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Forever Free: Change You Can Really Believe In

Alan Parker

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Alan Parker

Professor of missions and evangelism and director of Pierson Institute of Evangelism at Southern Adventist University



  • December 18, 2008
    3:45 PM
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I want to welcome news next session everyone doing well and you moved to a more undecided right now have to focus on the different peoples in different places of many was it before I put you a little further over there what do you value keeping awake praying pretty good in all eyes I always challenged at this time of the day because I realized this my last station I benefit everything I have to say my life is less than knowledge if it's not that bad but we argument try to be done in an hour I'm glad to see the front row so is and that is that Wilson God 's churches that once it's for the back remind me of a judge where they had they had a problem because everybody was seated all the way up the back and the pastor was complaining that someone doesn't look passed on early childhood interventions modification when he comes back he notices the just one pew in the whole church to what it says in the pews at the back of his best as Wednesday's of that gets up to breach the next weekend and people started filing in and they fill up at back row in a strange thing happens is a little wordings on the CD if you moved to the front that a few pops up in the back of the lot that you wish into the bright pretty soon after that gets up and reach the judges both on the front to the way to the back of the best of the lineup what will you be infringing ways regional language and when you've a lot to say that any kids abridging presented twelve o'clock because knowledge is being one more fixed added to the church bell rings up paying a trapdoor opens up the past the disappearance of the congregation says wonderful monoliths so I guess it works both ways I will try and be done on design blogging does giving a few minutes for people to come on and yes I was thinking as we have witnessed part of the sessions we we sing the song Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary so I was going to do someone like to stop it for us and that he do the same as the panel ran all the try and when name is being how the and a saying to the was ready to find out who want to thank you that you called us to be sanctuaries filled with your breasts standing unspotted and undefiled in a well that has become ransomed by the devil you have called us to a grand victory and yet so many of us are struggling in the nitty-gritty realities of everyday life help us to know how to overcome not by all strength but because you are the all mighty all-powerful God now right now this afternoon what I want to pray for those who are in the valley of decision now grappling with things that saying I want to give this up I can I seem to be stuck in it will give them the victory and be with all of us will essence may relationship with you be so powerful that we can face anything because God himself is with us we ask this in Jesus name amen all right forever for each change you can really believe in can we believe in change is it possible for people to be said for he now I've never been a slave and list account marriage slavery for life and I've never been this last CII was there for that violated what is of a say in all marriages in the word of the sentence I'm kidding I'm kidding everyone I'm not as related to my wife left until I brought out those high note in his life but what I found is that I am a slave I'm a slave to addictions and passions when I was about twelve years old I used to do a sports in motorcycles of the motorcycle ride it was cold foot up trials God said with the likes would like there was a sport coat for a trials and by one of my friends to come and watch me inside he was like yeah look at what she was a legal right said he cannot what's right is pretty new editor the basic idea of this motorcycle sport 's radicalization and if all this obstacle course with rocks and and you go to dodge around trees and leaves mud pools and you have to ramp all of a sudden things it's an obstacle course what would happen if every time you put your foot down you lose a point and every time you fell off the limits of the obstacle you would lose Maxim points menu you go through the obstacle several times since he came to watching it he's watching as I go through but I wasn't very good so I kept falling down and sliding and I I was I was amiss you know I I couldn't get from one end of the obstacle to the other without falling off my motorcycle so he's watching a little boy and his coming was the end of the day and I am determined I'm to show this guy that I I can get through an obstacle course without falling over the last obstacle was in a money section you have to slide along the Israeli money section and be able to keep your motorcycle movie ending just as he got to the edge of a lake editor shop turn having a weapon skill so I am so focuses on going towards the edge of the lake is Almighty him the shop soon but somehow when I do the time I started sliding into the lake and I'm not joking but my home motorcycle went into the lake until I was up to my helmet in water my friend thinks this is hilarious and so he is laughing so hard I bring my motorcycle at Wheaton upside down and water is pouring out of the engine my mind by my by getting this water coming out of the exhaust pipe of the copyright act and it had been easy I find a sailor I alright so tell me what you go to the day he said I noticed something he asked the question and do you like falling and because you seem to do it every single place but the last twenties it was the best you know you really got his output is thinking that one and now I like my Christian life do I like for you to do I like floating because I think they do it all the time I need is a something wrong with me I can seem to navigate through this obstacle course honey and the whole Christian faith just on this if there is no victory of how can it be you know we seem to be helpless and hopeless right where facing face and the devil gets the upper hand now if you would agree with that there are times when the devil gets the upper hand and so we had to struggle us and we feel helpless and hopeless and with that God please don't let it happen again I can given again and sure enough and we come flowing out again so after a while as we struggle with that we may choose that you know either give up on this thing yet I believe that God loves me anyway and easily taking the human intellect as I am tired of struggling right when resampling is no point either I do miss him and in a hell anyway on are you really need to have each of us is not possible so we end up in this predicament which way is how we look at the Bible and we seem to read something that's that indicates the same struggle not relish at the seven verses fourteen to twenty five when I can read the whole thing but you know what it is saying me was the theme take take a look at Romans chapter seven was fifteen but that which I what do I allow not but what I was not dear but what I hate that do I let you love the King James English this then I do that which I would not I consented to the Lord that it is good take a look at his nineteen for the good that I what do I do not but the evil which I would not do that I do write what what's happening yet reflect I want to do what's right but I find myself again I think I will do that I do the opposite and even in a situation I wanted and I do not like I'm this is not me I will live his life I'm great was I would never do that exempt the lesson in and so we find ourselves in this predicament and as he was that's the reality of the Christian life this is outcome of the euro that they wanted to design but in the opposite that's how it is interesting is the healer Osaka you're a loser that's a UK you can do it but you know God loves you anyway you can effectively have an innocent I does God love us is going to save us does God say 's it is a righteous people access to safe landing that's all the people brought this woman had been caught in adultery the Portuguese you notice the guy was bidding they like that they just did he just happened to disappear and we think we know who that was but that's a different story set a big guy they just they set up a secure what kind of a guy like he was naked they remove the guide of us and embarrassing but I remove him and he is Muslim and greater than Jesus and they all like Leilani on the law of Moses killed picking up the stones to the anyone here with us and you get to throw this is without you in case you forgot to write some things antenna and a jog your memory Saturday nights Mary's house will close away Sunday night baseball field each next eyedrops and he just stopped going through one by one and neighboring they will drop the stones see each one of us are sinners Jesus Christ sake I came to save sinners I came to seek and to save that which is left this is not the healthy for me to Doctor but the sake Jesus came to continue that we were in the massive set don't feel like I'm the only news around things you really we are all losers and I will visit you are a loser I know I'm losing to a man loses it's going to church and I him and so we get together in this great little midget because we believe using the existing use of the George the one best the losers cup club and one day God is going to magically flip the switch and we will suddenly become the Congress and the thinking County just we don't focus up but not without all that God wants you know you comes to place you God forgives you what it mistakes you make even gives you but I'm sorry you stuck in the situation for another cut of thirty four users can hang in there which is sent and wanted to get rid of the whole problem is that what is Godhead something bigger in my face he wants the children to be a reflection on half somehow that should cause little place on earth becomes a reflection on heaven and and deals with the problem a sense of when we deal with this you don't exist and what it was twenty four O wretched man that I have who shall deliver me from this body of their known something was said is this the convert it will be uncomfortable if this is the convert of holding this is what were the effects that the signal many are convertible but then why would he be struggling with the law as he says right he's like to do the law and the outlet backwards and forwards and it seems like there's a contradiction in Scripture not that Elizabeth he says in chapter seven was fourteen I am Connell but this am eight with seventy fifth Econoline is what entity is an enemy against God he says in seven was fourteen I am sold under sin but in chapter six he says being then made what free from sin any Susana has no dominion it does not rule out what you miss is implicitly what I hate that I do but in chapter six listed as we update to send Shelley sent God forbade Mrs. years in captivity to the law of sin but in six as well as his let not sin therefore reign in other words renewing captivity in your mortal bodies including inputting for this is all wretched man that I am shall deliver me from this body of death and Jeff was a consistent economy minded is life there but to be spiritually minded is life and peace somehow something else is going on here would you agree and I this is a contradiction the sunny sky also so that stride though all I can over time it rains over me and I just stuck with it and I want to do this but I can't do this if this is describing the Christian life than anything else in they brought a somehow we never resolve this take a look at the statement from Ellen White pulled experience in a struggle against sin is the experience on every one of us now notice the qualification you will follow that the experience of every one of us when we realize the true spiritual depth and meaning all the receipt and Phyllis at the time polis say I'm pretty good on the Pharisee I do everything right I know when it's a stake high I even pay an extra little bit on the end and out when it says do this I even do something extrinsic and he thought he was quiet until he came to the law which said thou shalt not come and we began to think about that thou shalt not come in went to the heart of me was he began to say I'm the richest man because I may keep the law externally but in my heart on breaking up all the time doesn't make sense so this is what happens to each one of us we realize the truth revealed that the meaning of the law we recognize that we all life how will it still do it so seems like she's saying we don't have power either we recognize that you only realize we should keep it all desires from concrete to it and we realize how hopelessly condemned we are now notice what you goes on to say if that's the price you need is impossible is what impossible for us all out sounds to escape from the data center which was centered did you wonder that how possible is it impossible in land this is mission impossible but not as one mission impossible due our hearts on evil and we cannot change them education no good child should know that the exercise of the will but that would at least help no good human effort she will have their troposphere that he had they are powerless the way overcomes is not by putting your willpower on steroids is a complete change they may produce and outwit correctness of behavior like the Pharisees that they cannot change the fetus the problem see you when you may look at a church you know when you get there everything 's pretty good at working with you by bowl site among Bible to get insurance and I can open it up and show that you see some of the feeling of the line UCI I got I got the out of wedlock in all I I dropped all those things that dangled on the is not dogma I got the outward luck is something going wrong inside the hearts comes out Saturday nights they cannot change the hot they cannot purify the springs of life because of the origin the Salus is in fuel there must be what a hollow looking from with in a new life from above notice those two elements it is internal and external before men can be changed from send to holiness and if so we dealing with his holiness that power is Christ he is the victim and I got to say this will honestly because the challenges today you would almost think you would almost think that the Adventist church was into legalism because what we tell people that she was able to want me to say those words has been a dental not want us to know the secret power so when he's not as convinced that in which you didn't even read the Bible for an hour day if you visit you might well that this will go away you would find that woods for a week maybe it just doesn't work so that we don't all you know what you reduce the real problem is that it's the friends are hanging around with your friends can affect you there's no doubt about that we need to deal with those things but it almost sounds like a way out of this problem is what you do and I think it doesn't work that power is to eat as Christ is grace alone can quicken the lifeless faculties of the soul and attracted to God and to holiness Visual Basic I want to read my Bible everyday I want to get into the wheel and we needed to come to Christ as we saw spending time with Christ as we start leaving his Holy Spirit would come out hot we become attracted to Christ amen we become attracted to spiritual things we desire holiness and you just think about a relationship you know with my wife that the reason why I don't commit adultery is she would get so mad you know if I committed adultery all would be misery she would make my life miserable twenty she got I live in fear of committing adultery is that how it works you think that's really going to change my behavior what changes might be had you know I don't commit adultery as I love my wife see what God is a love relationship I been saying throughout the day I don't how many of these you manage to get to that holiness is a byproduct of relationship you don't get holiness by doing a list of things change changing that although think that is the Pharisees Geico the way we hear holiness is why having a relationship with God because he awakens with enough Eddie's life to leave behind some the way we control the consent is because we want to appreciate what Jesus has done so much sums up and now we need help from above you can fix that they meant everyone but if you can fix it all that's the challenge is that is there anyway to get back to underfunded wisdom thinking that we got our right so yes what happens if you trace the Romans you see some keys on disappointing recent keys to success from the book of Romans and income break it down into real simple language of how we can do this before we come to the law we appear alive but was still guilty we kind of felt pretty good we were unaware of us then we look by the flashing of people like that out they are committing sin and I don't feel bad about any body know people like that one has to wonder then as we become aware of what the law says oh how holy God is there is a knowledge of sin but it brings what jolts and we feel condemned by the law we feel like rented death penalty likely going to die we find out which is a week and it was against the spirit we find us outscore and so Paul in Romans seven is right in the stage he is describing how he was after he became aware what velocity will follow that there we want to move onto the next phase because I believe that Paul finds the extreme take a look at the end of Romans chapter seven Romans chapter seven look right at the end big and that final Bush I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord Jesus who is going to deliver me from this body of death uses I thank God through Jesus Christ my Lord and in he summarizes he says so the emphasis it was twenty five with the mine eyes of the law of God but with the flesh thoughts and he's describing his predicament but he goes on in chapter eight it's called about the victory there is therefore now know what condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit at a certain time things changed and that we you want to move from where you are right now following the flesh we want to move into being justified by Christ life and death can we get the no condemnation we die and the spirit of life rules of righteousness we become more than Congress is when it goes on to say so can we believe in victory I want to quickly share with you a quick Bible study what we can believe in victory time with me to Hebrews episode was twenty five we are to fly three yes for the sake of time Hebrews chapter seven of us twenty five and it says wherefore he is able also to say them to be what a lot of us that cometh to God by him seemingly analytic to make intercession for them God can save us to be out of us Romans eight was thirty seven what is it saving Romans eight thirty seven and says that in all these things we are a lot more than conquerors through him who loved a single Corinthians chapter two and was fourteen Sigrid used to it was fourteen cents now thanks be to God which always causes us to triumph in Christ and maketh manifest the savor of his knowledge by us in every place and I can go through take spike ticks for the sake of time I just want to let you know text after takes than the Bible says that God is able to be saying the US begun a good work in you and he has what faithful to complete it until the day of Jesus Christ we know that when we face difficulty God promises victory when Jesus and the devil out there in in the wilderness and he was tempted by the devil seeing you there how to carry so the question is how do we love from this this feeling of defeat when we fall and fail time and time again we get to the stage of victory praise be to God 's given us the victory Jesus Christ Hollywood how do we deal with seven regulators Hebrews twelve is one way for seeing we are passed about with so great a cloud of witnesses let us do what lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so what is easily visit us for the recognize what happens they and let us run with patience the race that is set before us I want to let you know that God can give you the victory now how does it work some people say I'm scared to try any of you been in that situation I'm scared to try and let me give you a promise and this is up there on the screen but I want to give you this promise is from first John the first chapter of John and Jeff into sorry the first book of John chapter two in John chapter two minutes is my little children these things right and to you that you send not this was one but not a sonorous voice and look I want you to not send anyone follow that don't send I you going to be able to do this but he says I know that this can be challenges and always what comes next if any man does what it says we have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ the righteous such as artworks you are scared to say about that it's like wanting to see this section of yet now I'm scared to walk along yet because it's possible that in my excitement I could fall over I started walking down the reason why good let's imagine that this is the stretches down a thousand feet and I can Dick disconnect so I I will go on Seattle and I'm scared to do it but I know I can do it if I knew there was a safety net underneath it follow that in the same way this is what John is saying he says look I know you struggle with him I would I wish that you would possess what will happen to walk you want to run the race to run it and what do you slip and fall gives one there will be a safety net we have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ the righteous don't be afraid can do it because I will know he's a lock because even if you do for God will be there to catch it Christ will be there to catch amendments so this is not saying that we can start what we need to set aside nuisance and then run the race that is set before us I want to give you some key principles our country given at ABCD E some key ways in which we can give Spence the victory number one admit the problem statement the problem success I found lives in surrender nineties to do it the other way I used to say that they got a problem but I got it under control they need on the so now admit the problem say I am a son I can't change I I am powerless during those words I am powerless to affect change and so we admit out helplessness we can not change it she has what's going on in our lives you see when I put itself on the throne when I'm try to figure out things you see will be little box here in my life things are out of control these Ola Mae 's visible these tensions my interests are directed by self resulting in this court and frustration Christ is outside the life but what we need to do is put Christ on the throne remain in and he will bring harmony to the different parts of our life when we do itself in is remove self from the throne room and put cell yield being to Christ this is a conscious decision that you have to make every day we met you have to make a decision I have been it take myself off the throng and I'm going to yield myself across this site is a great there is instead a price that says every day we should say long I consecrate myself to you I lay all my plans and eulogies and so we do this conscious surrendering every single day if we can have victory selflessly admit second-leading we believe we have to believe in the possibility of change they did an experiment with a guy in a hypnosis in the kind of late late and down the neck they invented a livable hypnosis things and then they called him you cannot pick up this glass of water and the guy would take his handle then try and pick up the glass awarding him trying to pick up any kind why not keeping told that wasn't possible know what's happening today is what we've been told that you can have victory over sin and so because we come to believe that it's not possible when we just given I want attending that is possible nowadays when you fail sometimes absolutely but that doesn't mean that you can step out in faith and believe in the possibility amen you think I would tell you to do something and executive know how to do this what he does is he supplies the power for whosoever is born of God other the weld and this is me sick to me that all the time of the wealth and it goes on to the point even outside what we can do is claim you can claim the victory now does anyone have any cock easier when you have some cocky 's budget here we got what without a car is this the fourth project I have known him so yes the phone what can't afford okay all it said that if one fifty so that's right so yes I thought and I would like to give this away anyone would like like his car again elected car or a here we go again know what it means you have to do to get the car you understood as an illustration price for any activity that is he had the claimant he had the claimant what is claiming claim means I reach out my hand and grasp it if you read since the Christ business powerful section on sites with space is the reaching out on the hand to grasp God 's promises know what promises to be quite we claim his forgiveness if we confess our sins he is faithful and just the twenty thousand and ten claims us from unrighteousness we can play two things from adverse forgiveness was done one was my forgiveness and victory when we come to God we can believe that even gives as much as what happens with such we engage in such an bid the devil comes on because his nineties accuser that's what's Satan means accuser so he comes on you since you load down good for nothing Scout law within us thanks Mabel Wendy tell you about real-life you can narrow the things you promised godless people and look at what's happened to know what happens is that guilt saw it weighs us down that it pushes us away from God fuel quality so when it pushes us away from God it becomes of the area and the devil wins twice what we need to do with Santino to write I unload this makes me but if you want to have an issue with that because the point at because you may know my prison but I know your future fifths so what we have is the reality that when we confess our sins what will one will Christ do he will forgive us but not only that he will promise us the victory we need to claim the victory even before it happens one of my favorite stories is from the site is from the Old Testament in second Chronicles seven twenty and has the story of Jim Jehoshaphat and he is a message that there was this call on me coming against them but not one on me that's one reason and Sunday's as this is a problem so you called an emergency meeting annual meeting of the I ran meeting everybody is there together is the price and this is a great cut if I read a powerful grade he says we do not know what to do but our eyes are on you immediately after that way a young man jumps up and says I have a message from the Lord standstill and see God 's salvation for this battle does not belong to you but to the Lord so you know when he got a scholarship that credible he gets his army to get visas were marching into battle like I didn't deal with the prophets in the battle belongs to the Lord this is going to watch and about what identity was I am going to send the quiet first what would that be a bad idea and that no weapons and I like you Julius uses nonstandard cheerleaders onto the field to play the game and it will be painful for them and VU will is you will support you know the ones to show you want that idea but he always better God has promised that he can praise God even before the promise takes place as of it now and and everyone is so excited and I think there were maybe a little out of tune I do not but is so excited anything away at its sex make such a great noise of the designers of the Bible with this assignment it takes place now marching up to seal down into the valley and is that much of a hill it's such a noise that the enemy thinks that the battle has already started so they jump out and of course the Lord directs this but they don't any of this massive battle before the before they even get there they come all the video and as they start making the descent the battles already of the bad there was just as they went behind only things there is moonlight all of the ground it takes the mic four days of the canola and they called the name of that badly the Valley Opera which means the Valley of Christ's CERN before you get to that situation against him on the edge of the sun that seems bigger than you you can begin to praise God that he already has a value range is waiting for you and that a massive camp meeting in and they just keep rising gods this incredible story so how do we get forgiveness if you look through the New Testament you know several things people acknowledge that guilt they said I'm guilty they consist in particular sends they accepted the forgiveness they can just stop there and beat themselves up but accepted the forgiveness and they believe God 's promise amen and that's what we need to follow so how does it work forgiveness is a gift but we must receive it we must incorporate women say I accept this gift from you I'm not unrelated that will beat me up I accept your forgiveness then the fourth element here is beside we must admit it we must believe we must claim and then we need to decide your decision is the decision to do what surrender why because all only God can bring the victory now under the ice it was like ten times that of the said again you cannot fix yourself that you can choose to surrender the next you can make that choice you can say God I'm going to give this up and you notify I was in a situation another country the specific situation you left the I was in a situation all right I'll tell you what it was it was Pringles that is not with Pringles but it about this slogan is true once you pop you can stop so there I was him what ringtones and I thought it all at and I knew I should not be eating between meals I knew I didn't need these Pringles I knew this was the wrong thing to do but I find that the most legal sizes I just want one just one and in that moment a voice came to me that said praying and utilizes later because I knew if I prayed I would find the victory but I wanted to say anyone I wanted the victory you invite the problem was not the victory wasn't there the problem was that I didn't want to victory she is not like on how the problem is we don't want in his power when we were in the temptation so we don't buy Pringles anymore you have to surrender you have to make a conscious decision to surrender so that God 's power can work then engaged an end this is important because I found you have to engage in a relationship with God one none of this works you have to engage in becoming holy infighting with the devil it can be old passive using all of these are a little passive but as you get down to deciding and engaging he gets more active you must make an active choice to follow God entered into into relationship with him I relate John without a relationship with God is legalism you did follow that when you try to follow God outside of the relationship that is good in some legalism and it will not work so I went back is the Christ and I said this is all good look at all of these principles this is great but how do why do this on a daily basis I guess what I found she says about how to do it on a ongoing basis now that you have given yourself to Jesus uses number one do not draw back does that make sense do not hold back do not take yourself away from him in other words with the focus yet is not ignorant of so no but I say I am Christ I have done what given myself to him this is the greatest battle is the battle of the ring this is the battle with you my spine day after they asked him to give you his Spirit and to keep you by his grace amen so what we need to do is hands Christ our lives and he will have the victory now this was this was liberating this was totally liberating for me because the solace of my life as a brand-new Christian when I became an unanimous I was a total legalist any of you would like that annoying because I always like to keep the Sabbath is doing that I have Bible study doing that and I'm losing weight you want me to do got I'll do it as I became a legalist started getting children and they found that administering to suffer more from the open of the Christian now maybe were more aware of sin or maybe Willis aware of the Savior that Schild cannot by any anxiety or power of it all in and to its stature not notice the conclusion no one came to Van by anxiety or effort of yourself sick your spiritual growth did you get that you cannot make yourself grow you are just as dependent upon Christ in order to live a holy life as is the branch upon the parent stock for growth and fruitfulness up hot from here you have how much life no life you have how much power no power to resistant patient with the growing grace and holiness but I'm fighting in his new may flourish I was reading through a desire of ages out of this lesson is starting teaching a new class and I noticed the constant said that comes up in the desire of ages about the life of Christ is what I call the cc constant communion throughout the book Christ had a constant communion with his father and if you want to have victory it begins in the what did I say holiness is calling this is a byproduct on a relationship so new anyone I have a three you need to abide in Christ how does it work outlining crisis and I find his original library of wartime do anything can I filter anyone on the right 's have to be brain what about going to modestly mother did when abiding Christ discipline my little red love what is abiding in Christ it is signing your face towards Christ in order in order been consistent in the difficulty that repentance is a user now the problem with the incident is that Islam the same place right back enough facing the right direction spiritual growth is when you begin to walk towards Christ have your right to knowledge the process while you might even be evident to all the comes another night in August you know you go to sleep than wake up the next morning and and it's gone sometimes God will be that they many times you can struggle it is a process by which as you grow in him your spiritual life begins the flourish you are not to look to what yourself not to let the mind level points out that the look to Christ that the mind well upon his love upon his beauty his perfection his character Chrysler the self-denial Christ in his evaluation crisis security and holiness crisis matches left this is the subject for the salt contemplation is by loving him copying and depending wholly upon you that's why divine holiness of holiness that you want to be transformed into his likeness it is as you focus on Christ that that life becomes yours so how does it work on a daily basis I begin to train my mind to think of Christ just comes a little thing a lot an end of the mistake most people make I want you right now not to think about pink elephants what you think about pink elephants just listen will they focus on the sentence of this idea a lot got the sent and it's ready now now I am going to fight that since we are going to go hand-to-hand time to go down but I'm focusing on this instead we can focus around we focus on the Savior we don't have to throw aside that said but we focus on the site we should not make self defend and indulge what anxiety and fear as to whether we shall be saved oldest son was sold from the source of strength commit the keeping of insulting you God and trust in him talk and think of who Jesus would itself be lost less than him put away all about the dismissiveness that's why when I wanted to as as I wrap up my fiction tomorrow there will be some good presentations but I want to put the focus back on Christ now take a look at these have you seen these diagrams before this was a painting commission you probably generated by James White in eighteen seventy six now when he commissioned us she had been fighting for all his life to uphold the law God and so what he did was I see this painting commission of the great controversy now what is at the center of this painting the lot right in the loss right at the center now Christ is there but wisecracks they because he fulfills the requirements of the bylaw and then you have tables via and eventually back may you have a heavenly Jerusalem so you get that now after James Weinstein Ellen White decided that this painting needed to be updated so she commissioned a new painting and take a look at this she made the focus what Jesus and where is the law now whatever the law is only represented by Mount Sinai in the quantity can you see that that's the only place it has just taken a right out of there and put all the big machine once the focus of Jesus by the way another little guy section notice how little from the result of the table and how much food you can really see if it makes that she make sure that when you came to Christ they would be good food of the Internet it would be voicing right and shape of the focus back on Christ as we lift up Christ sin tends to find its place on your phone not only when I don't have to do hand-to-hand battle and that's what we want to deal with what we do with real sins that are dragging us down I set the price of approximately thinking give me some other things that it if you look at the book of Romans it has several suggestions on up and give you all the text that you can look from Romans six through Romans eight six and says that when we come to Christ we have to die to self no one is any I found most Christians come to keep self around business story all the lady inches from Texas she had a ranch they husband died on the John and she had and involves an stuck in a glass caskets and he which he was right by the state so when she walked into the house it's a high John visual this is when she walked out of the house today by John H and will doubtless I happen and she went over to Europe in a wonderful Christian gentleman and I got married and they come back to the ranch and at the front door and he picks her up the carrying over the threshold swings open the door and sees John as units in this daylight what is the vets John adhesive limit value John has got to go in our lives are we keeping the old man around when we put them to death not only do that the Bible says that kiss up but it recognizes the Bible recognizes the you might not always be able to put the guy did this right away thank you sequencing is going for a while so it is of the Bible does understand Romans count yourselves did this and know what is the Wood County means we can make population safe I not been a treason as if his life so that's what happens all men John is sitting in a cage of vision so you can easily take you put them in that case by the power of Jesus Christ amen the gallery is located because hey great wealth I don't yet hear the ghost your dad and I know them by Jesus Christ iCal US dead by the power of Jesus no longer having victory over me what can one bring the unit manager who are all right so what are you reading his article to back up when the cat is yet the key see Christ mocks McCain and his routine you have the choice on his adult document about when you keep in you have the choice you want to count him as did Mrs. do not let sin reign in your mortal bodies given the freedom as soon as it begins climbing out of the cages are not giving you anything so when we see something that we does the sun at the very first moment we should put a stop against the know it we talk about this sometimes when we dealing with members of the opposite sex but about to rise summary walks in who I was looking in a certain way that's got to suggest if you want Steve about Iraq I you doing him not to train yourself not to focus on those things as you stop feeding the old man he eventually dies in reality does that make sense medicines make no provision for the flesh I have found that this is ridiculous but somebody is struggling with smoking and I'll don't visit them as outgoing as you want to stop smoking this against that bring out a carton of cigarettes as they take this I am done with smoking and I say I'm what about the other box I do not have another box as it is always another box since I goes on man I was keeping it there just to show how strong I could be the Bible says make no provision for the flesh and while you know it's like that the Kitty was on his way to on his way to school and his mother said no Johnny remember I told you after school I know what you go swimming anything a few small pieces not just want to check your backpack make sure everything the right decision goes through little backpack and she's as Johnny one of these she pulls out a pair of swimming shorts he said I just thought I might be tempted on the way back and said just in case I was tempted I I decided to check my shorts just in case when we are struggling with pornography we can simply say all this public eye I noticed you'll be flying a limited again we have to make sure that we cannot even access the sites cannot be real with you we we we can't predict while Oliver got back there again I know honey I'm done with it I did get that has no hold over me I undoubtedly student you've got to kind of your access to the sites you go to get filters that you can write your get covenant eyes you've been canonized where it e-mails out to somebody else your accountability partner all of the history of the websites you visited that day will that we even got to have something to hold you accountable so that you can make no provision for the flesh are you following me you something about not living the hot seat to get rid of but as far as possible make no provision menaces yield yourselves as instruments on man that's about the best line yield yourselves as instruments of righteousness not an unrighteousness that I get it wrong rice yield themselves as members of all righteousness Nokia is what an instrument is an instrument is like a King County open does the span of any choice in what I do with it thanks it has no choice in what you what I do what I do with it right because it is my instrument in the same way when we yield ourselves to Christ we become an instrument when it we need to get actively involved in doing good activities right get out there do so best part is great things happening all around you you can get involved you can make a difference if you just sit there in your room you'll be just felt that there get involved and do something positive if you are struggling with basil and get involved with the opposite sex in positive ways you know what because when you begin to see the opposite sex as individuals then you will see that person had an off-season as sex objects run get involved in positive ways without God has given many of you the opportunity to be single one guy you want be singling you like me forgets why full before you have a different right now you want to discuss you just pack up and go some way we we have to we have to like luxury station wagon such as special forces just to get out of that place you know we have a pieces of luggage that our hand luggage when we travel anywhere takes a pieces of luggage for us to get on the plane you have the opportunity to get involved make a difference do something don't just sit there going I'm struggling with my signal get out of that and sealed yourself to God to make a difference amen him walk after the Spirit as you can I do so to the squirrels out of the flesh so begin filling your mind whispered to think Sultan Mister Pitt involved in Bible studies made me get out they got into my sees a man start filling yourself with resulting in our audio with listened to all five thousand summons on this whatever it takes to stop filling your mind with spiritual things of the flesh has no place and then the flesh will be in his rightful place on the same beep roots I'm sending fuel if other the problem of pornography and I have to deal with this before I close is that ninety one percent of men have been exposed to pornography denominators the majority have challenges with this is the statistic that we have not been for us we have to see pornography is the son is not something that God wants us to do we look lastly after woman Jesus says that his adultery it is a send you one hundred and pornography is probably the number one reason for poor sexual satisfaction and marriage because what happens is we are so caught up in in the societal well that no one can ever measure up to those models that are out there and it will focus on giving satisfaction to the individuals and net creates this view on marriage that it's about satisfying my sexual desires remember that getting married does not mean a sexual free-for-all we dealt with it earlier you are training yourself for self discipline and marriage now you may think that marriage when you get married it's all done in the you know I can't engage in sex whenever I wanted to have the right to people involved in business is not a machine press play now is is not being that he's a real life if you have not washed the dishes if you have the anger with your life and you wanted to around me and as thought getting all cousins if you don't have to build bridges before you can do anything else we need to deal with the problem of sexuality now it is selfish and it is focused on ourselves we need to turn it off to what God intended it to be oneness where we give ourselves to someone else in Minnesota the we need to change our philosophy is different Martha says that chastity is not non- sexuality that it means a positive approach to relationships with the opposite sex amen it is not begin something not a sexual being I am not a sexual being I'm not essentially what what I given that Curtis hearing instead we need is a chastity insight I have a sexual being but because I want to follow God 's will I cannot express my sexuality in certain ways than I can express another way I can engage with members of the opposite sex I can see sex as holistically on investment Adventism is unsolicited I see things not just as a physical function that is a spiritual function ICs exist to see my sexuality as ways in which I can engage with people in positive ways to build up it was because male and female reflects the image of God is hot of my sexuality and when I pulled up one of my lady friends I am building up the image of God and who that is hot of my sexuality Jesus was a sexual being and then because he built that notice how often he built up one woman who'd been abused her who suffer from guilt and shame and he was able to build enough that was expressing his true male sexuality I meant and we turned it into a physical thing that takes thirty seconds so how do we deal with habitual sin and this is where I want to clause as we answer how we got to deal with the Mitchelson and there's a few promises yet a few things that we deal with a number one claim the promise of escape was previously was thirteen and says for no temptation has overtaken you accept that God has provided a way off escape so when you live in the order given remember that it was an escape hatch won't have to do is gray square and answering the next business day at Sonoma to deal with the root not the food the reason why we have addictions is because we have filled out the hole in our something other than God as we begin to deal with the root of it and for some people it goes back to childhood we are often victims of what other people have done against us and instead of dealing with that group we continued to deny them it is time to be honest and open about the what the way we react the way we did we do it is because there are roots inside of us that need to be pulled out leaving you to pray for the Holy Spirit because it is the Holy Spirit 's job to give us victory we need to be honest we need to get accountability as I mentioned we need to focus on this is really critical on choosing not promising I like this when we were working with people who are giving up smoking when people promised I nevertheless look again when they broke that promise everything was terrible it was like they had gone against the covenant and we look to say no you don't say I promise on the primitives again you say today I choose not to smoke you understand the difference today I choose Jesus Christ today I choose his will for my life today I choose to be puerile today I choose to be holy by history as you make that choice God will make his promises a reality because ultimately if his promises that work not you him finally got some of us have been struggling with sin and of practical challenges we've had to the face the devil and we come up short that you have promised the victory I want to pray for the individual apps Jackson feels discouraged I want to pray for that person who is feeling like I want this but I don't believe it can happen speak to them right now change their frame of reference for the Christ's all things are possible give us the victory for today means I is you are this medium is used by audio addresses when she was a generation and if you would like to learn more about G1 please visit .net on the life that God will work like this is an online service is www. audio versus outdoor


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