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Daniel Bible Study: Chapter 7 (Part 3)

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

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okay Attorney Daniel seven Daniel chapter seven is been three weeks I think since we last left of it so let's had just a really really really brief review of what we've covered so far we've come in Daniel seven for two weeks already to the two previous meetings and the first meeting we went through the fourteenth before being we know it first in line with the opening in a bear with me with enough now that their vehicles or for wings of a folic effect therefore has in the Philippines was dreadful and terrible and it had ten points and then from out of the ten three out and out one little point in we discussed that they would this is a parallel prophecy with attention to go with that one in pretty Greece and Rome has represented there and then the week after that we went a step further into the judgment concept came right after the vision of the four beast in the next that was the judgment from the judgment we saw that it took place shortly after the little one but before the second coming and are we saw that the judgment was in heaven the folks were openly discussed with the spokes for acts of and that's where we left off so this week 's load going to give we went through pretty much most of the most of the vision however we haven't placed on the part of the vision I would emphasize the most in Bible prophecy many times we see God she almost rushes through work in a significant chapter eight two Russia through part of the prophecy where he all but he only gives many one verse of description or half of verse a description to particular object placer event on personal being whatever it is and then he skips you know he just gets down goes by really fast until he comes to where he wants emphasized that God is perhaps twenty versus or a huge chunk just dwelling on this one point and what we look at that we have to try to think logically and simply know the more that God is trying to explain this object with this person with a being with this event obviously means that this has special significance where we made it seem more significance so just off the top of your head of your knowledge against a process before he got been for those of you were here we got picked for two weeks thirty one received the greatest amount of emphasis on the greatest amount of detail and description in this chapter is the whole chapter in general now let me just remind you that Daniel chapter seven is neatly divided in half this twenty versus the first fourteen versus is the vision and in the last forty versus Daniel asking for clarification of the vision they just saw and so in the first half and then second half let me ask you this what is the primary part of the vision that Daniel asked for more additional the one exactly right Ellen is a hard limit but no we need to be careful because I know that oftentimes we look at this chapter we all restate what the book of Daniel the being we are it establishes the judgment and we see that adjustment is clearly mentioned therefore the judgment must be the main point of chapter seven the judgment it is indeed a new aspect that was not too distant chapter two or in fact the previous chapters but it is yet not the main point or focal point that God wants us to dweller attention upon his actions the little-known power but in chapter eight just as little preview in Chapter eight the main focus is the just in order for us to have the understand the cost of the judgment chapter eight we must understand the concept of the little point in Turkestan makeups that so this is what this is how this little one is broken up in this chapter is described in three major places in the chapter washes a dimension of the major places and each time you belittle them will get so it is always with you tonight we didn't go through each place and each verse that describes the little one to see what we can learn from their the first place as mentioned we very read it before is chapter seven verse seven and eight this is actually it's actually talking about the fourteenth but the little one as part of his own please read a few verses will be able to trust one terrible exceedingly strong and huge iron the matter was it was valid everything infuses in translation the residues of the street there was different from native communities that were before it had ten horns I consider the horns and a little more fun or a little more coming out from among them off before three of the first foreign trip will help out by the readers in their industrial and their were eyes like the eyes of a man with a mouth speaking officers all right before we started these verses for those of you who were here before when we discussed file property will try to identify a prophetic being one of the two major characteristics that we must establish first being or object or event one of the two major crêpe criterions one major characteristics we must identify these the beast resembled Ashley before we even say that they got it right we have to establish the time and location as long as we have these two go guidelines it's almost like if the X and Y axis axes X you can say is location why the time if you know where it is and when it happened you can basically pinpoint approximately where or who this object it would just be so looking at the little one we've already done this in the past after the last meeting before the covetous man a lot of us were here solicited again we need is based on these two verses God has already given us the time and location of the little point out the list of locations where does the little horn a rise just give me what the Bible says among them among the ten points now more specifically we cannot make a short juncture is twenty four centimeters twenty four will come back to this let's look at the statistics and also verse twenty one are for this little boy comes up among the ten best specifically it says that there's little point with this king is subdue three kings and also verse twenty is said that before whom we were plucked up figures and fashion like this is the truth that's coming out but it's coming on situated at pushes out three other teeth that's how I envision it so in case where even more specifically that this one arrives among the intended specifically among the ten where Monica is with me and then used to be right so already we can pinpoint really really close where this little one comes up so we are used out in the Bible it comes out where we want to suspect now let's established the time the timing really simple it comes up isn't before whom three were plucked up so comes up after three were plucked up the maker and this is very simple but very crucial to know this lets let's establish this where do or who are the ten kings and thinking is our attended visions of your radio the fort is wrong candidate in the wrong and of these ten kingdoms barbaric tribes which three were plucked up three on July event of an Ostrogoths now I don't expect you to remember this but it would be helpful for you to keep this in your memory bank somewhere so these three were plucked up so first of all location where would these three tribes located anybody want to venture a guess it really while which ones awesome God is awesome Goss and Heather Rome for a while one of the vandals whether and I thought not quite as you are this is the story the Vandals the Ottawa leave it on the robber were vandalism what happened what date they are from northern Africa and they would go on the ships of the realm it would land like the Vikings what they would pillage and plunder and go on a rampage and they were sacked the city steal everything hop back on the ship single back after and basically that's what we derive the word vandalism so vandals they were actually very close to home but in the northern part of Africa and the less you rely they actually were like well said patting on the Italian peninsula all three of these tribes it all situated around Italy so we can safely conclude that the little blue-collar must arrive somewhere in the vicinity of Italy or what is modern-day Italy and the next portion we had explained at the time so when were these three kingdoms uprooted the first of all of them were that he will make your line of foods and seventy four ninety three and in the Vandals were five thirty four and in the Ostrogoths they were inhabiting Rome until five thirty five at five thirty five they were kicked out of room for the Seder rushed out of Rome but they were not completely destroyed until five thirty eight now this is very interesting because all three of these on tribes it was pseudo- Christians and they held onto heresy called area heresy which none of the other can't help anyone primarily for this reason that they were uprooted or for this reason that they were destroyed and what is the Arian heresy now correct me if I'm wrong but the base of my understanding is that Jesus Christ was not one hundred percent divine but that he was actually a human being that somehow achieved higher status than other humans creatively and Laura she okay thank you Norm they haven't heresy so that's why they were uprooted now this is their east is missing Justin will probably talk more about this later but it's just the fact that these three were en route enough for political purposes for religious reasons and this already gives as ahead as to what is this power that coming up because this is how they cannot subdued be speaking at it was for the reason of religious convictions so this palette is arriving it's not simply political power so we are to see that coming at another time he the timing the last of these it was uprooted completely some people say five thirty five or five thirty the usual date set is five thirty eight that's when the form was completely uprooted and awesome graphics to sell we have we have are two main posts or boundaries to work with number one as a time to time it is some time after five thirty the location is somewhere in Italy so that's pretty simple right anyway for the Lord 's he gives us even more explanation as you will see he gave a soulmate description as to who is little point is that we cannot miss it and as a reason for that is the reason that lets you going really seven location I consider for the beholder came up among them another little one before whom there were three of the first was plucked up by the roots the verse eight and behold in this corner on eyes like the eyes of man now based on your prior knowledge what does that mean for what have you heard it explained to me I often like perhaps you heard in the evangelistic crusade somewhere what does that is really close that Def Leppard I've heard that Isle of Man represent that they had a prominent man as its senior or like leader but on my problem with that is that every nation has a prominent man is a leader in Iraq we had Nebuchadnezzar in oh yes Cyrus and Darius and Xerxes Artaxerxes that we had Alexander the great and then we had no Rome where the Caesar's right so I don't think that the clinician holding water so let's see what it means in the Bible for what it means to have either the maths history volunteers are just a just cause of verses eleven to some first read it first as Proverbs twenty seven first twenty and she was just as one by one will gather together promised twenty seven hours twenty so I we all do that with really long time is silly and you are a so what do the eyes of men represent based on the verse on satisfaction I find the best for you coverage is also if the fact that I'm the man I know there is a Chinese saying that describing a little boy and yes usually that his eyes are bigger than a stomach meaning he filed honestly with all the food but he doesn't know how much you need to just base it on what is good for food so this represents the on satisfaction of man with what he already the grass is always greener on the other side we never have enough we always want more and more and more and more and this is exactly the characteristics of the Louisville but one has eyes of man it never is satisfied it always is reaching for more never has enough let's look at the next verse it is Proverbs sixteen versus over the manner in a will and is all right this one all the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes what can we say a man's eyes sees himself as being between with eyes of man we the one word I like to sit and put in this text self righteousness he thinks himself as creating anchoring in the Bible 's anonymous with righteous we justify in the spiritual so the Isle of Man this little one power has this unsatisfied spirit but yes he sees himself as righteous as I am good enough unclean I am all right it is a eight throughout the crowd how are the reverse progress lever set all right this one is not our own eyes or is specifically targeting men so in man's eyes the warning is do not be wise in your nice we do not trust your nice but instead fear God depart from evil looking at the inverse of this text what does that tell us about either augment does not fear God and it does not depart from evil for the eyes of man runs towards evil and runs away from the does not fusible and these are exactly the characteristics of receipt for a little eyes the man never satisfied they thankfully does not fear God and also does not run from evil but does not depart from evil this is the little one how are let's move on Daniel seven verse eight short the heart of man we establish how we talk about this only cover the lion of first is that the Lionheart is talking about the courage and I don't I don't have the birth right with me at the heart of the man also represents the courage or the cowardice of the good and the story of Dave David and Goliath Davidson let no man's heart fail within its representing the courage a lot on here give a Lionheart in the Lionheart is not his valor his bravery whereas in this case it was opposite is given the Harlequin duck okay let's move on like I is a man and next is a mouth speaking great things now what is the one representative the king with a visiting oil that also represent the kingdom now talking about a kingdom or a political power how does a political power speak to the laws and the decrease in the next fact when a nation want to communicate this is what we think of belief this is the standard that we have access for the document that is law simply put so this little one power speaks great thanks avoided passing legislation that would resume great things we can we can deduct a lot from just looking at chapter seven but for the sake of time is to look at Revelation Revelation chapter thirteen Revelation thirteen verse five sixths actually yeah five six anyone alright so first is the great things NSB blasphemies so putting I don't want to I don't want to equally great things and blessed are not enough however say what I'm saying is that the connotation of the words that he's saying is against God it is someone trying to do here when the says his schism mouth speaks great things go to the things that he's speaking does not necessarily mean the same thing as last the Bible differentiates speaker things any are not saying that they are the same exact on saying that because he speaks great things in any thingies we can deduct that great things is contrary to go as onset and the great things we say our laws now based on either the man is a laws first that he bayonet it and so they make their laws made based on the characteristic that he is never satisfied he thinks he's clean he does not see the Lord and he does not depart from you for these laws simply put last day according to man's wisdom and not according to God 's list and contrary to God so the speaks great things nothing clearly went to revelation on this can take a step further in explaining what it means to speak less sweet in a long contrary to God elegant to talk about a little more when we come to verse twenty five of us I'm a blasphemy what does it mean to speak blasphemies just two versus three versus Mark chapter two verse six and seven were there what is that you are so good one for the musically blaspheming that's not from this text were looking for going further that text but based on this text it simply says this nasty blasphemies who can forgive sins other than God is so good claim to be able to forgive sins is speaking to us now is go to your verse is now rented John chapter ten verse thirty three ran away with you is now we know in this verse that Jesus was and he was not speaking by thinking that he is not but the Jews understood the definition of blasphemy that is making a man gone so this little one power although it is a human power make yourself God and also claims to be able to forgive sins so these are characters situations of our first time after five thirty location somewhere around the city of Italy Isle of Man we went through all the characteristics was not met now speaking great things speaks or passes legislation that is contrary to the will of God and also suite isn't based on Revelation thirteen claim to be gone when this man and also claims to be able to forgive sins okay Palestinian moment and just ponder has gone and it has this vision at all explained or revealed the relationship of this little-known power with God people nominal that's exactly what I don't like to do just the failure up Silver skate has there any any revelation as to how this little one interacts with David there's nothing all of those so far to give it its gives its description another interesting diverse the very next verse what is it beginning to describe Versar the judgment exactly personalized all down to verse fourteen it describes the judgment so this is what God is doing in this vision he went through first he suddenly stood before the ten little more than before you go they further he stopped the remainder he said all right economic of the judgment is about to take place up at an inverse the Sergeant verse eleven is as I beheld when Daniel beheld them to does the voice of the great words which supports eight now just reminded you of that by your words you be justified and by words you become debt to Daniel thinking was that he's speaking as great thing is contrary to God and business judgment taking place what can happen to the beast for this little one and besides on this as I beheld even to the beast was slain you remember the little points about how the beast and his body destroyed and gives the burning flame so God is this what God is doing he is teaming during the assurance before he reveals what the little ones going to do he is telling Daniel now Daniel hang on because there's little point will be destroyed in the it will not go on forever got have to do that because of utter devastation that will take place the horrendous picture that is about the sea about the little boy and what he will do to God 's people this reduces the this is the story that's going to Dana Chapter seven God gives a judgment picture in this chapter more so to comfort Daniel so that he will not become overly discouraged and in despair because of what will happen on during the time of little so this is what's taking place so the judgment scene before he went data in detail last time he sees the act all right Gosselin this thing all right so that is the diversity I was going to meet this witness did a lot of it is recovered at the fourth person to that identity was grieved in us and my spirit in the midst of my body in the visions of what had troubled me know why was Daniel Greaves and despise his body agreed to this this was body and he was troubled why just simply this he saw that this little one how it was so terrible so incredibly powerful and then he went only to the enemy saw the end of it but he then he's still thinking of what is this a little more empowered to do I still don't she still unsure as to what this little one power rule is in world history so he's in trouble so naturally is what he does sixteen zero to one of the nested by passing the truth of all the site evidently there was an Angel spot nearby Statesville man made known on made me know the interpretation of things great visa fortunes all let's get down to verse nineteen then I would know the truth of the fourth beast which was diverse from all the others exceeding dreadful whose teeth were acquired and is mailed address which devoured vacancies as I stamped the residue with his feet numbers nineteen very interesting if you look at the description of the fourth beast it is almost identical to the description in the first half the chapter God did not feel like it was necessary to get any more description of the fourth beast all right verse twenty and of the ten one so when his head and of the other which came up and before whom they felt even of that one at August not the state very great things his look was most often the fellows are a look at a little more it was a little bit more necessity was more stout than his fellow and with style it doesn't just means more sturdy or were more firm or more rooted original which actually means she needs chief of the warrants more stout than his fellows oh he was the chief of the good little one ruled over the other I guess I seven thirty rules over the rest of what he is the chief for Dennis Lucas twenty one verse twenty one it says I be held now hold it right there what does it mean when he says audio he's not speaking out you remember from verse fifteen until now he speaking of Angel he's a hour no more please explain this to me an Angel turning around and said all right this is such and such but then Daniel said and I beheld the evidently the explanation now is another vision the vision is is not us is not as headlong bristling one active verse twenty one and twenty two he's actually looking envision I be held in the same porn made war with the saints and prevailed against them until the ancient of days came and judgment was given to the Saints will sign the content that the saints possessed the kingdom the verse twenty one is what Daniel was afraid Daniel now he sees all know the little boy PCs envisioned he makes war with the statement only makes war if it prevails against nominal what he saw but the way that he's writing here seems to be pretty disastrous he seen the little one is just taking God 's people by storm making war with the saints and evidently look that he's winning two says until the ancient of days came and judgment was given to the saints of the most high and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom August twenty two when is this what time is this talking August twenty two think very carefully so the nastiness when is the time that the saints possessed the kingdom that's exactly right the next step is it says and judgment was given to the same for the most time when his judgment into the thing in activism and come into the millennium where it says that they will judge even know it will be judgment will be given into the same so what what the the same verse twenty one and twenty two this is in addition to the vision and the first half of chapter Daniel sees a little more power making war with the saints not only until the judgment described in verse nine two against fourteen you see the little one power making one of the things until the second coming of Daniel 's vision now he's understanding this is actually much bigger than he had originally expected because of little power somehow it makes war with the same all the way until the second coming of this is very this is a little tricky because based on this chapter the little one power is supposed and at the judgment but this is a preview for me to say that when I can go to mention that this is a preview of Revelation chapter thirteen Daniel is dealing with more time passed but Revelation thirteen when it comes it will bring to life what it means that this floor this little one how will persecute God 's people all the way until the second coming because there's a break and if we don't see clearly Daniel seven Begala magnified Revelation thirteen so let's hold on to hold onto that lets you talk so destination verse twenty three fourths these will be for the kingdom by the whole earth as the pieces break down verse twenty four where he read that ten points ten kings arise another this differs breaching our numbers twenty five this is where we spent rest of our time was twenty five and said he shall speak great words against the most time at Shumway out the saints of the most time and seemed to change time a lot in days and be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time so now first of all he shall speak great words against the most time we are to establish and shall wear out the saints of the most now the word wear out what kind of impression with the at word with that within me where persistent life when you say I world my shirt I wear my shoes and that excessive use is just constant is not just broke it once it just hit me hard on me break guys like is constantly rubbing it constantly just tapping it just using it until it's just no good anymore that's cost of the wearing out but when I look at the definition of award worn out aware out in dealing more with the mental aspect do more intellectually mentally more than physically those little power you winners out the saints it says he makes war with the saints yet we see that this persecution and here's the battles and physical abuse but more than that there is amends for element there is a psychological wearing out the same know-how does not take place the warehouse somebody intellectually began doing a variety of ways but it's much more than force to subtle innuendos subtle constant just the bombardment of falsehood of false teachings of things that are not a hundred percent correct but just a little bit wrong just constantly through this bombardment and this just wearing out I guess that's the best way he causes war against the saints and of little one how we know we see that he does the same thing and for how long is this time times and dividing of time bashing this positively go there we haven't talked about this to change times and laws now times and laws is simply talking about the times and the laws of God changing the times and the laws of God now this little one however is trying to change the times and the laws of God but how do speaking great words to his own laws is contradicting God 's law into his own law he is changing the times and the laws established by God now I just have a if you haven't already figured out what you're eating out with talking about the papal power the Roman people church and this power by changing the high of God and the law of God is speaking great was the only way that the debt was by establishing legally through legislation Sunday sacredness and that is how God can change hot dogs behind and of law but taking a step further it also change the time of God in terms of his prophetic time try to take the sending me prophecy and changing the second coming in from the cigarette Doctor only think of pushing along the sense that the together Second Amendment is put the ten Commandments into changing the times and the laws of God now it says and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time now they weather that day came days but covers the type of so many things they should be given an intensive time upon spotting a five the Saints but is that all yet we know we know sure the states definitely is that it all right let me be dispersal much time and he shall speak great words against the most high and shall wear out the saints of the most high as they did change times and laws and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time it includes the times and the laws of the Saints and at times and the laws were given into his hand a time times and providing a prime know why is that important now I'm I am taking the liberty now of not going in depth in explaining the time Condon the financial it represents three half years he represents forty two months one the in today's establishment a date for the year figure four six hundred fourteen birth thirty four he can look at those yourself I think there are plenty of sources that can explain that's the hour look at something more important than just establishing the time it is just good that is not just the things that were given to attack why is that because the twelve sixty or the three and a half years time time time time the beginning date is the beginning did the little one which will satisfy thirty eight so one thousand ten to sixty years later that is seventeen ninety eight but the persecution of the Saints did not and in seventeen ninety eight it ended a number of years prior to receipt the twelve sixty is not marked rigidly only the end of persecution in fact the weekly controversy it says that persecution ended a quarter of a century before seventeen ninety following look at times and law at seventeen ninety eight it also means that the times and the long gone that the little one was trying to change is no longer in his head so it is not also after seventeen ninety eight at the prophetic God and God 's law and specifically his status which includes both condom laws it is at that time that it is now free to come out of the hand of the little was specifically even between three hundred days the time the time which we will see in chapter eight the time that the century astronomer but we'll talk about that once it gets kept me but not enough this is what is in okay so twelve sixteen seventeen ninety eight after that the Saints the time then log on will come out of his hat arrived with a diverse way six six but the judgment shall sit not this judgment is talking about the judgment in verses nine through fourteen the judgment before the end of time but the judgment shall sit and who and they shall take away his dominion to consume and disoriented in so cool is it that will take away the dominion of the little boy ultimately yesterday was the day the Saints and times and laws of God how did that happen this can be a man can take a few Johnson skips and hops are the things first of all we understand that in the great controversy God 's character must be vindicated by having a group of people that have crushed character perfectly reproduced within himself the Saints will have to vindicate lockup or or the character of God but the time of God it talks of his talking about imaginary prophetic time the twenty three hundred days the time the investigative judgment the time of the investigative judgment that prophecy comes in a time to vindicate the Church of God to take away the Dominion to cease the sanctuary being trodden underfoot in chapter eight and the logon logon is fully restored and this is an script proxy also says when the long goddess placed his rightful place there will be a revival from the godliness is at this time after I contacted times of the long drawback and preeminence which is connected with the people of God obeying the law fully by the grace of the faith of Jesus in the time of investigative judgment that finally takes away the dominion of little help that shall consume and destroy into the city at the end of the seventeen ninety eight whether twelve sixty at seventeen ninety eight the investigative judgment is the message we also understand two other studies is a sealed the Sabbath is brought back into line the laws brought back into his rightful place the center is open for the final judgment to take place and God 's people Saints there no longer held in the grip of the little one but now they are open product talk with them to qualify that they can fully understand the message to the transmission of the character they convinced that the vindicate God acted that Avenue the little old house the meeting will be taken away only of course of course that's right conversely seven and the kingdom and dominion in the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the Saints of the most high whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and all dominions shall serve and obey his will is a will is that people something that's correct please remember that it is also foreshadowed that it will come back in verse twenty two what is ultimately ultimately in the streets of the verse twenty eight hitherto its end of the matter as for me Daniel my computations much troubled me S J Zuni but I kept the matter in my heart now why while Denzel trouble a few things first is simply this Daniel did understand the vision he could not understand all the vision will looking now in hindsight after the great disappointment after the twenty hundred days has been understood after all of the things that they can play fast while we can understand the Daniel all he could see was his little one palate is going to arrive at your persecute us people with things changing times and the laws the somehow goal brings an end that's all you can see the Daniel G was just a channel that gotten used to communicate his vision he himself do not fully understand and that's the thing quite a lot for Daniel he was given a prophecy 's benign conclusion why is this little one such video why is it why is it that God had to go to so much effort and energy to identify you give so many identification marks so that we cannot miss out why that double reason that I I concluded with first that the little one how extends all the way to the end of time and at the end of time is the final culmination of the result of sin is the final revelation of what sin really costs and the fruits of and the enemy in the concept the key through the perspective the great controversy God knew that it is going to be the worse at the Sony saw that little old our alternate fulfillment the culmination of the sins or the fruits one of the fruit after the of the original sin of Satan so God have to make it plain this is the final picture but also it also on prison line is that a quotation I says no quotation but just because proverb that says to be for one before on some because sonnet is little point is so powerful so deceptive Jesus uses it were possible even the very election be to see he had to make as clean as possible force people not to be deceived he had to make sure that they knew what was coming that they can be prepared for ballistic going to take place Saddam wanted one of people and finally this gives us a very clear timing especially the time times have to type prophecy the time property gives is a clear timing for the beginning of the investigative judgment because then when we come to chapter eight image episode to see if someone venture eight we can then clearly establish when the investigative judgment the final judgment will begin so thus the little-known power we have seen its prize rain but ultimately we also know it's an so we have faith lettuce continues study as we see that God has given us all of this warning if we are in the indices is not because on not doing adequate warning because we have not been faithful in listening to what he has already given us without warning and then on a little late if you have any questions you can ask for the sales how fun in heaven thank you Jan for teaching us from your word it looked briefly at the little one described in Chapter seven we realize Lord that there are greater powers that are working this world nor they are greater aspirations for us to achieve helps not to be focused on just our own individual lives help us look on the things of others and more importantly to your plan for our lives help us Lord to be withstand in the Pinellas County we know that there is a time now is peaceful there is a break where the little one has been wounded but it's healing ask whether you give us the faith of Jesus that we may cling on to you that we missed any work diligently that we may have the weapons to fend off the darts of the devil help us Lord each day of a life to live faithfully and to keep it uppermost in our lives keep us tonight we pray in Jesus he


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