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For What Purpose?

Justin McNeilus

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Justin McNeilus

Former President of Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC)



  • December 17, 2008
    7:00 PM
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do you like a professor tonight and really care for school that much it's an honor and a delight to be with you tonight document books since we all warn able to jump into our Bible study my name is Justin McNeil as if we haven't met and I am a banker what am I in danger never been trained as far as holiday eloquently put together a sermon on or how to get your theological points just right but I'm a young person and I'm living proof that God can work through young people I thought about prepared for my sermon and I get really deep or they are they might think that I'm a imposter I thought maybe if I had memorized a few pages from the dictionary and my people but I realize very quickly that we have a power packed weekend of speakers you'll get plenty of theological sermons tonight to get a simple message from a banker with an appeal anyone can understand amen by your heads with me one more time family father Lord many prayers have been prayed for tonight and I had one more I don't do it is a formality or or or something you do every time before you speak but I do it because I believe there's an living God that gives us power I asked now that you take away all distractions in this room the Angels fill the seats in between us may the devil be far away from here I have to speak through me tonight in a powerful way in a way that you you've never done before not so that people can walk from here and say Justin gave us a good sermon but so they can walk from here and say they heard Jesus is my sincere and humble prayer in Jesus name and in my devotions I been studying the life of David a little bit David is always ensuring me as a Bible character he was chosen as a young person even knows humanly it seemed like he was the wrong choice your member that Samuel was getting ready to select the next king of Israel Samuel is loading up a donkey he sent word to Jesse and he said Jesse Kitchener sounds ready to pick the next game Jesse Luxottica sans sizes them up from a human mind that says David Goldberg perceived as one year of science through the one your brothers in the depicted the next king of Israel David goes off to herd sheep Samuel comes down a lot looks at the would-be choices from Jesse and says not here you have another son Jesse Summit King David from the herd and NBC's anointed the next king of Israel David is the story of an underdog humanly from a human perspective not adequate to be chosen by God 's view churches across the globe having heard and elegant children story of David slaying Goliath it's one that most young manager can recall but my intentions were different my intention for this twofold the first if David was alive today what message would you have for me what message would you have for the president of the generation of youth for Christ if David was alive today motive to one message what he preached to us tonight on opening night if we could ask him I think I found my answer turn with me in your Bibles to second I think it's that we might find out first second Chronicles I trust you have your Bible tonight and this is your first time to achieve I think I would consider it very unwise to enter a meeting without your Bible it will be our primary textbook all weekend if you join us we had a great ministry of three ABN I urge you get up insecure Bible beside her seat first Chronicles twenty eight and verse wanted I said second Chronicles ten of me to first Chronicles twenty eight in verse one when you get there stagnant first Chronicles twenty eight verse one David assembled on how many all the princes of Israel the princes of the tribes the captains of the companies that minister to the king by courses in the captains over the thousands of captives over hundreds of Stuart's overall the substance of the possessions of the King and of the sons with the officers and with a mighty men and with all the valiant men onto Jerusalem so David sent out were this has prompted his glorious event of the old Israelites are inviting clearly David was getting in a important message invites them will learn in a just a little bit that David was setting up the success of his successors Damon was getting this next generation to be this next generation joke to it that would have the talent and the capacity to do things that David himself could not do David was getting ready to bring in David's kingdom to point out first Chronicles twenty eight worried in the business the second verse then David the king stood up on his feet and said Jeremy Mark Robin and my people as for me I shadowed in my heart to build a house arrest for the art of covenant of the Lord for the flexibility of our God and had made ready for the building David said to all that were gathered I had it in my heart to build the house I plan for it I prepared for it I prayed for it I felt you would even say it was my purpose to build the house we read in verse three set and have thou shall not doubt what thou shalt not build the house for my name because thou hast been a man of war and has shed blood David said to all that were gathered it was my purpose to build this house but God said no David it's not the appropriate yield weight the next generation will do it rude with me in verse six David goes on to say in the next couple verses that he was chosen by God he did incredible things through God but it just was not his purpose to build the house first Chronicles twenty eight a verse six is that he said unto me Solomon my son he shall build my house and my courts for I have chosen him to be my son and I will be his father David says to all those who are gathered I plan I prepared I it was my intention in my purpose in my focus to build the house but God gave to me and said knowing it now he's telling Solomon this is your Harper 's to build the house friends I believe that David was able to speak the night it would be much along these lines the setting is very much the same many many people are gather many people are rep vented here tonight 's generations are within this place many countries were distracted me that's part of my message to many countries are represented here tonight young people I represent that all people are represented and from the pages of the Bible and ancient King makes an appeal to us tonight first Chronicles twenty eight in verse six he said unto me Solomon my son he shall build my house for I have chosen here young people to generate before they were selected by God God said that David you won't finish the work and got in his infinite wisdom has given us a purpose I wanted Evelyn Metellus that purpose is to be the generation that actually finishes the work generations before us they have tried they had planned for it they have prayed for it they are sincerely and humbly thought it would be their generation but God in his infinite mercy and love said you're not the generation got tonight through David I believe is saying that we are the generation that's been a finish the work we are the generation that can actually do it God has given us the capacity italic to do things that they have not been able to do in the Phuket the past think of the potency of that message God tells us to go into in Matthew twenty eight you're with me yes or no he and he will believe that that was not just for four pastors or church leaders correct so that includes everyone that reads that message God calls them to well Matthew twenty eight that if you believe that you will believe also that when Paul says that he was chilled for the purpose to be a servant to be a witness of things that he had the think that it's like you're with me after not because unit goalie called it up for this purpose to be a servant and if you believe that you believe that you are fulfilling Matthew twenty four when he says go to all the art and tell everyone that I'm coming to God Kim says this purpose think it is for a moment generations before us they were unsuccessful generations before us words enough founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church worked enough heroes that you read about in the Bible warrant enough missionaries that you read about far-off in another place towards enough pioneers of the church towards enough modern-day evangelists aren't enough bachelor sound belligerent Mark Finley just encamped you can put anything you want there except for your own and it's not enough God needs you God needs you any needs you today God is calling for an army that takes its purpose seriously and finishes the work of God reaches out tonight with an appeal an appeal to join an army and army of young people rightly journey to minister to the world in the God needs you any needs you today education page two sixty two that have been appointed purpose of giving the gospel to the world in this generation is the noblest that can appeal to the any human being we have been appointed purpose of giving the gospel to the world in this generation is the noblest that can appeal to any human being generations before us were unsuccessful generations before us they plan for it they prepared for it they prayed for it but worked on successful else not to say that that generations before for failures not in the least God did incredible things through them but he said to them just it he said thou shalt not build the house and in our case he said thou shalt not finish the work buddies calling for a generation that could finish the house a Cali tonight for a generation I can finish the work by you with me yes or no first Chronicles twenty eight in verse ten David is just laid down this colossal purpose for Solomon he said I plan for it I prepared for it but I was not the one to finish the work he says Solomon God chose you to do it he says tonight God calls us tonight he said you are the generation that can finish the work and then it first dad weary David's strong appeal take heed now for the Lord has chosen me to build a house for the sanctuary these drawn and do be strong and to in verse twenty the next few chapters David goes on to cute kind of props Salamat Solomon up to get him ready to take given the instructions on how to get it be done in verse twenty appeals to them again verse twenty seven David said to Solomon his son be strong and of good courage and doing they are not nor be dismayed for the Lord God even my God will be with the team will not fail me nor forsake thee until thou hast been asked all the work what an appeal tonight he calls to us to be that generation that finishes the work and nineties that I will be with you I will not forsake you until all the work is finished it's interesting to me Solomon 's reaction to this we don't know too much about Solomon this time we know that he was a young person at this calling we know that he wasn't necessarily publicly by wrestling for the throne so I kind of picture Solomon is a eight CMA person much more reserved and timid than his father I picture misguided being this skinny maybe not steady midweight person kind of in the background as his father 's giving us appeal it Solomon is charged with this purpose he says how can I do it Lord I I know that you you called me to this purpose but I am weak but I understand that you need me but I feel in adequate and we find Solomon wrestling with the same questions in first Kings brass that make you feel kind of like Solomon is a God I know that you've chosen me I know that you selected this generation to be the generation that actually doubted that she finishes the work but you can't use me yet but when I'm a mission college graduate then you can use me when I'm in a rise salty you name it whatever it is then you can use me when I'm on twenty thirty forty eighty then you can use me Lord the purpose is they and I am weak but how on earth could I do anything to advance the gospel Solomons wrestling with these same questions received in first Kings chapter two verse gains Chapter two verse two it does not go the way of all the earth be thou strong therefore and show thyself a man but individual it's time to get there today that it be quick first in chapter two verse two David says Solomon tsunami Bennett died but I will want you to be successful David setting up the success of his successors he says Susan Solomon I'm been a die but I want you to be successful check out a picture them in this biz Stone hallway all that the elders and the important people of God home in Solomon 's just there alone with his father reflecting on how is good to do it he's just been charged with this colossal purpose he feels completely inadequate and that spirit of prophecy tells us that he felt he was too young to do it verse three David says Keith the charge of the Lord thy God walk in his ways keep his statute 's commandments judgments his testimony as it is written in the law of Moses David just load them right up to the chart walked in his way deeper statues and Commandments his judgment his testimonies but then he goes on in verse five and he gives Solomon a warning I want to study verse five with you a little bit tonight first case chapter two in verse five it's interesting to me that Shores David has here no doubt David had been Arsenault of all the fans and stories and incidents it is in his life served to recall to Solomon no doubt this this Greg King the slayer of giant could affect anything to him but he chooses to restore first case chapter two verse five moreover thou knowest also Joab the son of whom at the lay preachers can be wanted on how to pronounce moreover thou knowest also what show lab is good to me what he did to the two captains of the host app you are the son of Merrick energy La Mesa the son of Chico Solomon tells his son remember what Joe Apted to me what you did to a Mesa and what he did to add clearly this is important that David because he says remember is already translated this message to Solomon before but he says there on his deathbed they are at least trying to make Solomon successful he says remember what Jill acted to me what he did to amaze up at what he did to Abner Franson I don't make an easy assumption if we have a purpose by God to finish the work this message is important to us if it was important that long ago for David Patel Solomon so that he could complete the Temple it's just as important to us tonight so that we can finish the work at you with me yes or no JoAnn what he did to me what he did to a Mesa and what he did to add an attribute of first Samuel first Samuel twenty in verse nine it's interesting to me how amazed I was killed all these stories are somewhat graphic and gruesome in the interest of time you are going to them and in that greater detail but I want to pull out a few points for us tonight first annual twenty in verse nine eight yes or no that's not right try second Samuel I forewarned you before he got started second Samuel twenty in verse nine that looks better Joab said to a Mesa arts valid health my brother and John took a Mesa by the beard with his right hand to kiss a Mesa didn't expect foul play at all he gained a job he said how you doing my friend can I kiss you on the cheek with the other hand reaching for a sword to extinguish his life it's interesting to me that he was deceived with a kiss allows in the Bible is the seed with a kiss Matthew twenty six in verse forty three of those now he that betrayed its name gave them aside Saint whomsoever I shall kiss that same as he hold them fast Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss my wife said something interesting to me whenever we think of shooters we think of them it is kind of the bad guy you don't hear many new parents introduce their new baby boy is little baby Judas if you're if you're if your name is Judith are you know what Judas I believe you can be on person but the name comes up a lot of negative connotation are you with me when we look at Judas when we look it up mesas like there was no suspension but the work there was no belief that there was foul play is the practical application the enemy is going to use people probably people that you respect to derail you from your purpose never never has there been a more important time for us to be students of the Bible never has there been a more important time for us this bad time on our knees praying that God shows us the purpose could be apparent that says don't follow the ministry could be a youth pastor as we take a little older to get involved in God 's work could be appear since it's not really cool to work for God yet wait to hear a little older the message from a Mesa tells us to be students of the Bible just you saying that that God can't use people are peers parents or or youth pastors to take Jewel guide us in HS and the purpose not at all if God is using some want God will use many people in your life to elevate you can do to carry you to hold you to aid you in your purpose what I am saying is always keep your eyes on God the second you lower than you're looking at a human will at best better Clark our sinful failures the enemy will use people probably people you respect in the last day to derail you for your purpose David said to his son remember a Mesa with a message that should drive us to our knees turn with me if you want to second Samuel second Samuel chapter three I believe as we study the story of a Mesa it tells us that God is calling for a generation devoted to following him what no matter what out of ethane about it a generation celebrated Bible study and prayer that communication between them and their heavenly father is never broken not even by a friendly encounter King David's find the size of remember a mace I remember Abner seconds end of chapter three and verse one now there was a long war between the house of the salt to the houses on the house of David but David wax stronger and stronger in the house of Saul waxed weaker and weaker but then we read in verse six it came to pass while there was war between the house of Saul in the house the data that Abner made himself strong for the house of Saul that Israelites are at war the North and the South are fighting with each other in a federal lives are being snapped out because the Israelites can't get along David 's big picture thinker this great ruler of Israel set the enough is enough enough young to give me enough people have died enough innocent people have died so he sends message after he says come to my home I want to meet with you would pick up the story in verse twenty Abner came to David to have Brahmin and twenty men with them and David made Abner and the men there a feast David brings twentieth brings Abner and brings twenty of his magnet says with me let's get this thing figured out enough innocent people have died we've got to get it figured out we read of their strategic dinner in verse twenty one Abner sat on the day that I will arise and go and will gather all of Israel unto my lord the king that they may meet the Legion would be so I have this dinner David says enough is enough enough innocent people one how can the North and the South get along and jealous of the oak aging but not Joanna Ebbers is objecting I'll go back and I'll get the north on your side could you argue that Abner did this only for political clout in the cabinet David maybe could you argue that David did this only to get his true love back Michael may be but I believe David was a bigger picture thinker I believe that God knew it's usually David knew that the Israelites were hand selected can pick by God and they needed to get along and then there is joy Joab comes back is enraged with the cane testing how could you have app bearing your own home and not kill him don't you know getting that Abner stands for everything that were not don't you know King that ab is talking bad about it on the other side don't you know King that that Abner is a spy to join clause Abner back Abner comes back in a in Joab is there at the gate with a sword in hand and snubs out Abba 's life audit drive practical application but I want to give your parentheses first you didn't get a president that holds back his opinion NSB executive committee the board or rarely do not know where I stand on an issue didn't get also get a a president that only preaches a wrong Ross will team dull sermon AA friend in a group and nice man once said to me run your ministry like Jesus yet the Pharisees on one side and the Sadducees on the other how many innocent people will die not knowing Christ because modern-day Israelites can't get along how many people would neglect in this world because we can't act as one united shot under God how many people in your country in your state in your city or on your street will die not knowing a Savior because conservatives and liberals can't get along I would say this is somewhat a bite conservative crowd on speaking to nothing wrong with that I don't even like the idea of college days conservative or liberal are somewhere in the middle you should be biblical you only focus should be at your biblical and that it should matter anywhere else but for the sake of this I'll use that analogy because that's what people understand modern-day Israelites and I've seen it on both sides say look what this other churches doing look what this other pastor is doing and it's used inside of us we create dissension in our ranks we forget that our primary focus is to reach souls for the kingdom we let the battle between the North and the South consume us men and women are lost on a spiritual battlefield daily because we did not get along the battle of the North and the South distracts us from our purpose is a I liked me a little better because I'm a liberal or all conservative and I think I'm on the better person for that owner read you acts after verse thirty four Metairie from the English standard version because I like the way it renders it be opened his mouth and said truly I understand that God shows no how much no partiality it doesn't matter if you're the president of the Seventh-day Adventist church or an intern God shows no partiality it doesn't matter if you're a young person OR and old person God shows no partiality it doesn't matter who the president of GUI seat for a first-time attendee God shows no partiality it doesn't matter if you're a liberal or a conservative God shows no partiality is a just and I feel just a little holier Islamic conservative I feel a little better that I don't think I can associate with the other side to them a little lawyer because I'm a liberal Isaiah sixty five Isaiah sixty five in verse five who say keep to yourself do not come near me for I am too lowly for you the fees are a smoke in my nostril a fire that burns all day God is calling for a generation a generation who will say we will stop focusing on the battle of the North and the South and focus on the outside battle a generation that says the stakes are too high the risk IQ great in the purpose to magnificent we must stop the focus of the North and so I ask you how many are you willing to let die in sin in your neighborhood because of the paddle God is calling for a generation which Sharif the other side which ever you might be odd like David and not like Joanne Joab David Solomon because remember what Joe acted to me remember what he did to a Mesa remember what he did Abner second Samuel in verse fourteen chapter forty seconds Daniel chapter fourteen verse two are you there yes or no and Joe up sent to fight with me anyone John sent to you got it and such that's a wise woman and Senator I parade we find myself to be a more and put on now mourning apparel and anoint up I felt with oil but be as a woman that has been a long Time Warner and altered the death Joab in his mind wants to see Absalom come back to the kingdom I think in my mind that if Joe ever had just ask David straight up David to enhance one come back David what is absolutely not so Joab and his cunning mind constructs a plan to bring Jill at Absalom back you get this woman eased the puts a plan in her mouth he broke the plant the story there and the woman goes to David it's as King my two sons were in a field they were fighting and one killed the other and now locating the peak family wants to kill my others son and noting if they do that my name will vanish forever altering a big view that all have nothing left getting what you have some pity on me so David said not all hair I think I'm on his body will be harmed and then the lady says King if there is a little pity in your heart for this man my son is there a little pity in your heart for Absalom once you see it fit that Absalom comes back into this kingdom Absalom allowed to return David yields to the force of an external element and he's distracted from his purpose they just and proper that Athlon 's crowning act of hypocrisy was designed not only to blind the king but to establish the confidence of the people and thus lead them on to rebellion against the king who had chosen a believe Ellen White was speaking about Absalom when she wrote this one event that happened the Jackson profits seven nineteen it's speaking to David said but it seemed up parted from God and yielded himself to the wicked one he became for the time the agent of Satan David tells Solomon beware of the external forces that distract you from your purpose Joab was able to secure the work of this woman and distract David from his purpose there's this great king this great decision-maker in the Israelite kingdom was then for a moment rendered useless because of the work of a woman today more than ever the enemy is using at the bank to distract us from our purpose could be dress could be friendships could be entertainment could be any number of things you know what it could be for your could be finances if it in late finances seem to be such a hot topic and even that friends can distract us for my purpose was so concerned about things that that might come were distracted from the people that we could be witnessing to if you have any questions about this I strongly recommend you go to add rights by that right at great seminar tomorrow we've got some of the best stuff I've seen outside it's particularly interesting to me that Joab selects the use of a woman up a quick Bible student would know that in the Bible a woman represents the church could be that in the end time the enemy will use the church to distract you from your purpose follow me through this lest you miss my point I was traveling us this summer quite a bit with my wife we between CYC weddings and graduations we spent a fair share of our time in airports we landed in Washington DC and I remember it vividly because we're going to my cousins graduation my dance secretary made the reservations for for the rental car we get down to the rental car area and I remember a budget outline Alamo Avis no line hurts long line what you think we're in parts I couldn't believe in our member walking in there looking around thinking of myself every person in this tired entire airport must be renting a car from Hertz we waited we waited we waited and finally got to the front of the line and we got our car the next week and we're scheduled to be out in San Francisco armed with this knowledge to the lines I made my reservations for the Clark I remember at San Francisco you take a little trolley the doors opened and I saw a base no line budget no line Alamo dollar note line charts gigantic line what evening I was with parts of websites sucked me right and I got an outline and the whole time I'm thinking to myself how on earth can everyone be in here wanting to get a car from Hertz started a touch more expensive expensive dinner with a couple dollars a day long so I'm standing in this line I honestly think you want are these people doing around me I get to the front the guy or the older gentleman calls me to the front DVD I handed my idea had to my credit card he does his thing on the computer he gets the packet writing our side he hands me the package but that he doesn't let go he gets real close to my year looks to the left and right to ensure that no one listening he says that hurts we like to take care of our taller brothers as I drove out of the parking lot in a brand-new SUV upgraded at no charge I knew I was that hurts brand loyalty what can they do for me many of the consumer what can they do for me it's like Israel only flies Northwest Airlines flight load that many sailors go by why does it need a nice bowl of fruity pebbles brand loyalty as I drove abstract from San Francisco all the way over to we mark us scary analogy of truth aligned my mind if I were the enemy I thought to myself I would attract people to church with a brand loyalty think of it you'd walk into the church Paul that the door and sit down in the Buick they got on here what do you do for me this morning the music it is better please me or I'm year if one person says something to me I don't like I'll find another church in the preacher get me started on the preacher I do not want to be convicted today I want to walk out a year fee illegal and it'll with the same world I was when I walked in if I were the enemy I would attract people to church with a brand loyalty God is calling for each generation of charged young people who go to worship a creator each set they are there on selfishly and humbly worshiping their savior not an attitude of life and for me but an attitude of what you want from me this Saturday God is calling for a generation of church people what they are to worship God the questions that are asked what kind of music would God want to hear how would Jesus react to someone if they said something he didn't like it Jesus was here is the pastor how would he preach God is calling for a generation of charge young people who go to worship God knowing that they're there for him and not themselves Goddess Kali for a generation to finish the work they generation will realize their true purpose of a generation who are bathed in Bible study and prayer a generation with the strict focus on reaching a world in need of a generation he will let nothing stop them from fulfilling their purpose will you join me this summer I was at the ASI convention I was there eating on meal kind of minding my own business sign on a piece of broccoli when a person came to sit next to me I'll tell you know it you just sign through this piece of broccoli eaten it and I looked in the night I went back to the broccoli and I looked again most double take moments John Paulson sat down next to me and if trying to one of those moments when you can look to make sure you don't have any food on your your short make should advertise itself nice and in yours you nice posture and everything and instantly I thought about the question that I wanted to ask him but I did when asked right away I get the antenna warm-up do it you know what I was doing I doubt so it got you know I haven't some small talk and I told again in my line of work it's cool when I can get to the owner or a CFO Beatlemania Florida work at school when he enters a a a country and the president is is able to meet with them and other people came and joined it so it's getting harder and harder to point my questions at them but I finally got my opportunity I said Jan on the lesbian undecideds at I sent Elder Paulsen if the plan for young people in the church effect Justin were waiting for each generation to take ownership of the church just everywhere waiting for a generation who take ownership of the church it was in a cookie-cutter responsivity and I really wrestled with the question in my mind for a while what is a look like what if it looked like if each generation takes ownership of the church will begin you a few notes that I've come up with an owner doesn't give up they're not afraid to get in there to get their hands dirty and owners not in a shack in and check out to church and owners in a boldly proclaim a message to the world ashamed of the gospel you want to learn how you can unashamedly take picked this gospel in this generation to a world in need do you want to understand that God can use you as a banker and a in accounting a nurse whatever field you're in today where you're at and when you know where your assets yes I know not to join us next year unashamed in Kentucky if God is loving mercy comes back will have it in the shadows of the tree of life wouldn't that be incredible God is going I believe for the in ownership mentality it's really you think about it a paradigm shift of thinking about our relationship with the church no longer can you sit back with your arms crossed and said I will like that I really appreciate what he's saying you have to take ownership of Robert nailed down on your knees and ask God for help and guidance church is boring church is not spiritual enough to get in there and fix it no longer can you think why don't like that I don't like that I don't like the generic that said after all a foreign ownership of the church Don Paulson wants that God wants it and if the alternate way we can get the thing done if we take ownership of the church get in there and fix it if it needs fixing remember that an owner always looks internally before looking externally God 's calling for a generation who take ownership of this church owners are so passionate about his or her product they save so that no force in turn are internal or external will stop them from spreading the message to the world God is calling for a generation is Seventh-day Adventist to take ownership of the church in bed and say this is my Solomon charged by David went on to fulfill his purpose in his life he finished the work God gave them he was able to complete that temple to do things that David himself couldn't do God is calling for a generation of young people to do things that generations before us were unsuccessful to do my peel tonight is simple in first Chronicles God 's steward at a crossroads give me God 's people stood at a crossroads in first Chronicles God 's people where they are ready to bring on the next generation to do things to do that had the capacity and talent to do things that the generation before it couldn't do I submit to you tonight that we're at a crossroads in this birth history tonight December seventeen two thousand and eight people stand at a crossroads leave asking for a generation to get motivated to get things figured out into finish the work he's calling for God movement of young people and old people two oh get on board or get out of the way it's a movement already gaining momentum so powerful and impactful that no human being can take credit for it better than any private energy wisely better than any executive committee better than any more than anybody on it start a movement with God himself as the general a movement of young people are springing up all around the world and you've got to get on board or you've got to get out of the way God 's movement to point all I'm sick of these pretended movements in young people we dress up we come to GRC each year we plan on it I've close into the tie we attend the meeting Bible in hand we study our Bibles from Wednesday to Sunday we fruitfully pray from Wednesday to Sunday and we go home and we lose it all we put our nice attire the next G Y C but the next year God 's calling for a generation that take it seriously day in and day out G Y C is not an annual convention GUI C is not a play time with friends that you haven't seen in a while GUI fee is not a place where you find a spouse GUI fee is not a place where you come to eat good food usually him don't miss my point GUI see if that's all you lead in your dorm room CYC is what happens when you are alone with your thoughts at CYC is what happens in Vespers and churches across the glow CYC is taking risks sharing your faith in the workplace sharing your faith in a classroom sharing your faith the people on the street and see what I see is hard and service the guy not an annual convention if you come here tonight thinking that visit and you'll get vegan I heard you search your heart because you're here for the wrong reason if you came here tonight just think to mingle with people just the kind of meet other people and having a circle you come in for the wrong reason tonight I argue search your hearts while your here friend God wants to call a generation but he did not do it until we get serious data once the college generation that said you think will want you want that can finish the work but he can't do it until we get serious and God wants the college generation celebrate the prayer celebrate the Bible study that no person no human being could distract him from that God wants the college generation so devoted to him that the battle of the North and the South Devon effective and Salazar want for the kingdom of God is calling for a generation not distracted by external things and not distracted by dress not distracted by friendship not even distracted by charged with there for the wrong reason but humble servants of God that can finish the work would you join me in that effort for the longest time I've always thought about myself been in the past tense I thought about you wouldn't it be cool if it could be one of those founders of the Adventist church thinking that they be there and that they have room at when people are praying on their knees and they come up with the idea to start the Seventh-day Adventist church led by God I thought to myself wouldn't it be cool to be there with David to see this decisive leader in action when it be cool that it cool to be there with Esther to see here in this this kingdom where civility comes at a king and boldly proclaims a message to her how I felt when it be cool to be there with Paul did to travel that used 3G from city to city with Paul I thought this one it have been cool to be one of the pioneers one of the founders of the generation of youth for Christ when that a big goal to be in that room as they sat together great just think in Israel Andrea Oliver and the rest of them as they knelt down and prayed that speaking in himself God should we do this or not but God has saved us for something that God has saved us for the best part of all the God has saved us to finish the work and usher in his second coming he never has there been a more exciting time to be alive never has there been a more exciting time to be a young person never has there been a more exciting time to be involved in God 's work the appeal was simple the angel of the Lord is writing down the history of this error he's getting ready to plan out Revelation the best part the last book of earth history the pandas ready the page is in front of her are polite and she's going to start writing and I ask you what will she write about this generation what was she right about the generation of youth for Christ what was she right about you heavenly father we read just Bauer heads in this humble moment I believe honestly that you charged us tonight that you given us this great purpose of finishing the work never Lorne is there been a more exciting for us exciting time for us to be alive never has there been a more exciting time for you to use God 's young people and tonight Lord were worked out humbly before you were young people who are weak and underqualified but we understand Lord that a fourteenth up with you we are magnificent and overqualified Lord we ask that you come into our lives that you make is that generation that's ready to finish the work load was sick of talking about it were sick of coming up to the conference after conference we want to be the generation that ushers in his second coming we're here to tell you were writing that the owners of this were ready to take this to the next level but we can only do it with your guidance and your assistance Lord thank you for being a God that we can come before and asked anything out give us up last weekend now if you showing your frailties a senior Russian rule you are in this is my audio is Wednesday was a generation of advice you would like to learn more about G1 please visit .net on the life that God will work like this is an online seminar please visit www. audio versus nonwork


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