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How to Study the Bible: Part 3

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)

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you are thinking to have him here to read that you will cc and bcc serial rights last night was a standing at the center of the things here in Cincinnati when Sarah was using dimensions of your people in this building is him and the seller that is what the public this morning and learned how to sell your Bibles are those I want to address the questions run this one day felt Monday about right not to say hi know thyself in thine own flesh I thought about that I found what I was looking for a passage of Scripture that seem like they might help us know whether it is don't find yourself on your own schedule for your hide yourself from the news of your here are your Bibles to first John chapter three are looking at verse seventeen is what you have to do is be on the safe holiday is not fighting yourself from your flash if I is in another process is the same idea in a different way it would be more clear what is your own flesh showing a letter means from your care first John three looking at verse seventeen whoever hath this world and sees his brother have need a shot I thought his bowels of compassion from him how does well in the love of God in him him first John three seventeen the last verse is a lean closer to hiding yourself in your house they're selling for hiding yourself from the use of your mother is like that on that you are helping someone is there and even adult and attention to it turn to chapters two thousand ten read the whole passage was read enough reminders of the stories look at verse thirty will have mercy thirty and Jesus answering said I a certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho and fell among thieves which stripped him of his raiment and wounded him and he departed leaving him half that as much as there came down a certain priest that way and when he saw him to testify on the other side now we know the story is not down to verse thirty six which now of these three thinkest thou was neighbor unto him the fellow line of these the story is seen by a similar idea is not hiding yourself from the need on your neighbor you're not hiding yourself from the insurance of your own flesh and not elsewhere looks like the media certainly does endless like me that the flesh that shows here is the flash of the kind Samaritan is the flesh of God 's e-mail about the question shows will I have suffered by some diversifies your last five years five Ezra Nehemiah Esther Job Psalms is my song just go back a ways you hereby have five verse five CMIS is yet now are is a husband allow Wednesday Rundgren our children as their children in love we bring you the bondage of our sons and our daughters to be servants and some of our daughters are brought of the bond is already knew that is our powers reading number other than how my lands in our vineyard in this verse the word flashed their usually house use yet now are is out the flash was a say so that when Isaiah says don't hide yourself from your own flash in my flight by the health is a related and migratory to select all Manaus is your own flesh of our website so let me conclude by telling him I don't have to prove that Isaiah fifty eight being what I think it does but I found three other passages that seem to have the same idea as to what happened that means the highly cell phone the needs of others are being aware and open to helping them in their need than that's what I think it needs because I thought all their profits this is the same idea as always you are is how do I do find some other father talking a similar idea as to set a different way and then you have an idea of related pilot the other one leans because God assures the same thoughts as he yesterday has read the John I have forgotten out before you something else his friend will Clinton's a two hours ago stuck review is not a while an angle from you likewise I impressed with this Mullen plan I believe I can't see but someone or some more some car ahead and broke it right here let my soul and him alone does not like that this kind of broke the top off the sediment falling off it is been sober sure what happened with pointing straight down but it shall add to have enough strength in its weak spot here is that is it really the fibers were broken really work so what do it Dennis best occurred as fast as it could and grew an intern and right now as I pointed out in front of the slip of white children are anyways I brought a sacrifice his life for you is always just like this it was flanking up the sunshine very courageously on the press are you just let out and so I think you heard it in some talk somewhere as well mention it it was last week was rather as a flyer etc. rather slider shared about how you have all of a sudden I was even as he rises again not an illustration is headed back sometimes were we a ball in the past we have a real leave the area under his amount estimated for what it is but how many of you young people and older know what I really be areas in your life is place for Satan is trying to get you and you know you're regarding looks like it's just a little more than half listen everyone of you that do not raise your hand you are trying to figure that out there is someplace in your life the devil has had some success and negative they are being really doesn't care if you can get you different about every time I thought if you are not blocking most of Heinlein 's review of everything every lesser invitation he has you like what the hook for your leftist or anything disappointed I think you'll like what I like about this plan is that the latter had a very great weakness and I couldn't change that weakness and then get going the right direction for something else to know the London operating under its own weight that is the plan is not there wasn't going to like this is a thought I can't let that the logger can't do it is available him know that it have to dry for Quaker raises not respect someone knocked it over with and so gently insult right to do my best if the devil sees one of you young ladies osprey in your spiritual life for one of your young men prosper in your spiritual he has a little bag of tricks that he was trying to use the ideas the L to quite sure what you're trying to add hiring growth for this fraction is a living down to something down here and one of his biggest strengths I called the boy girl that affects you you have the whole sermon figured out for inside I saw another solid year levels weren't enough for Senate are you available for a breakout for aesthetic is lighthearted and fun are said of anyone that is when you are trying to aim higher your spiritual life and then the devil will try to distract you to have an interest in a young lady you have to be aware to young lady she does not feel like you will distract you from any higher in your spiritual life and his updates forgiveness suggests you are looking off if you have wisdom you all that way what should you do that I said just what yourself get yourself on track videos is replaced with a girl umbrella boy is is further your files Isaiah fifty eight is that some Isaiah fifty eight and I still haven't you should have him know how I had to share with you that designing one day one resulting in the pool has nodded like to share this one something from yesterday when you read that on a three versus one five two eight do you notice anything that is the funny thing is as had others under alone was worthy of being obliterated as a few days later die spirit of not what was that anyone can remember Mister wasn't that led them to that level of parent brother-in-law he is an okay and I wasn't just the Sabbath there is something else it was the strangeness was calling another loss in there's something about potential safety net has the ability to set something longer right one healing is possible to narrow successful in the right course as possible and what they were as wise as is the medicine of all right they were less like very very had three merits write you a letter to the merits they had forty days before toasting time with coffee him and how to respond that you not included on faith that I got leaned back on the good night couldn't have grabbed and Jonah and strong him and tortured him to death is not an done that would have benefited down at all young people 's lives for this is my second sermon this morning the devil placed such a nasty trick on young people it works like this their parents correct them and they get revenge on their parents by rebelling against God Butterfield everybody's on your parents by rebelling against God pray tell who do you hurt you now you might be able to afford to very badly me like your parents is that you could even die but that's just a small part of the story and I necessarily am that of the thousands of the best justice will when you are corrected to get revenge upon God for the way people correct you wrongly denigrates astrocyte in our words of a God because of what he's like you know people that are trying to represent him don't represent him well at all okay and not the story is original for similar thought and I is only the obvious including the case that came I was so impressive anything that will passage it is not like gays a humble themselves and chicanes are like modern kids at here is not like them the humble themselves but they can learn of life is a judgment because the good life he humbled himself he accepted some correction and when they came to humble himself what impact do not have an arrest no there are two sorts of pictures and things are going well there are two sources of influence I'd like you to consider there are some people that because of their popularity upon that stage or the in the South that when they do the right thing they have a lot of influence the only negative on the north were already there on a question for you I'm not asking I think Matthew was always young people are your kind of popular people but I'm not asking you it was like that that person chose to go all the way you do the right thing will likely have an impact on others is here she went home for him or herself it could have a power to change things for a lot of people but that is the only source of powerful influence of another's source and the bottom with someone who is me and struggling and cast out an unpopular despite all the setbacks when he is here she won't take a stand and do the right thing and braved ridicule problems that is a source of radiating power that has as much influence as when it comes from the top to join unmeasurable influences in front of the least of them unto the greatest so everyone is what every of the storyteller because Isaiah fifty eight is about a firehouse that God is looking for is appearance here from Jonah but I must develop artifacts are looking for in other words it works right all my logic assess your so fast that will work enjoyment we have a picture of the fast without the part that is all I want to look at Jonah and learn something about the kind of fast work and most of the class that is putting away of sin but there's a little bit more join your fifty eight right look at verse six him not this the fast that I have chosen to loose the bands of wickedness no just cause for minutes when you look at verse seven year deal the graduate verse seven you don't like yourself visit and write your house number seven is not herself as a family of government closing or selling yourself as a almost everything began to wonder about her sex was misleading about breaking up my own bands of wickedness for breaking the massive wickedness in others intercellular question in the book of Jonah you're what the case that he didn't just say let's see what else to say but in the country it is working what else to say nothing for what else is let's turn back to you Isaiah fifty eight Muslims of John chapter three one five four nine various Jonah CF three and were looking at verse eight this is the case thinking he says father Nash is an faster than no drinking and looking for something else was rehearsing together a gallery out loud is reading about Latin America was vis-à-vis colorless sackcloth and cry mightily unto God was hurt when I left unturned everyone from Wednesday is the whole way from the violence that is he is an this is large enough and was it just that fast of not chewing food that was saying this is a yes you think it is a good example he called everyone else send me on your Bibles in Hebrews chapter three is in my notes so I reserve the right to change the reference is not right for you again already Hebrews chapters three get this right in verse twelve is loosely as well it says take a mother and finally he is well taking brother and lest there be any of you an evil heart of unbelief in the parking of the living God listen carefully but exhort one another was essay in a leave while it is called today lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin in this verse what was supposed to do for you you haven't asked will encourage you to do the right thing to brainwash a stanza should do the right thing and what I thought this article universe so I'm about to discharge my duty I want you all to do the right thing the encouragement they got today off all the little things that patients owned by one guy says he'll prosper shall I just did I exhorted you right thanks all who are you supposed to do the right thing with the numbers to each other exhorting to other suggestions even Manuel Isaiah fifty eight thousand three thousand within that is not just referring to your own laboratory who was not his embarrassment for her daily help others listed their own bands of Clinton yes is a good question should you know while you're in lighter cherishing a sin to try to correct someone else from your files relations Chapter six and look at verse one Galatians six is one there is sufficient is the author help you break off their evangelism is fallacious the first one says brethren if a man be overtaken and I fall where the next four words and his recognition of helping someone else there is it is not run your own life and influence you what God says his sister pointed out is certainly the truth you're not qualified yet to help someone else in a simple but if you have a good morning time given your life to God for yourself was a say resource of July in the spirit of meekness considering herself also the government all right if you are visiting and were running out of time is not right on cue friend Miles Leviticus chapter sixteen Leviticus chapter sixteen yesterday I try to track people down all over the place and give them the nose for these vital studies I think I frightened down three quarters obviously if you're the one corner that somehow I found yesterday on the table the people of Israel and is available in your mind more copies of the studies the site is about four pages long to find Michigan one holds that and take it with you unless you're just a throwaway then don't bother right and if you were here then please take one of the chapters sixteen and we are looking at verse verse twenty nine and this shall be a statute for ever unto you that in the seventh month on the day of the month you shall afflict your souls and do no work at all whether it be one of your own country or strangers sojourns among you are on that day shall be filled in please make atonement for you declines you that you made a clean from all your sands before the Lord this type of the David on the you remember from your what have I been reliving the same as the one where the peoples of both of you that is so than previously tell a lamb unilateralist vice president goes the people would be looking for souls now the Bible differently doesn't say in this passage what it means life with personal inventory it has himself about what was let's Isaiah fifty eight is the passage that explains firstly I said to myself people waiting for Corsica coming people who are you guys commend this people who are having devotions is to intensify to look like you're having a terrible life what he's asking is this become service oriented only people we make this real simple was another life you regularly write how you doing something new in your life is really like Las Vegas comes in the world could have ended in the late fifties if the world had ended in the late eighteen fifties wet with only having written the material from one of her books in which liquidity is generally right one I conclude from that is that there is one small black to have everything that is positively essential for using out there with the above-named is you know was also slow more than the book is full of pictures and illustrations and mental drawings so that it actually and currently is a book for young people to read the handlebars like theological difficult stuff and as for me I highly recommend that you read the book from that's an commercial and level I feel fine that the world is divided on this first lineup for the two categories all categories are Sunday and let us know one category our daily search in the first to see what other Santas and they are taken away fast one category the other category are looking for advice call me but for the most part the United Nations doing as they normally do except I don't even think about Python as outlet was watching the pictures and is not the bloodless and girls in the other stuff you as a light was watching this picture the California reporting away those samples she sought evil angels join the surrounding darkness that God is in the darkness away is always a picture I and unabashedly never surrounding the DOS protection represented the seal of God what happened is true or having fun and enjoying their life the Angels could not succeed in getting through to them and convincing them to live the right way and the holy angels who nervously away from that of sadness there was the Reverend Arnesen as you can see them any longer what a lifestyle there is different picture of the fulfillment of Leviticus sixteen the biggest a few sizes of people who will afflict your souls will be cut off from the congregation where that picture mean weight after the methodology was not hard and putting a later sand the vastly last out of the church for his judgment is not a hard idea to understand this important one as part of the curriculum resume how you have analyses that was united in the nose from yesterday has your hands okay it's a lot more girls than boys I was only as much art if you have a time you have to allow for us I only have to more days if you I know I'm not as yet throughout his life you should use the same yourself as outlined in this if you don't have one here suffice it to say I is that it is not as carefully as I got one for you as you look like this outline is outlined enough houses is vital as he was endlessly positive I will outline number one what kind of person to be a social I can teach me Amanda is going to do well with you on Monday or I understand that is why you as well on Monday a man that is single-mindedly believing in that at all if you are the technologies of writing and Mary J Johnson one James chapter one is the fuss about if you want was not have to go to your that is one five that says that you are believing God is sunbathing on others in your normal life you don't get anything from the one oddities you through the passage him to talk about is not looking up later going to section number ten what is taught of God earnestly pray for healthy understanding always the Isle of Wight in the magazine out of the race after you get it when you come to Bible study result will also have the top is something like the Bible will never be started without you can use the right that's great that's always there is no authentic myself I don't dare is my Bible without asking God to help because I know the devil is ready to give me as I don't have help the religious service the Bible for people from the lofty strains Russian Kelly Helm is certainly going to carefully read the passage of eighty five fax perhaps repeatedly and some of you have Elizabeth here Gregory Creech 's liaison that so I don't recommend the things that he does not fully what he recommends presenter at his illustration with his message the passage is not about doing it through no fault blot is that seven times now he is no versus those of you that is not a bad idea what happens we resulted to repeatedly unique and unnoticed things is somehow you missed the first time you run going through it so we talked about Iceland are limited on notes and observations just facing phrases below finds we can talk but emphasizing words list might help you with a verse like this for your files Isaiah fifty eighth Isaiah fifty eight him a allowed him to this is one of my favorite house of the entire life this is the eighth eleven the message read it to you the first phrase a few times and the Lord shall guide me and the Lord shall guide the and the Lord shall guide the Lord shall guide me continue and the Lord will guide the was I doing when I read that handles various times he is right I was doing it because sometimes what I read and status I don't actually know if one of the words even though I say it it just seems to go through and doesn't register so many memories on otherwise just as the husband and I emphasize the ongoing idea how much of the time he or four I honestly thought has liberalized guys that he is one of the taking either go suddenly as realizes the Lord is not some manner someone else was guiding me as God himself are there a lot of thoughts in that one sentence by emphasizing various words alone he's working on his way I can see you are already in the passage look at three I guess I is really rejuvenated these things are rising yourself with Scripture is the next day 's things in the nineteen ninety six is a wonderful nurse advises that him really and literally is that of a single Romanian item I learn Romanian Romanian nineteen ninety six at the learning a new photo Friday vocabulary language sophomore year lifespan is right now when you're trying to learn a new language I'm trying to learn twenty three there is a point where you let a lot of vocabulary rules and quite a vocabulary that you really can't quite understand above written in a language like you look at it let me recognize about every version words are not understand the sense is not going away sign structures like learning a language that requires all lot of work before you get the language even just understand what you're reading but when you're learning is that there will be some sinuses ourselves off unless the you know a little bit of Spanish you know I understand that God is vital with things like that don't align with little phrases and passages so I'll let all know is that no matter how young you are in Bible study when you get that you will understand that part was not right I than azure sky the longer you become more familiar way so the successful is he's added a favorite movie of the honestly performing as reflection about that on Friday governed by humans the vessel of the Bible itself yes the importance now that versus not for etymologies the only word you don't know apology means that history of words like the word beautiful visiting with working over that of the word beautiful it was Tyndale that first dive into a good translation of the Bible into English frequently living for him it wasn't the best and other Nevada one the defendant having these problems comes with beautiful word in Greek and the new English language that he was working with was that a small number of words they just cannot find a worthy needed so you just make one no made up justification he made up the word beautiful and then made up a lot of the work that we use every day just to make the translation was just talking about the etymology and history of words unfortunately for human cornices off at half Molly they'll show you here's a word that came from those who are not hid from that were enacted that word the best thing you can do is ignore it because it's not solid this is because the work is another one that I have similar meaning as the word of God and the word is going at the same rooms and Anglo-Saxon background but is not there is no reason for me to tell you that at all etymology is not a helpful tool in Bible study enforcement is not helpful and very much confuses people if a user is now a single tomato is an and is not for translation correction on page on this for one whole minute this file was slain by a great thing but people are really knew their stuff and were concentrating then here comes Joe blow files if you sell his concordance dictionary deluxe up when the words myself they put the wrong word in his cortisol literally means that's not a good way deciding that battery is that Mars often have very many and who knows what you need to use the man who really knows the language one is assigned which he is fast enough birth and feeling of the languages is the one we like it is really messed things up I really think you will find out who that are classified if you don't fight it use a concordance for correction of translation is regarding talk about favorite Scripture knowledge cross-references using my eight hours is rather inexperienced I matter is that God never wanted any of us become an independent atom so sometimes when you want to teach me something he actually does it to you that he teaches you what is usually wanted to me because you'd like us to have spiritual interaction instead of just talking about the weather and sports bethought him about God 's eyes you will experience us a great resource for learning lookout number eight find inspired commentary on the contest if you're trying to find it in comments on Old Testament was a great place to live in his house that is why so many things are hard to understand the Old Testament especially prophecy about the Jews in Judea and Israel Jerusalem and RSS life is tough and understand policy about the Bible but don't skip the AV before you done your own research because God will help you with your history of prophecy LS writing as a substitute for digging in the Bible that would be God help you evaluate your is your life you have ever witnessed little white halo the signs are lot to lot in something like this because you go faster as I get how really old-fashioned you might get there faster but what happened to his legs with you he would become a spoiled brat she will not happen if they don't want to spoil you he gave us minds the study and research is highly wanted to know what was true he doesn't know is I him down for money our research and related movies comes well little spiritual graphs on the way if you must know is true you're not have to do research I can't wait for Molly Fowler one hundred nine all right the chocolate is where you father had I ask for your own purpose you would find a way to use your holy Bible is instead was from those common faults that have distracted dollars from and if already we been down to the point of weakness and that she would help us in the faith of flour the rise I ask for these gifts in the name of Jesus


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