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John 17- Part 1

W.D. Frazee


W.D. Frazee

Founder of Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute

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She was relaying our hard situation was and she but she came to a good place. She came to the man of God The Bible says the prophet. And he has core of Christ in her the you have been the high when she said I was not thinking about her alone. You know let's do it I had. Well he said I tell you what to do you go back to your house and go up and they produce them borrow pots and pans and kettles and vessels of various kinds. And she doing now is said you go in there and you start pouring or a lot of that best so that one the celeb or I will have new Remember what happened. How many vessels got filled every one she had is there are men she has the proper road to do and he said You go sell out all know until your debts live on the rest need work. I've often wondered if when it was all over she wished that she had borrowed more parts unfair. Well. How much are you expecting tonight. The Greg Long blessing is laid out in the Saviour's words according to your faith. Be it unto you personally friends I have asked the Lord tonight for the biggest blessing of my life. Oh I want it. I want you that I want to Airdrie one here to have a big blessing. Because we need it. We're almost home but we're not almost ready. And so I pray that tonight God will greatly bless us as we look into the word. And with the help of the Spirit. See what great things God is ready and willing to do. The text. Is the seventeenth chapter of John. John seventy. Turbines for a show that this chapter seventeen. Chapter of John. Comprehends nor any influence in the world than any other chapter in the New Testament were also told that were to make this prayer our first study. So we're going to study it. Tonight we look at it some good for hasn't really. But somehow in recent day. As I've been looking into it more. I see some things in it more than I've ever seen before. I want to share them with you. You remember that this seventeenth of John is taken up in car they with our Lord's Prayer. Just before he went in to get seven. He had met with these decide who's in the upper room. It's celebrated the Passover he had inaugurated the A Sacramento supper. By which they were to commemorate his sacrifice for the through the coming years until he should come. And he had talked to a day and those wonderful things that we read in John fourteen fifteen sixteen. And Nalchik comes is almost to the garden. And he pauses there under the bright moonlight. You Neal. Was surrounded by the eleven and prays these wonderful words. Father. The hour is called glorifies eyes son the ties saw in all of so many glow defy the. I was dull has given him tower over all flesh that he should give eternal life to as many as Val has given him. And there is life eternal. That they might know v The Only True GOD. And Jesus Christ whom Dollhouse. Saying. I have glorified be on the air or. I have finished the work which fellow gave is me to do. And no own father glory and thighs all me with I known self with the glory which I had with be before the world was. I have manifested Xining Munda the men which fell gave his to me out of the word. Resigned they were and are gave his then me and they have kept I were know they have known that a thing. Squads whoever though has given me are the for I have given under then the words which they are gave is to me. And they have received them and have known surely that I came out from the end they had believed that thousands. Say me. I pray for they. I pray not for the room but for them which fall has given me. For their died. And all mine are as I know and Zeiner mine. And I am glow red tide in the end and no I am no more in the word. But these are in the world and I come to the Holy Father. Keep through the I know him the same goes whom doll has given me that they may be one. As we are. While I was with them in the world I kept them in the I named those the tall gave is to me I have kept and none of them is lost. But the son of perdition that the Scripture might be from feel and know I'll come I to the end these things I speak in the world that they might have mine jaw FOTA failed in themselves. I have given then the I word. And the run and have hated because they are not of the word even as I am not of the word. I print up a thought should is take them out of the word. But the power should is to keep them from the evil. They are not of the weren't even is I am not of them were saying can fire them through the eye truth. Die word is true. Val has sent me into the world. Even so I have Highland So send them into the word. And for their sakes I sanctify myself. That they also might be saying to fight through the truth. Neither pray I for these alone. But for them also great shall be leave all in me through their word that pay all may be one of the all father are paying me. And I in the that they also may be one. Enough that the world may believe that all has sent me. And the glory. Which they all gave is to me I have given them that they may be wanting even as we are one. I and them. And doll in me that they may be made perfect in one. And that's a room to meno little bit. Paul has said me and has loved them as Val has to. Father. I will not pay also a billion dollar hist given me being weird to me where I. They pay me being home to my glory which God has given me or the love with just me before the following day sion of the word. Alright his father the world has not known the. But I have known the. And these have known the Paul has sent me. And I have declared on to them that I named it will declare that the love where Revelle has glug me may be in them and I and then I want to call your attention tonight. In this wonderful prayer to further thoughts. There are more of course than the four. But first thoughts that were in the heart of Christ. Is he poured out those prayer for his decipher the fairest. Which of course I'm sure each one here tonight is been impressed and new with is we've read this is he's prayer for you that. Are you and he prayed to his church who might be one. Was he prayed that his disciples might share a unions such as he and his father had shared from eternity. What a run under full prayer pray. In your notice it was not alone for those disciples who were with him that night or in the twentieth verse. He prays for all those who would believe on Him through their word and on down. That pay all twenty first various maybe one. So the heart of Jesus is set on his disciples Being lot. He speaks throughout the courier reluctant which makes that possible. It's the love between the father in the Son. That is the basis of their unity. It's the love of Jesus in our hearts. That will enable luxe to love one another as he is loved done. And to be as closely united as the Father and the son. Are you willing to. You know with this prayer for unity there is a prayer for separation where this teaching of unity there is a teaching of separation. I think we just put it on here. So we'll have to look at it may seem strange that in the same prayer. Would be the thought of unity and the thought on separation. The pinas are two sides of the same coin my dear for a year for we are to be in union with Jesus. Or you must experience. Separation from the word you so you'll notice. He says twice. In those seventeenth chapter sixteen First they are NOT have their world. Even as I am not of the were no fourteen hurry so I have given them die word in the rural have hated then. Because they are not heard of the word. Even a Zion not of the work so hard. Separated from the girl. Are we to be. How as completely as jesus who are there is to be no more union between nonsense Newsweek and word than there was between Jesus and the wicked where the crucified here. They say my children my disciples mine church. They are not all of the Werman Even as I am not of the word. Twice I say. He said three birds. No one has the very same between. That's twice repeated stated fifteen Ters already premodern thought we should use take them out of the world. But propose shouldst lot. Keep them from the for. There are those who would be certifiable. If Jesus were just take them to heaven right away so they wouldn't be tempted in the mall and. If they can't get to heaven. They'd like to find someplace where there are no temptation. No problem well. Jesus didn't pray that you were No I would be that separated from the we're not in that way. I pray not. He says to his father that I was sure does take them out of the world. But the dollars should just walk them from the. Someone has very aptly said. Speaking on this point that it's like a built on the radar. Ship you know in the ocean. It's all right for the vessel to be in the ocean. Another are. As long as the writer doesn't get in the bill that right. But suppose a lot of started seeping in the belt. Then wall. Then instead of it being a place of safety. It's a place of thought of disaster that it. That's happened down through the ages again and again. You know newer and hate the saving Babs. If a leak was discovered it weren't. And then were put to lurk hoping for full. Keep our water from rising in there and try to repair it if they could. But if they couldn't they just keep pumping away there their lives were at stake. But all my dear afraid. I'll go the name whose must weep to see the complacency. With which we see the room seeping in seeping in seeping in and Verdun little done about to the pumps. Ready to the pumps their only bit garden may help us to keep afloat. In this sea. There is really can't see of lawlessness. With which we are surrounded. And there is no way to get completely out of this world and of Jesus comes and takes us in that wonderful space trip. But mark you. That does not lessen in any rate all responsibility for Jesus desire that we shall be kept from contamination. That we shall be saved from the evil of this work. So his gray prayer is now a prayer not the thought it should just take them out of the world. But the tunnel should use keep them from the evil. Is this word evil. Yet it's not so bad. Oh isn't it. That's the question my dear for it is the word burnt or if it is that are rather than strength or is it just something that looks like it is a did tie her alive Amber. Pints. Or is it just a big honor grown cat and if you rub it right it won't hurt you very much roots music. That's the question. How do you feel toward the word. Are you afraid of it do you know a hit. I don't mean the poor people caught pitted a. You come to that present. But what about this period of this work then will tell you for us from some aspects this world things that it's making a very good record for itself and depressed. It's a fact. Never in the history of this country did so many people have that sort of good as they say by the present. And people look at all these wonderful invention. If think no I then are really doing. Are you in them or them all or are you caught her up with this spirit of admiration of human progress human pride. Human wisdom. Human knowledge. Friends be careful. Jesus prayed. If you and I might be kept from this we could work and he said toils that we are not. Of the world anymore than he was of the world. No we need certain of the world of these Tyler Perry and here too is all they could stay it is probably for a nailing to come back today they do it over again. How does it come that some of us have such an easy time getting along with the world. Well we learn how to have better public relations than Jesus had have and. Yes we have God It is this or that we may help to answer this prayer. Jesus. That we may know more be a part of this world than he was that we should be alert. Lerp ready to flee from Bruce's that and the other thing. Instead of being drawn to stare into it by what's going on in this way. If the spirit of Jesus is in our hearts for. What's going on in this world will not attract you to remember the dreams of those who are traveling the narrow way. All those they traveled in the God of higher and steeper and rougher and narrower. Occasionally they heard sound where they come for from the abyss. Below. What's left the rural says we heard that dance and go with her self and the sounds of the revelry and murder. And rather than we thought remain be nice if we can get up a loud speakers who are we could hear it better is happening. Didn't say other risk that there was a quick trail that we could get down there and spend Saturday night down there occasion that heard instead. Oh it says we shuttered. And we were more anxious than ever to keep on the path forward for a holiday the sights and sounds of this world of which. How do they effect that's a question. Well I can tell you there is. You give some evidence in the way you look and act and talk yourself. In return is a sincere interest complement that you can give any party empathy. And when you try to act like the were you certainly compliment. And when you try to look like the were as close as you can and still retain the Christian name. Certainly for Ange you give the word quite a bit of pleasure or room because it may help us to see what Jesus is pray about here. That remain to be as separate from the world in this he was in when we are he says we will be hated streets he was hated hated. That's not are a mild word for a living. But all you'll notice he prays that we may be saying to five. That word means set call a park at separation. That's why we keep the Sabbath is a sign of being said apartment. You know some people are certain sorry that everybody doesn't keep Saturday because to be so much easier there in the day. It's too bad that everybody doesn't love God and obey. But really my dear friend. If you think it through. It's of thirteen and thing that the enemy has another flag so there is no confusion over them that in itself urchin and thick. At the flag or the call stands to it then here far those who are willing to be wall. Separated different peculiar bodies in you when they're keeping this seven to base I bet that God's children are different. He says they are not of the WEREN'T EVEN. Of the word. All right. No other third thing I want you to know or I or we are in the world there is a purpose for our being in. It isn't to be like him. It's to be separate. And yet. We're not here is hermits as monks are known. What are we here for. He tells us in this eighteenth varies. Ours is that all has sent me into the world. Even so. Have gone on so send them into the earth. Called to Jesus happened to come here. Did he come here to have a good time did he come here to get rich and realestate. Come here to make a great name for himself or how do you happen to come here anyway. God so loved the world that he he gave his only begotten self to save he came my dear friends on a mission. He was saying. He came on air it. That's all into the old times in the son of then came not to be ministered unto better to minister and to him. Here is life. That's however been the hometown. Soon as he got it done the rent by now he says. I have gotten some men out of the world Father that you gave me. And I am sending them into the world. Just as you sent me into the work or did you know that you would then commission. Or hand it had that's the question. That's the question. Or I hope you have for it. I hope you had accepted me. From Jesus came with a mission. And he has sent his followers on a mission. And his purpose. Mishael succeed in our mission is he succeeded in his mission. What do you say. Are you on that mission. Is that I too have to missile. Anything else. And if you have anything else to live or friends. You will miss the US. This is all or nothing is cause for everything it takes and the reason we're still in this world is because so many of God's dirt children are if it were all. By the hundred different thing. Trying to do this on the side. Some day. Somewhere sometime life or. God's children are going to get as burdened about those is Jesus what they're going to answer this parent is parity. And they're her life and time will be devoted to doing just what Jesus or it costs something. Because they never it. He was rich but he became poor. He was king of the universe but he emptied him sell. Became a servant. He walked around through Galilean Judy. A homeless wander. Reproach in pain Yuri's daily lot. He had what would be called a hard time. And very discouraging experience. At night the air freight he made it possible for every soon to be say every rule be saved in the kingdom it was all made possible. In those thirty three years by his life and I say it was a great and success when you say I'll know he's invited you and me to go on a similar mission. We can save as many as he say and no we have any part in saving it will be his power his love that does the work. But he's invited us to have our hands used by him in our voices you is by your wonderful privilege is an interest. How do you say we do it. What do you say we take him seriously on. What do you say that like Peter and John and Matthew. We put all the really have into those who one work of winning souls to Christ what do you save. Will heaven is rooting to demonstrate what can be done. But all the so many human problem. This interview. So many human problem. So many and I type manage eases call. And he said Yes Lord are coming but I've got so many things to think severed her mother got to marry my father father was a namesake at that long day. And he said I've got to stay at home and take care of things there. And then on the cuff. And another when you remember that Jesus called. And he said Yes Lord I'll come but first let me go on bed farewell that those that are miles and remember when change the city. No man having put is heading to the plough and turning looking back is that for the king. There is something about all of dedication that Jesus is calling for that very few people know anything about. They suppose that this is something that's like a hobby. Like electing stands for collecting rocks. Kind of do it you know in your spare time. Web. Some people work at it that way we'll be around where another hundred twenty years for it on that program. Some day I repeat some time. This bird. This mission. That gripped the heart of Jesus is going to grip the hearts of is sincere children. And they're going to do just what Jesus did they're going to finish the work. You do take the spirit and power that rested upon Jesus to accomplish it. But all heaven is waiting just anxious to ferret out that it's got to have some vets in to this. Clean themselves. And vessels that aren't filled up with a lot of other good things you'll understand. Rick Perry. If Jesus should invite you to share a room him in charge such a life as he invited his disciples to share. Nearly two thousand years ago. Run to take him seriously. Would you. Overdo say Well Lord there are certain things that I'll have to I'll have to see that they're taken care of. There are certain things that you will need to guarantee a third to Jesus guarantee Matthew. Peter cup. Where did he get her and he guaranteed that nothing but the joy of service within. And there sure is that they'd have tribulation and persecution. They cut will. They got the job or take up the trouble. Welfare waiting for us if we enter it was mine father has said me. Even so you or let's accept the mission for do you save for a ride. Now. As said on to give you four thoughts tonight from Jesus for a very steep hill you. Union with Jesus and one another in the second is walk. Separation from hall right from the we're And the third is make mission to wrong. To the were those two things are not contradict the complimentary belong together and they work together just blind that can make your separate from the world you have no real mission to the work but know number four. And this is suing. And precious the thirteenth verse one and now come on to be in these things I speak in the world that they might have knowledge ot nigel i Phone filled in themselves. Oh it is that's this for you all. Your. What's another word for. Happy. You know like happened earlier somebody says as well I'm running for all a tug at your trouble. You won't find it. I finish doesn't come that way. Thank god is fixed it so you can find it. God implore page to twenty four. You call it in his providence has revealed that no one can secure happiness. By living for himself alone. And do it. And then that's called the greatest man of the century died a few days ago when you know what his last words were on board with it all those weren't post last words near Stephen's life. No no. Frame brought they had something to live further and something worth dying for external her beyond it reaches through the turn late. Jesus. If we'll help him answer his prayer will see to it that we have chill. Old fool. Says I want my enjoy. Further fairly and A. I want them to be furloughed show. And you know say I don't see how anybody could be a happy. Real happy that had to be separated from all the marvelous things in this world and then I do spend is live in sacrificial sir it all. When you don't see that now if you're born again. SEPTA man be born again he cannot see thinking in the young three three. That's the truth. You look at the fish out here in the water. You talk to him about the wonderful times it's some people didn't leave. Oh nice it is to get out of here England over these fields and up these trails and find these beautiful flowers. It's enough for me. I couldn't think it ANY couldn't. The poor fish. Aid. Gus's stay right where he is in that water had. Well I'm so glad I don't have to get her he is what do you say wouldn't do for me. Which rarely do we do wrong to my dear. The upper world or the Lord Jesus as a joke that he wants to share with us and that's what this prayer is about your Remember in Matthew twenty five in the parable of the Talents. Then each one of those who was faithful. When the day of reckoning came. Was invited by the master. Well done good and faithful servant in hands now in talk all the joy of the I Lord you know what the joy of the larded. If you want something interesting. Look up the comments in the spirit of prophecy on it. You'll find that all over and over and over again. The statement is given is that the joy of the Lord is in seeing so. Three D.. That's what led him on this mission. I thought caused him to leave the throne and come to this table and to the crawl. Good job all. Of seeing So everybody. He loved people certain mulch didn't just maybe I'm happy to do things for them in the hope of getting them to come with him back to the father's help. You have the joy that shepherd. Going on finding Rasheed bring it home on the shoulders. Off. Rejoice it will know he said. Of around you to share this with me. I'm sharing my nation with you I want to share my jaw and with you see here in John the fifteenth chapter. That same night he was talking to those same disciples. Leavened for. John to fifteen leaven. These things have I spoken and he knew that my Joey might remain in you and that your job. I might be well. Full just let me run through a few of them in a wonderful statements on days. What this joy of will or it is great controversy six forty seven. This is talking about. When we make this wonderful trip through space. Up to the Father's throne. We're done on her beloved Jesus welcomes his faith for longs to the joy of their Lord. The Sabres jaw is even seeing in the kingdom of glory this is that have been saved by his agony and humiliation. And the redeemed. Watch it and the reading will be sharers in here is jaw. As baby of her own among the blessid those who have been loaned to Christ through their prayers. Their labors and their loving sacrifice will be a wonderful Hell I pray you heard from Buddy you went to see somebody who gave treatments to in the Senate Harry. Somebody who wrote a letter to somebody who sacrificed for somebody you prayed for her day week out to week month after month year after year end of a Forever. To enjoy return it. Oh a phrase that's entering into the joy of the law. But now LOT of her old catch this wonderful statement here in ministry of healing. Page five hundred four. Grace Joe I all his followers are to share. However great and glorious here after all reward is an auto repair be reserved for the time the final deliverance. Even here we are by if a who in turn to the Sary viewers join the well you were spray and. We can have cups furrow gallons of it. Barrels of it right here in this were the just sharing with Jesus in His mission. And it. In the famous giving that comes as we see so as to raise funding to our united efforts as Jesus and all I learned to gather the. Joe I again and again although sometimes peer issue or art break says songs turn away. But until all is sung by the risk on income say into the circle of love. Say for a. This is the real purpose of life. This is the. This is what Jesus was praying for are you are in on one of you are not. No wonder you sometimes are restless. No wonder if some time you feel tempted to twenty five saw them as and one babbling that not Hollywood at the wonder is there wonder sometimes it's hard to resist was tempted but I want to tell you so those who have entered into this program. Jesus said Saudi separation from the we're a mission of sacrificial service to the were. And the Jolly of Christ in the heart of the world looks mighty sick and. They feel sorry for the who are not content. Just saw or pity the law. But designed to get in there and share in that market and here is own no. Just a longing desire to pull somebody else. Pearl somebody else. Although I ask again for a. Where are we in our thinking. You know about four thousand years ago and now. There was a man named Abraham that lived in a great city down in the Valley of the Euphrates Earth had a wonderful civilization. The archaeologists that have dug down there they've discovered some things that people think today are very modern they were back there in ur four thousand years ago. Earth was highly civilized. City. But one day God said. A broom. Walk. And I'll come up very. Where am I going with our. Alf by and by you'll find out and when a broom got to the end of the journey you know very well. I was under some Oaktree. Over there in case they're all here in all their living in tents Tabernacles Hebrews eleven calls. And if anyone is a little friends ever got over there and saw him. I suppose they thought it was a life. But in doing it rains a brown. What do you do when it gets haul and how do you building for yourself. They could about asking a lot of course but I want to tell you something. When you look into the record. Abraham was happy. He had accepted this principle of separation he was on a mission in the he was interesting and a big jolly of a lark. General how many songs he won. At least without. More than that there were more of them rot. That had accepted the message that it bore at various places. They gathered together in his in can't win to learn more of the way of life and he was teaching them you're acquainted with that program are into it did it work or you know there was a relative of a perhaps and he decided on a different program. He he wasn't quite so impressed with this separation Prince. You remember a movie where all middle order. He didn't move in this all. He pitched his tent off. All records. He burst his walk. He's seen that you seem a bit later in the he has he's It danced no more tent business for him and his family. They've gone mother. You know I do you dating in tapes. I my father can afford something better than that if he can't he better get a move on him and. So we've got to keep up with the bright young folks down there in where Saddam. So finally they move in is not make a success down there well he became one of the judges he sat in the gate. Nice daughters most of then their aid. Well as and Saddam might call that how many converts. Did a lot to get ready for the Kingdom of God my dear. How many. None were on. You know when the angels of God when done. They were out of the Heavenly Father that if they could find even pay right his people in that said they would spare it for Abraham sake. They couldn't find even pain in their great metropolis. And yet lot was a right yes man the Bible in a vexes writes a song from day to day with the filthy conversation that we can. But I will hear a lot of these family. Carry him towards Saddam in indices of what did they want down. They want at the sites of Saddam this sounds of sudden this. Styles of Saddam and they got the worm by the year. Which where we go room. Imagine it if you came. Do you suppose there were those relatives of Abraham and Sarah. Every back to memory or those other places to there's a neighbor hen it could be a nurse children of a lot. I wonder how they felt when they got up there. Here is see them turn a person knows that the children in the can both are a burden on call labor a number in her I'm so glad to read on how to live out there and that come. Nothing this. We will place to girl. And no place to fix up our hair like we do down in Saddam home when there were in the US. Stand it youngsters. MY DEAR AFRAID. Are we going to torment So how do we friends. Do we like to read this we're going to do we want to look rank so I'm over rocks or back. Only know we wouldn't want to look back. We just one look that way. Had her own no it's not to smile it's to way between the perch in the old are saying spare the IP. These are some of the reasons that no not a rainfall. My For these are some of the reasons that Jesus. Still Terry was one of the bridegroom Terry's so many slaughters. God help us to arouse him. Wake. Get on Abraham. Program instead of Law What do you say. And what do you say for it. Do you think things were different I'll tip the candidate for a hammer and they learn done in a Lot's house inside a murder you think he'll come to your people let their friend Howard under they were upset memories and they did down in Saddam where do you think whatever you think. Do you think they had a different way of enjoying themselves. A different way of looking and acting in Turkey. I thank God for and for every young person that knows what I'm talking about here tonight and is happy and. And I just wish everybody. You can. Then I invite you and I assure you my dear friends is not living in a penitentiary. Oh no Saddam's the penitentiary. Saddam is the penitentiary. And these things I speak and the world that they might have not I join. Well filled in themselves. And the joy of the Lord is not in keeping up with the Joneses. Speaking of keeping up with the Joneses in this matter separation from the world. There's a word or two on this matter of money. I mean impressed with the Lord is impressing our leaders to cannot listen very strong clear things in their view on this question. Did you notice this editorial in the review of February for by older Nicole the trend toward luxuries. Did you see is warning the Seventh Day Adventists not to be caught in this mania for gadgets. Read it for a review of February thought. Tells here about one of the well known makers of the automatic washing machines for the home is no offering a devise costing twenty five dollars. That automatically switches off the dryer when the clothes or cry. The well STREET JOURNAL Well observes that the item with the hardly be turned on it in a Cessna. We agree. Read the whole article. Then you see the other reason but it's about one mile high that a number of these cost more than twenty five dollars. Read the article. You know it would soon we wait for the signs of the times to be fulfilling all around though so we help her fill them in don't know what's going on and take a more recent article the review of March April. That's this week's truth is there's an article on buying on the installment plan. By older close early assistant treasurer of the General Conference. It's labeled a timely problem for Seventh Day Adventists to ponder. You say was that God to do with the church with the members of the jury to read it for a year. Third it. The Another third grade majority of people in this were bound hand and foot with this installment buying. And is something serious would happen either in the nation or in their personal lives. Autumn would indeed drop out of their finances. They either have to go into bankruptcy or be you might say slaves are strange already or not long ago a banker told me about a man coming women wanted to borrow some money. Make time payments on it. Run the bank or decide on let him. You had to show him that he was already a committed or ever. Thing a nice paycheck every dollar I was banned they've already got it. Nary want to borrow some arm to use it with everybody. Not quite my dear friends. That's the way Saddam is or all. That's not the way memory. And if you are not if you don't have on a lot of them a little conscience on that point. On the bondage of data or one hand and the sea in the mix tragic events. If you can afford it or can't afford it either on this saying a book strengths read these two arts or a church leader than bird in their heart. It is just one more facet of this question of whether we're going to be separate true early and give our lives to the nation in finishing the work. Or whether we're going to go on like a lot. Wishing things were different but seeing ourselves in our families carried a little more a little more a little more toward the word God help us grow up it is but do you say for now. I want to ask you something uses prayer going to be ends. Yes it's going to be answered. Every detail of it's going to be because a terrific. And in closing I bring you some wonderful promises. Customers to ministers page fifty. The prayer of Christ will finally be ensured the prayer of Christ. That his church may be run as he was one with his father will finally be entered. What do you say. Let encouraging or. Here's another one this is from the Bible that tells us is to same thing. If he joins the fifth chapter. Going to happen. Beginning with a twenty two third's of has been slug your lives even as Christ oh sorry love the church and gave Himself for it that he might sanctifying cleanse it with the lashing of water by the word that he Murray presented it to himself a lot of that Arias church. Not having spot a raincoat are any such thing. But that it should be heard and without blemish. Is it going to happen for a. What do you say. Yes. There's going to be a unity of the church. Such as the world has never yet seen Pentecost came as close to it is any time in the past that paid the cost is going to be repeated. On a grander scale with a woman closer than the early church ever experience and friends on this matter separation is God going to have a church at last that he's sick of the world. And he's going to have nothing more to do this world in this and pride and folly. Whether in dresser and musicians or extravagance or education or anything else easy or it. Look at this great controversy six. Pardon me. Great controversy for sixty four bit further or the final visitation of God's judgments upon the or there will be erm mark the certainty of it. There will be on monger people below or such a revival of primitive god and as has not been witnessed since apis tonic come by will happen. Where it's coming. You tone the Winfrey and you and I can cherry. But I'll tell you we'll never get there. Going one mile north and then to my own self then two miles north and truly my own self. We'll never get it there. We'll have to decide which way we're going. And put it all away have been to the One Direction. What do you say. But remember somebody is going to do it they're roomy among the people of the Lord. So it's a revival of primitive godliness. As has not been witnessed. Since episodic tucked read those two wonderful articles by older Sure. In the recent reviews on the five all ours. And if you read. Read read them all let's enter into God's program of repentance revival reformation in the refreshing and then we can share the return of Jesus those of the five hours he brings out. Read those articles. You show about our heads. Avonlea father we think the with all our hearts tonight for the prayer and Jesus. And we're so glad to know that the dear Savior thought of us personally. Down here in nine hundred sixty five. And those Jesus we thank the that prayer is going to be answered. And we want to share with the in the answer that prayer. We want to enter into a unity with the and I cherish closer than we've ever known. We want to be separated from the Word of God in all its evil. Farther than we've ever been before. And then Lord. We want a sense of mission to grip this. That every hour of our lives every dollar in our pockets. Every brain cell in our heads who would be devoted to the one task of pulling souls out of the fire. Getting people ready for hit. And thus may we share the joy in eternally. Thus may we share it here in the great joy in school or do they thing for there is nothing else. We ask it in Jesus name who would like to say a word. If the error of God's word from the border is Spirit has reached your heart. It found its mark. Something that God wants you to say in response state to thing about those who are in these is like typing. How's the way to pay tithes pay the tide when her first did anybody ever try to experiment with paying tell you that to get everything else pay. How did work. Why doesn't work. You know what they just done figure all right anyway you think it. But when you pay the tab First does the rest work out all right. And that's trying to second same amount of money doing it God's way when we're it's just the way this works. See keeper is the kingdom of God in His righteousness and well all least things should be added unto you that you try to get all these things first and then tack on the school any. Bless your heart rate and see to it. Precious little time or money ever gets into schooling. All these things is quite an order that Jesus packs it on extra for those that make his kingdom. The big thing in the first day. And the right. Will every one of those eventually be tested all alone on every one of the. That's right. We'll be tested all alone in the see whether we're in unity. 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