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Revelation 17: The Seven Heads

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • November 1, 2008
    9:00 AM
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sorry firmware for my father thank you for the understanding of thirty hundred revelations in a civilian on the sun training unions is to understand when things even this is an easy set of common among minority this class while and it's vital our study for today is the son had seven pounds or seventeen shots as Highlanders and now we got to the first seven verses last and how many of you were here last week a good number of you and we do have a much bigger must possibly a basically summarize Chapter seventeen began to the Angels you participated for now some way showing John the judgment of the great and then Jonathan carried out in the Spirit into the will and that points us back to twelve hundred and sixty years right after this I must like the report John is perhaps one reason why were the seven last plagues for now on the spiritual power system of religious power and then he's reminded his especially the green work and remember the twelve hundred and sixty years when the power persecuted God 's people wilderness John was very necessary and in the wilderness then we see a woman sitting upon a scarlet colored beast and seven heads and ten horns we saw that the woman representing the religious aspect of this power and needs represents the political aspect power see that someone has called Babylon the mother of parliaments and one thing that I failed to mention was made in separate designs of a woman in the knees where the woman represents the religious aspect of the papacy and the needs represents eleven alas that although it's more accurate to say the least represents Babylon totality was interesting ever since this is a woman was drunk and with the blood stains so which of the shoe powers the religions are the political power was responsible for the blood of the same it was the religious aspect of this house so the warm and you write the knees and is in control of the piece is the one who is drunk and when the blood in the same so here we see table room responsible for the blood of God 's people is not one of alarm the religious and my one gentleman who is your life again I heard a reminded me of you know that exceed twenty that whenever church and state are combined persecution follows service that is sort of a brief summary of what we thought that at last we and soon this you see subjects that we sear the woman and the beans and in verse seven which is where we left off last week the Angels held John I was helping the mystery of the woman and of the beast they carry is your which had the seven and ten horns that's where we want on and then inverse a CD that element of the human the woman reason the first element that is described as being him or how much you have carefully the enamel see how far we can Revelation seventeen night in a rush through the steam out here and when I cannot you spend ten minutes on a very interesting part of the job consumer has start diversity and in arenas one person or saying I have a volunteer to read Revelation Chapter seventeen verse again volunteering again in Revelation chapter seventeen Denise is now sized was his non- and shall ascend out of the bottomless in going to perdition and David Welland me your show wonder whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world when Navy fault the beast that was and is not and yet it now the very first thing Sharon now he remember and Bible prophecy when the beast represent represent the king and this means they were talking about hers a weaver CNN and verse three it's a scarlet color me having seven heads and ten horns where else have we seen a beast like this revelation revelation thirteen and this is the need that the dragon gave him his power seeking authority subheads now there's some interesting parallels between the beast of Revelation thirteen in this case of Revelation seventeen that we start procedure per se now when I go through this very carefully notice how it's hi very first sentence is the piece that now size was and is not so advances and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit in your provision so what time elements that we have right is the we have was is not and shall ascend pass forever and he so where's Johnny is envisioned prophetically never remember he's been carried off in the spirit that he's envisioned he's not in whenever he got the vision or revelation around nine year hundred eighty somewhere in there is not literally in that period of time carried on in the spirit into the wilderness and we saw in Revelation chapter twelve the wilderness is the twelve hundred and sixty years of persecution where this piece persecuted God is now where we are now than is piece that John saw was so with in the past three years carried in the Spirit into the wilderness and now that Italia delivers a piece that he saw was and is not now is there any correlation between this leaves the house seven heads and ten horns being in the past is currently not existing in Revelation thirteen back here and speak to you as you as it relates to their diversity I received everyone that certain Revelation thirteen beast with seven happens and receives the deadly one nine eight zero Revelation thirteen seven has warned receives the deadly one Revelation seventeen and the bathhouse on was and he is not the best correlation when Revelation thirteen in Revelation seventeen Revelation thirteen seventy one revelation seventeen he is in the so this tells us that when we start Revelation seventeen verse eight were getting into this means that has seven heads and ten horns and were seeing in parallel between the gently way of Revelation thirteen and he and papal power now here's the key point to take the consideration what exactly was the family was what caused the beast that was no longer be now this piece was a union of church and state and the one sat on the one or religious power within control of his elements gently where have at that point the church no longer had power over the state and here's another heat some people say everyone was your nineteen twenty nine when Mussolini in the Vatican that is there is only one major problem with that argument the major problem the argument is we have not reached the point prophetically where the church has power stating at this point even though there's been some laws live in a broken down there's still the barrier of some sort between church and state and prophetically gently one is you when all the world wonders on the Mac happens when the son-in-law is so nineteen twenty nine was my feeling that we won now why is that important we'll get to that is some people you start you use your and they say that the seven heads are seven pounds they start with the first row in nineteen twenty nine saying that the deadly wound was healed and so you start there wanting you are and anyone with Internet soon enough sauce was and is not so where we are inverse me is seventeen ninety eight Jan now let's made alone will afford you NASA's and shall ascend out of the bottomless NPO Institute tradition now this peace whenever he sees that everyone goes into a bottomless a bottomless head is something that you cannot get out unless you receive help so if you want to think about this literally if anyone ever thought your bottom the that would be an death threats because we would not be able to get out so when you die on however the fact that this lease shall ascend which is in the future out of the bottom of thirty yes is the idea that his knees will receive assistance from somewhere is probably coming out of this bottom was out of this death experience and based on what we've learned in revelation whom he is this first beast of Revelation health to come back from the building where the second beast of Revelation thirteen the landline is tantamount here soon when I'm trying to view here is trying to assure you that Revelation seventeen is not much different than revelation for this just when you have a slightly different angle but it's not like all of a sudden we get to Revelation seventeen this is completely new prophetic interpretation of these with seven heads and ten horns the same being we just see a little bit different languages that have been described as receiving the deadly way now it's described as it was is not show us in the in Revelation thirteen receives the deadly one of them and everyone is you now known as the ninth parallel as they that dwell on the earth shall wonder does that sound familiar Revelation thirteen all the world wondered after that we so again you see the connection between Revelation thirteen and Revelation seven and analysis so that they the volunteers shall wonder whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world leaving the old was and is not an EA is so in the last part of Revelation seventeen person a is right the time when all the world wonders after the window as we ascend out of the bottomless and people you wonder after the knees are those shoes names are not written in the Lamb but the line now in the second beast of the landline is privileged and now he and revelations thirteen versus game when you look at the similar language Revelation thirteen verse eight says and all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world please see the similar language there so Revelation seventeen versus game that Angel is telling us the mystery of the beast that was using non- and shall ascend out of the bottom and this is the political aspect of that and seventy seven heads and ten horns and on the one we don't hear about your directory covers eighteen seventy or to march down through year we see the comparison of these in the sauce wasn't using on deadly when announced that it is not a shallow center Debbie is the and all the world wonder that you see all of those elements Revelation thirteen years Revelation seventeen now versus nine are very fascinating person of item on here to read Revelation seventeen verses nine and ten volunteer writer Revelation chapter seventeen nine and here is the mind which has wisdom the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman said there are seven teams five are fallen and one is in the other is not yet come and when he cometh he must continue a short 's face actually reapers are reversal for all and the beast that was and is not even he is the eight and is of the seven and go into perdition now just starting out if we start shooting at North respect of the same principles that we used from Revelation chapter one to revelation chapter sixteen when we were immersive times or not something while in order to accomplish something that says Revelation chapter one sixteen and the first projects I am a fan together as all of a sudden to be something that is shocked she verses of Revelation and you can't find anywhere else in Daniel and Revelation if you should say what I'm penetrated here by the grace of God is not convenient when I try to his wife and three seven seven hands mouth came and the age which is under some sort of an show you how far in a very logical way what now starting in verse nine the very first sentences and here is the mind which hath wisdom so why God is telling us Yang of the next universe is the case with to understand what comes so we pray that God gives us wisdom to understand the seven habits that God tells us we need to have wisdom for and we also remember the Bible verse that prophecy and of no private interpretation so that's how we are premise for spending the seven has now person he is clearly Wenger versus nine ten eleven oh I know because versus A's and B's about five was in his Los Angeles and out of the bottom of the is the same east earlier in chapter seventy three seventy one now Morgan talking about the seven is an later on of recovery among the ten horns and versatile lineman it's not again about the beast that was and is not even human even if of the sun now proving the need for the seven heads and ten horns we very shower that is identical numbers visa revelation and then the one so you can be saved in the east that was and is not even using unions of the seven need an beast represents the kingdom he that gives us only on items that are inherent in Web start with the seven have personally here is the mind which hath wisdom this I have are seven mountains on which the woman was sitting now we very established from earlier than younger than the one represents the religious power of the woman the bees of the woman is the religious power that drives the political power of now here we see seven he has our seventh mouth on which the woman is now here's the first thing that I want and need if we weren't just that Daniel and Revelation with respect to prophetic way we want a working and what he now reveries and profits now we are ready now that the woman being described here is symbolic like he is not a literal one in a church how a religion so the seven had seven mountains it would stand to reason that had their symbolic some reason I have a seven mouth for some long as so in Daniel chapter two remember the vision of the image of the head of golf shutters silvers I have wrong way by the iron way that can time when we give them our way we see in verse thirty five that is now oh yeah and bring them out and fill the hauler so here you have a round field selling the earth that replaces this in an inverse forty four it says in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom which shall never be the online and the kingdom shall not be left other people but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms and then you shall stand forever so now does God 's kingdom breaks in pieces the damage or masking and what imagery did not use that describe destroying man's opinion it was a snap came a mountain of the Lord so what is another way to describe God 's kingdom and then you sit down for a mount so if we use that logic when we say that the sun has are seven mountains upon which the woman said as we can then say that these seven nouns are so seven that provide a letter of power to the religious power of the one of the one cents on the kingdom seven different mouth one at a time seven heads are seven mountains and the mountains by the age of the political foundation to give our to the one and then in verses ten VeriSign hangs five are fallen and one is the other is not yet commonly he was as now this acts with a meeting that was is not so with the notable the beast that was not the past and the client gangs are fallen that also is and then one is an one is not yet commonly he must continue a short space now here's where I want to tie things together it will be more careful when you think about paying this is there are seven K this is where we go back to the annual to get some help to understand what these of your writer Daniel chapter seven liters verse seventeen lingerie Daniel chapter seven or seven three seven K 's in Revelation seventeen Daniel seven verse seventeen is only so there volunteer to read chapter seven or seventeen at the annual chapter seven or seventeen please agree these which are for our fourteen which shall arise out of the earth Sundance Chapter seven we see the forming of why they are glad for the one hundred and two rightful terrible and they are described as so and we know the line was down one bear with me to version of Leopard was released and the dreadful ceremonies for the iron keys hanging around and have a little more and more comes out as here we see the piece is described as Chang of respect for the source is understanding your revelation chapter seventeen when you talk about seven chicanes what with the seven kings being they would be seventeen and five are fallen at half one and when it talks about the beast that was years nine shell is the parallel is the meeting was and that the deadly way remember how we describe the need was and is not doing that nothing is a receives the deadly wound seventeen ninety eight five kings are falling and wanting to so we are in fighting them is through seventeen ninety eight and after seventeen ninety eight now we have is as very clear that the inverse is not inverse ten that we are again the time of the six K when John is being described communities in our learning the five are fallen and wanting his cell in the past or five which means that one as now which is the same and one is not yet come out of the seventh family have a name which is this a so when we see in the server concentrate very here where I was using on that even receive the dummy one in seventeen ninety seven was not currently is not version ten five kings are following that path and wanting is currently serving seventeen ninety eight user dividing between past and present is very crucial to understand to understand through the seven heads are the was is not chosen being describes the past seventeen ninety four seventeen ninety Fresno is after seventeen so what you see happening prophetically is things start funneling and shoot in seventeen ninety and remember that's where we are living right now so when we have five kings are fallen and wanting his left talk about who these five things that are fallen just might be you doesn't take a geometric figure this out now one thing I want to point out is the one was the one name that has been use other than the one snarl at me several one robber name that has been used so far in Revelation chapter seventeen in fact as far as I can tell assignment of land this is the only proper name that we have in Revelation chapter seventeen way name is that Babylon so somehow that gives is only that Babylon is part of using this right here I am so when we come out to seventeen ninety eight and we can say okay five are all high following Pamela Yolanda Danielson or seven CNBC than that arise out of years and we know to be those for Babylon media Persia Greece Ron is taken when we get to Revelation seventeen is not too difficult then to figure out what life King 's would get you to seventeen ninety eight Babylon version three hanging around table and halo around his power that room during the wilderness as we saw the earlier revelations in twelve hundred and sixty years and now to our that received the deadly land in seventeen ninety eight which cause is on-the-fly things this is seventeen ninety eight and is the dividing line between the fifth had in the six Avenue mass conversion of a woman with a six and the law again this is unsuitable to figure out if you understand Revelation because in Revelation thirteen you have the best seven ten horns and receives the deputy way and in the second beast arises of how to year is about the same time and eventually causes all the wonder of the leading figures in a piece of history trivia that many seven Baptists are not aware of we know the United States declared independence in seventeen seventy six what many of us perhaps down is that in seventeen ninety him Western Europe is recognizing how does faith sovereign nation first time so now the pieces are starting Alina seventeen ninety eight the papacy received an deadly way and in the second beast of Revelation thirteen is recognized by Western Europe as a sovereign nation so now the United States was the wildlife and peace that comes about a year is as you aren't seeing the Dragon naturally seventeen ninety eight it recognizes a sovereign nation by Western Europe and it now becomes a as so as seventeen ninety eight this has papal Rome receives delete now the beast that was and is not seventeen ninety eight landline music comes out of the year is is recognized as a sovereign nation by Western Europe the six of the sun that's seventeen ninety and not clear dividing line of Bible prophecy and just thirty suggests a weekend when you think of respective cablegram rules reply thirty eight seventeen ninety eight here we are in two thousand eight really not that far after seventeen ninety eight compared to how long papal Rome ruling were and that is had a seven and one assignment had comes in and you have very short space known against them we have a comment down here in the light of those rumors of looting in these days remember to this day the humidity Daniel is an exactly and just to remind Daniel Revelation seventeen ninety eight the beginning of the time in the slammer living so now were in the same search engine we read in Revelation seventeen and we come to versus SS five are fallen and wanting is that is where we are on Bible prophecy wanting it and these that was and is not and shall ascend we are living in a timely year is not that he's working on the resurrection of the United States trying to get as if you've been hanging attention to how the current president of the Christian Coalition and other meetings are not getting torn down the wall of separation of church and state we know that John Paul the second will you are in Washington DC and maybe he's not a version of the legend of the current authorities are God there's a lot of things that are happening that Jim is clear that there will be a really ready and why would you have any anyway have been online so right is Daniel wanted a little more in the eyes of man on the eyes and guns and see if we can at least seventy percent your certain there are seven kings five are fallen to seventeen ninety one his and based on my prophecies unpleasing United one minus seventeen hundred ninety six and a Bible prophecy and this is the other is not yet time and when he commented he must seem you and shortens me now than we had to assume what we see here then is that when the seven times in US short space now okay three seven somehow their countrymen were living in China Soviet Union and I gather some fairly biblical apathy something that was a reunion and all sorts of things where they got a anyway or not he that how do we have seven is we figured out who this is a pretty convincing success secondly the revelation seven two is that while wanting me now is that he continues a short space and in verses twelve it tells you the seven letters this is ten horns which fosters Kings which have received no pain as you but seized power as kings one hour with me how long is one hour in the short space of the seventh of his attempt once you receive power for one hour when the bees that is a worldwide union of church and state really is driving worldwide union versa one thing that was and is not even using the needs and as of the seventh and get seven goes into perdition some of these that wasn't his non- P C the deadly one seventeen ninety makes sense that getting was that just means that he and other power sites attempting to receive power from one hour that he was on the centimeters he was the fifth season of one of directing traffic soliciting when all the world wonders after that is he ascends out of the bottomless to become the game which is on the seven and seven are the ten kings is how are for one hour and I is the worldwide union of church and state when the United States who initially rightly understood the separation of church and state but when every language is that causes immense damage to the first between these which have been gently one hundred and was resurrected when I have the United States loses its role model prophecies this is because it is no longer serving as the power that rightly divided churches today and now it brings together and the rest of the world comes on board that becomes the seventh and now the papacy is not in charge and when that happens described as a short space are one how a one hours not for setting we know there's no prophetic time between eighteen forty four the second coming of us telling us is that we had a short space when the United States and the second is the revelation thirteen makes an image the first piece in the seventh heaven comes on the scene in the union believes that wasn't is resurrected we are to have a very short space killed Jesus no it means now is what hands are running out no more anything it is we lazily in numbers thirteen over here and that is the one thing I want lingering there is there is no way seven is a thing life is for one family one is nonunion who is not in denial was made I will ponder and everyone is nice you shall love me and somehow will say things online is the resurrection will meaningless on the family was less than the line and his friends will have a one-year seven hundred seventeen hanging around listening idly seven one one government and is in writing and will and he is healthy resigning as far as I


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