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Daniel Bible Study: Chapter 3

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

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you are right so today we are studying Daniel chapter three the chapter three I like doing this just to get our minds focused on the right whether the topic for the day what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of doing effectively fight for it okay what other object or event or will an image any particular people in the seventy second minute ago Nebuchadnezzar Golden in the fiery furnace I think we offered bottle stood before so instead of going through the usual in all elementary Bible story moral of the story type of Bible study look at it in a bigger perspective with lenses that we have mentioned before I call history repeats with the principal that history repeats so when we put on those glasses as we look at this chapter hopefully we'll see something you something that we haven't seen before our accident exhibit three verse one could somebody please read that for us and is okay so we see here an image that is set up the plane of Dewar so when we say the Bible we want to look at things contextually so on obviously we want to study contextually within this chapter but also within the chapters preceding chapter this is succeeding on look at looking at this first verse how does this connect with the previous chapter beginning what about the image what are the similarities and one of the is the same but it's all gold okay well first of all how do we know that is the same image okay while I guess I was a trick question and answer the question where that that's a good point that we discussed a little bit on but it is asked the question the question is how do we know that this image looks like imaging chapter two as it is based on this chapter we don't we have no idea what it looks like it just dimensions it's sixty cubits tall six cubits wide so acutely about eighteen or on one and a half feet eighteen inches so that's ninety feet tall and nine feet wide on quite frankly I imagine my mind if that's a pretty skinny statutes that really tall it's ten times holiday and his wife so I'm thinking how can this look like a man I don't know but all I know that the prophecy says that it's the image of this image that was supposed to replicate what never saw in Chapter two so you're right but based on this chapter we can figure so be careful when you mentioned that in a Bible study or one is not explaining it on base in the Bible talk to you it's hard to prove it you can sort of guess and assume but on with Oscar prophecy we won't know just reedited so we are you mentioned that this image is completely made of gold so like Erickson continues how to make a statement and damage to the elementary on comparison between the two kingdoms another was told valid as head of gold so obviously King Nebuchadnezzar has try perhaps and I believe through the Council of his other not so wise wise men on she was he was educated conclusion with second knife I just make a whole image gold that will be my mind my statement my defiance against this prophecy that said I will fault and would and wouldn't come back to that point of Nebat that define attitude that that that that the Wiseman can does not so imageable numbers two and three cents a meal suite that a lot not to go ahead value which generate I don't about you she has bikini vision which is what I have and am through the courts were meeting there are certain words that kept popping up it sounded almost be done one of those words have try and if you need a whole chapter that phrase image which the king has set up which now has set up which I have set up which was the ambitious constantly repeating it is set up it is set up I set up a cancer that he set up and he did just constantly revolving around this theme this is the image that I have set up based on the perspective can and this is a special because of the important aspect I believe based on the previous chapter if you just look with me and David to an verse she year where my August twenty one orifice twenty and twenty one anyone can be never updated to verse twenty twenty one so in chapter two Daniel simply is coming through the course of the whole chapter one of the main point is that God is the one essential kingdom since exempting she's the one that set off in chapter three the emphasis Nebuchadnezzar has set up she has set up this is what he has set up in the contrasting with what God did and that's often don't have a very well with what Eric brought up now several other things that are important to bring out first of all notice notice the list of people honoring the teachings of the princes the governors the captain of the judges to treasure the Council of the shares of all the rulers of the province of know why the Bible listing all these people why can it and the Bible is just redundant we did we really need to know all that well let's just bringing down the house know what positions are the people in without really relate relatively today the princes because they those of the Royal seed of the royal family on the monarchy families I guess the governors of the states the politicians and the captains these of the military powers military officers the judges judges cream court or the judicial system those are high up there the treasures all the economic leaders the businessman perhaps and the people to hold the purse strings the counselors I don't know exactly what this is but I'm guessing that these are the educators counseling people I guess people that have the inroads to the education system the professors and the Palm all these type of educators in the shares the police force and all the rulers of the provinces saw the other note maybe CEOs or millimeters of whatever big corporations there are not as a whole list of people the coming together of what for what effect that we always hear you the story they can get anybody so that they will worship the image of us true but what event they come for cancer the dedication now the dedication coming times that take place just one hundred when you have a baby dedication you don't dedicate the baby every step is not a daily thing any baby sure we dedicate our lives but a dedication of the images like the grand open what the great unveiling what a great know first day of whatever it is not I guess you can say that this event was not advertised as a religious it was a politically agent will gather together for this political powwow meeting to dedicate this image it was just to say where you together let's inaugurate this thing support the king 's right it is a political act as a political event in which all the big shots the people who are everything and anything those of the people were there and they are here gathering on the premature before this great image for the dedication now as I said earlier we have when looking at this in the eyesight of what the glasses of the concert that the history will repeat one day a basic book of Revelation in chapter thirteen that there were quick to tell the set at the end of time or near the end of time they will come another image in the image that will be set up and won't be settled by God it will be set up sized human intervention in him Revelation chapter thirteen of us just look at verse twelve and then we'll go down to verse fifteen the verse twelve hundred fifteen informed me that he exercises all the power of the first beast before and because you're in them which dwell therein to worship the first beast is getting the media three wonders that he maketh fire come down from heaven on your side and end this unit than the twelve years by the names of those articles which he apparently inside the same to them that dwell in the years that they should make an image of the beast which had the wound by the sword and it was inherent power to give life unto the image of the beast that the images of each address speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed all right so in the end of time listen thirteen there will be another image another image that is set up in the likeness of another power in damage of the free receipt of this image is a reflection or it's an image of the image damage to the supposed look like the image and chapter to the Revelation thirteen the image to the beast is to look like the first beast and when I see the study the first beast of Revelation thirteen but simply put the first is a revolution thirteen is a symbol or it is the papacy but a bigger aspect or a broader view you can say is Inc. political and religious power you united together in one box we remember the previously only looked indentured to the image we said as NAFTA given his heart is my so is he the head is the book that the leader of the whole body to the whole image is called Apple and the different metals represent the kingdoms and the whole image in either that even the image of Babel of Daniel chapter two represents the union of church and state power so we see that in this year and instructed to accept the three symbolizes a combination or uniting of church and state powers weapon and a time image of the beast is exactly the same thing and both times when you set up the result in death decree for God 's people desecrated God 's people because whenever judges to come together and I cannot result is persecution God 's people and on what is all yes the image this event like we mentioned is a political event it is apolitical event or political reasons that lead to legislation of worship we should be we should be so much looking at in all the religious churches men of the terra-cotta status because on this different different perspectives but it is not so much we have to say all we don't we should worry about so much the state all of a sudden coming with a sledgehammer insane everybody has to worship on Sunday we have to look at the minor steps the setting up of the images the steps leading up in the realm of politics on political world that will be up to a sudden switch all of a sudden witnessing is a religious issue and will be taught unawares be that exactly happened there typically they were gathered together a dedication image within the next reversible with event in the moment nephew versus it out of that all of a sudden became a religious issue and the became blurred and am at a point like that if we have not been faithful if we have not been perceptive and watching the movements take place we could be caught just as unaware as many of these departure so activation of the three let's keep reading chapter three verse four verse four through verse seven the use of one or water is exalted on her Google is a is a is a you is is so in time he heard the sound and is and will is is a you is is is all right now what is it that Dean knows the high tuition all kinds of music now I mean the obvious obvious reason is that there's so many people there the plane is so big and you know acoustics probably don't carry very far in a few systems that the music is loud enough everybody can hear that the logical explanation but yes and I I to think that this was mentioned for reason I can't build nonmarketability a case to say that this is true then if you don't believe it know your apostate heretics but all I'm saying is that I believe we can know what we can foresee a working just we can expect the music loud and will have a part to play in the final event music is a powerful agent I know I I'm sure many of you already understand that part that is ninety but music in this story on saying is that it plays a part in the final event of the two the death to create and the worshipers in all insane out of the house they come about but it is only I think it will be foolish to think that music is not that helpful was that they can use I have that type of influence unfortunately many Christians even though the market is the latest in the bank music and amoral music is just something that's neutral it's neither good nor bad it's just how you respond to what you do with it but in and of itself has no moral value what I don't know I'm not can argue with you all on singers I believe music will play a part in the final events and am moving on it says the decree is who's a follows not down in worship it's the same shall be cast into the midst of burning fiery furnace now I have the need honest with you on at this point I don't have conclusive answers as to why the decree was so urgent why wasn't it why was it so immediate if you don't worship you be cast into the fire immediately I don't know on perhaps it's just fear factor chassis but all I wanted when I hear this verse is that verse six is as whoso fall if not down all is not down remember that phrase put in a shelf will come back to it as best possibility of law I a pair the fiery furnace I believe that this furnace was the same smelting furnace which these inoperable there is already there and that's likely yet like okay we got we got to put the fire is not yet but anyway but that's free fall if not downing falls down the worship of the concept prostrate yourself keep that thought keep that would've phrase Jeb the same outcast of the myths of the burning fiery furnace but he disabled because of a furnace with one fire will be burned or thrown in the fiery furnace yet the state burning fiery furnace is making it very emphatic point this fire is very hot and he's somehow wanting to get the point across when you get the point clearly across and Silver seven therefore at a time when the per people heard all kinds of music everybody felt on which the image now this is where we come to the exciting part of the story at least to me verse eight verse eight to verse twelve procedure verse twelve anyone creates read that have a e-mail is not in over a okay this is whether this is whether twins really comes first eight this is cool came to accuse the Jews certain Chaldeans certain Chaldeans and assess what with the first verse the first word in verse eight wherefore to me it give it and it gives me that expediting this is how I see it there for the time everybody admitted he felt down I was Google image and therefore at that time certain Chaldeans came in a case against it almost sound like it was planned it's like the Chaldeans with their favorite music play everybody fell down and that was a chance on a hot they were right now they go to the king and accused used eye-catching when seen by Martha my holy imagination so these Chaldeans now not only have we have extra insight because I read on profit thinking elicited is that these Chaldeans were in fact the same Chaldeans in the previous chapter and season in fact the same people that urged the king to flatter the King for him to set up this image at all cold and these Chaldeans did this all all for the purpose of accusing the Jews offer the purpose of laying this whole clock to your heart what to destroy the Jews but it's not just any Jews obviously because they had E3 guideline says they came and they had needs a PC guy said that music Bendigo have all the papers just gossip off or understand why whatever to get rid of me got already so the final events in the last days to go before I go that far me explain this the first note during that time would dare more Jews than just these three must have been in chapter one we saw that they were more chapter to not so clear but after three I tend to think there must have been other juicer other people that have been taken captive from all Israel you yet you must that's a good one never thought of that but yes that's very good so this since this plot was not just forgot people is just for the faithful few what can we say the remnant of God is for these you that were faithful even though the rest of them one way and help they may have on their minds all is such a big deal you know I won't be in the witness for God if I die here or if I do this if I didn't bow you know I be destroyed and what about all the people know that would otherwise not hear the gospel with any deep thinking colleges understand I'm not really worshiping my mind I'm just venting over in the evening that have those type of rationale and then come back to that point but the industry boys they said no within a stack and the time I wanted to know the name I want to get in the run why is because in the final events the final movements of him near the history of plot that Satan is the deviously in the beauty and laying out through the political power through all of the different agencies the primary purpose is to accuse the rent army I mean excuse me Satan doesn't care about the half-baked Christians citizenship of those that rationalize away doing what's right to the Kim of those who is willing to bend over and had issue when they should staff no feasibility of others people consider his anyway because about this faithful few the three the shed any check and then the ghost and Daniel if you were there I know anyone if you know for those people and so the final events when we look at image that will be set up the union of church and state powers the death decrease her to say all of these things come down to the fundamental issue in Revelation twelve seventeen and the dragon was wroth with a woman went to make war with the Church of God and with a remnant of receipt and these are they which keep the command of God and have the testimony of Jesus so these this is the final issue all of the all of the events that cannot wait because you take later on in Daniel chapter six as well it is for the remnant people thought so with that broader scope of broader perspective let's keep going with the story there's something else that I want to bring out from here verse thirteen this is a little long but thirteenth it to verse eighteen consumer event Saturn is in evidence and that is not my God is not ready I learned our lessons will all and is a well you were not easily found in our room I believe that God is a living online and in and is thereafter as so our God is as you are you are you will deliver a is not being as you will not a a lot of things here verse thirteen Nebuchadnezzar what was his emotion reason fear can I say he was rock with the remnants of receipt and then these men were brought before the king interesting interesting it says here it never together in his rage and fury commanded to bring shed at Michigan and the thing is raised in theory commanded that they detest immediately into the burning fiery furnace and is analogous that is that in the same hour immediately you could testify for us in the heat might be angry but still he wants to talk to these guys now there's a lot we can learn from this festival why do you think King Nebuchadnezzar wanted to give so the safety got a second chance from the Daniel nothing back to chapters chapter one what they could she remember what was the testimony of the jihad of these guys finalize their ten times better I mean can you imagine President Bush elect Colin Powell what he did what a dream in my office you know about them just by the guy no unit someone said he know that these guys have some substance and not only that I'm sure that you guys are just unreliable lady bade probably responsible get things done get things done well for the King knows where the second big loss so for us with the perspective of the projection of the last events is we ought if we are lazy dog if we are no dirty no slobs that don't do what work and we sleep in late and we do all that were not doing the best of our ability when the time comes people just simply say no good minutes were asked if we do the best of our ability whatsoever in the areas that whatsoever often I have had pasta do we do with our minds then God is able to give us the extra chats because in the mind that even the wicked they know what a loss it will be if they destroy God 's people and this is where I believe the prophecy will come true where our goth people be brought before the magistrates the courts the judges the leaders of the country and the sort of thing because these people have the capability to stand before the king 's because they have a social in madness or or not ineptness for the evidence is that's that's the day am if they were not faithful in chapter one they would not have gotten the second chapter chapter three just like if the Danny was not before chapter one he would not have done that extra time instructed to do so this all goes back to chapter one irons that is the foundation of the whole book I will be faithful in little things are weekly take care of our bodies even in the area of what we eat what we drink not even in the little things of life I would be faithful to God so that gives us a second one of the reasons why the change eighth ten Gbit second chance I looking at this in a slightly different perspective on the sea where it is well it's in verse nineteen but let me just give a quick verse nineteen then was Nebuchadnezzar full of theory in the form of his visage was changed against the three boys so in verse thirteen percent impairment in his rage and fear he commanded the street meant to be brought before him within a verse nineteen said his visage or his countenance or expression of his face changed so this visit the mental picture that I have and believe this is correct based on my study of the Spirit prophecy and that is that even because it was raw I wasn't a motion by yet outwardly when he commanded the three to come he was nice about he had a gentle demeanor he was trying to coax and some of have this sweet compassionate and merciful type of sound he was giving them a second chance at all this is the king of Babylon he was the most powerful man in the world he did not even given the second check is probably sweet talking a little bit longer I'm not good you guys are not since I'm such a nice guy just help me on this one you want me to be a bad guy you don't get it this type of talk but Daniels three friends their response was no less you know I guess not I should think of anything but the Nebuchadnezzar what she did just illustrate said anything bigger despite the king 's mercy I see that there's an old saying we are not careful that means that it is indeed so our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning vice president he will deliver us out of I have nothing but it's not being on a videotape that we will not survey got most of the golden image which are set up can you imagine this guy find a company deal so to say almost exactly the words I know but with this type of attitude of mercy they turn around as they basically shoot down this is pretty bad I think strip away all of your preconceptions all your preconceived ideas as a as a Christian whatever you know about last events whatever you know about fantasy friends all of that preconceived idea take it away imagine yourself as just a Joe or Jane on the street and you see this happen UCD three guys they did obey the King become before the king became given a second chance and they just spit in his face almost they just define his own authority in my mind I all of those guys around they must be thinking these guys think they'll need guys are ridiculous and gathered disrespectful date have a problem with authority and debate the yoga deserved to die this is the problem with a second chance often times when we get second chances to do what's wrong sometimes we especially in a situation like this can not I can imagine good genetic or the three boys like were going to use a second chance maybe this is an extra prayer this is the way of deliverance maybe God is telling us in just this once is okay I understand that Dell followed we went to them why I know it crossed my mind more than once but yet in a time like that they have to still stand for the truth in an atomic that when they have to deny them mercy of the King it makes them look guilty and sentencing what we comes a point where we have to take a staff of the truth it is the first time in a cut it down sure you know we don't have a second chance but one of people culminates out of befriend us in their sort of nice about it in the presence of other people of other witnesses that make it all a second chance here is another chance but stronger temptation in the first and in the week and in their rejection of this offer of mercy it makes them look guilty and legitimate but the king says to guess that the decisive so this makes him look guilty necessity fun with fonts and export so the obvious application is in the end of time when the image to the visa set up as it says in Revelation thirteen it will not be just one swung time to create and then that's it they will be I believe many second chance based on my understanding it won't be just one decision it will be gradual step-by-step one little compromise leads to another and if we're not careful we got a slippery slope and we won't duplicate backup so we need to be careful now that we will be willing to stand for what's right the first time he comes out and the second and the third and the fourth even if the same temptation because the devil 's not much of the after just one time that old he's not could do that you should try another temptation known as not that lucky considering you until until he breaks are you great and by God 's grace we just withstand presentations so did you thought that now notice what Nebuchadnezzar says his open the files what is questioned he says you will be cast into the same mountain is a very vice furnace and who is that God that shall deliver you out of my head and according to Daniel chapter two he knows that God is having experience with he's not just saying he's not just going out if any old God he knows which God he's going against and no continuing off that train of thought look in verse nineteen consumer redress for us verse nineteen all right this is the famous phrase seven times hotter right seven times hotter than this furnace Neil I'm guessing and I think the logical conclusion is that if the furnace which they used to melt but not the gold smelting furnace to make the golden image and the fired over their seats that's necessary to know the goal is pretty hot in gold is not as as on Brazilian or some other metals but still it's a metal attended high heat and the case is seven times out of a hobby measure the heat I don't think they had no kilometers back there but I believe that there is another more greater significance made me think while the file is sometimes harder so that you even kill the mighty men well I went up on one of the closeness melt why just ask this question why did tenet of the Jews in the percent now before things about that for a moment will come back to it no one asked this question what you know about Babylonian mathematics is based on the number six so why didn't want to Thursday the first of six times on number seconds number paganism nonentity going on it but I guess it came from Babylon for them except exactly but why so all right how because of this it doesn't say the Sabbath day but based on the number seven team enters somehow knew that seven is a holy number he somehow he knew that seven is the number of an end in the previous verses she even said who is this God that will deliver you out of my hands who is this God with this number set you one wish of seven on the seventh a short need to use your seven times five so indirectly the issue that threw them in the fiery furnace was what issue indirectly the sap nothing is throwing them in the fiery furnace but the heat of the furnace that he of the trial receipt of this temptation this difficulty came because these three young men were faithful to God in worshiping on the seventh day they working on the seventh day therefore the king 's mindset this got ask them to worship on the seventh day therefore the seven the number seven must be significant i.e. following this line of reasoning that indirectly the Sabbath plays a part in the trial of these three in the end of time believe it or not the Sabbath will be the test according to Revelation chapter I guess most of Revelation but Revelation thirteen the Mark of the beast versus the seal of the living God has received relations set and also indirectly Revelation fourteen eleven is the Sabbath those of this year the living God in the end of time will be the remnant remnant will have the skillet and what will receive the seal of the living God and they'll be the ones that will receive this fiery trial of the burning fiery furnace seven times now interestingly enough Nebuchadnezzar says who is this God will deliver you out of my hands let me give you seven times hotter fire to try but we know that the story got delivers a speech safely young men and in chapter four response who was discussed I am the God so you will receive your seven times as a visa in the field and also as a pellet in the end of time the final city called Babylon will receive was called the seven last plagues so God he says seven is my number it represents my judgment also this is a will and will and is a is is perhaps perhaps but remember that the issue is not so much worshiping the king and the issue is worshiping the image and act exactly the same in them at times the worship of the image are selected going the first twenty let's read verse twenty three twenty five and one grammatical and you are is a cat and her an e-mail and told her that all the will is a therefore he is very busy and I salute those minutes of data is in an easily managed and fell down a news or is the song and rose on his status as he is by the acid is through an yes it is all I see four men whose Waddington 's file is over on for a physician the story I might spend much time on because this is always what we focus all of our attention on the withdrawal of all the closing they cannot even smell like smoke not enough of the ropes that explain the whole section yes Scott Scott Satan God provided provided on provided a miracle for the all right but I want to notice something different this twenty three of these three men shed a new check in Bendigo filled out and found into the midst of the burning fire fashioned before before I go there there are some people that seem to know what we call historical critical scholars or no contemporary liberal scholars whatever the terminus that seem to do away with all miracles now this this this story is excellent example the whole theory that miracles don't happen because he killed that might even in the says that they were cast in the midst of fine so it's no sometimes the Bible writers the basis just to make sure that you believe what this vehicle maybe did not notice personally present they sell down down into the midst of the burning fiery furnace novices is a interesting side note when I look at the word fell down or fall down or fallen down the entire chapter it has to do with falling down to worship the phone down to prostrate themselves to worship and in this case I know that it probably means faith with phone and they fell into the fire meeting just throw in but because of what happens in verse twenty five fifty fourth men walking and he looks at the son of God I know I just have this curious notion perhaps my imagination is too rapid but that they fell into the fire and they saw Jesus there and they fell down to worship the application there is a they were more willing to worship in the fire they were out of even in the midst of tribulation the true Christian will still be faithful to Jesus still worship Jesus they would rather worship Jesus in the midst of the burning fiery furnace and worship something else outside and this is a very key point for those I know that many of us may finally go through these struggles now lives one up to go this note we will understand just no way is here to comfort me to to to give me encouragement know we can empathize with me and get a lot of sympathy for some sympathy is worse than not getting any attempt promise is that in the midst of the fiery furnace Jesus is there with you and the promise is the promise is that it is better to be in a fire with Jesus than out of fire without because you see in the next the next verse note another can you do not the burning fiery furnace estate is a shuddering music and then to go you servants of the most high God come for the comehither initiative music minute looking for the midst of the fire you see these three boys they went into the fire and they knew Jesus with their that they didn't come right out can you imagine these three boys and what we does what it were me I I wouldn't really want to stay on the burning will ever get out of here quick I can imagine them in the fire and then they think which we come out what I wanted a session on those guys faces no that's the attitude I get no they stayed in the fire until the king called in the canal for several reasons I believe first of all they wanted to show the king we are opening they want to prove the beginning were loyal unique in that address to come the fire and because we respect you so much we will stay in the fire into Intel's that is how loyalties men were whereat other men were actually the number on design but also the other the other at the commission invites a shop that they know in the midst of the fire front is being with Jesus is better than being outside these three young men can imagine seeing Jesus with out nursing Jesus face-to-face I mean median in dreams but not like a vision I'm just imagining but these men saw them face-to-face and seen Jesus called them to forget about I read they are willing to stay in the midst of the trial even though nothing to just walk out so the king called them forth yes sure granted that's a good point it doesn't officially say that but in verse twenty six is that he answered and low I see four men lose walking in the midst of the fire of his reviser is twenty five and they have no hurt in the form of the fourth of the Son of Man that future ages need out there walking the street I mean granted maybe they never saw nor I could be wrong but based on numbers it seems to me that they saw that they were walking with you can also draw application they walked with Jesus through the valley of the show on note I mean you can take it anywhere just but on the all very good question that session the good question how did how did they know that the fourth was the son of God how do they know several estimations I've heard first of all is that the three human boys review it was a direct revelation of all that they saw in these other toys but my personal take is that


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