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A Dean's Letter from God

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 19, 2005
    11:00 AM
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Dave Samantha from God in the book of Job chapter one revision four six joined seven one greatest verse six the Bible says that novice was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan came also among the under loss in the second place stop then Satan answered instead of the Lord from going one for their and from walking up and down on the Larson of the city hast thou considered my servant Job that there is none like him in the earth and that falls there is not like him in the earth hast thou considered my scroll wheel Melinda that is not alike yet Timothy F Malcolm said the December but the service there is none like it in VS oh considered as socialism Paul John James is not like him and the is none like that in the other this is the testimony from all this is module describing himself when we describe ourselves we tend to be gloriously inaccurate but not on when I was about medical institution counseling students would come to me didn't help me write this letter of Atlanta Gujarat although this working copy of the Dean's letter I don't know how it functions here but where I was the Dean of the student would write the letter together on the students make changes to get back to the demon will go back and forth and negotiate a sparkling recommendations of some residency programs somewhere a while students want it for this essay there is none like him in the history of medical education that's not like the rate of this institution we try that we shut them up Walt with all our best wishes is what you want if your interest is ophthalmology you want the chairman of the department to write that letter for you because you know what that letter means by way of insolence and questions not even cost and God centered Dean's letter about your and he read it himself the city hast thou considered my servant Job that there is none like him and there is a perfect upright man one of Sara 's thought of as she was evil is perfect is upright he fares may not be as chills or he avoids evil lives in the balance of the Lord and said doth not enough to serve golf about who to believe that Joseph Cervone nothing has not found in a hedge about him I house I already have on every side bonus blessed the work of his hands a new substance is present in the lab but put off by hand now I'm not all that he had and he will generously to my face would I will knows you I knew most even more novel than the things we have mean so much to us to create serious competition with God at this point I'm a man would be quite timely thank you very much let's visit again for those of you were delighted the devil knows that our material possessions all academic distinctions all that we have acquired that Nichols and a secular context someone important in all that pleased strings create a thread that's about it office of total surrender to the source sovereignty of Christ in our lives the mouse that have so he talked all drugs are zero because of what he has because of what you've given it in you have to buy but put forth I have no and that's all that he hath and he will show us divine face most of the Satan behold all that he hath is in my power only on himself put not forth I have an cinema for the presence of the Lord and below the story you loss is also possesses it also she also scaffolds lost all ten children one day you may fill an exam or quiz on your ready to jump off a building Job loss of ten children in one day lost all his material possessions in warning and one after the other the battles came in from also antioxidant your acid the overall associate you lost your councils you've lost all your children and your collapse more diligence promoted as a way blessed be the name of the Lord now tempted to the book of jewelry to verse one again there came a day when the sons of God and to present themselves before the Lord and Susan came also among them to present himself before the Lord on the more set of the cinnamon web scum is the sentiments of the Lord and said from going to and fro under after walking up and down in it but most of the city hast thou considered my servant Job is a sometimes one has to say something twice where Joseph was called to interpret federal streaming Joseph fulfilled the reason why bother to read twice is because it was confirmed and established by God so if you're praying for something after all and see you again I spot the conformance is in the habit of the golf said to Satan hast thou considered my servant Job that there is none like him in the air of a perfect and upright man one the third of gone amiss she was evil and still achieve all this fast if integrity although thou moralist me against him that is trying one of the final words of diverse without a calls him all the facts photography you have also thought about the hazards if the dog he has lots of candles you will thought about your glasses she is gone yes lots most of us love you don't you have lots of things you'd also think on these about the life you've always wanted all would lose your job this coming Monday work involves my problem site good speech go I still hold on to go on for dear life on both that is still used for this class is its aggregate all of all our movements to me against it so this probably came with out a call knowledge recalls on remote calls God does not act rashly and purpose Leslie is gone you raise some punishment upon you he has monster event if one removes something from the life he had us all calls he does not cause Leslie was of course the Bible says the curse cost less shall not it is followed by the gradual cause-and-effect I wanted to not be bound by the lofty policy it says that he operates on cause and effect Gore told certainly are trying to get me to discharge so he will I have no cause of his life is going to have a quality he would've destroyed question number one as my worship in this building is gone have just cause to bless us or to destroy us going around yourself as you sit where you sit just reflect on your life our effect on my for the past twenty four hours have given Gore calls to bless us or destroy us either way he functions on the basis of the calls and he told the devil you walk in citing me this one was against it to destroy him without a calls why was it go on have no calls to destroy Job hast thou considered my servant Job there is none like him in the earth of activities that of course is one of the reasons the degree of your wickedness on the height of your course like this and because of job it was the presence of God until then to elaborate on the details are perfect and upright man one that fear is gone and asked she with evil when this is the quality of your life one has no calls to destroy a rescue again no question what no response needed chemical describe you as perfect meeting tour did he describe me as a front do I fear God him whom is true evil meaning we will avoid the possibility of coming not afford doing it all for the fairly possibility of coming into contact with it premises are life this is my goal it has calls to show off the old ghost inhabit the heavens of vessel and showing off of the only being in all the universe with any justification for showing off is gone on record lacks the social showoff is the census stage of our lives but we must not occupy the same time when actors riffing on the stage noted applause of every comeback from the wings of involvement in whatever they're all just going once to be on that stage unknown our lives are strangers we also developed the automation of the world the kind of thought he has our lives are not strategies for the performance of the BR Angelo's life is a stage on which God performed before the devil of England have two Euclid marked destroy jeweled you have no calls because Job was a righteous man let me give the heart of the message of the sentence where there is righteousness there can be no destruction or the twelve programmers though is running a little late so that makes me smile because I can say it was not my fault so I will take the time I need all those who love the Lord Sandman and him was whom oh Genesis refers fourthly continual by Dean's letter from God Genesis chapter four of those of you who have the first for public reading I use it again so you know why what I said this is what you read if you have some aversion Genesis chapter for reading from verse one Adam knew Eve his wife and she conceived and bare Cain and said I've gotten a man from the more as you can bare his brother Abel I've never was a keeper of sheep but Cain was a tiller of the ground and in process of time it came to pass that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground of offering unto the Lord unable the also brought the first legs of his flock and of the fact that role on the Lord had respect unto Abel and to his offering but unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect Cain was very wrong and his countenance and on the Lord Senate again while far-off waters I countenance fallen if and how do as well cumbersome shop accepted other thought was not well said life at the door and onto the Saudi 's desire of valve shall rule over him and gave talked with Abel his brother again to Glassman going to feed the cute rules against evil his brother and she will be how the first murder a brother against the as a result of the conflict over worship game brought before the ground it will draw of the first things of his flock and of the fact that roles are unreported and the Lord had respect onto able to resolve regardless for specific you respect the man and respect the man's gift he's equally disrespectful decay but aren't they came out after we great post mountain why not acceptable at and rejects the only case in and his distance there's why it's important to study a little little little present upon presentment from old book of Hebrews optimum we shall reinforce for it was eleven four four three continue a Dean's letter from God Hebrews eleven reading from four four by faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain by which he okay witness that he was walked righteous often witness from home golf if God says you all right but what about what other people say we're very concerned about what other people safe and to some degree because human beings must interact with others we ought to have some concern but it must not be the overriding concern is by which he obtained witness he was righteous God testifying of his death by AEB ain't dead yet speaketh gone was the witness the righteousness of able that is righteousness that affects us which tells me under the side of the coin there was nothing righteous about Kane not to sacrifice must learn a little more about it in the first John chapter three first John three reading from forced them as we continue a Dean's letter from God a recommendation from garlic out of the reference from God first John three reading first then eleven and twelve Bible says in this the children of God are manifest on the children of the devil whosoever was not you will receive the love of mother 's brother was eleventh focus is the message that you are from the beginning that we should love one another not as Cain was of that wicked one and snow his brother and wherever possible you now because the workflow when she and his brothers walked righteous the Bible is difficult and easy was in time I believe it's more easy than difficult dance of the conflict particularly with right-click walk it will did was run walk K did was wrong when he will do was write you generate opposition from full story was wrong if your goal is a professional meeting everyone's smoking like chimneys drinking like a fish and you are respecting the sixth commandment thou shalt not kill by not injuring your body someone may think what would you think your I don't think I'm anything I just drink I just spoke because that's one man I worship my God who dwells in this Temple perhaps in high school you didn't do what the other children did and they resented you because you stall their lunch money what's really because your sauce to live along principle of righteousness I am saying in our life just as I have an existing apex sites where the rest of homeless people opposition for field of fact some people choose to among the crowd because when you go to crowd no one resents you are just fine as I do the safety field of the world the world would love his own since we fundamentally accept this we go over to get it quickest and least costs but acceptance of Christ means the sacrifice of all that you must learn some about able as we continued his letter from God Matthew chapter twenty three router Matthew twenty three readings were split the Bible says one zero scribes and Pharisees hypocrites for developed home of the prophets of God is the Sabbath of the righteous answer if we had been at the day of my father would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets won their second seasons as well I will call flawless till the profit but if we had been alive and well not John and Jesus asked the witnesses unto yourselves that the other child in November profit in other words you have the same mindset so you are just a junkie even though you have not physically the Bible teaches all you have to have used the same attitude and you're just stupid because if your attitude could be mingled with the opportunity the action would follow about the status of righteousness that exist only in heaven is required of those on off at the Jesus Christ as having transformed our lives more even why to defend all the races by behavior unsympathetic to those walk then you are in different Bengals eyes your believe in genocide but you don't mind a certain group of people I wiped off the visitor even though you want do-it-yourself or I won't do it then I am just as guilty I'm sorry for thirty four Jesus said to them wherefore behold I sent a few profits wisemen of scribes some of you shall kill and crucify some of them shall be scarred city also about a particular from San Jose was the first thirty five upon the euro may come all the righteous blood righteous blood shed upon the visitor from the blog of home righteous and will which means it what was either a prophet a life are spry Jesus describes it was righteous and he was called a lifetime of righteous in first John he's described as righteous that's why got accepted him on his sacrifice righteousness is the key this would genesis episodes five minutes to dwell Genesis six rid of over five someone that you sleeping person accidentally and fight with the person up these the words of life not because of my words but because they come from the word of God and all authorities is that it's also such available device because the old mass benefit a lot life what that denies a Genesis one verse five out of six through and also the wickedness of man was drinking beer and that every imagination of the faults of his heart was only evil continually it's what the law that he had made man on there and it reads him as far of said I will destroy man whom I upgraded from the visitor of both men and beasts and creeping thing afoul of the ad for it rent but I hope many of our success Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord why force mind these are the generations of Noah Noah was a just man of perfect in his generations and the love walk with God now let's get another word that sums up all that perfect just the walking with God Genesis seven words long as we consider the Dean's letter from auto reference symbolic recommendations on ball gems assembled one of the Lords and develop I want all my house a W B M I seeing and what come on saying access before me know before the eyes of people in this generation Noah is described by God is a righteous man and because he was right just he could not be a part of the destruction that bought it for seven I wrote this I operated he is not including a lot because and not let that not give him a call as well close at God has not been assigned a righteous man a righteous woman what are my life I have my foot facility in the answers that were used in the nightstand when I said are you righteous Romans are you righteous the closest for you or me but Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord because according to both on well aware of the testimony was a righteous man is anything a qualified to get into the mom how much money he had no money unless there's little good sense of profits is not vibrantly to Ms. Malone invested all his possessions into BR I'm speaking here until the fifth of March doing all this begging for him in the right times mullah infested all useful sessions like Paul but while things were gain to me I counted loss for Christ are to be what they reason that makes us holy off and we resume for you then without Jesus Christ may be something you will that is more raw material you can read the blog with verses are going to use this to make something out of me let's is one of the Bible has to say about Noah second Peter chapter two verse five Mrs. Bubba Miller seconded attempted to reverse why we continue at these letter from going on a recommendation from God or our reference from God it's woman at twelve seventy chapter two verse five and spared not the old world but since no one of course because for some a pretty chill of what righteousness not in Genesis Genesis seven want at the second beautiful five I want to flip back and forth about their fingers with one segregated two five one Genesis seven one showed a vital principle the rebel forces listen to Genesis seven one and the Lord seventh and Noah come file called by how state-of-the-art for the nice seeing you like to simulate all tells you what you are righteous you'll also that means you won't fund with mouths was a beautiful and spirited multiwalled world but said no because person a preacher of righteousness masterful whereabouts realtor wall-to-wall gun of this uses the Malone Paul told and wall-to-wall and both testimonies came not from him but from divine sources in Genesis one cost to your righteous segregated to find the Holy Ghost that's right he's a preacher of righteousness one he does like just what he satisfied the combination should describe you and me so many Adventists we Muslims not talking before but not even going to get us to walk the walk I sometimes wondered what would some of the pioneers and if you don't assume that is my music pioneers we may those who built the foundations of this church somebody save me I was wondering what that was set in the grace of Jesus Christ of some deck six when he came from the great sea vein is the Lord put us back into the police this is not what we had in mind this is not why we suffered and sacrificed on it being seven days a week is not the reason I wondered if the Lord would raise of Jim's wife who started a publishing work let him read some of our periodicals and see what's in them what with the goal of the man who MC my brothers and my sisters listen to me not because it's me but I'm speaking from God 's word you can talk the talk with the voice on the language undertone of Angels in the polls that I speak with the tongues of men and of angels you can talk with the official sites and if you walk we asked sounding brass on expensive symbols making costly noise and having no lasting effect with respect to people 's eternal salvation nor walk the walk and talk the talk he could not be destroyed in the fraud because he was righteous I'm not my question what are we righteous person in real righteousness as a protection from destruction Genesis eighteen the story of golf into Angels coming down to inform Abraham that gone was about to bring fiery and Sodom Gomorrah I was a boy Monday the cities of the plain events of the tent of Abraham his Arsenio will study the Bible says in the minerals of turned officials from thence I went toward Sodom referring to the four angels they went at the Solomon tomorrow Abraham stood yet before the Lord verse twenty three of Genesis in the Bible says of Abraham through Newman said will also destroy the righteous with the wicked there are only two classes of people on this earth the righteous and wicked I will tell me groups sociology classifies the site in the upper middle class each super easy of what you need lower middle class people northern that under the grate I don't care about sans actual classes of people and it is not based on what I thought we wanted to holy or not righteous and wicked I alright disable sediment items that all safety women to be more comfortable seeing them there is a first time without also destroy the righteous with the wicked breath is the fifty righteous within the city will now also destroy Hamas benefits for the fifty righteous another read and understand whoever is righteousness the destruction weblog knowing the Greek and the Hebrew word for righteousness you know what that before from Weber to modify good one for this matter this letter writers of the wicked about the righteous should be October to be far from it sometimes with that's the farthest thing from my mind about a grade this is a righteous person is the farthest thing from my mind that is about gone I have modified noise measurement scheme to destroy Angels people I've ever have correctly says that this will be the slide looking for the wicked about the righteous should be out who wouldn't that be far from the child not the judge of all their rights what does it mean by right but right thing to do that that is why the wicked and to save the righteous rights has ever about agrees you can challenge mode like that notable person if I was talking to was Jesus Christ disabled human night the same one was righteousness we need is the same one who does the destroying of you can recognize his own righteousness in his people for further systems is a cave unrolls that if I find in Sodom fifty righteous people I will spare all the place over six to see how powerful righteousness is the government emerges when you fly long distances Los Angeles Melbourne Australia it will get up and walk consultants walk in the middle that it was also if I find insulting fifty righteous people ten of these I will spare how much of the police all the place why for their six weeks means that righteousness saying the righteous and where righteousness on April my suspension of judgment for the wicked I did not say a translation of just a suspension didn't awaken somewhat why because the writers are so close to you not dog and say if I find fifty righteous outset if it arises how distraught he is that if I find fifty righteous I will spare all days for Bury St. Edmunds help hopeful righteousness it is all you can understand why gloriously his people to write just because our righteousness is a blessing Richmond seven gems as it is Abraham answered and said behold now I have picked up on the dispute of the law which am but dust and ashes but I think the dish a lot five hundred fifty will novice like all the city for lack of funds apprehensive log was ever written for informed likable stores my seeds from the Colts thirty nine ninety five Wallace been bothered by that why not just with forty dollars there must be a psychomotor if all last night in five one nine and I am on my hip it is a memo around Abraham argues for wrong figures Lord wants to do as people see between fifty four and gold is so British family and gifts for Christmas he said if I find their for him five one with the will is becoming an epidemic said breath into May the fourth most and I will not do it before you say anniversary or let not remotely accurate I will speak peradventure there shall certainly follow that he said I will not do it if I find thirty that's how powerful rights she looked as though righteousness can see the city Abraham took another twenty five to ten and both said I will not destroy it for ten C one fifth the original amount but couldn't find ten he found one law isn't lost on as noted above most of his righteous but brought about because a lot the Bible describes losses righteous let me show you the degree to which God respects righteousness dataflow Genesis dictator with persisting as we continue addition of God recommendation from God for reference I bought about half of tested righteousness everyone about recommendation of the morning came than the agency has a lawsuit arise then I wife and I cannot switch ahead less of the consumer the negatives and how I implemented one hundred ten on behalf of his wife Mohammed was involved the laundry was not a hint of the brought himself on second but was he lingered as not go with my five one four six is at all while he was telling him many more link building the Angels came back tells me two things how highly evolved values righteousness other consequence about how he and he is the same on how unwilling to finish on the age of liberalism literally laying it all on the wine crystal dawn of all them out of the city Americans regard his knee while using human beings to move out of her Ezekiel thirty three fourth eleven assignment Sindelar almost off the sweater I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked were seventeen gems as they did in the past revenue growth and for the broad set of the rim asked if I want look not behind being my vestibulum old man's estate the amount is less of the consume low in the annual have told me that I would've said no problem I I would've been on one useful forsaking tens of seeking a long set of them all also my Lord mama mama Angeles discuss this business of getting railroads was discussed let me introduce my perspective on your plan for my selfish person I can behold now I several have found Griffin my site about how magnify my mercy without I so want to be in saving my life I cannot escape to the mountain lest some evil to me I might die evil to the recent Ms. Fortunato might allow your moments make my famous verse twenty behold now the city is beautiful young dogs and it is a little on all their stiff enough to want on my social slaughterhouse the eighth your sentiment amongst them are preferable metals it also are emerging that you will imagine angels locked in his throne as the white is no salt to the way things law is thrown the end of the clock Walnut Mountain San Bernardino Mountains lots of nominal Nola juvenile signalman will but Locke was a righteous man I never said law was a flawless man verse twenty one amazing and he said of him see if I wanted to understand the extent to which I'm going to save your skin DeAngelis S C I have accepted it concerning this also but I will not overthrow of the city for the West Valley Hospital by their governmental law that Viacom mounted astride the cities of the place the angel said because you have spoken for that city I will not destroy verse twenty two hastily estimates the fall I cannot go anything I'll tell about the cost of an otherwise long until you go to that city was negligent voidable until you know I can't do anything here because I cannot hurt you why let's find out why the computer to refer someone in a as we continue this letter from God Council wrestles a bottle second through seven two four seven invoice for what associates will see sense about how that rebelled against simplified the spatula is the father of the old world for six to existence on the market I just abandon them a little four seven and delivered just law affects the filthy composition of the wicked verse eight what kind of man righteous among them is she's undergoing such as white assault from data there with the unlawful game was so all right that have aligned with a life of pain because of what he saw he was pissed off at every day question number three four five is good which one answer this send this to the sense of certainty when you look around the Visual Studio state or country your church or school you see things not going balls where are you disturbed by more than a serious national something is a casual with gone with no interest in what's going on around us because we are the salt of the class out of the race of luck was like this if Salus from day-to-day life because of all this since around shirtless Ray digital knife all individuals these of his tornado coming on Jerusalem assess the limits of the city limits of Jerusalem Santa Barbara nor the point of the men outside of Christ all in Lebanon and Santa Monica when amendments I want to write because they consume up and spin it was righteous and suing Jones is nineteen you read it when you get home was eighteen to twenty three law discussing the angel on alternative the mountains eventually look at the month because the final settlement offers the best quality something and actually along with righteousness in Abel was righteous but accepted him nor was righteous but accepted him Abraham was righteous who accepted him local is righteous but could not destroy him Job was righteous will have no calls to the strontium the key is righteousness righteousness isn't something gone since you are the by FedEx DHL facts or whatever other means of transportation or conveyance righteousness is something God brings righteousness is something going brings it I think the silos were more I don't know why what righteousness is something gone brings nothing beats a valuable trial at the drawing righteousness is something wrong race had no real equal footing don't miss you what do I mean what does this is something rings because if you don't have Christ you don't have righteousness for the vim seven three reverse for those in verse five Paul is giving the list of all his secular accomplishments twenty minutes up to twelve Paul says so size is big of a tribe of Israel others out of the stock of the type of measurement audiovideo grows in us having the law proceeded concerning ceiling particulates are passing the righteousness of the law blameless those my credentials some of them almost suggesting the completeness of graffiti on nothing else altered wanted everything next was says but what things would be to meet goals I come to loss for Christ what are you and I willing to account (s) for Jesus Christ to give about unsavory boyfriends of Jesus Christ Unser 's girlfriend with no noticeable measurable interest in salvation friendship that tends to draw you from Jesus and what to leave to the membership of that golf country club where people always bashing going the government you spending three dollars and two one six in the morning on the computer playing one of you put check in a few hours of the climbing dedicated to this study climbing down but one thing is what days reason at all and I was I am very cleverly put about a mile high the guesswork laws of the very things I bought lost for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord for whom unstoppable also most things are more directly all things and you will conquer them but walked done normals but I want to get work done no one believes values don't accept your garden usually know has usefulness of the strongest I'm staying at a good man called Doctor Fred Mitchell nice photo we have the life insurance my room it is distinguished from his farm among this was nothing is working the camera came in for criticism over as I was watching Doctor Michelle before you let off some place yesterday and was put in what you would like done among the flowers I said him him for the many export among the flowers but we all got a hassle you'll scheduled process I count everything that was sent to me as the one that I may win Christ you see it we have cause-and-effect you cannot win Christ when your arms are burdened with the you want to drop something to free all have the whole something else but I may win Christ and be found in him not having my own righteousness which is what he described back in verses five and six certain sites yesterday of the tribe of Israel of the stock of Benjamin a Hebrew of Hebrews such a law fallacy consorting to articulate a trust the last all was that I wish you top that he may would price be found in him not having my own righteousness which is of the law but that which is sort of faith of Christ the righteousness which is of God by faith is faith in Jesus Christ what I see you wherever God sees righteousness he sees reason to bless what you see three zealousness say press because when he sees the righteousness seizures it allows out the righteousness in the person of Jesus Christ is available to us this morning all of if I told you it was selling Mercedes-Benz downtown San Bernardino ordinance of all three hundred dollars down ten dollars a month for two months you would leave the service you would get up from your medical school graduation as you would go to Japan when you have a reason to the Rose Bowl parade their people who camp overnight on the sidewalk on my right to ask why to go to spot you tell that same person made a sacrifice of Christ present is there are people who camp overnight outside to get off in the playoffs against McCain questions you will tell them contemplating our oven is supposed to understand understand what understand what Paul given everything we read whatever what's the world gave up everything of course the highest expression of self giving Jesus Christ gave up everything to take home our humanity now he tells us give up everything to tickle my righteousness we will do that if we fuel Christ's righteousness highly the withholding that which was gay to me I counted loss for Christ the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord we have gone and we have Excellency antedated Jesus offers us the Excellency of his righteousness righteousness is life in Jesus Christ right this is not something Jesus Saddam Hussein it is something he brings the Holy Spirit because ultimately a righteous method is Jesus Christ himself as my rep twelve along all our righteousness not do ethically as I is I have you and his life becomes alive if early in the sense that their dependence on the father 's victories become hours what I'm saying to you in the waning moments of this message is not righteousness that same airboat not righteousness us in the law of righteousness not delivered lots that righteousness can be yours on my okay now faith in Jesus Christ it is not given on the basis of membership in the charts it is given when a person raised everything down and says the dog father I come to you with nothing in my give me the righteousness of Jesus Christ and the glorious thing is called Gibson you check the Bible to look to haven't seen it yet movies that never seem to have never seen angels described as righteous they describe as holy but I have not yet seen the expression of a righteous angels because righteousness which Jesus demonstrated when he won't disrupt it is not quality-of-life outcomes quality revolves high standard of righteousness that is worked out through faith in God through dependence on the name of this was the right is that Jesus Christ worked out which was pleasant established out and he gave it lost annoying to what is I what is that Pauline Buffalo prizewinner right of the righteousness is available to you not always sometimes there's something is available for the asking sorters with the righteousness of Christ because licenses as I said it is life it is a very life of Christ English of reinforcement want also has an zone offense against the promises of God was looking for as they have been alone all with good of human life verily righteousness of the vital law life unrighteousness in them was on the same thing so a righteous life righteousness is something you when it is something you are about your greatest joy is using gone in every aspect of Department of the life righteousness it touches how you dress it touches how you eat it touches how you spend your money it touches will become zero the concert is just social activity as it touches your recreation haircut as your choice of academic performance it touches him God wants to save you that's why he sent his son there is no need for any man or a woman to leave this place this morning uncovered but lyrically there is no need it would be suicidal for you to leave this building noise of the righteousness of Christ is our life brought to you by himself or the person of the Holy Spirit is available to you onto me for the release of this place you know what strength all accomplishment doesn't want to do and so I call upon you was your brother Jesus Christ is God 's appointed manservant messenger mouthpiece vers Amana woman and the sound of my voice will say Lord I want the certainty of being covered and filled with the righteousness of Jesus Christ I want you to raise your right hand Abba to give it up it up unless it causes pain keep it up on extensive things by repeating them Abraham Abraham Samuel Samuel Saul Saul Peter Peter Marshall mocked up if you are serious in raising Johann you confirm it by standing in the data had bound as you stand there is while you're standing father I want to leave this place filled with him and covered with out with the righteousness of Jesus Christ's visit me it will change how you think about everything it won't make you do worse in school it won't cause you to be fired from job necessarily and work hard to go from being a medical student through a being of our students I'll will know all that sand is it now you'll put that into the service of God Ukraine under his under his supervision on the history of my life but now we need controls at least some don't be afraid if you get an electric eye he puts out of medical school I am not preaching but what he will do a sniff of the devil I have no calls to destroy him I have no calls to destroy her at the courthouse no calls that is trying what has calls to save you because we can afford choice we don't reach Purgatory because it's not here every head bowed reverently please affect laws equally rapidly father name of Jesus I can't do now as of servants ask you forgive me for anything I've done to offend you wide open of business development due to self-promotion self-glorification I pray for your forgiveness I apologize to you humanity takes over so easily sometimes when a person does your work if I help myself I asked forgiveness I am sorry please accept my apology largest sent Jesus to die for those standing before you on the floor and up here under the name of Jesus fathers become I asked her to accept this for his sake not a lot of about to make a very serious if you only need the help of the Holy Spirit evil more the plot starts soft parts breakdown Friday and explores the softness of the inner soul father give me the right words to make this appeal I pray whatever hit is about in every eyes closed any man and a woman who was a Lord I throw this message and deep down in my heart I cannot say that I have given up everything I given my life a hundred percent the Christ I cannot say but I do with all that I may receive his righteousness if there's a man or woman will save that giving up everything for Christ I want to leave your seat and come right up to because you want to harp about calling everyone I'm calling for the description of the call you will get it all hot you will have longer in the gym I think that Jesus Christ faxed the call nonviolent households with you what Christ annual for everyone but not gone now you will say Jesus I give myself to you one hundred percent me and filled me with your righteousness you come one of the students coming your discount out of anything about this book out of myself then spoke to eat by herself has opened several myself that's how about deals with a new law in your hearts I like why we have optionally given ourselves one hundred percent there's nothing extreme about a hundred percent will do that now I would ask God to give with the righteousness of Jesus Christ and we believe it is you come physical time to be cool and reserved Muslim who but because I called us but it touches your heart else would move publishers is that of Matthew policies and records of movements what message does that come with my left blood pressure with my right a resident but bless you my good brother will bless you sister the left lysis of the back will bless you your brother will bless you sister Uganda said I will bless you Konica gave ourselves one hundred percent of Christ at whatever cost advanced your two sisters will bless you I stated in my heart someone else some of 's Baltimore while before you what will you will want to the Holy Spirit and is touching a hot moment one hesitates what message does that or bless my guess is about it will bless you just can't not think I marital think you might just can't you're coming for life in Jesus Christ anyone else slip out and come as the showers of blessing come down symbolizing both approval you come was little more than I pray your comment as a father in all honesty I have not given myself one hundred percent I always thought today that changes now give me the righteousness of your son and one of the mold what message does it come or bless you in front of my right wasn't gone what message does if you are standing by someone whom you know optimal take up parcels have and bring the pleasant surprise the person will not be the same one another was a call that the raised on Bob as he thought best to God bless you I mean that bought blessed one blessed by their brother God bless you from my heart blood vessel system unless you someone else someone of the rigor what a beautiful sight data by the hand written regardless of social we must save one another ringer unless you bought system behind the blockbuster before the way but best to my thesis is not best to come if ourselves completely to Jesus right now so I'm asking completely not breakdance the games let God gave us his righteousness completely Laszlo will come one must join you for coming I want to say that when all we have not been one hundred percent of God we liked to write a piece of data one hundred percent on message of calm praise the name of the living God the Holy Spirit both optimal parts of the choices that will bless you what beautiful sideman young people who multiple particularly the young one how so many of your life so much to use for this part but Paul's don't hesitate to stop while I submitted one minute exactly for those who still needed to move and operate the sixty seconds begin now radio hearts that God will soften hearts slip out of forty five seconds left on the soup line means that God bless you I pray for my heart thirty seconds left fifteen seconds slip out and come publishers is that we have five seconds left and I pray every about every eye closed reverently the presence of the living God father I have been called I really remember the words the student has out hearts and your people have come up I thank you for the maniacal you're happy to receive them while they've come to say we often say we have not given ourselves feel one hundred percent father we want to be sure that there is no cost for you with this for you as you have no cost of the saw job or ever come along on low amount of the name of Jesus Christ although I will speak to build a directly gives me to give the right words that don't understand both of you look at me I want you to give me permission to pray for you that when I speak on his alto voices if you give me that spiritual rights racial right-hand it cannot be any exceptions if you can want to present you with the right time to be the right to represent you before the form of God ever had the father before she was getting is the voice of dozens we have come to say we are sorry we have played the full we ought sorry our commitment to you has been partial yes Lord we have been pieces we have been well mannered we have been well trained we have been concert we have lost all of our neighbors house but we are not being yours are hundred percent although we apologize from a lockbox and we ask you to forgive us please forgive us allow gone in the name of Jesus we have to give us the righteousness of your son we can't does Don on our earthly possessions all academic this isn't all that the world laws of the Wii content like podcasts done now and we ask him in Jesus name is to give us your righteousness the life of Christ not all three the best many of which three zero zero Arabs gone and went for the federal Jesus we pray and we find your entries of land that all gloss people say madman automatic while for both tethered by progress man we thank you for their one hundred percent commitment under the roof someone will show up and did not come to him that for some more rest and father I mean you'll want to have to do if it means making the person shake rating of why was the person law had worked at the present salvation is what counts do what's necessary to break down the opposition that you may save those for whom Jesus die I pray I pray I pray in Jesus name them all up it's like Lebron 's people say with me a man and a man will bless you another word for men on their hearts out in all that we do let us do it with the consciousness that we are the children of God righteous because he met also but he has no calls to destroy us I love God if you love God can use a human one Matthew I love you I will see you tomorrow remember the days luck and we articulate how aggressive


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