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Daniel Bible Study: Chapter 4

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

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thanks for going over Daniel chapter four days before this is the this is one of those chapters and Daniel the iron I feel like we really ever go through and at least I know for myself that this is perhaps a chapter that we delete at least within the first six chapters on so I think him it would be best if we could take the time now to read the entire chapter state to and it's pretty safe is pretty self explanatory want to go through the open door gets fisted pistol equipped and battle really expedite the actual study instead of having to explain everything you can figure it out as the SUV so when we go starting with Norman and will look away around each person can take one verse until we come to the end of the chapter is our right so we see here story of Daniel chapter four basically its judgment upon Nebuchadnezzar and we see a conversion at the end or actually double stories like this conversion experience now when we look at the book of Daniel we going to just look at them the chapters as independent of each other we want to see the whole book as one book that's why the Bible placement in one book so we need to think now perhaps you can call this an outline an outline of the first four chapters of the book of Daniel based upon the life of Nebuchadnezzar I will do that again in chapter five but based upon the Wiseman about busy and the Daniel this twelve chapters another method is only the first forty so within the first four chapters what can we learn about Nebuchadnezzar step-by-step these chapters are written chronologically become one after one another so we can just go in order so first some the just tell me there's no right or wrong answer in chapter one what do we learn about and connect with the do how was his relationship with God and his people chapter one okay what did he do to go Jerusalem itself first of all he was antagonistic against God he was a pagan king out to destroy this Jewish nation so he was fully against God enemy of God but then at the end of the chapter what happened remember she had interview with the four Hebrew boys and what was the result ten times longer there were ten times better than the other Wiseman all the watchmen of his kingdom and he knew that there was none like these three met and they went to the testing am the diet the king Nebuchadnezzar had the first impression of God 's people can say that such up to one odds she was no enemy of God to receiving a first impression of God 's people okay accepted to what was Nebuchadnezzar 's relationship got people that what experience do they go through with in this case there she had a dream and okay visit India the quiz I guess what was the main point of the whole experience of chapter two at least based on my personal studies pressure is that this is what is very very close very close this definitely related I guess is and it's been a while when Chapter two going to dream and he made sure that the wise men could not interpret the dream because you can remember what intention that Daniel could reveal to the King Gardens near here on Burger King was in on Daniel not only told him what the dream was and what the dream act but Daniel said but what only the descendents of the two income verse twenty nine on this vehicle quick as for the okaying chapter to restrain him as a video game the thoughts came into the mind on that bed what should come to pass hereafter and he that reveal the secrets maketh known to be what shall come to pass to Daniel in the presentation of what the King wanted you not only said what this is what is what needs this lease on the head of gold of the dog with me the all right now practically no thinking or Daniel he pulled became his very desires the very prayer Thursday that he never prayed the prayer they had in his heart that God answered even though he never so the whole point of chapter two was God revealing himself picking up another as a personal God I'm not a God that's like all the other rest that whose dwelling is not with flesh I don't care about you note not never get ahead of first-hand experience with through his people namely Dan so first chapter second chapter third chapter what have to seven image and what about his relationship what happened between him and God 's people God okay now at the end of the chapter confrontation myself let me put it this way more specifically she saw the testimony of the people of God he saw the actual he saw the actual journey or the experience that the people of God went through and he saw firsthand the power of God delivering his people and the that is actually in my opinion perhaps one of the greatest because it was a miracle with the sign signs and wonders and we can discuss signs and wonders in just a second but am in chapter four what is the experience of Dick Nebuchadnezzar has a chapter for with God personally in what way personally make you obese what can we say with the judgment God actually pass judgment upon Nebuchadnezzar for the purpose of converting his heart so we see here progression I Nebuchadnezzar sites out told terribly against God he gets a first impression while these people are pretty incredible and then incumbent moves that first impression any half while the guys really are is God really is amazing but then he turning away from that and he said but I will not surrender then he created that image and then finally she saw on the lives of God 's people wait a second this God is more powerful than mine go and visit not really is more than all of my God combine them in chapter four finally he comes to face-to-face if all throughout God is present to make the decision to make a decision unspoken when Chapter two we see it more clearly but all throughout it is unspoken but we see Nebuchadnezzar 's face of the decision he has a choice they estimate in chapter four is one the tipping point comes is he going to make the choice forgot organs go in the end he makes a choice for God so my friends based on Daniel chapter one two three four legacy mechanism had in effectively means the spear prophecy that's exactly what she's Nebuchadnezzar will be saved because she committed himself he surrendered himself in check before we actually see the actual conversion experience that the personal on contact I got had within that led him to make that decision is rendered completely and so this is this is the key okay already we can see in immediate application who was Nebuchadnezzar Gamel at the physician 's office he was the king of what nation became the battle and the king of Babylon with a so what the vestry about the rest of us if God can save the kingdom battling this no excuse for the rest of us and we can we can say that about ourselves but most defining a week be what you want to be safe anyway you know that's not an issue for us although there are some small group of people who literally think that you back up except the I don't think about the audience you are probably struggling with what we see in other people sometimes I think that person is too far gone my time no we think that these people they just the world is so sinful that there's just no way they've already made up their minds but as our manager and offenders seem to have made up his lunch up to one any destroy the temple of God I think that he was pretty far down that path now people always say he's gone too far past the point of no return but nonetheless God saved and through his choice he will be in heaven so picking a battling with faith with essay by the rest of us and the people that got place in our pack that we run into enough they're not too far to be safe and they're not the keys that will but anyway take a step further now into the story I'm not to read it verse by verse like we been doing we just read the whole chapters on this cannot touch on some point now the King she had a dream now that sounds awfully familiar I checked before it actually at the word when he has agreed in verse five is as I saw dream which made me afraid except intuitively through the troubled me but says it made them afraid of the thoughts on my bed and divisions among the trouble is that he was actually scared this time the last hundred or so worried he was afraid now and he called the Wiseman he called all the Wiseman in and on Twitter Reddit and I don't remember who but the version that they said they had I like how they translated on said they will not the watchman will not make it interpretation thereof they will not give interpretation in my Bible says and I told the green before then but they did not make known unto me the interpretation thereof on both of them get the same idea the idea was not that they said we could not the wise than they did as they are we can't tell you to drink or the interpretation pages didn't or they wouldn't you have to I like on these connections it's real simple but on seventeen under the king forgot between completely different God and he said tell me living and intimidation or else not shopping bit but before they can actually tell than the dream was how come the Wiseman did intone the dream atonement to petition now wouldn't touch on this logo more next week in chapter five but just within Chapter four based upon the dream that we already read just the just the story you see a tree in the middle of the year and this year just leaves and fruit all the animals got under the birds may nest ministries the fruit thereof with plentiful and working on this magnificent tree and then Phyllis no watcher the holy one conduct forensic cut it down and then need to stump near and all the rest know it's hard to be taken out of in the heart of the issue Gibbons of the seven times other than enough on it goes now based on your reading of this dream could you come up with a pretty close interpretation of what it would mean mean you remember Nebuchadnezzar 's mother is not a dummy she Ashley is perhaps the wisest of all the license so I would imagine this is what I'm thinking these wise men do not have to make either well I guess they are half-baked but not totally stupid they could tell they had the dream and in their mind is that they would think the stream and invitation is all BS you know one thing for the wife and their coming to the King and the King the dream basically the answer is almost already there it's just written all over and they knew there was something that so again in their mind this is a wise and is whether thinking well if we saying what is probably a pretty good interpretation in terms of faithfulness to the green but it will be something documenting and can you imagine telling the king giving the camp advantage of the dream while they're putting their lives at risk by the same time if they give a soft fluffy sugarcoated nice interpretation that McCain can say what outcome on guys stop pulling my leg that's not right this is a dilemma that is why the cop costs and on the sort of interesting that on the Wiseman actually gotten so statistical because the next chapter we see the culmination of all of their in capabilities but on link up before this is this is what this is what I want to bring out that is that God did not allow the Wiseman to give into petition for very very important reason already the keynotes of Daniels into profit he Avenue known as you know he says acting through the times and I know the spirit of the Holy Ghost is within easy know that Daniel is the real thing but God wanted to give the condition by which this prophecy will fulfill because if the watchman just simply gave interpretation they have no way of knowing that this was a conditional prophecy Daniel tells the King you know if thou but let's read it verse twenty seven Daniel for suite seven wherefore O king let my counsel he accepted and acceptable unto the breakup posted by Nikki Abrego but since if you need by righteousness in thine iniquities by showing mercy to the poor if it may be a lengthening of my tranquility so that Daniels made the main purpose I got wanted to know the main reason why God withheld the interpretation one David McDaniel was that Daniel could give sorted so to say the condition or the ultimatum by which this prophecy would fulfill this is key because this is the final straw this is the last chance for the cigar want to give them every opportunity that you could want to given the option the chance and the obvious application I believe that all of us God does not give us the last chance without the condition God is not just put the test was without giving us forewarned before forewarning us in the last days the world the same way has this forewarning Revelation fourteen is called the three Angels messages immediately afterwards we see the fading from you Jesus and after that we see the seven last plagues and all that so that's the best final message the final judgment message servicing is vitally important it marks the last chance the last opportunity by which the world or individuals the have a chance to accept God of this is really going to be the main point of the rest of this chapter the ID of the last chance of the judgment the final final arm decision that has to be made as just a design step from that but also still on the same topic is on this idea of signs and wonders Daniel told the keen in pretty much he told the king you know you have to break off questions by righteousness if this is not to come upon you but yet if you read in Daniel chapter four beginning this go to verse two what is this whole chapter about what the main point of this chapter citizen based on based on Nebuchadnezzar what is the theme that Nebuchadnezzar is trying to bring out in this chapter are inverse to insulin these Atlas for us and show the signs and wonders that I don't have room for savanna beginning of this letter whatever his name is writing this whole purpose of some motives this is the topic sentences say of this whole paper is to show the signs and wonders of God we see that right signs and wonders of God and the signs and wonders obviously is his seven years being turned at the base that's the sign and that's the one and with units that we can come back to them actually the next the next check also so don't forget the step too quickly Daniel chapter four is specifically we can call it the chapter of signs and wonders and I was so significant about signs and wonders out this positive moment in this feedback what is the first time that you remember signs and wonders given in the judgment of the flood yes the flood I forgot about that but yes that's exactly right that's the first one and then what others have to find the wonders and then afterwards judgment Egypt is what I'm thinking about templates right signs and wonders and we can go down through history on not sign one if I him relevant judgment has come out of the final decision and also in Jesus Jesus did signs and wonders working miracles and signs among the people before his fiction and all those signs and wonders that he did was to prove one thing that he was truly great that he was the son of God and in him and the well Matthew twenty four synthesizing the size of the document and blood stars shall fall by the one is in heaven and immediately after that it talks about the second coming of Jesus now what's so significant about signs and wonders this is the this is a key key key point they just cannot forget that is assigned and wonders are given as a last resort Noah preached a hundred and twenty years and then at the very end they got to the sign and the wonder of all the animals watching to buy fewer sevens into the ark after that after the people saw the miracle there was no more that got to do that was about the last hunting dog could not have revealed himself anymore except coming in person and our children and all throughout history exits that the pork rind example pharaohs to who is this God that I should let his people go got to okay I'll review what I am to you play number one two three four five six seven eight nine ten flags and even still detailed that his heart gets often know it he hardened his heart in the hardened his heart doesn't mean God for some of the hard but it was because God showed them so much that there's really nothing more the guy could do his heart was hardened to the point where she has seen everything and he has not made the right decision in and down my caramel Jezebel she would not she would not concede Bobby you wouldn't not turn back to God although he was afraid of God but he did not turn back to God even after that should unlock know that God says he sorry on the Linux hate have asked and here he had I believe Judy who was listening and destroy all and then Jesus himself came the son of God himself came they still reject and the present affairs eBay said you know if you be the son of God to come down from the cross work with just a few days before a few weeks before Jesus raised the dead I mean people were there so this is that this is an important point that we cannot forget that is just fine and wonders is given as a last but we had this good example in danger before the find I wonder didn't work someone that person did turn away from his iniquity and turn back to God don't mind them that this is a bit on this is very important for us personally a lot of times I know I've gone through this I know I've said this myself that is that why can God to show me a sign watching God does work a miracle and tell me where I should go what I should do we have to be careful in because when God reveals miracle to us that perhaps the last as perhaps final no this is it that God has already revealed himself in so many ways but this is a last resort and if you don't turn around and and really obey him now there's no more he can do we have to be careful when we asked for signs and wonders and visited this is very deceiving because there are a lot of other churches now Pentecostals whatever they have signs and wonders they have these miracles and all of the sort of stuff but yet is coming from the wrong source and even going the wrong source their hearts have been hard at even though they haven't you noticed nothing gone but just the fact that he has seen all of these meeting things happen they have always hardened their heart to the simple reading and preaching an understanding of God 's word and the rococo relationship with thirteen says that the second beast coming out of the earth is actually the first three seconds of the second beast of Revelation thirteen which it was like a land he will call fire down from heaven to deceive the men with men but people on here so signed and wonders will take place and when we see signs and wonders we need to be careful because we know that the end is coming it is the final chance so to say forget the people of God especially so we need to carefully ask with signs and wonders now with that you can establish base on that then this is not because it's final chance the final last decision that he estimate but now what is that choice what is it that God specifically wants him to make a decision for her to recognize into the flood only the cottage it is mentioned three separate times three times the purpose the purpose is starting to attract a threat again let's let's read it she hit the nail on the head let's look in verse seventeen first law someone clearly that for us okay that's the first one method in verse twenty twenty five okay numbers thirty two the whole point or the lesson I got wanted nothing of the learned through this judgment was that love them because if I end the one I am that I am the one that rules over the kings of years I'm the one that sets not taken down and give the kingdom to her who's ever I will thought has gone truck to teach a lesson that because before when instructed to that is exactly right in chapter two through the revelation of this whole image was trying to get this point is an unconventional look I'm the one that takes option of the said looking and then take them down but nothing of the turn away from and he said no Dominican evangelical to define this concept that God is the one that rules over all of God just to commit a big circle back to point a God said you need to come to the unity come to terms with me on this point you need to overcome this area you have fallen once I give you a second chance you can get up and try to get if I was a member that we go through life and we fall but then somehow amazingly we are brought back to the exact same test maybe I mean questions exacting test of the same high saying on same topic it is quickly and God brings us back to the same point will be a phone before you visit another chance another chance sometimes he gives us so many chances that we feel like you implied warranty father but the fact is that God will bring you back to the point where you are weakest until you want to you choose not to one of the other so we have we have decisions to make every day in our lives if we make the wrong one well what do you get a chance to make up for that perhaps sometime in the future unless is one of those expansive learning I can't savor every decision obviously I can't say that every decision we make every optically phase will come again I'm not saying that but in general will be have fallen what we are the weakest goal bring us back to it suggest because we think that we snuck away or read me got passed at this time that we got the word on an extensive one you know too many times to know that is true God gives us enough chances to know that this is the right way he gives us the strength and the Nebuchadnezzar praise Lord he made the right decision this last time now let's let's discuss just a brief moment now on actual transformation of Nebuchadnezzar and I want to explain too much of it because the step basically tells you everything there is no making she and Daniel Primus explained that you can be like a beast of the field you can have no note that you can eat grass and the kingdom shall be saved all this other stuff some of the touch on all of that can we meet and painted on -year-old sure as possible for me and you is a is a short-term I don't know his emotions but all I know this look at verse thirty six and thirty seven at the same time I reason return unto me for the glory of my kingdom I honored on his return unto me and my counselors in my voice saw Anthony now establish my kingdom and excellent Majesty was added unto me that it was after his conversion experience that he actually received more blessings and receive more glory number thirty seven outline of the present praise and extol and on of the chemo heaven all whose works the truth is waste judgment in those a walking party is also able to face now I be personally speaking I feel like sure there was an element of fear after appointment Nebuchadnezzar came around and actually praised and honored the Lord and this is another key point if you look at experience in chapter four it's not a glorious experience it's a terrible communication and of the keynote had to think of the King of what is willing to actually write this down at the sensitivity says here all your issues need in order to converge Illinois just out of fear villages out of here he probably wouldn't have written this story will write sure I was always showing and a set of this is an answer and notice what is it is and I is reserved for life results in the essay is so years in an is why I used to use yourself and I and a is your animal or so years as a centimeters long and will really really useful and really hurt and better person so here's the icing and I will really knock you so I is ASAP it was realized that someone is more powerful than the why is a you and I and I is and he is he is in and you and I are the guy in the evening I is going and I got to hang out and talk to you for a you can you write a deer was he on here and a little peanut and I will that he and she is moving on another last resort and is almost like a lifetime as a last resort is only as he he he he is exactly in is the fact that he is here in fact and that's that's a key point to Ira David I think you mentioned it when he was here that God loves us enough to make a squad leader if that means with accepted and done nothing because it asks of his right to summary with their money remember but it's true I know you've all heard stories now I was now down this path almost on a point of death I was overdosed on drugs Wayne hallucinating and then God spoke to me I was hanging by a thread in hospital my mobile signage is going in that was when God spoke to me in a bit we have the story does not be as God forces it upon the person is because that's only way sometimes so anyway and Iran and all the things I love you so much for my loving suicide you will trust you and all is right whether it is good or bad I think people centered assessment form or not is based on one of your Majesty is only one he needed some designs for the Israelites out of Egypt and a lot of times that will blow the person whose mind is a formal blog is not an another one of the you and I you know he's already been delivered from the enemy this alone sure there is an is are some people that Jesus Christ himself becoming priests is in or someone or something and he would still not come with an uncommon agarwal is you are you using and is a sure I think he just wants to further on this almost the same topic but in the whole process this conversion expresses judgment seven years with another yet understand that this prophecy that Daniel spoke its first profit of ten in chapter two yet this prophecy from chapter on chapter four the people were probably thinking what Daniel is pretty gotten you must have got something up the sleazier and for seven years this is what happened okay number one Nebuchadnezzar became obese and he lived a grass is it possible for any human being to live up to survive progress human being cannot digest grass okay as secondly his kingdom was what's what secondly let's stick a step back nothing is a never know you never died for seven years doctors said percentage of the SB 's but I'm not guaranteeing your life knockout said seven years and I will preserve your life he was living on the field with auxin I mean he could've been killed by animals if not other people that did not like Apple and I think that the requisite next point in the age in that age that people were not ethical like we think they are note that we think of Alexander the great at his death the murdered his wife murders this child and divided between the four parcels among the generals but Babylon here seven years in the kingdom was never taken away from them the kingdom never fell nobody ever overtook that one within or without golf preserve the kingdom just like he said as he said leave the stock in a binder with other band of iron and brass and if you look in Isaiah forty five person like you we will look back right now if you have decent paper it's talking about the bars of iron or brass that the city will be protected for seven years such a magnificent view the people waiting with anticipation this is going just as expected this is exactly what Daniel said somehow got preserved preserve the kingdom about preserve the left Nebuchadnezzar said at the end of seven years at an attractive merely read it is said that his counselors came to him for counsel 's watchmen came to have a counterclaim adding to the field after seven years in office said he has no long nails dirty like okay we have this problem with the stock market which we do know it's it's not likely that that's what people naturally would do so nonetheless although there is perhaps an element of fear nonetheless we see all over the mercy of God and the goodness of God the whole point of this was the main purpose or would mean saying they don't want to change Nebuchadnezzar was his pride he preserved them his life he gave him sustenance he gave to protect his kingdom for him all for the one purpose that he would come to himself as he can regain his life looking out in conclusion we need to really wrap things up here but is very interesting why the prophecy or the dream started out with a tree Internet is a tree but then partly to the property is that an AC is man's hard to be taken from and abuse I will be given to him and he shall be like the beasts of the field now why does this switch all in all in all listen in the middle from the tree to the east it was like a transition that's not very smooth ball first of all that automatically tells us this is dealing with a person is not dealing with just treat the now just somebody Tommy will quick for what reason which trees cut down based on the words of Jesus let's look it up is that what Jesus said in Matthew chapter seven not hearing fruits such the fig tree withered up his alley Jesus said about the truth Matthew chapter seven verse nineteen and twenty if it doesn't bring good fruit for the inverse eighteen is a good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit neither can a corrupt treatment with good fruit every children good fruits are based on verse eighteen a song about bring forth evil fruit a corrupt from the trees you got to cast fire so Nebuchadnezzar here it means you can read it chapter four Gbits forth he bears much fruit but he was cut down to what kind of who was there evidently not good from and only other option is bad or evil from so Nebuchadnezzar the meet one of the reasons why Mister was cut down I want to look at this in more of a application to our day as she was cut down because it would bring forth evil fruit evil fruit in the plug-in will quick Philippians chapter one this read Ephesians Philippians chapter one verses ten and eleven anyone so that was put two and two together Nebuchadnezzar 's tree was cut down because it was not bearing good fruit what can I say righteous fruit how can a person bear righteous fruit based on Philippians one eleven by Jesus with who Jesus Alice Kodansha for dinner chapter four verse twenty seven so I read it will will counsel you will you will is in the process and your iniquities or perhaps you and your prosperity social if I could have one most important verse in the whole chapter it would be verse twenty seven verse twenty seven I believe is the key verse of this chapter if this is a hinge this is the condition of King that my calf visibility breakup essence by righteousness and righteousness comes only through Jesus Christ now there's a lot whole lot more than we can say about this on but when you close and that is this we have already been abroad a lot of application in our last day but let's put them altogether first signs and wonders when we see signs and wonders we know that the final and is near and just as a aside the signs and wonders in the sun moon and stars has already taken place the final judgment hour of his judgment is come we are living in the hour of judgment we know that the close of probation so to say the end is near is coming and the only way by which we can pass through the judgment or to become all I guess that's probably the best they just put it past the judgment as the only way is by bearing good fruit or fruit of righteousness or having or having the righteousness which is by Jesus Christ what can I say you must have righteousness by faith that is the whole purpose or I should say purpose of hole on message or it is the only thing that will prepare us to stand in the judgment that's why the Bible says the everlasting gospel to preach and all the world everlasting Gospel has noticed talking about having righteousness by faith in Jesus this by the faith of Jesus and desktop the purpose of our study tonight but perhaps will touch on some more autograph but in chapter four what we can learn is that the way that we can come through the judgment and be able to stand in the Allen is through having righteousness by faith and Nebuchadnezzar she didn't mess what he went through the judgment but that was not the final judgment of the end of the world but through the judgment of God he turned around but we see in the next chapter but the final closing probation does and it is directly related to check for but will have to pick up so with that lettuce but when you together to free our father in heaven we thank you so much for the lesson in a life of Nebuchadnezzar 's receivers Babylonians she turned to you and become converted low we realized that you truly are an awesome God Almighty all-powerful and that you are strong to say that you are looking for ways to even reach the worst of sinners nor does we have gathered here tonight we realize aren't inefficiencies are failings our shortcomings we ask that you help us to pick up our sins by righteousness and I pray that you will help us to show mercy to others as well give us the faith of Jesus as we learn to have righteousness by faith that we will be able to send out judgment but please be with us as the course of the wayside until we meet again less of this approach is


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