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John 17- Part 2

W.D. Frazee


W.D. Frazee

Founder of Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute

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Turn again to the seventeenth chapter of John. This is so wonderful chaffed parents. As I'm sure we all agree. Declare we read some VERY says from the tonight. I want to share with you two entries thing statements from the spirit of prophecy about this chapter. The first is from an article in The signs of the times of August to nineteen ten. What can I present been for my brethren and sisters that is more important for their study and practice. Then the prayer of Christ's. The entire seventeenth chapter of John is for of now or and fat. No Does the entire chapter is full of marrow and fattening. And again. In a letter that says to White wrote in one thousand six. To the officers of the Southern Union. Is this wonderful statement. God's family on the earth have many lessons to learn in order to hand said the prayer of Christ is the last prayer with his disciples before his humiliation. The seventeenth chapter of John. Which contains this prayer. Company hands murder than any other chapter in the New Testament. So this chapter is where they have some more study is it. And tonight we're going to notice for wonderful thing that were given to Jesus. That he mentions in this chapter. The verses are Bernstein or verse six. Bur say. Burns twenty two. And the room notice in each of these verses the expression which thou game because many prayer time which the game has me up to four different things that were given to Jesus. That these four verses speak about. No do so first I have gloated fired the on the earth. I have finished off where great work that wrecked. In which to follow gave is to me to do. Now the sixth of ours. I have manifested I name unto whom. The name was named winds die all gave his knee. Out of the work to die and they were and are gamest in the know they if birds for I have given learn today and walk. The rhetoric sweat words and wage the good is me. And they have received same. And the twenty second verse. And the glory which the game is to me. I have given them that they may be run. Even as we are run. You know perhaps we should get the most expensive ones before us here on the board so that we can be looking at them. What is that first expression. The work. And what work is it. The work which that all gave us from the. Genus. RUDOLPH. Oh all right. And what's not second expression. The minute. From it. With snow he missed me. The words but the words. We've got on give this me and interesting the exact miss for the repetition here at all right now number for what is it. The lower it won't grow it was all gave this to me. He would think there's any connection between these for work and the X. the litter. That was given to Jesus was to give to these women that were given to in the river exam the glory that God gave it that right. I'd say it all a together. Now we're going to study it together a little further than Jesus say in the fourth verse that he had done with that work which God gave him he'd finished it. I'm so glad the Jesus is not only the author but the trimming share Hebrews twelve run into you know that's the reason we keep the said that we believe that when Jesus as the active agent was the father in creation began something on the morning of the first day of the week. He had it all finished by Friday after know that right. In six days. They haven't seen the earth were finished and almost took them in the soil we are dealing with one who all this soon issues but he didn't get ahead. You know that's the reason friends that I have assurance of salvation. Being confident of this very thing that which have begun a good work in you. In me and it is all really know you finish it until the day of Jesus Christ Philippians one six creating the Martin. Or I like that Reg finished Don't shoot. But remember this When Jesus prayed this prayer in when he made this statement to his father. It didn't look like that he completed his work. We're told that his work at that time had the appearance of cruel deceit it look to those who were looking on as if he'd made a thing there. But having no no or rather he was in the shadow of gas them and all alone just ahead of him was the betrayal. The denial. The judgment hall the discouraging. The crucifixion. And yet Jesus knew that he was rooming at an average day. Well Rob say well hold hard carnage. And I'm so glad to night friends at that as things say here that began a work back there and finished it has begun working in your heightened mine and he's going to tennis that aren't you glad. Man. That gives me courage to NY. And I rejoice in it. And I know you do. All right now let's look at that six burgers. I have manifested via name. Unto them in which they all gave it to me out of the work done and they were and gave his then the. How does it happen. That Jesus had Peter. And Matthew. And Thomas and Philip. And Andrew and James how does it happen that he had those particular made. The were they selected me who selected then God selected that. And he giving them to G.'s. That's what this had them in which Zollo gave it's doing them in which the gave this case. In other words Jesus didn't just go around through the country looking around and sizing the people up and saying well I guess there is somebody a night news. He was looking all over while for them and they'd call all of that had selected. You make it to share with Jesus in this wonderful experience in this wonderful work in the sixth chapter of John. This same gospel burns thirty seven. Christ makes it wonderful and stated. All right to the Father and given to me shall come to me and him that come unto me and I will in the was as to who is going to come to Jesus. All those that the father get if somebody says I don't understand that. Never that's my problem maybe God is never given me to Jesus. They would understand that. Well that says look at it again and see what it says. And let's not miss what it says or wondering about all that it means. There doesn't mean. John six thirty seven. Or rather to the Father and given to me shall come to me and him that comes to me I will in no wise cast out. You know you to member that this is in the Senate God get Capernaum. The day before. He had said the most to with the five know. And they were all ready to crown in case. But he refused that he was not seeking earthly honors. Earthly I thought that he had a spiritual kingdom to us that. And when he made that putting in the next day. In the Senate God at Capernaum nearly all. Those who had been ready to crown in King. The day before were not ready to turn their backs on him in fact they didn't turn their backs on. And I want you to notice her Jesus said. Who those people that. Resisted him and would not expect. After he had told been in the thirty seventh verses we have seen all of her father given me some come to me. He says in the thirty third various it is written in the prophets and they shall be all taught of God. Every man there for that I've heard and I've learned of the father come on to me. Then in the sixty fourth various He says about there are some of you that been enough for Jesus knew from the beginning. Who they were that beneath noddin who should be trained him and he said there first said I And to you that no man can come unto me. Except it were given unto him of my father. Here we have a K.. You cannot come to Jesus. Unless it's given you because you are never be Jesus' disciples unless God gives you to Jesus. That's the way those disciples got to be Jesus side. They were given to Jesus of God Would you like to be given to Jesus. Let you write them to ask God to give you can see why don't you ask if you have a part in this universe back fair when Abraham sent his trusted servant Eliezer over their hair and to get a life or Isaac. When guided by the providence of God. He found Rebecca. And he had gone in talk with their father and brother and made the necessary arrangements and I was well the story of God's providence. You remember that the Bible says they did about it I said that there are a Nascar. When you go. She heard the story of God's providence and she said Yes I was old was she good and who I think adds. But then she have something to say about it the at night dear friends. The only way you can be Jesus. Child is for God to give you to Jesus. That he's going to ask you whether you will go or not he's kind of ask you just as they ask read that like a. And oh I'm so glad that he by his Holy Spirit he's drawing. This one. And that way. And this one. And that way. And if we will respond here one will be given into the hands of Jesus to accomplish for us. What he did for those first disciples. Cringing is this was paying for those disciples there. In the shadow of gas seventy. He was praying also. For some people down here today. Would you like to hear that this to me what I'm about to read is one of the most wonderful statements. In all the writings of inspiration. Is his guardian for. Page five twenty nine. Jesus pleaded. You know crawl away but for all his disciples. Father I will live pay also whom dollars given me be with me where I am now lest his eye pierced the dark they love the future. And read the life through story of every son and daughter that it. She tells the very loose and sorrows of their every ten times tossed. So we're Think of it from your burdens. Your sorrows. Jesus tells them. In the tells them that night as he was praying this prayer were a study. And that earnest prayer when clue to read his living disciples or all his followers to the close of time when their prayer for these alone but for them alone so ritual believe on me through there were. Yes. That prayer of cries to embraces even though I've been around nine ers to Brad trained. Jesus was purring for you that night. Not just for John and Peter and Matthew. He was praying for you. He took your name moneys lives. He had your problem. Your bird. Your sorrows. On his heart. Now you say that's too big I can't comprehend that. Why friend I don't think came to comprehend it but I've a good thing called I Believe In A lot of the things that are too big for me to understand. I can understand how they can take pictures of the moon or send people around this planet. In a few hours. Several times here understand there and that it is early as I understand that are you sure you didn't pray. I'm not sure you understand all about that we're dealing with something here that they're infinitely greater than anything in rocks or moon pictures. We're deeming the infinite quark. Tabernacling in human flesh. Saying call. He was able to think of each one of us personally. Is if that one where there's only objectivity in love and can believe it. Don't worry about comprehending left or Joe elevator for that Jesus prayed for you. Yes that prayer of Christ the embraces even a. We should be comforted by the thought that we have a great interest Sesar in the heavens. Presenting our petition is before God. So you have the joy of including yourself in that expression. Well thinking of here name. You hear cries pray for the name which thou the father give this to me out of the world saying Go and don't forget. Although if you're God's child. It's because The Father gave you to Jesus. Remember. You have a part in it. You have to say. I'll go where we were invited literally the Spirit not stupid owner of your heart. Your response must be yes I'm gold. I'm going to be with Jesus. I'm going to be his child. I'll go to be his disciple. You are given to Jesus by Rob. But your choice. Then presume to it. You see that don't you. Now return to know that this prayer that Jesus prayed was a sample. An example an illustration of the prayers that he would offer in the heavenly saying to marry within the days. Who he's been praying like this phrase ever since he went back to have it. That recalls to our mind that wonderful the fact that as the High Priest. There are the names of misery of on a show others. And on the press play. So our great high priest carries on his heart. The names of all his children. Oh and he goes farther than the high priest did back there in nervous tabernacle. He has our names. Graven on as high as they further her own line surety stands nine name is written on is why did it cost something to write nine in their own told agony. The rollout. That was really to be tortured. Abused. Crucified killed that our names. Might be written on the side. So he's thinking about us tonight. Friendship glad. All right. You know what did Jesus get or to them in that God gave me by did he get the words which they gave the skinny. I think of it. When he is a scurrying to this world. He married him self dependent. As we are dependent on get moved things from the Gulf. Then we're only way that Jesus had. The only way you lose. Of leading twenty children the true blessing those disciples. Was to get some rings from God his Father. I think you think I have given them the words which I'll give it to me. You know how often he got those who work every day let's turn back to Isaiah that it is chapter and we will see this is Speaking of Jesus prophetically. Turn to Isaiah the fifteenth chapter of fourth verse. This is a marvelous tax. Shows just how Jesus got the health care related to share with his disciples. These that he was training. Isaiah fifty burst or. You haven't really read it with me. The noise God had given me the learn. And I know I want to see her again in unseen to him that is we are in a he way in the morning. He waited a minute here. To hear how often or when I'm never in the morning. Any God brought you god words. This is a God a word to speak. When in see what is in season makes right. The right time is that nice for you speak the right word the right time. And how did Jesus manage to do that. He got those words from these father. Christ object lessons. Has a beautiful comment on this. He paid one thirty nine Christ was continually receiving from the father. That he might communicate to us but this continually me. All the telling. What was he doing all the time. He was receiving this. So he could do was to communicate. Get Christ was contender. Receiving from the father that he might communicate to us. The word Richie here he said is not mine but the father's which sent me. Not for him self but for others he lived in Saddam for aid from ours spent with God. He came first morning by morning to bring the light of heaven to me. The room he received a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit. Generally all hours of the new day the Lord awakened him from the slumbers and his winnings lips were anointed with grace that he might impart to others. Here is words were given to him. Fresh from the heavenly court. He got them. How right fresh from a school every day for this is literally true what he prayed in this press. I have given them the words which the gave instantly were Think of it read if he'd missed getting it. He would have had the misgiving. Giving wouldn't eat. But emailing it. Thank up every morning. He taped up there every morning he received the words and every morning is father gave him the way you can read Wonderful. That's what he could train those disciples. By giving them the words. Father gave him. All right. Now back to John seventeen. Verse twenty fifth. And this is the most wonderful verse the ball. In the form we're starting tonight. John seventeen twenty two which is this one. The glory. Embargo or a bridge that all Goodness me how I have given there and I wonder how but Gloria that character. Well. Let's go back to Exodus. The thirty third chapter in the see if we can get a glimpse of this lower. Exodus thirty three braces. Eighteen and nineteen. Exodus thirty three. Variances eighteen and nineteen. Knows who's wanted to seek God's glory. And he prayed about. God said all right Moses. If you want to see my idol or a. I'll give you a right you're skiing far. But notice what it was next to this thirty three eighteen and nineteen and he that's most it's said I beseech thee. Sure. Me die. Glowering. And he that is God said. I will make all my goodness pass before the. And I will proclaim the name of the Lord before the white rose the board. Here is good news here is the name and the name of course. Stands for the character. Notice the next chapter where the fulfillment of this took place next to this thirty four five and six. And the Lord descended in the cloud in stood within there and proclaimed rock. The name of the art this is the grower. Six birds and the Lord passed by did for him and proclaim the Lord. The Lord God merciful and gracious longsuffering an abundant in goodness. Andrew keeping mercy for thousands for giving iniquity and transgression and seeing. And that we're by no means clear the giving. This was God's good or his knee his character and silk brings means it says in this prayer that there are a rich Selby based mainly on. Have given then. That is to say Jesus. Revealed the father's name. The father's character to those disciples. I write the really good speed translates John seventeen six. All right I have Revier I'm here or real self. To the man you gave me from the word. And I reveal what. You're in self. Didn't say in getting acquainted with Jesus get acquainted with the father. Right. If you remember what he said to Philip. He that is seeing me has seen the Father. You know if you were picking out one word from the Bible which anyone word would express that name. That character that glory of God. What we're going to be. Well that's right personnel and for a he that loveth not know is not God For God is NOT know that's it is that when Jesus came to begin. Is that hard he reveals a mercy cycles. Years back to the world or yet. That there's another desires ages. Page twenty four. The glory shining in the face of Jesus is the glory of self sacrificing love. That's the Glover. Prison till some right. As Christ went about those heroes of Judea and Galilee. There was always shining about him some hail. Like some of these meetings a picture. All. He walked along as men walk alone. We're clear isn't that. But all. From his face was shining the glory of love. Little children love to approach the sick. And the weary. The discouraged. They felt that here was somebody that was interested in know it's true that the Hippocratic Oath scribes and Pharisees aided him and they they resisted it. But all very hard that was open to this period sentence. Felt that drawing power of love. And they saw something of the glory of God the glory of love. You know in desire the ages in that chapter on the. Imprisonment and death of John. Don't have the book with me just now but in the last paragraph. You will find that wonderful expression. God never leaves his children. Otherwise than they would choose to be led your if they could see the in from the beginning. This turn. The glory. But this is very me. Why. Means to to see something to see some understand who you deserve in the glory in the life that he's one you think of when you think of that knowledge. Is it just read alive today learn the name on the Mount of Transfiguration. Oh no the glory of God revealed in Jesus was displayed in the loving ministry to those about. Even as a child we're told from is earnest years he was possessed of one purpose. He lured top adviser to the lesser. He just loving people all the time. Does that lower. When we get it got it from is farther. Why the that he gave it to those disciple. The glory rich. Well diminished me. I have given them friends now. I bring you the most wonderful thing of all. God with in Jesus Well I'm still share always with the. He wants to give us a work just as a gauge Isa Soares who wants to give us some injustice he gave Jesus and he wants to give us some words. To get to those men just as he gave Jesus and he wants to share with us his glory that we may share with those that he's given to let's look at some statements on this. John the seventeenth chapter in the eighteenth Where's John seventeen eighteen. I think this will make it very clear that brought Guardian foreign through Jesus he wants to do for and through of. John seventeen eighty seven when you read it with me. Has sent me into the were even sold have Heil. Stones send them into the world who say Jesus and other all the father know Jesus says. I am sending these men that you gave me. I am sending them out just the same route you sent me is that what he said in that wonderful phrase. And remember what he says in the twentieth first. It wasn't just for those eleven men kneeling around in there in the shadow. All know. But for those that would believe on Him through there were right on down to their ear in this we've already seen that prayer included all of us has Jesus said you. As the father sent him. Another a son that John twenty twenty one or this is wonderful. This is after the resurrection. John twenty twenty one. Then said Jesus to them again Peace be unto you as my father has sent me. Even so. Sendai you. Brothers has meaning. Like are in the same way. Just as the Father has sent me. No I'm sending you further if we can get that sense of mission. That sense of commission that we can quote know that Jesus has given us a work to do just as the father gave him a number to do. But I would remember in Mark thirteen thirty four with says he gave to Everyman wrong. Here is where here is work. No one to some words. But his work that is the man's individual where you remember how it's put in Object lessons here. Page three hundred twenty six. He gives to every man hears word each hairs his place in the eternal plan of heaven. Is there a particular place for you then you remember that sentence on the top of three twenty seven. Sounds like a trumpet call not martial Renee is the flays prepared for us in the heavenly mange. Then is the special place. Designated on Earth where we were to work for God. In that nuns were I think of it for a. Today tomorrow next week next year. And I suppose tying show linger there is a special we're planning to for you. And given you by Jesus. Just as the father gave Jesus a special work. Rather a time for Jesus to be in comparing Wells their time for him to be up in Jerusalem. That is they're telling him to be in their interest. Their third time for him to be across Jordan and pretty in a tie for everything. Well is he on time. Was it burn witches were you doing them but even at the age of twelve. He said in their day. She enjoyed them so they're heading for it. Do you not know that high and must be about thought right bothers business. My father is given me a job to do and I've got to be on the gel. Knowing carrying it all he was subject to then for another eighteen years. But my point is this for a. He was EVER. Always conscious of the fact that his father had given him a particular job to do. And here's one for the life. Those to do that work. And that's why and when he came to the end of these lines he could say I finished. If we allowed anything to do thirty. It wouldn't venison is right or arrange if you and I are low anything to do very terms from the work the special work. The particular work the individual America God has given us to do. We will come to the close of our life with their guns and he's going to be true that that will be an eternal law. Fail brought in food will be really Jesus was to be emptied of self and to look to him to do but a day to get our work. Our job. Thank God frames. We can finish our work by His grace as he finished his work. What do you say. Sharon do it. Well yes. Thank God. Now really particularly interested in this expression them in which Val gave this to me as relates to our personal experience what do you think of when you think of sort of waiting for a. Where do you think of these you come in contact with men and women. From day to day. Is it just a sort of the wholesale thing. IOW if you. If it has paper I want to give you something more interesting than that. Your to be looking all of while. For certain people. You know when I go up this time of year. Of these paintings you know what I'm looking for. Pathetic. And these are far and really. On the season gets this far along I'm not just looking all over is perhaps the tick I'm looking for certainly attack. I like to find a nice blue warm. Or a purple or a pink or. You understand. Others hundreds of them of. Hundreds of flowers. That I'm looking for and. No Jesus. He was ready to bless everybody ever the lights. He was looking all the while. For the particular ones that his father had picked out that could be helped ask that time by William. In that particular situation do you see what I mean. And you can't help everybody who might wish you could but you can. But there's somebody you can help and want to reach is something very interesting. This is in a letter says the White wrote an eight hundred ninety six. If the teachers of His Word are willing. The Lord will lead them in the close relation with the people. He will guide them into the homes of those who need and desire the team and bring them into the situations best suited to their talents. Do you like that. Think of it for us God said that he's worth hearing and reading to guide you into certain Holmes read the people in those homes will be those that your talents are particularly suited to reach and help lead wonderful. If you hadn't have a key with you or Kate. Where you know that or that's the key to our ignition. That's the key to the automobile. You suppose it if it might not be willing or able to my automobile. But it will put that automobile. But it was made to fit that nothing else. Brothers sisters. There is somebody that God has made you. To fit into their needs. In your daily prayers should be as Jesus wells. Guinn's leave them in the people the minister in the burbs the liberals that I can best tell. Don't forget that. And God will do it in good for you just as he did for Jesus. That's where Prince and then you'll need to care about your appearance since you have me this week because you disable research I could do right so the so the only let service or do the way they can there keeps particular people. But that we don't need another key like that once enough isn't it. Brother when Saddam. Thank you. When there were problems of people that need to be held and Goddard somebody justice think you you are fair game in a certain situations the certain needs certain individuals are revealing for you. Their reading for you. You know about our. Discover that from turning to God is playing to give you that person. Give you the joy of fitting into their needs. Can you think of anything more thrilling to live for than that friend. This is life. This is the great object of life. The moon the bridge that all give this to me said geez I have manifested your name to the room here manifest his name to the men that God gives you the minimum do that. Thank God for it. And the others. Leave with those that can help them better than U.K.. There is somebody that you can help. Better than anybody else in the work. He wants something interesting on that took down in your notes ministry appealing for seventy three. It calls attention to the fact that God sent fed up with their own purpose of myriad downturn. To find how many one man who started a map you'll find that there are dozens of wonderful teachers. Much closer to that man than Philip was that God bypassed Jerusalem and vice went up there to some new merch to roost one. Said Philip. I know you're doing and we're here in some area but get busy I've got a special job for you to do today. Lead the way. On the desert road down there to get when you got down there a found a great audience how many just one hundred disappointed Philip that he thinks he was led by the Spirit. He was looking for the man that God would get it. Did God give us some of the man that dead body has and all through it turn a different. Philip and that man will be close friends don't you know they will only you know that he won hundreds of thousands of others are through with anything once all down there in Ethiopia. My point is this friends. God is still sending men today. To be at the right place at the right time with the right word read at the Ministry of healing for seventy three. Now I want to ask a special question to some special people here tonight. The question I'm about to ask here isn't for everybody now it's just for some special people. It's for fathers and mothers. I want to ask you Do you know who your men are you fathers and mothers do you who do you think they are your children is that right. Yet. If you want a vibrant proof on that is Hebrews the second chapter in the thirteenth verbs. I want you to turn to that all you parents and the others can turn to it too if you like. But I know your parents. Turn to it. Hebrews two thirty. Last part of the verse. Hebrews two thirty. And again the home. Oh I and the children which God has given me are you have it just like this you see that men are rich the game is the first disciples Peter in John in Matthew in Thomas. Bigger like Jesus chariot true they were grown up children. But they acted like children many times did and some of the same problems children and Jesus had to train them and study with them and discipline and pray with them just like parents have to do with their children. The point is he kept on until he could say. They're all here Carter except that one Son of Perdition shooters. But he got in eleven. Out of the twelve. That's the wonderful thing isn't it great. You know Judas wasn't given to Jesus as the others were here it's these way. You remember that don't you know you cared. God is giving you children. Well. To half a dozen. Whatever the no or little brother Furby when Christ comes to do. The Remembering to his face surrounded by your little thought. And say they are her alarm or failure in which God has given me. So they're disappointed it would be if one were missing. Real need for in. And I say where every father and mother here tonight. First of all when you think of those that God has given you think of those children. They're going to be some question about somebody else. There is absolutely no question on this point. No question about it it all. And I'd like to emphasize that. Where the word from the book Adventist home. Page. Two forty five. Administering page to forty five mothers who started for a missionary thing you would have wanted hand in their own home circle. Where is the first missionary zeal for mother's home circle. Are not the sole purpose of her own children of as much value as the souls of the heathen. Everyone has a right to do for the nonce create is a wonderful word to make home pleasant. If you ignore your duty as a wife and mother and hold out your hands for the Lord to put another class of work in them be sure that he will not contradict himself. He points you to the duty you have to do it home. If you have the idea that some were greater in a home here than this has been intrusted to you. You are under deception by faithfulness in your own home. Working for the souls of those who are nearest to you. You may be gaining If it is to work for Christ in a wider field. Notice it doesn't say more importantly what you might be called later to align your feet. But the place to enter in now is walk. All but be sure that those who are neglectful of their duty. In the home circle. Are not prepared to work for others so the law does not cause you to neglect your home. He never works in this way and he never will you may be encouraged to attend mother's meetings in sewing circles that you may do missionary work. But unless there is a faithful understanding instructor to be left with your children. It is your duty to ensure that the Lord is committed to you another work which you can in no wise neglect. The mother should not accept burdens in the church work which compel her to neglect her children in no other way can a mother help the church more than by devoting their time to those who are dependent upon her for instruction and training. Someone starts in the father's to I say again. Dear parents their fathers and mothers remember. No question. Where this first applies in your life. And again I say. Get to thrill of being able to join with Jesus. In saying when you meet a father. Behold on the children that God had given. Is that when Jesus is going to say about all of us. Is he going to look up to the Father and say father here I am and all these children you gave me. Yet. And love that every father and mother here tonight. May have that joy. All right. Never to blow over and to train our mean whoever they are. We need to a lot. Word for every going to get than unless kept in just the way Jesus cup and morning by morning from Jesus. I read something. Your friends that impressed me very much. God is talking here to minister. He telling them to be careful who they listen to what they preach. I'm going to share this with this congregation. This is Volume five to fifty two. Now another cause of failure in these conferences he's talking about two conferences. Two thousand miles from here. Another cause of saying here is that the people to whom God's messenger is Saint reach to Merton hears ideas. To their eyes and to put into his mouth the words that he should speak. God's watchman must not study how they should please the people. Nor listen to their words in order they have. That they must listen to hear about self alert. What is his word for the people. Now dear friend there is a warning that generation can tell the preacher what to preach hatred. The general way she been whatnot better talk about it a case of masonry times clear progress this getting others impress your with. But I went to be delicate. Because this rock. And I said where Richard. And is careful that you do not sure if your message to clear up this place. Your message of God then warns you why because listen in to the cards in Iraq. The five. Govern the hair of her own hands listen. Rod serving. Well I would people her through give them out Apted to me paid to print. Other projects. I can find it in the day that I had any time I've seen the radiator that only an Englishman pray. But in Friday's not having the subject to spend our Get on our knees and read write laws. And I can do the splits find to get to the. The loons wearing managed for morning at breakfast to clean and with a can opener you understand and put that out on the table in your liver that was coming free I'm in sixty five days in the year in a leap year three hundred sixty six days. Suddenly to think of that prob sure that's the way some people conduct family worship. That's right now believe me friends it's a lot better than starting today. Yes. I don't hold out rather have a can afford open. Every morning and a sister and have nothing religion and God could is there are thousands of homes that aren't having. Any found they worship it all. But if you want a blessing. Friends and haven't been entering into this. You the conduct and the worry. You fathers and mothers and fathers I think absence or anybody else. Down on your knees in the morning before the others are up and get some Frenchmen that Morning Herald all that you must have here is where it's. For those children or those people that are there that particular morning till God you must have been asking take these references I've given you tonight. Well of the playing ground zero there is fresh men every morning if we will go after what you say the words which the game is me. I want you to have that. And no not close in the glory or eight delegates to me the same Jesus that got the glory of the love from his father in shared it with his disciples. Learns to give us the spillover of a lot of that we may share it with our families with the people really studying the way with the people we're training. You know our school in our homes or wherever we maybe those people lead God is given that they need to see the glowing. The glory of love the trains were all. Is something that you can't manufacture need it can you draw it and store it away. Love is something that you must get fresh every day. Then only writings. Killings two hundred fifty two. We had a wonderful picture of Jesus saying that the mercy seat there in the middle stone a place. Purring to his father. And with lower a shining down on him from the father. And then of that glory Jesus. Shines down upon these waiting people that are praying and looking up the see how it's put in the Bible in Romans five five. The love of God is shared abroad in our hearts by a lot by the Holy Ghost which is given to day by day we can get that glow background glow a by the way we can get enough love to share with others and brains if we run out before the days are over but do you know we go back and get some more is a pretty rare. Thank God. Moment by moment. Oh. By our. We can look. We can look to the mercy seat and get this precious love to share with others. In closing when you look at the last Spring snow. Gel and seventy. This is the climax of the prayer. This is the heart of Christ being fought out in earnest alone. For those disciples sent for you and me. John seventy. Twenty six verse. And I have declared under them dying names I characterise the I love. And will be cleric. That the love for without has loved mean maybe in them and I and. So with our heads. Precious Lord we thank the free sharings I work without. And I worked with us. That we may minister in Dion aim to those whom dollars given us. And most of all we thank the. For that glory. That glory of love which shone from the dear face of Jesus when he was here. And is reflected down from the mercy seat or a savior we thank the. That we are called. This week privilege of sharing that glory of love with others as dollars shared it with us. We praise the and I known dear name. A man. Who has some word of praise that you like to offer to the glory of God tonight. No cries to seeking to teach his disciples that all the way along. You to member the day he said the five thousand. Did Jesus personally go to every one of those five thousand Give them bread. Study did. Why he used his disciples. They came in with their their baskets full and they went out and get the surgery one of you. Students. Helpers remember Jesus There's somebody for you to help. And right now. He's got some people where he's given you just is he gave the disciples to Jesus. Because there's a use them to help out. There's a fresh air and every day is a fresh adventure. And I do mean some frothy excitement like the world. There's sorrows Jesus. I do we can pray over these men that God gave him didn't it. But OF MY GOD. He laid it all with one arm of his father. The other army and they've heard of the sort you need to come together. It's your job. Not the word has given you. In the you'll give you the glory. The good with this media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version. Or if you'd like to listen to more sermon. Leave it to W W W dot. Audio first top or.


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