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Daniel Bible Study: Chapter 9 (Part 2)

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

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him and thank you for bringing us if we together have reviewed those who are still coming and as this summer is drawing close to the end all we also see that approaching has been finished our flat his studies here the Lord help us to remember the things that we've learned to use it to share with others and especially this coming quarter as we study the book of Daniel our offense school quarterly help us to be able to share this knowledge to inspire others with the big guys and I was scared as we dive into Daniel chapter to look at some very important things tonight love the Lord put all these things of his arm right now just quickly question how many were here for the study last week Eric was I was okay so there's three of us for less including me let's have a quick review of what we covered in dance after nine so far basically last week on in our introduction and chapter nine on the main burden of what we want to establish was the connection into a chapter nine this is very critical off for this reason the twenty three hundred days in the time prophecy without profit is no good unless is beginning to sell chapter eight August be we didn't see any beginning date for the prophecy so we go to her chapter nine and in order for us to establish that the beginning date is found in Chapter nine we must be able to prove that happened in a nine is somehow integrally related and connected that they need to be one the same flow of thought so all we did was we analyze a few things first at the end of chapter eight we see the reaction or what was going through the mind of Daniel and I we see that Daniel heard or saw the vision and prophecy of all of this persecution out come upon the people and then all of a sudden up and it says on the two thousand three days then the sexy chubby clients in answer to the question I was asked how long will God people and affected because the said Daniel 's mind we assume that he was looking into the future twenty three hundred years into the future and thinking while at the long time before God 's people will be restored without we want to chapter nine in chapter nine we look at it and we recognize that the majority of the chapter was dedicated to Daniel 's prayer and Daniel 's prayer most of the time we we say while we we can read this prayer in less than a minute and it says that the angel Gabriel said I can't I I was commanded at the beginning every supplications become messier prayer and then with an essay while Gabriel can fly really fast and we go on but you know there's a reason why this prayer is recorded in all of this length and breadth and entirety this this prayer was very simple in terms of theme if you read it and I currently ought to do it if you haven't the whole purpose agrees of confession on repentance and also for forgiveness Daniel is praying on behalf of his people he looked at the prophecies found in Jeremiah 's twenty five twenty nine think this that link up to the last was you will then know some years God please forgive us we had turned away from you we then are standing before transgressing as you were not obeying you please Lord for the sake of your names glory and honor forgive us and turn to face against you people don't leave us a discussion it was a stress application in so to say a sackcloth and ashes for God 's people and dumb he is mentioning all this cursor fell upon us you know according to the law of Moses would give us slowly turned away from you and also one and so forth so we can see that the burden on Daniel 's heart is the restoration of God 's people putting us together Chapter eight it makes perfect sense because he heard the king of your countenance is coming he will destroy God 's people and all of this all of these atrocious things this poison on Deuteronomy twenty eight at what motivates it all out so we see the prayer of Daniel reflecting the Fox in his heart and then we see well obviously first of all we obviously see that this is a misunderstanding on Daniel 's part based on further knowledge but think it becomes a distant Gabriel in verse forty three this is look at verse twenty three and chapter nine at the beginning is the best applications the commandment came forth and I'm come to show the without greatly beloved therefore understand the matter and consider the vision and we mentioned that the angel Gabriel the only other chapter that she is mentioned or he is mentioned Islam in jeopardy as only other great Gabriel mentioned in Daniel and in chapter eight we mentioned that Gabriel came to specific mission of the thoughts hold the angel Gabriel make him understand that the end of the chapter and chapter a wiki you said you think you think that would astonish us however thought but none understood so the angel Gabriel basically good finishes mission there so now he needs to finish his mission is another connecting point Angel Gabriel only a few easy chapters he needs to finish his mission and also Daniels misunderstanding must be cleared up at me just add this note and this is the main burden of our study tonight and it is about a twenty three hundred day prophecy would be meaningless without the seventy weeks not just the not just talking about the beginning date as important as that is beginning day without it the alternative days and what you don't know when and if anybody can sing whatever name we will see after to die study at the actual seventy weeks prophecy which is found in Chapter nine it is absolutely critical in order for what the twenty three hundred date prophecy says will happen take place in other words it's almost like you cannot have a twenty nine days he did not have a seventy week W a more so that is a brief review from last week and down let's begin in chapter nine in verse twenty four can someone read verse twenty four all right so this seventy weeks of the term and upon thy people on my holy city is seventy weeks in Bible prophecy one day represents one prophetic there is one little year so seventy weeks that represents four hundred ninety days of twenty nine years little years now what is the significance of that on which you look at the words of Christ will quickly cancel read Matthew eighteen Matthew Chapter eighteen verse twenty one subparagraph the question if some of the brother sins against me how many times you are forgiven seven times while at the longtime many many times but you said no seventy times seven now how may times is that literally speaking four hundred and ninety five now you know obviously cheated or not they need to tally marks give this person I forgive this person four hundred and eighty times top ten hunt your account you know it's not like that but this is business very key because in the English Hebrew mind they are familiar with Dan Chapter nine is very very important to them and work and explain why the second so when Jesus said no you forgive for seventy times seven with an seventy four hundred ninety five immediately in the mind of Peter he should've thought maybe he didn't but he should've thought God gave his people seventy weeks four hundred ninety years of forgive this this is a time John is sort of saying this is to make right your wrong and you know that's exactly the process but that the whole concept of seventy times seven is the cost of the forgiveness and the concept of restitution and mercy the seventy weeks four hundred ninety times of forgiveness for this ninety years of forgiveness of the things are determined upon thy people not this is a important word determined determine what whether that would mean well you know I looked it up in the home a strong concordance bathroom does not want software that is some strange but it says are divided or markdown so same meaning but it didn't take were cut off but I have a more reliable source of meeting the second seventy weeks are determined upon the people and upon my holy city so this is in a nutshell this is what happening in the weeks based on Peter 's commentary in the future received a seventy one four to ninety years of the safe will give this that is cut off one walk out for your people and your holy city the specifically time of the Jewish people Jerusalem Israel Melanie read this this on a great conference he pitched three hundred twenty six the second paragraph this overlong so on bear with me I'll try to read are clearly the angel have been sent to Daniel for the expressed purpose of explaining to him the point which it failed to understand the vision of the eighth chapter the statement relative to time at the two thousand and three hundred days then shall the sanctuary be clients him understand the matter and consider the vision the very first words of the angels are seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon the holy city hear the word translated the time and literally signifies call seventy weeks representing four hundred ninety years are declared by the angel to be cut off especially pertaining to the Jews but from what would they cut off as the twenty three hundred days was the only curative time mentioned in chapter eight it must be the period for which the seventy weeks were cut off the seventy weeks must therefore be a part of the twenty three hundred days and two periods must begin together seventy weeks were declared by the angel to date from the going forth of the command meant to restore and build Jerusalem if the date of this amendment to be found in the starting point for the great period of the twenty man days would be ascertained very simple that simple statement basically explains not anyhow let's break this down a bit more so back is a overview we know that you were shooting for that they place the seventy weeks are determined upon my people upon the holy city set apart marked out for the Jewish people than to do what falling in verse twenty four is a list of six things six things that is to be done within this period of four hundred ninety years number one to finish the transgression to finish the transgression out what is transgression strong before rescinded the transgression of the law transgression simply each essay is sent by Pacific we instantly jet into as you finish the transgression it does it to finish transgression if the definite article it's like the Angels talking about something in particular so let's look back in Chapter nine and we can see these on the prayer of Daniel because this can be a couple things you can think of in several ways several different perspectives this prophecy can say you can look at it and numb perspective on just studying this property by itself on the left of the complete picture boy can see that this prophecy the continuation is the addendum to chapter eight or just see it as the answer to Daniel 's prayer so in Daniel chapter nine verse ten and eleven it's not known one specific sin but it just simply says we have no paid the Lord our God will not listen to the profits we have not obeyed his voice and his curses being poured out upon so naturally to finish the transgression reversing it it means than they are now to obey the local the voice of the Lord their God to walk in his laws to listen to service the profits and obey his voice so these are things that need to take place within this four hundred ninety visit font set out to make those things right now we all understood that and also in Daniel chapter eight you remember verse twenty three him in the latter time of the kingdom when the transgressors are come to the full eighteen after his countenance and understanding dark sentences and we've be discussed that those transgressed towards talking about God 's people and here in chapter nine God is saying is if you can put it this way he is laying down the condition the king of fierce countenance does not happen to lay waste to the kingdom of Israel he does not have to do that it got people obey and listen to his voice as most promise in Deuteronomy chapter twenty seven twenty eight number one to finish the transgression to come back to God to repent and turn back within obey his voice business profits and so forth to and to make an end of sins this is very interesting if outlays same exacting thing to make an end of sins ensure that all that's what it's saying but also the worst sin there that's since I looked at the definition of the word it can be translated several ways one of the ways this sin offering and I believe some translations of the Bible actually renders it to make an end and of sin offerings and that makes bear of very important point that is at this four hundred ninety years is supposed to bring about the end with a combination of sin offerings which is document factory service lands bullocks goats although century services to make an end of sin offerings as well as making it a sense but keep in mind is a key that makes it all makes sense because right now because look at it sort of Nick Anderson offerings in Daniel 's mind you'll see that this is very exciting we'll come back and next in the we make reconciliation for iniquity and to bring in everlasting righteousness purposes this is particularly interesting because it says to make reconciliation for iniquity so you reconcile you reconcile those things they have done wrong in the past but then you bring in everlasting righteousness righteousness is right doing and this is very interesting if this is a two-part this is a two part that is related to salvation you reconcile your reconcile from gut with God on all of your creative uses previous grievances sins and iniquities and then you bring in everlasting righteousness of both of these things can only happen by faith but more importantly by faith in Jesus Christ and all of this is meeting at the very critical point overcoming that will come into the number five to seal up vision and prophecy this right here you see another connection Chapter eight Chapter eight the vision that only vision in Daniel New Zealand and this is already be established it's connected with Chapter eight Chapter nine Chapter interconnected the Angel Gabriel was dealing with both issues at the same time and the seal up the vision and prophecy noting that might be weird like but is in the process already sealed up with income but that's it and lastly number six this is the big point and Daniel probably got very very excited here this is says to anoint the most to anoint the most holy this is its phrase in the mind of Daniel probably said Simons alarms screen and whatever this ahead is one of his whole life for his whole life after the history of the whole Israel nation it away from the sign as some people I believe even in the book on by your estimate on Dan Revelation keep them off she mentioned that this is the anointing of the heavenly sanctuary however if you look in the design of ages she closes also like was the first at the time of Christ baptism is anointing of the most fully primarily dealing with the anointing war the heralding the coming of the Messiah decided name simply need the anointed MD and to anoint the most holy simply represent the baptism of Christ when he was anointed the Holy Spirit came down informed the gods that this is my son among wealthy and that instituted his ministry on earth the green half years now I really mention number six of the key now let's go back so this seventy weeks prophecy is a time set apart from the holy nation of Israel for the on to make end of transgressions and so forth but it is to bring in the Messiah 's unknowing the most holy and to anoint the most holy name that the anti- type of all of the sin offering all of the century services have been pointing to Jesus Christ in a shadow of things to come in outcries in the brightness of the noonday sun in the real body the real person that all of those things are represented but imperfectly he is now here citizen offerings can be taken away those in the end and also to make reconciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting righteousness him for forgiveness of previous sense of the power to live untransformed and end on spiritual life now Jesus came to pay the penalty for sin so that we can be reconciled from all our previous iniquity by the also live the example of all human being in simple human flesh that we have the example to live as he lived and then he gave the promise of the Holy Spirit to enable us to live and to bring in everlasting righteousness and now number five visits to seal up the vision and the prophecy nominee to say this I mentioned that this is a critical point in terms of the point in the days this vision of the seventy weeks or we can save his messianic prophecy of Opera prophesying when Jesus will come if this prophecy never took place if Jesus never came if he never lived there than that if you never dive for the penalty of sin there would be no meaning to the twenty hundred days investigative judgment would be absolutely pointless because the means by which God 's people can be justified and sanctified and the power was enabled to stand in the judgment would not even be there and this is very important because all of these things as listen twenty and inversely for they are foreshadowing not just when Jesus comes but even farther than that for one to twenty hundred days will end an investigative judgment will begin so that there's these profit you can't miss it they are one they are together without one there's no point for the other also like she says for those of you are there Friday night seven went on which eleven hope she says that the ministry of Christ Henry Sanford as our mediator as a high priest is just as important as a sacrifice on the cross you can't say one is one for many other and just like what she said days after eight and nine chapter nine assignment and with any weaknesses first add his pardon on the cross for us the means for parliament across as well as after eight the beginning of investigative judgment which foreshadows his final acts of mercy of the high priest both are essential both are critical to salvation the seventy weeks verse twenty four all right there you have it let this go on to verse twenty five now we've established seventy weeks but now we need to figure out when does the seventy weeks begin in as we saw in the conference if we can figure out when this anyways began then we can tell when the organization so personally find that Jesus answer is worried that verse for us of this verse is filled with history and known in fact the Bible has dedicated to books became even five books of Ezra and Nehemiah to better understand this one verse so allegedly done your own unless it withdrew briefly funny side note this one understand that from the going forth of the commands restore and to build Jerusalem the beginning date a place at the issuing of the decree to the bill to restore Jerusalem even in the book of as any mind there are several degrees that would give and in fact I believe therefore however there is only one we can use establish the state and how do we know which one while this verse is telling us that we that the decree is to restore and to rebuild the rebuilding Jerusalem necessitate the restoring of whelming of the Temple must be restored to the walls must be restored and even says here the wall in the streets sold specifically we know for sure the Temple walls and the streets must be rebuilt for more than that to restore Jerusalem it is not just talking about physical structures and infrastructure that those federal things on the institution of their civil organizations there are Euros that either the one apology never that would give for but the political side of things the civil law and the estate their self-government those things must be reinstated as well there's only one prophecy of one decree as to say that meets that criteria that is the cream of Artaxerxes to Ezra you can read this as a chapter seven and if you want to find out Bible verses on the dates and what the other decrease intake and talk to me later on running out of time here but that decrease in place and four fifty seven BC that's a very important date for fifty seven BC what's the big four fifty seven BC now this is very important because it is the beginning date for the seventy weeks as well at the beginning date of the appointment dates very very important the fourth of December I wasn't too much not because you can you can study this on your own there are a few resources on you with some other things that perhaps we don't normally talk about is over twenty five the decree four thirty seven BC to rebuild and restore Jerusalem unto the side entrance seventy seven weeks every twenty weeks or seven weeks and then sixty two weeks putting that together it is sixty nine weeks all you mathematicians and the wall or the street shall be built again and the wall even as troublous times on talk much about this on but the whole book or not a great portion of the book and the Nehemiah talks about this sound ballot via Kamin and is harassing up people that build with one hand the strong one and the sword in the other are the salon personally six for two weeks what after the two weeks which is accepted sixty nine weeks in the beginning of the prophecy shall Messiah be cut off but not for himself and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary in the end thereof shall be with a flood and unto the end of the war desolation and he shall confirm the covenant with many white and he shall cause its advice and oblation to cease that would overspray of abominations he shall did some even until the consummation and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate visa versa the novel they are rather hard to really know the viaduct is a discipline of this is about this but let me just perhaps make it little bit easier verse twenty six and twenty seven they are not chronologically one after another six and twenty seven if in the Hebrew mind yet understand that they think this way they write this way they ate been make a statement and then they repeated sometimes the repeated live in the same sense of what is repeated in the opposite in the negative of what they just set the price is twenty seven but look at it instead of one into the data parallel side-by-side together because then it will help with that I sent was signed to twenty six and after threescore and two weeks after sixty nine weeks shall Messiah be cut off the side he cut off about work cut off where have we heard that before in the in the context of the history of the Israel nation when our people cut off not quite as a specific high specific day on the development exactly right on the day of atonement you can meet in Leviticus Leviticus twenty three percent nine the data that got set aside for purification of the cat I wanted to find to this but let me just say this for those who are faithful and obedient and if Flickr sold to do no work a day make restitution with God on that day they are restored if you are and their clean however for the soul it does not afflict this himself or had afflicted soul and does not obey the will of God the point on that day he is said to be cut off cut off now this is the same Hebrew word that describes the Messiah you see they were cut off it simply means we moved for ever everlasting destruction at the end of time when the beast of false prophets and sages of the Dragon can really to find that is called being cut off your thing the final cutting off and that is what Jesus the Messiah did for us he's not he didn't just die he didn't just go into the grave knowing that he will come out again he was cut off and in the line of the Hebrew debt but that's worse possible punishment be cut off for ever the sign was cut off suffering the second death for those who became safe and ludicrously send them say he was cut off but not for himself in verse twenty seven and he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease so the gamers for six beginning of resource and I both talked about ministry of Christ when Messiah this was that he had come from the company made for one week one week of the seventieth week because it came after sixty nine select the saddest dates now four fifty seven BC is beginning to decree for as to restore and rebuild Jerusalem so are sixty nine weeks later as well four hundred eighty three days or years when you do that lend us remember those zero year Sony priority no eighty seven thousand eight or I should say the auto auto of eighty twenty seven that's the date that is us that is recognized and understood to be the date of the baptism of Christ and he can meet in the Mark chapter one fourteen fifteen yeah when we go to my chapter one fourteen fifteen thirty nine twenty fifteen recipient says and the time is fulfilled my Bible and about the time is come it away we see that Jesus had an understanding of some sort of time he had he understood that the time is fulfilled the time has come for something what is that time well damage up to nine thousand the time has come for him to confirm the covenant with many for one week so he begins his ministry by saying the time is come I am on schedule on time not like a lot of us tomorrow or Thursday I will say that is joking but on he was on time so you mentioned the time is come the time is fulfilled so he begins and in the midst of the week is a call to sacrifice and oblation to cease in Gospel of John he says several times the hours and that is talking about and again the time is fulfilled the hours time is now here to do something fulfill something and basin at nine in the midst of the week right on schedule I'm on time I am fulfilling the end of the typical role of the sacrifice a little this week he was cut off that's when you cut off right in the midst of the week and then he also said he called the sacrifice and the wishes of the when he died the temple veil between the holy and the most holy place Griffin talk about sexy services were nullified boy doesn't mean anything anymore however outwardly the Jewish people still worship of the Temple still make sacrifices the eighty seventy but all throughout that time when class was crucified for you and half years after which seven eighty Atlantis in spring of thirty one eighty when he was crucified down upon it was meaningless because every century without instituted sacrifices I paid I had Artie met at the time in that sense so Jesus was on time thirty one eighty he was crucified thirty three and a half years into his ministry is crucified but yet he confirm the covenant with many for one week so there's still three and a half years left what that what was that now we know that you can read in the book of acts that the Vatican divided neatly to two parts and it does a lot of we did invite but divided into parts the first part of the book the first few chapters chapters one through seven is almost completely dealing with the fact that they get it completely dealing with Jews on the bit and I thought they were Jews that were at the at the Temple worshiping and this three and a half years after Christ died and was resurrected the color was confirmed by his disciples three and half years more and you can see in fulfillment of God 's timing Jesus said I can't think of a velocity yes they offer that I'm come the seat in the state the lost sheep of Israel he also said the disciples I'm paraphrasing now don't go out the Gentiles to go to the children of Israel first that is to confirm the covenant with God 's people in the conclusion of this for nine years and then indicate at the end of the screen half years we see the grand event receipts Stephen being stolen by the Sanhedrin and he see as a stone he sees Jesus standing at the right hand of God and we remember in Chapter seven and the judgment was set in that take place when the ancient of days sat down the ancient of days did sit and the judgment was set so that judgment began when he sat down so when you stand up judgment is over so as a set of a symbolic way of a type of judgment with clothes on Israel people know the fulfillment of seventy weeks prophecy Stephen saw Jesus standing signifying time is come this is the end judgment is on on your people it is now over and very interesting in chapter eight we have the famous story of the of the apostle Philip Buettner whatsoever Diana the Ethiopian eunuch the very next chapter gospel immediately is going for them is going to the Gentiles angel come down from Philip go down to the way gets to the south from Jerusalem they go together it's a desert you just walk in the desert and then suddenly you see the chariot Ethiopian eunuch he runs over to the understand what you say what you really explains them beginning in Isaiah chapter fifty three foundation from the Scriptures the understanding of the Messiah so the meeting me after Stephen was stoned out of seven of act the rest of the book of acts is the gospel going to the Gentiles going to the Gentiles going to the Gentiles and ever since God 's people now is spiritual gifts spiritual Israel those who accepted by faith so that is the end of the four hundred ninety years that take place in eighty thirty four Estonia state all right so you see all of these things are critical in terms of this prophecy in being on time so all of these things coming up on the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem takes place on time in fact the rebuilding of Jerusalem is it finished at forty nine years that finished on time to meet and then the Messiah came his anointed on time is crucified on time sacrifice ablation processes on time confer with many for one week on time so what should we expect about twenty nine days in the own time and was on time is a point in the days beginning at four fifty seven BC twenty candidates in the future together zero year understand eighteen forty four and we only establish that the cleaning of this cleansing of the century is specifically language dealing with the David's home in atonement on in the year eighteen forty four was on October twenty two so these simple ways we can establish set the dates for why we believe all these things now in conclusion that's look at a few things on at the end here it says in verse twenty six the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary now what about talking Matthews question who that prints Elcon to destroy the city and secular based on them to be had after eight is exactly like the king of his countenance king and princes many times it uses honestly especially in the font here when this was untranslated so after the Masai was cut off off oneself the people of the prince that shall come when the people of the king of fierce countenance will come to destroy the city and the sanctuary so now we know what time okay at the end thereof shall be with a flood and unto the end of the wood the solutions are determined in a sensor that's that little phrase perfectly honest the one that says at the end thereof shall be with a flood I'm still studying I still don't have a solid conclusive evidence as to what that life is encouraging to say that our galaxy and the sure I have visually we can really see that the flight of washing in this wiping things out good that's deathly consistent with what what was starting and what we've seen in the past so the end thereof to be with flood and unto the end of the war debt solutions are the term now let me just try to do my own words at the end of the war they will be defamation that's all that insane but it is enlarged in verse twenty seven it is a large and persuasive okay so let's go to virtually seventy causes sci-fi publishing deceased members said and for the over spreading of abominations he shall make it desolate even until the consummation and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate now this is rather a little bit half to get our fingers wrapped around week but let me try to help you out I look at the new King James version and this is what we does Rita Fraser you shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering and on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate novices this is simply to differentiate it says here for the over spring of abominations he shall make a definite backseat that pronoun is what really makes things confusing begin the selling is talking about Messiah who is from God while what we know he's not the one that causes abominations know so that he must be someone out what personally six but the Prince that shall come with anything the prince that shall come for the overspending of abomination the principle of the king of fierce countenance we might even say he shall make it desolate for and needs to gain on the wind of abomination comes one who makes desolate or we can say this man comes with abominations in order to cause desolation another time that we've already used in the past is the abomination of desolation that exactly Jesus in Matthew chapter twenty four verse of me double check my fifteen fifteen hours of thirteen to fifteen this know therefore and understand know that the coming of abominations that spoken of by the prophet Daniel this is what is going to the ball nation so we physically say abomination of desolation shall come and is related to the king of fierce countenance which is also called the prince that shall come in verse twenty six that shall destroy the city and the sanctuary so let's just message me back now this don't let them if they've not just abomination of desolation and him that may have to wait until next week as I think him that were running out of time the abomination of desolation shall come and that's synonymous with verse twenty six the present to destroy the city and the sanctuary that desolation talk about and just look in the future from the eighty seventy seven Jerusalem but then this is a large large and I'll talk about six at Andover suite seven even until the con summation determined shall be poured upon the desolate even until the consummation of a consummation I looked it up in the strongest lexicon in the definition the Navy what enlists it says completion termination for and complete destruction consumption annihilation this consternation is not necessary good thing the consummation or we can say I like the word annihilation or the destruction determination of four let Mrs. many follow but this essay so this annihilation that determined will be poured upon the desolate and if you look in the margin for desolate what's that word deciliter is poured out upon desolate so we can say desolation switch is synonymous with annihilation discussion all that desolation shall be poured out upon the desolate in the end so the final promise is given in Chapter nine is that in the end the deciliter is palletized laying waste to God city and the sanctuary he will come to desolation he will be destroyed he will be annihilated he will be brought to complete and the consummation this is talking about the kingdom of Romans know in a broad sense in all of its entirety both phases Hayden and people especially lonely looking connection with chapter eight chapter seven desolation report upon the desolate him promise to end this chapter also this section of chapter eighty nine as of this is the end of chapter nine and let's recap will quickly so we look at the data connection is just visited the main points and closing review chapter eight Chapter nine integrally connected they cannot be separated couple reasons we can assist really boil it down to eight we know the focal point twenty nine days section shall require Christ's high priestly ministry in the sanctuary kept after nine highlight is seventy weeks which is which predicts the coming of the Messiah and his ministry and his death so that these two chapters integrally bring together the Ministry of the gospel of salvation in Christ Ministry honor and that his ministry and heavy century these two things cannot miss that that is one connection the connection Daniels misunderstanding remember that Daniel thought that within a day 's key of his countenance he thought this was just in a just annihilate gods people he lost sight of the seventy weeks for SME years prostate oncology the the the the captivity he wasn't sure about that nineties praying for God to China's rapidly as people who get and to reinstitute his people as his chosen nation and Angel Gabriel comes to clear the misunderstanding and to help him understand what he did not understand chapter eight the other connection to the connections we already see that these music chapters there links and also you cannot even look into the wood vision not even talk about this but on the word vision just as you say the word vision in chapter eight and seven nine that is a critical link also on for all you Hebrew buffs out there you can look into that chapters eight and nine and in the beginning date with forty seven degree of Artaxerxes as not to be build and restore Jerusalem so play candidate after all forty seven BC to A.D. eighteen forty four October twenty two the day of the fall of that year and that is the date of October beginning of the act typical day of all and I just thought of this chapter eight is enough on its medium entity type of courtyard service and as well as try Cyprus invested in the holy place and then in chapter chapter eight some of the initiation but as he cut the most fully place ministration of Christ in the sanctuary so the day of atonement is represented Jeffrey so these things I know this is the more intellectual fax information but it is very key ports and because the me to say this and then I'll will close the real this topic the point in the days investigative judgment cleansing the sanctuary it is this is the filler by which archer stands or falls and if we do not understand this I dare say that we are not prepared to be sealed by God and we will receive the month I am dead serious because this this prophecy and this is the topic of judgment is in the one thing that sets us apart if he message that makes us suspect in the message that that note God gave to us to proclaim to the world this is the last message that we don't understand it we don't preach it were not anyway and I'll have to be someone else to do it and images give you a word of warning this doctrine is under attack from without and within we have to understand we have to be grounded not just in dates and figures and people 's names and all this that we need to give the explained and we need more and most importantly the trophy make an end of transgression in our lives make an end of said to make reconciliation of iniquities bring in everlasting righteousness anoint the most holy in our hearts that's the message that we need to live in order for this doctrine with this system of belief to really make sense in a world and that's only with a loud cracking go to the world in the message can be completed so I want encouraging I do not give up faith twenty nine days I mean people will try to shake you go try to convey you I've had those experiences to not get in study study study just go to the Bible codes is the prophecy because this will and I might even say this I will venture to say that you will one for another face opposition on this very point this exact point of your faith people might never talked about the server that all the probably will but that's possible and I never talked about diet before and I never talk to you about even if that but I believe that the devil of your players cards the way that can make the most number that was foreseen will bring this to the forefront in the point and it is critical absolutely critical we lost a lot of good people over let's hope none of us are going to fall that so that I defined the preaching was on and their left fielder Chris father in heaven we recognize the importance of the time that we live in the time is foretold by Daniel eight fourteen is already fulfilled eighteen forty four and now we are living in this critical time of her sister help us Lord to not just know intellectually to be in the proven and me but every single argument but helplessly the truly convinced a life worthy of standing in the judgment that we will be able to truly make an end of transgression and the sins to anoint the most holy the hearts bring in everlasting righteousness for us to live as though we are are sick and tired of this world that we are ready for the Lord to come what happens to be meek and humble as we share these important truth with others and help us remember we are but dust that without a spear we can do nothing sustain us now I think our separate ways protect us motivate us to continue to study to look deeper into your word integer truth that we may be part of the very elect that will stand in time the deal of the sliding guide is a cranky say


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