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How to Live Without Fear

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 20, 2005
    7:00 PM
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how do you have fear over the wording of holes of you while worrying about something raise your right hand I am so sorry to see so many have this by the end of the sermon if I were asked the question I should see no hands because Goa can make changes instantaneously how long did it take gone to convert soul from murdering persecuting zealots to a child of God how long did that take like that when Jesus comes back this corruptible shall put on a corruption and homicide twinkling of an nine when a man or woman comes to Christ acknowledges his offer on the condition recognizes the need for power outside of himself or herself and the urgent need for a Savior and the person confesses and says Lord save me how long does it take conversions occur like that but it continues when it was sinking is that you Lord save me how long that would take Jesus to save him like that for some reason we have this mentality that it takes going unknown time to change things about us if that is the case it takes thought of time because it takes us alone time to come to the place where was there Lord I want you to do this for me one hundred percent long when we reach that point it does not take gone long of mono as if you come in here tonight riddled with Lori you shouldn't be released free through six written for smiting through six three to verse nineteen for public reading videos audios the Cajun version how many a hair for the first time I see what happens on bless you God bless you all bless you and one from far away tonight far away where you from where what you say Ontario Ontario Canada all right well that's far as we appreciate your sacrifice and making the trip in one day to be here we appreciate that very much anyone else far away where you from Toronto okay we have some regional friends right there okay yes like a brother Washington Spokane Washington I suppose Washington DC all right well it's good to have you review from Gore 's hands are not too short but we cannot see with you from Ontario Toronto Spokane all the God can reach you and save you somebody say them yes you can to have Matthew six drivers nineteen the Bible says who live up for yourselves treasures upon earth where moth and rust doth corrupt and receives breakthrough and stew but he failed for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither wealth nor rust doth corrupt and receives doing not break through nor steal her for where your treasure is there will your heart be also let's examine this reverses from the lips of Jesus Christ himself Jesus gives us a choice choices for the depositing of which will I thought to already and so he gives this advice who is not up for it also present was upon earth where moth and rust both corrupt no one are treasures which is important and valuable to us it can also mean your money and your name your influence is evident in forms that points people have a word or is it informs that point people downward which one does not want you will end me to exert judicial sense delaying uphill stretches and because they are normal there is no rust consequently the international corruption which legal foregoing facts which tends to point people towards heaven and a little corruption possible advertisement one tells us for where your treasure is there will your heart be also the heart obviously needs the mind of years ago I was presenting in the church of a friend of mine he's a preacher social radios no and he was telling me a story about a cardio ball it was top of the line in that particular model or make a motion what the word is and he said when his car was parked outside the church on Sabbath morning is the passive is on the pulpit waiting for his time to preach and has my was not on the sermon he told me his mind dwelt on these questions who is parking next to me I will take my car is someone scratching my car that's where his heart was because all body walls with respect to image was wrapped up in that piece of metal and rubber is estimated I decided I had to sell that car is that I sold it I bought another car that allows me to think of other things when I'm with appointments he said now I don't think what parts next me when I'm doing Baltimore my mind is heavenward not earthward whenever we put the fact which is valuable to awesome that's where our minds that's what we worried about that's what causes anxiety and loss of sleep and Jesus says don't know that that which is most valuable to us he says thus allay that up and because if that's where our treasure is that's where our minds will default is usually gone who made us understand since Lebron has nothing against having treasures let me say that as clearly as I possibly can how many do you have ever heard of the book councils on storage lipids your house and so those of you who've never heard of the book councils of stewardship ratio have alright what happens I hope that ABC has enough copies for all of my friends love never heard of councils and stores it let me give you a statement in that book page one forty eight paragraph two the writer is a lady called Ellen White trailer then this woman somebody say that with this woman is watching wrote out if you buy that book and you read it you will want no use this will the twenty third the desire to accumulate wealth is an original impulse of the heart and plans advantage by our heavenly father for noble ends for me in that condition the keyword is noble because Noble has nothing to do with you it has to do someone else normal has nothing to do with me it have to grow someone else let me give you an application again as we talk about how to live in welfare the impulse of a desire to accumulate wealth is an original impulse toward original means it goes back to Eden and planted there by our heavenly father for noble ends novel reasons not objective I repeat on the objective has nothing to do with me to implement reforms grammar with I it has to do with someone else so he will never fallen state it was not desire that mankind would meet the needs of others one of them needs unfolded people might have had so Christ is not against having treasures or tells us that don't be careful where you deposit your treasure now how do I deposit treasures in heaven I support the work of God I see someone in need on a assist because Jesus enunciates a very serious principle inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren finished informing you that another me that a deposit in heaven because Jesus pays his debts North uses the original rudiments of a thin web is that all these like from my youth up to do this or that he said goals sell all that thou hast a distributor the poor and thou shall do want have treasure in her Jesus let's is no one way to save up treasure in heaven is to give the people down here not wanting to a couple more hours opposed to giving the people does not draw Bible say it is more blessed to the lot that's all how many of us believe it nice blend of themselves treasures upon earth often rust corrupt and receives regular stanzas your Jesus online buddy and therefore no sound noise this is not selfishness but not as the word Christ uses layup for themselves there is a place in the Christian life to look out for yourself wherefore beloved as you have always obeyed not as in my presence only but now much more in my absence work out somebody else's salvation with fear of traveling without their own there is a place in salvation for looking out for yourself that is not selfishness that is making sure that we didn't want to lead the A's are no obstacles are no battery is rated one of the best looking up from the comfortable and so Jesus was leading up for yourselves your professor the classroom dear Mohammed people have gone with the professions because they were influenced by her teacher teaches how to limit this influence on students students of in a you are a Christian professor standing before the class what is your desire to impress the students would normally exert an influence that saves where will you live professional because if that person is saying that person becomes a newbie treasure to your account rail treasurers the real heart you'll might you see on the earth there is anxiety there is fear there is worry there is uncertainty there's Enron there things like that Jesus asked that's the place to express that this will happen and have the auto crashes of the stock market in heaven there is no depression era it have to add in the split in half past dividends it's on investment on this earth comes to our fiery and do you understand what Jesus says you want to heart on heaven put your treasures in heaven let me make a guess about some of you there something listening to me no are quite wealthy I want us to show hands because you have a long line of people forming you home there are people listening to me with money to spare but because it'll like the pastor the church didn't put down the carpet they wanted their own like somebody else at all like the way the church does evangelism they refuse to give as a punitive response absolutely refuse let me tell you something else this nice lady called analytes and I don't recall where I read it I read it all the money required to finish the gospel in order to instruct was possible for this all my money on she also said all the means required to complete the work that people make all of us as a complement death Disney is suffering starvation genocide they complimented it is in the charts will go with them to the apartment is something you can do when things he can't seem to do is get the money out of his people the money was his project with all the silver and gold mine Bureau for the lost and the full list of all the world of the event rather than its hands but it will work with the tenacity of a half starved pitbull will not let go up for yourselves treasures upon earth made up our treasures by the heights of Jesus Christ in heaven seven thirty as we continue to live without fear is the first twenty two Matthew six the life of the body is the eye is therefore vital I be single by whole body shall be full of light but if I be evil by whole body shall be full of darkness if therefore the light that is a VB .net how great is that doctors know Jesus is saying we need all he needs people with eyes that are single OC wants one hundred people he's what he wants people who are focused on the swarf really are Muslim horses that those resources they wear these things on their eyes on my guess is having another consulted a jockey my guess is that they will see the horses with a less the horses several furlongs in front of fatal see what happens and arrived to the left they just look at it as Jesus says I need people who I is our single time I worked to high-cost enter my jewelry single but without you however learned not to worry when it whenever I can people tell me we are considering calling you I write like I said that's nice get together a few names of people who could do it even like you think of some people now pray off of those names and this is the football ten weeks zero that I am the one you call me to also invite people because they speak well we don't care what looked when they have a relationship with Christ he speaks well of sheep speaks well all she sings about twenty passes a large chart pulls of the bases on which we invite people to speak no one would like to John the Baptist on those grounds so my request all the display if you're convicted then call me now is that call Commons now I go with more wording Northeastern no concern because I goal with the conviction I am going where God wants me to go I finance how I somehow will provide obstacle arise this bought been removed because God went on six zero eight takes care and so when I go I go on a mission of people permission to look for luxury to have one focus the mission volume in sitting usual football there's a group of us that these men have football of the Confederate states I busted my thing about football that impresses me most buildings the running back on the wide receiver to powerless ways to make money I told legacy console on athlete won the Heisman Trophy of malignant version have my dislike of you need them in the Heisman Trophy ninety one minutes dozen Howard but with fine young man I counsel other players a universal mission one of the professional football of it tell me of my soul I heard when the running back is running against the bold is the line model there possible now he is not to concern oneself with the fact that a man on the site weigh three hundred pounds on amount on this I weigh about six hundred of them out of here coming right in front of them which one I bet Hawkeye marching on his ribs he is not to be concerned with that you should be concerned with you at all to bring the line will live once it breaks the plan if it salivated that approach the old is concerned about and if you fit these multiple to go down usable to the dignity if they highlight what he is supposed to carry because he has one mission if I is sent all the play not what the wide receiver but it's only you must catch the ball with your eyes on the thing over at his new book the ball if you have blood were able to speak you here have faith cast of all regardless of the man was coming to separate your head from your neck and you are not to take you high off the ball now Jesus asked if I had these single for many teams wouldn't engage in the refund wide receiver was overcast he's looking around to see things coming of Christians we must learn the eyes on the business of God and not look around a while and is a past master at distracting us so we look there is the possible bulges of frozen just have to run with it and restart the run and bring it up to the pattern of fashion and return like that the mullahs in the above the drop like that my next paycheck will get one church building I'll finish but that's okay I've got to get that all the world comes up with some you also have to stretch them whenever it may be I believe the ball the heels of Ron business looks for men and women will get eyes on the old multiregional when it comes you or maybe you won't worry about what's wrong before I is single to the guru gone very man had a reason to look around it was Jesus going up Calvary we get this item the summit of that hill because on the something that beautifully out of safety soul all the souls that would be saved by his sacrifice and would not be distracted I was look at verse twenty four Matthew six as we consider how do you have enough there Jason says no man can serve two masters get all most people try about Jesus and say you said not serve two masters it'll say that the analysis of absolute impossibility format no woman can serve two masters it cannot happen which means that if I am not serving God and I finished we use the love you finish yes if you are not serving God U.S. Army another power how else will pull like you may be uncaused employees and educated and well mannered and other such small hands silky on something the slough that's the woman a book about she said the bluegray conjurers president of the bozos never heard of because was resentment met at now get that young a copy handsome fella needs that will nice-looking them over here nice-looking people need to controversy CNN is getting one she said Satan 's most effective agents are people whom you've never suspect they are respectable in the church and the community as I said well mannered well spoken educated culture can tell you what they did that painting as opposed to pick up this one but they are agents of the devil meaning that the NHL of the devil you need to have your eyes roll back into your head and follow mental health you'll just have to be one what tempts us a ballpark time and serve the devil part-time you are effectively serving the enemy no man arrested for your consistent message but I repeat the mistakes most Christians tried to do it because if I say in my heart I am not one hundred percent a child of God has no percentage of dog doesn't have and since gone does not share what has every person not wholly committed to Christ is under the influence of Apollo but we repeat that with great respect every man or woman whether seated hills and the public not fully committed to Christ is all up the control of one of Apollo ability to policy number one hundred short longevity is coming to move quickly middleman metaphysics twenty four can serve two masters logos the attitude Jesus wants from you and me notice the wording he uses for article I that means how many are involved to the floor I think he will hate the one and it was the word who love the other what do you call those two words opposites extreme supply opposites now when you are not confronted with opposites there is no guess work in opposites in other words if I love gone that's one extreme and I hate the devil does not explain my love for Baba become very evident but if some people are going never enjoyed all your tribes members your colleagues I'm not sure if your question we have got a problem and God is not morally obligated to take out because it already five you have the one I love the other OS will hold to the one and despise the other ye cannot serve God and man is that Jesus Christ is the word literal but I repeat with respect many of us try than trying to an end before we leave you tonight if no treasures are being sorted in heaven versus ninety two twenty one if your eye is single to multiple reports of twenty two twenty three and he was serving one last of Jesus Christ was twenty four if these things out and placed them first for the five makes sense the one for me therefore I sent you because please them for I sent you capable corporeal life before people just report for the five forgets twenty one through twenty four the worker for twenty five connected with Walkman before so Jesus is seeing if your focus is if I signified Lauren and I have been on the master himself better for a technophobe for life watches on the allottee shall drink modem for your body what you shall put on his mother life for the need of the body than raiment and although there's more to life than the physical there is something more important that's what Jesus is saying but for many of us we act as though the physical is more important than the spiritual Jesus says that's why refer to fix all the fault of the air missile not by the reap nor gather aren't yet your heavenly father feed of them are ye not much better than available the wording of Jesus Christ he's as easy all I have with all of them he does not say that heavenly father feed of them of this deliberate it stresses the point is this if your father will see that which is not his child we will feed you yes the greater the birds but enough to die for the birds that were committed as an executive that sense of the best ingredients modify the heels of another works are ye not much better than that in the eyes of God UN Ion media networks in the news again the Bible gives clear instructions at a most kindly robot is also clear we are of more value in both eyes the many spells out if North Chrysler are you not much more how much is much more it's how Scott had to want a gigantic delete command that was not Jesus and my father chance for a living organism that five dollars of appointment or of importance and you are on the top of the pool walked like do you have the word to understand Jesus says when you worry you make me look bad because they didn't have them over the fallen Angel I will have to look around the sellout I want to be worrying what kind of follow the pictures and send the line glad of the Roman and brought me in SSC Sewanee if your child bought it among the world that's what's wanted to my being too harsh no aura which is inversely seven by taking thought can add one cubic to his Dutch and watch it before for instance consider the lilies of the field how liberal let's all not live in a best friend yet I said to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these alternate of grass also while I wasn't well gloriously arrayed them saw him on that in his finest regalia why because all the rest which is what Jesus is doing his children he is pointing them to the great creative with all the fault of the air the woman on the funds gems is one twenty ago seven was grateful to abundantly the moving creature that hath life of Faldo missed five of the earth in the open firmament of heaven Jesus says he will made of flowers and sustained squatting they were taken of you but he says consider the lilies of the field anniversary says wherefore also called across an official mother Lily photographs that were made on the front of Christ than the Bible says and also led to bring photographs disappointing from the Caribbean Sea we bought the connect SXSW registrant and the Balkans admitted blogs and other of grateful grass motives that led one of before the bundled with liquids about how life is the same ball that will provide you provides the same way by his word is defined here is spoken command when God commands that can be taken care of you will be taken care of book the key is how many messages are we serving we have to serve one I recommend the creative heaven on earth based on Scripture first of all and my personal experience and countless testimonies I hope her the child of God should not worry let me show you how Jesus contrasts what our behavior should be with those in the world verse thirty says of Matthew six wherefore if also cool the grass of the field which today is Marcus Cassidy ultimately I want the grass comes up a stock of Jesus telecasts shall he not much more clothe you all ye of little faith wherefore technical thoughts and wants Oviedo was salvage vehicle was also betrothed for after all these things don't the Gentiles seek on twelve thirty says the nations of the wireless for after all these things the Gentiles seek for a what if I don't know if that's enough need of one how many things own blog knows I believe the script of Susan supported we find ourselves begging going for a lot of things because somewhere in this because of our divided loyalties when we don't expect the bountiful blessings of God Jesus says your heavenly father knows that you need all these things heels you both have two big he knows it first thirty three of overseers of the word seek for after all these things the Gentiles do want seek mouse there's nothing wrong with seeking the problem is in what order we seek we shall see the word seek again verse thirty three but what seek you want first why does Jesus use the workforce becomes it comes ahead of seeking what food clothing all the other things he listed that he knows we exist see the kingdom farce that is the chronology outside of raw follow step by step the kingdom of Baltimore and his righteousness not want to that's the first things were physical living Jesus then all these the Jedi thing so Jesus express the genocide to be sitting on the child about the preceding my backup lobbying from Google please observe a Gentile Seagate please observe a Christian seeking that ought to be a difference in the speaking that final thought see the kingdom of God and his righteousness as long as you want to have this brought the children of bond angles as they significantly and what is this group of a significant any understand that is on or so difference in the seeking if we would follow promote the Jesus lays down in Matthew six thirty three with our hearts having established the first metaphor were serving one last worry and fear anxiety uncertainty would evaporate from our lives when God sent the manner in the wilderness how much men of the same for Tuesday enough alone Tuesday how must he send for Sunday enough for Sunday was a tell you how should we live one day at what masculinist can bottlefeed you for just one day you at the theater for one-day yes I in a fit of generosity nebulous I was wondering yes would you want someone to do it for you for years you may get one he was about how we look at the management smorgasbord has become implicated out of the rest of your life that you give it up today just when it's all told you you have the rest of your life do you have the receipt and saw Jesus says in verse that is what the take therefore no thought for tomorrow will worry listen gone does not give you any blessing on Sunday night to be used for Monday I can with them if it is what I'm waiting for him you really treat me badly you know like the roommates gone does not give a blessing on Sunday that you live in the blessing again on Sunday Sunday because .net is like to take a life on Mondale Sunday night as one day at a time now you may plan for tomorrow but little did resume again you can plan for tomorrow but to live for today because today is all we have and so Jesus says it will thought for your life what you generally want to celebrate motive rewarded what is open on seek you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness that's it how do you seek it how does he get how do you tell someone about Jesus how do CSI Walker and I cut his wrists actually old there's something in me I don't even know exists but since I am me there must be something in the search find the seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and promise leisure with its individual fiber data that all right oscillating and all these things shall be added unto you all the forms of the city if you ask it was simply be added if we seek the kingdom first gorgeous gifts of certain things because he knows if he gives them to keep seeking the kingdom if he does not game we stopped seeking the kingdom will get I'm not spiritualizing our temporal responsibilities you work for back tomorrow for work you are clearing the street booklet but in the cleaning of the street you can see the righteousness of Jesus Christ is working on the back you can seek the righteousness of Jesus Christ in your professorial role what single righteousness of Jesus Christ because there is an all time however microscopic when the child about consumer visit my I won't try to be like God because that's all find the devil needs because he works fast and slice of you from my heart as we close gone will take care of costs but I will focus must be heavily we are tool concerned with that which is secular and we are riddled with uncertainties unfelt crises and entirely unnecessary if we would only redirect our focus and put it on everything whether it is sensitive I miss Sergeant Reynolds resumes the real heart be also I have to ask you for the rest of the responsible to God I must ask you have you been seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness I come original hard to come up with mind and I'm glad for that I'm sure you're glad for the hotel hearts open books as you and I sit where we sit and stand where we stand if gone short of them stood in your face on mine and he can do that just by having you die tonight among friends people die people are dying right now being shopped by the disease bag of artifacts regulars crime old age so side are dying right now then why is going to the also life why is it possible he's giving us another chance to give right with him performance is no one here tired of playing with God any man or woman who was there with me Lord give me the mind of Christ that I seek your kingdom first if you will say that with me give me for my class that I was seeing your kingdom five resort along the midway through the regular stand up with a spring our father in heaven I come to you in the name of Jesus I am one with my brothers and sisters will set the formulation as I tried to speak the words you've middle my heart father my prayer for them is my prayer for myself we must be sure that we seek your kingdom first all race and only law if we are not wholly yours we are under the control of another power help us to understand their golden heaven that is rerouted six twenty four even now mailman can serve two masters father if there is a man or woman who knows that he or she has been serving two masters which ultimately is serving the wrong one I pray in the name of Jesus you would e-mail conviction upon the persons are so heavy and the person will have no arrests but that he or she has five the love Jesus on his head a bit and hold onto Jesus I despise the enemy doing this for us I pray we will gobble no eyes for seeing that the time is short the times are critical and we must be sure as Josh was that I was from me on my house regardless of what the charge the family members do have for me on my house must be our individual prayer we will serve the Lord Lord let this be our salt is a land for that I have an individual willing up treasures in heaven my eyes with a single drug already on I will serve you and you let on that I understand your words with the applicable on the blessed my beloved spiritual family to consider warm and bring us back on Tuesday but as we go let your words sink for the soluble mind down to the very subconscious changes from yours I pray I don't disparage Jesus name and for his sake that almost people sit with me a man of a man gluttonous you


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