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A Life of Prayer, Part I

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Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.



  • December 19, 2008
    9:30 AM
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thank you Lauren your presences is our power your presence is an joy and really good thing we seek is in your presence thank you for that being here use Janet and I would just pray that this time will be a real life changer for us for everybody thank you for your wonderful memory prejudices the follows a pretty dynamic speaker I have never heard and what he wants in praise of Bible college for graduation and recently got there a guys got in the back room circled around and put their hands on his head and they began to pray me so that's good I need all the pricing yet recently as guys they pray long prayers you know any they went on on on he said the longer they pray the tire they got only began handling on my head 's I love you had a guy laying on your head lately but I sort with a quick business one guy was in grant for me to pray for some time and try salsas and so you know it's always felt it is a mile down the road on the right-hand side of silver trailer floor except in their Sunday left his wife missing here this morning or please step inside Charlie does something I said every time you get done hits are grounded again Nice timing so got org chart will you no choice also suitable mile down the road on the right and silence overdriven or step in saving his family 's life and forget Latin this morning where please send me a quick pray you guys quit for a little break my sermon is getting the car leave and getting on the Pennsylvania Turnpike to go home here the sky on the on-ramp was found stuck out hitchhiking is and I know it's dangerous pick up hitchhikers but I'm a preacher and I might get somebody capitalize my cards on lucky as I do it suck a guy were headed on a turnpike I let him I said hi my name 's Tony what's yours needs that my names other sources but a semi- day I looked again I got up at the next exit came across the bridge and started back as I got busy classrooms of Isidore said Mister where you're taking me started on to you home I said why him throughout her life music and him sizing is a bigger God you know what I believed on New Delhi when the user sooner than I drove a mile down the road and pulled from his overthrow that really blows my semester I do not appear decisive because God is light in the door she's such I went with Bernie's life there pointed Tony told a story her eyes got big boys and I was given a trailer you sit down I'm not talking your listen to manually listen like I was God himself him and having available egos to young people this afternoon I got the printer today California hallelujah isn't that wonderful Jeremiah thirty three three let's asked great sex on prayer some say it's got phone number Jeremiah thirty three heart call on me and what I will answer you but it doesn't stop there that's what I love and show you great and mighty things you do not know that's really our testimony today as we share some practical ways that we learn to just enjoy being with God a community listening and praying with others to see great things happen ministry we just our testimony is that no regrets sort of knowing about prayer we were spiritual young people we want to pray a lot wouldn't understand all got to teach you in prayer what he could do for you and I know you're on the journey to sort out selling anything new but what about his we discovered just like the story I told you that often when we pray together Susan praising groups as were told that it was nearly pioneers that by the hour and orchard and barn were told in the song Verizon praises would come up as they prayed over the literature prayed over their ministry prayed over the mission got sent a month I were told as we do that God will actually sometimes minister to us or other people in the group of a frown that and things will come out Romans eight twenty six with XA I'm thankful for that we don't know how to pray as we ought right but the always for the same heresy force but not decidedly gone out a menu of a price on the lessons page one forty seven what you discover the online says that seasons of money the reason right for you here was a twenty six in Christ object lessons page one forty seven she says this about the text we must not only bring Christ's name but by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit this explains what is meant when it is sad the spirit makes intercession for us with groaning 's etc. such prayer God delights to answer one with earnestness and intensity we breathed a prayer in the name of Jesus there is not very intensive pledge from God he is about to answer our prayer exceeding abundantly above all we can ask I'm I'm learning a lot my wife and some of the others and pray so much of our conference for server partners together offer you asking God what should we pray about and how should we pray I will shall tell you a story about this week something amazing happened here at do I see but it's because she asked God how should I pray who should I pray about what what prayer request is get books and cons of prayer request but what one today what is God me help within the great controversy that even teaching is a growing source as we pray is recalling God 's name sometimes just help in big trouble Lord or if we take more time to pray we discover the God only not only answers our prayer but he shows us who is not right his personality is character some of the egg I have got a box I know how he answers this prayer becomes lenses remember I am the creator and I will answer in a funny way and different way is a unique well it teaches something about who I am and our relationship and I will grow you in love with me and intimacy just because I don't do it the way you think so wonderful about that when appraising look at John fifteen whether for managing others so well the hesitation to skip this for later passage but it's so important and skied everything else will say Jesus on his way gallery suffer he was going through was to Jesus articles comforting them promise and I will come soon I will don't take it home with them at home for you but it goes on from there in chapter fifteen he says I am that your line verse one my father 's aligned restaurant numbers for use as applied in the and I in you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine neither can you unless you abide in me first for five on the mind of the branches view abides in me and I in him the promised bears much fruit that underlie nearby Walmart my promises and blue God says if we abide in him we will bear much fruit that goes on and says without me you can do nothing as a leader in Evans church that the tables were graded activity methods learning what should I do next we rush off to do this and that it forgotten but if we fail to abide we won't bear fruit will be trees without fruit will have to be pruned back in an difficult way for sevens as if you invited me however and my words abide in you you may ask what you desire and shall be done for you what what prompts course of his will but it were abiding will know his will by this my father is glorified it you bear much fruit so you be my disciples in verse eleven is my testimony he says these things I spoke with you that my joy may remain in you that your joy may be full when I rush off to do my work as a church leader without really abiding taking that extra quality time in the beginning required to listen to the words understand what God has for me for the day the joy slips away and are just the presence of Jesus being with him knowing that I'm saying what he wants in the same should not my mouth on a phone call yesterday and I pray Lord help me as I can get to tend sometimes and let them pray a lot about them and the call didn't go as well as I wish it have to not just the way my work is my life so often is in that mode I have experts while back a guy back from a trip I was doing it again he was a gossiping backbiting I heard about the northern North and South Civil War did when the first evening from Justin and I was happening I hate you just love to take a look tidbit about somebody spread it around her the reputation and I warned him about it before and I thought you must always lose Christians out of it frustrated to hear what he was doing so I made a point living my plan was unveiled a legal brief of what it meant doing my plan was to set our next Tuesday go over what he's been doing women watch them squirm and have behavior change economy about that Tuesday morning I got up and spent time of Lord and that's the story will tell you because it's so symbolic of my whole journey is Christian as a church leader as a husband father that morning I got up I said Lord you know my devotions lately have been getting really dry or sometimes you know the Bible 's posted to the word of God to me right you know that promise I keep in from my Bible and the flyleaf from six final testimonies three ninety two hundred ninety three says the word of the living God is not merely written spoken the Bible is God 's voice speaking to us just as surely as though we could hear it without years if we realize this is what I'll reopened on his word and with what earnestness would research its precepts the reading and contemplation Scriptures be regarded as an audience with him I've taken the praying my eyes open a lot as you pray through Scripture and my praising out of Scripture having him convict me of sin out of Scripture trying to take a lesson from that message and praying about that message of a God I don't how he doesn't he gets the running to be many times he wanted to open at the careful about Bible flopping but I want to pray based on the work I wanted to spray based on feelings or motion I want all have that Scripture constantly coming to me as a Holy Spirit lives that morning as a guy whatever it is you got a saving the state to say something I haven't heard from you and I keep a journal you know when God speaks to write it down and so I can remember is largest on telling me about this guy I guess God was I've been reading Proverbs I was reading along my eye was that morning is open up for a grand Proverbs twelve as I was reading the verses begins jump off the page electrolyte around you and me that happen to you a fool shows his annoyance at once goes annoyed with this car I reckless words pierced like a sword but the tongue of the wise brings healing I was not ready to cut the sky with my clerk time there's a scene in the hearts of those if unable to joy for those who promote peace I even had a question worded in such a way that I get more evidence of the guy before an Illinois man Burness got allegedly only one abiding in Jesus can be nice and prudent man keeps his knowledge to himself I was going about my whole load of information on a righteousness cautious in his friendships as I read that the largest peers my heartfelt conviction was there smoking Lord I understand I'm right about the facts but I'm wrong and spirit wanting her friend is as I do my best semi when I'm right and to my mind English and six one if you have your Bible look at that one I don't like I put my mind it's not why the city would have memorized the Galatians six one was there and really really struck my heart I knew God was telling me okay you want to be spoken to the next repentance sometimes I'm feeling guilty I know I've send them really big guns and whacked me I go to prayer what happens often it gives me great comfort embrace this is your my beloved son in whom am well pleased and that applies to you as an unstable no-hitter last night and soon another unique grace and duties because knows what I mean when I get to run along holy he sometimes has to reminding on the center chapter six voices verse one brothers if a man is over take him address that you are spiritual restore such a one the spirit of what gentleness considering yourself lest you also be tempted bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law Jesus for anyone thinks himself to be something when is nothing he deceives himself but let each one of them don't work when I close I said okay Lord help me by me with this guy today help me to have the spirit of Jesus and I fail I met with Atlanta last morgan he was likely or started by reading this mercilessness of your friend we pray for me so I often say things about people behind the back with negative anybody near the cancer you do that once in a while so I was being honest the Lord often will give me something honestly confess about or to the singular person I said we pray for me that I'll be more like Jesus and I shared a little bit of what I knew it I didn't dump a whole load he got the point we had a meal together arms around each other fears arise as a result both of us the more I can much better in a meeting I can tell you a thousand stories of the drought that well because it didn't spend time with God it didn't get the work in the morning Isaiah fifty Jesus got to help weary along the way and take the time that I needed but this one worked out better that night light at night customers on the phone with me he was really angry his members were going around on his back since that wasn't true about Zionists of the mound tomorrow on the straight number is not wonderful got me up early work me over and better meeting with my staff member and that night then was able to comfort a pastor and slow him down the English six if we will take the time to listen to ask to speak the word can become that at the tomatoes were practically dozens of new salons Sabbath I was anxious and not try to trust my promises on this post house and stuff I claim the promise of the word uneconomic hurricane right and so prevent them offer how things were happening were still donors are struggling highs found some everywhere you if you want to have the finances and cash flow house of Simon worrying about someone recently expected drawing my own promises put in the journal trusting to go on but I've been waking in the middle of my mind to start everything you're doing that with when you worry and think and that's America's look at happen fields of MS for me as I try to start praying to Mecca God lets out of morning we leave early go to Korean church in the bay area as I got up about four o'clock Mister myself down for the fireplace 's God just don't know you that relationship speak and again sometimes it happens this way I don't tell me always as viable flopper for me sometimes on the most ever I just hope desperate open my Bible 's letter became open this last Sabbath to Proverbs three new of the text that is so powerful trust the Lord with all your heart may not under understanding in all your ways of knowledge and he will direct your paths on it goes still be wiser own eyes on the Lord with your possessions of the firstfruits of all your increase so your barns amygdala fighting and your vats overflow so he's these get me on finances now here's his comedy speaking to me good one on down through happy Samantha finds wisdom the chapters without wisdom to donate money wisdom the right all down through your wisdom in the in the left-hand wisdom is his see all the things verse fifteen you may desire can't compare with her she better than rubies or gold length of days is in her right hand in her left hand riches and honor on it goes but verse twenty one to twenty six was so specific to me these are the times in my prayer life and my devotional at when I know God is alive the most precious times in the world he get some hasn't fixed the finances of this world or my church or my conference right now he didn't give me a fax so here's the money and send but verse twenty one says my son let them not depart from your eyes keep sound wisdom and discretion so they will be life to your soul and race during the him walk safely in your way your foot will not stumble what is a Sabres twenty four when July down you will not be afraid yes you lie down to sleep obviously I know someone in the Bible but that morning with Scott's enemy I know you Jerry may waken up at two o'clock and were in for our past have wisdom to sleep is the police do not be afraid of sudden terror first twenty six for when the Lord your confidence it will keep your foot from five on Prince of power without nonfinancial answers and when I'm spending time with my Jesus and asking them to speak me out of the words his promise to do that to me is one of my when my real touchstones is just listing please say what I mean and how he pulls from thousands of years ago out of verses that I just happened to be in what I need for the day I don't know but it is one of my most strong one of my strongest blessings in my prayer life is to keep letting significant work on during the element we get a lot a handout l'Amour about a few the next session but I do want to just get one of them here to take the wife she got some materials we use and longer seminars of helping as you read through this phase of their blessing to your styles for prayer there are things on praise there's lots there props are sections on intercessory prayer with its more than but just look at the sheet statements on prayer and power ministries exists on my favorites on my gem thrown white writings I make no apology for quality currently she's a messenger we desperately need this last time but number ten you've probably heard this in public education as an intensity such as never before was seen as taking possession of the world and amusements of money making the contest for power and the very struggle for existence is a terrible force the growth of body and mind soul and Mrs. Maddie rushed out of speaking e-business part three of a family still in oh God not even the seasons of the motion failed receiving the blessing of real communion with is there an too great a hurry hurry steps that press to the circle of Christ loving presence polygraphs a moment when the sacred precincts but not waiting for counsel have no time to remain with my future with their burdens they returned to their work these workers can never attain the highest successfully learn the secret of strength give himself time to think right away upon God for renewal of physical mental and spiritual power any uplifting influence of the Spirit receiving most of the Quicken by fresh life worried frame and tired brain we refresh up at Israel might come out refresh I haven't quite gotten there yet was like plugging in the charger to spend hours sometimes I get a blessing for two or three hours but except all my applicant happened physically the burden heart be light outpost for a moment his presence personal contact with Christ Saddam companionship with him this is our native identifier not just here to pray more but that is that is the first part cannot spend the time you're rushing off to fast the mornings that spend time with them if you're like me is good but too often you find that your life is coming to let go of powerful men something yesterday Chelsea talk about me and had written him inside you know it's not real if you're doing outside if you don't abiding the fruit will be Bible printed godliness first likenesses one twenty one is our greatest need at the end of that paragraph she says revival needs only be expected an answer to prayer out one of the practical thing only give you two more before of Regina one of the things is I found a woman praying sometimes I'll spend time in prayer talking to God bringing up things but in the end I'm more depressed than when I started your Christmas blessing is supposed to be a happy time which was refresh if rim and the proprietor feel heavy and I don't feel why is that I wonder that and I really believe the statements of the Christ which is on the back as well Justin Christ page thirteen there are number thirteen when the mind was on self it's turned away from crisis sources transit Satan 's constant efforts fugitives and working Savior and thus preventing soldiers appear for things he tries to get us thinking about instead of him his character and his promises the pleasures of the world life 's care is reflected in Sorel some of it is one about my trouble the faults of others is a good one and all my time and repetitively love when my buddies or something or this last one I think is perhaps our biggest problems administration or your own faults and imperfections I go to prayer anointed to confess my sins I start kind of their minor thing but about I am for twenty thirty minutes what a depressing thing is Artie knows about I I need to confess specifically the ability to claim the promises thank you for forgiveness and cleansing move on I need to start with brace my personal undiscovered I have to start by praising the focus on him focus on his promises how big he is he created the universe with a word hundreds a gazillion light-years across the galaxies he cares about meeting with me in prayer things that I have confidence in you so help in the victory opportunities and he goes on don't be misled by his devices many were really conscientious and desire liver got into awfully swell upon their own faults as must by suffering of Jesus he hopes to gain the victory don't make self-centered those anxiety and fears to whether you can say this turns the soul away from the source string commit the keeping a result of not trusting him talking think of Jesus itself lost our to our church lawyers we were talking thing that Jesus set of our truck or whatever we see people drawn in orchards but in our prayer life I too on myself and my needs and my sins him is not as encouraging as print brothers focusing on Jesus and looking at the promises and thinking about what I can do to help others for getting a little of my own salvation and that becomes my own joy and salvation and I am talking on the journey here don't have us all down but God is good and he's helping me well times out I want one more short story I had told my son Zach one day I said does act this weekend is something a lot of people do in the church everywhere is going to together as well as China's fun things you do it Las Animas Stuart and Lisa one thousand two of my friends but he said no I think annuity of ERI Sony wound Sabbath I went and preached to church not have a great time away home I've is talking a Gaza drive along it and that they are back towards Fresno I see on better go make arrangements to go through this terrible thing some scene or whatever you know but it was something that everybody culture does it make arrangements and I was driving on up the hill the Berliner Yosemite I realize that what had the presence of Jesus with me really good in the car before I look back on it later about you know one thing about a memorial Saturday night was and other things were beginning to happen I woke up plan been examined for a minute before I got up and told her over editing Zach and I feel just a very gracious kind loving person is in our interest the resulting emergent narrative and harsh at all that morning when she heard was induced and I wish you wouldn't do that with our son with regular husbands feel invention comes up and yell at each other whatever but I thought what a wholly sound coming same I don't back down I reduce kickback and a little something relaxing and other bells do and got him a worship when I was grumbling complaining about an him pour my heart I forgot I was telling him not never had a legitimate on and was wrong with the same big deal so anyway I'm been reading along in this Messiah of your event on the adaptation of surveys is different emotionally and I I guess I should knows the section on radiators and just like I was bad and have noticed that as the Lord speak to me and I started reading his journal surprisingly unfaithful false believers may pursue only pleasure and wealth the receipt you know more about everything so the true sound the Bible to these people diesel returns a fever completely unexpected downtime crisis is greatly honest gradually sunrises and set the stage people dollhouses the drink merchants buy and sell struggle to get more money more power but not a strong point as people search for pleasure and amusement at blank blank and blank it right on one hundred and I hear you but I don't like it this is ridiculous and I were to stick back in do what a resume for they are very persons eternal fate will soon be decided Satan is working overtime to keep us deceived and used busy until the door of heaven forever so be ready all the gravy strong enough to escape always things all happen to be able to stand before the son went one thirty six message was so clear don't go others made you cannot think of the people door to the guilty about why exactly do they often had economic this is great my son your Lord teenager but it was clear I had to go on-site and Zach came out of his room so that I don't quite understand what's going on feeling on the present MS post this with you today that if a penalty going to be really wasn't about handball anyway I decided to take a walking and walking on the road and I'm complaining to God can I ever just take a Sunday kick back and do what I wanted it because of the spiritual holy guy all the time and this thing walking on the road and into my mind from the song I don't sing this lot are doing church a lot over the years but we walk with the Lord in the light of his word what a glory he sheds on his way on our way we do his goodwill he abides with us with all who will trust and is no other way to be happy in Jesus the trust that okay Laura here you not to do it that's not happy about I muttered in a complaint on back in the house and all the lies for the call there was one candidate at the move trailers all over the date of the building that had a family what a rotten day but the roadmap you ever do that now implement seven beds I'm going to sleep sick of this whole thing woke up a little while later Germans are relatives and have a great time laughing and wonderful time is my favorite supper they drew me into a happy evening lots of nice things out before only one way to be happy in Jesus listened talked with the willingness felt like it but I'll do it I dictated in the thousand stories when I didn't do it happiest in flow in but I believe that's the message of sanctuary we get all tight about what is the investigative judgment was living with whom I don't know not in the drive this is a guy from sinners about I don't understand we don't want of perfection holy flesh statements the wrongs that but I believe God is doing something special when they become you somehow he's working on our hearts knows what we need to be willing to surrender but we need to be willing to do others may but I cannot sometimes so for me I just want to be walking with Jesus along the journey like that is what suitable when they search their hearts they would I don't think time with God is certainly not the just wrote forgiveness of sin things Laura bring up to me today was really in my heart the motives the evils that could ruin my life shown command help me then respond why don't he still is the last time with me what a wonderful Savior guess which is my session at a wonderful life made in our hash is great thanks for teaching me for a gunfire hardware will not let me go women pray for me to change my life one seven for you are sinners they might wear there are so many existing on a handout that we had a hand out just a few sorry about that I do have a set I guess somebody when I'm gone for a criminal past he does write down your name and address mystery for the city and the ZIP Code to stay I will love be sure they get mounting as the depraved four-star father God I just need you right now thank you Jesus name amen what I did with Jerry that story shares I do not encourage anyone to do that your husband it wasn't anything to do I believe God can handle that a whole lot I just prayed and allow the Holy Spirit to do the convicting on his own I just learned that being the hard way but indeed again I just Holy Spirit fully capable of working on people 's hearts he doesn't need us to somehow it really impresses you to talk to somebody about something what are you experiencing winter is talking about with his word I hope you are on God 's word is so so real and in so alive in this week and because it's so cold I tried to save money so they can help my son get to a logical mail that way that demonstrated on the heat the state-run news on the wood stove which really isn't big enough people have but so because of that Jerry on a kind in the same room having abortions early in the morning normally go in separate rooms and the butt I he said something and I said something to him and then I go to open my Bible pray and I'm just amazed all over and over and over again how God does it I don't always like what he does now but not being elitist hits me with how wrong it just even joking that and how much it destroys my relationships with people and in England and then later here I started panicking over being your easy why saying we speak and valleys known adults and again is the same thing when you open and I don't know how you guys but I'm so thankful that the relationship with him is so intimate and real and there is nothing nothing more important that you do the maths that a timely Jesus Christ and you and I simply for mankind or they are not anything out of your head was on the new doctor her father whatever adding on to learn more the hot chamomile that all religious feast now my friend just be still and letting to minister to you through the word one and I think I found the wind dies learn estimated in the morning and find a happy and enjoys the remaining friend George Naylor that he was a guy who was a pastor and the dynastic project from the Lord is one time when I was fourteen thousand foot food on the table for my family actually a ministry as I think I'm selling how to show people that it makes a difference to spend time with you to wait on you let him to start train that he can build orphanages and how more time in history where was needed and that guy in a line center in order to buildings and enough money and it's amazing stories is the greatest coming and he was able to donate money to help overseas he was in England and joined to begin it is where sometimes you now is long list of things that needed to happen for the orphans and your integrity started going through this list although always means likely to happen he realizes experience with nonresidents terrible and we started doing instead and why she started taking the time in the morning to take the Bible and Justin happy with God displayed his Bible and let God lead him notify families into leaving through acting on I'm still not sure I can do it in Leviticus that I found most anywhere outside him and I'll just letting convention relating to praise and Thanksgiving to confess to fight for somebody to pray that particular Scripture and of somebody's life means you can only say prayers for Jerusalem's line by line Daniel had a son in law school and then I take Daniel and I pray Daniel into that deadline I believe God has called him to be a statesman of some kind I I don't know I hardly newsworthy and time and you are in silence I know some people are excited about going to war it is no theory my dad even September I will as I is losing and I believe it can be because these guys enough in Mrs. Warren and Daniel have gone even to get some understanding people in favor of the people deprived that this is my son in law school when his service to do when I went back to take them to the top tennis class the stories of Joseph like a casual drink and you remember how the initial life that God wanted a sanctuary together what do he guess people to do certain craftsmanship to build that depression and again in your life whoever you are praying for that God will give that person for the things I found that makes the biggest difference for me in that whole worship experience is what Jerry started talking about two and now is in praising God I know we've heard a lot about that the last few years but how many of us are really doing an end the woman they wanted to simply what is the big deal is set down why I don't know what that comment related as I thought about it she said in a high logon again in my life has them all a time when you take this time to just praise and worship him and is likely to go on the list those wants and needs print out of what Apple answer reminds me of the first year that Jerry and I were married women are entirely separate lines and one day I was busy doing a lot of the things put away for the on Sunday to get ready for the new weekend at Barney's in him again I can tell me once in a while which allowed me I dropped around and found this while I'm on your marriage you did not anything like me once in a while that you live me and I kept putting the laundry away don't believe that putting away on me anytime anything he wants a while that you love me and I said you know it say that I love you changes collection out to me and I will be here in the Communist areas I don't like he willingly on this and so in the weeks after I started reading some of these books on marriage and immunology may want to walk out now that I didn't notice the really important your magnitude are not well more than once and you cannot live without him was not as good-looking as I do that who knows you can concededly make it all right I can make them filtered again I decided and weakening but then he went in Yellowknife continue to do this so I started time to do it this guy is a good guy and American than Neil and I can't challenge how much I love them and reflect on the nice thing about it to me I is much as I log in my law and were originally intended down here and want to do things for him or me realize how much he loves me as a meaningful father and and what is I thought about that at first you were married I realized why I need to take time to praise and adore my God because as I is for my what do you have any as for me and in that time the door and towards him I realized how much you like me to do a song is a Mexican internals in Miami in lines may end in a Sunday night for me anyway in the work and doing all weekend to answer my prayer in the way he knows that I think my life is going on in my life I want to see that you focus on my problems in my sin this version had lies they focus on human changes in licensing how wonderfully and eventually that you know the Scriptures like James Wymore says to count it all joy boys face various trials Oregon girl and flip you off for four rejoice always in the Lord to exchange one to need one version of this count it all joy not one considered your joy rejoice in the Lord always is looking for four hour and respectful inside a change yes thanks in all circumstances for this is God 's will for you in Christ Jesus our provisions five twenty giving thanks for all things I want to know during the last few days to determine this last month have you rejoiced in human Thanksgiving for that person who talk negatively about you undermining or whatever it may be in your life I'm not making crazy to do that in fact I think holidays were crazy for my nose kind of things I might have taken for those that horrible things that happen in my life I don't want to do bad things to me and yet I found that nonwork status things were in this sinful world that I don't understand that is a great conversation on an I remember when the first times one and the really tried him that and we had gone on the home and we had a solid and we lost a lot of money trying to replace the market and drive like it is now this was years ago and so we will leave around the house as they would want to sell the place and we have to move another one sorry Lord give us a house and on dead we can pray not a lot at the parliament of blueprint I see everything in it you also could be part and when we moved into this house everything was not on our way I wanted to be as you know I'm not going to complain when I'm not can you know he provided his house for the miracle her body fitness into the house I want to kick him in the face and nobody can stop was not disabling about it and just not think about everything that started eating away at me when past three weeks understand why and one morning I'm not early morning person I've always been one to stay up late at night and you don't mean the morning for the technical rising like I is as amazing as you have got to wake up in the morning affiliated body x-ray and pioneers have to think I might have now the airlock had a terrible headache and it's helping both be on your file is a video I found if I truly got into doing that beer and went away when the wind we can use tiny pensions legislation and feel guilty about it if you do not thoroughly understand how went on a new ball sleep is all my fellow sleep on this side of them terrible sometimes God just withholds you went to sleep I mean we can stress so much in this experience of God rightly views one will carry him all the way to the slightest weight on him and go through it but in that house one morning I been in this countdown after he got a weight naturally and I got up early in life as I like to have we methodically through the mildest when I asked Lloyd how are you this morning and how much are you reading any of the songs I begins with a song that mid-May from the first verse is also majestic is my name and was like I think this is your God saying it again I believe that you call me I only want to why I don't put in the wrong doesn't work out windows like that and this one only year as well hearing just on and on your bag there's no response the except that burst of how majestic is ninety two price and so I decided well in those resisting the mine in Jamestown it all joy looking for poor rejoice O Lord always as it will pass on posted on the site to my notebook and I starting writing and both Jerry LiveJournal I don't do it consistently but we join a lot especially in the hard times I is amazing what happens to journaling I encourage it if you are not internal computer on the starting money and your body I choose to praise you for the stupid when does the builder put in the pages of regimen is somewhat clear I didn't want answers and range of events about half the national things that were done right in his house you're right I got halfway through that sheet and I listened out on such a roll I decided cover my whole life I started writing down all the negative things in my life thinking library one of those magnificent and you know I feel the whole eight half by eleven sheet of paper him will him I think but when I can there was such a peace and joy that came over me I wanted to do was be in his presence I want to be with him he is the one that hates but I was embarrassed I filled a hole page that I turned it over to start trying to write the things that they can bore and finally filled half a page that that's really that there is a power that is unleashed when we choose to praise God in our trials are problems whatever they are sometimes I have to do it I don't know Sunny delight at first but so doing they doesn't always change the circumstances but it unleashes his power is not an Verizon 's always joint venture the just one one that shows me that really ingrained in me and how much it makes a difference because some of you may get angry just a horrible things happen to me as a child your father made a news of your brother or your mother Congo 's conflict of laws registering again and take your end product is separately administered books commenting said that Joseph is why it isn't hard to make what I can see what online and then they ended the fighting not everyone is only by God 's grace can I go through it only is I studying his word to focus on Jesus Christ on his life cannot handle doing a twelve part one is amazing the bracelet comes in we do that but many years ago I was previously married and writing my husband my first husband was also a minister will now school very very long and we were actually in our first district would only than their two and a half months when you are drowned in a swimming hole we were living in a complex and self-titled because polysaccharide arrangements before that we had attended a seminar where the speaker talked about rejoicing always model will never forget when when the doctor came out and tell me there's nothing we can do that looking at them I myself thankful for God 's word was originally was the thanks and I'll know all things work together for Romans eight twenty eight but that drank out anytime where was found in trillions the patient was printed it's everywhere and make blocking of scatterplots with it but those were exotic now and I started choosing to praise God for what happened to thinking I could die I understand that I love my husband very much I said that I chose to thank you and your engines online and you know what people are crazy about I'm telling you why he is flooded over me a piece in the joy that was indescribable to me and that first night I couldn't sleep him I thought I'd try to get the toxins out of the Dolphins bombing that women another round and called embedded as a horribleness of the scene came back because I'm the one making upon my husband had to Dylan at all and I think not magazine is not a face church members and will you choose to surrender is holding a young edges of the enterprise I understand that you are my God and you know before they get that prayer is being held and justice peace cable on the right to sleep and in the morning I woke up I thought this is a bad nightmare you know it's not not resell but I reached out for my husband my little boy the next day they knew it was me why are we so encourage him then he takes care of us he mean sometimes NLD down at about ten days later after you know we had a memorial service will change and is not okay to weep and cry I'm whatever my dad I went over my husband I will do something to rejoice about we all will serve as the phrase Jesus Christ is not intended to and in dismissing signs and rejoicing in praise but in the next day as a recipient is devotional book that was made for that year for nonwhites working for the weekend and how we got in my life I did not realize what impressed me with things to do do you know he realized that you have or had suddenly has our story somebody a letter or to consummate protection is a summary of current or entitled to the cylinder kids were little this is urgent or that woman a car over there they are not there to pray for them going I don't know when I don't know is what I can in the time that I voluntarily is that it was perfect timing sometimes I realize how I should try do it later it is the time to doing on which to do it but so are the next day after I have is Argentina 's devotional tonight I don't know ten days later my family all a big impact of the house of Hanover in our garage we having a storage pack things up I began to really miss my husband started crying out to God why why would you let them die when you start in the ministry together a little one is little boy without his daddy got to do with my life I was in his life it was certain I was one adding money to support an online when this was crying crying and I him I might son was asleep and I put them in as bad as long as my dad is laying there sobbing and crying crying and as ours comes over anything is continuing I read that morning it was July fourteen it was so good that I waiting and in July eighteen nineteen and I can get it flat out turned it upside down on my nightstand by the bad because I like this again is going on so here are my notes later on land emissaries from them and he will read on level and I'm doing that now the tears come on now and to begin realizing the boarding client and mailing out chairs and is not likely to present agreement and only child that you know don't touch my things I know something about Canadian health son of Jonathan and not point area but it is I was no longer why did in July eighteen and nineteen people here you know he had my little boy we gone right away in Aladdin he was legally ten nobody had a key to my apartment but was now a delightful word by July four was a day that impressed me to me that I had done and I started reading it now and it doesn't begin for Jesus cares casting all your care upon him for he cares for you first Peter five seven analysis dear heavenly father will be your husband that handpicked Council to directing companies you need to know how many husband and Windows I noticed that an Lamentations three thirty three this is what he does not willingly nor grieve the children and then God does not want to harm us know that Satan is doing that but got your music to glorify his him I thought to accomplish his work but on this claim do with handheld asking will take you and your children all your reason burns if you only pass them on him in the bonnet has written out now why in what is written to diagnose a particular devotional but that it would tell you what is written whenever the latter forty two July fourth eighteen seventy five to a sister who recently lost her husband is only in the nose when I was he wants to be e-mailing all of our lives I had an interesting chronicle he was raised when my parents tell me these are stories you die life insurance encounters countless stories of how do people in your life insurance when you have yet so when we were in my hustling college I was working and we had a little baby I told him we have to have life insurance you have one because not only translated no Wi-Fi CMIS on the time that I is a life insurance would ask all you need a working and I wanted to stay home with the baby and finances just one kind and is going to figure out what you know we can make it and the only thing that would really work was in a pay cut out the garbage collection will not be denied idyllic life insurance policy is cost of every month slight dampening I thought it could happen when things I thought to it automatically blocks they talked about women should be submitted to the husband that uses the Scriptures in the New Testament that is not obedience and the city has been no pun how these financial problems and what a significant amount of hecklers didn't do it he never wanted it so when he came home from visiting the Bible study that night I sent to an e-mail SMS is would take care the problem our finances I think you and I and I is slated I was only a few months later the guy and when my dad and you know after the memorial service whatever you think I'm hiding in a maggot but leaves you got life insurance policy to tide you over for a while that wasn't that big of a plan I had a talent no I canceled it and you can learn why your mother and I both wanted to do it I am trying I remain kneeling my dad insane guy trying to be obedient to you I'm trying to do I is my and looked at me as your violent and then after that is that God shows me that he'll be my husband nice lasagna and other authorities must decide what they can times when your crisis is as hot as you and you haven't seen before in his working ocelli and author of Scripture is helping my husband and as many of my favorite nose in Isaiah eleven according to confine all windows are fatherless to find all the Scriptures the Scriptures are not just for women whose husbands and I a woman whose husband left the boys then are many women like me that God will be a husband and I started taking everything that I had under my helmet from all over this country the US and Canada when people heard my husband and I started spending the money and there were people of the Janata pioneer they cannot afford to go send it back and I say no using that money do not enter offender that is not told this to you you know I never had an outside journal that you and I kept trying so so grateful for what I year later I was wondering how my devotions and its origin comes over me when you come in the top of this is really brilliant think about money and adding enough contrast and I'm the guy him very dwindling alongside decided to their life I sat there and how you than Allah you know that it came to the variant hitting that life insurance policy was worth every penny I was going on in your life I think your guy and he will do for you and your problem is what is but my parents are not in the house nine months before he weren't sure about it they were meant to build two-bedroom houses only the two of them bananas are expelled in one thousand one hundred minus four still examining the money and the lawyers were just Missouri's buildable and uninsulated and embarrassed for anybody to know that nine months later when my husband I know why they have four-bedroom house and in my phone and I sat about them down at a study of them for their own bedroom I got what I give my using control he's got a plan to spend time with you and submit to him and I don't quit but other things that happened last I'm convinced that in this great conversation is going on God needs people who will who will help you know something anything that happened eventually I mean be glorified through it desperately needs your past laboring down you only are they not jump right into your schedule and I will want to know your time is four a hand tapping from whom I find you talk about its price imposed and means you your child died and you love the Lord and someone said to me your husband I was one of her husband just passed away the fact that she said you give me hope that I will once again accept God when someone is pretty willing to go through whatever music I go throw to be a witness to this one needs glorifying his name whatever way he named the same time but as I can spend my time with him he love you so much yes I am Lloyd Junior grade near victory here how are you a this is my audio viruses worms he was a generation that is if you'd like to learn more about G1 please visit .net is a done life that God is working like this is an online seminar please visit www. audio versus nonwork


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