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Marriage and the Home- Part 1

W.D. Frazee


W.D. Frazee

Founder of Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute

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John the seventeenth chapter in the third verse. We shall find our opening text. Here we have been inspired definition of what real life is an Israelite eternal. The only true God and Jesus Christ whom the same life eternal is to know God. And this is Speaking of life not merely in the dimension of land. But of bread. To live on and on to exist in turn only light not in itself. Be much of a blessing. But all can be a full of meaning. Full of joy. Well of accomplishment. Well of satisfaction. And then can go on and on. That's something worthwhile isn't. And there is life eternal. And what is it. To know God man was made to know God and to love God and he is happy and satisfied. As what he was made for as a company and everything that God has done for man is to enable him to know. I like I went to put here in the book steps to Christ page today. Through the deep. Tenderest earth lead ties that human hearts can know he has sought to reveal Himself to us what is the purpose of the ties of love between parents and children between brothers and sisters between the husband and why all the purpose is to reveal Godzilla. That's what they're for. And I read this again. Through the deepest and tenderest earth lead to human hearts can know he has saw him self. To us. But with that ministry of healing three fifty six. The family is the closest. The most tender and sacred. Of any on earth. So the closest the family. Chapter in minutes Good evening on the builders of the home. How young people are to prepare a foreign enter into marriage. The great purpose of marriage then is to reveal the character of God to understand God's love for God is love. First we love and marriage. In a special sense. Is the Sacrament of Love. Turned the fifth chapter. Beginning with the twenty fifth verse. Husband love your wife loved the church and gave Himself for that husbands are to love as jesus love the church and love. Cause him to do. He gave himself for the church. So the husband is to give himself for his who I love is of course they opposite of selfishness. Can represent heaven. That's what God wants every home on earth to be a symbol of that heavenly home. In this parallel between Christ and the church. The husband is to allow loved the church. The husband the father is the priest. Christ is the praise of the church. I'd like to read an interesting statement on page five forty seven member of the families centers in the Father. Maker illustrating the Kerner virtues. Energy integrity honesty and practical usefulness. The father is in one sense the priest of the household. The morning and evening sacrifice. While the wife and children young prayer and praise with such a. Jesus Well Terry and throw his quickening the parent's job to Lex commission shall be heard. Say. Children have given me. Who is the priest. The little the father is the husband and father. The Priest. The priest of the sign to where I now remember all of this is that human beings men may understand God back to our text husbands love the church. Why does even as me same way. In the same. To the same degrading same. Said tremendous challenge as a man. As fathers as husbands. Special Representatives of the great high priest in the area and families. And especially our children. The question of the apostle who is sufficient for the study is tonight and tomorrow night. To the sanctuary to officiate. Was anointed. As the high priest. Scared. Jesus was anointed as high priest. Before he entered upon his media. And whose husband father needs. Function. He cannot officiate. He cannot do the work. To which his call. They read the text again will you read it with me. Twenty five. Love the church. Love. Manifestations of love in human life in a sense where to love everybody. But is where to be willing to help others as they need and so it is written as thyself and Jesus showed in the parable of the Good Samaritan that our neighbour is anyone who needs our help were told to love especially the members of the family of God on Earth as brothers and sisters bound together in church fellowship. We can say. Be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love. A closer. In the family. Parents and children. Brothers and Sisters have the privilege of living close. Injuring two experiences of affection. Closer than the world at large and even the church at. May properly. The center of the Holy Spirit is the love. The mysterious love between one man and one woman. The husband. And the wife and concerning this. On this page we read. Thirty one and thirty two. For this cause his father and mother and child. Done to his wife. And this is a great mystery. This is a great mystery. It is indeed a wonderful mystery dear friend. There is nothing else like it in human experience. You know if you were just looking at society in general. I don't suppose you could find anything more different than a man and a woman and one woman. Not related not those that have grown up in the same home with the same parents. But he takes one man and one woman and puts them together and says to him. I want you to to be was. Can that be done. I say to you my dear friends it cannot be done except by the Miracle of Divine Love. And the one who began his ministry. By taking water. Ordinary water and changing it into wine. Pill or. Delicious great do. The one who did that at the marriage feast of Canaan. Is a ready to take the common experiences of life and by the miracle of is love. Change them into heaven on earth for though. Let him. Manage a wonderful opportunity. This is a great mystery of say and but I speak concerning Christ in the church. Christ and the church the union of Jesus in the church and that's a great mystery. How Jesus and the church can be gathered in a close. Union and become more. And here on Earth and grit Christian home. Is to be an object lesson of that mysterious Union. As a one man. And one woman. Together in the law. Union which the universe looks on and be a hole in one hundred and adores the God who has made such a wonderful play. Word mystery. His father and mother and she'll be joined on to his wife. There is great mystery. Oh is it a mystery. Somebody says I don't know that there's a special mistress. Happens all the time you friends it happens there is seldom. There is seldom. All I know that people are getting married today. And they're getting divorced every other day you see we're living in a time when the mystery to know the mystery. Straighted marriage here to represent the union between Christ and the church. The settlement. Expression of the union that represents linking the soul with Christ is baptism. And when an individual. The thing that we see. And the thing that we experience physically. Mershon in water. Then suppose we went up to him and somebody comes forth from the grave entering into the resurrection the life with the face aglow the. Suppose somebody standing by think I'd like to be happy like that I think I'll go down and get back to the air for right. And before you rush into marriage remember that there is not one marriage and Hundred the day that relay results happily. The one who knows who keeps the vital statistics has told us that. So you understand perhaps what I'm saying. When I repeat that is a great mystery. Inventive. People know anything about it. They may go through the. They may stand at the marriage altar and take the fall and they may go through all the physical experiences of marriage. They may be joined in the physical union that this. Thirty first verse is talking about. And they may come. After days or weeks or months of those intimate and close experiences. They may come disillusioned. Senate cope. Frustrated. Disappointed. Feeling that life has given them a bad. Do they know the ministry. They don't know the ministry. Any more than the people who go down into the water baptism and never know the joy of entitlement close. Turn on a union with Jesus Christ. I repeat. It takes something more than the physical experience of union. To represent this mystery. That the scripture is speaking about. And it is to this mystery that your attention just now. But someone says if it's a mystery how's anybody going to understand it. Let me read you something very interesting commentary. This is Volume seven of the commentary page seven hundred forty. This is not a spirit of prophecy statement. But it is a correct historical fact irate. Early Christian usage. The term mystery did not mean something that could not be understood as it does today. But something that could be understood on life by those who were initiated. That is those who have the right to know it's a mystery. Can anybody. Well that depends on whether they meet the condition. This is a mystery that is known only to the initiator says one well I've been initiated. Are you sure. I'm not so sure. Fred. I repeat ninety nine out of a hundred married couples have never been an issue. They do not know the mystery. This is a great mystery. And I believe that tonight. There is a wonderful light shining from the sanctuary. On the hall. We can enter into this mystery. You notice that the ministry is understood on life by those who are a new shit that is only those who have the right to know. Know when we look at the insight into areas. We find that everybody was not allowed then. That's one of the things that strikes a said want only the priest could enter the sanctuary at all and on the high priest could enter the most holy place. Somebody says Oh hi baby. So it's close. It's so good why not of everybody come in there are many things that God has meant for everybody and to have been a revote and all together. But there is one thing in human experience my friends. That is just the opposite of that. And that is the union between man and woman. And that is expressed negatively. In a very positive way. In the seventh commandment Thou shalt not commit adultery. That's hard. Hasan's proclaim from Sinai's not. That is walk. Jaysus row. In the ten commandments. The seventh commandment he wrote it on the stone. That men like know that this is the terminal obligation. Not commit adultery. And how does it mean to commit adultery. Need to attempt to enter into side this sacred union between a husband and. It means to attempt to get both through. That God has a reserve for one man with one woman married union. To attempt to get some. Well says Long don't people get calls. Well. Turn over to proverbs and we will take a look. It's possible to get something my dear friend. Question about Proverbs the ninth chapter. And that kind of that kind of foot which comes by breaking the seventh commandment. Either in the final act of physical union or in all those preliminary experiences that prepare the way. Let's see what the Bible says about Proverbs nine seventy. Stolen waters or Sue eat and bread eaten in secret is pleasant to our sweet. Well let's have something. But the next verse has a secret. The man that listens to this talk. But he no it's not that the dead are there and that her guests are in the depths of hell. You see the seventeenth verse that says stolen waters are sweet is not God speak. It's a foolish woman verse thirty. A woman who ten by her talk. By her actions by her dress. The attention of men. She promises sweets. That are stolen. And the friend to the unconverted. There is an added three by tasting of the forbidden. One of the great lever that Satan used in the very beginning of seeing on this planet. What did he say to Eve there at the tree. Oh God said You can read Curry has God put some restrictions on you and the woman had do it made. There is that restriction. Was the very idea. The way to be a happier than you are the way to be was wiser than you are is to just put those restrictions aside and satisfy every desire. That was dealing with furrowed literal furrowed on a literal Korea but the lesson is for all kinds in every come and gone. When God says shalt not touch shall not taste not handle. He means exactly that might not remember the devil. Offers the thrill of the forbidden. And it is this trail which is attracting MANGAN. Human beings today. But remember the rail is artificial. It is fall. And it is temporary. As this verse says The end is that. And the greatest loss. Is this those who travel that way. Never know the mystery that we're studying tonight. They never know the real the real job. The real satisfaction that comes to those who wait God's time. God's arrangement and follow his direction. You see it is impossible to have both time for a. There is no man that can at one in the same moment. Enjoy breaking the law and enjoy keeping the law. That's possible and greatest thrill that you get in breaking the law is that much cheating yourself from the learning ever the job of keeping the Law which will you have on to to let Jesus. Lead you into the higher experience which So if you know. This is a gray. Mystery. This is a great mystery. Of man and woman in this in time and sacred union which God has arranged that MEN My know him. That men might understand him. Now let me say I'm talking of is lay two classes of people here tonight and they did have something for both of you tonight. Perhaps a bit more for the method this evening. Perhaps a bit more for tomorrow evening. But there is plenty of for both and there are a down the on merit. Tonight and tomorrow night. But let me say very briefly Fred. If you are Marit what I am giving you tonight and tomorrow night applies to you home you win the companion. That you have been for man to be true to as long as you both shall live up to your situation that you are painting an ideal picture I tend to it is very practical for a. And whether you know it or not and whether you tonight. Have grasped the glorious vision. Your home. And I care not what a mass you man's made of it so far. Your home can be a heaven on earth. Right where you are you can began. And the purpose of this study is to help you learn how to have heaven on earth. But your home. Must be to be a heaven on earth. It must be indeed a segue into already. There must be a priest. And we must understand what's going on there and what the different things are foreign law. They mean. Because they are married I would say for and learn all you can from this lesson tonight and tomorrow night. So that you better a hall to let God lead in your life in establishing a Christian because I tell you it isn't done just by your deciding that you're going to do it on no unless the fire falls from heaven. There will be no fire on that altar and without fire on that all her incense be offered in the enter sanctuary. You may go through all the motions you may bring the boards. You may erect a building but unless the whole A should do well. Between the chariot bam. What kind of sanctuary Do you have to both a single and that it. I would recommend. This is a great mystery and therefore study it with all your heart. Because it's a mystery to the uninitiated. Let Jesus help you to learn all that mean lie. To learn the rules. That brings satisfaction. And John. Let's look at these veil was full of a a layer at the entrance to the side into it. Another veil here. Well I'll tell you my dear friends what those veils are for those to keep out those that don't belong. That's what they're for the heart to keep those that don't belong there. You remember the engine sanctuaries we've already noted. Nobody but the phrase. Could come into this holy place. Nobody but the high priest could go into that most holy place. You can read that and he brought his nine versus six and seven. The point is friends of a to say to the crowd. No trespassing. Oh but I don't like that. Well then you will never know the mystery. You will never know the mystery the mystery is known on life by then a shade and then a shaded are those who are thankful for the veil. Let me read you a statement from the book ministry of healing. In this wonderful chapter on the builders of the home page three sixty one. There is a sacred. Circle. Should be kept on broken. With a circle no other person has a right to call. How many go in and one limb. And they go inside the veil. And there is a sacred circle there. Stands to represent the barriers that chop them in and shot. How many others. Were you ever there are a lot of people who are married friends who have never gotten inside that sacred circle. Literally up in marriage. It's when you love him. Cherish forsaking all others. Keep you own land a ham. As long as you both shall live. It means except in that literally Sodom and Gomorra the rounded family there is a sacred circle it should be kept on broke within the circle no other person has a right to come in the sanctuary tell us for this sanctuary the home. Suggest to you that some of the most important is that surround the home. The Christian home. Have to do with dress and demeanor. The clothes people. And the way they act and one of the most beautiful statements on this is in the book Education Page two forty eight. Listen carefully chaste simplicity and dress. When you ninety demeanor. Will go far toward surrounding the young woman with that Assman sphere of sacred Reserve which will be to her. From a thousand. Carol. It's a Christian young woman is surrounded with and that is fear of sacred Reserve. She's inside the veil. It's God's time comes. Her priest. Slander within those of a it's so different from what is going on in the world about heaven. From Hell. Rather live in heaven wouldn't you simplicity. Will go toward surrounding with that asked him a spirit of a sacred Reserve which will be to her peril. But there are millions of girls today. Who don't want an issue. They don't want to be kept from these power. But they will never know the mystery. They will never know the misc. They may have all sorts of physical unions with First this one on that one on the other one. But they will never know the mystery that Jesus intended in the union of man and woman. They will never know for the mystery. He's in the sanctuary. It's not in the alley. And it's not in Hollywood. BABYLON doesn't know anything about the mystery is in the sanctuary. A Sacred Circle. Within the days. This statement is so wonderful and beautiful I must read it once again. Chased simplicity. Dress You notice it's to be chased simplicity. There is a lot of dress today that simple enough. It's so simple there's hardly any left of it. Pardon me my God forgive you. This is serious. I repeat. Modern dress. Some of it is very simple. But there's nothing chased about it. Chased means virtuous. Holy. So we want not merely simplicity we want what kind of simplicity. Chased into this chaste simplicity is ninety two with a modest demeanor. Will go far toward surrounding a young woman with that as a misfit sacred Reserve which will be to her. Peril. Some quick thinking person may be asking the question. Well if a Christian. Young woman stayed inside that sacred Reserve. Ever get married. Give you some more light on that tomorrow evening. Just notice for it it's God's plan that those of A should be there. Represented in chaste simplicity and dress. Demeanor. Now I'm not going to study the one of those tonight. I'm not going to start dressing. Should say this to your heart anybody today even knows a lot it is let alone wears. But if a Christian woman on her knees and Jesus and will study the Bible in the Spirit of Prophecy council her. Conceptions. What the veils are and how those veils ought to be represented in her dress. Will get clearer. Remember that the purpose of the veil is not to reveal it to conceal. It's not to expose. It's to cover. It's not to say Come hither. It's to say keep file that's it just that sense. Just that clear. Of that God may help us to appreciate what it's all tall and the same with the demeanor. I won't be studying that when you deny the demeanor of a Christian woman married or unmarried. Is not linking with. It's flirting with her wall standing around talking to some man. Finding excuses to linger in the presence of men and boys. All in all no veils. No fall of their years of reserve. But somebody says but I want to do those things. Then you will never know the mystery. You can have what you want. But you will never have what your deepest heart really long As for stolen waters may be sweet. But they'll turn to bitterness when you swallow. Would you like to know the mystery. The mystery is within the day. And those of a say in it that somebody says. What is there to be ashamed of you know there are two great reasons for a thing is covered or partitioned off all the doors. One reason why some people have door. Surveillance or barriers. Is because they have something to be ashamed of. But don't jump to the conclusion that that's all that's covered by the. Why did God back there in the same two or was it that there was something going on in the same two are there today shame though. All know. But something else. So under that it could not be shared by the common herd on service could venture there. Not because there was something shameful but because there was something glorious and alive pray that God may give us such an exalted view that we shall understand that the purpose of. This is for the same purpose. This shameful thing is when those veils are torn down. Are cut off above or below. The shameful thing is when to be the secret ministry are reserved for those of his calling. When that payment is made to share that with the vulgar crowd that is indeed shameful. But God's arrangement is not changed from life. There is a glow red there at the energy. For those who will wait God's time. And listen to his direction. A sanctuary call. Not only for this sacred place within its sacred furniture. The sanctuary as I have said calls for a priest. Jesus is the priest and that heaven Lay saying to Larry. Because Paul presents to us so beautifully. And he breathes for six seven eight nine ten. Those chapters. Just are full of the go all ready of that great high priest in the. When I wish you'd turn to Hebrews of the fifth chapter. I want is to notice something about the priesthood. Speaking of the work of the high priest. I read in the Hebrews five verses four and five and Norman take this honor to himself but he that is called of God as was Aaron. So also Christ himself to be made and the high priest. Did Jesus make himself a High Priest. But is this. No man taken since honor unto himself that he that is called of God is was Aaron. So also Christ glorified not himself to be made in high breeze. But even gotten the. Jesus did not make himself and I praised and my dear man. Young or old. You cannot make yourself a free. Oh you may put on the garments. And you may arise in that want to think is the appropriate place. But I want to tell you something. No man take it this honor unto him self that he that is called of God is was there and if I were you young man I would be sure that I had the call of God Therefore I accepted the honor. And your husband. It's that are already husband or full thing to go to Jesus and say Dear Lord help me to be the kind of priest in this earthly sanctuary of my own that you are in the heavenly even though Aaron was called of God to be the first high priest in this earth lay saying to Already there was a ceremony of the nine Taking that he had to enter into. He didn't just rush up there and say All right we start business this morning on your entrance to read about it there. In Exodus. See the experiences that God let there and through. From the time that he first heard about that he was to be a high priest until the day when he began to function. Among other experiences I had was the experience of a nineteen the lord willing to morrow night I want to study that with you. HUSBAND. Lied be anointed for his mission. That he might receive heavenly unction without which he cannot function. Husbands have you been anointed already or just serving without that. I think you can read it lays. From what we have studied so far tonight. That to understand this. We shall need the Holy Spirit from heaven to interpret things are right you are my the people of this world knowing nothing of the sanctuary and heaven. And knowing without a little of what real love is here below. Can never be our leaders or our teacher. If we will let Jesus teach us. If we were Jesus lead us. We can have here on Earth. An experience that will make heaven. Right here in this present life. The warmth of true friendship love the heart to heart is a foretaste of the joys of having now a closing fall. That will be particularly prices to somebody here. It may be you listed among the other things which we notice in the sign two areas and alder want to tell you some more things about that the law. This is where the fire of God. Scandal. This is where the Ensigns was offered all of that has me on the horns of this golden altar. I see the drops of blood. Sprinkled there by the officiating. Parade. How does that blood represent all that blood. Represents. The life of Jesus poured out for us on the cross. Do you remember one of our opening texts. Husbands. Love your wives even as Christ also love the church and gave himself lauding the sanctuary of the home is to be a place where the husband gives himself for his wife. As Jesus gave himself for the church. But now look at those drops of blood. One of the functions of those drops of blood was to cover the sins which came in in the dailies the repentant sinner brought his offering confess to sin. Slew the sacrifice the priest. Sprinkled the blood upon the Golden altar. And so I was I look at the blood. I see a covering for sin and it is written. Bless it is here whose transgression is forgiven. Hussein is covered in the sanctuary of the home. If there is love in the awful all the people all tender long. Then sins. Can be forgiven and covered. The I read you the statement. This is in the book. Adventist home page one seventy seven. Hard to be his wife should be the grave for the faults of the husband in the heart of the husband. The grave for his wife's fall. But it takes blood. To cover. Say it takes the life of Jesus part out in the love. And unless the husband is the ministering priest in the earth lay sanctuary of the home. Has that kind of love being vinyl of. Do you know how do you do Frank. He would be telling other people about his wife falls. He may do it when she is present to her Shane. He may do it when she's absent. But in either case. Do you know what it is. He lacks this Divine Love. Same with a wife if the wife is a lacking in this divine love. She'll be telling other people. Faults over a husband or she may joke about it. She may tell some little experience that shows what of bungling a lot of foolish bargain. Or how we can't do this or do the her how she and he disagree about how the children should be managed. Are a thousand other thing. Do you know what I mean have you ever heard those who do such things and do not know the mysteries. They do not understand the union of one man and one woman and a unity. Like Jesus in the church or United Art of his wife should be the grave. For the faults of the husband. In the heart of the husband. The grave for is wives all told my dear little lies more than once I've never looked at her heart under the floor of school. But I know it's a great big lie. I'm thankful for a wife like that God gave her to. And I'm so glad I can say to you. Homily. Very humble of her I don't deserve it but fact today. I know something of the ministry that I'm talking about. I know that it is possible that heaven on earth. I know that it is possible for a one man and one woman to enter into an experience of blending in mind you the one who knows is that the true understanding of the marriage relation is the work of a lifetime. And my wife and I both agree that we know more about it than we did thirty five years ago. What we've discovered in the Bible and the spirit of prophecy and in the experience is so longer. We're like a boy that's just had a slice of rye. Shoes water. He knows what he wants to slice the same melody. They're married folks. If you tasted it bit of what we're studying tonight. Jesus to give you my in if you have. If you are mated but not in that just. If you're married legally. And in the eyes of others. Which you do not know the mysteries of the union of the heart and mind and soul. Now I can you there's good news for you. You can begin where you. And with this I close our study tonight. This is in ministry of healing page three sixty two men and women can reach God's ideal for them that they will take Christ as their help Want to him in ways that we cannot do his grace will accomplish those media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like more about audio or you would like to listen more sermon leave. W W W.


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