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Revelation 10 and Prophesies of the Disappointment

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)


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our father in heaven I ask does the study that you would teach us the meaning of Revelation to help us to understand and I asked for this gift in the name of Jesus and for your Bibles to Revelation chapter ten and looking at verse one Revelation chapter ten I look at verse one you might remember from two periods ago that Revelation ten is in between trumpets number six and seven that is this the fifth and sixth trumpets from Revelation nine we went over them greatly and the seven trumpet begins in Revelation eleven revelation ten verse one and I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven clothed with the cloud and a rainbow was upon his head face face as it were the sign that at his feet as pillars of fire if you try to think of the beam has rainbows around him feed like burnished brass described it like the sign that comes with clouds and is referred to as an angel who would that be these are all familiar metaphors in Revelation ten verse one any hat in his hand a little book open vessel interestingness turn a little book the Bible is full of books is there any a little black that would be noticeable if it was open the book of Daniel would be noticeable was up and want to be notable those open was cloned by being that look very much like this in Daniel chapter twelve and hear the being comes with the book being opened and he said his right foot upon the sea and his left foot up on the earth and he cried with a loud voice is when the lion rollers is Jesus describing it were a revelation with the symbol of a line is the lion of the tribe of Judah and when you cried listen seven thunders are cured their voices about it so interesting seven thunders uttered their voices and when we hear about the seven thunders again but at the end of verse four let's read about it and when the seven thunders had uttered their voices I was about to write and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me seal up those stains which the seven thunders uttered and right now not so here we have a little book open which would suggest that she was the book of Daniel know everyone more evidence than my suggestion it was the book of Daniel here's what we can do we can go and it realized that the book of Daniel is to be opened in seventeen ninety eight as from that stay in Daniel twelve and then find that that six trumpet was fulfilled in eighteen forty so we get an idea that here is a block that is notably open just a few years after the opening of the book of Daniel and his Daniel a little book of Daniel is a little book and Daniel is a little booklets of the same subject materials the book of Revelation that would be fun not circumstantial evidence to identify the little book open as the book of Daniel so here's a question what about the things written by the V7 thunders what's apparent in the context is that there are some things that are to be understood at one point of verse history and not at an earlier point the book of Daniel was administered in Daniel 's time was administered in John's time but was to be understood at some point in the future that would be similar to our parallel to the timing of the six trumpet but even when that little book would be open with her still be some things that would be understood yet you know even in the eighteen forties there were some things that were not yet to be understood basement has thought to you again from your knowledge of MS history seventeen ninety eight the book of Daniel 's open they understood things they found the timing of the first hundred days that they understand that when you understand about the twenty three hundred days weather still some things that weren't hidden is run at the point that the book of Daniel is opened and the answer is there were some things and John was not given permission to write them but John didn't write them and how do we ever learn what they are has there been any profits since the time of eighteen forty did she comment on the seven thunders you know she did if she hadn't we wouldn't have had much of an idea to have any idea how to understand what she's thought about them is that the seven thunders are represented the advanced transpired under the domain of the first and second Angels messages yes the seven thunders red domination of events that transpired under the giving of the first and second Angels messages that's what she says let me interpret for you the seven trumpets revealed the events leading up to and then the great disappointment so that even after the book of Daniel was open there were still some things that were dependent by the decision of God notice his interest in Adventist because there are some people that really fault Ellen White because early writing she describes how God covered up mistake in the figures of the prophetic chart like you to know that it's nothing more or less were talking about in Revelation ten were there some things that God said not to reveal some things that that he was John's going to write a use for been the right that's got covering with his hand if I can use a metaphor things that could've been understood insane and not yet are the says Mister yes or since you look at what you just read of her direct quote but that few sentences or two sentences in the know and you were wrong what will you choose will and you will will more than I is in a language all all right so that's like trying to say to you and there it is you've heard of and if seven BC page nine seventy one there are people today who are trying to place the seven thunders in the future part reapply them in the future and you should just know that that's just another form of futurism like we describe the last class were moving on to verse five and the Angeles I saw stand up on the scene upon the earth lifted up his hands to heaven and swear by him that lives forever and ever now listen if you have any doubts about this Angel is having doubt no longer because it works well did not describe I have it because it is God 's throne not discriminatory because it's his footstool not from ourselves we can make ourselves taller number and became turned one hair white or black then can angels swear by those things and who alone can swear by the throne of God that Mrs. Jesus and swear by him that lives forever and ever who created heaven and the things that are therein and the earth and the things that are there in and the sea and the fans are there in that there should be time no longer was just toss for a minute during the time of the six trumpet the eighteen forties for example during that time after the book of Daniel 's unsealed in the early eighteen hundreds what particular truth about God is been called the attention of the world was his first about God is a set on God is the creator God 's role as creator is emphasized in particular about how Emerson Street what was first published in eighteen forty four my script first published that was Darwin 's origin of the species book form agent fifty nine manuscript form agent forty four there was Satan versus God fighting initially over the issue of the judgment no one is says that there should be time no longer you can know by just reading the rest of the chapter that doesn't mean that the very end of her sister looked out of Ursula Payson in the media now must prophesy again before many peoples souls not the end of our session pricing and coming is at the end of human probation notes now verse eleven says you must prophesy again before many people is there any any kind of time that is the subject of this little book open vessel was closing the book when you look at Daniel chapters eight and chapters twelve when is it mentioned that seal up the prophecy it's in connection with the twenty three hundred the twelve sixty the twelfth ninety thirteen thirty five the prophecies that is it here it comes a point where that Angel says there shall be time no longer so those prophecies extended to what the longest one extended eighteen forty four the others earlier times reaching forty three so administer the stand on this has been confirmed as per processor the timing spoken of here well anyways obvious is that it's not the end of earth history is not the end of probation but there is a type of time in the context to be the end of the prophetic periods there be no more prophetic periods Army wants to go preach Mark futurism if I do I'll never get my main points today this could drop it and say that you ever want to study without license about this it will thoroughly inoculate you against the fullerenes are preached from pulpits today on this point I don't even mean that the average address pastors of futurist it's just a few weird ones and most of our pastors and laypeople but I just really references are in my head but there is no less than a dozen of these statements e-mail said about the same thing that there are no time process extend the nation forty four look at verse seven but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound some ask a few things about the seventh angel does he begin to sound before after eight and forty four trip parents after his biggest urination forty four and were talking about time that in the future when he shall begin to sound and it does the seventh angel sounded for just a day pleasant journey time and during the time when he is beginning to sound so not only is there a funny sounding in the beginning of his sounding is a period of time and at the beginning is a period in the middle of the in the end does appear than that resounding might be significant make any sense to insist mitigating when the seventh angel shall begin to sound the mystery of God should be finished what is the mystery of God almost as Adventists we've made a cliché on this but it's hard to make a cliché out of something so significant so Colossians one twenty seven think we know it the mystery of God which is Christ in you the hope of glory that is particularly interesting Colossians one twenty seven particularly interesting that the mischief God is Christ in you because just about four five versus later in the Colossians chapter two verse one you have a message to Laodicea we all aware that there's a message Laodicea and Colossians chapter two which of the Air Force Miss Miller Colossians chapter two and I just realized recording this high-speed when it reads it Colossians chapter two and looking puppets in this part of verse one so this is for verses later says try what I did that you knew what great conflict I have for you that is the Corinthian of the Colossians and for them where supplied a garden for people Laodicea and for as many as have not seen my face in the flesh is up by anyone in this room when it appears to me from this verse as it are some things that Paul taught more clearly in person than they might be perceived from his letters you see that by reading this he has a burden for the people glossy a burden for the people to see at a bargain for those who've not seen his face personally and what converges a half for them that their hearts might be comforted being knit together in love that matches can we learn about where the ceiling the proxy has her she's pouring in the Golden one of the gold represent this faith unless it shouldn't have much and so one of diverted Valencia that they would be united that have harmony and what kind of harmony I love your brother and type harmony is not just an intellectual harmony that is a spiritual harmony love your brother typography was a delight then point burning of Laodicea and knit together unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding listen to the knowledge meant of the was a say are we close enough in context to say which mystery of God is speaking of is not very clear this is that Mister God which is Christ in you the hope of glory celeb Asea she doesn't love each other that Lindsay is a love each other enough of them another problem to them and intellectual problem their night they're not united in confessing the truthfulness of the riches of this idea that Christ can be in the hope of glory they'll understand it anyway the notice of the full riches of understanding of this idea the crisis in us the hope of glory turned back to run what chapter ten Revelation chapter ten is normally not explain something well enough and you yeah Jaime says that it does relationship to ten and verse seven in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin this sound the mystery of God which is Christ in you the hope of glory shall be finished in other words the character of God 's people is going to be perfected and probation is going to close as he hath declared to his servants the prophets but are the prophets talk about that her probation definition of God sort glacier I think for example Zephaniah three in his first thirteen verses the remnant of Israel should do no iniquity system example verse eight and the voice which I heard from have mistaken me again and said go and take a little but which is open in the hand of the angel which stands upon the sea and upon the year Northwestern again he started upon the sea and the air last we saw him standing there was when the seven thunders uttered their voice they shut up we know there's something that wasn't to be understood not as emphasized again here is twice emphasized revelation ten that there is something that one of the understood when the rest was understood so impersonate the book is open he's talked about it in verse nine I went into the angel of seven to him give me the little book and he said unto me take it and into the top and it shall make thy belly better but it shall be in by now swing as honey was the disappointment predicted before the book was understood the disappointment was predicted before the book was understood but as long but whenever Internet did it at first hardware the disappointed first deal the first amended as they started to understand a little bit of Daniel and while they were speaking about Daniel how they feel about the book a beautifully sweet experience Jesus is coming back and back soon and back in eighteen forty three when we just understood as can be March eighteen forty four and in April eighteen forty four now Anderson is going to be October and this time were certain that somewhere down experience with the with price and the dates they were so happy when did it become better verse ten and I took the little book out of the angel 's hand and I ate it up and it wasn't my mouth sweet as honey and as soon as I had eaten at my belly was that so now you can be speaking about it now that it's made his belly better that he's not talking about it anymore and what happens in verse eleven and he said unto me though must prophesy again unto many people and nations and tongs and Kings so where do you see a command like that this revelation fourteen hours is misconduct and were to take this gospel to every kindred and nation and tongue and people I can summarize the recent relish from Revelation ten so far I will not move on the end of Revelation ten predicted that Daniel would be a very happy to teach book and a pain to understand what then that the Advent people represented by the prophets John would give up on teaching why would they give up they would understand yeah and they would feel like there is no more hope probation is closed but then they would be told you must prophesy again where else is this great disappointment predicted you know it's in a few different places and I want us to look at a few of them turned back in your Bible to Habakkuk chapter two chapter two are going to look at verse one I will stand up on my watch so digits ever say that we should pray and watch what he said nothing order a beer wondered what it means to watch this is the best person I know in Scripture for explaining what it means to watch I just tell you that so you can know to look at I will stand up on my watch and set me up on the tower Woody doing Tower city and the enmity watching for your watching for the enemy coming so you can have proper warning and but listen what he's watching for Neville watched to see what he will say to me what's the best way to watch the enemy is to pay attention to what God is I will watch to see what he will say to me watch to see what God 's word but what kind of work in particular and what I shall answer when I am no if God asked you to watch he's letting you know that you can be reproved and you need to watch your spirit because what might you do when you recruit many people are following God follow him only up to the point of reproof and then they turn away sorrowful we have to watch her spirit we have to watch first what is the Sega West and to what we will answer when we are reproved Miss and their yes it is in fact alter the context of the versus just before this and chapter one is out back it comes to God and he says God I want talking about something why are you was just look at it you can see look at verse verse three Habakkuk chapter one verse three why dost thou show me an iniquity and cause me to behold grievance first blood and violence are before me in there and there are that rise up strife and contention and then looked down at verse twelve are not doubt from everlasting oh Lord my God my holy one we shall not dial we shall not die Lord you have ordained them for judgment Almighty God you have established them for correction the art of pure eyes than to behold evil and canst not look on iniquity wherefore look as valid fun then the guilt treacherously and folders by Tom when the wicked devours the and that is more righteous than he might notice there are beyond that the words out is an small case pronouns often are left in small case in the old and New Testament verse twelve and why do you make men like the fishes of the CNS the creeping things that have no ruler over them they take them all of them up with angle they catch them in their nap they gather them in their draft therefore they rejoiced Nagaland therefore they sacrifice them to their natural burn incense and their draft because by them their portion is fat and their meets plenteous shell they therefore empty Internet enough spare continually display the nations felt kind of nervous about challenging God about his ways of relating to the wicked people bands who is it has a right to reprove the that is not alone in your notice in verse two God says and the Lord answered me and said write the vision and make it play in the following tables that he may run that read as it here's a question is there a vision that talks about the judgment of God a vision that lends itself to be important on tables of vision that speaks about running when you understand it and it helps address this issue of the unrighteousness going on in here or would you find a vision like that under the present the book of Daniel is the vision that was a bit of twelve notes of the increasing men shall run to and fro through understanding is the vision let us help them put on tables and what we put in tables so the children run the reason verse three for the vision is yet for an appointed time noticed the vision of the book of Daniel have an appointed time knows no time prophecies part of this book on back after speaking of a prophecy outside the book division is yet for appointed time but at that and it shall speak is our new vision elsewhere in the Bible that were told will speak at the end will have a special message of the timely and is not a hard question where the Angels have a look at Daniel closing up until the time of the end wins looking to speak at the time of the end to communicate you that we have enough hints in the next chapter to know that speaking about the book of Daniel is the one that you should put into it charts send it up run and read I do have verse four to the rest of verse three but at the and you shall speak and not lie listen though it tarry wait for it to last so interesting so in the case that this vision would have a certain time when you expected to be fulfilled but might you suspect that it is tarrying you like and what should you do if you think it's carrying you should wait now this book of Daniel speak about waiting in connection with just after the time of the end does the thirteen thirty five a prophecy blessed is he that cometh than wait now it's their if it though a ten area wave rather listen carefully because it will surely come it will not tarry no any way that it could've been better written than this a prophecy that would say that don't get time when you think it's to be fulfilled but it will look like it's not being fulfilled but in fact it really was fulfilled on time but you should keep waiting anyway because you thought it was going to fulfill the second coming it was fulfilled with another events altogether Habakkuk two has a parallel that is so interesting to do this look in your Bible at song Psalm seventy three there are in fact three different chapters in the Bible in the Old Testament where people dare to approach got the same question why do you let the wicked prosper it didn't make any sense to them some seventy three ASAP is one of those look at verse three for I was envious at the foolish this is his explanation about how did almost lost his way to select the novel slip in verse two for I was envious of the foolish when I saw the prosperity of the wicked there are no bands in their death but their strength is firm verse five they're not in trouble like other men neither are they flagged like other men who is not in trouble the wicked wicked ones the prosperous ones verse eight they are corrupt and speak wickedly concerning oppression they speak loftily verse eleven and they say how does God know is there knowledge in the most high behold these are the ungodly who prosper in the world they increase enriches to see others bothered Asaph first thirteen verily I have cleansed my heart in vain and washed my hands and innocency for all the day long I have been flagged and chastened every morning so here I am a subset of trying to live a good life on time to clean up my act and I have a good life problems problems problems are coming my way what about the Wickenburg guys no problems may try to live a good life problems problems verse fifteen if I say I will speak like this behold I should have found against the generation of thy children are their ideas that people have sometimes it'll speak out loud is a no kill think ill of them when you think you looking urban students are talking a house it's not fair all I try to live a good life and that are worth about for me and the other still doesn't work so good for them good for them good for them the missing some trumpet student parents must think that when a chef sickened that way and he didn't want to talk that way verse sixteen mice thought to know this it was too painful for me listen Intel I went into the sanctuary of God then I understood there and surely you did set them in slippery places you cast them down into destruction how are they brought to desolation as in a moment they are utterly consumed with terrorists as a dream when one awakened what did he see in the sanctuary solid judgment in the sanctuary he saw the judgment what was God 's solution to the unfairness the prosperity of the wicked is the judgment waft through the gift back to Mexico the same question this adjustment adjustment is the answer to the question why do the wicked prosper the answer is there not to prosper and the long run they prosper in the short-term they get what they justly deserve in the long run and God makes things right in the judgment but I got off topic but trying to indicate that she was that that very clearly by those those few overt keywords and verses three and four two three and four predicted that there would be a disappointment term as we need to observe one more point I need to inoculate you against error coming in the future back in chapter two once upon a time in a land far far away there lived a man who did his doctoral degree and his University for his dissertation he wrote on this phrase the just shall live by faith the question he posed is whether it was like this the just shall live by the faith of himself or the just shall live by the faith that Jesus had finished this question isn't my personal faith or is it the faith of the Jesus had yet perfect fit and in a dissertation she mentions that when you read Habakkuk chapter two and verse four verse four says behold his soul which is lifted is not upright in him but that just shall live by his faith he mentions that in the Septuagint this passage is the just shall live by I will lord 's face further he brings out that in the New Testament a quote from the Old Testament Gilbert leaves a quote is what the Septuagint therefore he proposed that the just shall live by faith is the just shall live by the faith of Jesus I dislike you know that in that dissertation he quoted widely from Romans one he quite quoted widely from Galatians he quoted from those places because they quote this passage the just shall live by faith but he never once quoted from Hebrews ten on July it would utterly overthrow stickers astern there for a minute Hebrews ten is the New Testament passage that more than any other parallels the thought process for that thought development of the on chapters one and two Hebrews chapter ten and were looking we can start skipping some verses around up at verse twenty six for if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth there remains no more sacrifice for sins but a certain fearful looking for a black of judgment and fiery indignation which shall be valid adversaries present us forget that there are good verses about the New Testament this is one of them with the judgment you and devours adversaries and Dennis says down in verse four for we know him that I have sad vengeance belongs unto me I will recompense saith the Lord and again the Lord shall judge his people so God will make things right in the judgment verse thirty one it is a fearful thing to fall in the hands of the living God verse thirty five cast not away therefore your confidence which hath great recompense of reward for either some confidence that you can have that ends a great reward that you might be tempted to throw away my fellow conference it is verse thirty six for you have need of patience after you have done the will of God you might receive the promise apparently this confidence would lead you to do the will of God but the retro point when you need something else without the event will of God and now you need patience to endure it if you're going to receive the promise what promise verse thirty seven for yet a little while and he that shall come and say will and will not carry so what promise are you having confidence in that Jesus is going to come back and so you do the will of God in light of the promise to tell people about it and now the kingdom of God you need you have need of patience because here that will come will come in is not going to tear vessel everything you've written back into it is because the very next verse just goes on forty back to now the just shall live by faith but if any man draw back my soul shall have no pleasure in him so what's the opposite of living by faith going back and living by faith is not casting away your confidence his confidence your confidence your compass the president to come back the study tested the bowel predicted when you think that the judgment is coming here to find out it's not there quite yet have patience if you don't have patients are not receive the promise you're going to have to endure beyond the disappointment the hold on if any man that does not hold on and in the point of disappointment that man draws back to perdition numbers that disappointments can be a testing direct ground to divide between the just and the unjust the Jocelyn Doer by their faith in the unjustly turned back from the confidence and throw it out your confidence is disappointed Hebrews ten is a marvelous prediction about the great disappointment exactly and there is a number of verses that back in a previous less are used in rice notes if you get an paper on distributed nonsense you can check original form it for her sick time keepers three verse six this passage here Hebrews ten thirty five thirty nine first Peter chapter two verses nineteen through twenty one Romans eleven versus twenty one through twenty three first print pins fifteen verses one and two Matthew twenty four verses twelve and thirteen and first Timothy chef after five verse twelve what all those verses say the same thing the just to the justified one to the one to hold on to the end you're right I do second or two thank you versus nineteen through twenty one this has to say like one of them says that she that viewers of the on the same shall be saved others oppressed repressed to the best summary of his dissertation is that Martin Luther was all wrong and this idea that the just live by the faith of themselves that really put everything here is about the finished work of Christ it's the faith of Christ on his faithfulness in short that allows us to live the just live by the faithfulness of Christ yes hundreds your faith is just bogus from beginning to end in fact his ardor of the Septuagint is helpful in undermining his own thing so what did they do New Testament pick for the Septuagint which was the available translation nearly all the time but when it came to this verse they quoted the original Hebrew was a type of Septuagint in this verse is not reliable in figures ten Romans one relations all that it hasn't passages say the just shall live by faith quoting from the Hebrew the Septuagint and then you cry when one go quite that far but you sure can take his thoughts to that end a lot of the line go quite as far as different ideas and taken turn your Bibles to Malachi chapter three Malachi chapter three were looking here crosses the great disappointment in Malachi three provides a very nice one says behold I will send my messenger and he shall prepare the way before me and the Lord whom you seek shall suddenly come to his temple that's an interesting here is a message a preparation for Christ coming and you're seeking him and where does it come that's exactly it comes to a sample not Jesus over seeking Hannity didn't come to earth and to go to his Temple Garner ELP did but let's read more about this shall suddenly come to his temple even the messenger of the covenant whom you delight in behold he shall concept Lord of host lesson but who may abide the day of his coming and who shall stand when he appears for he shall be like a refiner 's fire and like Fuller so and he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver and he shall purify the sons of Levi and purge them in summary this is a reference to Christ's second coming in judgment and when Christ on earth came to the temple it was a metaphor picture of what would happen when he comes again what you do any kind of the Temple here he cleansed it two times younger that because the Temple and is going to return and he's going to cleanse his church by fire as a metaphor but both here and so let's look at us you can see it was a common verse three yeah I meant I meant verse one chapter three verse one he comes into his temple in verse wine and what's he doing there that's in verse three okay he's purifying his people what now one of escape verse two because because verse three answers the question in verse two that is who will stand when he appears so if I could try to say like this has you're looking for him to come to earth but he's going to come to his temple but was revealed to stand when he comes to earth she is sitting right now in the Temple purifying people shall be able to stand when he comes to earth is just worded beautifully to indicate the nature of the great disappointment people were looking for him but since coming to this artist destroy the wicked he came to his temple to purify his teachers Europe syllabi said that this talk was not only about a disappointment but also about the shaking and I believe that this class there are two minutes left so I would tell you with some ideas about the shaking for you to investigate first of all the shaking is described in Amos nine nine as a man using a wind to blow away the chaff so over the drain is left the shaking is a metaphor drawn from a man using wind to remove the chaff and to leave the grain what is the beautiful promise name is not I'm not that not the least grain will fall to the earth as the shaking kind of shakeup we Christians and shaking out fake Christians just after a set of the least personal quality or the very next race as all the sinners of my people shall die by the sword fake Christians yet North is not people who are weak and struggling that are shaken out and shaking their action may stronger the shaking process it's those suet who granted themselves and their rightness with God and an adopt assurance of salvation without having a sound basis for their shaken out point to him I make my last minute is that there are two different entities compared to shaking wins in the New Testament John the Baptist spoke about one he said that that when he appears is going to be like only say is that happiness and in his hand and he will thoroughly purge his floor and you'll burn up the chaff with unquenchable wheat that the wins and argues I see that's an illustration of the shaking the better versus Revelation seven talks about the wins of strife is persecution across a shaken the church I terrible one in fact for persecution as happened artist Kaushik is the church in the Chinese address church in the revolution of the forties it just obliterated where you thought there were a large containers of wheat first founded the very level but chaff is in China relations seven then the other place is undefeated I never reference but environmental history and then in Ephesians four one or the wins and Ephesians four achieving us to be carried about with every wind of doctrine in summary there are two wins mentioned in the New Testament are the wins of persecution and the winds of doctrine both are used to shake wicked out of the church unconverted out of the church and neither one of them shaking out weak Christians and the shaking can be much more thoroughly developed but not in twelve seconds so manual takes time and a different lecture to develop it this could think it's an important topic to start transfer our father in heaven I ask that you would take the principles of Uruguay Bible that we've studied today that she would impress their truth in the minds of each year were dependent on you to finish the work you started I asked for this gift in the name of Jesus and


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