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How the Three Angel's Message Works

Daniel Calaguas


Daniel Calaguas

Student at Loma Linda University



  • November 29, 2008
    10:00 AM
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good morning beside me know I was reading and we are told that there man can only be thankful learn there are only people of appreciating as much as they are capable of receiving in other words God reveals himself to us each day the most that he can every day reveals himself to us one hundred percent it's not that you know yesterday he revealed himself as the little bit and today reveals himself more he reveals himself the same every single day the only thing that changes is our capacity to receive it and so that's what we're going to pray for this morning as we look at some scriptures inspired by a virus with me as a we have order for it dear father we we thank you for another Sabbath day that you're giving us and for preserving alliances for this morning we ask that you would increase our capacity to receive true that we would avail the resources province of the rape is still in that even more with available resources that the spiritual blessings of the Holy Spirit is about to give as we pray for that spiritual discernment we asked Lord that we would be put in a position where we would see the sun more clearly that your son may be to us the joy that we can we can't even describe and so he asked Lord as we think about these things and let in the Scriptures that we must be a series of attacks that letter the father that these words that we look at would be was a lot of we has all these things we pray for the forgiveness of sins in Jesus name is having a Bible 's revelation ten organ be doing is there going to be building a foundation this morning when not to do a few taxes a few passages to establish a foundation of how the starting of message works revelation ten minute be looking in particular number seven can we all see the board my last will have any trouble my right might revelation chapter ten verse seven the Bible says here but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he when he shall begin to sound the mystery of God to be finished yet declared to his servants the prophets Revelation chapter ten as many of you know is connected is talking about with the early advent movement and we see in this chapter that connected with his early advent movement it says here that the mystery of God should be finished and it even connects the mystery of God being finished with it says here the day of event but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he when he shall begin to sound the Mister God 's peace and an accident and we know some of you non- revelation eleven seven Angel begins down in eighteen forty four so now we see here that this mystery of God whatever that is is connected with this early advent movement is go to another tax to establish the Moore foundation in Colossians chapter one what many that this morning 's purpose we want to look at Colossians chapter one Roxy didn't be starting in verse twenty five of intermediate response Colossians chapter one verse twenty five first notice of the Bible lets us know policies any says where I am made a minister according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you to fulfill the word of God even the mystery which has been hid from ages and from generations but now is made manifest to his who say no market that were meant to come back to that it says here to whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the next word is Gentiles which is Christ in you the hope of glory now let's write a few terms up on the Blackpool okay so we have here over considering this morning is this mystery of God and we see that this mystery of God Paul is speaking in Colossians chapter one and he says I have this mystery and it is to be given and you said it to the sayings which is to be given to the Gentiles and in verse twenty seven it said this mystery of God is Christ in you the hope of glory not to let you know that the results of this mystery of God being praised the result of the sanctity of his mystery of God and giving into the Gentiles the end result is the second coming because we are told and do not determine that when first Corinthians chapter fifteen percent B1 B2 it says the policy case of behold I show you a mystery we shall not all sleep we shall be changed with agreement on this cut scene he goes on to describe glorification the second coming so read the results of this going on this mystery of God is Christ in you whatever that means is the second coming so it's important this thingy would network timeout is more important now the plot thickens because in Revelation fourteen let's turn as we continue to establish a foundation for how this third Angels message works in Revelation fourteen and let's read verse six through verse twelve honoree these messages with you notice what it says he the Bible says and I saw another angel flying the missive had having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth and to every nation in kindred and tongue and people saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters verse eight and the fall another angel saying Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his four head or his hands the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without Nick sure into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy Angels independence of land will understand the smoke of their torment ascended up for ever and ever and they have no rest day nor night who worship the beast and his image and whosoever receipt of the mark of his name now that these three Angels do you know that these three angels are God 's last messages to human beings the last ones and we will see there will be a people that receive these messages that live them out and they are described in Revelation chapter fourteen verse twelve the very next verse a notice was says he is at here is the patience of the no last very interesting because Paul uses the same words to describe those who give this new screen of God to the Gentiles it says here it goes on to describe the things here are they that keep the commands of God and the faith and have faith in Jesus Zeller says fate of you suspect there is a very important the faith of mountainous so these sayings whoever they are they are the ones that receive the three Angels messages they rightly divide the Angels messages and an iPod into the lives they live in now you know there's only one group of people on the top side this for who understand the three Angels messages and rightly divide the genius of that is about the pain of the sisters is the seventh day of there is no other group of people not understanding me know but the last messages from God human being and so the these sites that Paul is talking about in our day these people here describing revelation fourteen verse twelve Sinbad now agenda okay I Gentile we know in Bible times is simply just anyone that is not cute or you know these other nations and Gentiles you know there were many that didn't have a regard for God but even you in eating you you and I can think of examples of whether Gentiles they love them they are believers in God woman you Gentile the resist the centurion for instance ask chapter in the book of acts Ethiopian down there many examples of Gentiles I believe in God these different nations but we would just say today that they are simply different the nominations okay now let's goes it goes on to say here let's go to the book of Philippians as we continue to establish a foundation because the Seventh-day Adventists do you know that you are not normal and I don't know me necessity funny you're not normal there is you are part of a message that when it is preached second coming as a result only to send them to the Philippians chapter three inverse eighty nine well it's actually verse eleven the Bible says he regained out listening post speaking and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord for whom I suffer the loss of all things and do count them but dung that I may win Christ knows with a few and be found where in not having mine own righteousness which is of the law but that which is through the faith of Christ the righteousness which is of God by faith he goes on to say he had written a letter that I may know him and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his sufferings being made comparable unto his death if my any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead now let's just break that down really quickly is a figurine of me and Paul was saying if I am found in Christ in him okay I have the righteousness of God through the date of Jesus the literal big ideas that he worked out in his life you know how when you are in Christ and now she says in this passage that we had just read he's saying I expect that if I am in Christ that I will raise up not in the second resurrection but in the first I expect to have salvation when I'm in Christ that sounds a lot to me like that sounds a lot to me like the gospel and just to make this short and sweet this mystery of God Christ in you are you being in Christ is the gospel because Paul says in Romans one is the power of God to salvation the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith is the same language at all you here would be accepted during now we come to the conclusion that that many many don't like to believe we we like to believe that the one thing that we have in common with the rest of Christendom ill that is the one thing at least eleven comment is the gospel but did you know that is the very thing that sets us apart because we look at Bible study we look as out of school lessons we look at certain doctrines as if no state of sadness have an enough mutually exclusive from the standard that is fitted that is mutually exclusive the second coming of the second coming music exclusive from Christmas in heavenly sanctuary we look at these things as if you know I've always not know how to list what I know and if I know all these things and well I must be some band with you know that she says six that these truths are connected one to another that is how we are too presented because when we studied these things they are not things are mutually exclusive one from another they connect with each other to show us what the gospel looks like it's the gospel that's a different yes the present truth for this time is that Christ in the heavenly sanctuary investigative judgment Clinton is unsure but even if you combine those two things it's a picture with the gospel looks like now the question of the morning is you know the difference because if not how the world by the Saints can again this message of questioning to the Gentiles because of what is believing that all well now believe the same gospel is nothing nothing be accomplished by this and the coming of the Lord is the link is down for mothers separated foundation so now the topic of this morning is how was his gospel work how do I feel like how is his third Angels message work Nussle to be looking to listen our Bibles to first Corinthians first Corinthians are to be looking at chapter one and verse thirty first printing chapter one verse thirty the Bible says here says but of him are you where in Christ Jesus who of God is made unto us wisdom and righteousness and sanctification and what redemption okay so if we're in another words if we are in Christ Summit talk about absolutely we have wisdom righteousness sanctification and redemption immediately and all of now the question is how do you come into crimes to have these things because where else were upside price same I will see Jeremiah chapter thirteen verse twenty three the subject 's access many of you know very famous sex Jemison thirteen really whatever twenty three north of the Bible let us know if this is a question to us it says here can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots the answer is no it says here then may also do good that I was custom to do evil at work customers in the young another worker custom they are custom minds to do evil this marker is customized to be booked to write black ink charges all the sudden writing read no because it's customized black can you just take your car and drive into this the Pacific believing that it will like drive around the submarine no because your car is customized to be online the Bible says it's the same with you are not all we can do where customized to just sin that's all we can do all we can know where customized to hate God we're customized to go against him and three step of the way so how in the world if we are in this condition I began to come into Christ coming to be even interested in these words we read text last time we discussed your time with John and Palestine is Texas in Johnson successfully for Jesus says no man can come unto me Jesus says no one can come in except the father which has sent me draw him and I will raise him up at the last day in other words if we are in this condition it is God 's responsibility to bring it to a point where you even just a moment consider crime the digital as God 's responsibility when men's condition to even consider how we want to be in Christ he will put us to his providence through second suit certain circumstances and the Cleveland while you hear Jonathan did some type of work in your life for you to even be considering this whiteboard right now now we put in that condition when we are considering him many of you know this place of surprised they were look at page forty seven this wasn't what it says here many are inquiring how am I to make the surrender myself to God you decide to give yourself to him but you are weak and more power in slavery to Dow and controlled by the habits of your life is in your customer your promises and resolutions I like about this soon you cannot control your thoughts your impulses your affections the knowledge of your broken promises and forfeited pleasure pledges weakens your confidence in your own sincerity and coffee to feel sent you but you need not despair what you need to understand is a true force of the will it goes on to say this is the governing power in the nature of man the power decision of choice everything depends on the right action of the will the power of choice that has given to man is best exercised she says here very powerfully you cannot change your heart you cannot yourself get to God its affection but you can choose to serve him it says you can get in your will he will then work in you to will and to do according in his good pleasure thus her whole nature will be brought under the control of the Spirit of Christ your affections will be sent upon him if thoughts will be in harmony with him in other words when God brings us to the point he draws to the point where we would even consider Christ we asked the question how my supposed to come into Christ she said all you have to do is choose to so by now even as you sit in your feet and you say I choose to be in Christ Yukon into crimes is a simple yell that means right now in your mind yet chose to be in Christ right now you have all his wisdom is like all his righteousness sanctification and redemption deal any of your lifetimes inflation view up on the board this says two plus two was that equal Naples for a middle child cellular is that true but when you said the answer to me you get goosebumps you feel you were jumping up and down inside your bladder by fighting a stomach but that doesn't mean it's not true you see the same thing when we come into Christ you might not feel like you're all about you doesn't glow about you you might not feel as if there's something that's changed but that doesn't mean it's not true now when we come into Christ and when we receive the faith of Jesus we receive his wisdom might affect patient redemption sending very special happens because that's turn about with the first John chapter two verse John chapter two there were actually good and be considering verse twenty seven because a lot of people say well once I come to Christ have this kind of holy flesh and I can just sit back because detailing in the end Satan but most of the Bible said in first John chapter two verse twenty seven because now that you have made your decision to come into Christ God employs a very special agency here and this anointing that were to be reading about actually the Holy Spirit it says in verse twenty seven says but the anointing which ye have received of him abides in you any need not that any man teach you but as the same anointing teaches you all things and is truth and is no lie and even as it had caught you you shall abide in him is that language again so there is this anointing what is up with the Holy Spirit and the condition in this verse is the manner in which we stay in Christ is we allow the Holy Spirit to teach us we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us because when we come into price hike still tells us to follow him so the mythos of the Holy Spirit here we see that he is a teacher and educator he's not a force that comes into your life it is forcing you to do things the manner he he he keeps you in Christ by educating you about it let's look at them more closely in John chapter fifteen which is look at a few text here John chapter fifteen verse twenty eight twenty twenty six thousand and fifty verse twenty six pillars and you look at a few text because it's important what the Holy Spirit does because remember were talking about how pricey works how the gospel work how the thing is message works and of very key component in the Holy Spirit is more than we think Johnson and fifteen verse twenty six is dear but when the comforter is come whom I will send unto you from the father even the Spirit of truth which proceeded from the father he shall testify of me so then he educates us or he testifies of Christ and now the plot thickens even more because an chapter John chapter sixteen verse eight notice what the Bible reads it says and when he and seemed he is a comforter and when he is come he will reprove the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment so knowledge of his Holy Spirit has five cries he convicts of sin very important so as the Holy Spirit is teaching us about Christ all we have to do right is what the word involved in where that say agree in this chapter three verse three says into a minimus agreed to as the Holy Spirit teaches us our party simply to agree and as we agree we stay in Christ's day the Holy Spirit can be so the Holy Spirit is teaching us about what we already have it's kind of like having a cell phone manual may be may be a hundred percent in this room have a cell phone maybe okay but the cell phone comes with as technology increases I'm amazing what your literal box can do nowadays so it comes with this manual we read about the fall not sure so when you get your cell phone may be all that you know how to do is I'm despite nonstop and fifty numbers person is all I know how to do but you didn't know that in that cell phone you can take pictures using annoying that cell phone you can send e-mails you know that some organic popular calendar but as you read about what the cell phone has to offer you you find out when the second I didn't know that I had this it's the same thing with how the Holy Spirit works he's not teaching you so you would have something no he simply teaching you what you already have a right now so let's let's just go through a practical example well first of all careless of their example of how the Holy Spirit teaches self in your daily devotions of when he comes out of school or when you find yourself in a spiritual environment whether the nature weatherbeaten province of the word of God the Holy Spirit is going to testify Christ self that say you know yesterday learned about the second coming the Holy Spirit says Jesus is literally coming back for you will you agree all right so he has you agree what you are saying is I will continue to have Christ be my wisdom my righteousness my think patient redemption now as these choose deep calming the state of the bed that is the enemy sanctuary of the spirit of prophecy whatever it might be as we continue to agree we continue to be in Christ right now it gets even it gets trick year because not only does the Holy Spirit testified Christ it convicts us of sin we don't like that so as we remain on the life of Christ for instance will notice you know Christ he never lost his all the sudden we have a will is amount must look into ourselves and say well I'd like about the time you're the Holy Spirit thank you necessary Christ in his life never lost his temper so he could cover your losing your temper will you agree or will you allow God to continue to cover that temper and replace it with his nontimber ginseng okay so as we agree with that we stay in Christ and Christ continues to be a wisdom much since our sanctification and redemption okay but you know you just have to do a little bit of reading to find out that while these things would and laughter the notion that there might be a point in which you know will say things like will be reading or reading and let's say you were faithful and we also become the statement insight will justify us in my family you know I'm already healthy testing tent event that we do things like that and then we won't agree and will will say you know what you know I got already healthy and we step outside of Christ and we know now no longer allowing his wisdom I just think the future attention to cover because were thinking memory and thought this when anything you could be working outside of Christ keeping us out of doing whatever it is lost it's not about because a lot of times you'll will do will look at the spectrum of Christendom would inspect imprisonment and on one extreme will see you don't you guys are so straight laced crazy I mean just on that side air just legalistic legalistic and it will look on the other seamlessly certain group of people like mass murderers yet still believing that they could be say just living a life whatever it is once saved always saved and will look at these speculative spectrum and you'll do for good inventors so what will do as well in fence righteousness will pick and choose well not however they did over here but I also like they did over here and it had not even appoint the Bible made us smile though that more may be all you I will will take doctrines in and whatever feels good or ever my brother my sister 's doing as all do because I thought it seemed a good cushion think I'll do it but it has nothing to do with agreeing with what the Holy Spirit presents to you so we must remember that we are not to be inventing our own righteousness is not well this looks good I feels good to me I'm getting a loaf of bread to the lady thinking that were in Christ but we really have to agree at all the Holy Spirit okay now follow as we agree with the Holy Spirit this is the process of sanctification and we found out last time or when you talk of the Sabbath that citations the same thing as the field and Bible agrees because it says that the Holy Spirit knowledge of the high-priced convict of sin the model says in first gear one verse two and second authorities to thirteen but the Holy Spirit is the one that sanctifies in other words yes the literal translation think of sanctification is holiness or being set apart but we see here that sanctification is simply education and righteousness education and what you already so now has we are agreeing we are being sanctified but the trick is knowing that when we are in Christ we are already sanctified so you can be sanctified while you are being sanctified you are sealed as you are being sealed this look at that principle in John chapter fifteen your John chapter sixteen this turned chapter to this principle because shortly we can introduce another element K so we have this education we have all disagreeing down over to introduce another element to second says here on the true vine in verse one and my father is the husband every branch in me that bad not fruit he taketh away and every branch that bears fruit he projected that it may bring forth more fruit yesterday because you know that saying there are branches attached to the main bond the rent is a you know and some of those branches are cut off why they didn't agree to talk about what needs to agree because they didn't agree but some branches are left on even though they are being pruned in other words you can be in Christ even while you're being sanctified remember what we are talking about it's the manner in which the gospel works is as time goes on when we give our hearts to Christ like you just did a few moments ago you don't climb up getting better you're already at a hundred percent member that you already at hundred percent but as yet hundred percent you're still being pruned you are still learning about what you receipt the minute you disagree if they know what I got it you don't just drop down slowly all of a sudden you're at zero but at that moment remember we said even though we are accustomed to seeing even though we are at zero that moment got still within his mercy draws us back to him so then we can get a hundred percent and there will be a people that will agree with every single thing and they will span a hundred not knowing it but they would have agreed with everything you know there will be a people many and who will receive the latter rain there will be a people in the and who will have this message in their very being entry to the Gentiles and you know what it might as well be on so as we are green with these things now another element comes in because the devil doesn't think it's fair so your statement and he doesn't like that he hates you not because you're special because he hates Jesus told that will take you you want to come out of Christ and until you sell see what as you are in Christ he cannot directly speak you remember in John chapter one the Angels got a job is not pestering him you have to first so now safe in both the price and says look I don't believe that your son tested it genuinely agreeing with what the Holy Spirit is teaching I believe if you'll just give me a chance I bet he'll come out of you and show you disobedience to you now we are told that God has a temptation comes you know that he observes every single temptation it doesn't just come to us and often times that temptation will balance he will say you know what my child is not ready for that try again later I wonder how many temptations we had just been now ready for the Lord had in his mercy is reflected those away imagine but often times the temptation goes through and you know what that means that means Christ's trust us that we hope for me with the temptation is a sign of Christ trust in our your lifetimes trust us more than we trust him so when the temptation comes let's say at one point we agreed that we are dishonest that we lie all the time and we allow Christ honesty to cover our dishonesty in other words we get my dishonesty to Christ and he gives us the honesty that he worked selling it he worked out in his own life okay so we have agreed with his honesty thing so now sages get a challenge that I don't really see says I don't really believe my son and my daughter really believes that he has received honesty he has a really agreed with you so I said no I believe he has the sake of another chance and all of a sudden you find yourself in a situation which well it can be easy to just be defined at that point the Holy Spirit asks you will you allow Christ's victory can be seen your life will you allow sank him to continue to be a sanctification and as we agreed at the temptation is upon us we stay in Christ now whether the temptation leaves or continues to be there is between you and God okay so this is how this whole thing of temptation works because temptation is a sign that you're about to win it's a sign that you're about to win why because Christ already has a victory yard just with the faith of Jesus believing father I know I ready have this victory would you work it out in my life you don't have to do anything you know when on many you watch the Olympics and well he stuns me as though the weight lifted the heavy lift no they do that but when the weightlifter Jang talking about when the wait list approach is the way and he takes away not he's not while he's digging a way to try to get stronger before you fix the web he already has the strength it's the same way when we when temptation works a lot caused what we do in temptation is when were assailed with it which I get stronger hoping that will receive power you already have the victory let's look an example of that second Chronicles the closest in Chronicles chapter twenty if anything Chronicles of the twenty but don't the three Jesus says if I told you that if I told you earthly things I can understand heavenly things and so these this battle that were about to look at in the Bible is a picture of how this third Angel works second Chronicles chapter twenty were to be looking to be skipping around here let's read verse one through four and then all announcement of the president intervened over discussing the shop it says here it came to pass after this also the children of Moab and the children of Emma and with them other beside ammonites came against Jehoshaphat 's about our leader then there came some that told Jehoshaphat saying that cometh a great multitude against the from beyond the sea on this side Syria and behold they be in that word which is an engineer and Jehoshaphat feared and set himself to seek the Lord and proclaimed a fast route all Judah and Jeff Judah gathered themselves together to ask help of the Lord even out of all the cities of Judah they came to seek the Lord knows what says in verse twelve got guys on numbers twelve so that is mighty army that comes against Joseph at the slab and the rest will be begins the brain he says all our God wilt thou not judge them for we have no mind against this great company that cometh against us neither know me what to do but our eyes are upon the case and all Judah stood before the Lord with their little ones their wives and the children knows what happens then upon Jeff is the eldest son of Zechariah the son of Ben and I have a son of Jeff Cinema five the Levi of the sun the ace asking the spin the Lord in the missal congregations and he said heart Daniel Judah and inhabitants of Jewish plump and opting to bat the faith alone if you be not afraid nor dismayed by the reason of this great multitude for the battle is not yours but God tomorrow go you down against them behold they come up by the Clippers is and you shall find them at the end of the book before the with wilderness of general and now notice what it says here in verse eighteen and Jehoshaphat bowed his head with his face to the ground and all Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem before the Lord worshiping the Lord and in the minds of the children of the coldest nights and the children of the corn I stood up to pray the Lord God of Israel with a loud voice on her and they rose early in the morning and went forth into the wilderness it and as they went forth to both that stood and said he am your Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem believe in the Lord your God so shall he be established belief this profit socially prosperous life verse twenty one and when he had consulted with the people he appointed what singers of the Lord that date that should praise the beauty of holiness and they went out before the Army and to say praise the Lord for his mercy into a forever and it goes on to say in verse twenty four this is reversely for an whence you came for the watchtower in the wilderness they looked unto the multitude and behold there were dead bodies falling to the earth and none escaped okay so the story goes like this this is a picture of how righteousness by faith works because there is this army coming up against Jehoshaphat and Jehoshaphat has no idea what to do so there praying in their praying and they sang my archives up on the and then all of a sudden a profit comes and he has the word of the Lord and he says the Lord says that you've already want but the battle is not yours but not an sola Jehoshaphat did something very peculiar he said you know what and all my singers on the put them in front of my army and my seniors in a fight no know that is the same in the Wii have you know their sins in your my life that we just there is every single time it comes around we we die everything that time comes around we lose and it's just like the Army coming up against Joseph Angelos and we can't do anything about it but were saying now that we know what's going on you were saying Lord I Zyklon B your process was about thirty one so now it just posted that didn't employ the singers he would've lost the battle our job is to employ the singers when we when God brings us the truth made a truth of adornment God is modestly prices modest in his life and we see all sin of pride adornment and we say you know what I want to grab onto Christ's victory the putting the dressing modestly but putting away the jewelry but the taking on a dairy these things don't do anything for us except that they are the singers that going unarmed they are the face that grabs hold onto the sanctification Christ has already given that's how it works that is why we do things out of my coming here not to announce that your Sabbath keeping is the singing Christ already kept the Sabbath for you but your Sabbath keeping is simply the faith that grabs onto his Sabbath keeping we find many illustrations like this in the Bible the talented the fall of Jericho Xiao and blow trumpets to have a building come down the trumpets of the show I didn't mean a thing it was the faith that God A destroy that town so now with a close here with Matthew chapter twenty four Matthew twenty E form verse fourteen we read this text you can be enumerated Aveda of the sphere processing minutes ago the Bible says here crisis talking and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for conversion how to assess for a witness unto all nations and then sell the income this gospel that is different from every other Gospel and the whole Christendom this gospel of the three Angels messages this is the gospel that is to be preached for witness was on the begin no the gospel that we share the gospel that we preach the same Gospel that we are to be saved by because a lot of times that's not what it's we just told us to do something when we ourselves are not transformed by but this gospel as a transforms our lives the Bible says in acts that the disciples they went out preaching and the people knew that many people with abilities and when they had upon questioning his disciples and said you know all we can do is preach Jesus all you can know his live quite a half-price they nuts there which I didn't do it they were forcing themselves to it was just that price obtained in such a way that it was all they could do it the same with the people in the sodas and gossip in a blowout but the question as are we experiencing the faith of Jesus are we experiencing coming into Christ are we agreeing within our model states are within pension rights as a closer the quote here you know it's supposes a special weekend you know many of you have had an accident dinners and lunches and things can get in the Navy is even something going this afternoon I read your quote that has to do it or talk about here comes the desire of ages page one forty is my favorite level design pages such as men set forth the best wine first and afterward that which is worse so does the world with its gifts that widget offers me please I'm fasting the senses but it proves to be unsatisfied taste the bitterness the gated gloom that which was begun with songs and mirth and in weariness and discuss but the gift of Jesus are ever fresh and new the fees that he provides for the soul never fails to get satisfaction enjoy each new gift increases the capacity of the receiver to appreciate the thankful for and enjoy the blessings of the Lord he gives grace for grace there can be no failure supply she goes on to say if you abide in him the fact that you receive a rich gifted they ensure the reception of a richer gift tomorrow you know the world can only offer so much have you noticed that birthday parties or when you were young as you grow older the novelty of the fun of brother parties I mean is just deep decreases a lot not sure semiotic accounting why and it's not because there is not more in a you know it when we are young everything so new wow look at all you know I doesn't receive this tag and all these presents and the things in this but the world human beings can only offer so much it just did there's only so much in getting some of you have high octane gas in your car you know that the opting death that you have in your car is the same octane gas that celebrities in all these you know Bill Gates and all the house you have the best that it the same electricity that goes through your homes is the same electricity that the celebrities and that these part politicians have pointed out there's only so much of the world can get these your thing but the Bible says our dispute policy says here that the different views are ever new he gives grace for grace if you abide in him the fact that you receive a rich gifted they ensure the reception of a Richard tomorrow as we abide in Christ as he teaches us about himself if we are abiding in him it can only get better we don't have to keep looking back at our conversion wishing we were back there again same law that was so great it gets better and that's what the definition of heaven is because you don't haven't each moment gets better you never get more Dalby Thanksgiving every day thank you law doesn't another moment that's how Jesus works for this Thanksgiving we really have a lot to be thankful for not only for what he has analyzed be but what he promises to the condition is I would get a come to Christ are we going to agree with the Holy Spirit says to us because you are very special people you're not normal to the Saints this morning I asked that we give our hearts to Jesus that we would come into Christ and many your response is on the board but each time it is asked from the death is a new because there is more to be had since this morning I might just stand and give our hearts to Jesus as we have one prayer dear father we are very grateful for where your participants we do not have the capacity of the ability to give thanks unto the Lord we ask that you would find a desire within our hearts actually give us the ability to be thankful for the faith of Jesus will be accustomed to send all we can do is hate your father but we are trusting that when we are in Christ we have the wisdom righteousness education exemptions I pray Lord that you would place us in the heart of Jesus that you would place us in situations in which we would agree with you that father that he would guide us every step of the way but we pray that our eyes in a single AAA for we are living in a time in which he was inserting a message of plots the market abuses soon to be applied to living in a time where there will be a consolidation religious freedom so ask whether you past that moment that you have a stressing price on the way until we thank you for preserving allies as far and not only do we thank you for the temporal blessings but we also thank you for the spiritual blessings in a distorted thank you father we ask me thank you visiting assistant credits on Jesus name


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