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Daniel Bible Study: Chapter 2 (Part 1)

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

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Daniel chapter two not really because unable very briefly tell me what then executive about the king of the dream can't remember it who authors the story at analysis to it okay thank you Dave and Daniel calls the rescue right okay while in other United I love you guys know I'm the Seo what the generally people say although image were thinking of the of the dream about the king of the world or something like that none of you mentioned that in a very good given nothing but that is the second half okay real smart to select a student okay so in view what would you do today what you go through the first part of Daniel which actually is the majority of it is not even dividing it's up to verse thirty the Daniel chapter two verses one through thirty and that is hopefully going to wet your appetite it's going to make you just really want to know what the rest that Jeff is not okay so let's just get right into it on Daniel chapter two beginning in verse one let's see here how should we do this I wanted all reading so let's start with I enjoy what he read from verse verse one to verse nine for your organizers writing is my dreams the spirit was unable to sleep limiting view just astrologers sorcerers intelligence public things his dreams so that he invested before the king said to the had a dream and my spirit is anxious to know Philadelphia is using their will live forever all your servants the dream and we want your interpretation is that this audience my position is firm if you do not make long dream to me this interpretation he shall cut in pieces and your houses shall be made in however there is hope dream and its interpretation you shall receive for me just rewards and radar therefore a phony victory and its interpretation is again set K Palliser in other people 's provision if your answer is I know all is that you would give you time because you see that my decision if you are not dreaming to me there is only one for you for your greasy long crosswords before overtime session therefore tell me the dream I will and will you give is so story fairly self-explanatory it's like our because this is the real thrilling introduction to something that just gets you on your toes right but let's look at a little bit closely personal Nebuchadnezzar who is he one eleven and most powerful gun and I will king of Babylon and what do you know that he's done what he do except one he conquered Jerusalem and based on history we know that Nebuchadnezzar conquered the then known world hee hee not only confident in the world he was an architectural genius he was just incredible mind you're very smart and somehow this incredible lighting that I'll probably a man of great valor than three hundred thousand of battle he'd been through thick and thin he been through it all he had a dream and his dream scares them so much that he can't sleep with it must be something unusual that the screen don't you think and on top of that what just based on those of you who read it before or heard of before was thinking about when and after this week is again about an event like a nightmare is anything scary now not really right I mean you dream on maintaining industry yet the perspective and the sound effects that made it sound really scary but I don't know that but based upon what the dream is about to see the image the head of gold and ends just on silver belly but life even on a great and the rock on this matter the bank the need that's not particularly scared me maybe I'm too desensitized as questioning movies when I was younger something but to me that the seller something that should scare a warrior like it when you for something unusual about the screen right from the front of earth warming is a way to second this is not supposed to have all right to know what happened first two then the king commanded to called magicians and astrologers and the sorcerers and the Chaldeans for to show the King history so they came and stood before the king and before we go deeper into diverse I want to look back and then in chapter one verse twenty presently recovers from all is said and will will will the pool who would then noted on your new dancing friends so it is a just a few verses before the king had been pronounced gangrenous events ten times wider than all the mystic visions all this valid if all the wise men now just couple of verses down the Kings trouble and he called all the magicians and astrologers associate what Daniel and his friends under something strange to think something off why is that now before we answer that question will need to go live before before he finances that question out we see here the list of the people that are called first is a magician second astrologers third sorceress for the Chaldeans not alone we all know the Chaldeans are but all based on a book by a ricin is called Daniel and Revelation the name Chaldeans simply is a type of philosopher that studies supernatural like magic all of the students so based upon that definition Chaldeans looking at all of these people why they went eleven magicians volunteers sorcerers there always is in you exactly like superstitious stuff or of war in the present term that I just almost theological terms usual is a guess as I use them but it's spiritism young things and deal with the supernatural the dark side of the supernatural and somehow these people are the counselors advocate for the count was met on why would it came to seek counsel from these people that were entitled the dark side the supernatural and again we know that is a pagan nation opinion king Salome think of a pagan nation based on the kingdom about and leave the booking about who really is the people I run a pagan nation who is it if it became whether the counselors his cabinet exactly what exactly and who are those sorcerers based on what you know what resources and communications with the fun experience so in a sense when you think of a pagan nation a nation that is united with all that is run by pagan principles ultimately the person in charge is the double that's all it was so babbling here is ultimately the hot head honcho is Satan himself through these mediums called sorcerers or magicians or throwing or County the deed of the people that come before the king try to give an answer to the king says to them I have dreamed a dream and my spirit this trouble verse four then spake the Chaldeans of the king in Syriac war and Aramaic is a very interesting I don't know if you noticed but not if you look at I don't know how many bottles of the center column reference and lots of the column reference reverse for it says child the to the end of chapter seven Lavinia Bible Senate what I looked at the young Bible I guess manuscripts over what anyone call it from damage of the tumors for until the end of chapter seven is written is written in a different language the book of Daniel 's vision and Hebrew originally but sorry and is versatile and the chapter seven it's written in Aramaic language basically all that instead of the Hebrew language of a something unique about that something interesting about that on that were not to talk about right tonight as we go to Daniel will touch on that again I just want to bring that to your attention in case you're wondering why the state the Chaldean state to the king of Syria or Aramaic that's why that's what winning that's what switches languages so this is the weather the Chaldeans say the why does it tell the service a dream and we will show the interpretation of that is simple enough right at the Chaldeans they just health lady must and will tell you what it means I can do that EE if you had a dream and you trust me with your life tell me again auditory whatever it is I think you need something to make you feel good to go back to bed for these and I'm invisible in the middle of the night father no night all they got to come in the hired and they think what if this came out to not can it sounds like they've done this before and became just as not had a dream I didn't will follow him because of that union can help me out here in the services yada yada yada soul is drained a look at what the king says the King incidence of the county the thing is gone from it you will not make known unto me the dream interpretation thereof you will be cut in pieces and houses will be made at dunghill or compost pile what everyone called so why why the sudden change it sounds almost a logical or this king is Spain I know you guys help me out I have a dream and again just telecommuting fair enough McCain just tell me what my dream was or other material the only explanation for this is that these sorcerers Chaldeans magicians they claim to be able to read the young if they never made that claim the king would never require that somewhere along the way it doesn't say where those that house and they went somewhere along the way they claimed that they could immediately tell that which is not known to the king makes us the immediate decree if you don't send anything come in Keeley but if you do I get all the glory and honor and riches and so forth that it wants to spend too much time on that is pretty it's pretty self-explanatory so they could salvage in a dream and the king on obviously thinking these guys on our budget phonies that they can't come they just want one more time the effect is exactly so there's a final certainty that he would gain the time it is one one five and you got it is lying to me and i.e. just as I am for all I know you got it in on the conspiracy to get me off the phone whatever but this is something that the chemo so far I wanted too much time on that there's one point they dwell on this chapter verse ten the Chaldeans answered before the king and said there is not a man upon the year that usually teams matter therefore there is no seeing Lord nor ruler the SSA that any magician or astrologer will tell the verse eleven and it is a rare thing that the king requires and there is none other than to show it before the king except the gods this dwelling is not with flesh this is the response from from God County and though the wise men the astrologers and so forth their answer is there is another human being the book under the sun that can tell you what you want to know except accept that God 's dwelling is not with flesh now right here I did add a little side note the little explanation of what the pagans thought about the gone with the supernatural their perception of the gods of the supernatural on big dogs that are God that are so far removed their sole highs sold far removed a way that they do not care they have no interest in ever dabbling with ORO being involved with human affairs they thought that the gods were so incredibly obsessed with their higher duties that in order to get their attention deputies and the drastic have to have things I human sacrifices on behalf of Slade own children the firstborn has to be sacrificed at the cinderblock rivers and indeed other pagan nations but I need to have it it is incredibly grotesque and dramatic themes in order to get their God with them I mean it you hear a story people casting their young fair maidens down the Latinos and best of the stuff they want to get there God 's favored their God 's attention if they don't what with don't care about seventy something that paragraph their attention and that's the type of thing that the details either Senator think the only thing the only beings that can explain the streams you can only gone for nothing to do with the dogs don't even care about it and they don't want to do this this is very interesting it is a very interesting contrast with a fetus later in the book of in this chapter but we see right away of serious contract with economy certainly not looking good with me if something can be from Exodus chapter twenty five Exodus chapter twenty five first dates whoever gets there first please read it out loud for a very good that God is speaking here and what was anything left and make me a sanctuary that I made what dwell with you with his people God is a God on God the God that I serve the God that I know she is the gondola well with you and I even got a cared about us more than anything that even though we are sinners even though we had in the agrees that set us apart from G1 system makes him a sanctuary that he may dwell with us but that's not all assault because and John looked there with me John chapter one this is a text after we've read and read again and heard it hurt again someone read that for us please John one verse fourteen the word was made for twelve months and we need all his glory to glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace verse fourteen if I met Jesus Word was made flesh Jesus Christ was made flesh and dwelt among us now I expected Danny's attitude it says that it says that you don't know man can tell the same old teen pics of the gauze is dwelling is not with flesh of Jesus the son of God not only did he come the well gone was not satisfied in just having a sanctuary to dwell he said make me up on a fatherly sanctuary that I may be I may not only dwell with flash but I I will be made flesh that's the God of Daniel that the God that I serve as the God I know and gone in danger to do what you can see then what in danger Chapter two at least for my study you I'm no policy disagreement if you find something of the better but based on my study endangered to within this context the entire point of the story advantage of it to is God revealing himself God is revealing himself to Daniel Nebuchadnezzar the Wiseman and to the entire world and the whole point is that there is a God that he is willing he's not willing to dwell in heaven and just our communication with Mac is not willing to just live in the sanctuary and be among his people he wants to be in the flesh like his people and leftist origin the Daniel People's inquiry on it I just cannot do I cannot get over on people available to Daniel 's cryptic but popularly goes on in the world you need to understand it is nothing about Jesus no Gosplan was vice president jetted to give the gospel University in just a moment but this is very significant in chapter two verse eleven are seen as one of the main key phrases that the claims of the odd County and the same nobody can explain the specific gods is not luck with dwelling is not with flesh the whole point of this chapter is Jesus or God disdain no I will show you the answer to your question I will reveal the secrets you and not only that I will reveal to you that I want to dwell with death the gospel damage lets you going before we get securely this twelfth for this caused the king was very angular was angry and very seriously commanded to destroy all the wise men of Babylon verse thirteen and the decree went forth but the wise man should be slain and a son Daniel and his fellows to display amazingly enough somehow the king had this dream that the Stephen Moyer was afraid that so that you can free and somehow amazingly enough he forgot all about that callers all of his counselors and amazingly enough all the Catholic could not from the dream and the king cannot remember the dream I often imagine a meeting such an impact on the King but he can remember a dream I'm sure you've all had the experience of that dream I just can't remember but it was something we revisit the really spectacular or really scary and the king forgets all the standard but amazingly enough the first people that they go to try to kill his death I visit I I don't think it's going to bring it looks like a set up but then I look at the situation and you automatically gain while God is a God must be enjoying this we know they got given a acting up in a vivid dreams but I have to question what God was just setting the Daniel is from the heat just kidding pigeon hole in a bad spot doesn't look that way again why didn't God just let Nebuchadnezzar knowing the dream and have him remember Daniel haven't come in enter the dream and everything hunky-dory why did God have to make you forget the dream and then make you forget about Daniel and bring other watchmen and a half and then amazing that have been try to kill Daniel first of all people I meet at least given a chance escape or something to sell that God is just setting up the displacing the place where he can get away putting the setting value up so that it's like there's no way seems that we doesn't mean for my seven-day conditionality Lord out of you for this before Lord why me help you when that term is the worst we have to why does it have to happen we have to question why do bad things have to happen to good people we think like the piece of the questions lording off if you are alive in heaven do something save me do something why did you let that happen to me this is ridiculous God didn't really exist if I was in danger situation I would think that the first of all you promise our nation with a chosen nation even if I would come to us and now a captain about my family was killed Temple taken away over the temples trampled all the vessels taken away down the captain and our now to try to kill me and you never even gave me a chance guy was going without Helen Daniels we have to keep that in mind that there is something great dear FFI this is a visit by ICANN I see it again through the Bible we have a selfish perspective that God wants us to have a selfless perspective and we ask questions like why me but instead of asking a question perhaps we should be like Daniel and say Lord what is your will for me in this situation how can I reveal you more in this situation and we ask questions like how can I be saved but what can I do to inherit eternal life but Jesus and God he says not my will but thy will be that is the fundamental issue with him Satan 's argument would go God 's government is based upon selflessness you do what's best for others you think less of yourself than of other people but even within Christianity today we get this idea of ultimate goal for mainline Christian experience this will need to go to heaven for me the flow the Eagle from Ms. Linden dollars for me to walk the streets of gold but any type of pain and not the Christianity of the Bible it would get Daniel his Ikeda is not too late by by just a self-pity is not thinking long line doing this to me to thinking well there must be God 's perfect will in the next all and the other at the store so we don't come that's a happy ending even for Daniel it just promoted but no we need it we need to keep the perspective in mind that even if we are not blessed in the way that we think we should that we are still the think Lord there must be a greater good if this is your will so let's keep going and gingerly on on all these things that have to do is beautiful is that I was going then Daniel answered with counsel and wisdom to carry out the captain of the King 's guard which is gone for the display the wise men of Babylon Ashley luscious finishes short section and an all off they were thinking resisting he answered and said to area became captain why the degrees of Jesus McCain then area me fifteen known to Daniel then Dana went in the design of the king that he would give him time and that he was sure the team interpretation of this is a very very interesting situation out in my mind in my minds eye I see that she executioner of the King area becomes the Daniel softball and if you remember sort of like on like an independent Egypt pharaohs they kill all the baby boys right and the and then execution of data income then knock is a ha ha how you doing all it is your baby no no little chitchat hopefully the baby a little bit and then no two Montanists stepping out the little known figures come in they'll ask a question they come in together so it got it through and after the job is done but area comes knocking the door and I see Danny opening door that had a area covered enjoy somehow there was time for Daniel to answer a strange estranged and only that somehow in his answer area was able to see Council and wisdom you how mean you can speak with counsel and wisdom that God is trying to put a strange building I can imagine this guy 's trying assorted coming after you and somehow from what you say to him he can say he has counsel and with as unusual this is strange was wrong with us what was wrong this picture but not only that you then go for the kill was a wife back at you asked the question so why is it so hasty one degrees OSC why do you want to kill me so fast and what the area to dissent that area make the thing on the deck there's like Daniel like area was going on there but I probably think my hodge of the area new data from before and he knew that Daniel is not about God Union of Daniel 's market he knew the genuine goods of the kingdom good to begin nothing while this guy the area probably did not want to do it just so that specify the Daniels social skills to and his and his and his arm and his love and kindness compassion for others even is that the whole leather point but I think since he left here by nine and any of the area Mister Dallas talk about an area of the whole thing today but this is very unusual very unusual I have a few verses read a lookout point to one person will get Job twelve verse thirteen Job twelve the first thirteen and Proverbs eight forty Job chapter twelve verse thirteen in that text if you look at givers in fact it's talking about the Lord God so the family asked me real quick whose characteristic is it to have that hat who is it that has counsel and wisdom based upon Joel God the province favors working with nothing is wrong is when again the same thing God a thing I have understanding I have counsel I have with them is a characteristic of God let's look at another verse I want I want everyone look at this one in the book of Isaiah Isaiah eleven numbers to so far we see that counseling was the more characteristic of God and Chapter 11 verse two and the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him spirit of wisdom and understanding the spirit of counsel and might the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord and with the talking verse one and there should come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse and a branch shall grow out of his roots as you Jesus Christ have the spirit of wisdom and understanding counsel and my MEC here Daniel and Dan jumped into answering his executioners with counsel and with Daniel in this intent to have the image of God Daniel is living a life with Christ in him so that Jesus Christ is revealed to even dozens and dozens very important because you member and any chapter one the effective date of the one and verse seventeen Danny took the one of her seventeen as for these four children God-given knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams and fears based upon them passing the test when then making the decision to be firm foot on the look for the Lord and hit in their diet but much more than that in every principle of the gang and his three friends made a commitment to the Lord decided to live a healthy life aside and not the downtown of images and idols of the value guy wasn't able to grant them wisdom and understanding and it doesn't say in chapter one but I understand that also include Council spirit of counsel so was application for us can we live a healthy life can we make the same decision addendum in chapter one sure we can inject into we might not be asked to interpret present Bush 's dream but nonetheless we can still have counseling was even to the people to act you're just agitated and we can have the Spirit of Christ and that is the key we remember the book of Daniel the whole book the theme is judgment we don't talk about God 's final judgment of the world and so forth and these chapters are giving us practical pointers of how the sentiment of you will realize Jesus let me tell you something gene this is the music that God the father is the judge wizard accepted a job in a final judgment and Jesus Christ is his son so what we are like Jesus do you think would have passed judgment this is pretty simple to understand I think the judge loves the son the father loves the son and what we are in the image of Christ the jesters nothing to be afraid nothing different we can be like Daniel here and have the character of God the character of Jesus even to his enemies that's one of the key points in this chapter by the way selected going so Daniel goes in and asked if he put high and interestingly enough the King dress in time printing time and the reason why is in chapter one in the Kings saw this this young man is ten times wider not only ten pounds lighter he is it says no unlike their he was outstanding in every way licking you Daniel this gotten special this gap I got something up his sleeve I think I can trust this guy can can people say that about you can people say that about you when you go to your professors when you go to the people who are in charge even people when they went when they don't particularly agree with you in every aspect of your lifestyle of Lisa Stone can they say that guy is trustworthy that girl is worth my time to listen to I know that I should pay attention to they say that verse seventeen then Daniel went to his house and made a thing known to have nine Michelle and Azariah his companions that they would desire mercies of the God of heaven concerning the secret of Daniel Masella should not perish with the rest of the watchmen about not I really can't do much time on this but just look at this game goes home and finds his three friends he finds friends that share similar convictions that he felt the question are there friends that I can print as he felt the question how many times how often do I pray with my friends how often do through my parents are the friends I have around me someone that is worth or not what is it is on my friends around me some people someone that I can actually open up these these incredibly a huge burdens of my soul to Commissioner that with me can they help me in verse eighteen Daniel and his friends they say pray they pray the patient die with the rest of the wife in a battle no way affect in chapter one Jane is rather willing to die over food ingested to do it on their intellect how would know what happened no simple point of fact we should pray for death meaningless reason I mean this is ridiculous because the wise maintenance of an event that means we have to die none of them know when God asks us to do is die for our beliefs if something based on principle not something based on other people 's weaknesses of other people think of in capabilities anyway commonsense letting Congress thinking then was a secret revealed as Dan in the night vision then Daniel blessed the God of heaven notice carefully his prayer I'm not to dwell much on it Daniel answered and said Blessed be the name of God forever and ever for wisdom and might hard hit again it is wisdom and light to the characteristics of Jesus and Litton keep those words keep those words in my distance shall begin in a few verses restoring one and he changes the times and the seasons he removes kings instead of the Kings he gives wisdom of the wise and knowledge than the no understanding he revealed the deep and secret things he knows that what is in the darkness and the like well if within I think the entry field got my father 's who has given me what wisdom and my has made known unto me now what we design of the Dow has now made known unto us picking Daniel thanks the Lord immunity and he gives the Lord all the glory and all the praise but verse twenty one notice of real carefully I mean this is this is simple for those of us who read the chapter but verse twenty one is the outline verse twenty one is the snippet is the preview of what the dream is about without limiting tonight so you can obligate that moron your own risk forty seven therefore Daniel went in to area the King has ordained to destroy the wise men of Babylon he went and said thus understand destroy not the Wiseman about one bringing him before the King and I will show unto the king interpretation one right after he got been provisioning God revealed the names in the vision he got on his knees and respectable and right after that went into don't you love the guy why did he do that because these nice that's right that's right that's exactly Daniel cared more about saving those wretched miserable worthless life been going to the King and Saint looking I didn't I got answered the question you're looking for and not really got into it now you can take care that just many right-hand man not on my mind just an added bonus here and there is a new house maybe your whatever else again you could ask anything you want but what was the first thing in see the watchmen in these wise and if we were not injected via a chapter three the same lines that based on the book profit thinking the same wife and try to kill Daniels three friends in chapter three the same ones and Daniel saving you guys policies of the noted in a kilt try kilometer but this is an important principle for us remember to that is that a lot of times the wickedness or the wicked men and women of the of the world are preserved because of cost remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah Abraham on blogging with Gagne was there were fifty people forty or eighty going down one of the richest ten righteous people in the city got that if there were ten I will not destroy the city God is willing to to to say the multitudes or keep discussion away from the multitude of widget unconverted un- consecrated human beings for the sake of just a few of the righteous just a few of the righteous and we acclimated and highly know that at the end of Honda for when the strife will be let loose in the only reason why they had not been let loose it because of the righteous people will talk about that more and a few in a few weeks once the righteous people of God have received the seal of the living God and therefore it is unsatisfying will come to that once they receive the seal of the living God and therefore that Mister set need to decide it cannot be moved and sat from the four Winter Olympics and that's when all of the destruction all the things that the wicked have dessert or have been filling up or so to say crediting already that's when it all so we need to remember a lot of times just because of our influence perhaps just because of one person gosling to spare the lives of many others just because of that one of those few this is in case with Daniel and Mister going for three five then area brought in Daniel before the King and Jesus said thus unto him I have found that the captives of Judah that will make known unto the king interpretation that area evidently he didn't remember that Daniel had come into the key earlier and said give me some time and I'll be back with you so every optional one of those times open mouth insert foot but anyway this also happens to I would have been to signal the first forty six the king as it is it's Daniel whose endless belt each other but valuable than they notice me the dream which I have seen of interpretation thereof was twenty seven notice Daniels answer Daniel answered in the presence of the king and said the secret which the king has demanded cannot the Wiseman astrologers and magicians the this is sure thinking box there is a God in heaven that reveals secrets and make it known to the king what shall be in the latter days before the lap of his first right here is that there is a God in heaven so Daniel saying there is a God whose dwelling is not with flesh sure that review with secrets to write there he trained the tables you think your wife is so that there is no God but they don't have to secret until you that my God he does as a sequence and notice writers is what shall be in the latter days then interesting how the vision we know if I got a history were not were not officially going to have but for those of you just as a preview because the history of the tunnel that led all into the end of the world is not just about K wanted Daniel said that the reason is that Daniel is giving us an important key remember this one when we come to the only read the prophecy in chapter two that the key the main emphasis that God is telling us to focus our attention on Wednesday prophecy is this is the portion that deals with the latter-day widget is real clear Daniel the book of Daniel is like elementary math and then the book of Revelation is like advanced calculus so once you learn the basic arithmetic and in Daniel which young causes him yes we are planning we come to Daniel to our revelation it become clear and easy-to-understand just as the key for your interpersonal studies so when you look at it the latter days the prophecy the main emphasis is on the latter days and we'll talk about that once he comes across an verse twenty nine verse twenty eight at the end of this at the end of the verse says like me the vision of iPad upon thy head on the hindsight that are the most significant of thy dreams and visions of the head upon my bed are the actually so God is about the review division bought was twenty nine kids going as for the old King device fonts came into thy mind upon thy dead what should come to pass here after and he that reveal his secrets maketh known to the what shall come to pass with twenty nine and very very key I don't know how may times he thought that this many times I lost and over but this is what Daniel say your dream and vision of the head are these on about this thank you your vision energy perverse twenty nine says the prelude and cocaine while he was laying on your bed before you fell asleep this is what you were thinking they were thinking what will come to what will come to pass in the future and you know something King gone interviewing that the answer to that question to you then put in another way Daniel saying came you were praying to him gone that he didn't know but God heard that prayer is asking that universal United States came visit of the Lord knows just what you are thinking he knows Lebron is one heart can know what we desires and even though you do don't they worship and he didn't know him she's asking your career and that's the point of this prophecy or the prop the point of the stream that you God was answering prayer and what does this what does this say about God event number one the personal God in a God that not only cares about their huge affairs of nations and and battles in the changing of powers on different nations and expansion of empires he cares about the very innermost desires of the heart to care the libertine thought as he was laying on his bed before cells and during the same emphasizing again and again this is the God that is revealing this to you this is the God is speaking to you this is the God that I serve this is the God they gave me the powers or the ability to enter the street this is the gone don't you wanted to know this is the goal is trying to say something to you the whole point of dissent in Daniel chapter two is gone trying to view himself as Nebuchadnezzar is the whole point I mean gone to have given this prophecy in another way you can adjust showing it in a night vision directly to Daniel and how to write it down in fact a lot of profit later on in the book of Daniel given that way the Chapter to John had a special purpose special purpose for not just Daniel Pacific before Nebuchadnezzar got was trying to get his heart to convict in my spirit that he would give his life entirely over and we know he does answer before the Daniel here is reviewing through his own life and also to the God is doing to Nebuchadnezzar at the God of heaven is a personal God a loving God a God that does not just well when that does not load he cares about men and their desires each hears about and he comes right down into your bedroom to be right next to you verse thirty that's for me this secret is not revealed me for any wisdom that I have more than any living before they are safe that some make known the divisions which have had found modest no call about the fonts of enclosing Ashley is not closing but right before you take a step into the prophecy that is from here to the end of the chapter the last sentence that Daniel needs in the minds of King Nebuchadnezzar is a sentence gone once you know your own God God knows you better than you know yourself God can show you what you ought to think about yourself because God has a different perspective of you God sees it differently than what you think of yourself and if we had time we were going to this into the prophecy but even in the prophecy of the head of gold test on Silverlake and abetted by the Bradley life you are in a great even in the image and explanation of the image we can still see that the purpose of the stream with the purpose why visiting was given to Nebuchadnezzar was for God to touch his heart to send dispute in their new portals right strings to convict God had a purpose in the string and the purpose is also also for the nation of the world the history of a battle until and who will yes those are all vitally important very important but within the causes of just this chapter gave Nebuchadnezzar the street to convert his soul to save his life in terms now enclosing meeting closing out suspicious have draw few conclusions are I'll quickly that is that our God why did God do what he did in terms of why did you give the King 's dream and then take away and make you forget about Daniel and I have Daniel did the first one to be killed but then have in common to the drain on it why did it have to happen this first of all through the sequence of events God was able to not just his sequence of events that began exhibiting a drink first of all he was able to make known to the king his desires he revealed as in the case it is able to show the king what will come here after and we know that will meet what the study chapter and secondly he was able to preserve his servants is able to preserve Daniel and his friends and we know that the next you are able to bring on knowledge of his name into the highest levels of babbling government is able to do this course of events he could have he brought the knowledge of him if he had just led the king room of the dream if you just let Daniel interpreted short guy would've been reviewed and so forth but the next point is really really soon it really crucial that is the eighth to show the contrast between God 's servants and the magicians and astrologers sorcerers and County is revealed how worthless on the pagan watchmen were revealed the worthlessness and often ultimately ultimately I believe Daniel chapter two was a huge key or perhaps it was the first step in my noggin but it was a step whenever committed towards making his decision to follow the God of heaven that we seem to interpret for a really crucial so within the context to receive God through Daniel through the course of events through his prophecy is trying to reach the heart of Nebuchadnezzar trying to reach his heart and we mentioned this briefly before but why they going to do that why would God soul and of touching the heart of nothing to Nebuchadnezzar and we mentioned it before some of you were here in the first study to a single that is that on Jerusalem was the chosen people of God but they disobeyed God they were not faithful in sharing the light was sharing the good news sharing the truth I got granted under the God was now trying to use battle to do the work of Jerusalem and God was going to show that even through the mind of the King of the patients he is still work to bring salvation to all nations and he does receive after four accords and chapter three and between that and then the last session chapter two tenet also and I did forget to mention one thing but this is something that you that you can remember in closing finally and that is that when you when you think of this story when you think of the story of Daniel it sounds remarkably similar to another story in the Old Testament almost identical Joseph and Joseph lived here before Daniel can imagine Daniel going through that in this Army you might not audited and in the key of the heat of the battle went situation there the later can imagine Daniel sitting down and thinking that the story of Joseph and he thought my eye with the exact almost exact same experience as Joseph know what how would you feel if you had you remember back when you thought that's exactly what happened today the point here is that when you say the story so when you studied the character of the individuals that Sean August he rose that God uses your life will be changed the same image your life will be able to before and then mold and made into the Saints into the same stuff but these are the made out of so when the situation it faces you you'll need to say all if only I could be like that it won't even cost and you will live why Jesus lived and Daniel did and what happens to you you will look back and say but that's what it is that's exactly what happened to Daniel praise God for giving me counsel and wisdom and understanding in mind for the preparation for the crisis time needs to happen now in preparation can happen at the crisis needs to happen so let's learn from the story let us look to Jesus let us learn to be like insulation into Daniel one the crushed time comes that we can be said that we can be achieved so that's what I have read this week and am I I know I will delete that are there any questions or comments or anything you are in the I is worth he and I and you are you are you he you he you he is in and try back to manifest their way is is is is is is I suppose you is because Christmas is in a is is is is a you and so is trying as you as you as your guide there is wise to his is no less ingredients as you as you go annually or worse Frank and is you are a you trying to picture the guy that's found in the Bible and Pentagon and our imaginations are as useful as I was secure and centuries this is an privacy perception that there is a grandma one hundred dollars and the visiting all that is really one hundred one there may have step by step as you normally our final and is only as we touch one that in future studies not the final final revelation of God 's character on the server will only as well am I I want to clarify something and that is that God didn't transfer the chosen title to Babylon that didn't happen he was just using babbling to punish the Jewish nation event in the same time review of this power in using that to communicate across the bed chosen on with the turn that you just chosen status of Israel was still upon the nation of Israel we see later in the book of Daniel regardless trying to restore that begins in chapter set and on our chapter nine site and am into the Nebuchadnezzar that is actually found in the prophecy why got chosen but let's just get the music is sure preview that is that on let's say you're trying to influence a list or save the message of America to make your efforts on most efficient on the the reason I work with the greatest amount of results who would you try to convince the president right so through that one man's influence many people beautiful NASA same thing with Nebuchadnezzar he thinking he is not the easiest way I think I'm sure he uses different methods different methods all the time obvious Jesus you what healed lepers healed a blind goddess try to seek and save all well but sometimes it is more efficient for some people will never be saved by no missionaries going to each an individual 's home but if you can influence one person after that one person having phones over ten or twenty one hundred other people then it can be faster more efficient well done so God was and always I can't I can see the understand everything over my human logic and my perspective no that would be logical the logical probate work okay his is nothing else when we kneel to pray as is thought in heaven tonight we have seen the character revealed by Daniel we esteemed your earnest desire to seek and to save even the King of the pagans not how often we shun your salvation we turn our hearts away from you we take our hand out of yours to go our own separate way because we think always better the Lord we see that we need to be more like ten of one trials and temptations be faceless we can say with you one what would you have me to do instead of retaliating and finding a reviling we can say our answer with counsel and wisdom the love and compassion the character of Jesus even as we are brought to the face of our worst bitterest enemies we can have the desire of Christ in our hearts to seek and to save that which is lost that we may be a shining light of those to bring them to the phone room of God that they make its value themselves and thought I pray you help us each day to continue to strive to all learn to be like Christ maybe decide to give our lives entirely with you in in in physical aspect mental aspect the social aspect as well as spiritual aspect may we live the life of balance Christian has Daniel lived help us to be able to be used by you if you want to reach he wants to reach the homeless bum on the street or even if it truly is the king of Babylon the helpless to accomplish that and to be willing to be used by you to say yes Lord used me change me and take me wherever you want to go for the typist and I think our separate ways this is a prayer Jesus


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