to be like you saw a sword this is one of the struggles that Sergeant Jacob upon the means of being this strange so what please seem to think that we know over few chapters Genesis thirty two and Jacob has been going around these the flames finally told on Lord will bless me then I'll come back in August and artisans as promises Jacob response and this is what happens is coming back to see his brother Esau is afraid and we know the story is an Angel right yes okay to mix it with me so on thirty two and he sent them over and notice what happens starting in verse twenty four and Jacob was left alone and there wrestled a man within until the breaking of the day and when he saw that he prevailed not against him he touched the hollow of his fine hollow of Jacob Stein was out of joint eighty whistle with him and he said let me go for the daybreak if anything I will not let the dogs about what I see right now follow the sequence you the angel said unto him what is your name was wrestling with Barbara is nothing Jesus being the latest iPod touch this is not a normal brother arm wrestle with I have six brothers and sisters on rest would people before someone touches your Bibles out of joint this process of rebuilding how to let go I want to be anywhere near wrestling with this person but Jacob said no this is not a usual medicine are regular Nancy realized I'm massively with God after all his life thinking enough I wish I had time to develop this he thought he had to be besought to be blessed so now he went to send them on this little quiz that he's a fugitive and now before God blesses him he says look I'm not allegedly such a blessing you seem to be seen I think to get a blessing to but now coming before God you cannot hide your name your wrestling with God and in any form user heavenly father what is your name I'm Jacob he was finally willing to believe that God would bless him as he invented them to send their names no longer Jacob it's Israel I found God to change your very essence you can change your name so building upon this we see from our creation God had created us for excellence and the fact that humanity has fallen into sin in the image of God has been deformed enemies what if we lost our sense of excellence excellence is not natural to us I wanted to know some of these things from the spirit of prophecy something better this is from the book education page sixteen analyzes the something better is the law is the watchword of education the law of all to living something better Jesus is the law if the law notices that statement she says this is when the lights in the back maybe hard to see she says all of the very capabilities that men possess are given them by God to be so employed estimates what kind of degree the highest possible degree of excellence is at any point in so all the capabilities that meant possession and list them out mind body and soul I just cut it out for the slide content are given by God to be so employed as to reach the highest possible degree of excellence notice what she says now but this cannot be a selfish and exclusive culture every faculty every attribute this to be employed for his glory and for the uplifting of our fellow men and in this employment is found in its purest and noblest and happiest exercise then now she says of change is applied this as for feelings of pride and selfish ambition kindling a spirit of emulation we just talked about that trying to be me he saw the modern-day teachers would endeavor to awaken the love of goodness and truth and beauty to arouse the desire for excellence the student would see the development of doctors and himself not to excel others but to fulfill the purpose of the creator and to receive his likeness so follow these she said as we once see to develop what was this is an accident in my notes I this is from reflecting Christ who is from the same reflecting Christ preached one fifty eight sidewalk that so she says that by stating a desire for excellence she says will lead us to fulfill the purpose of the creator and to receive his license you cannot be like Jesus and objects excellent helps us to fulfill the purpose of our creation which is to get back to the image of God and to receive his likeness notices that statement instead of being directed to merely earthly standards or being actuated by the desire for self exaltation which is an itself wants and belittles the model be directed to the creator to know him and to become like him it is the law of the mind that it gradually adapts itself to the subjects upon which it is trained to dwell it we often occupied with commonplace matters only it will become blocked anything in a disabled is never required to grapple with difficult problems still after a time almost lose the power growth we need to learn how to respond to challenges she says notice the success depends not so much on talent as energy and willingness it is not SSL splendid talents that enables us to render acceptable service but the conscientious performance of daily duties the content in spirit the unaffected sincere interest in the welfare of others in the humblest lot true excellence may be found the commonest tasks want with loving faithfulness on beautiful in God 's Christian service page two sixty one Jesus show excellence is found how many was made on that before we went to church I was made for the kitchen with clean before we finished our breakfast ahead on the Sabbath school she says in the humblest lot the littlest thing she says that she'll actually be found to actually be found listed in a statement the Lord expects excellence the Lord expects a servant to excel others in two places what is that life entering if you are serving and I'm a sermon of daunting sciences to excel others in our lives in our characters he has placed every facility at the command of those who served the Christian is looked upon by the whole universe as one who strives for the mastery running the race that is set before him make it manifest that his motives she's talking to us now to make it manifest that our motives are above those of the world in this great contest where there's everything to win and everything to lose key is to make use of every entrusted power for many of us think we can see the fact that God is giving you a voice neither you need to develop an Dolby content and all I can sing sonnet work on my singing voice so in this sense he says we need to make use of every entrusted power that we have bought expects his institutions to sell those of the world they jotted that Lehman Southern Adventist University the Bibles she says here in spirit of prophecy God expects this gold excelled in schools of the world what selfish ambition as we talked about earlier follow this course as of you yet lack is not one thing is giving you a plain statement of what you are he has to his humble servant shall you that you like devotion to the glory of God now the glory of God is also his wife his character which is also his wife which is also his image rights so if you live devotion to the glory of God notice what you lack moral excellence of character so we talk about whatsoever you do eat drink whatsoever you do to alter the way glory of God Army devoted to the glory of God excellence represents our devotion to the glory of God she says which would lead you to have an unselfish interest for others so that gives the practical test lab and unselfish interest for other people this feels is up to my moral excellence of character which fizzles up to my devotion to the glory of God to bring the sinner to Christ is the work of the comforter the Holy Spirit the Savior is the divine example the perfection of holiness and he fashions the soul a new we are privileged to receive Christ all the accidents necessary for perfection of character we seen people about a seminar by Susan 's been a be about ricin is my works all you all the things about excellence will guess what this statement gone she makes it plain God has placed us about the Holy Spirit convicts your heart in my heart to come to Jesus then we received all the excellence from Jesus for perfection of character but in order for us to obtain this excellent we must show more self-denial and more self-sacrifice that's the way to receive he must increase and I must decrease down on music on closing let us strive my receiving his word the ceiling is what is word to reach the high standard of perfection we are safe only when seeking the qualities that make us children of God possessors of sanctified excellence a child of God is a possessor of sanctified excellence selecting a delight for us so today see what time that we have okay some four minutes over I know that the next in the husband start at three o'clock but I just wanted to include would be savings essentially this seminar was simply to build cross the need for excellence we have lost it to the deformity of sin and as a result of that six the resource back to that excellence one of the evidence as we are being converted and are threatening our lives to Jesus these days comes out in a excellence in the tasks of life using any of us with his global one of the missionaries are not online so I went to a second University Lord could try to get done with school work turning in papers assignments math problems overseas I'm using my kind of recent but the reality is this is not Anglican the statement in the next seminar she says it is our pages Jesus was as perfect and the carpenter shop as he wasn't scared then she goes onto say that he was just as faithfully fulfilling his mission on earth when he was in the carpenter shop as when he was by the Sea of Galilee healing the sick and giving sight to the blind he came to show his friends how to be excellent but it came from character whatever he puts his hand to never read that verse robbers one will cost excellence is not an issue of result it comes from Karen cannot separate what something is from what it will produce we have to first be excellent here then everything else will as we continue to surpass Leslie finally father we thank you for just a brief opportunity we got to dive into this subject on the need for excellence Lord the power of excellence to overcome sexism and racism in all the other isms Lord but we saw that it was your intention from creation by creating us in your image that we should be excellent not to excel others but to excel to the devotion and the glory of God to desire to serve our Creator and to serve our fellow men that Ed swimming greatness are not about pushing others down but about pushing ourselves down we pray Lord that he would give us the spirit actually been aroused in us a desire for excellence to be the very best in whatever we do not for our sakes and often even our institutions but for the sake of the glory of God and of Jesus Christ I love receiving this is our prayer and we also to help this to be our experience we ask in Jesus name


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