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The Prayer of Humility

Carlos Moretta


Carlos Moretta

Dentist and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon practicing in the Loma Linda area.



  • December 6, 2008
    3:00 PM
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well and the environment have a few words for prayer as well as you asking me that I have of humor in physical chemistry or something like this I have probably believes experience in this audience in this radiation on prayer I am so practical that is hard for me to put in words that that which you cannot see feel hear person basic types that is hard to elucidate the importance of something that is harder as his fingers around it yet is so utterly simple as having a conversation but I had promised to God years ago that I was Erastus the way and so I can find the bargain right so I am my talk this this afternoon is on humility and prayer another reason why it's probably important for me to present this partly because we all need a little humility right and then before we go into into the concept of humility in prayer which I think were all that have developed this afternoon I want to talk with him about humility I saw a quick repair was sorry father in heaven we thank you so much for the beautiful Sabbath afternoon that you grant us an opportunity to commune with you in your nature and we would ask to understand the USS this afternoon mighty way I was hanging by your Holy Spirit news of these things librarians use the concern over the Sabbath afternoon it was designed GUI C two thousand eight months ago and this light the seven afternoon activity and UIC for the last several years chiefly because it really is really criticized this issue of humility I for those of you haven't gone to utilizing for Sabbath afternoons when all young people Highlands of school buses going to the neighboring vicinity and we endorse and we want revival as I have every and what I'm not doing a good thing I'm not doing the door-to-door thing and she's as well as video case is not a big deal let's go and so I just never like the door-to-door thing you know and so after that that that the Sabbath talk to so inspire your procurement unit door directionless goalless telescope based on the back of my head of security deficits that whole rejection thing you know I decided that I would set all my anxiety aside in both forward and participate in the sufferings of Jesus Christ this year on and so am we went back in the bus driver knew that I was nervous and she knows she can tell easier microwaves the adhesive house in a private viewing on such something I know how and so she prayed she prayed for me and she played with me in it was cold this year it was freezing is probably ten degrees there was a blizzard coming on and I was in my clocks on all the holds his right to my holes so I was miserable and insiders abuse opinion we go to the first door and down and I'm babbling is is what I do nervously actually doing all the time but but my wife is highly relaxed and calm down the little Santa Claus is able to select their garden hose out yelling is babbling about everything you try to do so in the Senate was first night my nervousness my anxiety and finally going on in the door and and a sixty seven -year-old gentleman opens the door and I need it least I think Andrea 's house right as this is Daphne anywhere from California to it she respond Grady Goldbach case landed on and and I was beside myself I was like I thought it was a general carriage waiting systems and allegiances slammed the door phase and that he is a will is done when the season opener begin with here and so you know that the reality of the situation started on your that he did find the and he wasn't an open and so I was I was very disappointed you know very disappointed this is clearly a joke I find it all right I just couldn't believe it well you know here we hear disappointed like that the devil takes advantage and you know wasn't long before just seconds after that I started hearing these these ideas come into my head you know like I'm in no you don't deserve this Carlos you don't deserve to be treated like this guy have some pride don't know yourself be treated like an animal will back to the convention center a nice warm you know you've gone to school way too long to be treated like this Raleigh is there a way I had no end so little to do with the is the same sort of young blue ideas were profoundly waiting just been humiliated you know or humble missionary humility would humble and only prove my point that door to me a door-to-door news is not that it was an effective ministry for me and for so I thought and so 's I was humiliated you know anything funny how the more you think you are somebody or someone the more painful and debilitating it is when you're humbled five so why is it hard to be humble well chiefly because I were not humble to begin with you know a lot of us think we are we dress modestly we we live conservatively we drive will be here like I do make nineteen ninety eight eighty nine he ate herself areas like wow he's so humble yourself over here alternatively I was right I'm normally drive a piece of the car so my question I guess in the news is this the kind of humility that Christ exemplifies or requires and I don't think it is society tells us to be proud and so were surrounded by your upbringing because of your work be proud of your work ethic be proud of your heritage be proud of your accomplishments of yourself stand tall and proud but were warned of this little word pride I was reading and page arts and profits and otherwise had it really is visiting for a really interesting paper on this lower price for him David after his particular sin it says I know the Bible has little to say in the praise of men little space is given to recounting virtues of been the best men who have ever lived this silence is not without purpose it is not without a lesson all the good qualities that men possess hard by the gift of God their good deeds are performed by the grace of God through Christ since the old alternate to God the glory of whatever the new word whatever they are where they do belongs to him alone they are but instruments in his hand more than this is all the lessons of the Bible history teaches a perilous thing to praise or exalt men for one pounds to lose sight of his entire dependence on God entrust to his own strength user to fall management training with foes were stronger than he we wrestle not against flesh and blood principalities against powers against the rulers of dark of the darkness of this world against wicked spirits in high places Ephesians six twelve it is impossible for us in our own strength to maintain the conflict and whatever diverts the mind from God whatever Lisa self exaltation to self dependence is surely preparing the way for our overthrow the Tanner 's and I like this last statement this last sentence the tenor of the Bible nor is the crux of the Bible is to inculcate his trust in human power and to encourage trust in divine power so Isaiah is the Pentagon we serve in Isaiah fifty seven fifteen anyhow important is it for God and we noticeably look at the pages of this fundraiser from cover to cover the sequence easy to follow it's God 's perfect perfect perfect creation and perfect union and the breakup of that perfect union and then God 's effort to bring it together once again so God throughout this apartment tells us what his requirements are that you need to come through to it so fruition once again in Isaiah fifty seven fifteen and turn in your Bibles Isaiah fifty seven fifteen it says for thus saith the high and lofty one that inhabited the Trinity whose name is I dwell in the high and holy place with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit that is of a way contrary to normal spirit to refine the spirit on the humble and to revive the heart of the contract will so let's look at the example of Jesus Christ the creator of the universe was humbled before his very own creation he can harness the Jews expected all the pomp and all the royalties that he deserved right percentage of the world 's population be able to identify with that kind of the Savior he had to come as a poor lowly peasant because the majority of the world consists of life poor lowly has no small undertaking this sample at Chrysler to be everything and become nothing to be able to approach a friend and save someone who thinks they have everything they really don't are we approach are the same what we do it is heated to us we set aside our title centers are apparently careers our possessions and things the world says our everything we put them aside in to God in the spirit of humility and places as starkly where we are to be even for the reader universe God is not so mysterious about this particular issue is where users equation of the prayer of humility and will find them in second Chronicles chapter seven verse fourteen and fifteen and this is a promise which he is God 's requirements but also gives God 's God 's promise of blessing in his requirements are met this is the condition verse fourteen says it might he was called by moving song pray and seek my face that's the condition and turn from their wicked ways similar to probably even bigger then will I hear you then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land and now I like Bruce's penis is now mine are shopping hoping my years attend unto the prayer that is made in this way God 's not so mysterious faith I live by page one thirty eight the men who humble themselves even as a little child men will be taught by God the Lord is not dependent on any man's talents for he is the source of all perfect gifts very homeless man if he loves and fears God is a disaster of heavenly gifts the Lord can use the command that he does not strive to work himself according to his own standard he works with fear and trembling lest he spoiled a pattern 's life is an expression of the life of Christ the bread humility demands that you are nothing and you are in the presence of God who is everything you require is for you to take inventory of your life and allow the Holy Spirit to convict you of your sinful inconsistencies and for you to agree anything that you are wrong and that he help now that I can work in his goodwill but what is his will I will then in Oregon Bible believing Seventh-day Adventist Christians we believe we know the answer this reticence he as well as our sanctification and you know practically speaking listen to hope for home missionary powerful quote when God 's people humbled the soul before him intimate and this is very particular type ice to us in this generation when God 's people on the list sold for him individually seeking his Holy Spirit with all the heart they will be heard from human lips such a testimony as is represented in description with Scripture primary revelation how many eyes maybe I'll can help me with this you don't know what I'm saying description of this after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power in the earth was lightened with his glory Revelation eighteen there will be faces glowed with the love of God there will be wished times with holy fire saying the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin humility is necessary for the loud cry these are the people that will wrap up the great controversy so we walked to the next house my face was long it is really needed this win aren't on the house next door I hope no one would open no one did praise the Lord I hear my prayers outside no one to open when we watch when we knocked on the third house this is so that I can do this for a couple hours I thought that you are through the chilling snow that to the next house a large Cadillac pulled up the side of the road I glanced I glanced over as you are by and I noticed that the man who is in the privacy of individuals in the driver seat was signaling the to come over and show at this point I'm going very cynical the idea of the abductive was responsive to his abdomen at least it was a good excuse for not finishing the door-to-door campaign so I walked over and looked inside the windows of the tinted window can now into my nation the mansard said that hate I'm the guy who slammed the door on your face couple houses down I just wanted to say I'm sorry and ask if you have twenty family words out quickly so we both Winfrey 's in Minneapolis blizzard but I walked away from a car humbled humbled that this man set aside his prime to Groton phoniness and apologize humble that I thought was someone when I was actually a nobody and humbled because I thought David needed me to be somebody treats others with Jesus taught that nobody is more effective finally this encounter also taught me how I should approach God when I pray tell a aside everything the world so learn him and I said God I'm the guy who slams the door on sorry I am no have mercy on me and show me now what you have forty my heart 's challenge this afternoon is this the brokenness of beauty and Valley melody and out copy of these have really go over the union brokenness so the brokenness of eating dinner the other the beauty of brokenness I want us to think on these words and then melody will have some instructions for us as we are far apart praying areas are places where you spend the next segment the beauty of brokenness how self people self filled people focus on the failures of others whereas broken humble people are overwhelmed with a sense of their own spiritual need power self filled people look down on others while broken humble people listing all others better than yourselves proud people in our independent self-sufficient broken people have independence they recognize their need for God 's strength proud people maintain control must be my way or the highway is broken people will surrender their control the only one way proud people have to prove that they are broken people are willing to yield to the right to yield the right to be running about people cleaning the rights claim rights with others and God broken people yield rates to God and others people I have demanding spirit from the life-giving Spirit problem are self protective and aerospace time reputation in possession growth people have solved the spirit of self-denial are willing to let go of personal and people desire to be served and promoted me to survive probably will decide these sets so others will see humble desire to be the only God help others pride people desire to be recognized and appreciated broken people arts have a sense of unworthiness are thrilled to be used in all credit card fraud people think what they do for God mumbled he will know them nothing offered on Friday will feel confident in how much they know broken people humbled are humbled by how much they have to learn from people or subconscious and always the little embedded itself whereas humble people are not concerned so that all the holy God 's glory right people key people at arms length humble people risk getting close to others and loving and being vulnerable proud people are quick to blame others humble people exempt personal responsibility acknowledge when they do property for approaching broken people easy to be entreated proxy part offensively criticized broken people receive criticism with a humble open-heart proud people are concerned with being respectable humble people are concerned with being real proud people are concerned about what others think humble people all that matters is what God knows things from people find it difficult to share their spiritual needs with others broken people are willing to be open and transparent with others proud people have a hard time saying I was wrong will you forgive me broken people are quick to admit failure and seek forgiveness property confessions of confessing sins they deal with it in generalities whereas humble people confessing the specifics privately for most remorseful over this in your heart humble people strive to be cleansing free of sin at all cost to self prompt people to compare themselves with others and feel deserving of honor whereas humble people compare themselves to the holiness of God and realize they are written probably too good for God hoping others will notice humble people do good quietly when no one is looking because they love God proud people think God they are like the world is humble people realize soon and self pride in her juices and cars just as deadly as the world proud people and you don't think they need to but are sure everyone else does how more people are continual I have a continual heart attitude of repentance from people see all the good they do feel worthy of salvation for us humble people realize salvation comes only by the blood of Christ and no one deserves it proud people blind or blind to their true heart condition whereas broken humble people realize a true heart condition and plead for God 's grace father in heaven we thank you again is a time required for quiet moments as we separate now we saw that you would have a open conversation with 's father convicted of our shortcomings hopelessly relied wholly on you for salvation and forgiveness thank you for this opportunity and the son Jesus


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