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Research Suggests. So Does God.

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 24, 2005
    7:00 PM
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resource addresses and so does God last night I called to give special birth of those who had crises in their lives that day crises unresolved opals people here tonight and the number of anyone altered like to respond to that special call anyone else to any changes you object all right we could bring in changes in a little bit okay there's a lot of time we keep praying anyone else there were several most of a hockey checking to see what God is doing God wants to resolve crises in our lives and then he allows them to the relay for life the test of faith with his desire is to demonstrate his power in the battles that we face from day-to-day Genesis opted to reduce over sixteen of my favorite passages in the system reading for sixteen Bible says the Lord God commanded the man saying of every tree of the garden of flowers may freely eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it for their file is there off foul shall surely die to notice I'm stressing a certain word what word is that file in modern versions you miss a message in the first which you get from this ancient version simply because in all English or Elizabethan English the word for you in marketing was the word for you is the same whether single plural so if I were to say I am happy to see you in more English the word is why don't you all the info if only one of Minnesota for the meeting on by the way I would process the target that happened if one has thought up I would say I am happy to see you this is why we know so if you will have the English word by pronoun Y OU unless it is surrounded by a context you do not know if it is singular or if it is plural in old English as this verse was written singular you is how will you is he following surface or three hundred years ago I was saying he however if one of you can follow are welcome also the Bible says the Lord will command the financing of efforts of a garden fountain is freely but it is through the knowledgeably love ourselves not deliberate for their file because they're all thou shalt surely die God was talking to one person is an individual one person thought elicited on one person has individual responsibility and accountability for what God has said no yes we know Adam clearly informed the eve of what God said when God spoke Adam alone stood before foul foul foul found this approach up to three research suggests what was going reverse one genesis up the free reader from verse one the Bible says now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field was the Lord wanted me and he said of the woman he had no say ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden was that of the servants we've ate of the fruit of the trees of the dark of the Falluja which is permissible doggone essay using we shall not pay so much of it neither shall you touch it lest ye die now the seven Hills is the plural pronoun I want to make more of it than it is I want to point something out to you know when you want him down to examine the catastrophe that occurred within the first month Genesis three of the Lord bought called out of the seventh hand whereas our individual and he said I provide mostly groggy I was afraid because I was naked I hid myself and he said look closely enough how was snaking out the double tree whereof I commanded the bathhouse it's funny how the singlet is that the objective form of volatile sub on a singular task foundation of the trade Roth I commanded thee that thou so sorry he is dealing with Adam as an individual when gold goes to the woman refer to these as what is this that thou hast done he speaks are any requires individual accountability because the minimum of several relatives of the serpent Prince Levine because thou hast done this phallic trust above all cattle I'm a folded piece of the field upon thy belly shalt thou go and I felt about me all the days of the highlights I will put enmity between the woman and between her supervisor you shall bruise the head of household rooms is he is and what about those who I will greatly multiply Faisal rule by conception in sorrow shalt thou bring full children of thy desire shall be for five husband and he shall rule over the single drama one individual accountability this would involve speaking out of four seventy and unto Adam he said because thou hast talk to mother the voice of thy wife and hast eaten of the tree of which I commanded the same found shalt not eat of it cursed is the ground you say this Photoshop out of it all the days of my life forms on Sufism Seligman opened the compounds of the herb of the field and in the stratified official filing read the file return of the ground out of it without they can for the power but I somehow returned individual accountability doublespeak some open to the amusement alone the specific I want to stress something here tonight when you have decisions to make foregone vaulter around to see who's making a decision because it adjustments you face blog by yourself artistically you cannot take your grandfather was traditionally are following but all respects of the suicide of my father you cannot take a friend 's was exactly a following on the basis of the oppressive weather the pressure is from the young often know all all people some of their personal yellow whole interview and call but if you tell God what my grandfather this response is all I want to know what you'll get I'll get to your grandfather I'm talking to you individual but so many times the decisions we made for Christ are based on what our love people doing that they put on the point with a desire to elaborate tonight the point of discussing tonight is this business of the samples and information it is as appreciative but they don't what I've observed I could you are anything at all and no one gets absurd no one wants up except when I preach to things almost invariably when I preached one of these two subjects all both someone gets up and walks out excessively if you are so oppositional of us in the exchange rate for the subjects while in possession of the sample and to when people die of it really I felt alive but what if everything went postal something of this cost people get angry big tent up I believe I'm not sure I understand why I have offered money I mean cash for people to show me why we do what we know from Scripture I have never had anyone collect the money Neville which then leads me to also question this may be more than unburdening of a sermon there is something more that people need the truth there is not enough for many people that something is true it is just not enough how Jesus those are the fallacies in Toronto if of thirty seven I know he ever see but he said the county because my word has no place in you we have to be sure that Baltimore has a place in all the Bible says if we don't know so we will perish no one am now are you homosexual anything that is thrown from his accent becomes the heart of the three but you cannot have a heart that selectively no which I like that which does not recall my life this does not distance me from my friends and factual I'll accept but it's ruled upon and will I will send Jesus lives of people with a heart for truth all true I was in East Africa last fall have been for the past five years I offered myself moving past the million shillings you can anyone to show us that one person the Bible one this one this is the first of the week is will be just one limited showings nor wanting I begged him I wanted to give the money away wanting to send offers have been made right here United States noticed by me my evangelists over the decades no one has ever collected the money someone has to ask the question why a sort of subversive forces in the Bible on which people base their decision to observe the first of the week the subject is research suggests unsolicited on I think a subject become at this early this afternoon when I read research papers just to see what people are developing and doing I was taught by how often those of the researchers is the evidence suggests it suggests anything anything out of the other the results suggest that want to know whether Faisal categorical statement research declares research pontificates and never seems to know that it always suggests how there's nothing wrong to suggest that there's a place for evidence in the courtroom the weight of evidence is against the defendant even faith is based on evidence not proof so there's a place for evidence of force objection now gone has a suggestion for us on this campus where research is done on people understand the works are just bought a saying what does my want to my doctor suggests it's Sunday is of some of the sample as you look at the evidence what is suggested by the evidence whether the verses that mention first of the week Matthew twenty eight reformers want as we continue research suggests soldiers gone it's not oh seven twenty nine and twenty five seconds the Bible says in the end of the Sabbath as it began to dawn toward the first of the week can you remind amendment of the other maybe to see the sepulcher in the office the sum of the Lord which was an alternative creation week that Sabbath was passed when the first and we came in the end of this as it began to dawn toward the first of the week can many magazine and the other movies to see the sample cup nothing about so for me the first of the week is a holy day eczema to article sixteen reverse one reverses wanted to as a continual research suggests all is not as when the sabbath was past Mary Magdalene unmarried mother of James and Salome bought sweet spices that they might come uninvited and that early in the morning the first of the week they came onto the sepulcher of the rising of the sun the sense of those divorces is precisely that which is expressed in my certificate for one most women wanted to unlike the body of Christ leave Friday evening the Sabbath was just about to come to decide what to do it they kept the Sabbath to Sabbath was done well that was over they arrived to the supplicant to Mark Christ the sabbath was past that stay March of the succeeding because references wanted to go to verse nine of Mark the Bible says not where Jesus was risen early the first of the week you could force them into magazine out of home he cast seven devils again all that horse has a half of the Sabbath was asked on the first of the week the ladies came first longer being very nightly news with the text number four John the template for the first one Johnson the twenty first one Bible says the first of the week cometh Mary Magdalena early when it was yet out onto the sepulcher and cease the storm taken away from sepulcher same thing as in other parts of the sixty first minute same sex slightly different wording this would of course number six same chapter John twenty first nineteen then the same day at evening being the first day of the week when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews give Jesus a set of them is the seventh event he spent the the first ever we want a high cost to why there was scant evidence wasn't crucified Christ crucified then so there was highly opened up in the service that has singing on other evidences of someone's presence behind along no hiding six versus Martone says the first of the week is a holy day let's go to for some seven accept twenty reliever seven as we continue research suggests on sodas seven thirty two we have put in woman's access twenty oh seven first seven the Bible says you have asked twenty four seven and up on the first of the week when the disciples came together to break bread paltry sum for them all it says is that they came together to break bread paltry sum of them registered upon the morrow and consider the speech until midnight now if so many people use the horses is seeing significant of the brick on the first day it was the sum of mold is with over forty six accepts over forty six while you find that Messieurs let me suggest something to do right now is someone listening to me who's angry because you don't like my water or might some you like what I'm saying I might try my best the court what the Bible says I'm trying to make sure that you will hit what I see is not what I say is really not what I say what I say is really unimportant it is what God 's word says to me I like this I don't write enough there for a long walk substantial walks a thin line of credit for one John twenty one thoughts on trade and I can not in Iraq accept for the first now some Bibles have little most of the bottom using my estimates in the bottom watch them very different in the battle for the Bible of hospital to the bottom of most of the bottom of someone's opinion that a lot of despots were at play second of August you'll be just fine there's what this man says in his notes at the bottom of the Bible not so for the past thirty percent this is the best evidence he says that the disciples assembled on Sunday meaning that sounded with the abortion for the disciples in this is the clearest evidence he has one verse I want to show you some evidence gone half let's will accept the thirteenth reverse forty at thirty four forty and I saw some of the experiences of the early church if you read actively you'll find attached moves from Jerusalem to Rome under leading figure in the book of acts is home close one signals good good suggestion was the leading figure in the book of acts what the Holy Spirit reacts again the Holy Spirit directs the work from beginning to end someone said if you want to find out about Jesus revealed just what to find out about the father reader Gospels modifiable voice but it really positions the good book of acts acts that it was forty but when they departed from cargo they came to Antioch in place city of it went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and sat down pulled his traveling you don't be sought down undo invited the priest for fifteen from sixty to forty one is one of his customer relations twenty four forty two so we have wanted to spend it search us out of it for forty as foretold about was if and when the Jules LeBlanc out of the Senegal the Gentiles besought that these words be spoken replaced event the next performance was live in the next Sabbath came almost the whole city together to get word of God so we have all they want some of the news that another some of the recent samples we have called worship sixty the management of data reserves a just and so it was wrong all items that are still forty six little access to forty six bless you bless you bless to have sculpted Jason shines one of the energetic organizers of this movement when we read in acts twenty four seven and up on the first of the week when the disciples came together than regret I told people he was fat ass reasons were done before figure because of the abortion nor interesting forms of the Bible save and continue their continuing daily with one accord in the temple continuing San Diego Temple with one accord and breaking bread from house to house the new bread with nut missile signal to supply every day in the early years of the charge they were breaking bread together so asked for the person is just an example if you break the bread everyday at some point on Sunday but that is no justification to call Sunday the Sabbath because it is not out of select answer to verse thirteen we saw at seven thirty versus fourth universal forty two important or that Paul spent this would give the Danville at least with letter to six in verse thirteen they are in Philippi Bible says the Sabbath we went out of the city by a Riverside with prayer was one to be made I was sent to speak of the women was resorted to know what is what is meant by prayer was want to be made in once the cost of that to us all by the river on Sabbath to pray and worship how many times we don't know but let's be generous in our research must be careful as a squalid one occasion so we have to organize thirteen we have one in sixteen let's go to acts seventeen reading from verse one XML generated from is one however had passed through Amphipolis and Columbia begins the festival Micah where was a synagogue of the Jews were still and all as his mother was white in other than three some of the reason with them out of the script is not without three four and one of us expand you have three in acts seventeen the six lines regardless football rate this lens is one one incident and said that there was evidence that early believers assembled the first of worship we have six oh four we have hundreds more people Paul went in reason with them three some of these novel divorcees as hazing I was meeting that was discussed but if you read acts twenty oh five that Paul is going to Jerusalem Yellowstone club will get you both as idle time clock is lengthened I've want to believe when a management that I've wanted to see if he does not change the acts eighteen reverse one after the is called different things I'm came the call room housekeeper to reform the reasons in the synagogue every Sabbath and persuaded the Jews and Wells the Greeks we have locations in acts thirteen we have one in sixteen we have three in a seventeen note we have every Sabbath in acts eighteen verse four how many samples is every Sabbath the proportion of Ursula and he continued that will I share six months preaching the word of using the word among them he continually a year and six months now how many syllables are there any year and six months seventy eight have enough without a mathematical genius brother sold them seventy eight how many did have before Symbian we have six hundred is a beautiful this man is football has one and he says that's the best evidence that the early believers worship on Sunday at the Athlon eighty four X twenty is needed to new research suggests and so it was gone I want to begin to formulate in your mind what is the research suggesting asked for the reverse twenty five and now behold I know that you all among whom I want to do the kingdom of God shall see my first novel wherefore I give you to recall this date about impure from the boat of all men I have not shunned to declare until all the counsel of God take heed therefore unto yourselves to all the flock over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers to feed the flock of God of the Church of God which you were to a final visit after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you not stemming the flow I also also shall men arise speaking mostly to draw away disciples and then therefore once and remember over thirty one therefore what I remember the Bible Smith of how long he is I see is not the one who might unveil now Paul is this really is a deep rich result was that a hundred and one one fifty six you out of all of that become with about four hundred and forty was an holographic of their somewhere which is two hundred and forty we have against his mother sometime two hundred and forty but this man saying that this evidence is asked twenty seventh so we have to want unfortunate on one side we help one reference reference on the other side to forty and one now just let us know do some statistical reasoning without studying the Greek and Hebrew Aramaic the Akkadian or anything else is somewhat conducted four hundred and forty one experiments to develop a cure for cancer and it worked for a good forty times and didn't work once you have cancer would you try yes yes if you four hundred and forty one chance to win the lottery I think what to play what you want to you what four hundred and forty one North Douglass on Sunday but this is what the Bible is telling us this last one was actually December twenty fifth is the evidence and everyone was if they haven't one you want to be a constant of observance in the book of acts rooted in the womb you on the reasonableness you to have different government on the speed and come with the SDR you want to Seattle are you reasonably ethanol I guess I find it yes although are you good-looking yes or no when asked about really there had ask you my I agree it's your but I'm more concerned with your honesty you'll fear my goodness of your degree of reasonableness utilizing text of the seventeen first two the Bible says on Paul as his model Wallace went in unto them and Reese both days what did he do if you reason with them bubble this reason with me Paul was educated as you are you refer someone aggressively brings that is only spiritual and metaphysical it was also about this concrete that makes sense of the sensory level you reason you with facts and figures you may evidence if you have a direct rules as you reason I lead a reasonable person sees the light of your reasoning based on what the evidence suggests if a person is on this issue because always a guess most infeasible to if a person is not on the person disco because scholarship presupposes truth go with the evidence is designed to come up with some solid results that you have just bought it when it is Paul reasoned with them but after a divorce my game I did have references and left them there but he himself went into the synagogue and reason with them you reasonably will from one long in a very obvious no one can argue against the statistic you can't I can't I don't desire but you know it is not enough for some people we must have a motivation besides true for many of us Charles is not a sufficient motivation the only motivation that drives a person 's will be Jesus Christ is the motivation of do we love Jesus if I were to say how many of you love Jesus are many of us every have would go on unless someone how to fix this letter to be different every hand would go off people love to declare themselves lovers of Christ how does Jesus say we should show our love for him the clitoris versus John fifteen John fourteen verse fifteen wasn't sick said loudly one is a safe and you love me keep Michael all the seasons ask us to do what he hasn't done what I've learned to defend reason is you keep my commandments you shall apply in Milo even as I also kept my father 's commandments and abide in his life Jesus is saying I am just calling you to do what I assume that went across mail greeting dying and suffering for you and for me the federal faith in his death and life we may have the power to obey him and to keep the Sabbath holy the Bible reserved special blessings for those who keep on something that visited him the Bible has special blessings I call them incentives mobilize the work fulfills who recognize and observe God 's holy Sabbath day Isaiah fifty eight reverse thirteen if thou tournament by foot from the seventh from growing backlash on my holy day I call the sabbath a delight the holy of the more honorable and supplement more during that always all fundamental pleasures most speaking than words then shalt thou delight thyself in the Lord I will call you right upon the high places of the earth of feeding with the habit of gigabytes potluck for the mouth of the passport office said the goal is to recognize respect and observe myself I was blessed to the point that I really shall all out everything you don't I will make sure your rise I will call utilize physical tests of expression upon the high places of your what these words form a mile of the morning half spoken out why does the Bible say that the multiple ones that sound like an old dog signaled these words are coming from my mouth and when I say something you'll configured where the bank do you love Jesus Christ how much is enough the problem how much almost eleven of us are question-and-answer to love Christ enough to die for him the announcement while you're pondering of the story I was in the South Africa five years ago four years ago five I spoke to church one Friday evening one of the suburbs of Johannesburg I also sent question was here loves Jesus enough to die for him tonight 's letter this is what I asked you know hands went up not one that I saw so that's a good time to say the benediction off somewhere and reflect prayer service over in the parking lot shaking hands of these people who have no desire to die for Christ and at 's apostle and I talk to you it will help Doolittle said it was a just let Mark know where I'm talking about she said talk talk to me again so I turned around to pilgrimage to ten years old she said pastor I raised my hand what you didn't see it as you want and also I raised my budget that loss is not I will die for Jesus tonight on my knees won't be a minute was your little angel I put my arm around her I said my sister I am glad you live for Jesus tonight but until he tells you to do so I want you to live for him and do well in school and want to be the Prime Minister of South Africa but I was so touched she wanted me to know I hadn't met her she was winning the life of Jesus out of the mouth of babes and suckling hast thou ordained strength I ask you again how much do you love Jesus I know you love the critical question is how much webmaster when I asked the congregation to answer immediately hopefully how many of us would die for Christ tonight was an assistant eleven to fifteen seconds to think any hands some are you serious about you I mean that among joking unless you bought this answer when a man or woman is ready to die for Christ the devil has lost the most effective weapon is missing when the women Donald told all scandals at the safer discussion of good will who is right we won't go to certain parts of the sanctity of contracts because it's the computer went to Bible study for certain people that are going to Milo Saint Chrysostom to rush undetected otherwise the service offices down our lives cannot be our first concern volume of his life is a seminal research suggests what is the oddball twenty seven and how much we love you and I was God enough to observe the day he wants to observe that's my question I'm about to you what you would do love him enough I administered a keep his seventh at least once this one coming you can do that you can come to church once a I want to do that Jesus am I advising what turned me down that's fine for Jesus to Jesus and I invite you to church this up is anyone here who was never attended church on the subfreezing eleven senators on the site which alright is someone who used to attend an insult resort of the Seville to preserve them I really do crisis missed you on this day the five woman is assaulted file is okay this file I can find a favorite on this woman is able to crisis Mister you really has I would love to see all of your churches coming Sabbath morning ongoing twenty day which begins at sunset on Friday evening and ends on sunset on Sunday evening from even on the evening actually simplify some of the fittest twenty three thirty two at even when the sun was set Mark one thirty two evil is sunset from sunset to sunset that's when the Sabbath begins the Bible says that they begins at sunset so this is really what might I remind goal of Jesus the spirit of an eye I invite all of you come to church this Sabbath in obedience to God and see what God does for you God blesses obedience it is the highest expression of low I hope my expert engineering for the graphic back up to forty and one golf number is two forty two hundred and forty F additional events in the book of acts for the observance of the Sabbath only be one for the first day of the week what kind of person makes a decision in goals against forty I believe in your heart is a desire to do what's right I believe in your heart is a desire to be right with God I didn't achieve in your heart is a desire to receive the blessings God use the tools won't be presented last week somewhere in one of the searches that are blessings that God gives everyone Matthew five verse forty four and forty five visit love your enemies bless them that curse you for he maketh his sun to rise on home the evil of the good and sends rain on home the just and the unjust this unless you want some bottles at a particularly special in the sense that he would not have someone else appended messages not only gives liberals will sub of obedience brings financial blessings physiological blessings heavenly blessings psychological questions on above all spiritual roots even if that statistic were there two forty to one Jesus said the role that leads to heaven comedy before the throne to test limits of the state will tell how many people follow that road many not here we have many here we had a few from the lips of Jesus and that alone is a context in which to view the argument if most people do it it must be right because it is because Jesus is most people are going to be lost by WV includes you so you cannot judge the rightness of an act by the number of people who do you justify what Baltimore says that if you want longevity on a host of others and you are right based in Baltimore the president will become spiritual dots to write them regardless what people see when blocking dummies that I cannot metal who was there with me tonight Lord give me the coverage to do what's right amount what other people do stuff called him to if there's someone here who has been making a wrong choices because of depression of your group whether your group are eighty -year-olds sixty fifty forty ten sixteenth national difference is the anyone here if you will you been making wrong choices because of the pressure of your group will listen Lord give me special strength tonight to stand up and was right you raise your voice if it's you come quickly we still have to come regularly pray for you we have four minutes when to come come right here at April fourth God bless you for coming buffaloes honestly enough honesty of it many of us we know what we know it's wrong simply because other people do when you got stimulus like me he is bringing up a supervisor was on the sum of any other issue we see some potential coverage on our old strength and what's life without a what other people do every about every eye closed Lord in heaven your sons and your daughters and demonstrated coverage publicly have come to confess something more than what was so many of us we follow the crowd to fit in even if sleeping in means feeding the form of disobedience to Gore and our desire to belong is so great what I'm asking you not to give us the strength and wisdom to see that the best place to be on the belong with God after it was gone and we fit in with bone by simply doing what he says on what he says while that is what I will board multifaceted and Jesus if you love most for the special appeal to Muslims trying now the famous high fog by your grace I will resist the force of the group and do what's right for a doing what's right I may change the group so that we become people will save others rather than undecided by others I believe in the name of Jesus give my brothers and my sister the spiritual college to do was right to resist the pressure of the group father bless all of us we have our struggles re- renewal help mobility outside but inside of so many of us are dead men's bones more in the name of Jesus help us understand the smartest thing we can do is to confess remote rights and come running to your feet pleased God for Christ's sake bless those the respondent the specialty of standing before you on this floor and wall of understanding that credit card if you went so far as to send your beloved son the subplot and die if you could left tonight you could give us some spiritual power discounts will try put into our hearts alone for the truth I pray bring us back tomorrow to hear a word of this prayer in Jesus name and for his sick at all cost because there with me a man of him and God bless you I mean it from my heart God bless you God bless you travel safely and come back tomorrow


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