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World's Greatest Crime

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 23, 2005
    12:00 PM
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the world 's greatest crime in Psalm nineteen really for verse one Psalm nineteen reading for verse one the Bible says the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sort of his handiwork day after day out of a speech and night of the nicer of knowledge there is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard over all familiar with both sources under simply saying that when we look at guards created works we can see some aspects of the glory of God it is not a perfect revelation but because Gore believes his fingerprints in everything that he does if a person honestly looks at the heavens are in the world around him or her fat person will see evidence of the power and the greatness of God now Paul says something very similar in Romans chapter one for slight dimple says because that which may be known of God is manifest in them for board have shown it on to their other working mothers has been these it is evident that which living on the floor is manifest in them it is evident for God hath showed it unto them of course trenches for the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly say what is the word clearly seen being on standby to think that I made even his eternal power and Godhead so that may are without excuse what the expression without excuse means the one of the judgment until going I did not know I had insufficient evidence to inform me of your presence on the familial presence but your role in the universe so that they are without excuse so we have the created world saw a reverse three when I consider thy heavens the work so my fingers and more than just talked with no house or Dave what is man developed my profane the psalmist of sailors they have the works of golf fingers his handiwork in Goss handiwork I repeat we see evidences of gold brick this office divinity of his love for design his love for beauty is love organization 's attention the microscopic detail but I say again that this is not the clearest revelation of God formula how you look at a flower it does not tell you that the wages of sin is death about how to follow it is not tell you accept and forgive you will not be forgiven below how hard you look at the sky this kind of mortality that will require substantial work and one day of rest so it is not a perfect of full revelation that God had a people called the Israelites and bought committed to the Israelites his articles is low and fax instruction for how we should live in every facet and apartment of their lives but you and I go so well that is life failed gold almost without interruption concept which God sought to reveal the federal family he was always able to go because the installation of a trust in him and seldom obeyed him to the team onto the letter and so God 's message throughout the echelons which should've been for that time the cleverest revelation about Scout and his allow it good luck come to pass not because of both fault but because the fault was either the Israelites is that what Paul says in Romans eight four what the law could not do in that it was before the flesh there's nothing really went above alone the problem is the sinful flesh that God sent Jesus Christ 's at this world finally saw a perfect recognition of the calico of the father and were talking about the world 's greatest crime twenty two minutes after twelve is Jesus Christ face all up perfect flawless revealing of the love the majesty of the divinity of the power of the father who sent his son Jesus to St. John seventy four I have glorified thee on the earth I have finished the work which thou givest me to do I have glorified thee on the earth I bought brought red knowledge of name item brought some measure of understanding to walk I think if you're in the finest colors possible then that Jesus went back to heaven and he left a group of people whose solemn responsibility it was to reveal the power of Christ to reveal in their lives that account of Jesus Christ of both the recall Christians those who have a faith relationship with Jesus Christ the seed of Abraham 's faith was supposed to be for the both of the deposit starts off via the content of the reflectors of blogs seven thousand nature give a partial revelation as he has allies have almost no regulation whatsoever as Jesus gave up for revelation of God was God 's children today is through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit are to give a perfect revelation of the capital of Jesus Christ I did not make a mistake when I used WordPerfect let us take a moment of what happens when Goss specially called people filled with our veteran members with the hip looked upset for the unlock of the world from the listeners and Genesis chapter twelve reading from her stem Genesis twelve the Bible says this is Abraham 's life re-examining and there was a famine in the land on aircraft went down to Egypt to sojourn there for the famine was grievous in the lab and it came to pass when he was funded and indicated that he sent this in his life been called now I know thou art a fair woman to look upon therefore it shall come to pass when the Egyptians shall see me that they shall say this is his wife of this option only but it shall save your life say I pray the our licensed that it may be well with me for my sake and my soul shall live because of the no Abraham concocts a story to save his own skin enough about the bottle brought him out when hoppers are tamed and protected in Bible says we can progress and when Abram was completed the Egyptians beheld the woman that she was very fair the Prince is also a federal software are commendable to fulfill role of the woman was taken into federal 's house for sixteen of Genesis twelve thousand and he and treated Abraham well if not well for her sake and he has sheet of Alton and he asses and menservants and menservants and she asses accounts for seventy the Bible says the Lord fully feral and his house with great place because of sin Rabbi Abram 's wife and Farrell called Abram concerning what is this that thou hast done to be the question while this mouse arrow 's all-time Long did not believe a integrate of heaven give the Pentagon he is my golf that he worships all kinds of bodily hippopotamus was about the dog remember how you have a look at the hall was the system in which federal upgrade about with his religion he is talking on IM or in structural represents one himself he is talking to the father of the faithful he is talking that I had of the specially chosen race Farrell says Tamara and what it is done now is known to be why dost thou not tell me this was my life why satisfied she is my sister so I might have taken her to meet the life family saying Abraham you will put me in a very dangerous position one is that he will miss child of God are doing for me one is that though the spoon to me with vascular Christian lands of in our individual lives we give people reason to see what is it you are doing to me do we not understand that all depends on costs with Peter Pan in front of it I cannot say but either pay all costs for a revelation of who he is and did not have a right to expect a correct reliable precise revelation of Jesus Christ is by looking at us although there were not some Methodists but the coming of the seven habits are to believe officially I will officially not mean anything but I really am officially that we are God 's prophetic people raise up to proclaim a certain message the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ that this is a slow ascent from the Gospel of Matthew mice Jesus Christ it is law that places a premium on account of expression of the gospel we believe we will race with respect message officially when the world looks with some guidance is that what we do limits and is not what they get past the wireless justification of the federal loss one is ever found was not only I have been misled you claim face unplanned that in your written information but in your practice I saw something else will they have offered Iran right to say what is missed the valve is known to me they are children of the documents was that examines what is the file has done to me why did you let me spend so many hours in front of a television set why didn't you tell me that he implemented what is in my head my brain takes on the shape of that information I can rise the height of my thinking about which I feed my brain why did you tell me what is it about relatively worlds greatest crime meeting people astray professing one thing doing something else also the first review forty eight trumpet give an uncertain sound who shall prepare himself for the battle is our him giving a certain song ever I have the believe a buffet rules life at risk of wasn't the only time that the Genesis chapter twenty we read that passage before Abraham is living in the land of the Philistines he puts on the board of center is a sister Genesis twenty first two one because if you just like a big romance is not a man's life bought comes in a drink or three accounts in your deadline for more cells taken she's a man's life a bit much seven four four listen more closely righteousness I didn't only claims integrity of his action it was fine I can see that in four six but acknowledges that he acted in ignorance that gone informed before seven now therefore restore the man his wife he's a prophet and he shall pray for the about shortly if thou restore her lockable valve how shall surely die without all that apply now for a is where our excitement begins that the black rose early the morning o'clock August seventh and for all these things in the air on the mantle was sore afraid of them was called Abraham called seven billion one house now done unto us twice if your life am I okay representing an entire people is at risk because of Abraham 's faith less mess because of advertising misrepresentation of his body up and make them want fast although not us on what I offended the problems brought on me my kingdom a great thing what come I don't see you justify your putting meet in what will be one of the world that offs that we are punishing them by giving them a false view of which we are a crime against humanity to mislead people about who Jesus Christ is Jesus Christ cannot come down and we can have occupied an important place the most holy place of folic acid and we are the chosen and seventh for the proclamation of the word of God upon the revelation of the collective price we must not give the world reason to say one is this the valve of the resume on what I offend of the Bahamas brought on me my kingdom address and other molecular tools in the market a dentist when it has now done these on to me that ought not to be done Abraham you shouldn't do things like this it should be beneath you and beyond you know this done deeds of the me though not in front of them I thought the lake he repeats across networks that have been like that ever have once hostile technophile has done this thing about my town that I am right the mix at town meeting what did you see that lets you to put my nation and mortal danger one agency one is that I want mutable like Loma Linda in this city suitable Melinda and what is disposed over the IOS whiskey from the life so I will yes I do wonder if you are more from the first access one reasons for the fun of the West Coast give the sunshine got on ending rain at the city of Olinda a lot of the nearby cities Riverside out for more hours call to Laguna Beach Redondo Beach also bundle faith in one express of Bauhaus don't want to be I must point like other president has such week doing things to people by saying one thing and doing something else that have arrived a private complaint about PR people have misled me what is this the problems known to me boyfriends one hundred O is a religion with roadrunner as you write the city you will you do spiritual leader of this relationship what is it of thou hast done on our doing to me preachers do you have the courage to push the truth at risk of life onion so that no one can say what is it about to make wider to water down the massive Hellenic officials wanted to get my feminists like Genesis chapter twenty six like father like son reversal on Bible says and there was a famine in the land beside the first famine that was in the days of Abraham Isaac went on to Abimelech king of the Philistines of the Utah unaudited attendance at well done and well in the land which I will tell you of several MS I will be with me I'm impressed me on to be on the device see I will give all these countries on I would perform all of which I sort of Abraham but while I will make thy seed to multiply have you ever given to thy seed all these countries under my seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed because that Abraham obeyed my voice I kept my charge my commandments my statutes on my laws on Isaac dwelt in your now he's a lot of that was not his father was a Genesis twenty four seven Genesis physical Bible says the man of the play 's author table of his life and he is one just wishes the last three times the Bible records that show you something is going to Genesis twenty when Abraham was trying to explain it to a sheepish explanation when Abimelech said one half of the front to make a lot of my offender Leela was brought on me my King the Madrid same as what Abraham said verse eleven Iran said because I said shortly before of God is not in this lease under will slay me for my wife's sake but first he says that indeed she is my sister she's the daughter of my father but not above my mother and she became my wife or much worse and it came to pass when Gore calls me to wander from my father 's house that I set out that our every players with a worse outcome say of me he is my brother and reached home we make it burn incense none was ever performed the role that his girlfriend will forgive but Bible include the dockside boat speed and for reason that we may learn what to avoid an upset I said to her this is my time it was also sought to make an replace without extensive women with telecom say of me he is my brother well we learned the people who inhabit mountain physical code listed from the parents attitudes as well and so Isaac does this seem to as a legal academics is limited for several Bible says men of the place awesome of his life and he said she is my sister for he feared to say she is my wife let's said he implemented the Bishop County for Rebecca because she was fair to look upon same problem Abraham Versace in the vast range of been there long time that the whole Abimelech king of the Philistines looked out a window on Seoul and behold Isaac was sporting with Rebekah his wife Beth I called Isaac and said of a shopaholic of astrology because I live how sent us out she has licensed the process of him because I said yes I died for an event I said what is this thou hast done floss ethos the question again three times we've ever analyze that many of them the unbelievable how well is asking what are you seven of Barbara Deming a crime against humanity but they don't understand Jesus as you like the world you have no say that as I was ER of that group is that if he pointed out the disciples exclusively on said he am the light of the wild East that the weather little girls the disciples who were will benefit although like you more like humans in the big form I said the disciples of all the length of life have assaulted their buddy lists all have lost its case law we lost our it is therefore equivalent nothing but anyone out to be instructed on the foot of man assaults have lost his savor your life individuals must act the seventh Avenue and also prophetic site is not the case I don't believe changed my claim adjusts upwards I describe myself to be because God prefers your cold then you won't a crime against humanity Mikey was the one of nine minutes ago and I'll let you attend one my brothers and my sisters this thing with having to my heart I personal judgment because I cannot read your heart and I'm so grateful you cannot read my little honesty is not harmful to the spiritual Constitution of self confrontation and all the obvious site in the world is this your self it is so frightening we have a natural aversion to seeing us of who we really are but there's nothing more calculated if we would be a little honest to put us on the role of the changed by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ when we see you are supposed to we think we reach phase to make as many of ourselves onto my slipper tell you I have something else to say about the subject I did not have the time to be safe is a very serious concept before today I just want to leave you with the question this any longer have called the city you what is this the valve is known to me a master from my heart with no attempt to judge as you and I look at our lives are our lives consistent with this all allies consistent with the special revelation that the good Lord has graciously given us the writings of Ellen White's no crimes against humanity are being prosecuted now in the Hague world court 's luminosity is one was on trial they bring up others if you are one of the tried and published like to try Saddam Hussein crimes against humanity let me tell you the worst crime against humanity is to mislead a person write down the hill the Bible says in Romans seven two versus twenty three twenty four Southwest vacation disciples of the Lord by breaking the law this onerous foul ball to modernize that he was sent to prison he said rabbits in my family contract that so I am bouncing off verse twenty four for the game of golf is blasphemed among the heathen the rule you as it is written articles on this point guard shall not have a bad name unless we give it to them are you listening to me God 's good name is in our tests our God is a is a God but when we set out to establish our name which is not our business we will go contrary to the world and the leading of God because our business is an established God 's name and Bob 's business is to establish our name we cannot switch responsibility of this is the theme I shall a lot like anytime a man sets out to make a name for himself becomes an appointment with one because that is what you're calling on my individuals medicine just the name wrong reason if you jeweled basketweaving and wrong reason involves people so often go astray in an attempt to establish a name and it brings golf 's name into disrepute I pray for my heart but if any one of us feels that the messages the message delivered today is in some way crushed our toes that we would search our hearts and said Lord it is one thing if I go to have myself it is something else for me to take people with what is it the problems done unto me in the kingdom let it be odd as I am now in the kingdom we would hear people say thank you for what you did to me thank you for this also want to believe because it off faithfulness had an effect on me I changed my life by the grace of God 's IQ is not what all your friends deserted you you will about what everyone else left in the treatment because of golf it lifted off balance them on the walls of Zion is like an specified in the NBC people with names pointing at us and say women why do they own I'm here I know how to something 's not right let's not be our experience of July call upon you the name of Jesus Christ thirty minutes to one any metal woman listening to me independently forget who's next with the Lord by your priests let me sorely that might influence my fearfulness points people to heaven not a hell raiser I have sent we must not be just a private instrumented Everett about every eye closed loving father in heaven become to you in the name of Jesus father we claimed the perfection we claim nothing at all but a need for Christ father we read of the example of Abraham our spiritual father your word says if you Christ's then are ye Abraham 's seed we obviously need from how we do not deny the father would not want to have José Tomas one is almost done unto me father forgive us for our hypocrisy forgive us Lord for not being faithful to the standard you have so graciously committed out and forget my father for saying one thing and another forgive us why you think your title salvation I also want to forgive us that God we pray in the name of Jesus himself essay I asked if I would give us a sense of spiritual decency that what you say is what we don't will have the courage to do what I'll call but not lukewarm rather zealous but its growth also knows that I pray Bob Messier sons and daughters my brothers and sisters take on the responsibilities bring them back tonight I pray I thank you Jesus they were for his sake but most people say a man of a mental classroom


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