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How to Study the Bible: Part 4

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)

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however for you God and Matthew six did you notice how you get a reward from man if you want to get a reward from man how you do it I think you said all right interest I didn't understand any of them right razor hands would like to say how did reward for mail sorting the blue all right so you for example last Sabbath men offer naughtier the offering and it you got the money in the offering to go for Romanian translation of Whitey materials now the question is are you a reward the answer is yes according to Matthew six you will certainly get a reward your mortal either from man that includes women or will come from God and help what determines which death you try to make sure that someone sees that you're giving a donation maybe even have to if you try to make sure people observe your contribution what reward you get they look at you and I think wow he's a good guy and how she wanted to get upset right that's all reward that you got but if it's a secret thing between you and the father when you get something then what reward will reward you and when he rewards you according to Jesus as your words you open layer does reward you secretly in a interactive you can get that far it's okay if you don't know the answer but he got you'll find rewards you openly you give secretly and he rewards open as a backup review we sat in the start going through this material how to find that how to see and then how to select what we said so far we sat and begged bring your Bible study sometimes the ideas of you come to are not complex ideas sometimes they're just the is at the deep idea that God loves me it's deep it doesn't require algebra to understand it but it does require time time to think were about to stop the sermon and move into a little lecture lecture eight how to find other passages of Scripture on the top of your study having heard of the treasury of Scripture knowledge not enough some excitement this is inside Ms. Haley Martz 's Bible she has a a center column that is full of cross references many prior study Bibles that have cross-references in the middle or at the bottom not all cross-references are the same nor some Bibles that have lots of cross-references are some that have just a few but some man or collection of man I don't know what was way back when made what seems like a nearly exhaustive cross-referenced collection it feels to me from how I've used it that he might've taken fifty different Bible cross-references and bottles of cross-references and what all the cross-references all the Bibles together so in the treasury of Scripture knowledge when you look up Genesis four twelve it might have twenty five cross-references for that one verse and in past years it might still be true this year young disciple sells the book called the treasury of Scripture knowledge it looks like a Bible and it's just cross-references iced this to you as an incredible resource there's another resource that helps you find these passages one of rough unimpressive this because we got one yesterday who does God change one of the conditions he teaches those were taking what one profits sad with the prophets of somewhere else for another profits that and putting them together line upon line here little they're little but you know how to find those other those other passages this other resource is called the online Bible it's only useful if you use a computer but because of the generation you live in my guess is that more than half of you over the age of fourteen use a computer kind to see how my hands of you use computers at home now so this is not mysterious to you all right so lesson if you're taking those this is at www. online Bible .net if you go to like or you'll get some European version of it so it's .net NEG what you find there is check it out a three program I have on my computer I used my devotions are done almost every day on this program it has perhaps now sixty Bibles in English that has free Bibles and almost all languages look at that beautiful pile of paper thank you I'm a be passengers out to eventually but I'm for MLS retention to get back with them about what program online Bible out of brag about for little bit an online Bible of you look up look up Isaiah fifty eight verses six through twelve and what you're looking at you just hit the key that says see that would give you the context of that is it would make an open window show you versus before-and-after if you had asked it would give you the cross-references no as cross-references against you the cross-references from the treasury of Scripture knowledge another word bigger bunch of them not just the references but the bursary because rid of all the same time is just so helpful to take up too much time to keep advertising online Bible so you can advertised yourself by using it I think alike there are other ways I think the most common way that we've been taught since we were younger was that Strong 's concordance Strong 's concordance is useful and what you do is trust in accordance you can do it online Bible and other vital programs that vital part of her little bit easier because you can type in two or three different words and search that way and it helps but was trust records you can lookup a word and you know what word studies there are some weaknesses there will come back to it there is another way to find what you're looking for is hard to describe the method it's called miracle here's what I mean when I'm studying Isaiah fifty eight I'm earnestly praying that God will help me understand the passage I am pleading with God to show me what it means and the fact matter is the online Bible will show me some of the other passages it will help and the fact is my concordance will help me find cellular passages but some other helpful passages online Bible just won't show them up that was not the proper use of those words they won't show up on online Bible and they will show up with my concordance that God is capable in my looking and reading and searching to help me stumble across the most helpful passages how do I find those ones it's by miracle miracles are what you need in Bible study because they for example who'd you need to be teaching you God to be teaching mentally what I set about finding rally that we talked yesterday that we need to find other passages on the same topic now if I do not how to find them one way to find them is by cross references there are some hints and had to give you about how to use cross-references and you want to be sure you read the hints like for example suppose you have a passage like the one you just read Matthew six one two eight Cross references versus one two three four five six seven eight but the whole passages are about the same topic if you end up looking for the cross-references for verse five are not repeat the cross-references that they listed for verse one so if I want to find the cross-references for the passage what cross-references I need to look up the cross-references for the passage for example in Isaiah fifty eight versus six to twelve a lot of the most important cross-references are to be listed next to verse five because in the minds of the people who did the cross-referencing they thought verse five was the beginning of the passage so if you start looking for section messed up that access to them saying other hints are in the handout so that was the performer lecture it's about how to find and now for the for the benefit of those who are visual learners and just can't stand a certain lectures for fifty minutes to see how carefully I'm holding this thing to understand one holding it carefully I don't mean for it to be shaky like that but it's not because I'm nervous about you must be because I'm nervous about it isn't that a pretty color I have long observed that Florence has some of the most gorgeous colors of flowers that exist in nature also been hurt many times trying to get a hold of them will this is a good illustration of one you're looking for the right kind of passage is to help you in the Bible a lot of times the places where we want to look are in the Gospels the book of James were smothered easy maybe the book of Genesis but we really don't want to look in Hosea Zachariah Amos Ezekiel in Ecclesiastes Lamentations you know the places that are long more difficult to read pushed through the mind block that we half from our childhood some of the most beautiful Gospel ideas are found buried talked into passages that we don't understand at all surely one of them without the okay turn with me in your Bibles to the book of Micah right now I'm testing with you about how to study in this giving an example something needs it's in the Bible Micah and give me a moment to find the passage Micah chapter six you were so close night there probably are some beautiful passages in Micah five but Micah chapter six and were looking down at reverse five it says it is unlikely yet Micah six five oh one people remember now what they like king of Moab consulted and let Bay along the son of be your answered him project them onto Gill gal to stop there for minutes you remember the story ability mailing so there is better like the king trying to get bail on the profit to curse Israel and of course Bailey would be happy to become it do it Ellison was says here that you may know what to say that she might know the righteousness of the Lord if you want to understand the Lords a righteousness what story does this verse recommending you to recommend starting the story of bailing Baylor to understand the righteousness of the Lord what is there destroyed bailment they like to understand the righteousness of the Lord I'll tell you sweet save time when Baylor was up there on the mountain looking at Israel the spirit filled and he said something incredible is that I have not be held under Quincy in the people think about that for a minute was it a million holy people down there in the Valley these are the same people that went after those women and idols just a couple days later is the same people had been griping and complaining for the chapters just before but it had been taken care of and when they alone looked down and saw that the camp what Augustine of the camp I have not be held under quick TDN the camp that is incredible in all I'm sharing with you it's a preaching on consult Columbus swift sermon preached on that point but I'm not going to unturned illustrate for you that there are very beautiful truths about God 's character and his Gospel talked away in passages like Micah six that are basically beyond our comprehension were beginning to study the Bible looked up the passages and see what you can find psychology we would start today by looking at what we can find our how to find were moving now to how you can see I'm glad we talked about bailment they look how one way that I see the truth of Scripture is an Bible stories Bible stories are incredible inventions from God and the devil played a trick on us the devil allowed us to become the stories we were five five was a good age to learn the stories so we learn the story of Daniel and his three friends are around five or six probably would you learn about that struggle you are five or six what lesson can you learn from the story when you're six foot to be brave to do what's right are lessons you learn your five or six in the story God will protect you when you're following his way and if he doesn't it's worth doing anyway when you're five or six will guide you can learn the stories so beyond the trick the devil plays on us sometimes when we get older we think all I already know that story and there are some lessons in the story of dentistry friends that are for fifteen -year-olds don't you have to do to get God less and other stories you have to keep reading them slowly untie what I learned as a couple years ago from that story I suddenly realized that that story was hyper repetitive about using the phrase all kinds of music that just like Revelation where you have the whole earth bowing down to the image to the beast and a deaf decree for those who don't bow down there Daniel three you have an image time babbling in the midst of the beast to Dr. Dre for those that don't bow down and in Daniel three what is it that gets everyone to bow down every time you know it doesn't just say it once it says it three gets about half of the entire chapter is just saying listing the types of music and insane at the end of it and all kinds of music windows again was the Mullen says all kinds of music than it does again less than a minute says all kinds of music and I began to see in the picture that God said in the end of time music is going to be used to cause people to bow to the image of the beast nitinol that wasn't the lesson for me when I was five years old development saying if you want to see truth put together in a way that you can just see things how they fit together a beautiful places stories and address future to have to go back to stories of you already know and read them again slowly to see which you can find for talk about how to see our first stop was at USC by by rereading stories you find your cross-references are some other way and reading them carefully to see what God has for you at this stage your life and the other thing Artie mentioned the very beginning UC truth by meditation on a list for this for you trust me your Bibles to the book of Jude the book of June Judas just before Revelation Revelation is just before the concordance and the Doctor Bible geoid Amber looking at verse five the Bible says I will therefore put you in remembrance though he once knew this how that the Lord having saved the people out of the land of Egypt afterward destroyed them that believe not armor when I read this verse and it finally clicked in my mind you know I think I might've been five or six when I learned that God destroyed the children of Israel in the wilderness how long they wonder there for years and how old were the youngest people to survive that besides Josh McCaleb nineteen right that the only nineteen -year-old people and younger survived the forty years in the wilderness and besides the two I learned that when I was pretty young but it wasn't until just a few years ago that I began to think through the things I already knew what I already know I already knew that the same people that were straight out of Egypt by mighty flags were killed in the wilderness just a short time later when I hadn't thought through was the fact that the same people that God saved by miracles were destroyed later that Re: no it yes I thought it through and when you begin to think that through his own impact on your mind does it tell you that though you think you stand take you lest you that the very same people that were saying were still in danger and that idea changes may not one I know it's true I knew a long time ago but when I am thinking about it as much or as works so how do you see one where you see as by rereading the story slowly another way is by taking time to think about things that you already know until you begin to see some of the armies of big word ramifications you'll know that word some of them I don't know a better word than ramifications ramifications until you get to see how it relates to your life today never talk to you about how to select we talked about how to find other passages the cocky about how to see the truth in those passages now about how to select them why do I say how to select just want to read them all that's a hard question to answer but if you for example decide to do a study on the year of God and less that's all you're going to study for the next year and a half you can't read them all right now there's just too much that's like that we want study phase when he was in fact the most important things are like that there's a great deal of the Bible about them you'll learn more if instead of trying to read a thousand things one stage if you limit yourself down to ten or twelve things and spend time on them so how do you select here's one principle let God it shows the curriculum unfortunately raise your hand I think I will just perform banishment of the car will how many of you are not situation were basically are teaching yourself with your parents are too busy I was afraid of that that's not the ideal posts overwhelm a number hands went up or forgot my point is selecting that were talking about the cause when you're homeschooling the ideal is that someone that knows more than you selects for you what you're going to read someone who knows more than you selects for you what books were to consider you have someone guiding you that knows more than you and its helpful some of you don't have the benefit about right listen God is a homeschooling teacher who has time for you and she has selected some topics for this age card cellular seminar the Laodicean message of Revelation three the three images right now chapters that strangles messages of Revelation chapter fourteen the ceiling message of Revelation seven and smells the skilled worker bees go together like seven and thirteen relations seven thirteen the seal of God and the Mark of the beast the idea that my beholding Christ we become changed into his character you might face the greatest three eighteen but really it's just all through the entire Bible glorifying God I'm giving you an example of things are in God 's curriculum and when I look at like materials messages the first one says fear God and give glory to him so what's in God 's curriculum for the standard age to understand the fear of God and understand what it means to glorify him say God did not make a huge curriculum for the state should give us a specific but call the present truth you are now white is critical and has that when you're starting like Isaiah fifty eight newcomer across something under the real examples so let's turn your vitals Isaiah fifty eight no show you how this affected me last week when I'm starting Isaiah fifty eight forgot about how to select the principle of letting God to determine the curriculum Isaiah fifty eight returned on a little bare our talk louder for you is that I don't need a answer Isaiah fifty eight and were looking at verse three wherefore have we fasted say they and LCS not wherefore have we afflicted our soul and outtake is no knowledge your part of the Saunders singing that God answers in this chapter then I will hear I forget the words that we memorized but I'd is that when it will when I called my cry he will answer us in Isaiah fifty eight God speaks about people who are fasting there are afflicting our souls there crying out to God and they're not getting the answer that they want when I began the lookup cross-references to these ideas praying and fasting afflicted my soul I find I think I might've found like a new cross-references to those ideas I don't have time to preparation preparing the study the study eighty passages of Scripture I might read eighty and a stunning one of them I'll have time to study eighty of them give each other so I decide so I need to select I was so excited some of those cross-references one of them took me to look sixteen don't turn their Leviticus sixteen why not make me excited because Leviticus sixteen it is about the day of atonement they know the day of atonement as part of the curriculum for this time of our sister we live in the day of atonement since I know something about God 's curriculum about the present truth when I find a cross reference to the summits in God 's curriculum I know that's where the chapters I really want to study so I selected Leviticus sixteen over many other passages I could've looked at the following site that I found a cross reference to Daniel chapter nine in Daniel nine you find that there are Daniel praying and afflicting his soul and fasting and as the book of Daniel present truth for age it has so I was so excited I selected Daniel nine over many other competing passages nice like them because they're better passages know if I'd had plenty of time maybe I would've looked at all of them but there's not time for everything what am I choosing God 's assignments were to spend some time tomorrow studying those passages that further what time is it right now I get me fourteen minutes okay turn with me to Matthew six this is where we started Matthew chapter six and I'd like you to look this time at verse sixteen have you all read a three versus silently to yourself it's Matthew sixteen verse sixteen to eighteen before you start reading her effort pray start over if you've Artie started after six or sixteen eighteen on our prayer for you and then read those verses was for our father in heaven I ask a miracle from you that you would allow each person in this room to understand something that you're teaching them from these three versus and I ask for this gift in the name of Jesus amen would you just read the three versus argument 's Matthew six sixteen to eighteen Matthew six sixteen let's talk about just for a minute designer didn't have time to finish reading if you didn't go ahead and finish it won't take you long Matthew six verse sixteen to verse eighteen have you ever heard of attention deficit disorder I want to talk about the first two words in that phrase attention deficit not everyone with an attention deficit is diagnosed as having attention deficit disorder and attention deficit this really is or deficit was far as I know today into context the government spends money that never even tends to get as when the young people have a hard time paying attention was the only two there might be other context of those lights were ever recall hearing it can you see that there is a connection between hypocrisy and attention deficit units and running by that you see in the verse why are the people that are being rebuked in this verse why are they fasting is to get attention they want to be seen how you know they want to be seen there disfigure their faces to look like it's just so hard to not beginning for these three days that I say that it is together face is that within the passage the passage of many this distracted you someone who just that you should anoint your head with the unlike but that was the way that they did grooming then we do grooming different now the principle was that you want to go ahead and be grown dry yet that's exactly the idea Jesus indicated that religion for show is of no value with him now just listen carefully on the day of atonement God ordered the whole church test fast and pray and afflict their souls known Matthew chapter six Jesus talks about three things people do for show what three things we mentioned don't talk about fasting and praying and that's a good gasp of Darwin was giving alms right it has a you know what those things remind me of Isaiah fifty eight as I visited about the same things the fasting and praying in the giving alms and what I learned from Matthew six why did I choose Matthew six what I selected because it seems to be on the same not just the same words but the same idea as Isaiah fifty eight listen carefully one part explain this Isaiah fifty eight mentions of fasting are there lots of chapters about fasting gatherers and as her aunt Esther and Nehemiah there's chapters about fasting I can find lots of stories about fasting but Matthew six is the chapter that's about the past that God chooses Isaiah fifty eight about the past that God chooses that is so it's more on-topic and I selected in particular I'm not preach for one minute here comes be ready a lot of young disciples do things for show and to get attention due to reward if you do that but that's not the kind rewards you want over a larger want is the one that you get in have been until they get that one if you don't do it for show now this happens to young people and parents are still thirty seconds left in my sermon right this happens to people a lot has we do things God said to doing this saves like the way that we ate and drank and drafts and the music we do or don't listen to entertainment we do those things but if we do them for show do you know what the word hypocrite means in Greek Catholic letter I remains after the fact it's one worth it's just not translated and in the Bible it's just when you report hypocrite your reading drink the crate visits any better with the same thing that means after and God says dear actors there's about a reward available for you if you'll do the right things not to get attention but for other reasons of the sermon going on with our main thought were to take the last few minutes of our time this morning for you to do another reading session and have you come back to me after leaving the nursery earlier at the trickling back and tell me what you found turn your Bibles to Jonah the book of Jonah Ezekiel Daniel was a jolt Amos Obadiah what's next shown before Mica if you're already in Micah widely so easy to find Jonah chapter one are looking at verse meshes look at it to get the verse on sorry it's Jonah chapter one verses five through that can't be right just a moment it must be Jonah for its Jonah four versus five through eight now be bad either this chapter three has found it right Jonah three good handwriting is also helpful metal siding Jonah three and versus five through eight just rained down to yourself silently now tomorrow when you come to the Bible study and to give you some time to tell me what you find in this passage I think there isn't time to do it right now so this is your assignment is to read this for versus long to come back why did I pick this passage did this past successfully bring about a change and we want to know what kind of fast us forty five second review we want to be sure that we know how to find the passages that help us understand we want to be sure that we know how to see the truth it's in those passages we want to be certain that when we don't have enough kindly select what's most important and when we do those guys and meet the conditions that God is teaching us we will understand what he has to say you are dismissed and you can go you are dismissed and you can go a single


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