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How to Study the Bible: Part 5

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)

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so today were studying more about our outline about how to study your Bible can be begun by looking Isaiah fifty eight verses three and four where there are perplexed Christian people and they're asking why is it God that we've done the right things and it doesn't seem to be making a difference in our experience and gods and serve part of his answer is it's because your pleasure seeking at the same time that sure afflicting your soul and see if you can understand this in principle if I six years from now go to Walmart to do my grocery shopping and while I'm there my little two -year-old boy takes a piece of garment from the shelf and puts it in his pocket you think I might disappoint him I will but what if I see someone else's boy take a piece of gun put it in his pocket why disciplined out boy because of a very bold man I might say something to his mother however is not my boy and he just doesn't know to get the kind of attention that he would be bluntly made some accents lesson it is the same way in the Christian life God does not relate to those that are sincerely seeking him in the same when he does those are ignoring him so maybe right before remembering Hebrews twelve or talks about those were children that they receive chastening from God but God is guiding them in a posted Darcy chastening that their illegitimate children in Isaiah fifty eight when the people ask why is that God that you are not hearing our prayers not the answer is as because as my real people that you your life is a next bad on next bag of devotion on one hand and pleasure seeking on the other you convert those even been reading your Bible for a while but in the end of time that there are people who are lovers of blank more than lovers of blank what were the words lovers of it means that lovers of pleasure more than lovers of saphenous think that's true they are lovers of God Earth Day that is the people who really do enjoy they really do go after the religious life but the same time they're going after the going after pleasure that is their mind their goals are what can I do to have a good life I enjoy my life some almost done with the sermon delivered the sermon and go on with our Bible study one of the reasons that God does not hear the prayers of his people is that their life is a mixture of conformity to his will and nonconformity to his well and what we have to do then to have him hear our prayers do not those are lies it have to be conformed entirely new as well you're still Isaiah fifty yes it back to verse for permanent is says behold you strap used you fast for strife and debate if you have your handout turned to the outliner on yesterday the outline work on that section two of it and we left off on number eight on a skip number nine versus take copious notes and move right number ten so on the outline moron section two number ten about sixty percent down the page it says a share of immediately and what's next where is this is the thing about learning your Bible I learned this I guess I've learned in nineteen ninety in nineteen ninety I was in college I never went to college for me I went to college for a very short time and while I was in college I was given an opportunity to speak to a group of ministers and training for an eighteen -year-old that felt like a pretty hefty assignment to a Bible study to ministers and training so I studied a long time to do it when you're immersed a long time for a little sermon you're going to give little Bible study I studied and then when it came time I gave the Bible study you know because I studied I learned a lot in my data it made sense to me in the next couple weeks I sure it wasn't people of breakfast and then I sure it was some other people and what I found out is that one I'd shared it five or six times they had lodged itself in part of my mind that most things don't make it into into my long-term memory Jim ever having devotions a year ago you are that you have devotions year ago is a mostly learned a year ago gone is gone but that Bible study that I gave in nineteen ninety as still in my head and I could repeat it to you Niles verse for verse in the same order they gave it then the same site it's not because I can remember all my devotions for the last seventeen years is because I shared it repeatedly suppose you found something this morning that was meaningful to you how can you keep it that's a is by I was a annoying your friends but your waistcoat you ask him crash our son what do you tell an pressure some of your needs Helen pressures Avenue and when you shared it several times in a day you'll know it for a week restart several times in the week you'll know it for a month to start several more times not want to the restaurant life is just a beautiful thing look at section three and perhaps is just it is just as important what not to do in your deep Bible study we talked about number one yesterday use eight B as a substitute for the work of digging what was eight B that's it it's that when you want to understand the difficult passage you just go straight on my threads and see if she explains it no no no no don't damage did you know that back in the eighteen forties the Seventh-day Adventist were keeping the Sabbath from six p.m. to six p.m. even when the sun went down at nine p.m. when the sun went down at four thirty p.m. you know what what the names of one oh seven saw always easy to save you I think I did already there are so all start over one another so they address was named Ellen White and you know what time she kept Sabbath from six to six and she was a prophet couldn't have gotten just told her laundry and Ellen are you have the runtime present it could have been but would that have been good for the developing Seventh-day Adventist church that God had picked up the toddler and said here you go God waited until JN Andrews began a Bible study and included the Sabbath should be from sundown to sundown and after the Bible study then the God-given vision to Ellen White and confirmed that it was so maybe later in your life to hear about things like the shut door or not the issue over trinitarianism those are both two other examples the same principle where God had a truth for his church but he refused to reveal interest church and taught Bible study had led them to the truth and then to the property revealed a confirmation no he does the same for you moving to point number two strive about words is asunder what to do or what not to do that's right we read in Isaiah fifty eight says juice fast for strife and debate and to smite with the best of wickedness you shall not fast as you do this day to make your voice to be heard on high there are some good principles and numbers one thing is that you cannot fast when you can but it's not a work you can fast effectively to force God answer your prayers it's not like this that if you do the things Isaiah fifty eight now God has to give you what you want doesn't that way in other words what is one reason God doesn't hear our prayers one reason is because were trying to manipulate him and God will be manipulated I can think of an illustration about that when the church licensure until I think it's wise I think either we've already talked about in these Bible studies about how God reveals his thoughts to various profits and they used to for words see if you follow this idea if I want to know what Jesus means when he says that he will be my rear word that you pronounce that that word but let's not really reward its rearward if God promises to be my rear word I want to know what it means I can look for in the Bible to find other passages that will explain this is just a bad illustration of what I want to say something start over I showed this table rearward means rear word means rearguard when you've read that what that person doesn't mean that God is going to give you something twice like to rewards or something like that it means that he watches your back so in my own life this is so practical I realize that Eugene Pruitt that's me that my field of vision is small if I am being very careful about what I say something up forgetting about what I look like if I'm being really careful about what I look like some of them forget about what I'm going to say NASA's illustration up and be very careful why driver might forget about what's going on the bed behind me but be very careful what was going the man behind me am I not be paid enough attention to where I am just an uncertain electoral division I just can't keep it all in what is God promised Isaiah fifty eight it's that he has a much wider field of vision and Philo pay close attention to what I can pay attention to cable guard my back isn't that a beautiful promise but it's not related this idea must write about words turns in your Bibles to second Timothy chapter two verse fourteen second Timothy chapter two and verse fourteen is says of these things put down that would be you in remembrance charging them before the Lord that they strive not about words so I charge you disciples young man and young ladies do not argue about the meaning of words are hurtful to do to charge before the Lord charged before the Lord they strive not about words to no profit but the subverting of the hearers I tried to say this three times and failed twice so here goes my artist will be my third attempt when God is speaking to Isaiah he gives Isaiah of vision he chooses the picture for Isaiah he chooses the ideas that Isaiah is going to write about but who chooses the words Isaiah chooses the words when God speaks through Paul God chooses the picture God chooses the ideas and who chooses the words so if in the Bible I'm starting the big picture understanding God 's idea if I study the ideas I'm studying God 's ideas but if I come down to studying the word I had just descended into a realm where the human it takes over and the divine begins to the a possible Paul might not have chosen the very best word it is possible if possible Isaiah grip chosen a better word or maybe the traffic that shows the better word what the Bible sad is do not let your arguments descend to the level of argument about words because when you get there then you might rely upon human things right dictionaries and lexicons and and you end up getting away from the divine where's the divine it's in the ideas the human is in the words what should you argue about things and examples of where this happens it might help you see it should I say choose us or Joshua the others were says it says I charge you before God that you strive not about what words is then assessed to no profit nor was there is no benefit from your arguing about words the question is what are the ideas and working to argue about words what happens is that a piano says here that subverts the years I spent too long in one line of this outline we need to go on without such an important idea look at section three line number three it says use forms of being uncritically as verbal equal signs I get zero points for making a simple to understand let me try over if I say that the law of God is holy as the truth if I say the Sabbath is holy that's the truth does that mean that anytime I see the word holy I can substitute the word Sabbath so the Bible says be there for holy and I can say being there for Sabbath it doesn't mean that there are many on us especially of young men get into this business there are many young men who don't understand this about things like he is an are in the end they will read about the Commandments are this and the law is this and then you could you work out long enough you can find out that water vapor is clouds is Angels his messengers is praise is Levite 's is modern day Adventist did you know your damn and him and give all I'm saying you so am I telling you about my will study be careful how you use it as an R&B in your Bible study it could lead you to some unsound conclusions to understand that are very good turn in your Bibles to Deuteronomy Deuteronomy chapter twenty nine were going to look at verse twenty nine Deuteronomy twenty nine in verse twenty nine assess the secret things belong unto the Lord our God but those things which are revealed belong unto awesome and to our children forever that we may do all the words of the law has everything that there is to know been revealed to us it is a big trick of the devil to distract us from the things that are important by trying to get us to focus on the things that aren't even revealed all how can I give you such an example about this I can find in the Bible entire chapters about the scenes of the judgment I can find large sections of the Bible about the story of Calvary but I cannot even find three verses in a row in Scripture designed to explain the relation of the Godhead to each other the father and the son and the Holy Spirit there is not a single passage of Scripture on that topic there is a Scripture that alluded to the father but tell us about the spirit but tell us about the sign that I nested twenty eight list the three of them together but there is no passage that's on the top of the topic of explaining the relation to us it's not their dear centers no top there's no passage about it all so if we're going to try to find it what is true about Calvary do we have good hope we do because the Bible has a lot to say about it right there's a lot there and we can look and find it as a people mostly don't argue about that so with the devil rather that we try to talk about Calvary or try to talk about the nature of the Godhead why would you we talk about this it was not much information that the never going to agree in the cosmic arguments and cause all kinds of confusion was a cause confusion there's just not enough data to make it simple nowise and bring up that exactly it wasn't even something God intended for us to be trying to figure out the things I revealed off for us and for our children the present our head and belong to God and have you all realize in your short life already to some people have just totally fallen for this line if your parents of fallen for it you can have them call me if you want look at section three and were still looking at number four I didn't read Schiavo been talking about it what not to do don't treasure shock value or audit T or trying to prove that you are smart listen this is a serious danger in Bible study most of the things that you need to know about getting that have been once you hear them are almost common sense some extent strata said but you can find some things in this Bible that sort of strike you as really odd when you find some of the structures really there's a distinct possibility you don't understand it the macro sense might be why you think it's odd that I should show you one just to show you turn your Bibles to first Corinthians chapter fifteen first Corinthians chapter fifteen I'm looking for the verse just a moment is the verse that says else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead if the dead rise not at all verse twenty nine thank you Mister Annan says else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead if the dead rise not at all why are they then baptized for the dad imagine Mister Joe blow is studying the first twenty fifteen and everything it I know that I know that I know that I know that while I can be baptized for the friends and relatives on the bathwater coming to baptize her great grandma let's just back up for a minute just minutes if the verse strikes you as really that's a hint that maybe you don't and if you don't understand it is a good time to preach about something so it began to preach on things the same kind of on you might end up preaching something wrong there's a whole denominational preachers the swear I a vanilla denomination that is the Mormons exactly something major redefinition to you it means tonight I should at least so look at verse twenty nine on the reader to you in the modern her praise version when I make up as her phrase otherwise what shall they do which are baptized if you consider the dad for the data are never resurrected then what's the point of being baptized when you realize that people die and that's it I was a paraphrase is not what it says the Word of Ford there is it is not same for the benefit of but in consideration of Paul saith there isn't any resurrection what is not does it represent you die to sin and then your race to life so that when Jesus comes back you can be raised to eternal life but positive there is no resurrection the baptism of SLA is not the versus same same is when you try to prove that you're smart in your Bible study you prove something else moving on to the next point number five do not follow a man's development of thought uncritically it hurt my feelings sometimes in Sabbath school when I heard a man sharing ideas and audience is like a spy like this in the name amen he and he just said something that's wrong it's happened before that I have spoken us and a church on Sabbath than the next Sabbath and I in the man who spoke the next Sabbath contradicted something that I said I'd and audience set a hearty amen to both of us and they never caught it you know if you are going to understand your Bible you don't have to listen to people critically what I mean by critically it has figured out how to lay out his when he is not really what the verse says that he is reading is that really what the passage is teaching and sharing a possible answers yes that's the verse says no that's not what the verse as or is not very clear if that's what the verse means in the third answer when you have to do your own study before you agree with them now don't follow men critically USA something and they baptize babies don't they went to strengthen water on them indulgences to get them out there might be some relation those funny ideas there's some truth to that so the principal were looking at underlying here is that you want to listen to Amanda Yass but don't just believe what they say look at the number six don't reject a man's development of a thought without giving it a hearing a trailer handset so that one of my good friends that never met the same as Martin Luther I like him but he doesn't know me as he's unconscious in fact he's entirely disintegrated Martin Luther one day I found a bunch of false prophets in his hometown ever talk to false prophet before you have me to talk to one last week she is a very nice false prophet I can tell you that some of you like but are not a good idea but he is one the leaders in this the church called iteration Seventh-day Adventist church a regular nice false prophet but what Mark Martin Luther was had a bunch of these false prophets in his hometown of the debug and she preached nice calm sermons and those false prophets lost all their influence and they went away beta one of the false prophet said is that we cannot that we should not baptize babies that in fact people should be baptized by immersion as a true idea but you know what kind of personal was the told that Martin Luther as it was a false prophet when the nasty trick the devil panel false prophet tell the truth and you get Patrick Celestine Martin Luther fell for that one and he rejected it baptism by immersion because he learned it from someone that you knew was a false prophet you can't do double checked you that way listen young people this is so relevant to your whole life the devil often have someone who's not very kind are not very Christian even a parent who is just plain mean a lot of you have parents that disciplined you and you think their meaning they're not there just loving but there are some abusive people right now they do exist is it possible that an abusive father that puts black and blue marks on or the face of his daughter that he might tell her the truth about the way to live that possibly might tell you the truth but when you live busy living their right way he's just awaken scoundrel right but you realize how hard it is for that young lady to accept the truth about how to live because she associates associates it with that man any way it's a nasty trick and you shouldn't fall for it guess that man a hearing indulgence rejected they have to say just because you don't like who they are what they represent but deserves a sermon of balance but not time for it what time is it now okay I had permission for Mister Ebbert to go find it sort of that video thanks we got six months left look at number seven is the balance it says listen to the teacher don't listen to teachers known to be causing the vision of problems by opposing the truth you have learned in your Bibles to Romans sixteen Romans chapter sixteen I'm looking at verse seventeen Romans sixteen are looking at verse seventeen that says now I beseech you brother and mark those which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which you have learned and avoid them for they that are sought serve not our Lord Jesus Christ but their own belly was S part and by grand words and fair speeches deceive the hearts whether say of the simple fly just told you that you ought to be willing to give a man a hearing but there are certain man that you should give a hearing to who are then this verse there man like teaching on a topic that you've already learned is thoroughly from the Bible and instead of teaching what you learn the Bible teaches there fighting against that doctrine what is a causing divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine should learn what to say to do about those kind amount that's it if you see them sitting at one table you said at eight different one God it's good practice for all kinds of things you need to do in life the Bible is essay should give a hearing to amend reloading or contradictory in the plain teaching of Scripture because of what you've learned I summarize the reset so far today and will be enough to learn for one time Isaiah fifty eight has beautiful blessings for us we have to meet the conditions to receive the blessings as the conditions are that we not strive smite with the hand of wickedness you don't want to study your Bible to try to learn how to win arguments about words it was a viable try to look smart in a Seder Bible to try to discover things that God doesn't have any chapter that talks about the new undefined what God is teaching in here not the things that just you can try to make inference from give people a share in but don't get an uncritical hearing like in here you zip in your I was off on your software better equipped soon as this are important principles that will help you in your life be faithful to the endless foreheads for closing prayer our father in heaven I asked that you would use the words of your holy Bible from Romans in second Timothy in first Corinthians and Deuteronomy to make a difference in the lives of those that are here I thank you for the promise that your Bible speaks the truth even if it's in the mouth of the mean man I asked to save us from falling for some of those silly tricks the devil to have the wrong people tell us the right to ask for these gifts in the name of Jesus


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