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Daniel Bible Study: Chapter 9 (Part 1)

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

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our father in heaven we thank you again for another data we could come and get it together and study a word and we thank you Lord that you have given us life energy and ability to think and to do the things they ask us to decide as they are about to look at continue to look at the book of Daniel may you open our minds and dispirited tedious and it isn't all truth that we may better understand these things in our lives and be conforming to your likeness that we may also be shared with these things with others who love you Lord are the principles are still coming pages as well normally we just been focusing on one chapter like chapter one two three four five six seven we spent a few weeks in seven and a few weeks and eight however I like to go back to chapter eight and tonight I did wrap things up with one final point that I didn't mention last time after time and dumb there's actually so much more to be said in chapter eight but we don't have the time so we did touch on one final point of chapter eight and elegant movement Chapter nine so on but see how we can begin this letter is just me on Daniel chapter eight verse fifteen through seventeen anyone the processing there are a few things I wanted to pick up right away and just remember that and will come back to them later on first of all fifteen comments what happens in these three versus takes place right after what must indent it fourteen the point candidate and then the factory shall be cleansed it is immediately after this that the command is given to the angel who Gabriel remember remember that what is the command Gabriel was to do make them understand okay they can assess specifically the twenty hundred days we say we follow that's all for now remember that this can be very critical she as we continue but for now all I want to look at the final is a frosting on the cake of chapter eight is that his check in verse seventeen so he came near when or where I stood Gabriel did and when he came I was afraid and fell upon my face but he said unto me understand the Son of Man four at the what the what time shall be Division I shall be the vision via a Wii owner agreement is that what all of our Bible things come in and going to make it so it is at the time of the end that the vision shall be so now I know we use these words almost for them a lot I be here out of the end the end times last days and upon all of these things are all jumbled together in our minds and we associate them on it we just read it until the end of dissidents skim over it but there is actually significance to this phrase via and it's not the same as end of time and hopefully we can break that down so let's look at this let's come to gain Chapter 11 something here that will help us better understand the straight time in because they spend widescreen important but we understand that some of the end vessel will understand when this vision will be understood because he says that the vision is not until the time of the end and left look at Daniel twelve first all these verses mention a time via look at all twelve verse four focus for you okay so the vision is sealed specifically the vision of the twenty hundred days was sealed until the time of the end so if we can figure out when the time of the end and then we can understand when this vision was open to be understood Congress in Daniel eleven verse thirty one will begin over thirty one and we will continue down their verse thirty five F 3-D versus I believe we can see when the time the end is when it begins to face the verse thirty one summary judgment verse thirty one for now can have a positive Daniel P as earlier shower here and profane temple fortress take away the regular burnt offering in Asia set up the abomination is okay this translation is a new one I never heard that before English standard contacts is the meet is reimaging James at the anastomosis is and Barnes shall stand on his part and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength just take away the daily sacrifice and they shall make abomination and visual place excuse me they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate others a few points I like to bring up before we move on because last week we had a few questions on on the daily and abomination or the transgression of desolation and all the people at the question on here so hopefully we'll hear this on the recording is said and arms in chapter eight we remember that the host was given in member that host was given against the daily sacrifice and I hear there's an arms shall stand on his part as you pollute the sanctuary of strength and shall take away the daily sacrifice is very similar language to language in fact talk about exact same thing such as readers will quickly in Daniel eight Daniel eight Daniel eight verse eleven August the fifth part on this is your year he magnified himself even to the Prince of the host and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away in the place of his sanctuary was just down and in host was given him against the daily sacrifice to see how similar languages document the same thing same event honestly the same thing as the Army hosted Sassanian armies armies were dear little one power in chapter eight of eleven extends north becomes he comes to clue the sanctuary of strength remember in chapter eight we mentioned that the sanctuary his sanctuary in verse eleven that sanctuary is talking about the pagan sanctuaries and in Chapter 11 it makes it clear by saying the sanctuary of strength was polluted my arms so would find the same thing century and it shall take away the daily sacrifice and vision placed the abomination that maketh desolate last week the question that was asked was this based on chapter eight how can we tell that the daily must be removed in order for the transgression of desolation to come it to be read several ways it is sounds you know based on the questioner on the person has to question it sounds almost as if because there was transgression that is why the data was taken away for based on eleven which is kind of the same event we can see that the Davey must be taken away in order to place in his place so sick abomination that maketh desolate and the same thing abomination of desolation expression of the solution and so does that make sense for that event make things a little clearer for those of you were here last week to answer the question should I go to Belmont can attribute that will modify living in chapter eight in chapter eight it says that the daily was removed for by reason of transgression right we see the inverse twelve hose was given and I guess the daily sacrifice by reason of customer as soon by reason of knees because or for so the baby was removed because of transgression or for transgression so it can be read several ways we can say the Davey was removed because it was the transmission and existing so because of transgression David was removed or we can say because we need to make ladies make a place or spot for the transgression of the baby nothing is the difference and know which one is a great way reading based on Daniel eleven it says in verse thirty one they shall take away the daily sacrifice and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate so the reading should be the daily must be removed in order for there to be place or room or spot to place abomination that maketh us is a better clear as mud that Mister okay good I I had a few questions I thought better of it Megan are back to the original point here thirty one will again thirty one to thirty five so verse thirty one gives us the beginning time the time that is beginning with the abomination of desolation the place and we established last week that the transgression of the collision abomination abomination desolation and an eight represents what quick quiz what does it represent transgression of desolation or the abomination of desolation specifically what we talked about last week the little one power it's in two phases first the recall the daily desolation or continual desolation threatened by the transgression of the solution the first post on it was pagan Rome so therefore the second part must necessarily be papal Rome Congress the papal power okay so this begins with the rising of the papal power verse thirty one Joseph that time let's look now verse thirty two to verse thirty five let's has someone made a all right this might be very confusing you might not know what all those words are but just look at the big picture what is happening here is versus the describing something that's taking place just one or two words with the words was being described here taking a cab to the right I forget he was okay are they shall fall by the sword by flame activity by spoil for many days now when they fall they shall be help they will be held open with little help some of them of an essential fall purge even until the time of the okay let's look at it this way this is me are you satisfied this is talking about the time that began with confusion of people and that's what got real good reason description of what capable and it in Daniel seven this is when it is read this one verse I think of becoming a nuclear twenty five seven twenty five some of the little point of Daniel chapter seven which is specifically people grow papacy 45s in the previous all right so you do see the connection here both are talking about papal power one it's in chapter seven he called a little more instructive eighties called abomination vessel or chapter eight and eleven called omniscient desolation and the people of God are given unto his images have seven and a lot do with us as well the same patient begins in it does have a conference at times in the Chapter 11 this is no vision to give the fire lane sword such as Alonso for the visual fall even until way into one the time of the all we understand vision so the ending of the twelve sixty I'm assuming you don't know what that is high time the volume times is that one year two years happier that's three half years the Jewish calendar that accurately one thousand and sixty days and Bible prophecy one day equal to year one thousand and sixty years of papal persecutions so at the end of the one hundred and fifty years we can also say that in an end of the conference by a pond or we can see the beginning of what comes via is exactly right but let's look at another passage to make this a little more clear verse of chapter twelve verse four all the way through verse nine so Daniel chapter twelve verses four to nine and seven meter this passage is I believe it explains a radically that what we are you establish but let's let's look at it in verse four the method is given Daniel shot of the book and the words and seal the book you see the economy in medicine that wants and then Daniel looked and behold there's another notice of two people one on the regular one on the other wants of the other asking the question how long shall the deeds of end of these wonders now we already looked at one other place you member Daniel eight after you only read about the daily evening taken away in the transmission resolution all of these things one scene said to another state which we just this column Angels one Angel asked the other angel how long shall it be that the baby in the transgression will try the century Goth host underfoot and we mentioned last time that angels sometimes ask questions not because they don't know this question so that we will nation so that they can make sure that we get the information that we need to know so in the same sense as Angel for one thing the requirements of the river describe how long would be for all these wonders at first it doesn't make it bit them in summary clear but will become clear as it goes off see how long it would be for all fundies and wonders take place to the end of these wonders seven the man clothed in linen which is on upon the waters of the river when he held is right-handed left-handed heaven and swear by him to live forever the issue before how long for time times and a half so that's time the Denver stages of the key it says Daniel said I have I heard but I don't understand then said oh my Lord what shall be the end of these things please asking the same question that the Saint asked to others and how long way and then that same tells Daniel this goes by way Daniel for the words close up and sealed till the time of the end of the same question asked twice but two different answers one said unto times times and half of the ones that go that way until the end so we see in Chapter 11 and Chapter twelve with the help of chapter seven what we look at Chapter 11 that the time of the end begins at the end of the time times the body of times have I said no I'm not sure you already have heard this delicious little more time when the twelfth year begin as of one thousand hundred sixty years that is used to describe a somewhat just read a compass to scatter the holy people and catalepsy persecution of God 's people should be given in his hand for time times appetites so twelve sixteen on the persecution got people reestablish one begins his meanings no one ends Celinda 's opinion by thirty eight that's that that's the date that you know is accepted amongst most theologians that that's the beginning date because at five thirty eight that is the final eradication of final war of the beast of Daniel chapter seven the Ostrogoths were finally eradicated in that year that is the year one Roman people people power is finally established as political and religious power some may venture to say inside of me that some five thirty three beginning date also on but that is because they say that that is him here that the papacy was off how did the that it was agreed upon verbally the power was given to the papal power however religious and political power was given in five thirty three however it was not realized until five thirty eight another interesting about this before I jump ahead of myself so let's begin at five thirty eight recount one thousand ten to sixty years one of them and seventeen ninety eight and historically we understand that because general birthday from Napoleon 's army came and took the hope of the captivity and thus ended his political rain now you may be asking well why do people say five thirty three at the layout of the city twelve sixty day existing in seventeen ninety three Napoleon gave the verbal combat the verbal decision to capital so how we recommend five thirty three seventy thirty three five thirty eight to seventeen ninety eight itself it still fits and we got that on purpose it twelve sixty all over its matchup with eleven times and Daniel revelation is right is right right and there other elements him all I have five hundred and twenty five and is you are sure and just like no kiss of reorganizing you have today's people just to and it still works so there is some room although five thirty eight is the traditionally accepted the of the beginning and which I believe is a problem that is not prominently the five thirty eight seventy ninety eight so when does Harvey and begin to roll the year seventeen ninety eight assists we can settle in there now this is him this might be little tricky for some people to understand all but there's a limit to share this with you in case you ever need some event you need to explain this to some people they often reckon how many of the enemy nothing at and upon over that and at the house right right so that's that's the question a lot of people have now this might be a little bit tricky good than it is expanded he was first is that prophetically speaking a suspicious look in Daniel chapter of revelations of the ten him the main point of the time it was mentioned to Daniel so that she knows when the policy will be sealed religions are concerned very interesting in verses one and two of me that is okay very good so this is an angel coming down a relationship attend and yet the little book openers have now where in the Bible to talk about a book that sealed the book of Daniel and a interesting I believe the only place in the zone for the top spot at the consultant so we can establish based on time of the end that this chapter this angel coming down with a book open it had happens around the year seventeen ninety eight disaster time of the now very interesting look down at verse six while the speakers five and six no more delay Al Qaeda footer Bible says witches witches correct my Bible it says they should be fine no longer hung along the visit exciting to me but this would get it this way since seventeen ninety eight the little book was opened or the prophecy of the what was known understood now and this little book is open to understanding and after that little because of the angel cried out there will be no more time when no more delay I wish I profitable with me but now your proxy it it says that this phrase there should be time no longer immune it shall be no more prophetic time no more prophetic time looking up that exact term prophetic time and this is very interesting because if you think about time in relation with God 's prophecy is usually sort of like a limit like God can say I will give the little horn one thousand hundred sixty years and that in it back to live no more so when it arrived than that's it is a twenty hundred days what if we just went into the culmination that's it it's it's nonnegotiable he set the time like a time limit that's most upon what type properties are no seventy weeks of prop of captivity within time of them a little bit is given so that they know the time limit in a way and will be the end of their captivity but when there's no more prophetic time than the this more time limit the next chapter after the opening of the twenty hundred days after the prophecy of the appointed date there can be no more time prophecies until the second half giving off with his thousand years but this is very very critical because people say well if Jesus is nowhere if he began the climb in the sanctuary eighteen forty four like people believe why have any come back in over hundred fifty years but we have to remember now this text tells us there's no perfect time him you can go on for an indefinite amount of time also takes to finish the work that must be done not only going to all all little nitty-gritty but that is why the time of the end began in seventeen ninety eight it's almost as though God is saying they were shopping time instead of saying and of time which actually sought it would make sense to the end of hungry associate with end of all things but the and the time of the end means what we reach that point afterward there's no more time limit could take as long as it takes as long as the final events come together and fly candidates at the end of time the fifteen four so after age of forty four that's a good point so the tongue the end starts at seventy ninety eight to unfold twenty nine days and a target date of the last time prophecy is no more after that and in between that and second coming so this can be a very good test if somebody comes and says is another prophecy it's the however many years and ends in two thousand and five amenities you will come back five years later sorry that the devil so we have limited test because so no more delay can also sort of the Rhine I don't I don't think it's as good as on the longer the delay you were the Greek word there probably needs something that can use a spoke with the consequent delay means that their late son relate but because there's no more time God can say I'm not late and easy one thing because he's not setting a limit for himself so no matter when he comes whether it's in the year three thousand eighty I don't believe that happen within the two thousand and four December you know she either way he can now say because I never said it time I'm not late so there's no delay in that sense so it still could okay I think that you spend as much time on this but anyway all of this is just established that the time of the end begins in seventeen ninety eight and afterwards is at seventy ninety eight that the book is open prophecies of Daniel specifically the twentieth days is open to be understood okay very good now another review before go to chapter nine we remember now that at the end of the prophecy Daniel did not understand everything and in his mind he is thinking this vision is Sheila for so many more days perfect you won't be close with notes recommended based way in the future probably and he feels as though God is extending the captivity extending the punishment of his people because of their transgression now we know that's what I said that based on what I've read below we look at chapter nine hours ago to begin chapter nine I believe this will become much clearer that this indeed was the case so let's look and Daniel chapter nine on within a meet of the chunkier Sedalia chapter nine one through nineteen so let's just go out with ten people we can take two verses each in the level needed to keep an interface you I know is in a Jeremiah and is the last thing is is is is is is best things circles as in a micro is a rating on a kid because I is a is an suite is an wrong active when you are down turning aside from your command is Vietnam this is your service products resulting your days working as fathers will will is is is is is is that I will will he be in one eight and in and in a in his is and is is is I and I as you are is is is is is is is is is is a is you are in is is is is is is is is will I I I I I I and and and and and and and and and he is in far as he is is is is is now therefore Lord God you to prove a servant his obligations and conflicts face to shine upon a sanctuary that is desolate for the Lord said oh my God incline thine ear here open thine eyes and beholder dissolutions the city which is called by thy name for we do not present our supplication before the forearm righteousnesses for thy great mercies okay simple question looking at the entire chapter there twenty seven versus now how many verses was taken up with just a prayer most of it only the last three verses is remaining and that's what we always an icon in terms of prophecy and rightly so I believe that takes more time understand appears pretty self-explanatory I just want to mention this this prayer is recorded in all of its length for specific purpose and people sometimes you know we hear it and I think deserves of acute illustration as they say you know values of Angels at the beginning of supplications the command was given to me to come and answer your prayer some people say wow Gabriel can fly so fast by the end of his prayer gave military there anything is any other nominees minister read the spec not personally speak acting a little slow Angel but am less of a need explanation but I think it's so much more than that this prayer is recorded for a very important reason and based on the connection that we saw with Chapter eight this prayer is the final link to explain that the vision that was a prophecy of the seventy weeks that's about to come is indeed a part of appointment today I think that is very clear and we didn't understand what's going on in Daniel 's mind to make that that logical connections so first of all verse two of chapter nine in the first year of his reign I Daniel understood by books the number of the years where of the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the prophet that he would accomplish seventy years the definitions of Jerusalem and the versus that he was looking at our letter to volunteers one is Jeremiah chapter twenty five twelve July twenty five twelve him and him and another person can be Jeremiah twenty nine verse ten Jeremiah twenty nine ten okay vaguely seventy years of the term and upon the Babylonian captivity passivity the Daniel he was reading the prophet Jeremiah and this is something that must be said about Danny Danny was a prophet and he received visions from God now he was not above reading other people 's property and on this is not you you might think this is you you might think this is this is very elementary of application but this is very critical and that is that Daniel reveals the character of what the people will be like in the last six and God 's people will not have this feeling like me have all the truth and we don't need to learn anything else know me understand of the Lord has given us a great view of life but there's always advances to be made on Augustine knew understanding will never contradict old understanding the Scripture enough I'm not new theology or just crazy ideas on same that we should not be opposed that idea of advancing and learning more about wanting to off on a tangent but Daniel here you see seventy years is determined upon his people is seventy years given but then he remembers twenty three hundred day so he has of prayer and the whole point of this prayer is to appeal to the mercies of God and the pregnancy over and over Lord you are righteous you are just doing what you what you think is right but we have not obeyed we have not listened we have fallen short we have sent me have fallen away we have now listen we have not been all of these things and Lord you are just doing what you are doing and that is the whole gist of his career he's asking some supplications before God 's forgiveness people and this is what he said he remember the key if your countenance that term Daniel evidently remembers words from words found this eleven this is therefore the curse is poured upon us and eat both that is written in the law of Moses the servant of God 's B have sinned against him the Daniel this year revealed several things to review the Danny was familiar with the writings of Moses especially this area found in Deuteronomy chapter twenty eight but also it also shows his flight misunderstanding Daniel thought that they had already experienced the king of your account has pulled and then accepted a now maybe we're here along and not enough time to go and all of that but the king of fierce countenance is actually representing the kingdom of Rome to come in the future the king of the account of the Rita S Daniel chapter needs and verse twenty three and in the latter time of their kingdom one of transgressors are come to full eighteen of fierce countenance and understanding dark sentences shall stand up and we mentioned that the only place in the Bible that that term used countenance is applied to a person or nation or power is in Deuteronomy chapter twenty eight reverse fifteen and that is the area where did Moses was pronouncing the curse that would fall upon the people that they would transgress and they would turn away from the Daniel and Chapter nine is praying in relation to that using this authority happens with Lord forgive us we get turned astray we have gone away from Lisa so that misunderstanding there is that he's already it and they've already experienced the king of his countenance whereas the session timeout the future so anyway it continues and does another thing I like to bring up and that is this Daniel was not possible he was in no way responsible for the Babylonian captivity in the book of Daniel and in the whole Bible Daniel was never not a single sin was recorded for Daniel according to what we see here Daniel lives of righteous life get a clean green hands and a pure heart but yet he includes himself with Israel people he himself is praying forgive us when we have gone astray we have done iniquity and meet up anything in the end of time it is said that those who are signing crying for the abomination that is the word done by God 's people they are the ones that received the seal of God they are the ones that receive this market enables him the end times the Daniel here and giving us a picture in his character of what the people in the end Hans will be like they will be signing client with abomination even though they had no part to do with it but they will feel as though they have a part to intercede at the help those people who have gone that direction so here the whole prayer Daniel is pray for forgiveness praying the Lord you have brought us out of Egypt you have done that for your namesake don't let that all go to waste do it for your name 's glory and honor so this is what Daniel prays now let's look at verse twenty and while I was speaking and training and confessing my sins in the sin of my people Israel and presenting my supplication before the Lord my God for the holy mouth of my God game while I was speaking in prayer even the men Gabriel whom I have seen in the vision when at the beginning being caused to fly swiftly touched me about the time of the evening oblation now this is Vickie this is another key that in connection with this prayer is that the Dan Daniel saw Gabriel who appeared to hint at the beginning of the beginning of what at the beginning of the vision of what vision is a witch vision is Daniel talking about that he saw Gabriel before evening ablution would ablation actually needs a separate so the time of the evening sacrifice when Daniel was praying that's when the angel Gabriel appeared and so this is that follow this line of reasoning he says that I saw Gabriel the same one who appeared to me but anybody in my own words in the previous vision Wertheim so the only other vision and Gabriel appears Daniel is in chapter eight so it must be the same vision okay and he continues for twenty two and he informed me and talked with me of the old Daniel I am now come forth to give each skill and standing papers twenty three at the beginning of the supplications the Commandant of Fort and I'm come to show the foot down greatly beloved therefore understand the matter through the vision now remember I asked the question what was the mission given to Gabriel in chapter eight likeness is me that they quickly verse sixteen of chapter eight what is the difference is that make this man's understand the vision for the whole the whole purpose of this command again was make this man to understand the vision but now looking at the rest of the chapter eight see Daniel got sick and he was astonished in a troublesome and unnoticed of the matter and then the company has a long prayer that reveals his misunderstanding and therefore because he misunderstood Gabriel never finished his mission the job and I didn't do in chapter eight he never finished probably because Daniel felt sick of an object a and not him will come back and he says I have he does say this but in a sense he's coming back to fulfill her to finish the job that he start the same I am coming back now to give you an understanding to clean things up to help you enhance your misunderstanding on this matter so this connection you can't miss it it is dealing with the same prophecy it cannot be just another prophecy it is connected to chapter eight no limit tell you that we just explained will quickly want with us on Portland because you remember a day in chapter eight the twitter and basil soup given and it says it will not be for many days BC until the end go that way they found that there is no beginning date there's no reckoning point we can establish when the pointer in big games are at so there must be some way that God is going to explain to us one this prophecy begins and with the connection to chapter nine now we can see that what the Angels about the explained in Chapter nine is indeed a clarification it is called to help explain Daniels misunderstanding of Dana Chapter eight and therefore the beginning date can be found in Chapter eight of them except you are you reading her astray astride this to the room with provisions and on one tomorrow as you mentioned hi Mike that cannot they mean different things maybe one percent next week at him so that's that's all I want to Santa Fe now if that the connection we see the connection between caffeine and chapter nine we can't miss that this is absolutely pivotal to understanding of appointment dates and also helps us understand chapter ninety so that is I believe that's a good place to pause and nicely will pick up on with the rest of chapter nine all right what are we kneeled for fun and heaven again we thank you for joining us and helping us to open our eyes and alliances some deep things in the book of Daniel as we are about to begin on next week into chapter nine and the vision prophecy of the seventy weeks help us Lord to continue seeking diligently all our hearts your word your will for us found therein please look into this protects us and guide us changes keeps you to become better Christians inform ourselves these important prophecies of Daniel Goddess Jesus


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