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How to Study the Bible: Part 1

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)

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carburetor libel to Isaiah chapter twenty eight Isaiah chapter twenty eight this morning ladies when it were added to her express her to lie and call it and noticed that the little path up from that Maria can't fire up that way was littered with hind shells little puppies the plan shall fail to see that my manager for this morning I was walking down that single path I saw the all over the ground were that that little green pieces like mass but from a fresh plan the still green and while is located that wondering how do they all get in the ground someone like me is when these things with me I'll be happy to talk towards it while I was look at the ground watching a little green things what wondering whatever they are I saw another windfall I looked up and was almost like being in an airport in an airport and as you're landing you can see playing after graphically described in the land rigorous enough like playing Aurora sky I can see that this huge pine tree one after another coming down to landfall in the branches visible signs some of you know what what's going on up there in the top of the tree I don't know for records that are not but I know one animal dies as the squirrel this squirrel was even one of these things talked about than just a minute Isaiah chapter twenty eight religion at verse eight suicidal person not I for cleaner verse that says it all shouted teenage what's the word knowledge and hill shall be made to understand doctrine that's the question were discussing this morning the question as well will God teach sentient record it is look at the verse that God doesn't teach everyone that if there's a question does God teach that there must be qualifications to being taught by God and Jason versus God changes you want us to teach you know what the universe was trying to teach you to understand what that's it God is a teacher wants us to understand is true that it teaches a certain class of people that end of verse nine says there that are being that from the Malloch and drawn from the breasts how can you have brothers and sisters are under the age of five impairments okay there's not as vital but at that age then we might be wrote a bill remember two or three years ago when your brother was a toddler new member my brother was a toddler Nortel Networks while most dangerous thing that happens in the life for the skin and it could happen in the life of a toddler waterways of toddlers get hurt what's one okay so she mentioned that they try to copy their older brothers and sisters and sometimes they can't do the things and making it hurt also not accountants yes okay expand on that is not just rat poison you know the baby is according to this verse are babies depend on their mothers for milk they are but the baby sometimes try to feed themselves and what kind of things do they put in her mouth ever be hard to think of something they don't put in her mouth when the they put in our mouths whenever fencing is light enough to go in there think about it for a minute babies who are the greatest dangers to babies is feeding themselves they could feed themselves a balloon or a piece of plastic or marble that's too large and will not be a disaster for a baby what is a baby need a baby needs its mother or father defeated Jesus when he asked the question coefficient going to teach knowledge he says will understand doctrine it's not that class that are as dependent as babies are further foods are expand on a little bit because you could misunderstand his diverse saying that we shouldn't be dependent on God the fetus is not very obvious that the question is who is God going to be an answer is those that are not dependent on and must be others but is thought simply if God is going to teach me for me because I'm not dependent on some other man to be teaching me there's nothing wrong with being a baby but it's very dangerous than excess Riverside there's nothing wrong with being a baby Bible student but it's very dangerous was status of being a baby Bible student was dangerous as what if that person is feeding you is as good as a loving mother other Bible people out there Bible teachers that don't feed the right stuff there are Bible teachers out there that gave the wrong stuff and if you're a baby can debate is just no what are now the ball is formed over for beer containing all that you know what they tasted that it's not an outright but they are oblivious to some extent of what they're taking their third depend on someone else to get on the right stuff do you want to be dependent on someone else to give you the right stuff I hope in one of first things that were learning today that you will develop a desire to not be dependent on your teachers on your counselors on your parents to give you the right stuff I hope they will give you the right stuff I expect they will but if God is in the future doctrine this process is to be those for winning from the milk is now the process of the next verse assess for precept must be upon precept but we hardly use the word precept anymore they were here noted preceptors yester you exactly outlaw for and maybe Microsoft than just a little bit it's like a law that's not written down that he disobeyed to get spanked it's more like a law about just the way things work like if you're nice to your mother she's happy about entities in a different essay you should be nicer mother and that would be a precept is there a log somewhere that cannot question whether you do ten push-ups now sometimes precepts are made into rules but are not exactly the same thing a precept is an idea about how to live so the next verse said for an idea about how the layout must be placed upon another idea about how to live an idea about how to live must build upon another idea about how to live with skipper universe line upon line line upon line here are little and they are a little one the world doesn't mean I bet that there are some young people here don't even raise your hands or point fingers I bet the price of young people here that are thought of as brains think like that or maybe the modern memory of modern words that mean that art is nice by people who really may have been vocabularies and there might be other tablets like the word use and might be other people here that are kind of simpleminded people did God call for profits was at the ones who had the really powerful brains are the ones were kind of simpleminded anyone know I could hear each of us was curious for handling it said something like those who are quite smart president has also said that is that some of the simplemindedness it has a set down and how it is that it like both guys and that okay and no one thought it was just unwise that's true and why is it than that people are always following people that have their PhD 's airliner but anyway on the answered shortly as both now think about this for a minute if God gets his message to a man who has a simple mind and Batman tries to put into words for us it's even a few simple words or more complex words simple words he's not been a use that word in acute he might not use the word sanctification he might not use the word precept he might say something like God wants to forgive us and so he teaches us how to live so that we can live lives are like kids then you might have someone who has a the large intellect like Paul did offer right you might say God wants to impute to us his righteousness and he wants to work in our lives so that we become more sanctified in our experience he wanted to just precepts about how to live on the same ideas I'm giving you a hint about how to study the Bible God gave the same message to several different profits and if you want God to teach you you're going to have to find where God gave the same message that are similar ideas to several different profits and rated from the several of them because they won't use the same phrases they won't use the same words and will happen is the simple one will help you understand the difficult one but a difficult one will give you information you never could've gotten from the sample one what were really talking about is who does God teach the foregoing to understand doctrine Jesus doesn't have to teach us that he wanted to just eight dollars and who does it teach according to Isaiah twenty eight he teaches those who are weaned from human dependence and he teaches those who compare the writings of various profits they take I did it on a live and build upon another one a look here in line they are and put them together those are the two first conditions were looking at about how to study the Bible there are lot more when you look at this week and maybe a few more this morning let's turn to our passage in Isaiah chapter fifty eight that's thirty chapters ahead Isaiah chapter fifty eight Windows tries logic on your permanent out about the future something if you depend on a vintage shoe would that make you like a compared to a strong young manner compared to an infant that's right if you want to be compared to strong young man you can't just listen to my same believe it you have to do something more than that you have to look at what the Bible says and think is that really what it is teaching me how to but I just want to get bigger and habit this is a habit I've been in for a long time I habit of when you're listening to people talk about the Bible is not just going and it's true if that's true yeah it's true I never thought about it that's true wow because there's a little bit of danger in doing that the guy might schedule below there's an illustration of talking about that said you're going to be safe you have to get where you're doing some critical thinking about what's being said Isaiah fifty eight let's look at verse one it says cry aloud spare not spare in my twenties a Bible dictionary get to work like that you don't know that it would mean that such of our publishing or handling this up until you it says don't hold back maybe give a different version of the says that don't hold back cry loud don't hold back lift up your voice like a trumpet was anyone here that was woken up by the trumpet this morning I thought maybe you think maybe this verse is indicating that one word talking about Bible truth we might Sanford 's request to wake people up in a spiritual way to sell show my people their transgressions and the house of Jacob their sins so if you are going to be someone who is sharing what God wants you to share what might you be showing to the people what might you show them that's no fun I mean there are a lot of fun things in Christianity it is fun to learn about the second coming and it's fun to think about the animals in heaven it's fun to consider some illustrations for nature but it is not fun to tell people about their sense unless your seven or eight years old and it sounds like this mom and dad are but can you already know from this chapter that that's not what it's talking about it we memorize her son arising last night about the putting forth of the design good thing or a bad thing so it must be what I'm telling the church about their sends it's not the same thing as tattle tailing must be list look at verse two yet they seek to meet daily so these people are making mistakes they're sending are they having devotions in this passage most people don't have devotions but Isaiah fifty eight is speaking about a class that does have devotions I wonder that class need they need to know about their sense sometimes it doesn't do any good to tell some classes about their sense but the class are seeking God daily they need to know as much as anyone else it says they delight to know my ways as a nation that did righteousness and percept not the ordinance of their God and organize another word from law Seventh-day Adventist so there are some things that separate us from Baptist and Methodist Dan Pentecostals and Lutherans marks one of the big things that separates us from those churches was one that so interesting returning Vincent Vincent mentioned we worship on the seventh day mysteries of life not the rapture window in ascribing a real value was another one when you die your turned the dirt that's exactly it it's not what everyone else thinks let notice have fun unless document and come to just one of them related this verse the first one mentioned is that we believe in keeping the Sabbath day Sabbath when other people have forsaken God 's law were the ones who say no were still going to keep it they left it and we said no were not deliberately keep it is a sparse talk about people who have left the ordinance are people who are still keeping the law doesn't say that members as those who have not forsaken the ordinance of their God and the rest as they ask of me the ordinances of justice and you ever ask your mom or dad for spanking antiaircraft unit in your presence after spanking my business so you know most people don't ask for justice when we heard last Saturday night about some people who began camp on Monday and the mayors are to get kicked out about them to the people in this verse to ask God for the ordinances of justice was adversely asking God for that it's pretty clear as in verse two is as they ask of me the ordinance of justice is justice meted out in this verse history when does God make things right right now if you suck Ron does God punish immediately went to go get punished for what they do it just he said behold I come quickly and my reward is with me to give every man according as his work shall be so he comes back and at best ordinance injustice are there a class of people in this world who are asking for Jesus to come back soon the windows being Adventist do say that Isaiah fifty eight specifically about Seventh-day Adventist who was at about is the class of people that like to get to know God the acts like they haven't forsaken his commandments and then ask for him to come back soon as that that's Seventh-day Adventist argument in the writings of this chapter this chapter is made for us it's a chapter for us as a church person in your Bibles to John John chapter seven and were looking at verse seventeen John seven in verse seventeen the verse has if any man will do it here as well that is God 's will he shall know of the doctrine whether it be of God or whether I speak of myself here Isaiah what was as John seven seventeen what was it that God wanted to just Isaiah wanted to just doctrine and what's the condition of knowing about the doctrine in John chapter seven it's being willing to do it as you might illustrate that Regency suppose there's a man who is trying to find out is okay to drink wine and he opens up his Bible to study this what will he find it if he is going to drink wine regardless of what he finds that with such a weird site in question I think I should start over you know if that man is not willing to do what God wants he won't understand the Bible and he'll think when he gets done with the Bible teaches that it's okay to use wine for every young lady opens the Bible to find out whether or not it's okay to wear wear your rings what if she's not willing to do what it says will she understand the Bible was the per se was the condition of understanding the Bible as being willing to do it social about revival can share the record is just like you you can use the concordance if you're not willing to do it says you can federal court and you can turn your painters you can lookup reverse or but when you get all will you understand just how significant this verse is from Bible understanding if you're not understand the Bible you're going to have to be willing to do what it says or you just won't get it this first proved to me since it does this for you this verse proves to me that people who are very very very smart and have high IQs often can't even understand the Bible to see that in the verse because of you have a very high Junior got wind that the Bible says or even understand no one turns their Bibles to Daniel chapter twelve on talk about the ideas a bit morbid I went to get Daniel twelve because something happened in the middle ages over and over again it is really quite encouraging a quite incredible I'll try to illustrated with a story that I'm just making the story up to illustrate it if you could imagine that a young lady who loves her Bible is taken captive by the Inquisition people who begin several magazine probably hope Inquisition is innovate on a lot of other things right because you read that those stories about the Reformation imagination lady is caught by the Inquisition and she's brought before say Doctor or what is other man was just a giant intellect the Roman papal leader and does not guy really know his arguments and now he knows Greek and Hebrew when we can turn in here now if you know the arguments now to twist things and she's put very fun of him and you know she barely knows how to read and she just became a Christian three weeks ago and she really does love Jesus but she doesn't really know much at all and free to select this Avenue and now she's put on the spot and begins to be drilled about her faith dishy have enough brains to answer his objections she can't even understand his objections but she can understand behind because it's a gift that God gives to those are willing to do what God said and even with all of those deceitful arguments floating around her head yet she can stand firm on the faith because she's willing to do a guy gives her understand your general twelve let's look at verse ten verse ten is talking about what happens after seventeen ninety eight when the little book of Daniel is opened many shall be purified and made white and try but the wicked will do was say wickedly and not of the wicked will was a say what an arresting sentence and you see it however but understand none none none none zero zero zero that something if you have not given your life to Jesus and you open up the book of Daniel and read it you might understand the words and phrases like all the other words you understand think you get what you're reading but the Bible says as far as the big picture you just don't get it working to understand and look at the next part of the verse it's sad but the wise was a say now I will try to do some logic for you after this may give you some observations and renewal practice the wise understand and the wicked don't understand therefore no one that is wicked can really be said to be people that logic otherwise understand none of the wicked understand yet simple the wise understand that God gives understanding to those who are weaned from human dependence if the wise understand and guide to understanding for those who don't depend on other man than it must be that the spiritually wise are those that don't depend on other men noncitizens Juventus said who are the spiritually wise they must be those who are depending on others for their spiritual life Isaiah said that God is teaching those who are compared with the various prophet saying putting it together and Daniel said the wise understand so must be the wiser the ones that are compared with the various profits say and Jesus said in the book of John did those understand where willing to do what God said therefore you can try this to what we know about the lives and they must be willing to to do what God says to follow the logic of that I must say everything we said this morning and try saving about forty seconds I want God to teach me in my Bible study were talking about deep I was starting but I got really good without God teaches me I'm desperately await demand that doesn't understand that God is good and teach me there are some basic qualifications is my intellect when the qualifications note filled razor hands with one of the three qualifications will be willing to say out loud plus one zip of the publication be willing to do with what the other two that's it being blamed for the melt which means not being dependent on other people to teach me yes being willing to receive correction and may need to compare the writings of the various profits to each other and see how they fit together those are the three conditions that we and we need them who changes us and if God teaches you you end up knowing what's true love it wasn't what I can teach about the Bible study how to have God teach you turn back to Isaiah fifty eight Isaiah fifty eight and were going to begin looking at verse six for our next hand about how to understand the Bible Isaiah fifty eight in verse six have you ever been sent by your parents or teachers looking for like audits lessons in nature German sound doing that when you go looking for on lessons if you're looking for just what you can see in nature this morning I saw so many things I like to observe later in a roundabout north around not little outhouse there in that white buckets of the lines in the bucket and can't fail in their another little insight I don't know what kind of insect it is but it's about the outlawing and its kind as shaped like a backwards trying with ahead is the wider and the back is smaller that has lots last little tiny legs it looks really soft by the project and you know is valid though I'm also do you think they can get out an outline bucket I don't think so so if you use it you'll see what I'm talking about building their I registering a lesson from that front line because there are going to watch with you that that black and not little wiggly wiggly thing were not meant to be in line God made them to be in the dirt and when they're in line it's no good for them at all will have to find asleep and when you leave and we all even an outline that it of lime ingestion or something like that did God make us to be a certain environment he designed us to be in a beautiful environment she designed the home and the family and nature and the guard then and really don't decide the entire environment that was just right for us and what happens if we end up living in a city in awful lot like the ant in the line bucket you can walk around in the city if you want to be there at his belly and thighs of our point is that you look at nature for observation see what you can see this morning I saw lots of yellow jackets I observed something so interesting missed her I just forgot his name someone tell you what's one of our men in this camp he decided to just let the Yellowjackets eat the food on his plate they were bothering him and he would not bother them and you know before long there were lots of yellow jackets around the Yellowjackets going tellingly find something good is not a good idea for them to do is good for them why do for us so in the morning you are not fighting something and when God make you to do five cents for the salt upon my observations in the looking for the things that God is teaching a nature is the same thing to God in the Bible you have to help like your thinking caps on and be observing what does the verse a listless look at verse six from it soon says he is not this the fast that I have was a say I serve in the first part of the verse that there's more than one kind of fast isn't that clear from the personal phrase and is there one conversely God chooses over another restaurant diverse multifaceted God chooses over another there is I don't know what type you buy can see in the verse that there's one type of fasting God chooses a certain type of fast and then it says to loose the bands of wickedness when I read that phrase I think it through one what is intentionally doesn't recognize have but plans on this wickedness holding down the clear numbers that wickedness is like is like a bondage old we now isn't it clear that passage that God 's fast releases us from those bonds all I'm doing I'm trying to verbalize for use on my doing my own head I try to go really slowly traverse and just think what does it say I write down these little ideas as their own little sentences so I might write down a little paper might write down God has a fast he chooses there is more than one type of fast wickedness has bondage God 's past releases the bondage I make observations like that whatever's look at the rest of her sixties LLC a doctrine of a sentence you can get the rest of her six foot pleasant razor hand yet a real simple little idea you benefit the bands of wickedness should just stay there there was one what else can you see in the verse yes okay so it's not just one man you want it with its band some of the SI they also come to you so interesting kind of that verse just for men come back to this one it's helpful to illustrate something about the way language works the band in Isaiah fifty eight is the kind of band like Hancock Vande hold you now is the only kind of band that we have in the world we have abandoned house like her and her second event it wasn't there and as her husband man besides that you might have the bands of soldiers in bands of campers and in which kind of bands without first talking on someone nineteen a group right this is one thing you have to be careful of when you use the concordance some access to understand sometimes a word is used several different ways but helping what verse six can not sure why exactly than saying so if I look at the next little phrases as to undo the heavy burdens can you or anything just from that phrase with a tell you about about the burdens that God wants to set us free from her having marital way down what might you do that might help you get free from heavy burdens maybe you've got fast God surpasses what is chosen to let go of these heavy burdens look at my little cheap timepiece we have time to do what I'd like you to do when I say go is to split into your groups with your counselors and in verse seven to jostle what board Barry sample logo observations just little sense as you can say from what just what's in verse seven just what you know okay go I'll call you back in May five six minutes when take one observations worry looking for simple observations ever really complex new things I hope that we're looking for God that hasn't raised her hand Yasser said something about some simple observation just be happy to mention that yes some this went hunting on that last part of the verse notice that says don't hide yourself from yourself don't hide yourself in your own flash some other observation yes so here comes something really interesting already about our observations are observations are an important step but they're not the same as Scripture denotes you can read that last phrase to very different ways that could say don't hide yourself from that your own skin nerves in your shortbread and have one and then the you have a shirt or could say so pretend that your relatives don't have need take care of them don't distance yourself from them when your flesh and blood what observations help you know which way to understand that phrase I was issue that observations are limited when it comes the phrases that could be understood to the ways know how to do some comparing Scripture with Scripture and go a step further to understand those the weather and his observations are just pretty simple the passage just so interesting just the word by so I go to a food kitchen volunteer to pass out food is not a good thing is that the seven Isaiah fifty eight and Bernstein but one that has no Isaiah fifty eight Brett is old advertisement Brett is but a spiritual sense the conclusion to get sharing the things that we've learned any other simple observations so was not profound or what the understudy saying the Pruett 's house in our bank account I sometimes remember how it's not your business by let's say we have this much how much would it take to relieve the poor people in Africa if we have this much it would take something that would reach far beyond the mode we can do it is Isaiah fifty eight by certain guideline to help you know where your charity should go and what guns and put on when you see that is when it when it's in your way another simple observations yes okay so have a big picture here is giving her food sharing your clothes helping Onegin and you put the sauce together and observed that selflessness but that's what God wants us to fast from a selfish holding on beautiful one or perhaps but will then review them first yes okay so good you've been in this passage we are trying to feed a baby that wasn't hungry how does it go it's just a massive and ever talking about people who are trying to come Christians are they more like babies a special sensor more like adults unlike babies are they and so what have you tried it and I were hungry what does that have to save unabated is about a profound simple idea let us say this whole thought is a picture and then review enclose a lot of what God wants to cheat just in the Scripture is not so on the complex idea there are some of those ideas that are really going for mental bodybuilding there are some but a lot of what we need is very short sweet simple ideas that we just started practicing yet than access to why one of the conditions is being willing to do it you know no one will ever go to understand what the verse says about bringing people in your own home if they're not willing to do it for you when to do with the just concluded cannot quite believe that why can't they understand that because if I do not will do his well you'll know of the doctrine was not conditioned being taught of God being weaned from human dependence was the third condition of being taught of God comparing right finally the different prophets say and discuss what you find a prophet a simpleminded because he says in a way that we can understand and that it respond when a prophet who used of complex way of communicating is now fully understand it was nothing like understanding something you can understand before you just hope you feel like you learn something our final thought this morning the overtime already hosting a ghost and the interest of the fifty were way over time that was our final thought this morning sometime today you might get a handle if megabits per morning and will have a handout at that point the start has for closing prayer with us this our father in heaven I asked that she will take the simple truths of your holy Bible which will use them to make a difference in our experience and I ask for that gift in the name of Jesus and


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