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Adventists and the Military, Part II

Keith Phillips

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.



  • December 18, 2008
    10:45 AM
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for father whereas you continue me tender and merciful too much teachers by your word modem is a greater and better understanding of our mission in Jesus name and tell young people being hung drawn up without mission that they feel that they don't have no work might have no direction is because the families of mission orientated and then Arizona colleges colleges are too expensive and sends a signal failure and our kids Alina colleges with thirty forty fifty thousand dollars and that becomes lots of his rejoinder to three years what made out for you candidly given the phenomena to be a husband I just torn the military the cost is the moment they have no other option bozos are you doing an option amen I is a job for you Barbarella can meaning and their sister came up to her kittens report not while he was even gone one Sunday when walking anyone join the military site in my book and I can't listen listen as a Jeffrey Buchanan the uniformity of the guide has a job for you and you pray over that is the Lord when you want where you want me in the ministry what part of the mission was then called ministry in working a lot in the ministry as I want our print wouldn't want to go back to that contained in the fever that Homo ring-shaped can access about it is that you are not refundable and be a pastor in court that hurt my feelings I ministry is going to go into what you can do that you cannot fill that role in the militant or so will our reason rewrite remiss in the child's came in the melt away when the government S Hart short for chaplaincy this allows our churches respond archers and no just say I said why because government employment and remuneration from public funds for the teaching of religion is a violation of biblical principles regarding church and state you put on the uniform you can't preach a message of restoring the Army wants agreement because they're paying you you have their uniform on a man that make sense to the George's position is to have complete separation of church and state and slaves as stated by the general commerce committee of January twenty nineteen oh eight clergy employed by the government could not preach the gospel message for this prophetic powers has not changed can they still go on saying that keeps up about the work nothing captures a mechanism that now is a change in or hasn't changed them out and when we got people join the military life what happened where tourists are no what they said they can just be mounted we landed up in the individual conscience that's dangerous payment is through subject into your conscience and how you feel your feelings should be subjected to the word of God amen the vessel arrives with chaplains who would have to defend the church is not in that position had the same type of filter function morale builders in your ministry that the video clip second the purpose of ministering to submit medicine the military can be best carried for by the camp master plan the possibility of some of the best chaplains being placed were other seven MSI place is very remote we all have to be allowable restoration available last night when you got praise God for them him a liar seems alone because no one else is one person February through all the time that would seem to admit it would seem there was no one powerful but when the soul seems old and pencil nozzle supplementals are able to match you got me talk about and God bless them young people upon athletic house almost into I thought about that on my long that is the greatest appeal letter by doing this all the time and on the legal marriages you're not the only one right there with that which we feel is right even when the children doing that anyways appealing because he loved even though because I was out of that a few questions undoubtedly anyone books a trooper Allawi 's journey after that they got on the KG is an infinite you know that phrase was seen people getting on the abuse tears on this camera that's a person wants to serve Jesus Christ and that is applicable on those in how they are to make a statement as to how he is but he was one of the sisters and I will be the religious left and right because of these type of relationships and eleven other times about it and embrace my Palestinians in Lebanon grow up in the kids because of the magic they'll know which way to go you have to come and try to consult what is a human voice that presented my daughter left and right I presented my son or him around the marital marginal someday like he was known that means no one struggling but I want to go to church I'm my own man let me fill my way but after they got married your center is the first child in the she's going to conversion into a nice and to give me cause and was all right she is never known someone amid legal charges about his life in the local Barnes & Noble announces is I don't know for Lindsay Wyclif and is not my goal right now and then someone should tell her how much I love him now and praise the Holy Spirit amen now I want to reiterate what I said in the first session was illumined a little harder is that the command in the Bible is that you love me with the command except for when no exception so no matter what I say appear when we leave this place you're talking on what level about me and write but when we would recommend his command so no matter why when you leave this place you should still be loving the right metal essay and to be loving you however displaying on here I'm not here to condemn anybody who join the military men regulators of us felt convinced on this person that person do not say what I said God loves everybody amen and some but sometimes people in the education things and they do wonder how is loved and that wasn't educated with your dad about less than a minute but I'm here to educate you and when you leave this place you'll know a man him saw this will charge assessed they said no okay the complex nature of which I will sing the truth and read conciliation commission of South Africa our report spent considerable time discussing the influence of the channels in South Africa's apartheid regime the report states that's one of the motivation of individual chaplains their participation served to read and enforce them just to reinforce the acceptance of the lot caused in the minds of the church members and often justify the argument is not what you call the opponents not only to members of the defense forces but to their family and friends you have been going to each other you with me and one that you have Sunday that is killing sudden movements how do you justify that King is only thirty one hours with rails web rollovers continue to live in that mix sugar artifactual nature is that the gospel message for young gentleman was your large among zero yesterday he was over after during a certain time he working on medical field pieces you wouldn't believe the abuses that were going on for us because I thought they need to follow known processes when we'll be need for government until it crosses the line of obedience to the word of God amen they can get back we have records of seven emotions and a vessel on watching my sister 's doesn't make sense of it absolutely just as well as the application what is that he legitimizes killing the sear the conscience as well the military chaplains they gave moral legitimacy to a culture characterized by the perpetrator of gross human rights abuses insert filter out descending voices to strengthen resolve to kill and to reassure the outing soldier that he or she was serving the purposes of God in spite of professions of loyalty higher than that of the state chaplains found himself running super two persons tried to kill enemy soldiers who were sometimes members of their own denomination this is from Catholic social the Notre Dame press let's call this half hours most of them were to reason out the window world except for Benjamin Isaac was at Mercy now want to watch this please visit these video clips these are life shots is comes with documentary that was done in Canada and Tropicana called God 's soldier Natalie I'm lower than what you soldier of the cross malware that beautiful was that I'm a Christian and he is in and engage in life and is slated in a video is a problem where I shot a pregnant woman more than I would does religiosity put on perspective that there is neutralized soldiers at war that really messes basin the first session you take up at Coldstream has no personality to magazines that I'm around people Vincent Finnegan forty five twenty five this is semi- or automatic shoulders longer sovereign I put that thing up and my ten purpose what will that trigger I just pronounce judgment on the first I said in our is that our message is compatible with the Seventh-day Adventist message actually heard what he was a pregnant woman has been a problem with it on my conscience is the right so I will just numbers on perspective one she had me neutralizing the enemy have mercy around the time of the Reformation Christians are Christians both sides the company neither men of God in the wars of the three kingdoms the work of the chaplains vary widely depending on the cause they supported and the nature of the enemy they base chaplains relations with Native Americans were mixed at best vague mission eyes and tries them but they also took part in the campaigns against the sophistry during the Civil War chaplains felt the tension between preparing men to die has strengthened their resolve to kill of course all the major Christian denominations for the war and no one enlisted as a chaplain unless he was prepared to pray for the victory of his armed forces the bottles of the word these can you imagine you were deciding all my soldiers around me were getting ready to what is in our hands your father on the radio watch over the soldiers are soldiers the soldiers are defending your will that praise is that going to combat more that you protect not one of memorable member will that prayer pray for the other side as our soldiers engaged in your project am also an anonymous will get hurt either one will will will appear as common in the film you know Harmon was also limited by the authentic and right of ballot writing data for it is not a private driveway of the Bible tells that would replace our enemies you can hear prayer of which are in Atlanta so is got our side during the first world war much in Australia Johnson stood alongside the thought and I with the message of God is on our side government I told you someone asked the question about what about Hitler he had to be taken I let God take care that a man armed by the American daycare that what one is exhibited take over and I just make a claim of monotony preachiness and determined that payment Ali walked down these mighty and manly men dating commission may send me preach the gospel into illegal war payment so the military understanding of the chaplains will this is what the military understandings I believe that the Chapman goes in with the right intention amen amen automatic but he's not fulfill his role is to fulfill the role of the military member to make sure he fulfills their expectations combat conditions general I will a formal program of character guidance instruction but the need is even more evident false ideas of relaxation and recreation in the comments on generate subtle capitation for men to accept a lower moral standards that were characteristic of their normal social and religious backgrounds likewise the stress and violence of combat these men physically emotionally and spiritually exhausted was at one what's the biggest thing that's only going back with overnight stays on the government with what's going on humility soldiers are going through have mercy and the only way you can remove that guilt is my same and I was last time only what you can do with your justify for taken that person 's life in these circumstances the chaplain can advise his manners and assist the staff by planning a meeting group discussions in the positive aspects of moral current range the spirit of sacrifice will crunch in what taking her life fighting sense of duty and integrity during his counseling and visits to small groups the chaplain will buy his own pastoral example of spiritual ministry but trust the noble qualities of the character which success in combat demands that the department Army chaplain this is what they say now what is this please visit Smith late wife that I really want to get this listener this chaplain is that you are is a is I is he is a him he is something that I will is the 's health is in the chaplain is is is is is is is you is an phone will have a is is is is a is a silly yes and from this company pages this is the result feeling you into a way have reasons for you to clarify I was so and finally must reward is is a is versus those is that in a measure and will you do since that is what you do in Christ name I pray him to Thursday him as Lord you have a source for itself you may as you call in a little jingle to those members of the weather so I guess we'll witness in a criminal 's ISO present bugs this was where your real the way I sent you this is that we would start lineage and you Leslie was an is that compatible with our message is that one bad thing about unbearable and friendly Iraq may be there without hope and when he wins Romans thirteen case context of the Roman confidential Romans thirteen the way will talk about being obedient Romans chapter thirteen hour start with verse one Senator there Romans chapter thirteen verse one is like every soul be subject unto the higher powers for there is no power but of God the powers that are ordained of God whoever therefore resisted the power resist the order ordinance of God and they that resist shall receive himself damnation so there you have it look even on tax eight or no man anything but to rely on why I love looking in the middle to support law the legislation will be trying to one of my no him how shall not commit an offense shall not kill a nice little better number falsely is therefore major that we didn't know each other what kind lot and one another amen I believe it to do is to try next and then when the tribunal outside of the will of God how is little bit that is another way God rather than me do you wear contacts did you get your priorities right prayer is incompatible with the mouse we took have mercy while we were in Iraq the ground war was going on and we had a combat support hospital right there and can derive that was receiving wounded soldiers Chapman yells and I visit the hospital and talk to some of the soldiers that experience was humbling because the soldiers continue to show their professionalism their dedication and commitment to each other even though they were wounded you just can't help but be proud to do whatever you can help soldiers like that to perform their mission and prepare them for some of the difficult experiences they may face not probably the strongest argument I can think of for the Chelsea were there to support the soldiers that are accomplishing goals dangerous missions Casey 's reason for them to be in the Army is that we support the soldier encouragement to go I felt her mission in the message bundles of Islanders a result of the kingdom of God but the military 's expectations reusable so the server causes are able with out hesitation like accountants are listening to him us your life and nouvelles soldiers like you have notable record without hesitation the bozos is ludicrous enough unnatural and nationalist wanting someone's life but that's one of chaplains that God is on our side that does all the way and God will understand there's always listening to what collateral damage have mercy Kevin Dunmore press reset despite challenges he thinks it is important for soldiers to have a belief system once I got himself a faith in a higher being religion is an important guide to military people and a lot that will restrain no one will understand that you put together one it makes us appreciate life all signs and knowledge in that delivers a allowable size and really try to limit the laws of life what a lovely limbs later there is no foundation is under bondage in the wedding military conflict that was early in an regard to himself well here's another one for the chop process is what he's another shot rang out my soul documentary the four chaplains and remote why because you know he'll help he's not living the whole truth you understandable truth so he got a problem 's chances because he might understand why doing to get reason why his government complex these are not competent but is he preaching his message conflicting message please size is four him a him and him the following is an organism that shop is one that forges the moral November forty tomorrow the chapter the horse of the Mendez forges the moral code got a set in the middle of those attending will together what we do here is as remarkable as the rest documented this poor guy crying because his project and his messages don't know why and then is it okay to Windows as heart of hearts being tried in the amount of ethanol and business ethanol delivered on the attack but were antiwar literal meaning that I think I was in Romans thirteen New Zealand misinterpretation on thirteenth and woman is in conflict are known my heart goes out to the brother amen I was out and what about Revelation thirteen the next question how many here understand who the second these powers of Revelation thirteen no replacement managing all of the helmet don't know one against the rails and it is listened this is tragic because of your noble Salyer follows we need to really test passes the preaching prophetic message in the problem with us today is our eschatology ethicality just leave the study future events is not forming a character right now him him know you have an identity crisis so this was coming for him when the people that he loved in that region that live for him this is a better conduct was for connection the former character like that would looking there and then but it's not this is commonly converting his Protestant America it's possible in the files of the aforementioned image to the beast and forth almost nonregulatory to receive the Mark and Lisa was in the music wasn't Protestant America is the second Barbara Bush and thirteen was the first we follow the Roman Catholic Church and it is a little form an image to the first links that these charges that will unite right anyone can use no force or loss per minute as I know the military you are being conditioned to join the military to the value be desensitized to the value of Copenhagen the displeasing gray dust flange on Jews that come to you and much more I came to seek and say hello I can give life I am the life I am the bread of the disease is not the strategies is one and yet the soldiers are being desensitized the value of life these video games are desensitizing our young people the life and we say are all now as I got the message that I read know when the leading churches of the United States uniting upon such him because I held by them in common so influenced the state to enforce their decrees and to say nice intrusion then Protestant America web form images of the Roman hierarchy and the infliction of civil penalties upon dissenters will inevitably result has become a special point of controversy two hours ago how I like how you prevent and send them as name high pictures I came into their new church plant just started and then work on himself Sunday mass because they are proceeding when anybody looking and anyone were times because they forgot when the offense to those in one aware of how you can understand you success me the way I am will a major question what other ways he knows that you will will is the way I feel bad for them a while to be a change in your people are more mourners in an unsolicited e-mail the monsters are you were thirteen people at that time was sixty nine with a lot of young people in a common outcome of nowhere they come as a pastor because I put my platform the newly Molly humbly working like crazy and make in this accident will have a time well Walmart will soon come when what you guys are cool penguin for your curriculum and how do they looking good in that they walk around the field with the most is when a little domain name alike is that was a drug that is often reasonable observers have pointed out that he's come in church prays that his mother 's name is in the twenty seven praise and give me a call one piece of this piece is best developed all right if I read something ensures the Sabbath I know that is not as well Elijah things ten eleven him allow you what is a visa while in school we had to write a report one page report on Iraq as well sure something in my heart of the safety procedures as I said okay and I said what how long is was one page this is all right if I do it nice and won't won't won't shore but what's the mountain was among reasonable pieces you said about my here on pastor you're my hero I try to drop with a possible origin known as his Jesus is my nieces I know absolute highlight illuminating I want to hear my voice is not involved in a diatomaceous appointment rather than Jesus amen but praise God our kids are using Michael Jordan using this person is the past but my elders my deacons in the MS doesn't look good but one holiday was in Muslim like a sharp resume hey man women and the Honolulu run stuck it will never invest separately the homeschooling trending up we've got not only is new is repeating itself I is a will handle most like the manumission of the note whom anonymous on these and that framework they comb the hair look like if they call me here in the busyness of the even called in almost slow I is the job I think you missed something is right and is in no goal is to know him not to know only what you know you are I hate Oprah 's original one these young people are looking for something the example given here will be the example picture just don't find all the world they will find someone a file and emulate easily got your uses the things I find someone following Jesus in layman and we don't set the example was the military for the prompt is not speaking as a result talking on his glorious costs how will turn in the testimony sought is like a very heroic like Jesus I want to be like now is the example problems as you as you young people nurtured looking at you I guarantee you that watching you they are not all that will squeeze when the needle is a is watching you she's watching you set a good example was probably when I don't donate within the examples on the parents sometimes with church leaders but that don't know say that he is not accountable amen so if you know the setting a bad example to use of the right example amen will passionately go on my chart the newlyweds going on your Mac was hemming your church so has a lot of thousand but it will cost us one of God was present in religious and secular authorities have combined to enforce the observance of this on the Sunday the persistent refusal of a common majority that say a small majority to yield to the popular demand will make an object of universal extraction they will be nourished by the field who stand in opposition to an institution of the at law as they ought not to be tolerated that is better for them to suffer for whole nations to be drawn into confusion and lawlessness the same argument eighteen hundred years ago was brought against Christ by the rulers all the people when they said is expedient for us in the Wiley Caiaphas that one man should die for the people and that the whole nation perish not this assignment will appear conclusive any decree will finally be issued against those who how will send the following the fourth commandment reviewed on the military unit right before and guess what happened after the first one gets always brings a and another and for that young girl when I was in any universities of Jupiter not sharply with the liturgy but you want to try closing all the ACM from the General conference of male perfection about what such as an old again I think I wish someone would only one thousand and seal a Saudi military until new I had one of my sponsored living on that will jump such human remodelers without dishonorable discharge should leave my computer and I know what would yourself and I wanted to the one you found you on that video brings up one of the invention home denouncing them as deserving of the severest punishment and giving the people liberty after a certain time to put Romanism in the old world and apostate Protestantism in the new will pursue a similar course for those who honor all how many all the precepts so what are the implications if one is missing the confused message you wear our uniform there preach unity anywhere uniform of war the EU press him dress uniform or not the focus back on the message battle dress uniform you wear your fatigues them to change a westernized for people in the military and when you see that one person comes your mind more than five and we argue long-term defense now it's engaging and more now and then on your mouseclick on this message I love you for your keepers do not count the cost of coming into dollars up on the daily patient where you go to church really is a really close look on the other blue jeans and a half twenty one while I'm writing under the altar and I'm getting married in one thousand and that uniform is in the confusing message to people no man can serve two masters I remember a half moon Jehoshaphat vocational as the a.m. was little war schedules acetyl what will want to get some reassurance was not sexual I have four hundred prophets see they were and also glad that you will will will anybody else what about Michalak shut what are you all don't know he never says anything good about what Joseph and I when I when I curiously some guy comes over and course you have anything good to say about at hands and feet free him I will say about her roles in what the magic like I'm on the payroll just in the pain music number you think I have the wherewithal to Goldberg managing the prolific as if it wasn't around when one lesion begin got you set things in Mona Lisa is a absolutely not he's on the role will see the pastor on the payroll because some of the payrolls of the commission I was just your message simple and that the Whitney don't get on the payroll runs are important law solid identity crisis that is the church 's one of military and analysis again labor and sounds for five dollars originally is thirteen dollars at the bookstore five dollars and minutes firm bookstore in the where multiples and so please make a zombie I wrote a great review of Biblical research Institute what a great review on it matter-of-factly to people yesterday although not for military praise God one girl she don't sign up she's already sold the report but she didn't know she could still get out of it she sworn enemy but she hasn't went and she called her dad yesterday and said that I'm not going just when their dad was rejoice torches or twenty years old and certainly listen to you their love Louisiana this is for you Hawaii one-stop and in and him a him a sense out of thirty and she sees them forever he says they never leave and that the money grows on trees I know what you know my bedroom not that she's not going young Joseph Gregory is that you should write there we pray this mother was in tears next week note Zofran was in the military method in this presentation I no assurance of the something as I know you a while signature continues all enjoy life that's called to ministry you can do with their past initial UN what when and how he was point out tears right there but my concern I'm not going to give my phone number so that you change your mind you may recall quick when we pray for our young people amen they feel there is no other option that I was from our universities and stuff like this they feel that the Army offers them all this money nor there your legions while the father doing you are there is a only got to be careful is all messages on the Venice message came close or closer regarding enemy of United States was even in the United States then well they don't get the message that you know you from another country other than the United States by praise God I love our message amen to every nation kindred tongue and people who matter what color were racial creed we all be one amen now measures we would do what we germinate again my wife would be my own she's German from the have mercy SR message also thought all the well-known as well except Iraq don't preach that their bugs collateral damage Zelda is now going all the world and preach the gospel to every creature March sixteen fifty one the atmosphere say what you meant here is a one comment a message before but doesn't you are obligated to say brain say say what I not only alive that's our message out in the first second and Lozano will love you think of the one who reads bottoms they come everyone was was a price is called to work for the salvation of his fellow men who is everyone anybody excluded here now the spirit of life that come about in the USA come the charge to get this invitation includes the entire church to church cinema where attorneys to my work before I were to say what pray everyone was her limitation is will the message from the hill and badly say I like that that's inspired me to the smelling that refreshes the condition of the grace of God upon soul of unbelievers is what I like to me is probably the worst thing to be wasting maybe useful to preach Holy Spirit is the one that leads on this on the Internet praise God so when ever convention comes up on someone and when the convention was to know why they are on the first time I did that what month to month the church I'm only got one else which is over ninety human models for whole family and studying with them also on the volunteers and monitoring unit one one was the news the Holy Spirit came in one season the Holy Spirit was more than I do in some a Muslim house was recklessly and it is in it was a line in the Lord help me shallow and is the lowest brand-new is a minor point we work in their lives I was doing to us all the guys who don't end you should never let the farm she's not is a virus genome on this twenty four years old Gosselin unpardonable is a full-time worker in Michigan conference to other family is very analogous to our culture with the soybeans of money and legal realm building churches all the time they met that dogmas ahead although the church now praise God amen that is the methanol amen them refreshes the image Limited got upon the souls of unbelievers is what again divine we may learn to keep regions in mind all the way and then now is a true story closing this commissary you can not join the military music regards must a letter to condemn those who done but I'm saying you an answer him join the military military new matter where your and be faithful to send MMS message you cannot know it's incompatible because if you say you're right here in your sailor rights in Iraq hearsay the rights in Africa USA when the shooting at each other then I stumbled my cancer that can and when you pull the trigger there is no euro limit no problem there is no proper to say that person and judgment got to exterminate you can guarantee that God wants a person that can but were being condition for being desensitize the value of life please listen to the story your Christian I am to World War II was at its height forces were engaged in what was known as the Battle of the Bulge for Christmas one nineteen forty four the fighting was fierce in the bitter cold and snow the Allied forces Bob and establish control over strategic area the commanding officer turned to several of his men and set sweep across the field and kill how many are German soldiers still in Trenton the smell I want no prisoners absolutely what was the command key while many all the German soldiers leave how many absolutely none one American soldier selected gives his account of what happened next as I walked I immediately shot and killed two wounded in suffering soldiers he continues then suddenly I post a tall young guy with a broad one I for had he was leaning against a tree he wasn't wounded simply exhausted and no food nor water no comrades inside no ammunition feared being the fee and loneliness overwhelmed him he spoke English and that beautiful wonderful world type acts both when I noticed the love Bible in his shirt pocket he reminisces he started to talk about Jesus and salvation when you know what that link in German soldier turn out to be a born-again Christian who didn't really love the Lord is in water for my canteen I even gave him crackers we pray and work together we live in their rooms his voice began to tremble as tears down his cheek his face began to reflect much it seems like only yesterday instead of voters all part of the saw from his German Bible that I read Romans twelve King James translation is shown in black and white picture of his wife and daughter the soldier to being what you see in those days I was a young man in my early twenties I just graduated from a Christian college in Illinois Manhattan had time to sort out my thoughts on the war and why did what I did my German brother farewell to several steps away and returned to the soldier almost thirteen John Gill commanded the promise of eternal life the Principe 's Islamist organization between killing and murder the irrationality of war also world in my mind when the German soldiers on the return he bound his and closed his eyes in that classic prayer posture that it had three crew sentences that I still reprieved once or twice a week when I have nightmares about the war you're a Christian I am to see you later in less than a second I transform that defenseless Christian soldier to courts Tom bigeye in the military at the same time and possible scenario people born in the military left and right and you will have seven million minutes of usage faithfulness must you will have seven day advance persecuting you in the military when it comes to enforcing the marketplace hello I said they'll be our worst persecutors and no come from within those who we had fellowship at how even pray have mercy DL Moody says this guy cannot use you until you are willing to have the world point the finger 's former action warehousing write write this book my facts and not depriving mother name on the book because I thought controversial is not solved how mean some of these people from within the nomination are the military how they put the names in a now surprised but I've been getting fingers for the Lord can use the map what you say I traded in my BD use my battle dress uniform for soup my M-16 below a man should people would love compassion present Gospel death and destruction by Dupre 's death is definitely a life map Reza resurrection of the amen Amasa question you want to be sworn from within your church you want to take a stand for Jesus Christ that's was in the all the password about this person what about that person wasn't not blossom whether or are they men do nothing whether or not my example Jesus Christ is because I went on Desmond also among the input they had all these people that we would God amen you follow Jesus amen let me know whether I you pray to Jesus Christ and him crucified me a good soldier to be a soldier in the crafts amen Lincoln said when I went to Gettysburg and then and there consecrated myself to Christ something happened to Lincoln at Gettysburg something could happen to you to change your life and making the kind of man the world needs at this hour of history what happened to your brothers fighting North against South the bloodless oversaturated when linking the author is still sloshed around in blood because the wound and hold all the black he so wanted to look at it and said I help us was that Mary Craven something not want to meditate for you which were taken what will not happen do to encourage me to consecrate my whole life not just a once in a tape for you and me for this army of young people to consecrate her whole life to Jesus Christ is to take something that phrase is another love justice is a part of that love amen let him wield the sword of justice a man me point lead people to Jesus that's my job that's my call I pray that you're going to library for father God thank you for Jesus Christ thank you for the example we set each and every one of us will pray they can truly help each and every one of these young people encourage them to follow the Masters example occurs in the following Jesus no matter what they received ridicule or chastisement what to take Lord help us to focus on eschatology helplessly focused on the prize Lord music away our tears and a model more than your literal recompense for everything we have to suffer here to your namesake so I'm asking up meaning that you will bless each and every one of us when Lord means me each and every one of us proclaim the gospel message may wean from the hilltop from the valley below Seca come to this beautiful Savior who was to say to every nation kindred tongue of people to the Lord may we proclaim this message in Jesus name and a and is used by audio or is likely generating a unit like to learn more about G1 the defendant in a life that are working like this is an online service www. maneuvers .org


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