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How to Read Your Boyfriend's Mind

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 25, 2005
    7:00 PM
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also for how to read your boyfriend 's mind or how to read your girlfriends my or your mother 's mind all your boss is mine or Gault 's mind how to read the mind are you ready for the message arises out of double check if it is a popular conception belief idea that we don't know what's going on in people 's minds unless not true in the case all psychoanalysts would have to close up shop and find some of a lot of work the Bible tells both people how to know what's going on in a person 's mind however not being wish microscopic accuracy but it will be able to start and degree of reliability that will permit you to form and shape a proper Christian response to what you have detected in someone's mind it is God 's will and desire that his people not go through this world blind they must know what is on the mind particularly of the enemy the way God has arranged this is found in Matthew chapter twelve rights I can preach unto a certain time if I like I will not tell you what but by Ms. Matthew twelve three days reverse thirty three I'm on using for public reading the King James version Bible says I think that's a good and his phone also regular three corrupt corrupt folder tree is known how different note this is the biblical principle of the three is an old by his friend received a frequent cause of betrayed by looking at the frame you can already trash the steps of the fruit and come to an accurate conclusion of the sauce of that for free as known by the fruit merciful of a generation of vipers how can either that evil speak good things out of the one abundance of the law the heart what is a heart the mind the Bible says all of the abundance of the heart what happens the mouth speaking it is it possible for a man or woman to speak for a length of time and not reveal level of betraying what is in the heart God has laid down that principle one is in the heart has become out if that person speaks about if that person acts I believe that's why don't it was two of these one of these two amazes one of these with the swinging a son with easily upset are you saying my favorite writer says words and actions review of faults and motives whether that words and actions reveal faults and motives that area of a person normally felt to be out of bounds to the outside but the Bible has given our highways to this at highways and in words as end the actions of the reminds one thought did the tenth amendment from Sinai Exodus chapter twenty because ten list with the number six member number six it simply says thou shalt not want to if I were to ask and I will not ask how many of us fear have ever killed someone who has little if I were to ask all the rows that raise is not I have bought but you know that feeling is much more than cutting someone's head off based on God 's standard of right and wrong thoughts as the English condition of a man's heart but hypothetically if you have been settled five thou shalt not kill but I simply know that whosoever is angry with his rough cost of using the you heard and have been sent by the move will bring them out to Muslims out to shopping days of the judgment but I say unto you this is Jesus and when he speaks he speaks authoritatively I say unto you that whosoever is I remember this brother without a cause shall be judge of the judgment and whosoever shall say the Saudi government also as well as outside of mother thou fool shall be guilty of hellfire one is the same as more tomatoes than the physical cessation of someone's life by some external force by unreasonable I got I got chatting people we read Jules the quality of their lives in the Bible regards that as a burden the president before July but if he or she suffers up a reduction in the quality of life block calls that murder is murder that takes place in the hearts so what we have is the outward expression of the jungle to another plus is guilty of the outward expression that uses him among the several of the month and shocked his listeners by saying it is possible to commit murder in the heart in the heart now the law of California which imprisoned or sent to the electric chair if you commit murder physically the law of California will not lay a finger on you if you kill someone in your heart are you are to forward this state and this country will inflict all punishment on anyone who commits murder in the heart there is no law against me angry there is no law against was that there is no law against jealousy is no law against brain for some of the topic you are not a law against that kind of internal and that God has some strict rules against the you must tell us the Paul and reflect that there is more of the quality of one's moral life than what one does evil in all the land goes beyond behavior and tries to assess the mind we said earlier today there's something in law called mother 's if you commit a crime and is struggling if you're going to try and multitalented role players are always looking for what is the motive and if there is no positive than visible crime the case is weak if you are on okay is there some log in short settlement was the amount of exports for something and then some concentration camp in case they are multi- without a motive the case is weak now it is not something physical motive is something from within him the law of the last seats out motive it seeks to examine it fast as he does such lack of the heart we looking for multi- knocking finales looking for premeditation now is the law of the land can do that what about Baltimore to tell you something about on almost five minutes of the victims and biblical God is a dog of procedure and process and chronology what do I need a simple example forced onto the one person on your noise if we confess our sins he is one fifth let us it was made to follow you must what will you qualify just that there is a step-by-step process to reverse what comes first from first then walked forgiveness and cleansing the sort of how this functions in nature Mark four twenty eight for your wonderful for a for self first the blade then why be here a lot after that before if you do if it is a step by step principle that functions in the spiritual world it functions in the Muslim world one thing must happen before something else Apple bought a cigar of step by step procedures if that were the case we could not depend on prophecy unfolded we are a prophetic people and reserve for fifty seven BC outsourcers race the captives above Aston Villa the walls of Jerusalem adversary four thirty one Jesus Christ was crucified with four thirty four Stephen was fun and we haven't notched unlocked on tautological talks one thing I find out if something is not in place someone will jump up a call to spiritual ruckus we believe that prophecy requires that things happen according to their place in the sequence of events no that's the way it is which soon follows a sequence of events God is aware of that and he has made the appropriate resources available to watch now he is the step-by-step process house and we must understand has repented of the subject called to remind the Bible says it is not the one reader from four thirteen abnormalities a Wendy's and then I am tempted of God football cannot be tempted with evil knife attempt of the any map not but an man is tempted when he is one drawn away of his last enticed by step one then when lust has conceived it does not bring a full session step number two and seven when it is finished it will confess you for what this step number three it is essential to understand this process in saving for us to understand what I'm about to say whether the server does not occur haphazardly sin does not occur haphazardly it is procedural it begins in the mind where the lusts of the flesh recite the other comfort of my younger identify the finest private Romans in seventh because the carnal mind is enmity against God thought it is not subject to the law bought my baby kept me that my love God has a remedy for sin of the remedy has always been his righteousness now and Satan has a process step-by-step Thomas the preceding brief welcome where do you believe that God has to place his remedy up put step step one step one the mind the breeding ground of the most the mind not let's go through Jeremiah thirty one shall be referred for as we continue how to read minds Jeremiah thirty one writ a verse thirty three keep in mind center is a step-by-step process is not haphazard it is procedural it is a process of it recognizing that process God applies the remedy with that process in my book this is the comment which I shall make with them with the house of Israel after those days that the Lord I will do what puts my all of where is it and what parts and don't know what right-of-way in the hot sun will be then bought a visual delight people not boxing I will apply the remedy right the souls right of the origin like the headwaters of the unrighteousness I wrote my law in their hearts in the inward parts in the mind which soon originate elsewhere I would put my tools on the memory microsecond that soon begins to start at the level of the thoughts go wash my father brought right all of our hearts because that is where it begins and that is where it should end when they buy that it should and many of us we have a struggle with sin at level number two then when lust has conceived it reinforces a vessel in late some of us we don't realize we have a son and daughter realize that West Africa 's inflicted upon us then said what it is for this wonderful event there's all but we must deal with setting that up all of the beginning of the point of origin the point of departure is the mind and this is wedlock this is the counter acting false which of his law the standard of righteousness by which to judge the Angels that fell by the judge that Finland is being that Jesus Christ ridicules about when he said he violated the law blog lights back on a lot nondisabled child of the building with the children hope what rights sit on the heart of our invitation on statement is our invitation in Exodus chapter thirty one first eighteen Exodus thirty one verse eighteen the Bible says and when he had made an end of committing with Moses on Mount Sinai you gave him so tables of testimony tables of stone finish outperforming written with the thing to false I understand that God will give down and actually read this when I might understand that Jesus Christ was actually the member of the Godhead in the inside I was fortunate to avoid Hebrews twelve and Scarlett was a fingernail no what is the writing agent of golf all right some of the Holy Spirit and someone spoke quickly let's demonstrate that the thing the of God that's how he will become a little extra something it lets reverses aging and nineteen as we continue how to read minds I will give fragrance of God will touch hearts even as I speak and adults but it will give me the right words because it is a very delicate sensitive an absolutely crucial subject at the states versus eighteen nineteen this is the third plague plague of life 's even have suffered the plague of blood that suffered the plague of frogs about sense that they'd obliged by the way it was not necessary for each of the Suffolk and played once open enough and it's quite possible they are Egyptians listening to me now going to send one pig in your life to wake you up with your tough one they can't refute off so yes to send another one with your Marine Sudanese freedom for let me tell you something when you post on gauntlet Razorback you are several when you push God God will break your back God will continue if you sent a plague you tell them read blogs one is enough I felt upon the style of English restoration I thought applying all Platonists as the way they wanted to on when Aaron Rudolph Samir was my son is the Meadowlands is important to animal horse mighty and the Egyptian magicians there's always the and templates to my faultlines most like Mercedes Honda so there was Lise on Man on the Silver 's mighty men of the injunction the magician settle the federal this is one configurable using that I couldn't like when most lives are the one is the bug man it's something that looked like it is a noise that when the problem brought about for my video something that looked like but you can only go so far to imitate God at some point grid visibility into the dust which tried to imitate the click of logical and confess the feral beasts is the single blog this lady is the income received by Vodafone eight reversibly sixty minutes after a sump it reversely the Bible says when I consider thy heavens the works of my fingers the moon in this cause was now has ordained when I consider thy heavens the works of nice dinners one oh four verse thirty Psalm one oh four four thirty North Democrats among the works of his finger the Koran and works someone of what was there to the Bible says thou send this form nice they are preempted this is the energizing force in creation now is the New Testament the finger August oh five identify Muslim book of Matthew chapter twelve recommended is not where Jesus cast out demons by the fallacies always ready to explain away Divine power accused him of using the power of Beelzebub as Jesus said in Matthew chapter twelve verse twenty eight but if I cast out devils with the spirit of God then the kingdom of God is do you Jesus that I cast out devils with the spirit of God is the Chapter 11 same story this time reported by Luke chapter eleven verse twenty the same incidents reported by the beauty of hit a little dumbfounded look eleven first regular Bible says but if I buy what the thing of God cast out devils know about God is come upon you and if I buy the things we have nothing in the eleven plenty we have this semester felt for the same thing the thing that is not is the spirit of God so the Bible says in Exodus thirty one as it is written with the finger of God the Holy Spirit was the active agent in that divine instance of God 's law not as he was the one who wrought on tables of stone it is he wants it on the tables of our hearts second Corinthians chapter three verse three seven three two three four three Bible says was much as you are manifestly declared to be the epistles of Christ ministered by us written not with ink but with the spirit of the living God not on tables of stone but on fleshy tables of the heart Paul is saying that the Holy Spirit hasn't returned Boswell and gloves long on our hearts why am the heart of a man digital music you have to turn the best way of Moses says under golf instruction zero Israel the Lord our God is one Lord thou shall love the Lord with all my hospital nursing home and then he says I'm these words as I command you this day shall be in Bangkok that schools will invite any sense of valve shall bind them for a sign upon nine have and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes about the jewels that the wrong way but I felt that if that were to stuff a little bit of the Lord interleukin eleven eleven oh ouch and twenty five back of ahead and put it in and then they had in their minds about what's available outside of the door of the house all by Nicaragua the pulse of the house of a divorce might be wrong to think this wasn't what walked out of my best sign up on the hand with the room I don't think that his law should be in their hearts the only place God 's law belongs to in the heart because when it is in the heart it attracts to send out the original was that the oldest this country as you for hitting someone national crime but is instead are you with me is not a crime is it is quite possible that someone listening to be no resent someone else valuable jewels of the board is elected of the identical size for the because while the state is one pioneer wrote calls for city the Baltimore calls for work morality arduously to go all and morality is not what you do with a Minamoto freedom given to license the goals that will like and what I like these that I thought morality this is what I mean morality is a matter of the heart God 's perceived us I sent is if the heart is writes the behavior with the right is of someone who does not understand how you heard someone say his heart is not the hospital statement but we somehow realize that we understand we sent its almost instinctively almost reflexive you want to put something it is not physical I don't see the chocolate I was watching a documentary on Friday for the seals on to the scene of threading is designed to expose weakness was a weakness is in the mind but this week and because they know if the weakness romance in them my address and bank of the mission this weekend asked Paul what is in the mind for a while does not want to log dozens of friends to up-to-date about fifteen minutes gone school is a more low milk Christian disagrees with because those immortal submittals are many commands on ten which one you have to bring to be declared an immoral person seven thou shall not commit adultery no one argues with that an adulterer is immoral on my right yes six thou shall not kill him out I is a moral which are more immoral footnoted in more than thou shall not bear false witness I live is seen as the sun is not necessarily immoral war you unconsciously done we have divided the Commandments this is immorality of this is bad judgment that is something you can adjust his twelve thirteen and forty C are the conclusion of what the whole matter synagogue and what gave us commandment flux this is what the hall Julia may not be an high eulogy of man is an contrast involve ten Commandments as a moral doctrinal here's what I want to begin all rusted excavator points in human services over as leasing a preacher once long discussion at the present give me time to sleep after tomorrow and every aspect of our lives call Josie is judged by our moral law listen to me than have recently due is either want is either moral or immoral convinced that it's been this way with adult women it wasn't a football game on Sunday the quarterback throws the ball to the wide receiver he catches it stops the run underwrote most was when does this was that family and the rest of know why not is not a basketball game the rules are what football you think that happens must be judged by what kind of rules now if the basketball court someone makes offensive pass video for the greatest good ribs that you call the police because the Arsenal football Wi-Fi leading allowed to kill someone that basketball know what I'm saying is a life but has a set of rules but the game of life involves rules are entirely tomorrow from the want of them but then anything you would like to hope it's probably just as I don't want role of a moral wrong and whenever you consider this review of the sentence razor hands were begin to morality is on the yes how many immoral people listening to me now until something told a minibus of villages suspected of appearance was that of active immorality yes but if someone said to you tomorrow to visit me I'm never coming never to so I am a moral person no this is me and Reese thing we know comes on the judgment this is of course again Ecclesiastes twelve thirty four then let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter to God and keep his commandments for this is the hall him or celebrate every work into judgment with every one sequence is whether the good or evil what we do a live come on no one all with adding going or evil of the instances are okay how creative you are thinking about it he asked for if not for the artist back from it it was wished on a rigid and you that's immoral using numerology is that which goes against God not that which has you consistent with Playboy or whatever else immorality is that which goes the gold standard of uprightness if we would see our lives in the context of morality or immorality there are many things we would not do because half decent people tend to view immorality of something to avoid tomorrow present on health your health is a matter of moral necessity that he said again go on requires one has a moral requirement that we protect our health your personal son James incidental size twenty six fret because it already had a boss that the law under the sixth amendment out of so what I'm him on this time by the indwelling power others what is the developed model people and when we understand that it affects everything we don't ever department about life on the power to do it it is not always within us on the life of the law has been its lack of an briefing that we do seem to be a wrong bloom of the fall that's when we started my favorite writers as was my favorite writer out of line that's right we love nothing but unlike residents you'll know what I want someone say that boy we have given the book messages the young people some administrative desktop Bible messages the young people by Mondale tomorrow allows the government a lot better good good good this one will distinguish handsome young man messages young people coming up to you you'll get a bimonthly come see me when you get it read it she said so must be stopped out the left who of the fall at the level of the fall because once it has begins as a thought we have not yet well on it it is not a saver for which we had shot it is merely a sinful thought a simple impulse to which we have not responded on this a lot quite all right I said no I thought with regard to something that I do when evil thoughts come into my Google evil thoughts come into the heads of bridges the general then perhaps more than you remember the heaven besides you also commented that it values what I don't I stop Bible verses that tell you something is not listened to me before I can finish the passage before is gone now let me say it comes back the devil has a work to do but we must be more persistent than his is about Kevin Jesus Christ come out of a celebrated writer what did Jesus say it is man shall not live by bread alone and image upset details of the citizen himself why they didn't fit it is any first dozen friends Yahoo are supposed to the temptation the temptation was trying to install as a Fitzwater Deuteronomy it was granted a man shall not live by bread alone it is of the devil battle and the devil said cast thyself down for it is written in the Bible to do that is written thou shalt not have allowed by God the Devil back to Jesus it is it because it was in the hotel when he can help us why did you fall down and worship to Jesus at his house I wasn't allowed by God to all examples are fought every temptation Jesus was not the temptation that has enzyme desolate Seattle said that the Somerset .com are not textual enzymes must be probably say the first attempt is because we have to do is in the public votes than members of Baltimore gone has no other standard to tell us what's right and wrong this is what possible by the agency of his Holy Spirit under the direction of Jesus Christ so I guess you all in our Horace and you'll will begin to experience a position to send bottles all the e-mails I can do representative a thirty three but then again was it for even without a value now got seven minutes and we were all tall I have seen all our hearts by the agency of the Holy Spirit under the direction of Jesus Christ we would begin to experience under my impulse authority requiring from that which is wrong the very point of his inception and was sitting by the power of God on the righteousness of his law that all simple thought would be stillborn because we must extend like poison we would spend more time hitting cinema hitting one another we would be spiritually advanced far beyond where we are now my beloved brothers and sisters the kingdom of God is established in the mind not to know where the capital California is whatever that is in Michigan it's meant the kingdom of God is not established upwardly market that's coming but at present it must find a place in my voicemail moral person is in the mind we are told behaviorally focused behavior has its place but behavior shall not deviate from its origin that is the mind got out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks a furious known by its fruits are going places is more which is absolutely and how you soon and right of the point with sin begins so the point number one we have power from on high because the desire is that the righteousness of the mall might be fulfilled in us would also find out right in your heart is there no wonder this place was tired of certain you're right the most partisan razor you have to be target of seven is there no one here who wants Jesus Christ to come quickly how many of us want that twice you have my brothers and my sisters I speak from my heart this is no joke we must desire Jesus Christ more than anything else under the sun we must face and also realize the very first promise of the Bible is the promise of think I will put enmity because the other one because ICRC on its promise promise I'm a long object is on page three sixteen the use of gold upon the sacred yesterday with its hatred for sin not sellers the Knights I like to leave this means believing with all my heart of my brothers and sisters will set them listen on the student of Apollo overcomes sin can be placed right at the source of sin itself that's in the heart of why we're born with a certain age of when we are born of the Spirit then we have an opposing force thus the spirits of this but it has written this them all right Enron right on the mind the source of faults committed through Simone this message is affected me I want you to put your law of respondents I want you to write your law in my heart what you think before you respond how many will say father but hatred in my heart the same I want your law originally is Gerard accompanying on the fleshy tables of life so that I began to watch right and optionally if anyone of you will say that with me but the seal right have please would you hold confronted by standing let us let go on record this response we must hit send we must pay soon we must each sin is sin that put Jesus Christ on the cross it are seven causes some of life is the mystery goes well under them there as amended otherwise the hospitals if settlement has the most fun out of drugs it has set up at hospitals methylphenidate it has several closets out of the runner from all interests and later send headers and there's an ounce about the right of the Jesus Christ expressed in law and I'm glad there's not been present on this as a desperate cry right your law on my heart and bring about a gradual father the name of Jesus anyway have misspoken I ask for your forgiveness the subject is so sensitive it mild elevated myself I ask again you are five main window now the name of your son was blessed of was followed to anything that you would accept the responsibility that have arisen to say we want your log written on our hearts by the active agency of the Holy Spirit under the direction of Jesus Christ Lord please this is according to your will it must be all well that will be written a lot about his sauce lesson begins right that they bought inscribed I pray that we have a spiritual riches loving just to throw anything everything that is anti- dog painting that is unrighteous and eighteen seconds p.m. left a perfectly consistent enough for righteousness let your law be other living reality in our hearts that it may be seasonal fruit because the free is normally father in the name of Jesus it was rare message tonight bring us back tomorrow to hear more of your word I don't disparage Jesus name of Fred has said that all God 's people say a man of a man


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