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Can God Feel My Pain?

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 18, 2005
    7:00 PM
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our subject for this evening can golf to my pain can go on see you might pay I'm quite sure you heard people say entire class you don't understand it could've been a friend or a blood relative you don't understand it my counseling and churches in my counseling of the medical school right worked for Lila for students in the you don't understand the counselor gets to hear that because all counselors like to believe they understand but I have heard that you don't understand I'm embarrassed that as human beings we have to acknowledge the severe limitations of our abilities but we cannot say that the body evil goal we say by our action by our behavior and by the attitudes we adopt the boss promises of his assurances contained in this glorious word God always understands and tonight the point the theme of the farce of our message is explain why it is that all all ways understand this performance the trials and tribulations that beset this roof that we all have tried whether bought contemplated along with the other member of the Godhead God the father God the son of the Holy Ghost the creation of what renewals have the nerve with man at the center of the earth gone have to devise a way of rescuing this created being if he sinned the plan that was it him perfect it was the one of the three members of the go-ahead would come down and pay the penalty for mankind 's catastrophe not involve a religious system to you fine a high holy lifted up golf condescending to come down and be just like ghosts one of Satan and consequently take him that was a plan one of the members of the Godhead would come down and die at the first living as a human being but this presented told mountainous obstacles there were one dog cannot be tempted and to God cannot die in order for one of the members of the Godhead to come down and be the sacrifice the substitute that die in man's ways please the Lord will have to be gotten around somehow and golf found a way as we continue with can both feel my pain go on following away and the way it applies that one of the members of the Godhead of the person identified was the second member of the Godhead not yet called Jesus Christ but we are still call him Jesus Christ he would come as one of us meeting he have to come in a way in a fashion that allow them to feel temptation of the anti- Howard took called in a way that made him susceptible to death oh if already been shown that Jesus was powerful the Sacrament of the body because there was a creature in heaven several made by Christ himself revolted Ezekiel chapter twenty eight versus the about was perfect in all thy ways from the data was created most of the highest being emigrated there was not the father of the son of the Holy Ghost and then we will survive powerful form of less than perfect in beauty refolded Ezekiel twenty eight he was enraged because he was not implied to be a part of the planning for the creation of the world of mankind in the is some mysterious way he became corrupted and he led a rebellion against the government of God you can read about that rebellion in Isaiah fourteen from verse twelve of the end of that chapter easy to forget from a verse eleven and Revelation twelve verse seven through nine also John chapter eight verse four he led a rebellion by the Bible says in Revelation twelve reading from verse seven there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the dragon of the dragon fought and his angels and prevailed not neither was it was already born heaven of the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called the Devil and Satan which is seen as the whole world it was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him we have an account of the outcome of that battle fields of oil by defendant calls Satan was besieged by Jesus Christ the second member of the Godhead would subsequently come on die for us so it was already demonstrated in heaven that Jesus the second member of the Godhead the second member of the Godhead attack on the system and when but it had to be pro- quality as a human being on Satan and when you click on justice as matter-of-factly as a subtle reminder the seventy disciples with the return for mission trip you can set within the Bible says that the seventy returned with joy saying Lord even the devils are subject unto us by name first activities are set up to them I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven just remember that struggle that battle and Satan was cast out because of pride and he was cautioning his disciples there was war in heaven and Jesus of the head of the heavenly armies he prevailed but he prevailed your leads as all of the questions still remain good he is only human form come from the devil and overcome the problems have to be solved by saying what cannot be tempted God God exists up to one reading from first of June James sample one I will give you some time to find that first reading from first thirteen of the public reading I use a Keynesian version while defining accommodative for side dicey I have a passive aggressive I may have not missed one meeting so far twice you'll have God bless you God bless you James one reverser did FLSA when he's tempted I am tempted of God for God cannot be tempted with evil knife attentively Eddie Van but every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust on its ice then when lust hath conceived it ready for sale and send with the the Bible is clear on does not tempt people and bought not be tempted within this morning all earlier today when the Bible talks about tempting people one of these is gone testing people not tempting as we read in the Genesis twenty two hours one after these things attend the past that God did tempt Abraham and seventy him taken out by some vital result none of us are getting into the month of maria often difficult offering upon one of the mountains which I shall tell the off blog was testing Abraham not everything in this accolade demonstrates a MM God does not tempt people second obstacle of course Jesus Christ be gone he could not dock less established that Jesus Christ is equal with the father is go to John chapter ten we shall reverse shortly as we continue can golf field my pain John chapter ten rating for study this is Jesus speaking I and my father are one of the Joe's took up stones again to stone him just a sense of them medical work some I showed you from my father force of his works finished for me the Jews answered him for the work was totally not but for blasphemy that because of thou being a man make his nice afterthought the Jews understood that when Jesus said of course learning I am my father are one he was equating himself with days of it in like that I wasn't the only occasion in joint of the five reading for seventeen John five three four seventeen as we continue can all feel my pain but is a sense of them my father worked within the tool I will and I work therefore the Joe sophomore Jillian not only having broken the Sabbath but sat also bought with his father making himself equal with God paradigm understood that Jesus Clave in quality with dog when he came and became human he did not know was his ability but he functioned as a human being trusting his father allowing his father to tell you when that's a life of dependence which is a model for us as on Elizabeth this is the problem was less than Jesus Christ as a human being now Christ have come previously other human being but that was not the incarnation in Genesis eighteen the story is told of three men who came to the tent of Abraham I would ever have saw them he ran to be the first one says about himself for the drop divided of interest that is a little bit of water detached and wash off the presses as of the trade I was such a morsel of bread accompanied your heart after that you shall pass off of if are you come to several representatives will do as now set for six Bibles there's it around his and into the tent of the symptoms that make ready quickly through the meshes of finding needed a big it's about a half hundred four seven Abraham Ris around the heart affects the cost of a goat given of the young man and he hasted to address it now Corsi tells us that he took Britain brother and look on the cost which he addressed the Senate before the least of my film of the three of the big notice three strangers would Jesus Christ and to angels here we have Jesus assuming he will inform EJ this is no sermon supporting carnivores from the first behavior by the fact is he was serving him and butter and other desserts Abraham had dates but Christ ethics with the voice tools that Abraham did not build or divine being he thought that was really what makes it wasn't until it was found that I sent him where is that I wife present holder the ten Golden expressed about second I will certainly return to be according to the type of life on Lesotho my wife shall have a son than Ibrahim began to realize that these were no ordinary than but the point I'm stressing is that he came eighty one fall to the extent that he them while large beautiful in the presence of a human being did not realize that he was now let's skip through seven twenty four reinforced thirty six year we have Jesus eating again this time to prove that he was human that he was physical this is after he rose from the great movement for relief first notice of the Bible says and as this aspects Jesus himself said of Elisabeth a servant of them piecemeal to Buffalo terrified unaffected of supposedly has a disparate on the Sabbath then why are you troubled and why do thoughts arise in your hearts before my hands on my feet that it is I myself have them intercede for us but it hath not flesh and bones as you see me Jesus is a higher physical when if I spoken to show them his hands at his feet otherwise they get with a thoughtful joy and wondered a set of them happy here anything to give a piece of a broad fish of a honeycomb for forty percent and he took it and did you did before them in their presence that he might rule that he was physical he was human glorified yes but said he will so we have a human being eating exams is a chance we have a human being is a single tablet front of all human being even in Genesis this game was not a result of the incarnation the incarnation of the police run merely was found with child of the Holy Ghost but how could Jesus be human being in Genesis eighteen of the incarnation incarnation which was the process by which Jesus came to live as one of us that incarnation requires that Jesus come world that Chicago of genetic inhabitants are you following me when he came to speak ever fancied a knockout the seventh addition when he came in his mother 's won't he came anyhow to it cannot the apparatus that rendered him susceptible to temptation that bit him susceptible to death he inherited that from if only you will love up marrying so he came as fuel on IK there was blood in his veins but whenever temptation Mary had to struggle with it was possible that he could struggle with the same thing because he was of the seed of David of the seed of Abraham Jesus came as a human being why to walk in your moccasins come on I need more than one event you can go on this watch what I go through all the temptations with the hollow body Jesus came less like a hotel he bore our sins in latest body this was no fake human being this is not effective it wasn't Jesus appeared to be human he was one and one human being ought to understand how another human being feels with the help on Hebrews describes Christ's degree of identification with the human race Hebrew school grief Hebrews chapter two radio wireless says that we see Jesus was made a little than the angels for the suffering of death crowned with glory and honor that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man now keep your mind focused on Hebrews where we are told that Jesus was made all a little lower than the angels UK rating hubris I will go read Psalm eight five forty hundred for three of something to do I don't you when I consider thy heavens the works of my fingers the moon and the stars which thou hast ordained what is man that I want my full opinion of the Son of Man about how visitors hit for file value is not reading Hebrews while thou hast made him look a little lower than the angels and hast crowned him with glory and honor this is a description of how mankind was made it is precisely the description of how Jesus Christ was made somebody save them to do things halfway if he's coming as a human being he is coming as a human being is the first eleven the Hebrews to for both he that sanctifier of it was sanctified all of one agency that for both he that sanctify it unfair for scientific all the fruit which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren my what is this I might possibly allow Jesus to be ashamed condition condition is good like that the vibe about this is the consequence of that identification the Bible says he was not ashamed because he can enlighten us look at the quality of a black than people who live in glass houses do not throw stones he was not ashamed to be called the brethren the skippable fourteen forasmuch then as the children are particularly a flesh and blood he also himself likewise took part of the same vessel death he might destroy him that had the power of death that is the devil and deliver them with no fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage Jesus asked that showed several partakers of flesh and not he also himself likewise took part on the same as you sit where you sit on as I said when I started Jesus Christ understands the battles we fight Bush Williams that is why we continue to fight those battles without his help but he understands the battles themselves because he thought a few one flesh versus state of humans to overly devoted on him the nature of angels but he took on him the seed of Abraham wherefore in all things it behooves them to be made like unto his brethren that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest 's in things pertaining to God to make reconciliation for the sins of the people wherefore in all free this will exclude nothing at was right it was becoming of them young men who give new food in beholding me to express profound gratitude is the right thing to do there will be like us in all things because if he hadn't been made like ethanol faith becomes that in that one thing which was different in this area Christ you don't understand I'm gone allow a sin to say that you see in the judgments we cannot say Jesus did not understand this part of my struggle not everything on there was something there was something else you could've gone for me there was nothing else but could've done when he surprised there was no deep level of identification was shown when he came in human form no one can say Jesus you will understand me before Hebrews four fifteen euros for persisting Bible says for we have modified these which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities before visiting the weakness of the flesh but was a lost forests tempted like as we are not directly aimed at once local subversives to give chapter two for seventy wherefore in all things could be moved and made like unto his brethren in how many things and Wolf put up with Hebrews for persisting he was and how many points or points parcel identification can usually understand what they are serving yes one hundred percent yes that is why he can be a merciful and faithful high priest because he promised the same room residue of the rooms to form him that he himself of what software being tempted is able to succor them that attempted Leslie Poles on suffered being tempted up twenty minutes was the last time any of us suffered as we tried to resist temptation if you are my public students suffering in resisting temptation is because we have not resisted Olestra as you resist the devil intensifies his work and to assist in the field of faults lost authentication you must suspect molested Oscar Wilde is everyone a regular dentist is the list of the Jesus Christ piece of art attempted of it all only reason his summer is because he resisted a new resistant optimum and was tempted in the garden turned back to chapter two forty one twenty three from four forty one and he was withdrawn from them about a stone 's cast no doubt approve say mode if it be possible if thou be willing to this complex nonetheless not my will oh five the economic disciples there was leaving the Paul's and Christ depend on you the announcement just think he could not depend on those disciples he also depressed of this length there are people which are sleeping with their eyes open the leaders of the church who are sleep while the horrors of Calvary are only minutes of moments away adversely regardless mercy once a week or so the next verse says there appeared an angel unto him from heaven strengthening the powwow I could see soliciting an Angel from one site and because he was on the same standard fish on that time back we got to think of something across was the worst diesel seven thousand letters are just a sampling of the blocking was the worst man have been crucified before a network was applied after there is no record of any Latin Bible I will select read lots of and being in a heap rather marvelously obvious that it were great drops of blood falling to the ground he was on the dental was less than I was and introduces the point device with great drops of blood while moisturizing this because some people unjustly accused all up to the Jesus Christ of ash the US 's situation was once an hour in the sense that he was lost he barely counted ninety one I could ever be tempted the glorious news is the power that brought him from Betsy Beard and isn't seen very beyond definition that Pollock is a bit you will make some nice you have to make an appointment to see God act about it want to see me tonight now the same following permitted in the number of what was right and quickly gets embarrassed with no all right analyte rights of the call the precise location I'm so familiar with Jesus displayed no qualities positive normal light is emitted on that disorder that the students know that's not strange she was a woman and because of our church was mortgaged for the seventh ninety nineteen fifties are matured seventy years in the role of a profit the position of the Soviet mischievous eighties she was as much profit as Isaiah Jeremiah committed some of the people who are shocked she was a prophet wants us to our writing about in the Bible middle of the Bible what a revelation as this from the same source she said Jesus this label qualities for the eight hours that we cannot have if we as submitted to the father as he walks his events the problem is not that Jesus had an act he will ask his edges ours is and was submission of bid submission on some of I mean submission twenty four hours a day that's what he said I can avoid oneself do nothing if Jesus were to my medical school debate if this was a time in history became he would've applied because he knew clearly from the father that's what the father wanted him to do is that what you apply if you does it apply to graduate work and family counseling of February a place on assignment was one hundred result was wanted within Peru's legal assault beside his family with the family the next if you have saw that apartment would have done it because that's what he brings the biggest salary all of you trolls are because that's what the father wanted me that's what I called it what it is you want that's what I do if we tried that we will see you multiply the rules that would leave us busy but busy with because that was golf 's original plan to see if the creator makes a creature the ultimate interaction between the toll call from the Creek of the creative is plain and simple dependence because Christ not only created and sustains if we would on the power upon which Jesus Christ did and did we would experience victory in our lives we were expressive says our perspective we would see the world differently towards her PSR is not how I would become root of fact with Mia walks out of phase and we will embrace and uses feel my pain UN's of yes but maybe some extreme statements sometimes one has to make extremes if you want to make an exclusive venue battle I don't think any to back off the ones about to make if Hitler wanted a vessel not soft we don't know let's assume it is thus a general feeling if he had said that Jesus I am sorry for what I did with Jesus among the students are given I need more yeses yes with all due respect if you have a relative who survived all that playing with all due respect yes but to talk about me all those who are dissipated in the slave trade would say Lord we're sorry would want to forgive them yes which is understood the net at eleventh and we must not restrict the advantage of Jesus Christ unless that's just because we haven't restricted in awarding struggling with that no one on earth on the steps I don't know all I know is you struggling with something I don't what it is in the right of your decision card which you have I want to take up now quietly I wanted to write something like a discard them seriously I'm going as my judges I speak these my witness account life authorizes them to fly if you don't have one reason and religion one please don't be so sophisticated original need one that Mister it a little bit o'clock or before if you are struggling with something and you really did Jesus Christ give you the power to overcome I wanted to write about card Jennifer Jesus or folder I'll understand Jason Jesus if overcome right on the car I want to reassure you I pray over those cards tonight and day I didn't say that again because I said it to reassure you that I'm being as sincere as I possibly can I take those cards I present them to Jesus spread out on my day that he can read like Hezekiah led off athletic Temple before going in Isaiah thirty seven was forty if there's something you're struggling with it maybe you will struggle with it for years euros that the night gone the power you give Jesus over I want some of that I will you put Jews for Jesus and over overcome on the car I want to pray for one of the village of the rights if you are grateful to God for sending Jesus as one of us I just tell us so that we can fit in the problem to him and me problem at all any understand if you are grateful for that I wanted to write the G that is the Bible says in first John chapter four verse nineteen we love him because he first loved us thus the great law of reciprocity and so because of what he did in sending Jesus I am grateful I love him I put it she owned that car chief agreed Fuji forgone seven minutes that is we will be done but include morticians on your card one the San Paolo God gave to Jesus to overcome you want that power to write Jason Jesus or four so your grateful I grateful to God sent Jesus Christ a sympathetic understanding personal safety we put you for grateful approvals carts meaning of prayer over domains that God will do what you would like him to do in your life I believe in my heart all of us regardless of our external profile this is a man or woman under the sound of my voice as he desires to burn in hell not one so I know deep in your heart and keep in mind we would like to live a victorious life you really do with frustrated by our constant failures we really are frustrating but of Jesus Christ there's power to bring an end to that record of frustration my seat for my part we have to learn to hold onto Jesus like Jacob held on to him and would not let go even when God said let me go what type of thing not the blog is where the test of my thing let me go we must see no then we become overcome was with God and with men on our names are change from Judah and Israel driving J on all father give me the power you give to Jesus Jade overcome all I give grateful genes that you sent Jesus and identified with my witnesses have to give me the strength for grateful the greatest gift in the history of the cosmos is the gift of Jesus Christ's and if you love Jesus tells your right hand yes he wants the city yes Henry don't mind what he wants to see God as a book of remembrance he just recorded every arrays have criticized Martha carts we have ushers of the exit with contenders I just want you on your way out to drop a card in the container (s) are about to pray I want to know for us is that anyone here this evening who desires special prayer reserve special on this general and special to me to have the sniffles I mean special prayer the original happened at all like me is everyone really have everything enough for what I want special prayer Rizzo have visitors that special get up quickly and come right here fast that it was if I want efficiently so you come on blessing of August two unless you pray enough unless you will bless you when I say God bless you that's a three word prayer with my eyes open blog bless you special prayer was looking down the sun is looking the spirit is with us and so the engines there is no safe place for wiggles presences somebody say them the is no safer place this is where we deleted on our pretenses late on a intellectualism without laying on our common sense led opposition layoffs toughest and be one of the presence of a living God who came down was Lucy court the list is as hard as he could buy one every about every closed uncles back there would you kindly send with us so where one in heart and mind are loving father in heaven may come at your present Semites because your word has touched our hearts like a needle no word has purchase it hasn't moved us how far we've come to say that we need some of that hour we did all that Allah Jesus I throw dependence on the father Lord we are not enough of ourselves able to resist the we need power from on high and we come confessing a weakness we come from fencing we have not trusted you as we shall at least say Lord publicly wear a sari and we apologize to the bottom element and last in the name of Jesus Willows this unproven by dying on rising policy but he'll father would give us victory over the map which has over what all these years please login us and give us the Apollo brightness down of their lives that we might be space for those of us timing of the backlog bless all of your children we need your father we need you all to allies understand that we added Palestine and spiritual things should be a lot uncontested priority in this humble prayer bless my brothers and sisters bless their families lest they have left their businesses blessed the education protect them from harm and danger bring them back tomorrow morning I thank you for them based on your words on fifth and twelve I love them not just because you commended but because there are one with me please on the lookout was open as the months with them tomorrow I prayed to go on to bring glory to the name we offer this prayer to Jesus may have what is said that all God 's people say and then on a man will bless you God bless you sleep well come back tomorrow for the space to do more of crossword


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