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Daniel Bible Study: Chapter 7 (Part 2)

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

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phone and thank you for bring it to the dinner and then reopen the Bible to see what he has to just like Danny took a seven I pray that you will help us to the way although the discussions that may cloud our minds right now that we may come to humbly ready to receive the word that you are about to give us his Spirit to guide us as we study important topic to all these things in Jesus such as those of you who were here last three to recover I guess it's only a serious way we leave off the chapter seven Yep we went over six abilities of always thought we we saw three geese first there's a lot of Eagles wings we thought there would be written is not illustrative on one side without Leopard with awful for heads and therefore wings of a foul we went there we went to the characteristics and we concluded that first of all that one of the first beast alignment Eagles wings bear with me business about representing the latest version in the kingdom represented by the leopard like beast is the kingdom of Greece we went to the characteristics quite rapidly and we established a principle of Bible study called or not is not a name for it but one we discussed study prophecy the two most important things you must discover first on as invalids identify a prophetic entity is time and location the time in which the person or object has been described arises and also the location how much where it arises so what can I touch on the Linda Moore and often limitary what I'm going to do today with you to go through quickly the fourth beast and the ten horns were going to just touch on the ten hour or the little one of chapter seven very briefly elegant to discuss the judgment concept tonight and after I get back three weeks then will finish chapter seven by discussing the little point in detail so let's begin looking up for the East on Daniel seven or seven someone please remember four on all right we see this be the first 3-D seekers somehow related with an animal that can be found in nature with us for these he could not identify I believe there's a reason why all will come to that moment but firstly a fourth beast dreadful and terrible and strong exceedingly very interesting when I do take the time to look at these verses if you're writing them down Daniel nine verse four Deuteronomy seven was twenty one and Psalms sixty eight was thirty five it gives us that it tells us that the description dreadful and terrible data characteristics that apply to God ought to be somehow is dreadful and terrible at you these words are used to describe meaning in a negative connotation but on the positive five things you these words are often used to describe God as somehow this week have characteristics it's almost trying to take the place of God and we continue receiving and strong exceedingly will come back to that and not the great nineteenth in the moment indeed valid and break in pieces and stamped the residue with the feet of the all the constant stamp of his feet if you look in Psalms ninety one verse thirteen always see that Jesus Christ had trampled on the line from adders so the trampling concept is also a concept that applies to Christ and breaking cases you can look at Psalms two seven nine that Christ breaks in pieces with a rod of iron the pots servicing so this piece has several characteristics that is a a playoff of what the opposite of the same attributes of Christ and down instead of shopping online at business Christ it is says it's trampling the residue and what's the what the residue me the word left over and what's another word in Bible prophecy that is the same as that which is left remnants exactly so this this beast is trampling with his feet instead of the lines and adders Innocenti company of men and the remnant in the Bible the concept of the remnant of God are his people the remnant of his people and will get to see that is very significant in the next chapter chapter eight take a step back here on and look at arms coupled to this expresses a strong exceedingly and had great iron teeth now what we only studied dance at the two what was the major characteristic of the laser line what with the first and foremost the primary characteristic of emphasized the acetamide my lifeline I once was let's just look their demo to reverse forty is says and the fourth kingdom shall be strong a Zionist the first acoustics first interesting that the scribe was much is eyeing breaks in pieces and subdue resulting in all this are that breaks all these in break in pieces and Brousseau if I'm not destructive strength destructive power and the same characteristic is brought out clearly with this fourth piece now I'm not I'm not just breeze through that really fast on one last point he fully move on it says it D Fowler for those of you were here last week we discussed is that the importance of the term devout when you eat something when you develop something you take that and make it a part of yourself you don't really yes it's destroyed but is not destroyed in the sense that it is totally wiped off the face of the year it is destroyed but it is then made a part of yourself and this is very important why because this piece be valid for three previous piece and I divided me previously it is no longer just another beast but it is a comprehensive peace it has the characteristics of all three previous kingdoms and we saw that when we look at the second kingdom on the Bears have a raw in all my flesh we saw in damage every six of the new Persian Empire assimilated down into the system be carried over the need want a part of themselves whereas when the surgeon came the leopard beast it did not devour anything and if you think back the Greek empire the Greek influence overshadowed all of the other nations in fact our society today the Greek influence is still predominant and it is still prevalence in everything that we do from active education to philosophy history astronomy science all of those things and that's also because the fourth beast devoured the first release and just as a side note when you go there tonight if you think to Goshen Chapter thirteen imagine a beast arises out of this out of the sea the first beast of Revelation thirteen and it is a composite beast it has feel better body leopard heads or more now like a line it is a comprehensive beef and I tend to think that the fourth beast probably looks like that and when I can go into deficit by now that listed going for seven it continues an assistant residue at the feet of it and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before about what diverse is very interesting I look at the definition in the original language and were diverse doesn't just simply mean different or or unlike the previous piece the wood diverse means to be changed or to be altered so this fourth beast is an alteration of the first three days based on the definition of that work and you may be one it was important it will become important for the future then the ten horns had ten horns verse eight I considered the horns and behold it came up among them another little one before whom there were three of the first was plucked up by the roots was positive for moment this beast had ten horns now let's look in verse seventeen the sorry number seventeen mostly for fun read verse forty four on in the English will result in each of the first verse is our very quickly the Bible explains the point of his paintings subtest on top of the beast which we know the nation from verse seventeen there are ten kings that arise out of this nation out of this nation meaning it is still a part of the nation in geographically it within the nation on button yet they are they are ten separate kingdoms so much looking at history the Roman Empire because the quiz that with the laser line on was divided to ten barbaric tribes in history the names of them very quickly his interest in the Anglo-Saxon the Franks slave either the gospel Indians on elementary the Lombards Ostrogoths the Vandals if you want to this later community but the ten Kings the ten kings were given for I believe one primary purpose and that is to help us identify the time and location of the little one out so the Bible is very little descriptions of the ten horns are not negotiable all of the details going through all of the kingdoms all the characteristics we need to do tonight there's something far more point I want to cover but based on that we already discussed voice can't identify something proxy must first determine the time and location and they said the ten horns of this for these gives of the time the location of the little horn doubtless to assess first verse eight is says I consider the horns and it came up among them another little horn before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots so just tell me based on this verse just using the Bible language where does the little horn arise as for among the ten horns for the little one comes up among the ten horns and when does it when the three were plucked up exactly right so based on just as verse and just simple observation the little one power arises in the midst of these ten horns and it arises when three of the one and to be more specific on this look at verse twenty four where he read it is said and he shalt and another shall rise after them okay this time and he shall be diverse from the first and he shall subdue three kings so he comes up after the three Kings that are plucked up and my mental picture this before homework reflect up like a little more and is reflected to coming up but he pushes out to me in the teeth horns as it comes out somewhat specifically it comes up in the area where the suite was previously stood and if you just look at history sister let's focus on the Cisco through very quickly on so we need to look at the ten tribes of the division of Europe after the fall of Roman Empire and see which thinking of the plucked up and when they were plucked up and where they were located that was just looking at just he can looking history books I'm assuming that you've heard this before so I'm not going to great lengths to prove this first of all he relied nation was located in Italy Italian Peninsula and in the year four ninety three they were eradicated for the purpose of their home heresy religious beliefs that they help as second the Vandals which was located in north Africa on was operated in the year eighty five thirty four and finally in the year five thirty eight Ostrogoths were in occupation of the city of Rome in the time it would cast out and destroyed if you look at very carefully where the three nations are located is all situated around the time Peninsula so therefore we can assume that this nation will rise some time after five thirty eight and also it will arrive in the area where the three kingdoms Israel so even without looking at the whole long list of all of the other characteristics of this little one I've amassed a great pain may want to think on how tough times but she is on the log with a mechanical characteristic we can already put our finger on a very narrow strip as to where the power is like a said document discussed that's not will come back to it in on a future nice okay let's go back to verse eight and was a slow things down a little bit now I consider the whole and the beholder came up among them another little horn before whom there were three of the first was plucked up by the roots and behold and this one were eyes like the eyes of man and a mouth speaking great things verse nine I beheld till the thrones were cast down and the ancient of days did sit whose garment was white as snow and I have his head like the pure wool his throne was like the fiery flame and his wheels as burning fire a fiery stream issued and came forth from before him thousand thousands ministered unto him and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him the judgment was set and the books were opened I beheld then because of the work of the voice of the great words resist which the points they are beheld even to the beast was slain and its body destroyed and given to the burning flame concerning the rest of the beasts they had intimated taken away yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time I saw in the night visions and behold one like the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven and came to the ancient days they brought him near before him and it was given him dominion and glory in the kingdom and all people nations and languages should serve him his dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away this kingdom that which shall not be destroyed positive for a moment verse fourteen marks exact middle of this chapter it also marks perhaps the show August the station and shot the separation between the two parts the first half of the chapter describes Daniel described the vision as he sees it only comes in verse fifteen the vision is over and the rest of chapter is him getting more explanation on what has been seen since now just based on the vision that he is seen this is the just going in rapid succession this is the vision that this is the sequence and this is how the vision is being passed before him they quickly just one verse cc wondrously described what he sees in the line East one versus discussed the bail these wondrous discuss celebrities one verse describes the dreadful beast one verse describes a little horn and then he pauses verse nine verse ten on I guess verse eleven also erstwhile does not so much the thirteenth and fourteen nine to fourteen pretty much she just stopped any talk about what he sees in the judgment seat she sees more of it I can fit the Vytautas showing him the video banned banned banned banned and issues as long longer portion about this judgment vision suggest based on the sequence of events God is trying to somehow bring Daniel 's attention to the end of the vision because you remember in Daniel chapter two she's already gone through the same vision were not envisioned the same sequence of nations had a goal battle and media Persia Greece Rome no little one how equated is also the same as during the time of the feed of mining click but God wants expand Daniels understanding of the latter part of the vision so she for this run through review without adding a little bit more information for the previous four kingdoms and he comes the Jetta and causes any place in slow motion so now we need to look at this judgment seemed very carefully why because this is something you did this is the additional information I got wants to give us so let's go through this carefully step-by-step beginner and even still were not to go through all of every single point so the little horn would be described and it comes to the judgment seat I beheld I beheld till the thrones were cast down and being in the ancient of days did sit so Daniel years and that he keeps he uses this word call cast down but the original language it simply means set up so the thrones were set up in the ancient of days did sit so now this is the judgment scene correct and based on the end of verse ten is that the judgment was set to visit the beginning of judgment the timing is crucial it is the beginning of judgment this is the picture that Daniel sees of the beginning of the judgment and when and the judgment takes place after the little power arises because it says I beheld till the thrones were cast down so he would be holding the little boy until the judgment was set so that this is critical because the judgment was not set until after the little one was in power why that's so crucial because amongst many Christians nominations today they say that Christ entered the muscle and then judgment process when he ascended up to heaven and eighty thirty one but the little power did not ascend until after five thirty eight is going to discuss the adjustment must take place sometime after thirty one A.D. it could not have taken place when Jesus ascended to heaven that's why this is important and the next point this will be cast down the thrones were set up in the ancient of days did sit I'm still curious and still studying why the Bible uses this term ancient of days I still have not really figured out the full meaning but we can understand that this is not the father because the Son of Man comes later on so we see here that the ancient of days did so if sitting represent the beginning of judgment what represents an object he says the first let's look at averse and Matthew Matthew chapter thirteen Matthew thirteen verse forty seven can someone be that verse forty seven to verse fifty so the problem is as fast as her very okay this is a parable but in the parable it is describing a work of separation began all the fish is a hungry harvest almost in the New Jersey shore and have good and bad fish but they sit down the Bible carefully mentioned that but sitting down what type what what couple work on redoing the judging in determining what is good and what is best another worth it is an investigation is going on it's not just the execution of judgments specifically when the judgment is set is talking about not just the exit occasion of final punishment but it is not investigation open of the individuals are being judged because there will be some who say that the judgment and advantage of the seven is the second coming is the final destruction but that is not the case is the beginning of the investigative portion of the judgment okay now let's get acts acts chapter seven sixty five this is something we'll be coming back to when we get to dance up but just to give you creative act seven versus fifty five fifty six he that evening full of bowling what does the father glory and Jesus and on the right to hold even when the Son of Man and the right this we understand to be the end of the seventy weeks prophecy was the family with probation can't cut out for the Israel people at the end of this time of of determination on agenda on the people of God but the file judgment Stephen who is what Woodstock was being talked about here he looks up and sees open the heavens opened and he sees the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God but we know from the book of Hebrews that when Jesus ascended into the heavens he was set down at the right hand of God so that standing up as a basis significant on importance of Québec's Daniel Santos at the twelfth verse one I don't know wouldn't have much time to go as soon as well so many gives you now dance while this one I can someone be that could make it so chapter twelve just as a preview to check the twelfth chapter of Daniel will describe the events that take place after the judgment is completed because they sit down to commence judgment and they stand up when the judgment is finished just a simple boat just hang on to your I hang onto that thought will come back and we will prove this will prove that David chapter twelve verse one assignment end of the investigative judgment is clear on as we continue our so the ancient of days did sit who's gone that was white as snow and I have his head like the pure wool his throne was like the fiery flame and his wheels as burning fire now talking about will come back if we have time to the description of the ancient of days but I want to look at his throne his phone is is was like the fiery flame and his meals of burning fire now the most interesting word in this description of his own is the word wheels because most people thrones stationary of phone doesn't move it doesn't go anywhere not chariot it's a throne sauce poster to move but I want to look at Ezekiel chapter ten verse one of two anyone can read that the kids had wanted to the homeless people in the firmament that was the leader is there a cure of the worst authors as the appearance of the likeness of anything in the amount of land that between the well even under the chair full bar between the chair and scatter them over the city he went in my side okay this is one of the few versus of that in another place some VCs the throne of God which is what the depicted and underneath the front wheels and him and other places talk about the wheels being a wheel within a wheel but when I cannot discuss that too much but this is just before the throne has wheels that means it doesn't have to be in the same place got thrown can move from place to place and what is the significance of that somehow people seem to think that if God the father is in movable lights he's stuck and he cannot be any other place except the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary but it tells me that his phone has wheels and in other places Ashley talk of them got moving so fast simply that point just simply says that God did not have to be only does not have to be only in the most holy place was the significance of that some would venture to say that because in the book of Hebrews is so that Christ went into the presence of God that it must and can only be the most holy place I mean he went in and after his ascension so they say that because of that Christ must have and could only have gone into the most holy place because of the vessel it was without it but the fact that Gotham has wheels tells me that God not only has the capability of moving but he does know that he doesn't have to be just in the most holy place so that argument doesn't hold any water the Godfather has wheels the next verse ten fiery stream issued and came forth from before him thousand thousands ministered unto him ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him first of all a fiery stream on a mother to look at that too much on because I don't think it to be a major point but I just wanted us that in the book of songs about the diapers with me on the flyer that proceeded out of the Lord is synonymous with lightning and then in the book of Revelation verse of chapter four we see that lightning proceeds from the throne of God and both Revelation and Daniel we see that when the line he goes forth and a fiery stream is issued it talks about the Angels out ballots and dog and all the administrative and dumb we also know that God has his angels as his messengers to carry forth his work and his bidding on your and I further explained that the fiery stream and the lightning is synonymous and because your number one angel came down to a resurrection morning for Jesus and the like the tears of light so when God hears the prayer of one of the Saints he sends forth his angels to answer that prayer because they fly so fast is a bright they looks like it looks like lightning with a fiery stream is coming up before and that's very significant in this passage why is that because this is talking about the judgment message so in the same at the same time they got us setting up the judgment you judge the people of the world he is still sending forth his thousands of pounds ten thousand constant dollars the Angels to answer the prayers to help those who are weak that they will be able to stand in the judgment of this at this I like to just take a step back and look at the description of the age of days it says was gone I was white as snow to have his head like pure wool on someone please regress Isaiah one verse eighteen now is a good way and I know you are you will so gossip come now let us reason together even though use of electronic even though their crimson I will make them like as white as snow and also like pure wool which is also the description of the ancient of days and God is telling the sinners come to me let us reason together you'll have to do you know crazy penances just come to me will work things out and you can become in my image can be restored in the purity as though you never sent and is aware for what is called justification and the wood justification doesn't only need forgiveness in the legal sense justification means to prove innocence it's not just the pardon is not just a forgiveness although in Christian and biblical terms they are synonymous but God is not satisfied just hardening he wants to make us as though we literally have never sent and that also encompasses believe it or not ability to overcome sin in justification and so God has this description in the next verse he talked about sending for the Angels to fulfill his will to cleanse just five people and not all that is the judgment was set so in other words the judgment is not set until God has been found about ten thousand ten thousand of ministering spirits and angels to help those with weak that's why God phones Mercy seat it is where he passes judgment yet is where his mercy is renewed every morning this is the judgment was set in the books were opened now for the remainder of the night with a focus on these four words the books were opened know what books are these need a couple people first to be on Philippians chapter four verse three and then Revelation twenty one verse twenty seven Russia's Joseph to comic books under just based on the first argument is the number we can we can conclude it's more than one I simple conclusion is more than one book I looking for three in the video through your own home in which slavery you will now other my fellow laborers evenings are in the book of life right Revelation twenty one persuasive at all was as a file is only and will is and always will and the book of Revelation mentions a couple times the Lamb 's book of life at the first book the book of life is open okay next personality meter sixteen this one he may not have heard of before let's look at his house I believe the sixteenth the vision of a book called the book of remembrance and fetus this book is specifically written for those that fear the Lord Sunita for the righteous people those that truly love the Lord now the quotation here some testimony volume four is wasted churches line four page three eighty four paragraph two kilometers and spoke with the great day of the execution of God 's judgment seem to have content thousand Thompson valves were assembled before lots phone upon which was seated a person majestic appearance several books before and upon the covers of each were written in letters of gold which seemed like a burning flame of fire ledger of heaven one of these books containing the names of those who claim to believe the truth with an open immediately I lost sight of the countless millions around the throne and only those who profess to the children of the light of the truth engaged my attention as these persons were named one by one and their good deeds mentioned the countenances would light up with holy joy that was reflected in every direction so this book is written for the remembrance of those who feel the Lord the book recording the good deeds of the faithful people of God and God will look at a book and he was just out of that book thing all the copies think they've done because they have been made that the washer lines blood there are no more sense but that's coming to the next point that the Jeremiah seventeen verse one this one is a little bit more ambiguous but we can make it clear that the click through my seventeenth verse one this was not as clear but let's look at it check the seven zero swung the sin of Judah is written with a pen of iron with the point of a diamond it is graven upon the table their heart upon the horns of the altar Valley doesn't specifically mention a book that does much of it is written is written somewhere in the record evidently is in heaven because the same the same passage from where we were reading our testimony five four page three eighty four paragraph three this is what assess another book was opened where in the record of the sins of those profess the truth under the general heading of selfishness can every other sin as a holy one upon the throttle slowly turned the leaves of the ledger his eyes rested for a moment upon the individuals his glassy the burns of the very souls at the same moment every word and action of the life path before the mines as clearly as though trees before the vision in letters of fire so that the third book simply based on this quotation is a book that has recorded the sentence the book of sense and we know that this is meet we can see this in other places of the Bible and I'll look at that will look at those and just a moment what won't it will become a little more coherently so these books form of three books were opened first book of life book of remembrance book of sin of these three books were opened but however used in the judgment we got we got a glimpse of them already the glimpse of the usage eleven hundred and just a few verses are a lot more left click in Exodus chapter thirty two Exodus thirty two over thirty three and will will will will will switch book is that the book of life of the book of life record the names of individuals I so whosoever has send him will I blot out of my book of life so for those that sin on the record remains a blotted out of the book of life cables look at another verse on the New Testament acts chapter three accepted the first nineteen years were in the number of years maybe the long long response of refreshing shall come from a so for those who repent and are converted what will be blotted out the sentence of these books are opened if it has come out if there repented and been converted confessedly converted their sins are blotted out the book of sin and the names are recorded in the book of life but they come before the judgment and they did not confess they did not repent and they were not converted their sins are recorded the names of a lot of book and also just as additional step we can look at it but if their sins were blotted out they are then judged out of the book of remembrance Microsoft would they were then followed for their works and they say and God sees only righteousness which came through of course the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and having Christ within us and that is the process of the judgment based on these three books so as we continue we see that on the judgment will be finished when these books the judgment will be finished when the cases of the people of this earth are determined so that the judgment teacher that were seeing in Daniel seven the books were opened at through the process of the judgment individually for each individual person the final conclusion or the clothes of their probation so to say is when one of two things happen either sins are blotted out or their name is blotted out that market individual close of probation so for each of us individually there will come a time I'll perhaps of that debt for when death comes that is and the present provision does night but they will come a time with provisional close for the whole world we understand that when we come to Daniel chapter twelve and then later on the book of Revelation and at that time all of the sins will be blotted out that having confessed all the sins that will ever be blotted out would have been blotted out at that point and what that means is that when God blots out your sin they can behold Bob Siebel series on this let me just give it you this is this is the whole visit the whole point I think this is the vote the final climax in the final glorious end of investigative judgment with sins are blotted out it is erased and the Bible says it will be blotted out of our consciousness there will be no more memory is amusing everything that we've done in the past that if confessed and repented of turned away from it will be forgotten and more than that God has said as it eases to the West so at our separators and from the enzyme iniquity I blotted out the transgression of the clock in via iniquity have will I remember no more so even God himself will not remember us and that is the soulless definition of the word justify because at that point God can literally look at us and say he's never seen before you can literally say that because the Sunnis have been blotted out and when we come to that point for us although we will still have no a time to live on this earth with our sinful human nature we will feel sinful still we will still feel as though we are not worthy before the Lord for our sins are gone before the judgment and have been blotted out granted and then repent me up and repent and confess up and converted that is the judgment message it is not a massacre God is trying to discover who he can punish he is trying his very best even Dennis send and receive so that he can block out and fully truly justify his people because taking this one step further when there is a group of people that can be justified like the only then can go himself to justify God can only be justified so that is good news of the judgment go over but that's missing to make a few more points on this before we close it back to Daniel seven verse eleven I beheld and because of the voice of the great words was the point spake beheld even to the beast was slain and its body destroyed and given to the burning flame is concerning the recipe after all dominion taken way yet the lines of law photography knot future versus suffice it to say that God placed the vision or Dana specifically mention this because in the previous few verses we look at the Louisville power he saw that this power was different this power was was somehow devastating sitting on the dreadful beast so he saw the judgment seat of God and in his mind he thinking this must be the end of the little one power was going to happen to it soon looks back at the little boy and he looks back at the little one got simply given the vision to comfort him just to just two from the very beginning at the get-go put in IDSA don't worry the Louisville Powell have a time but at the end it will be destroyed said Danny goes the whole vision can see the very acme of the all one day God will destroy the flu one hour he will be victorious I can give little bit more relaxed because the remainder of the chapter talks about this little power and all the terrible things done and on Daniel at the end of the vision was very disturbed by that so suffice it to say she see the destruction of the little more than the beasts numbers thirteen I saw in the night visions and behold one like the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven and came to the ancient of days in dear for him already we mention this takes place after after eight thirty one after five thirty eight so this happens on some nineteen the clouds of heaven images to be a few verses on Psalms one oh four verse three sixty seventeen these two verses simply say that the clouds of God with God ride on a cloud of his chariot and the second verse is said that the cloud or the chariot of God ours Angels so God Jesus is coming in before the presence of the father riding the chariot of the Angels in this disproves another thing if he came before the father and the father came into the hold will fully place that must mean that Christ somehow was somewhere else trying to the beginning of the start trifecta come from another location he was not physically in the most holy place when he is sent to imagine that seeking the clouds of heaven and came to the ancient of days and he done it before was fourteen and there was given him dominion and glory the kingdom that all people nations and languages should serve his dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed so the purpose of this judgment based on verse fourteen is to give the Son of Man and notice Daniel said the Son of Man this was long before the incarnation of Christ the Daniel somehow saw in the vision the promise of the Messiah already fulfill the back to Daniel is also a source of great comfort and peace of sure the Son of Man comes in for the father there was given him dominion and glory and the kingdom now in order for their the kingdom must be several things first there must be a king or leader and Christ is the leader he only had second there must be a territory or city Hillary has the new Jerusalem assertive automobile law he already has the law all he needs left is his subjects the people to be citizens within his kingdom and this is what the judgment is all about determining those who have a fitness and also those who have the desire to be calm a citizen in the kingdom of the Son of Man took during this judgment our is not so much God trying to know cut people off but God is trying God is going to sue the state and application process and to what you do what we say what we confess with our lives in her mouth that is how we are applying to the kingdom of the son of God and the Son of Man and God looks at the record he looks to the deeds of our life the decisions that we made the chance that we've had on the sacrifice and the surrender they make the Christ and then he can say yes he is a citizen when no hypnosis and thus at the end of the judgment this will make up on this omega for the citizens across another couple of the verses on the lessons look at one last look back in Daniel twelve stated twelve verse one is says and at that time shall Michael stand up the great prince which standards for the children of thy people and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was it was a nation even that time and time by people should be delivered every one that shall be found written in the book and that's that's the hope that we because God has done everything for us to send the judge the judgment in the end when no names are written in the book of life even though there be a time of trouble we cannot be moved the Lord has already gone before a very sealless solicit okay I know what we flew through this all there is a lot more that we could cover that the general picture the big idea and the will have to cover more we come back a few weeks so when you together for father in heaven BC so much in just a few verses in seven here and as we tried to understand these things we realize our finite minds are so all incapable of understanding these two things alone we realize there's so much more he wanted to just you want to help us to understand the your mercy and yet your justice how they are mingled together in perfect balance we wanted to know how to live our lives that we can stand in the day of judgment that we can truly be a citizen of the heavenly country I asked for that he will guide us as we continue to study it with us as we take a few weeks on break from this Bible study protect all of us wherever we may go and bring it back safely together can continue to study the word love the Lord Grail of these things in Jesus thing


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