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A Heavenly Calling

Randy Skeete

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • December 18, 2008
    7:00 PM
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everyone in the light of the signals of your presence I hope your message so far by what you've heard and learned and I pray that the Holy Spirit will end like to deal understanding as he ministers to you through this message before I jump into the message I must get something off my chest I have your permission to do that last night while our president Justin Davis was delivering his message I was greatly distressed by all the walking the wrong people getting up walking out coming back in sitting down as though they were totally oblivious to the fact that they were conducting this behavior in the presence of a holy God will in the Old Testament is really has killed people for disrespect not asking you from my heart until proper this is wholly drop and when you fly your seat unless you have a medical necessity plays stay in your seat and listen carefully to the seven markets tracked by constantly moving back and forth I rustled all night last night with God should I say this I feel I had to do a lot of they say yes all right let's borrow heads and pray our loving father in heaven reflective of the life you've given to us today and give them to us to glorify your name in all that we do our Lord I particularly obscured to be merciful to me formula one of my favorite sources of Job forty one old items while what shall I answer the eye when it might have upon my mouth father in my finalist and former condition I asked her to be merciful and right through the assistance of your Holy Spirit that he may give me the words to speak the idea is to express of the rights to that by which to do that amaze and delight to the understanding of your sons and daughters I pray but I think you financing this prayer in Jesus name for his sake but all God 's people say a man of him and I welcome you gather both of you listening at home by internets however you're making contact with the service May God bless you with an understanding of his work the same for this July C is for this purpose of it is based on accepted twenty six versus experience of eighteen to eighteen but if you read from first fifty of the Bible says as I said while the Lord I said I am Jesus whom thou persecute just what rights and started upon my feet for I have appeared out of the flaw with this purpose the purpose is of immeasurable significance in Scripture with respect to what God does with us on what God does in the universe bought is of God of purpose and heed the call I have appeared unto fee for this purpose let us look at a concept of purpose in Genesis seven one rating from verse fourteen of our something for the night as in your bulletin is a a heavenly calling but I've also give it another title underlying of distinction so advanced titles by heavenly calling and of distinction gems is one reading from first fourteen the Bible says said let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night on unit seventy four sides of the seasons and for days as I looking for lights in the front of the heaven to give more like upon the earth that manifests detailing the flow of creation in fact bought had up our posts for making the sun the head of the stars to divide the day from the Mac one purpose and for signs and for seasons and for days and years of following light upon the fear of this baseball in resting purpose into his profession now God always begins first with the purpose that he brings something into existence to carry out that purpose that's the way God functions in Jeremiah chapter one rated from first for the Bible says that the word of the Lord Timothy saying before I fall in the Valley I knew they had before though Kim is forth out of the wall ice five it am I altering the appropriate other the nations God had a purpose for Jeremiah before it's out of my was born before Jeremiah was conceived before Jenna Meyer 's father and mother to be back God functions by certain principles and one of his principles as he always has a purpose and free creative failure every created being adamant as it out of it was created to fulfill a specific function analytes right to Christian service grated a distinct work is assigned to every Christian that's a purpose it's a work it's distinct manuscript releases water fourteen page two oh five paragraph for each human being God has assigned an eventuality as a distinct work where I am stressing his we serve God of our plus if that is trail somebody said amount bought it up God up our plus years is not a god of chaos a situation does not arise on Facebook tries to determine how he will react more always has a plan for sport was insane and the medical defeating of the five thousand new jobs of the six different verse five verse of the Bible sent by Jesus Senator then I went shall we buy bread of these may also see sect approve them for he himself knew what he would to God always has a plan of action before a situation arises you what I do not serve a disorganized thought for this purpose God is a God of purpose one of the most significant passengers while the Bible is found in Genesis of the twelve reading from horsewoman this will do with this producer cannula sentimentalist is to find the books of the Bible with little difficulty somebody save them do know that we are losing the ability to find books of the Bible really I won't say why but we are at its traffic because many years ago we used to be known as walked the people of the book yes now we are the people of the screen but it's okay Genesis chapter twelve ridden farmers want to have it now the Lord had set up a broom Kathy out of the country and from thy kindred and from my father 's house onto a lab that I was holding I will make of thee a great nation I will bless the admit find a great unsolved shall be a blessing of God will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curses the ad in the in the Safari shop all of you shall all families of your progress note this final part of the first three of Genesis twelve God unknown says the purpose for his called to Abraham and in the all families of the earth be blessed that's why God called Abraham to be a blessing the whole world we are Abraham 's seed religion through the if any Christ's then are ye Abraham 's seed on as according to the promise we are Abraham 's seed consequently the purpose for which called called Abraham is precisely and without variation the purpose for which God calls us I hope apparent until you fall this purpose and bought has appeared to us at the gathering he has appeared to us as individuals for a specific purpose and that purpose has been to with warning the world of the coming destruction that purpose as the duo with unearthing of the world the fact that there is only all that is always exists that it applies in heaven it applies other side will be done on earth as it is in heaven our purpose is to let the world know that bought still requires that his law be updated respect that upheld I've appeared on fuel for this purpose since not I went go out to a proposed format of a purposeful woman that he requires the counting up of that purpose why about his avatars must face the results of the power of study depth of that person for that started out beautifully but didn't get them singing so that you can win a Grammy no that's not why I wanted to get the sinking bathroom of the Ministry of salt and hot hot hot rest of the race of the goodness of God that death is given back to my countdown the purpose for which God did through life for this purpose is our theme of one calling is one of our titles online of distinction is another part with respect to purpose as much given to Abraham and to us spiritually as children of Abraham upset of what God told Abraham of the Lord had said of the embryogenesis of one density out of my country cannot and staff the separate yourself density off of my country and from my kids were and from my father 's house onto a land that I was chosen onto a land that I will show the blog has a land where he wants you to exercise your pallets in the fulfillment of his purpose he will show you fat black cock did not the actual graphical it may be a circumstance but if God calls you he will direct just stepped onto a ladder that I was so the materials for storm I will make of the accreditation but just how food regulation I will make of the greatness of God will bless how do they find it great about subject matter God call Abraham of an public outlays which by the way is simply as Babylon is there call the bee 's last days the component button on are you familiar with it that call goes all the way to Abraham or of the Chaldeans was about them whenever domestic direct event if it's on the plane of Dora unrequited all people nations and languages fall down and worship as for me Inc. shall set out to this young man refused about the Bible says that men's room there is talent he has other to lose the Charles County others Babylonians Nebuchadnezzar the three boys will not bow blog called Abraham of the wearer of the Chaldees the white people that there is another principle by which malfunctions we look at the principle of purpose purpose that exists in other words you are lie for problems but if you don't fulfill that purpose you have no right to it I like it come on Saturday night I'll talk more about that let's look at another principle associated with purpose go out if the dog defiance he separates the insiders that several things shall not intermingle let us see that principle is violated as a result of principal purpose that is going to Genesis chapter was written from personal to my reflecting conversion all those of you with Bibles written with a secret don't have much time to raise the receivers is not good enough that you wonder why UK digital IC bring your Bibles tomorrow night while not just a motorbike bring them with you tomorrow morning whatever session you choose to them Genesis was written for verse one in the beginning God created the heaven of your and your earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and got sent method otherwise like and God saw the light but it was good and thought that what they find that the light from the darkness bought deadlocked going to fight that the light from the darkness and God called the light day but the darkness he called night of the thing in the morning were the first day we see God didn't find anything separating suffering one thing from you it was not God 's will when he credit as well physically hot light and darkness should coexist shall come mingle and intermingled as the sun by the way intermarry and sub octave find that the light from the darkness and bought called the light day of the doctors called Mike what was clearly distinguishable from the other and God saw that it was good and even on the morning with a first name for such gems as one and God said let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters under it divides the waters from the waters that God made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament but it was so a bar called the firmament Heaven at the morning with a walk the second way on the second day we have not exercising the principle of separation one is on the water the ball some things should not mingle and mix and hope any form of solution opening of the principle I am stressing that walked hand in hand with the principal purpose of the purpose was made clear that Abraham is that in order to carry out this part must I must first is the principle of separation I must separate you from your country phytochemistry from your father 's house in order that's not counting the purpose of being a light for every live there let me tell you my brother the system for you to count out your purpose of the life that God desires that he was reconciled from every ex-president darkness that includes friends somebodies and men that include certain activities but on the surface look harmless and innocuous but went closely examine that are dangerous that they include separation from family members would visit again with a reduced level of decibels in order to carry out the purpose of being a blessing to all the families of the earth Abraham had to be separated from the very people to hold what he wants to be a blessing because the blind can roughly apply many years ago there was a presentment or call the Reverend Ike I then informed going off it's my fault storable cell phones now like registering off to do that quickly and get back the river like the twelfth is my focus it lasted three favorites altered forms pray for me while I speak I think most of the is my fault turned off please are they all want to provide return off your the presence of home got the creative have another show him some respect back to New York in the seventies is not to say the best thing you can do for the poor is not to be one of my when you exercise of that statement it sounds cold and hot but there is proof positive that statement because the poor red count up up s like the bride cannot leave the crime the best thing you could over the brightest thought we got the best thing you can go for a while Patterson 's silent heads up because of the items you understand the biblical reasoning I thought it run a lot about you want me up I think them not to remove him from but for some reason unknown to me many of us believe that to be a blessing to those who need Christ we ought to be like them trust like them talk like that I like them to everything under the sun like it is contrary to the biblical principle of separation what say talk at twenty three you have probably either from above the job as well I thought of this one out when he says that he was kindly look at upset he was standing on the he was within touching distance of the blood in his recently his Lagos chop chop the principles that guided his life of a heavenly origin is not sense he was not from beneath he was from above and saw people Pilate in John skating thirty six my kingdom is not of this world if my kingdom were of this world friends would my servants fight because that's how the world settles problems they find important portraits of the shops of the brick Wigglesworth cars Jesus Christ that my kingdom is not of this world and all was the thinking system was secular observed system of thought should be you'll start to make plans for my work because my kingdom is not of this well I might have called you for a work that requires flash vacuum this apartment come out and about that but for this boyfriend and girlfriend already married to the person rubble choking out it appealed again to the service besides the point where the reasons the love utilized with Egypt is to keep them from intermarriage which had begun to happen when you have a Genesis one I bought divided life at Sierra a spiritual principle in second Corinthians six fourteen and be automatically opened up with unbelievers for fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness and while walking in front of the right of the color photograph like this admission below into action like that this makes people become darkness did you have a red light and darkness in which they both become darkness that is why God instructed his lights coming out of Egypt across the wilderness will not commingle with the surrounding nations what if you don't fit with your apart from me you said Mandala turned their hearts the eighth at seven thirty on parts from the that will turn your light with the thought is that the light that is in VB .net how great is not dropped this hypothesis is that the principle apply plus much more hand-in-hand with the principle of separation in Egypt denies Israelite is useless that God was the latency before I tell you what you say but with notable she is losing this is entirely unnecessary you're wrong even if the evidence gathering it is necessary to give some rudimentary basic foundational of fundamental information about and what because she has been the target of unceasing attacks which is nothing more than a fulfillment of prophecy which then certifies that would support the validity of the general profits because he said it was so when you attack your fulfilling prophecy schedule for Mac mouse events this fortified autographed one analyte writes the Lord has made us the deposit the result is a law for this purpose if I appear to be one of the purpose says that we ought the depositary of Montréal as very positive lives what are the top of the rest of the articles about thousands of years ago the Lord has made us that the possibilities of his law we got to admire it I set my artwork to the museum but to let the world not the result of all that has to become why does this tell you that is a judgment but never have thought that the ministers is not the public to reach advantage all in all their rights there is no log on as a people will say no no no there is a loss I'm not a concert event of the law if you have contract that I lost Sepulveda P Buffalo through Jesus Christ that is more the way only a purported man allegedly bought because it's a special law is spiritual things are spiritually discerned it become for ad hoc but the capable it is assimilated to the Atlanta was that the Lord has made us the depositories of his law he has committed Law 's sacred of eternal trolls were to be given to others if therefore warning rip proof of encouragement that's one reason this church was written up lastly there's been fortified paragraph two seven for this app it swells of my quality of the peculiar people separate from the world I gulped a few removed from the front view an image of the back and visit again Seventh-day Adventists have been sure also by God but will like to watch as off-peak show your people separate from the world which means I don't care about the politically correct I don't get all I could care less just saying that God has spent a while is a tool costs on us and then it will test another part of the milk of the wireless but as little as I am of them when Jesus comes you look at someone with a slightly young lads on us we are going well and the rest on them but the Lord is not willing that any should perish so users are sloppy of them buffet tools that effectively you'll can be one of them why is that so hard to understand you cannot be one of them and metaphysics also send out the puppets love them I bought as a peculiar people separate from the world by the great leave of absence from the escort them out from the glory of the world and brought them into connection with himself tomorrow night I will discuss the Cleveland the lead flow of events make them as representatives of called them to be ambassadors for Hitler in the last work of salvation the most progress in both options applet entrusted to us by how far back important school discourse out of any Brazilian the greatest wealth of slams Apple H sleep source costs a lot of fair forewarning that was sent by God to matter have been permitted to be given to the wild but because this time loss and fearful warnings a lot like doing spending time in the world trying to be like little Wayne and I was Jesus died for them trying to be like someone will members of the trunk was as high factual books young people find attached the web is the one of lowlifes anything from O'Sullivan fearful wanted that was sent by God to man has been given to them committed of them I took it to begin with the testimony fortified pitfalls of the five paragraph Joe God has called his chart in this day as a caucus of Israel and Judah as the blog was called this sort every sky as you called is in Israel just as I like to watch at this time is alike to become field of darkness but it will make this tab also like it there by the mighty leave a controlled the house separate them from the charges there is a movement to be administered when young people grow profitable but with whereby overseas officers and Sabbath properly biblically with the goal of the churches on Sunday defined as the Beatles insulted us but with loans and symbols and problems I'm telling what I've come across and where they possess a letter behavior that resulted big comeback with arguments defending some basic goodness I like the clear volatile and he has separated them from such structures and from your to bring limit was set correctly on this to himself on that is the golf necessarily implies separation from something else my brothers and sisters live up into focus for we ought to be alike in a dark world we are to believe those who defend all that am appalled by the sacred righteous all of God 's law which was the center of a controversy where back my dog was accused of having allow the topic that you have been called to lead the University 's statement was wrong lots of all handicapped somebody's mad at me when I saw the light of this law can be tapped and must be kept evangelism vision footage school he has called them to ask balls the wickedness of the man outside your romances most notably again and Daniel and second as we visited me he has called them to ask posts the wickedness of them are upset now how can you exploit the work of the I will say that when you're picnicking with the massive size of the times front room I take it divided for paragraph will like to write it is a backsliding chart matter less than the distance between itself and the papacy up backsliding charts one of the size of a backsliding trust is that it is becoming friendly with the outside while the pad of the people does not want to exit polls the man of sin while the pit I believe it is proper to be a light in the liable to you for this book was to be a blessing to all families of the love that to happen yet I must come out alive distinction we are such special treatment the evil away the received his stamp of approval was unable to roll the image you have what is our name false Seventh-day Adventist statement below we have assembled the Baptist Elizabeth who served yellows so that this Pentecostals will not assume to have his Buddhists regardless of all levels some bandwidth handles on tomorrow night Alex MetLife but analog rights of testimony Florida one fifteen twenty three one I was sure in regard to the regular people of God 's losing I may not I was shy I heard all somewhat told me I rather than the I was so Michael the regular people particularly in tool classes were presented before me listen carefully one class and race the great numbers on hosts a professed believers profess Christian juicy village something up on Baltimore and Bali for privileged as usual there were keeping to first have the way to the Sabbath of the Lord the upper class war but fewer in number mobile it's a great multiply they were giving the fourth commandment the pecuniary profit because of their faith in what observers of us have led unwitting codependent about our problem at all I thought classes what she's saying is I was a lost cause at this shot the married name is Osama as she was shy class is twenty forty one page two twenty three paragraph three Monday which really can take would be appropriate by the fact which expresses our faith a part of our faith and expresses our uniqueness on modules of peculiar people particularly whether they seventh day Adventist is awesome Pennsylvania rebuke the Protestant world is inherently or you tired of all the workshops are intended or you sleepy or just the name Seventh-day Adventist is us how to rebuke the Protestant world parrot is Goliath of distinction of Ivo I believe it is after I sat on and several bar pump up reply while available because both of the Christ the design will be the righteous that might fit under the side of the event corporate law of sin and this love for Christ the five men as the line of distinction between the worship of the broad marble floors of the beast and received his MA from May you open call Italian name that dog a proof and when you do not understand that along with all the other reasons which I'll call you when made then you are simply someone who does not work on some of it I do not offend that was the smartest Walter Walters two twenty four paragraph one and what rights they have some divers count is the true features of it in front I would repeal the inquiring mind let an hour from the Lord scribble it will reward the transgressions of optional and will lead to repentance toward God and faith in Jesus Christ Mister del.icio.us at the very hurricane conference medical medicine or pill form iPod shuffle Christ was a Seventh-day Adventist all other types of problems that somebody says something Christ was a family but that's all intensive levels of advance what the province asked while it has appointed me by his ministry is teaching his lifestyle PC you represented what the ideal applicant should be view the work IDs is indispensable now the Christ was the seventh with all the tools and purposes do you understand what it means to be a separate at such when you don't use SQL to identify of identities is the old people identified with something when you don't understand the close identity of the short with God when you seek all the identities of the thought and thought it has to be a lot of their own little sources for this purpose online of distinction my brothers and sisters daughters about of purpose he has called you to be a light to the world in a very special sense life events before five paragraph three in a very special sense seven habits have a place in the world as watchmen unlike benefits of them have been exhausted the last morning for a parasite well if someone felt the ground side of forty five which is not something yes but why is Foreman of the unborn is it lost the means of spiritual resuscitation if they would accept it but we decide the format amount and manner separation goes hand-in-hand with the fulfillment of purpose are met if you understood the gist of what I've been trying to divide was adequate awkwardness you from my heart with this when I wanted to make a decision take action show coverage this is generation of youth for Christ not generously Fort Collins I want you to show some courage how many of you risen Lord this message has opened my eyes I don't realize what it is to be us evidently adventurous of father helped me not only to live by the principle of us but by the principle of separation that I might carry out that purpose helped me kick blocked like my father ever have to come out but I might be a blessing to others Armitage was it Met with what measure right now I want to step what you rise to the separation means I'll address how I how I spend my money my romantic association 's when I must come out separates that the divine purpose and trusted lots might be trotted out and spirit the eleventh highest level of efficacy that requires separation Jesus Brian I've read a lot about his being a mother well when about to give them from the evil separation from the evil of this world the thinking of the world the principles of the world and things like God sees everything through my thighs I thought I'm asking for why am prepared under the provisions to be different but for the sickle difference but simply for the sake of the fulfillment I tell you again clearly without separation of the world what I cannot be a blessing to the world called our father Abraham he calls us our operations are called to make very very serious very often I know some of you will respond one of the things that are plaguing the search dismissed widespread epidemic of September with one of the romantic partner about how social noticeably there is the spirit of separation if you are in a relationship with another I don't learn I want to make a decision not to bring it off I will admit that when you come come if you are in a relationship with him sadly after this right off being equally held together with unbelievers the process of separation his software if the update cannot break you off not because the course with the money department is not about faith of an unbeliever is someone who does not believe presently not some sort of the limits that someone was not really present in a compromise bailout tolerance from the notebook father I like will already go back to Roman halt I found it I'll call you discuss anything on calling the house Travis God has touched your heart and you are not saying this is not determination of our relationship out with him and maybe I is not in the logbook and how do I come from original amenities then get ready to hit the road with Jesus in history and the commitment in your heart making it all is I don't care what he says okay how much his heart is broken I am too busy being upset about how much box office so I can if I offense stop bragging about our someone else must you are romantically a blog is not of this faith the Bible is against that the charges against that now the largest clandestine everything up again student right now and apologize for forgetting the birth of the oppressor and insurance management kind of thing the doors of the power rankings someone else can't young people separate themselves in order that you want move about three thousand and twelve the legally cost is very serious you are reporting I should of counseling women was always more Friday because the husband 's behavior lives a living hell why what about the house what is more rented digital before you might have yes which was a printout while some of the defendant is a very sympathetic but I have to be thousands of the relationship but help organizations someone else can't I get there I will close the original written it off blogging will and cannot and will not let this weekend it is not a form of evangelism if I is not separation separating some of your reading books you should not be reading what was in my determines the quality of the mind reading books that you should love really is that the government especially at your needs if this is your problem a lot I will give up Facebook is not everything that ever said I need to stop on Florida where the writings of analyte in my mind about it Joseph Christopher Reynolds will make a commitment to blog those novels was romance novels written by women can't process the separation it was weird in Baltimore separation this is really actually pretty on Morris Island Australia one he is not living to pay this offering another call father I've been building websites I shall not I will stop by your grace of the website is on your computer while I was audiovisual for sale weevil is not I need to stop on Google site but that will last in fact augmented that was my one class I bought besides I shall not visit my blog one hundred forty would run the I go to sites I should love the idea good money on professional basketball games waste document any desktop and use the money to support the child's best instructors often thought why not get what it is likely to make millions and I need to stop misusing the money cost leave the thinking of the world and will even allow them to Bob from I have appeared under the Linus Torvalds blog requires everything he necessitates separation of greatly wiggling every about event will as I pray that God did not have if I did not harsh to hard to unfeeling father the acquaintance but I pray to God to take this message by human effort and you will polish to fix it up and applied to effortlessly heart with the conflicting presence of the Holy Spirit father we must separate from the will and the mission of evidence what is the fulfillment plus you have graciously given what it is a professional receiver as a father I pray for a lot of cost and as a difficult call number three they bought particularly the black emit call right thing up a list of relationship that you found upon and cannot bless you the power to the strength that I will let all of us joined the parade father that's a strong and good measure may have occurred tonight another glorious purpose of government lot might be fulfilled that God in heaven you're not willing that any should perish and as humble prayer is that he'll spin it to the victory of Christ in our lives moving through Iran on the delay I offer this prayer Jesus name of Florida said that all blogs people say that a man man other than book value didn't like the book individually as I went back and forth because my pussy level joking we must suffering ourselves in order to qualify you for removing this oneness you won't miss to rule this is my audio is working like a generation when you'd like to learn more about G1 please visit .net and nothing like that will work like this is more for online seminar www. volume versus nonwork


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