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How to Study the Bible: Part 6

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)

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first linear miles of Isaiah chapter fifty eight Isaiah fifty eight were finishing today a weeklong study on how to study the Bible and before we introduce a few last points is there anyone here at all would be willing to mention something I recall from the first five lectures this week a point of Isaiah fifty eight about how to study the Bible you have a minute to read one thing that says that God will be will guide our back our rearguard we follow what we can in front of us and he takes care of what we don't have enough wherewithal to take care yes no your computer programming education and what one do I use that said and I recommend it it's free and it's powerful yes or anything else looking for hands in the back God can speak through Austin he can speak through people whose character is terrible and also the downfall will often have terrible people say the truth who has been sales sometimes while the devil have a wicked man tell the truth so you might turn away from it or I mean man talk to you are a good man tell you when his tempers flaring you're going to have to watch to not be tricked by that number something else you can't do that so God is a store tell her to tell stories that appeal to all generations you get something out of the minor five you don't but what I wait you just yourself if you don't go back to the grid you think you know it there's something there for you when your twenty something when you're sixty you're Mister Hickman okay especially in Paul's writings this is helpful that will how to humor is often right they often writes about without getting too complex let's say that you take their phrases backwards you can make sentences that make more sense in English if that doesn't make sense to get the notes from this week and read them it's been a real help to me in Paul's writings those big hairy sentences your yes that's it some memorization is an investment today and my Bible study tomorrow the Holy Spirit will use the store of my mind to bring back to my mind ideas I've already learned and the spirit will put them together yes you facet if you already have an idea and you begin to search the Bible to find evidence in favor of it guaranteed if your rod will never find out you'll just find ways to use what's there to prove your point and I told you that sad story of how I learned out myself you remember anything else from this week 's locate the favorite thing from young disciple magazine before every Bible study it says never opened the Scriptures without prayer and it doesn't mean a form old a formal ritualistic prayer we just say it your pleading with God to help you understand his Bible that's the truth in the back okay you want to understand the Bible the Bible is a powerful book can you understand that calculus when you're groggy you can't even read your history books when you're groggy why would we approach the Bible of murder that way so the first thing you do to get on his get major prayer of consecration give your life to God but if you're not awake when you first wake up you know what I mean by that then do something before you get to your Bible study good point or anything else yes all right when you read a sentence if you'll say the sentence is many times you need to to put an emphasis on each word sometimes it will highlight an idea that is in the sentence but you somehow missed it it's a beautiful technique slowing down and taking time in New Delhi that people can twist the Scriptures that I have an excuse for today and we want to twist the Scriptures and that's never going over these principles never anything else from this week yes this is right is not of the Spirit of prophecy is entirely reliable it's not that you can't trust for a light writes but God never intended that you would go to a profit as a substitute for doing intensity and what happens if you do that many things God has refused to reveal for example Dell like the Journal of the most complex chapters in the Bible you will find that Elway rarely does she quote them rarely is there a reference to them why God did not want to stop you from digging they first seem and I can show you I is okay so my first principles combined with the middle principle is how you relate to other people teaching in God is able to future but he intends for your mind to be engaged in the new lesson to you don't just think he's all right or he's all wrong which you evaluate the various points is that really what the verse as is that really what God teaches you really prove that you listen critically so that you're not dependent like a baby or you could easily be missed that yes okay this is idea right to being yourself from human attendance I learned to depend on God himself this is it so the reason why many Seventh-day Adventist people in their forties don't know much about the Bible it is other than having devotions for fifteen years every day with that amount to your talking about six thousand five thousand devotional periods but they don't know much at all why is it is because they haven't been sharing what they have been learning multiple sharing turns into long-term recollection that's beautiful or anything else yes okay so when you use commentaries that can be helpful but you don't treat them as if you can just believe that they sell you treat them like a like a friend and what I mean by faith-based commentary I mean if you find a commentary that talks about this pass is probably doesn't belong in this permit priors written two hundred years after claims to be and those are the commentaries that you want but you're looking for man who invested time in studying particular some that are helpful in the handout anyone else some meditation is a big part of learning what is meditation do that change is a Bible study into deep Bible study because many of the ideas of Scripture are simple to hear and believe what God is love but they are anything but simple to really get the depth of them some meditation is what takes us deep yes distractions can I review costs as an entire body I'm going to anyway and whatever happens happens I prayed I'm not rebuked them to me just a moment when God is speaking through a speaker God is trying to keep the attention of the people and gather it to himself to his Bible through the speaker cameras and video cameras moving around and flashing and rising have eaten those alias cameras of people just think about your own experience or realize how may times in your life even been distracted from what's going on by what's going on a little bit closer to you are not risking a lot by saying this out it comes if cameras existed when asked this was written one of the verses what a sad I better not make a perverse year rate axis and see what the laws were about the sanctuary and you realize what one of them what about distraction is fighting against her competing with the Holy Spirit is trying to do and you do not want to compete with the Holy Spirit I didn't even have to check it out to see if it's the truth I know it's so awesome or something from this week that this major quiet and Harrison in your Bibles Isaiah fifty eight list learns more things turned their Isaiah chapter fifty eight this look at verse ten for a minute Isaiah fifty eight and verse ten thousand if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul then shall thy light rise in obscurity and I darkness be as the noon day and the Lord shall guide you continually and satisfy thy soul in drought and make fat thy bones about what you see is a connection between verse ten eleven who has the food in verse ten the inverse tenant you have it and you give it to someone who is hungry in verse eleven who has the food guide house and he gives it to you when you are hungry do you see a similarity in principle to do it what Jesus said he said Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy her father forgive us as we forgive our debtors who is that here it's those struggling to feed I want to say this principle I want to say it many different ways it's like the primary principle of all of nature this idea is that that's the way everything were works if you make yourself a channel for blessing you receive a blessing I listen to a lot of religious meetings in the last two weeks I forget whether I heard this here somewhere else so that was here it bears repeating regardless in the Bible there are just a few bodies of water mentioned one of them is the Jordan River the Jordan River is a beautiful river I've never seen except in pictures I distrust people have not seen pictures where the Jordan River is there is foliage entry is and it's just pretty the Jordan River eventually ends in what is ended about the density which receives all of that water that gives so much life for ever goes less than the water gives life forever it goes but when it gets to the Dead Sea is that water gives life of the Dead Sea pray tell what happens at the Dead Sea what changes that the water that gives life stops giving life why is the density right there I mean let me try question again we have the Salt Lake somewhere else but the others say simply Israel is a small nation and God put right near them the Dead Sea because the density became a symbol of them what did they receive for more than a thousand years they received a life that could have been life it gave life forever it went that gave life to the king of Babylon they gave life to the men of Nineveh and gave life for ever it went that give life to them for many of them it did not because they were receiving but they were not giving and that was maybe you are into reading up on what you heard and saw the school I recommend reading the second chapter in the second volume of the testimonies it's all about this point in fact Isaiah fifty eight at length I summarize what it says in the chapter until use you can check it out it says that God 's people do not understand what God requires of them it's not what they think and it's not what they want to believe and she summarizes that what God is looking for his service selfless service of others under your quote illustrates within that quote this is from Christian service a hundred fifteen it says something like this visit your neighbors in a kind friendly way those who will not do this who manifested in deference that some have shown will soon lose their first love and grow critical and Damian and Centura 's other fellow brother what are those ideas that idea in Isaiah fifty eight is the idea that those who are giving are the ones are receiving can you see that the other idea Isaiah fifty eight if you're not doing your bread to the hungry what happens when you're hungry you go hungry if you are not giving the clothing to those that need it what happens when you need for example spiritual clothing you don't receive it that the principles a simple and understandable to someone understand I want Jody L Yasser retried again is a simple I did understand and him and his because I so want you to send an SMS threatening your Bibles to Proverbs eleven Proverbs eleven are looking at verse twenty five this is a verse that if you growing up in Adventism you might read it wrong Proverbs eleven twenty five the liberal soul shall be made fat it just so happens that in our context both of these positive words are taken on a negative connotation what does liberal really mean it it's ground that's what it means getting liberal means getting this verse is the same principle as in Isaiah fifty eight the person who is Gabby is the one who is receiving with a positive idea and he that watch for it shall be watered also himself to see it's using it's making us into a picture of a plant that as we are sharing walk-through that we become ourselves well watered now those you memorize Isaac Junior member Isaiah fifty eight said something about us and water what do White House tour life related to water like a watered garden like a white juice to the idea in this verse that like a watered garden we ourselves are watered but like a spring of water 's what's happening we are getting water Alderson the ideas in this spot for me to John Chapter seven John chapter seven religion verse thirty eight could be more helpful if we went back to verse thirty seven John chapter seven look at verse thirty seven in the last day the great day of the feast Jesus stood and cried saying if any man thirst let him come unto me and drink was Jesus the way we read in Isaiah fifty eight was he given to those that were thirsty he offered to did me look at verse thirty eight he that believes on me as the Scripture has sad out of his belly shall flow rivers of this almost like he's making reference to Isaiah fifty eight as the Scriptures had said he believes on me out of his belly will flow rivers of living water looked the next verse but this spake he of what you say of the spirit which they then believe on him should receive for the Holy Ghost was not yet given because that Jesus was not yet glorified there came a time later the nest that Jesus was glorified in heaven and the Spirit was poured out mighty power there is in the verse a principle illustrated Isaiah fifty eight we pray for more of the Holy Spirit do we ask for more of the Holy Spirit are life I think the DA says to us almost like this you have been given some of the spirit let it do what it wants to do in you you've been given some of the spirit it tried to move you to selfless service to the thirteen and writing and sharing and giving anyone in the web therefore you are not ready to receive more of the spirit under what conditions you become like a spring plants if you get out and you share and you is about Isaac at Jim's teaching selfless service is how you cultivate the spirit you already have and in return God gives you so much of the spirit that your belly becomes like a spring of living waters what so after you are part of your Bibles to Ecclesiastes Ecclesiastes chapter eleven Ecclesiastes chapter eleven religion verse one yesterday we were on a ferry going across the aisle as well the river my parents ring gauge next the Columbia River where it was called the Columbia River but here it's Lake Roosevelt and so we were crossing at Lake Roosevelt on the ferry and one of my callers asked if he could throw some bread into the water for the fish in Vegas for the fish my been for the birds bindings for the fish is not a good idea spiritually though your brother in the waters Ecclesiastes eleven one says cast your bread upon the waters for you shall find it after many days verse two get a portion tests have been in all okay for you do not know what evil shall come upon the earth looked on the verse six in the morning sow thy seed in the evening withhold not thine hand for thou knowest not whether they shall prosper either this or that or whether they vote shall be alike good this was one the first things I learned in canvassing I've learned so many times since we are as a people horribly incapable of evaluating how people are going to respond to the spiritual truth we share this is become so true that I eventually came to conclude that if I meet a man who has your rings and necklaces and tattoos and listening to the worst of music I expect him to buy a book that I don't like certain of my book I expect him to talk intelligently about things in the Bible and have a sincere interest and love already been written to be a deep thinker is not without the first time that someone like that my wife and I when we learned this principle I should make a more accurate and we began to practice this principle about visiting our neighbors we went to visit our closest neighbor the tailor new about the closest neighbor before he visited about the closest neighbor after we visited it's quite remarkable the difference before I visited I know that they were prejudiced against something address against the school I'd heard the rumors and the dogs were in their deadline mean dogs around their and it I've seen them mean that looks on some of their faces when I would drive by what one does I know this about them this is before I visited them when we actually got there to visit them this is what I found they invited us in their house there are so glad to see us the man when he will was about nineteen or twenty married his wife she was not the same age he began to build a house with a little bit of know-how he knew how it's a good thing he built it when him and his young twenties because in his mid- twenties developed crippling arthritis he was never able to get a job again and his fingers now never much leave a shape like this and now I suppose he's in his seventies you know his house has been maintained in the last fifty years and doesn't smell very good they're very glad to see us his wife lived there in one room of it they played with us I mean like begging but like the right lifetime pleading to please come back and see them again I was thinking site asked if they would like to study the Bible together I asked him not they set about that they had been studying the Bible with the some of the adverse lady and they really enjoyed it her name was Mrs. Polk she was in her late seventies and then I didn't understand why at some point she stopped coming they were able to go see her as they are shutting is no Imus going to see them she came down with serious Alzheimer's disease and didn't even know sometimes who she was before she had her mind wishes serving she was serving as though they had been having Bible studies and end this is a just stopped so let me just tell you what I said before the story to stores up Bible verses seven to illustrate them suppose that you've been asking for guidance or you've been asking for light in your darkness are you been asking that you would be more effective in your evangelism the new deal or what are some of the beautiful promises in Isaiah fifty eight if you've been asking for those kind of gas is there a set of conditions that lead to those things pray tell what is it isn't as selfless service you're asking for the spirit but what is the condition that she was in the spirit of its argument put in new movie new to serve and give to the needs of others turns me back to Isaiah fifty eight Isaiah fifty eight lives look at verse nine says and then you shall call and the Lord shall answer thou shalt cry and he shall say here IAM the first oil assures you from this verse is just that that's not the way we we often hope God will answer our prayer that is our idea prayer is sometimes like yes we ask and God answer is by the gift appearing but in this prayer we ask by talking to God and he answers by talking to us which is really an answer against appearing or God speaking to us and in this verse what kind of answer does God want to get as you want to speak to us my devotions took on entire different flavor in my life when they became a back-and-forth I don't want to say a back-and-forth between God and in less than careful to say it reverently because it's not a back and forth like buddy to buddy are alike should the kid is more like needy man to powerful provider but still back in for me asking God speaking with the last half of verse nine if you take away from the midst of the big elk so I will preach one minute on the yoke man from the time that they are young like to have power over their fellow men and when they get old they don't lose this so that men responsible positions often feel they have a right to forbid those that are under them in the Bible there are a couple examples are both godly people used by God chosen by anyone thinking first to Joshua Joshua Joshua was there with Moses and Moses was taking advice from his father-in-law and he called the elders of Israel to calm and all but two of them came and in this Brett was poured out on those that came in they began to prophesy in the camp the L data need down for reasons we do not know and I'm glad we don't know their reasons outside of me that for reasons we don't note did not come when called did not appreciate the reasons she must have had respect for them because what happened L that in the death they began to prophesy right there in the camp Joshua heard and Josh began to think like this if the people look up to the two disobedient ones are order and discipline here is going to fall to pieces Moses gave the command they did not obey and so he said to Moses Moses forbid them to observer what Moses had to say about that he said Joshua are you envious for my sake I wish everyone in God 's church was a prophet can you see that Moses though he understood authority and respected position that he also was very comfortable with God leading individuals and it made sense to him that God might not lead an individual to do just what you said about access analysis as well as is okay with someone not been led to do just what Moses said to do it wise and just with and understand that designing just a wicked man Joshua was a very godly note that Jesus chose a name that really was the same one as Joshua Jesus chosen in Joshua for his own Joshua had something to learn about the elk not expecting everyone underused and be led to do just what you say to the the New Testament and you have their James and John they're going for a stroll one day and they see a man casting out devils in the name of Jesus and they realize things are getting out of control we don't know this man he doesn't meet in our councils he might misrepresent what it means to be a disciple and he's not part of the system in a six year disarmed but don't do this anymore when Jesus heard about it we just say so don't forget them and I mortgage about that moribund by stopping to say that one of the conditions of receiving what God wants to give you is that you put away the yoke arbitrary authority I don't mean the parents don't tell their children what to do is not even what I mean but I mean that in God 's church that you understand that there are places for God to guide people in ways that might not make sense to you and then authoritative position best church doesn't mean you have a right to dictate what people do and don't do so shortfall tonight is preach a sermon dictates approves their wicked man I did not preach that the next part of verse nine says the putting forth of the finger this is why the fence to put away her right I think we learned very early in life what that means what's what's that mean you are ended it's our way of our way of saying there something wrong with you right with this with we don't tend appoint for positive things at least from her young person in your Bibles to Isaiah here in Isaiah to Isaiah chapter twenty nine Isaiah twenty nine were looking at verse twenty excessive for the terrible wine is brought to nothing that's what happened when Lucifer 's brought down the sides of the Pitney turns to ashes he is a terrible one for the terrible one is brought to nothing and the scorner is consumed bite in the big picture Satan is the scorner is not the only one and all they want to say next that life all they that watch for iniquity are cut off children can't speak you want to call children your young disciples and disciples on talk to you about something deeper moment it's possible for you to make it hard for your parents to get to heaven it's possible when you are mischievous or disobedient on a regular basis so that that your parent feels like that he has to watch you are you're going to get away with something you know him watching you is not good for him it's very bad for him spiritually Neil 's not good for you either it's bad for you spiritually do see the spiritual importance of not needing to be watched taking control of your own Celso no one is me watching you because the verse as all that watch for iniquity or what does it say are cut off and says that make a man an offender for a word and lay a snare for him the recruits in the gates that turn aside the Joss Brightside that is nothing so what are the blessings that come Isaiah fifty eight if you put away the finger to stop pointing it as the light that's the guidance that's the spirit filling these the things was that mean it means to stop watching to see who is doing wrong so you can point them out watching for iniquity is exactly what Lucifer is due he is watching the city and that is trying to take advantage of what he notices we don't want to do that turn with me to be finished yes we did turn with me to Jeremiah chapter twenty Jeremiah twenty and looking at verse nine Jeremiah was a prophet which means he didn't have much option about whether or not he would rebuke people banded they didn't like we had to say in fact God told him before you start they would like it and eventually Jeremiah concluded he wasn't a do it anymore a central dilemma canvassing the just concluded a certain point or not to do it any more they have had it they are done it's over as I have Mister Griswold and frontier missions to conclude there but had it there done it's over I guess it probably does not have the people the other half of the drama I even read about it verse nine he says that I said I will not make mention of him nor speak anymore in his name but you might notice this is the middle the book which means he must get going right it says by his word was in my heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones and I was weary with forbearing and I could not stay you see it's tiring to keep going in God 's work but it's also tiring to stop and you have to choose which wearing a shirt going to get into if you get into the wariness that tries to tell you that the Baroness that comes from doing the work sure reward that the wariness you ought to give into this the weariness of resisting the spirit telling you to do it when the Spirit is saying though it wears on you to resist that and it's not safe to resistant verse ten listen for I heard the defaming of many fear in every side reports say they and we will report it all my familiars watched for my holiday insane peradventure he will be enticed and we shall prevail against him and we shall take a revenge on him young people this does happen among young people that happens among young people the sullenness rebuked and rebuked them now they're watching for evil but that's bad for dad to watch for evil to the money bad for a young person watch readable as is bad for young peoples it is for older people and settlers on people will watch the one who has corrected them and were they watching for was a this holiday and that's when he saw the stumbles from watching and if you watch a man well enough for you to see him stumble and when you see him stumble what were these people doing this yet he stumbled someone stumbled stumbling in their notes and I will tell you it is the spirit of Satan it really is what is God trying to do is turn to cover our stumbles and what to say and try to do is trying to spread abroad the news about our stumbles and it I think you can draw inclusion all of this is just a little sermon on that phrase that said put away the pointing of the finger this one-of-a-kind now okay turns in your Bibles to song thirty seven are looking at verse three Psalm thirty seven and looking at verse three take you to this burst of it looks to me like a summary of Isaiah fifty eight I love verses are summaries they help put the idea in my head and a shorter version trust in the Lord Andrew was the same good so shalt thou dwell in the land and verily thou shalt be that simple I know from reading the book of Amos maybe we should turn our for a last passage we should fruit in your Bibles to Amos chapter eight Amos chapter eight Wednesday Joel Amos Arden for your personal reacts I don't know which verse just a moment first eleven Amos eight and looking at verse eleven behold the days saith the Lord God I will send a famine in the land not a famine of bread nor a thirst for water but appearing what another might be something this verse that we've heard many times that you never thought about what is this famine come from this famine just a result of what's going on here on earth anastrozole you know it's a judgment from heaven when God stops sending his word to people join your family is coming on this earth and its coming injustice I mean let me illustrate it's you can see when bad people can all God 's people they shed their glide God gives them because of this blood to drink urine on Revelation sixteen and when people worship the sign in figure five keeping Sunday they're not trying to worship the sun but for honoring pagan sources over God 's commandments when they do that what happens in the flags there smitten with the sun these are just pictures of how God works people have the Bible let's say the Christians of the world have a Bible and they are sharing it with those that have need his exhaustive guy strikes them of the famine of not hearing the word of God is a just a famine is coming Isaiah fifty eight is the chapter that shows how you can be sure to have the food and drink you need when the family gets here and what is the condition of having food and drink when the judgment famine comes selfless service now a summer but we said so far and it's easy to summarize don't be a dead CBI Jordan River received to date of that's how you live received a gift it's how you live the Dead Sea is dead because it receives and that's all if I want to understand the Bible let me share I want to have more the spirit let me know understand the principle there are some other hindrances that stop us from receiving some of them have to do with watching watching for iniquity is bad for us it's bad for the ones they watch its and who knew tend to watch for iniquity when Jeremiah the person that reproved you tend to watch him what is God doing with iniquity in general you know he's trying to cover I don't need to try to cover it like it's not important finally at the same time God is preaching to people about their sins and their iniquities at the same time he's not trying to shame them if we meet the simple conditions was it fifty eight receive the tremendous blessings and one of those blessings is guidance continually hearing a voice behind the same this is the way walk ye in it we turn to the right return to the left you'll study that passes as a ghost see from the verse behind it the promises of God will provide us true teachers the familiar voice behind us we teach others what is going to he teaches us we share his spirit was he due he visits his spirit we sure his truth was he do in business is truth to beautiful simple idea the one that runs all of nature a Stanford closing prayer our father in heaven I'm sorry for how we have listened to the rumors I would listen to those discouraging words of Satan is put in circulation that would keep us from visiting our neighbors from sharing I'm sorry that we've lost the blessings of yesteryear because we've not been sharing them with others I ask only that you take whatever's been said here that is true and give it powered by your spirit and I ask for these gifts in the name of Jesus and


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