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Wrongly Trained

Justin Kim

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • December 18, 2008
    7:00 AM
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morning I bless your heart to come out this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed view more red eyed and bushy haired this morning we will be going to Scripture amen your Bibles with you do you know that you're very abnormal you know that what group of young people ask you comes out seven o'clock in the morning waste mice close in brushing your teeth and having your hair Combs is a very unusual group event don't know any other group of people who pays just hundreds of dollars risk their life to come to San Jose California you just weird praise the Lord for weird people event we did without we did for so question a short prayer father in heaven we thank you for this venue the Lord we ask for the Holy Spirit to convict their hearts this morning Lord we don't need often display we don't need an adrenaline rush father we need your Holy Spirit so father as we navigate through your holy Scriptures or blessed the years of every person years of blessed my lips cleanse us from our sins asked for the four three Holy Spirit without reservation the greatest Jesus open your Bibles to leave chapter nine Luke chapter nine week is that the third book of the New Testament empanadas knife chapter we did everything and in the more sessions when I look at some of the maybe not all the sessions with some assessment look at some of the movements that have existed in history this morning would look at the twelve disciples how do you familiar with the twelve disciples the twelfth classic fathers of Christianity in my imagination and with all due respect these are the ones you change the world in my imagination before the cross before the conversion they remind me of the seven this needs to the seven dwarves I don't have to go see the movie to to know what I'm talking about they just seem like a bungling group of twelve men and men invade not a very smart and a breakaway or some of them are to have pride issues and there there's no fighting with each other and Jesus strategies them for three and a half years and profound this is these guys are just that of arguing about no hated you buy the food today and they had a summary getting it if the sermon was retitled I call it getting it getting look at Luke chapter nine this morning looks at the night is a moon eyed galleria of a compilation if you will of all the mistakes and the faults of the twelve disciples Peter was known for is what for putting his foot in his mouth his ostentatious diocese is talk talk talk talk and nothing think big Philip was known for not really getting it you know it would Jesus tour for community summary quick that the Greeks do I hate we see Jesus in the role of a optic and it was okay James and John had an anger problem they're called James and John enough under son no as you know can we Jesus can we kill them for you know and Jesus is yet all the shared interesting incompetent characters the notable chapter nine and for those of you are more of the type bacon personality notes the youngest ten points I would like to bring out those remarks is the can just enjoy the experience those were analytical one two three four five six ten on the side ten points is more Scripture before the time constraint this morning reluctantly chapter nine ten points whichever nine first one then he called the twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all devils and to cure diseases he sent them to preach the kingdom of God heal the sick who is seeing verse one obviously it is Jesus Jesus calls the disciples and gives them two things what is a given power and authority to cure diseases and from first three are diversified to get instructions on what to do and in part for today with a look at what exactly he says no but a verse ten and the apostles when they were returned to hold him all that had they had done he took them and when aside privately into a desert place belonging to a city called that Sega to hear Jesus gives them instructions and they go out after a hold their work they come back in the good Jesus all things that we did now contrast this to the twelve disciples to a certain group in a chapter ten of Luke chapter ten is the next chapter no new page after this chapter ten and verse one after all these things the Lord appointed other seventy also sent them to bite you before his face and every city and place whether he himself would come now there are two groups amen the first was what cause of this anger was what set his disciples are seventy to seventy bank least groups and disorder we were given the same instructions they call out the Jew UIC outreach in the comeback the twelve disciples come back anytime and that the dead that they be dead Jesus the seventy comeback in the chapter tender seventeen the seventy returned again with joy saying Lord even the devils are subject unto us through thy name what is the difference between the response between group one twelve disciples in group two with a seventy what is the keyword that's missing in the first response joy first eighteen Jesus response I beheld Satan as lightning falling from any speaking of joy verse nineteen behold I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and overall the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you notwithstanding in this rejoice not but that the spirits are subject to you but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven enjoy enjoy twice two more times against first we want in that hour Jesus what rejoice in the spirit and said I thank thee O father Lord of heaven and earth that thou has hid these things from the wise and prudent and has revealed them unto babes even so father for it seemed a good and nice site all things are delivered to me of my father and no man know if his son is but the father and the fathers but the son and he to whom the son will reveal them in verse twenty three UAE says Jesus turns he turned him on to his disciples and said privately blessed are the eyes which see the things that you see the difference here the twelve disciples are God 's chosen leaders there that the twelve euro twelve any visit how to go out and come back to Québec in the Delta and the Bible says they tell everything that they did to Jesus the comeback like use as well we got out in the past the couple tracks and yet we yield a couple people in the notice couple devils that we just passed the cast out no yes we did Jesus mean a whole report record the other seventy come back to seventy are not as well close diseases as twelve or they come back into combat with what joy there jumping up and down Jesus we cast out that will job is to bring all the seventy 's you'll get questions use this to you have joy when you do outreach is your three and a half years intimate time with Jesus does that cost enjoy Jesus as Seventh-day Adventist young people sometimes joy is missing him and we can replace with enthusiasm adrenaline rushes you have joy lead outreach I will confess to you I usually don't have joy to our when I hear about reach I think of all no we got it go into the community and talk to people and yesterday that the glow presentation while those greatly impeded might not talk to people and just know do that soon go to barbecue grills and bathrooms and bathroom industry the seventy hi Joy this joy caused Jesus to be joyous and vice versa where we where we can persuade one in that hour Jesus rejoiced that works rejoice in the Greek I want tight because of the money practically more about Greek is a word that's only found here there are two words for rejoice while his regular rejoice like papers awarding and half the school the author Joyce is Jesus was exceedingly chomping on it the scheduling to be about but just bringing with joy Jesus was happy in a front but he says no I'll bless these babes Lord because babies and and and and and and and and and cries they don't understand yet but they're happy and rather be happy to your names are written in heaven and then restricted he turns to his disciples wives attorneys disciples is almost teaching them mole absent yes indicate these guys get it blessed are you seasons my question my mental premises this annuls early friends and I wasn't like all the TV and point set of the nano whatever misses the point for today mostly daffodils if we don't do what we need to do now somebody else will take her place and don't rejoice there are a lot of people out there that are not someday honest effort to better jump and get there more competent than we'll don't kid yourself the old UI CUI job in a job will last you somebody else about the seventy other people out there jumping let's start getting cement with joy that is an injunction to all of us to do evangelism in in a microwave at a macro way every day of our lives but also you start if you're nervous papers Laura I'm right there along with you you start this Saturday meant now here's the thing tomorrow to talk about the fear of no fear we look at the keys little thing that caused the disciples free cross and disciples after the cross is it that there is a marked difference in mental now the first misstep of the other tennis like the twelve disciples the ten points were number one it had no joy no drug or next Québec chapter nine it had no joy no joy first twelve read on when the day began to wear away then came to twelve and sent to him send the multitude away that they may go into the towns and country runabout and large individuals for we are here in a desert place I've ever had a long day as as a pastor of the mission conference sometimes her along day Sabbath is the longest day ever you know you say praise the Lord but it's like pray for sometimes and if something like you loosen your tie don't talk me come home after church you like you react to sit down just like want to do nothing like zone out missing your Thai ladies if you guys are you missing your scarves and we and the last thing you want to do is talk to people young document in meeting people happy seven are you in a whatever you go visit people you cast a demon .net and you and any unique you want to relax and sometimes you say Jesus sent the multitude away was using worst looking but he sent to them what gave them to what now you're tired and you're just dying because the whole day you can walk at the unison back and it walked like an average of twenty five miles a day right there not here to text message people and talking to people and is sitting over there they're walking and walking and the last thing you want to do is what makes good for someone you know I heard a story on the past of a passage wife but if I commiserate pastors wives I will go out then it all day baby needled his people and they say hey come over my house I will make a dinner will make you dinner and he comes home and yet like the nine ten people and hate audiological hey I just have to know in our church guests you know obviously dinner for us and bless every pastor 's wife she does the pastor at Ellen G White smile yes sure she does but inside are awarded thinking of the long day amid lasagna for polyp and on and on about all the things she does it in Jesus is asking is go above and beyond even when you don't want to do it do it and he will give us is checked out and see what he does is given to each end here the disciples are all arguments I love when he argued Jesus because they always lose first thirteen and visible you have no more but five loaves and two fishes except we go and buy meat for all these people Jesus says in verse fourteen for there of about four thousand minutes of his disciples disciples make them sit down by fifties in a company but you love that Jesus was an organized person in an Air Force not careful this group you see here will easily become a model visa become a mob but Jesus is organize yourself into the fifties sword movement I can't put is of a head that I is pretty scaling what we get organizers interesting enough this Saturday we have fifty buses lined up pretty cool on those acting presidency and disciples it still made them all sit down Jesus took the five loaves and two fishes you know the story you look up to having less than an break Dave disciples to set before the multitude and they did eat and were all filled now this is classic for seventeenth there was taken up a friend of a fragments that remained to them how many baskets how many disciples one basket per one disciples why is teaching them a lesson you see that basket of left over I couldn't that's my power one thing on the ship I went above and beyond in service when you're doing God 's work it's a not a nine to five main event you go above and beyond your tired and even when you're tired you keep doing God 's work anyway none of this American laziness I did my work not the Lord knows I put in my hours I deserve to sleep no no God is not an American a man they are un-American about the it's over but not of this I design rights no Jesus I will I expect above and beyond service and so number two was number one he had no joy there complaining to the just the minimal possible the outreach this at the onset of afternoon to make it to hand out pamphlets handed petals of some pamphlets don't think as long as I get these pampered on don't know think beyond the box think the outside picture what is the outside picture with you to conquer San Jose Simonides and on capacities as fast as possible and I just passed out yesterday to pass it would quickly write ice to put them you know I I know all the ways out of outreach friends know I've been in the church for what you put in in in in window shields of the of the cars page got you all out while the key one-to-one interaction mixture that pamphlet is worth giving up to it most it will help you in and get some if we destroyed the glowing of the bathroom and get back all happens to a beagle above and beyond even the three great verse eighteen it came to pass as he was alone praying his disciples were with him and Jesus asked him saying whom say the people that I am they answered saying John the Baptist but some say Elijah and others say it one of the old prophets is risen again in Jesus and for them again whom say but whom say ye that I am and who whose answer near Peter Google Peter answered and said Christ of God one piece really tries them and committed them to tell no one that think they may think what is going on during intercell and Peter in his mind and all the twelve disciples their following Jesus for the wrong reasons here they are you know this ready there under the Empire the Roman Empire the little colony and if you have any opportunity they would rebel and become an independent nation yeah imagine if in America that Americans were fighting with you if we are fighting in Afghanistan and end of without a computer of America the majority that Iraq is for the M DeJesus on our side the war be over where tonight can you imagine if Jesus was a war if you superhero imagine and this is why the Nazis wanted on Ark of the covenant in the supernatural power but imagine your army and yet Jesus and your son you get gunned down the Oliver minute that Jesus arrives you are not need to any backpacks if you know provisions were so hungry what we do all you have a little piece of bread but multiply if you are the Germans yet across English Channel a water we don't need ships let's just all walk on top of the water and you walk across and conquer the world more this is the idea of Jesus yeah that may have Simon the zealot which are historians tell us was a terrorist any opportunity had he would've gone against the Roman Emperor sixty seater hopes they have that's their idea of the Christ the Superman Spiderman the do whatever men if he became the Messiah chosen one and we conquer the Romans we would be Jews again in Israel and restore all that stuff so here in verse twenty Jesus says but whom say ye that I am in a Peter answers that Christ of God 's mezzanine is that the shaking fist in music it's all like charismatic and Jesus known her over three want Easter rightly charged and commanded them to tell him no man for three three says in instead verse twenty two the Son of Man must what suffer many things be rejected of the roof the elders said that the chief priests and scribes of the status quo of the day and be slain and be raised authoritatively straight up told the twelve disciples no parables not puzzled guys your idea of me is incorrect I will be rejected of the leadership I'll be the lowest of the low Alexa guide by their hands but our resurrected three days okay in front of rude will get it what when's the Superman could happen my question to you is how many of us are using Jesus and his disciples spent three and a half years of Jesus amen how do years and he spent Jesus how many years have you been in the seventh day Adventist Christian church could still be also need be making the same mistakes as his twelve disciples you have no joy your injurious school year to do the Lord 's work in the note you will find your parents raising children for God 's copy of nuclear how many you are not just in the minimal amount possible and how many of us using Jesus for our own benefit was so awesome awesome so humbling as Jesus is so humble he allows us to use it he allows us Ms. of ages out of nowhere and exactly to go look it up in your CD-ROM of she says that they had a long motive to follow Jesus but that's okay he took that because there were to follow is an care what reason ufologists but he changes the reason later on event before before the event verse twenty eight enchanting first retriever three seven very good stuff there for three came to pass about eight days after these things but he ticked Peter James and John or John and James and went up into a mountain to pray as you pray the fashion of his counts is what's altered and his raiment was white and glistening behold there talked with him two men which were who Moses and who appeared in glory and spake of his decease which you should accomplish at Jerusalem but Peter and they that were with him were heavy with sleep when they were awake they saw his glory and a two minutes that within it came to pass sexy as they departed from him Jesus said unto Jesus Peter said unto Jesus Master it is good for us to be here let us make three Tabernacles one for the one for Moses and one for Elijah not knowing what he said this is just mind-boggling for me you have the transfiguration experience in design shall and will exist appear to individuals chosen by having to give comfort to Jesus at this time Jesus Rick asked three of his closest disciples to come up with them and it even has Austin experience what are they doing and as young people are you falling asleep but literally honestly right now you need a wake-up but spiritually speaking we falling asleep it's interesting that that Satan has awake to ten people to fall asleep at the perfect opportunity as a preacher as a public speaker I see all of you and be in speaking on behalf of all the preachers out there we see you when you're falling asleep I know you think we don't see you but we do see you and when your eyes close we see that some Asian minority see but okay what else we see Satan as an art has as it is a thing where he makes people fall asleep at the right time when they need to hear something the thing that will impact their salvation that's when your eyelids become so heavy you cannot raised in Madison is mostly fidgety Arnie to get out of here we you don't enter the bathroom and you go to bathroom the sermon timing is everything friends Peter James John lots the opportunity because they fell asleep before I is the great devotions you woke up today and did your devotions befell asleep and I also goes a lot on now the water got closer to your post acute vizier in the word literally feeling know why when you're falling asleep business festivities is going to have one Lord I'm tired I deserve to suite you say that you need physical wrestling spiritualist riesling Sabbath in suite we spend Sabbath and rest the other thing is so you're saying is Lord I just don't care I'm in the evidence church for twenty years I heard a sermon against Manoa again not walking okay while you walk out I got this artistry it's not the actual information that you're getting I hope today you not you learning something from Wood chapter nine but it is the experience that you're going through now that converts you fractured thinking of a horrible pick up Regina and IM I list was about benefit as we the Lord is saying you need to pray for your preachers pressure critical part perhaps your thinking on this and it will spit you right now and perhaps your your mind wanders and you're convicted about only different from the message 's periods of the message to friends when it comes to listening to for God Lord I need sleep I don't need water I don't need to our UU your words of unique focus like crazy Peter James and John W sketches of the say I don't know but perhaps you like off Jesus is praying alone again Jesus praises a long time sourcing at year dumbest dear Tony saw the soft me to thrust my head here and spew my monitor no one appeared with price nor the loudest falling asleep under five in verse thirty four verse thirty four on server thirty three it came to pass as he departed friend Peter said to Jesus Master it is good for us to be here over the Peter and let us make three Tabernacles will keep your honey three okay one for the one for Moses and one for Elijah as Scripture says look says what not knowing what he said peters just talk using only talking about the ever have people who compensate for their incompetence in weird ways of a youth pastor for four years and I have a really bad habit for me on China fix it but when people fall asleep I call on taking you read the text right now and you go to a sharp eye house pink painted a full-time cable car music of what what passage that when you're caught red-handed each a copy because nothing happened undocumented on a alley I think I saw like I was reading with three tabernacle three one for you Jesus one for him yet that's compensate you covering up interesting is that these are incompetent twelve disciples firstly seven begin to pass that on the next day when they are much odd come down from the hill much people that can first thirty eight behold a man of the company cried out saying Master I beseech thee look upon my son for use my only child a spirit taketh him and Lois to get him and he suddenly cried out it terraced him from any terrorists in the phone with again and bruising him heartily departed from him I be sought by disciples to cast them out and they could not but forty one and Jesus answering said O faithless and perverse generation how long shall it be with you and suffer you bring by Southern Sun hitter as he was yet coming the devil threw him down and tear him Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit Cuba child and delivered any of his father for forty three they were all amazed at the mighty power of God and while they wondered everyone and all the things Jesus did he said unto his disciples let these sayings sink down into your years the Son of Man should be delivered in good hands of men verse forty five and they understood not the same and was hid from them and they perceived it not and he feared to ask him of an event and the twelve disciples and again and they didn't Q I see you get it or are you one of these focus on Jesus saying the next thing that is happening is my crucifixion I want you to be focused on the because I'm getting it in understand and I can command ability to each other what he said I don't know what the auto article eight this pretend I Guido you think was talk about and around your think you get friends this morning I want employee you know why your seventh day Adventist Christian you know the defendant does it define meaning behind seventh day Adventist residents are not divinely BSL the chosen from heaven name we are a generation of young people who are frustrated or even angry financings the next action maybe more conservative than people generally they are tired of complacency indifference and hearing and ingest the answer coming Orthodox conservatism fundamentalists but the most about the wrongs why Ali said it damaged Christians young people today with my generation I'm a young twenty seven years old my generation I am frustrated that I did not know what out why was sent and is just twenty years old I thought I was a Catholic worship on Saturday in any pork that is not some Dems event the next event on the horizon with how much moral for prophecies we have still yet to wait for the next event on the horizon is what we should be about Jesus is telling us what is the next event has happened before Islam that an all-time evidence of what we don't get it we don't get exactly like the twelve aside for use in Jesus there is no joy for phonics with their sermons and in life lost their focus were not getting her sweet voice is let the same sink down into your ears for the Son of Man to be delivered into the hands of men but they understood not the same data at forty six then there was a reasoning among them which of them should be what this is just crazy phenomenal she's on the guide and arguing while he's telling the recipient across the AP of piercing hey I'm better than you Johnson on better than you folks and a lot smarter than you are better looking than you whatever competition within the ranks are REITs use of some quotes from the book education and and and encourage all of you it is requisite reading the book education education is not about education event for life for life serial update education page two twenty five show education does not ignore the value of scientific knowledge or literary tenets acquirements but a Bob information it values power above power goodness above intellectual acquirements character world does not need much is not much need men of great intellect as of noble character it needs men in whom ability is controlled by steadfast show education departs this wisdom it teaches that the best use not only one but of all our powers and requirements as it covers the whole circle of obligation for cells the world to God character building is the most important work ever entrusted to human beings and never before was a diligent study so important as now never was any jet previous generation called to meet issued issue so momentous never before where young men and young women confronted perils so great as confront them today you were probably hard this quote before meant character development is the number one team in a of our lives will be for less things now the condos I read this is this much of the education given is a perversion of the name insured education the selfish ambition the greed for power the disregard for rights and needs of free Maddie that our curse of the world find a counter influence basic points us here are the twelve disciples are not getting and arguing amongst themselves who's better since this competition going on in the twelve disciples in all ranks today is a competition going on amongst the stupid competition is the foundation of capitalism being anti- capitalism my commonest of the communicative update we today have the principles off of competition ingrained in our system of think yes when you come in for registration on the first I want to be first I deserved my hotel now they lost my luggage I was delayed five hundred hours and I need my room out there who you are get out of here having said that we go to our schools we have competition ingrained in the school you know what the money five one eight six we will have our our our outreach activities are competitive sports all would level of thinking is how to beat the other person as Americans of the Western world competition isn't rained in our minds as you raise your kids to begin the kids in the edge in society no document even your freebie and the idle time and I when you promote this knowledge we compete over time because the over rooms and species all over us today instead I want writes in the book education there is a model that seventy address education should promote its groundbreaking and does away with this competitive market what is that we want to talk to your painting the first true education imparts this was the it teaches the best use of not only one but all of our powers and acquirements in us it covers the whole circle of obligation to ourselves the world and to go what shoe education is is not a competitive market think how can I use my entire being all of me to help every person around even if it means I go down the medicine in this group is ironic of a couple hundred near a thousand years ago a lot if every person in this room did not have a competitive mindset and he we argued where work was the greatest visit with preacher who's the greatest student who's the greatest parent if we have this mindset of that promote ever one else let's help save everyone else even if it means my documents Jesus would be here sooner than we read a generation who has a mindset and promotes it in error schools workplaces in our families every place but here we are just like the focus of the work argued each other sometimes the audit each other in and in a roadway sometimes we use create ways to be competitive first forty six then there rose our reasoning among them which of them should be greatest you know the story again Jesus perceiving the thought of their heart took the child and send it by him set him a him and set up to have sent them whosoever shall receive this child in mind name receives me several receipts shall receive me receive a defendant sent me for he that is least among you all the same shall be great immense as the true education model is a story that the one of our chemist missionaries told true education is using every aspect of who you are his disciples than one use every aspect on to minimal the one thing that that that am so that that that that the G1 see Woody resonates with young people is the call for excellence using every aspect of who you want whatever you do to best view good scriptural and thirty residents but in a competitive model is the same thing that Jesus is this do the best that you do everything for Jesus sake every evangelist 's a bathroom cleaner at admission conference kitten she didn't awesome awesome job she would go up Bob and beyond to clean those bathrooms and trust me beginning bathrooms are just yes she would with a smile to do it humming coming week and a bit afterwards and should make sugars or sparkling and sprayed a linen thingy is is is the glorious principle to the bathroom after she is still one of us why what what makes you so happy what is your your your your if this was your motivation wife why why why you do it like you did minimal it is through this and this is get out of there she says I wanted the best for Jesus I like it must best my job the best the best at this I do my best to every person who goes to the bathroom has a good experience become unsmiling whatever the nickel back to the meaning and the happier and intending self becomes happier healthier happier can he get to go upon experience and more people want to Jesus as a result the one small bathroom toward things she's impacting the world friends are you excellent in the small things Jesus here in verse forty eight for he that is least among you all the same should be great verse forty nine Anna which the Koran by the usage of this is that I get a gallery of all the mistakes scholar say chapter not is not chronological first forty nine John answered and said Master we saw one casting out devils in my name but we forbade him because he followed not with us eccentric orbit not for he that is not against us is for us Jesus 's disciples were Aeschylus but you're not part of a club get out only us now I want say the seventh day Adventist denomination is the remnant the biblical red without reservation and without this Claymore apology it is the rent we seek to be the most inclusive run the possible every person should be simply a was is that argument going for fifty one is hilarious the twelve disciples they half years came to pass that when the time is come that he should be received up he steadfastly said a space to go up to Jerusalem he sent messengers before his face they went and entered into of Elizabeth's Americans make ready for him they did not receive him because his face was as though he would go to Jerusalem and when his disciples James and John saw this they said Lord what thou that we command fire to come down from heaven and consume them even has a lot to do full areas for enough years with Jesus and a combination of experience this experience Jesus is about to go to the cross and James and John like Jesus they dispute you want human for you and John says Jesus we allow Nicole fire from heaven if Jesus said okay sure let's hypothetically go had you that that's what don't you find your calm down nothing would happen their characters were not developed that angers they were not into their spirit at a carnal nature 's building and I when asked to those of you are not young people and the young at heart okay how long have you been in the Avenues church twenty five years thirty years forty years fifteen year sixty years bless your heart some of the seven-year seventy eighty years forty nine years but not much of a nine years is it possible to spend nine years of Jesus and not get it isn't possible to have an intimate devotional life with Jesus and not get it is it possible to go to church for ninety years and not get it these twelve disciples spent twenty four hours key they slept ate did everything the keys and they still didn't get it they were wrong we trained if you than all these issues and the more time is not Jesus it's almost as if they didn't get it more first fifty seven hundred fifty five distributors fifty seven it came to pass that as they went away a certain man that these outages that was that was a disciple Judas Judas says Lord I will follow the were ever so thou go it and you says you have no idea what you're talking about the foxes have their hotels the birds have their homes the Son of Man doesn't have any bed the state first board fifty nine another disciple comes up and another that he sent another disciple follow me but this disciple said Lord suffer me first to go and bury my father for sixty one notes that because the Lord I will folly but when he first will bid them farewell which are at home at my house when it comes that water got highly emotional like the word of God 's been spoken and you soon may need to do so yet you squint your eyes and your focus on a percents and you zoom into infinite spiritual verse that you want to make excuses up my cell phone went off cell phone becomes first volume others I need to give my kids the word of God she replaced not replacements but become for you kids Jonathan you're here for the word of God not sick of the girls and then ladies getaway Bulldogs and that we don't think they when it comes to spiritual comes to you I see the word of God is on here to see Jesus this morning save me up on intense day in an intestate in a choice to choose for our seminars this is not sanctified for is a more simplified Bibles are just entertainment if anything we can have speakers here who are old and experience your job is to be mentored unto them use this tiny screens for yourselves don't mess around in the lobby do not pay three hundred dollars the method and lobby to get a lobby it unless around two to fall asleep in the sermons go to every workshop and go to the speak and save I want to ask you about this but I'll be measured unto you I'll never see ever again but this is my only opportunity I may guide FAQ I see through a snowstorm and I need to get this I need to know I need you now I need to focus but too often become at UIC to get our name tags say have decided high oh I like that the sermon about sex and the about dating this one about Newport in this one about and we don't go to the ones we need to year to become sanctified entertainment poor I need to get the money will you put out friends this morning I want to implore you choose the GUI seeks grease for your but no one is when I make you know as metaphors you this is your time and we organize ourselves and get serious and tomorrow morning what that one characteristic that the twelve disciples understood anyone all up Marsha McCall the fear of no fear it if Howard 's re- taught I called and got it today is that it tomorrow is what only use one less quote and will close for today with such an army you know the score yeah with such an army of workers as a youth rightly trained what is that you weren't rightly training if we are not rightly trained or just an army of no year to review the cheerleaders we need to be trained the purpose of GUIs used to train and to inspire me to be trained how me love you outreach me hate throughout reach the refinance you to go to the outreach out all the courses once having you will love dating refinance original the original raiser he did myself stop using Jesus and get yourself focused askew I see France we would be an army of young people right will be trained rightly training and rightly trade with an army of cell workers as a youth rightly changed my furnish how soon the message of a crucified and risen and soon coming Savior might be carried to the whole world how soon might be and come the end of suffering and of sorrow innocent yet I do not know the kinesthetic potential of young people all people are all they have issues the Lord so use that for young people we don't have issues but you will soon get older you will get married wattages theoretically it happens but before that's on mappings and even if you're married use your energy use your your your your with a ways to go all out this something just pretty twisted about young people will wait for people to a hotel the sleepiness in the bed with a strange person for wake-up in the morning there's something that young people love to suffer if we say I know it's beneath nine people to about you but just awesome you don't get that spot right there used to be a bathtub stimulant you just go all out to the hard-core meaning that year but too often oh I'm singing a four-star hotel Hilton where you staying at alike at the unit of another we we we relax to see the Christmas trees and we see that the ornaments and like always in the Christmas carols because it's on the radio let's focus from a stop messing around and start getting let's start getting it no more indifference no more falling asleep reading here no more using Jesus about a linear no more maintenance of the church is progressing for of lovemaking this is message last lipstick ownership of this church this is my church let's go all out for this church no more complaining or murdering authorities are doing something no more three and a half years of Jesus it was as if with every virtue I seven years I liken it to kids at the Jacob is getting married to the rates on after seven years of hard work because Mary carried out with the very like you like is this court your layer within Nesta rock for seven years ever not have been dismissed from another seven years we get it no more three have no more seven no more wrong training friends have made few today realize I may be have been spent I'm has spent ten fifteen twenty twenty five years Jesus I still haven't God .net business you if you are convicted Lord Imai Seventh-day Adventist in mind but not in heart or some of you the online assessment Dennis in mind I then know why it sometimes Gordon examiners most of the people do not get discouraged God will bless us if we go all out for him when you write betrayed and she was just made a mistake tell us we need to rectify but don't sit status quo let's just listen to whatever data the stump national conference in an timely view the show of hands not to me not the three ABN not to be scammers but the Lord Jesus himself saying Lord I've been with you for three and half years our stop nest around Richard Lord I have made a mistake one of these ten things that that did the job and I mentioned that is me rich and high hi friends do not be ashamed Jesus will convert us every day of our lives if you can charge the person next to you in this one were to start this day of prayer and meant get together pressed together one of the the signs of of of God 's movement is only mentioned spontaneous prayer sessions in spontaneous Bible study but just let me go to the hotel lobby to be Buddhists but in order God is into spontaneous as asked you to do it the Lord will enable we need to believe Lord I doubt that it and ask each other to help us we have no time to waste front person next year this time you'll together for you will rule on to this is my audio person seem like a generation of advice you would like to learn more about G1 please visit them you have done in life that God is working like this is an online seminar please visit www. audio versus nonwork


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