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The Heart of Excellence

Sebastien Braxton


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Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.




  • September 20, 2008
    4:00 PM
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him everyone I know that on that was starting about five minutes off so bear with me I decided because excellence is a beautiful topic especially this presentation will look at the heart of excellence what is the heart of excellence because we talked about the need for excellence the fact that from a creation God expects us to be at then we looked at what is actually need to be excellent it just needs to give one hundred percent of everything we do is to sit on a similar on making up my mind from this day forward to be a hundred percent on canvas fifty percent on canvas eighty presenters on a weekend at ninety percent is around ninety hundred percent everything that I do and this will radically be radically change not just necessarily outcomes in our lives but this have to do with us fulfilling the purpose of our creation it has us receiving the likeness of Jesus appreciating the sacrifice that he gave me look at that last seminars well that when God gave Jesus gave us how much all everything is in Jesus the beauty of the stars the universe and everything is captivated our minds and so with that being said when it assess what is the heart of excellence what is an expert is a person onto exit isn't enough to say that okay I did well I have straight A's in all these divisions is not enough is enough to say that there is no one beyond you is Avelino I've achieve excellence servility that this afternoon with that before we do that was going on when a prayer together and will start our seminar heavenly father want to thank you for this last presentation Lord is so encourage to know that excellence while it is not an option is not something that we have to ourselves to produce we can come to Jesus just as we are in Jesus will give us the heart of excellence lessons now as we study would give us wisdom we pray for the Holy Spirit and he will guide us into all truth is my friend Jesus thing and all right so just a cup of cold real quick we looked at this before higher than the highest human thought can reach Ms. God 's ideal for his children godliness godlike this is the goal to be reached with artist name and a hundred times right yes maybe maybe not say nine over this before if you never heard of before again was at the North I'll get some an education she say what is not thinking what he's talking about going to school and in the book education were told that what God is thinking is higher than the highest human thought can reach is gone ideal for his children godliness God likeness so we look at one aspect of God 's godliness of God like this is the fact that he is a hundred percent God gives all everything you guys please is if I want to save Matthew gives all he do everything in Christ and he gave Jesus to us for ever so God is not just a one-time hundred percent of these are continuous one hundred percent he said look I gave you Jesus a Trinity case however maintain the human form could imagine you'll see Jesus and her angels whom Jesus before he got his human form every time they look at them they will remember the gift and the love of God because of never ever look on you still for you and for me how harnessing this goblin restores back to being asked the site is willing to give his only beloved son should stick to what volumes of how deep and earnest is God 's desire to return us back to accidents to be hundred percent is in everything that we do it's always excel from glory to glory higher than the highest in the bar to reach notice a statement from William Ward he says flatly and I may not believing criticize me and I may not like you ignore me and I may not forgive you encourage me and I will not forget you love me and I may be forced to love you all these amazing is his response when he says flat-out does not return flatter criticism does not return criticism he says he souvenir norming and they forgive you it is in the setting return signaling encouragement is always a saline vagina encouragement but loss being text itself when you love someone you want to love you if I ignore you you know will say like men this goes annoying in order to his hourly operating eye for eye tooth for tooth right people to the stories a person criticizing we make so we criticize them know that seminar you gave man was there slowly beginning was really following you you come all over the place is sitting and listening line well you know you can do better so my criticism never leaves her lips right stays up here but not hurting Angels recorded in somebody ignores me like we said I'll ignore you to my flatters me the interesting thing about flattery and why the statement is so funny since flattered me and I may not believe you is because you know that if you flatter someone is not even true they want necessarily turn away the praise the only time we have issues with flattery and phrases one is given to someone else so someone comes in is a man creature in the whole state of Tennessee is all better procedure the new Rosalynn Teleglobe Canada seminar and will try to be I'm on call now broke on down you know so while there is always a good preachers in Tennessee Mendenhall powerful creatures here on the one side is winning hearts is slowly they then found myself slightly someone comes up to you and this is how girls Farmington that's it help you walk his brother you're the most beautiful girl ever seen in my life will be whatever whatever not but in her heart she's thinking about you and you leave whenever judges his brother walked up to me and told me that I was it was a beautiful girl that he ever seen but he William what is his art and what is here is on bringing us this subtle thing to say that there's something about love that draws itself out of someone else the interesting thing it has a strong power to bring reciprocity there is no cause I found for the most loving people are treated worse number found when using manual or the court in the present was the most unselfish in the culture everyone's treating badly how the founding people will society able to a group you go to a social group the person with the most servant of everyone there is actually the last person of people everyone was quick to defend that person don't I get seminars but on a person 's thinking when you say that there is this person takes care be careful what you sent us our well I'm trying to know who they should probably say him him him now would like instead fight you know the voices are launched World War III men who Sunday so size me know I want to start with this statement in them and going to our Bible study she says there's no life and spirit of who Christ is the only standard of what excellence you don't understand it is the life in the way spirit of Christ you see is not enough to mock the very actions that Jesus made you want to have the same spirit I found what are the motives what compels you what our urges us all to live in those ways you see you can call me do the things that Jesus does right by innocence of imitating so I can literally walk in the steps that Jesus walked Jesus a fish right here by the Sea of Galilee with his disciples like crap fish into the same features as the then Jesus that abundance Isaiah sixty once I go to the very same synagogue at the very thankful that at the same time of David Jesus read this text 's sixty one will this make Jesus does a book that's out today it's one of the best sellers on I saw the airport in Chattanooga and Don Knotts I was in Memphis the Memphis airport is a book called the literal Christian the other vertebrate is basing his guide to basic get a year that he did everything in the Bible literally given of the year whatever the Bible said he literally did give about things before all this other stuff keep this any recorded in the book this is pocketable than I was I see how stupid these people are interpreting the Bible as it is literally meaningless literally meaning that is belittling Christianity in the same sense many of us are little relist in the sense of following Jesus the question is you cannot fake motives you cannot fake the spirit of Jesus and I think that and here is that it is the deeper things in this lesson leaving him a hypocrite and the cost of hypocrisy on you to follow this is accessible to illustrate this on the board when you think I'm a hypocrite hypocrite in the word and great Hoboken face was needed after a similar hypocrite means me that after Google Google continues so what happens is a hypocrite when you enable the person was a hypocrite duel day activist Leslie this hypocrite is a person pretends to be something that are not right thus we get the consummate actor so I get up ice to be a theater before new Jesus we are all common act like you want to the scene where was like I was playing the disease syphilis and the other character was playing gonorrhea and we were interacting in the scene something is up on the disease soon as I'm acting but I'm not the actual disease correct are you with me I'm not syphilis okay so he established the hardest consulates and look an actor pretending to be something that they're not now when we think of hypocrisy in the church and in general life how many people are acting like hypocritical murderers never met a person like that I'm a murderer I kill people is like honey what's I like the only such hypocrite is a real learner in the knowledge that the electorate tends to be a serial killer or child abuse on crazy now I'm crazy how long you think it will remain on the street is not very well same Anderson Jim is going on in this area it got brought up I think that brother saw the same size is no way this is not one for this to be a moderately anything that they pretend to do is to be things of Virgin is a natural ally to be a hypocrite the hypocrite gives value to that which they pretend to be seen they see the value in being unselfish best value in being spiritual writers value in getting up before everybody else in the house and act like reading a Bible in the morning but not really communing with God because another people size is valuable to see you doing that is valuable to be a first person inside the school and church the outcome here how was yours thirty will be quickly let somebody know let out a long time is these people hey bro thinking the olive uses nine twenty five and the church will want to make sure people know what all of this is to simply save his virtue and what is wise that DKNY the presence of NATO as a Oliver that opened the church because he send it to other people 's eyes there's a certain value in being earlier church to there to pretend to be that zealous spiritual person I'm serious about church I'm serious about my relationship with Jesus I get to church early on having prayer meeting before church on South one and are people like that so when a person is acting as a hypocrite they are giving value they're saying look there's something valuable and living this way the something valuable and living this way so when we mark the actions of Jesus were saying there is value in doing these things but getting it you cannot fake is the spirit because they got unable to sit on a repeat the very words that Jesus said in the Bible but I can't figure spirit only God can produce and only gone to produce and you take your Bible this is not a top five Matthew chapter five I was at okay the policy 's presentation for second message up to five centimeters versus forty three to forty eight for us anyway is a giveaway will will will you are yes to any of our will and will will him to now follow this the end of the tech says we have to be what perfect according to whose standard of perfection now I want to follow this text you have heard that it has been said that you should love your neighbor and what the enemy hates your enemy but I say unto you what do you know what enemies do good to those who do what agents pray for those who persecute you really now he gives is that versus A-OK I want you to love your enemies not just your neighbors so now what is I basically need is the same love on the people everybody right name and disposal of needles and he says Nagapattinam who hates you nozzles and that the people who love you to do without me people okay pray for those imprisoned since you only for the people particularly offer everybody pray for everybody by following the pattern he's overcoming the cause of that law only belongs to a certain group of people Jesus is establishing that love belongs to all your women to come to the love belongs on a people all every single person living creature you know boxes love belongs to the bottom candidate hedges are towards the bathroom and I don't care with the ability persecuted is past tense doesn't matter what they've done to love belongs to them to articulate their intentions are to do the love belongs to them to not notice the next verse suddenly the next verse is a start anyway Delaware chapter five chapter five we just read forty three forty four was 's chapter five verse forty five write something reverse forty five again not to justify all right now is positive he says that you might be the children of your father which is in heaven to follow his thinking here the saying love your enemies being break that down what does that mean that he says that you may be so do you want to be a child of your father in heaven twenty oh two love your enemies so what is the greatest evidence that you are the child of God loving your enemies love is what makes you a child of God but a certain kind of love that is unconditional and then he goes into the explanation that you may be vigilant of your father in heaven then he said for God to get this on the following poly people everyone I could just and unjust can you imagine you're walking around and developers is unjust to those cloudy over them it was Sunday over you see wake up clouds humblest walks around and I was partial to the fact that Jesus is what blessings are not a test of evidence that you are a child of God reigns trials are not a test that your child all these things do not give evidence that URI are children of our heavenly father the evidence is in the spirit which is not if you love unconditionally and you are tiled of the heavenly father now let Gladys with first lady started thirteen what do what we might call it exegetical study but in a good and be too intellectual nowhere that I sound like a really boring word back somewhat now firstly there started thirteenth I does not want to show you something very interesting is that this chapter twelve the last verse this is what Paul says he says on on-site beginning in verse twenty nine he says are all apostles are all prophets are all teachers all workers of miracles have all the gifts of healing to all speak with tongs wallet are you missing the message is so ideal more excellent way is the interesting thing Paul is talking about spiritual gifts spirituality anything look at what is not an apostle everyone is not a prophet and when it must be good I was kind of things that Windows and interpret everyone doesn't have the gifts of healing several dozen were miracles but covered using the best is yet ominous show you a more excellent way to network more excellent is the word for bully in the Greek he said that with me Cooper boldly now Cooper means over what is in the over to go beyond and award both a means to throw something so beautiful then you are beyond everything else so you just talked about all the research against the first release after twelve pieces yet to show you a more excellent way if I'm not fulfilling the ministry it's not about the body of Christ on the show you more excellently in the word comparable late as us I like anyone you have an English hyperbole right is a hyperbole is elaborately doable way beyond this means them I don't talk about the developers obliged exaggerated stories all you like nature finger in the door the person on managing the car and she felt that that would like one like exaggerating my mother is probably me the Princess or Queen of exaggeration my sister despises it anything that happens in the house when neighbors come over friends my mom to tell the story I mean you thought it would like the Canterbury tales and like Lord of the rings or something like it was a somber like how in the world behind you get this out of this like this one even there him will will argue in my you always exaggerate the story so far they say to show you an exaggeration so nor does the language of prescribed in Chapter thirteen though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have not what now followed his lead to a chart step all sets up so the one goal 's award of exaggeration is in it think about the zoning and big about this if I said no you are the last woman on earth and I was single I would marry I don't really mean that I decided to the recording Palestinian name but he understand how that exaggeration to a single meaning if the circumstances were this way I say that they are this way right foot in the seconds is worth something to you and the only woman on her that I was still single and you and I and we don't get married and have children I still wouldn't marry out is that reveals hatred and so also see about this as well meaning he's using an exaggeration another presuming even if right even if I had to walk ten miles I'll probably write only in Boston Honda and I had a boring cars whatever so the same cause of this Paul is exaggerating a single though I had what is it in the first verse if he had what sounds of men and of angels right so though he had indulging have-nots so he's repeating this phrase throughout the passage he says no I had what songs but I didn't have what love write a charity what is that it will what is able sounding brass writing voice and we just noise so begin the tongs without love is noise photographs to go I had the gift of prophecy and understood how many mysteries on this rewrite so here's what prophecy on this side and she has all mysteries but also the F all knowledge right then he has almost raised all in right and what you have not was able to I followed upon logic receives exaggeration yes Mister the third verse what you have what you knew though I did what we store my gives right seizes dogs to all my goods was a gift of the poor and the like in my body to be burned right even if I gave my life give my life and I don't have what I'm profitable how much you now let me ask you a question what being in the universe has all knowledge what being in the universe understands all mysteries and as he goes through faith he says that I could remove mountains we dealing with the cause of the power will be any a result of our if you have the knowledge of God the power of God you don't have love you nothing and so Paul says all miseries all knowledge all phase one know a lot of people zero this is too great of a negative there's some things you can go without but love is not one of pieces I cannot your value is in proportion to the amount of love you but notice the word in the Greek is a copy got enough is not filial that's brotherly love and meet and greet is not aero stuff passionate love in the Greek introductory if you have all these you could speak with tongues great orator whatever you don't have love you notice if you have all this knowledge are utilized on the street breaking down revelation and you don't have about zero even if you're going to the towers and understand all your goods to feed the poor or you get to the point whether not prosecuting in particular life for your face and you don't have lots he says and you gain nothing we've lost everything so you understand Paul's exaggeration I'm wondering how do you give all your goods to be the one you don't have love like that just blows my mind putting in your life your body to be burned at the state and you don't have lost what Paul says if it were possible he's showing us the value of love are you following is an indispensable thing to your value in my value if we want to have meaning in life and what we do meaning cannot be in our very individual essence we must have love policies and vascular statement so this is and you thought right was look at it again would lobby the foundation in the heart of excellence is revealing major debacle back to Matthew twenty two within this passage last time Matthew twenty two beginning at verse thirty four ten nine eight seven six okay great praise God someone was a little slow beside so that is waiting verse thirty four songs are reading a force anyone to our RSS cousin replacing that before not talking about Seattle Allies writer that will be anything wrong to get ahead there right so Jesus says this little thing right here is loving God with all and loving neighbor equal to your love for yourself in essence your neighbor as yourself now follow this he says upon all this hangs the law and the prophets on these two now notice last session we look at the cause of the hundred percent is right we have to logon with how much with all but noticed the bird is not just about all it's also the motive what was and what all of it love God now he says what hangs on his principles belong in the profits not a lot to think amendments were actually first five books of Moses of her technical to the book of Matthew to enclose the kind with the management includes the little ceremonial laws to follow this isn't anything in the law that says that you can love yourself the first four bananas that would love to the second six love to any members that relate to self-love his Majesty so the foundation of sin is what selfishness self-centered self so follow this now the log reflects the what of God what is the log reflect the character of God right so follow this you have the ten Commandments this is the mirror of God 's image and we could also say his name or his glory to the same thing we looking at a session number one selling it we see when we look into the ten Commandments God was running so you look into the ten Commandments and you see the character of God and he says these two commandments these two tablets as they were assuming there were four one six on the other the first was simply say love with everything so the heart of what it means to have the character of God has loved in it now the quality of that love is measured by what yes are you with me as we saw in John three sixteen the God so loved the world that he gave the lowest angel in heaven shopping in the lowest angel that would represent one very little love right now okay I just give them the week to think about their somewhere in Andromeda is I don't know just send him don't send Jesus on giving them that which is most precious in your marketing of them all but gone in John three sixteen the love is directly related to the amount in which we give the quality if is the you give a lot now follow the thinking the heart of excellence being love if you have no love it is not excellence straight A's no love is not excellence the Linux because if you have all these things related and you don't have a lot of what is an equal zero if you have the knowledge of God he says if you have the power of God the insight of God into the mysteries of the universe and don't have his love you have nothing so when it comes to the cause of the excellences and what is the heart of excellence we excel in the things that we love is a natural think about it getting something you guys love anyone when he left so what like Mexico Mexican food okay we love Mexican food now if someone you love Mexican food in a person that I love some good Mexican food I too love Mexican food I sent them last week so anyway Ceylon Mexican food now because we love Mexican food we make sure that we don't do a shoddy job right you see a person without some nice people are not just looking of any kind avocados for the guacamole right essential when Antigonus also divided into the bead up tomatoes at the market and I don't want to make some salsa like this guy because also write a letter pseudo- when we lost something we've always desire the very best for you and think about the adult relationships to those of you young people you even get relationships sigh so I like these relationships as illustrations if we love someone I'm not saying that you do so don't don't get uncomfortable blessings you love someone many was making when you love someone you love this person on campus I love him to get married whatever so I don't think Kate took the individuality because we love this person we think we love them right when it comes to that significant others birthday what is that other person to visual girlfriend and she knows her birthday is coming up she's going to college and work toward action hours that was just no two five twenty months in advance I had to take this day off I have to do I can't work on his birthday then when your birthday comes up she's planning all these different things for you not saying guys of your government do this for you I will will finish you love you're not as Sonata relationships in an effective partnership so the whole continent and I'm trying to illustrate is that when an individual has this compulsion of love we make sure that things are well in a just let him sing it without your birthday party in my basement is not finished concrete cobwebs him I love you will party like I will say that the love compels us to excellence so now let me go back again to something that I said earlier in this insert love back in so we talked about what we're doing academic work as well as an institution the homework every day all the weeds some of us got years of homework ahead of us praise God finish school so you look at the over daylight minute I do this assignment whatever the case may be if you love your professor isn't reflected in your homework if you love your professor is reflected in your classroom the court you if you love your mom is reflected in the tardiness of your room as him and is it reflected in your behavior at home and how you speak to husbands and wives same thing grandparents since he friends same thing God is not a respecter of persons is easy we read in Matthew five to love people who love us that is not a revelation and you have the character of God he said the Gentiles public 's view that they don't even know me but the question is how do you respond when they don't give you that love and has rather that first quote of this session if you love me I may be forced to love you so the fact that a person does not give me love the response is not to not will him let alone then we may be forced to love me because is no powerful force in the universe this is what it means to have gone in your life that's it it's not about being knowledgeable and we sit down and evaluate excellence in every village in my community not be making about need to be excellent and why could you and you have a desire to glorify him make your bed like Jesus was taken at the claimant relied Jesus was cleaning the room if we imagine we justify this how we prepare our food how we conduct ourselves in the lunch room how we behave that potluck nonbranded searches as a preacher by the time I get to the line that's all there is there is the line of food is unlike held constant like on here at my apartment to get my full potential mother that's not elegant apartment in recognizing these we got people leaving George Burley for food really would you do that to a person you love there talking to someone you love what he's talking to you I love my dad is talking to me that I'm not needed while a little ways into our it will be really how in the world so when we sit back and evaluate in every task every role that you and I hold fault either under love to God I love to our fellow man is in Iraq you go to school the opportunity of the love them you classmates many of us we should excel just for classmates he is story that before they used to let African-Americans in the military there was a on African-American examiner said okay when you do this test will let them come in and try to be Navy SEALs and omnipotence many of the African-American male recruits cannot read a couple of the recruits could read so what they did was is that they would tell the workers to keep them busy exercising all they suddenly have time to read over the things that could be ready for the exam so their friends the other African-American male recruits at night time when the when the commanding officers will look into the Barrett fifty okay the lights are off his bedtime make them go to bed early so they can study they can do anything so that they would fail and therefore they would prove again on African-Americans and military so what they would do as Christ also loved the lights are off and then we get up take their blankets cover the windows turn on the light into order the recruits who could not read in the material to make sure the text will have the commitment for a fellow class only love compels a person to be only lost our love to God should compel us to know his Word compel us because I love you Lord I want to believe I never met a person I love that I didn't want to know more about ever met a person that if they had their diary that I would just die out get to it eventually if I let the person I want to read the rest of an appraisal like this girl is like saying the e-mails and read the e-mails again I don't please you log on whatever go back read e-mails and women are conversations saved my chats and everything so I don't need to admit sailing by not smashing it by yourself on the seventh well I'm making is this this is the very heart of excellence if we just sit down and evaluate their Latino here you have a paper I had papacy let's write down our goals let's write down our responsibilities is safe out of love for wanting to excel in this area let this be our prayer assignment walking away from the sun one of my roles one of my responsibilities what am I committed to ending commented on a similar by your grace and Autoblog even for you I thought whoever this person I made this commitment to what an organization that they represent out of love for them on than excel in this task and all that means you give all one hundred percent because the reward of excellence is no regrets no regrets never do this the sum which is the spirit of prophecy seminar in the life for me the life and spirit of Christ is the only standard of excellence and perfection and the only safe course is to follow his example if we do this he will guide us by his counsel and afterward receive us to glory it we strive to walk in the footsteps of our Redeemer if we live for it and believe for it God is willing to give us of his free spirit and we shall this as she says this is the result now when he gives his Holy Spirit you shall be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth and length and depth and height and to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge that we may be filled with all the fullness of God 's beautiful state listen to this at his coming the master will call his servants and reckon with them those who have had an eye single to the glory of God will have the registry selfishness indolence worldliness pride covetousness and human ambition will appear in their true and hateful character as the works of Satan while everywhere glistened in his statement while at rework done from love to Jesus with a sincere desire to glorify him will appear as the height of human excellence and was listened to the question at her like CCA events she says every work done for love to Jesus with a sincere desire to glorify him will appear the height of human excellence the height of human excellence God says look when you do something but on the homework out of love for Christ and a desire to glorify him to reveal his character in this work God says that the height of excellence you can go beyond continuing to grow God has instructed me to tell you in all his people to be very careful not to resist the working of the Holy Spirit the comforter that Christ sends fear to take the first presumptuous step in resistance when Christ spoke to the disciples of the Holy Spirit he sought on with their thoughts and enlarged expectations get this to grasp the highest conception of excellence enough followers she says don't resist the Holy Spirit when Christ spoke the disciples of the Holy Spirit he was seeking to outlive their thoughts to the graph highest conception of excellence the Holy Spirit is the only way that you and I can resize conception of excellence night as amended the statement in the first meeting every capability that God has given us he gave to us for the development to the highest degree of excellence that Lisa gave us the surrender to the spirit of the that's why gives she says therefore let us strive to understand his words let us try to appreciate the value of the wonderful gift he has bestowed upon us let us seek for the fullness of the Holy Spirit do you know why do you know why the hundred and forty four thousand right just a silly how excellent is visiting for the end times the hundred and forty four thousand stand upon the Mount Zion with the land where they haven't afforded when asked the fathers what the father 's name name equals what Gloria Wright in which Finley said the very image and glory of God 's excellence the hundred and twenty four thousand will have excellent cannot ever stand with the limo mouths unless you have his father 's name in your mind fixed in your character and the character of God is reflected in excellence everything we see excellence is not a subject just for passing this is preparation to be a part of the hundred and forty four thousand of the seminar was as Patton Boggs building to try to make me do my homework veteran AltaVista notes on about her homework friends is not about my job whatever else we find ourselves engaged in excellence is about preparation for the end time united in making on hug and make it illegal acts will receive excellence from Christ we will not estimate of forty four thousand to love him listen to this statement this is mind blowing to love him the infinitely omniscient one with the whole strength and mind and heart means the highest development of every power when you love God with all your strength she says mind and heart this means the highest development of everyone how it means that in the whole being as what was the sole image of God is to be restored exactly loving God takes us back to when I first created us to be completely on selfish beings like the first is the second commandment thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself the law of love calls for the devotional body and mind and soul to the service of God and our fellow men and service more making us a blessing to others brings the greatest blessing to ourselves on selfishness underlies all true developments through unselfish service we received the highest culture of every faculty you cannot truly grow if you are selfish true development only comes to unselfishness it always brings from the heart of love education page sixty I present these thoughts before the layman and the church that they may awaken to a sense of the responsibility what are you doing dear reader with your entrusted talents if you are burying them in the world do so no longer work for Jesus put your entire interest in his costs self flattery is self-deception would make you believe that you are doing about right but how does your life compared with that of Jesus when he was in the world of the assets of the question how does your life and my life compare with the life of Jesus when he was in the world Jesus has done everything for you see without not even himself now shown zeal and earnestness and putting all your powers to work for him and you will receive his reward to give them eternal life this statement distantly forces us to reflect Jesus came to teach us how to be excellent we compare our last he's the only standard I want to notice the statistics a person is born every three seconds a person dies every seven a woman is raped in South Africa every twenty six and a person commit suicide every forty seconds now I want to follow this to my delight through quick recount ten nine eight seven six five four three two one three people were born in a person died not what you imagine this is like this means a person is born every three seconds were talking like seventy something thousand people are born every year we baptized three thousand year cycle were baptizing five with the baptizing five thousand year seven people a person has every seven seconds seventy thousand people die that's actually right it's a hundred and fifty thousand people are born every year seventy thousand die every a woman is raped in South Africa every twenty six seconds because they believe in their culture that increasing with the version you can get rid of your HIV so if a newborn baby girl was born my first was coming into the church I was even baptized yet the featured article in CNN about a newborn baby girl was raped by nine African because they're trying to get rid of their eights in South Africa alone a woman is raped every twenty six seconds for almost three times a minute a person commits suicide every forty seconds in the world someone in the world commit suicide every forty seconds now the only people attempt suicide these people succeed in every forty seconds it's about once every ten or fifteen a person attempts suicide somewhere in the world and it was interesting that as me on it I have heard about the story about the woman in the apartment building in New York back in the nineteen sixties her dog and her baby yesterday about the story okay until you started a woman living in a small town and after she was living in a small town she decided you know what everyone knows me here you know concerning it I'll get into the world so she decides to move to beautiful New York and so New York's back in the nineteen fifties or sixties they were starting to build a skyscraper apartment buildings thousands people per floor now follow this she goals Moses in the apartment building just no furniture no nothing she's wanted to get away from home as she goes there within a few weeks is about the people for floor she's mercilessly raped in her apartment they don't know she tries reported they can't find a guy there's no real investigation she becomes pregnant as a result of the rape nine months later she's giving birth of the child she's on welfare she goes to the hospital delivers her baby they say let them we cannot keep the overnight hospitals overcrowded she says I have no money to feed my baby can you just give me one more night and I'll get my welfare check tomorrow since I would have no room goodbye put in what a baby isolated costs after she was raped she got a German shepherd for protection that's what I'm so she comes back from the hospital with the baby she spent eight out of the nine dollars you have for the cancer went to the store to try to buy something the next day the next morning to get the baby food left the baby with their cash to leverage our gospel came home and found the dog had been her newborn baby because he had not been set in the week and when this came out in New York everybody was shocked there like this these insane how in the world does this kind of stuff and wanted no one knows about so they had a big press copies with the mayor of New York in a single positive different people going in it is wonderful it was really press a single mayor how can such grievous suffering wife that our hospitals are so overcrowded that only can spend one night with her newborn baby in the hospital lies in that police records and our work is so shabby you can find a man who raped you and you saw his face he had a complete description any can be brought to justice like that I will versus the so bad that people have to wait until Zionism and what they get paid even though the having children enhance independence thing all the things that went wrong in her life and the question that you could knows how consoling angel one one one and the mayor 's response to the reporter he said look you expect me to listen to every single cry of every New Yorker in the city of New York just to give you rough figures is about ten million people in New York each of these especially to answer and submitted to need every single kind of a single care every worker has pieces look the sound of listening to the complaints of enterprise would be deafening on the other side of silence as soon as I opened the doors when you say this a daily New York who has a problem or complaint or something come to me he says it will be deafening on the other side of science I cannot handle it I cannot need every single New Yorkers issues as the main and the point that this that Ms. theologian was making when he was doing this illustration he says you know what but there is one place there is one place in which all suffering culminates in which all suffering can be heard and that's in the heart of the every time one of those women against rape in South Africa here's and eyewitnesses it admits on a person 's about to take their life or does take their life gone witnesses and inhibitors of suffering and analyte assess the question steps to Christ many concern themselves what they give up how many of us ask what about the suffering of God why not preach the gospel to end the suffering you think you'll understand that things are happening in the world God witnesses every crime weather is brought to justice are not a season any bears in his heart he bears in his heart so that the lights this is my concluding statement perhaps it is easy for those that never felt the same the stinging darts of segregation to say weight but when you have seen vicious mobs which are mothers and fathers at will enjoy your sisters and brothers at whim when you see the vast majority of your twenty million Negro brothers smothering in an airtight cage of already in place and for society when you suddenly find your tongue twisted and your speech stammering as you seem to explain to her six -year-old daughter watching candle to the public amusement park that has just been opened advertise on television and you see tears swelling up in arms when she is told that fun town was closed to colored children and see ominous clouds of inferiority beginning to form in her little mental sky when you take a cross-country drive and find it necessary to sleep night after night in the uncomfortable corners of the automobile because no motel will accept you when your wife and your mother are never given the respected title Mrs. when you are forever fighting a degenerating sense of nobody in this then you will understand why we find it difficult to wait there comes a time when the cup of endurance runs over and that it are no longer willing to be plunged into the abyss of despair the July twenty this is written by Martin King Junior letter from a Birmingham Jail and as they were writing to the lawmakers they say Halo guys just the way things will work out his responses perhaps people don't get is this kind of suffering you can safely perhaps a person lives in Collegeville and not high crime not high rate not high drug abuse we just aren't interested gospel later it's easy for us to say weight because we also offer when you experience these kind of things to point to me applies even greater to preaching the three Angels messages people are not under the bondage or the issue of segregation because of the color of their skin but this is the common human problem the devil has no respect of persons when it comes to destroying the soil in the care of your nobody for somebody he will destroy us and for many of us as we expand liberty in Jesus we know what is like to know that I can content and confess my sins and he are she has been to know that I don't have to walk up in what amounts of stairs on my knees to make atonement for my sense are we to maximize my physical suffering to know that God exceptionally in the below it's easy for us to say we is easy for us to see excellence demands that we put all Autoblog gone into a fellow the suffering of God is beyond my comprehension in the suffering of humanity why do we wait to see the fundamental issue of excellence is one of the most compelling ways to reach the world even if you want a worker be excellent in a study business study business to change the world you do nursing but whatever were studying medicine free law remember never tell yourself weight when it comes to revealing the character of God never telling us only when it comes diminishing to humanity or ending his suffering don't allow yourself to sleep in the day that you or I say yeah I can wait just remember a woman just got raped in the twenty six seconds we spent discussing a person just died three times in the time we spent discussing whether I should go for the priest the gospel not to a priceless grief and many more being born into a world that can't suffer every three seconds every head is bald MBI 's close automate an appeal every others about every eyes closed when they can appeal seeing a lot of suffering in my life and I've read about a lot of stuff in any of us we sit comfortably at Southern Adventist University will comfortable in college and now I challenge you there's a cause bigger than you and me there's a need for the world not for people to be excellent for their own glory but for the glory of God people who will rise up and serve humanity is somewhat guilty was this number one a similar I have not been excellent I'm not an ex- analogy to raise any similar help me to be excellent from this day forward I'm not been excellent I can put your hands down but my second appeal is this the best thing to put your all into something I will last for eternity imagine the thankfulness of that South African woman who could've been raped but was not because you brought change you decided to go preach the gospel you decide to figure all policies the change South African government to protect those when that's what you want to politics USA Lord help me by your grace to do something to end the suffering in your heart and the hearts of summary of your children I want you to spend with and make a commitment everything that I do from this day forward I don't administer this as you know we make appeals to my light yet you your appeals this is different unmasking us and myself less income one hundred percent this day Lord Allah do something by your grace whatever I'm studying whatever I'm involved in activities is done in the footnote reducing obvious suffering and reducing of the suffering of humanity back to what you say similarly do something no longer go back to the standard quid pro quo Adventists come into rice have potluck all this other stuff no change God is trying to come Jesus is run and the suffering of his children in the city and comfortably having seminars brethren we are not doing well God has a will to win cancels the safe is anyone else mid-March instead similarly do something for your costs to end your suffering suffering of humanity must be excellent not for your sake for the sake of those who need us I would need to be asked thus always gets mystery but when you together heavenly father we thank you so much but your spirit was here to speak to us we came thinking that it was a seminar we may learn a few things may figure out how we can do our jobs better we have come realizing that the spirit was speaking something soliciting the Lord was in about the good grades and even necessarily doing yes as much as it is about the cause of God to save souls everything we do Lord ought to be for humanity and for God Jesus gave everything to us and we ask for your forgiveness Lord because for too long we've said we can we it can wait but is because we haven't seen the suffering guide us Lord this day challenge us from visiting out to never settle for mediocrity to never believe or allow ourselves all our friends or loved ones to settle for average but a single if you love Jesus you must give your very best if you love Jesus you must give your very best mania students challenge our professors give your very best not for my sake as a student but because of Jesus they would challenge the institutional leaders to give their very best not for Southern 's reputation before the reputation of God may we challenge our state leaders they would challenge the family members maybe challenge our friends our loved ones you must be excellent for Christ sake bless us to this end Lord and continue to guide us and encourages as we follow you in Jesus name we pray amen


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