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Research Suggests. So Does God.

Randy Skeete
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Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 24, 2005
    12:00 PM
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everyone has to questions want to answer me I just want to think I want to answer me know this a yes or no so you obviously can hear you are you honest people yes although are you reasonable people yes I'm not yes I said I guess on the yes are you good-looking yes I know the roof should've come off your good-looking but I will consider fair-minded reasonable on August because my presentation requires that from you for you to receive it as it is in Jesus but we comes to the point most people go to search on Sunday right yes most people do most people do because they believe that's the right thing to do a recount and implement to heavenly or at all if he sincerely believes that is the right thing to do the Bible does say of going to accept the seventy first thirty the times of this ignorance God winked at web is genuine it is not overlooked I told you last week genuine ignorance means two things one I did not know who I have no way of knowing by the way here for the first time I will release you attempt one it's about ninety minutes after twelve fifty one islets ago most people observe Sunday as a sop yet the Bible tells us are clearly the Sabbath of the Lord is the seventh day so what we have is a conflict between what God says and between what the overwhelming majority of the worlds population sense of absolute question is who is right let me first take a look at the date texts in the Bible that mention the first midweek as we continue with the subject research suggests and social of why was the reason it forces the reason for the title is this one of the things that make me smile when I read research papers is that the researcher all researchers frequently suggest research suggests that vitamin E is little bat for new research suggests that exposure to sunlight is not as bad as some people think research suggests the evidence points indicate there is seldom a categorical statement research programs on the researcher but I might guess my humans guess is that by suggesting the next research project from across the country comes up with something different you can always stay like to suggest golf can come down to our level and he also suggests for our consideration I want to look at what the Bible suggests since we have almost a referential approach to what research suggests campuses and research institutions in the state the same honest approach to what the Bible suggests Matthew chapter twenty eight reading first one as we continue research suggests soldiers gone Bible says in the end of the Sabbath as it began to dawn toward the first of the week came in a magazine of the other movie to see the sepulcher first usage of the expression the first day of the week of all that horse tells us that letter to get at the South would overcome volatile Summit was done as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week leaving the first of the week comes when the Sabbath of the Bible is passed as go to the next passage marked deficits in reading from verse one we shall go to verse two March sixteen verses one and through thank you again for coming May God bless you for your sacrifice of time and when the sabbath was past Mary Magdalena and Mary the mother of James and Salome bought sweet spices that they might come along to Barstow empathetic early in the morning the first day of the week they came unto the sepulcher of the rising of the sun all that or says is essentially what must it ready in one says that after the Sabbath was passed then the ladies came and bombed the body of Jesus Christ stay in Mark chapter sixteen this would reverse nine Marseille is now up on the first of the week when Jesus early morning when Jesus was written from the grave in their magazine out of whom he cast seven devils she was the first want to see you have first amended by deleting out of whom you cast seven devils again like Matthew twenty one marks sixty two marks sixty nine it just tells us when they came the first of the week early the morning Elizabeth First Amendment magazine out of whom you cast seven devils let's put out the book of chapter twenty four reading first one out for force as we continue research suggests absolutist on thirty six minutes after twelve to twenty four reversal on the Bible says now up on the first day of doing fairly early in the morning became of the sepulcher bringing the is there certain others with them on the found the stone rolled away from the sepulcher on the afternoon of fun of the blood of the Lord Jesus again as in the case of Matthew twenty one marks sixty two March sixty nine twenty four one tells us very simply that the first of the week was when he came to online the body of Jesus the sabbath was past and gone excellent fund John took the twenty relievers one John twenty reverse one as we continue research suggests and so does God the Bible says the first to become a committed magazine early when it was yet dark unto the sepulcher and find the some of the stone taken away from the sample car same sentiments as in the preceding full versus noted by glaciers measured in parts of parts extend my first course of the governmental she sees the stone taken away from the sepulcher it was yet dark she could hardly wait for the Sabbath to be passed she was so eager to come and unlike the body of a beloved Lord Jesus Christ with exerciser of seventy wins she loved so dearly John Saints at the twenty first nineteen then the same day at evening being the first day of the week when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews gave Jesus and so the miss of them and says of the piecemeal channel all that per se is on the first day of the week the disciples will not get out of the church service there was scared to death them up the door to order all of the bathrooms traveling fan of the jewels there was hiding out not worshiping at six next let's go to accept the twenty three percent as we continue research suggests and so does God acts chapter twenty reading for seven upon the first of the week when the disciples came together to break bread Paul preached unto them upon the forced him to week Paul preached unto them that's all it says ready to depart tomorrow and continue his speech until midnight they came together to break bread this was not unusual in acceptance will first forty six is this okay continent with one accord in the temple and breaking bread from house to house the aforesaid continuing daisy in the Temple I should include that word in the every day and during the term of every day there were breaking bread to eat the bread with gladness and singleness of heart so the fact that their program of the first of the week in excess of twenty four sevenths does not make a special VP that every day so if that's twenty seven as an argument for first observance than ever we give Ruby is a simple argument because that's two forty six tells us every day they were in the temple and breaking bread from house to house about I was examining the evidence of the book of acts gives us life of the early church was not asked thirteen of lipids the life of Paul particularly messages as no one talked the Bible as well as clearly as the apostle Paul of every educated man he would've fitted in very well on compass of human very well educated a reasonable man I'll show you a text description where Paul was always reasoning with people you see it is easy to reason with intelligent people such as you are because you see the truth quickly you assess the statistics quite well I quickly then you can't the reasonable conclusion that you are sure that you'll similarly educated and in support of the or your life of the seven thirteen twenty readings in public purpose is limited to version but when they departed from for the vacant until I said he underwent in the struggle on the Sabbath day and sat down at Spalding 's competitiveness on the Sabbath it sucked out that informs us the particulars of their lonesome old original divorce forty two about seven thirty Bibles it amended jewelers were gone out of the Senegal project as a result of these words might be preached within the next Sabbath now we have to samples the polls that I've was forty four the Bible says of the mixup of game almost all the city together to hear the word of God Paul and his companions the warships on this album different waltzed by Scripture not my opinions not by conditions not by what is custom custom that has no biblical foundation this will accept six-day losing again on the life of Paul Rizzo suggests some sort was not actually stated First Circuit now that Arafat apply the Bible says on the Sabbath we went out of the city by a Riverside where prayer was warped to be made on his old engines word is my love is present prayer wasn't what was that means it was the custom for people to go by the Riverside on Sabbath and pray and worship so-called way with Pratt was want to be made and we sat down unspeakably women which were sorted for the path was the church did not have gentry Jim who do not have that lovely temple called University Churchill temples Hill a lot of of Olympic structure that don't this area by the riverside where prayer was want to be made that was the custom of the believers in the town of Philippi was asked at the seventeenth licking up all again as we continue research suggests and so does God some of the reformers one know when they had passed through Amphipolis and Apollonia they get the Thessalonica where was a synagogue of the tools were still involved as his motto was it unto them and three Sabbath there's reason with them out of the Scriptures it would help all reasoning no notice was told as hands nano walls all matter vitamins cost when a front of them and freeze some of the reason with them out of the Scriptures the Scriptures are very reasonable about is not unreasonable because as in Isaiah one horse it's not what it is now let us reason together blog wants us to see the opening hymn makes sense he was associate I have is a Peterson intelligent line of really does on God who created heaven and earth will credit me out of the cell of the mitochondria that God must be reasonable and organize scientific all reason with them three some of days of the Scriptures let's go to accept it to you exited the reverse one after these things called pass-through departed from Athens and came to Corinth now this fancy new the enough is little very well because it is against the departed somewhat unreasoning he's accustomed to doing but his success was not that Riddle Morrisville but we comes the Corinth over for and he reason in the synagogue every Sabbath day and persuaded the Jews and the Greeks now with me how long was he there in Thessalonica overslept and he can you wear a year and six months every some force for saith he read elsewhere if you have a Mac look of course my pain also kept a game of horse if I think he went into the synagogue and research shows he was always reasoning because what he was saying this is what I'm saying makes sense I reason the basis for Paul to be able to reason that is what he was saying that some observance makes sense when it's done the platform of faith he recalled a contradictory is not sensitive about contradictory concepts belittled in Hebrews chapter eleven verse three through fifty understand that the worlds were formed by the Word of God through faith of the scientific method requires is that we understand first then we have faith the Bible says now you requesting your conversation you will understand systems are able to get the lets go back to X twenty four seven as a continual research suggests oldest daughter is twenty five minutes one to fifteen minutes of approximately four seven upon the first day of the week when the disciples came together to break bread faulty some of them ready to be part of the model to continue his speech ultimately this is the single New Testament verse that is used to show that the earliest Christians worship on Sunday but the show you something that I consider my own version of statistics I'm a statistician but I know your respect statistics futile bioscience it was the sixth research falsely brought about here is the one reference in the book of acts are you with at the book of acts this is accepted twenty four seven on which most people observe Sunday the first representative references the Sabbath keeping how did I car I thought this and I suffered in verse fourteen blog within the Sabbath the Sabbath actually deserves to be conforming in Fort Lauderdale the Gentiles that compass rose again and it was again in verse forty four by thirty six favorites list and blogroll but Riverside on the Sabbath River was want to be made at seventeen was stalled for some of baseball reason with them on the Scriptures accent it came whatsoever one year and six months now reset on Houston for guilt and thirty nine is what I say that's twenty where we are listening for twenty five I want to keep this in mind one text supports millions of people observing Sunday this represents what the disciples of Jesus Christ is no statistically held me until I reason with you yes or no answer I reason with you statistical majority of occurrences of Sabbath observance actually the reverse twenty five this is false speaking for the elders of the Church of Elvis on all behold I know that you all among whom I have gone preaching the kingdom of God shall see my fissionable wherefore I kicked her to recall this day but I am sure from the blood of all men why is his on his hands from people 's blood the next worst of this for I have not shunned to declare it unto you all the counsel of the plot was not afraid to let people know what they needed to know what exactly felt on the one that is on my hand I did not hold it back I did not want write-downs of these people it is important that a Christian because of the cigar there's not one for malevolent Loma Linda was about his own life because I talk to us verse twenty seven they performed yourselves of all the flock over which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers to feed the flock of golf with enough porches with his own blood prior to that after my departing first but I ask Frankie Zhao previous post is among you not sparing the flock also knew ourselves shall men arise speaking perverse things to draw away disciples after them Paul was saying when I go on doing what I'm here because the judge sided this evening when I'm there I see they'll try to come in from the outside the rise of fun with him therefore worth thirty one wants him remember that by the space of hollow readers I see is not for everyone night and day for three cents as it was Paul's custom doors one Sabbath three years at least Paul was reasoning and warning that the students that's again this is what most will be Sunday observance on biblical perspective accident in person this is the evidence the Bible suggests for the sentence of so I can write the paper if you were to write a research report missile base you'll driven by the impulse of academic honesty would have to see research suggests of the Sabbath is a seven item of your heart I can do that but you told me earlier your honest you said your reasonable you said you were fair-minded and he also said you good-looking are you still on CFO are usually reasonable yes or no are you still fair-minded yes I know the beauties of eleven thousand and what will you do in your heart this is a short the servant of the present arguments the one all those who think I have been unreasonable resounds all decent people who believe I have been reasonable ratio hands and snub God is watching us closely always watches I told you I'd like to speak intelligent people it hasn't taken long for them to get the points are controlled by gravity serviced the seventh I want to become muscle I want you to come with statistics statistical justification I want to become Mono County office in a box related to research and undo this officer just don't want to access some point your religious dishonesty was allocated a lack is in everything and I think you desire to be we have a service this coming summer I want to become service one of eleven one oh five I was in one vortex I pray as your response and Melissa one I fifth of June thirty fourteen if twelve tournament life of the Sabbath from doing my pleasure on high pleasure on my forty days call the sabbath a delight the holy of the honorable and shout on not doing that original finding metal pleasure speaking the words themselves out like a piece of the more I will call you to ride upon the high places and feeding of the heritage of Jacob I found Bowen promises for those who properly keep his samples he will calls them to rise to the highest level in one of the I've told you go on physical incentives I will cause you to ride upon the high vessel of you I will make your best at what you build the fence if you have the college that this is contrary to what most of the world does but Georgetown would be based on biblical evidence which suggests the seventh is the Sabbath of the Lord I did not even mention Jesus is cost of which was to keep the same day for sixty I'm issuing a personal invitation to you if you've not observe the Sabbath day I just wanted to come and try one one if you smoke fifty years you can stop smoking for one day if you have been fighting a husband has held himself thinking one day if you consult the cost unless such amount of forty five years you can spend one day a month you can keep once a one if for no other reason than in honor of statistical honesty one I want you to come to sample right here my right right here the all moves will come at my invitation razor I want to come I want to become identical I want you to come stand up that we pray for you unless the difficulties assembly opposition both started because one also don't know that please you know that don't know that because you are standing for you is someone else does not notice most of the discrepancy or bring about a very close fault I come through the name of Jesus I presented a simple message father I believe the reasonableness of the message has touched the hearts of those above father I also know that Jesus the greatest preachers in the history of the universe was not successful everyone who heard my father I believe that the spirit has touched hearts here today and people have decided they will come will perhaps do not have the religious mission of observing several the Sabbath where they come from I want you to bless to Sean that have taken the right step bring us back tonight bring us back tonight they're going to hear this message with additional information okay Pacific Bell various locations of business I pray a nice thank you in Jesus name amen


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