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Medical Missionary Work- Part 2

W.D. Frazee


W.D. Frazee

Founder of Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute

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Friends rather remand from the past where Read together before yesterday. Somebody Sheridan something that. When pressed for what about a little bit insecure. Then the have a friend or the prime senator is rather a little wrap around to do present live a different type I mean. It's rather thank God. Recollect well. Had to do if we never read. It's a lie from real life crime has had for that have never come as. M. refer them to that effect. Right. Baba Ramdev is the greater rabbit all. So whether people are ready for his coming. Veteran. Rather than current first a rare rhythm of him who cries in the true. But over the curb with the relevant. I think. I don't want to talk back. First a quite. Consult. I'm a pretty simple life trying to supplement to some kind of. Some of the but I cannot run out. As I would've gotten time. And well I'm attending the cutting room for what I don't know and he was telling me that some wonderful things we went to the cutting. But I saw him away it's not the kind of. And then come up and ask if I wasn't coming out now to some things. Can I was from a couple back on track as an after having. I think that I have an interest. Coming and number. As a means to contact. The chap and seven. Well I transfer. But I think that's for a fact she was talking about shopping. Two hundred five hundred. Consequent haven't gone. The connection with as represented. I want as a representative. Iraq perhaps from just one person than twenty right now. Some of the best people and remember. Represented in the papers and in the. Things and advertising spending money and I have an opportunity. I don't like that expression is probably right on the project and hard and. People run the best. I was fat and I was a patient and number. And I'm running to accomplish by a computer screen. Rather than the happen right. The time has come. Because we have something. At home. That. Couldn't read them. And I won't come in contact with Think of how after the name of. No lead really. But I remember covering the ground with everybody. Campaign. And because the grab the map Connecticut minutes two hundred second paragraph. That's the third word. Let's read two lines to get the man and to be robbed and then compelling. Credit for I know I've been in a good man. Bank. Dependence on the right word the right person or a clue. Convincing people that are certain things right and I'm happy with them to get to the place where they want to do it. And good or bad is in the eye when that's what I call point and moving them to. Move that move for a BANG BANG. Hard and women while trying to class because everybody represents a clear and can never have never should have some other woman that women belongs to some relative that is not what I'm discussing. And I'm talking about a minute then of her man I'm too tokes to do this kind of them and that's not really an amount of Sunni and that's the most perilous for some in the misunderstand me I want to cover the ground. And we home have opportunities to help everybody understand that I'm come clean about clothes on the other hand there are some people that never lose with anybody. Then simply go along and kind. They do their work. Then keep things going to fly in a close race. Now I can read your mind. But it wouldn't be known in the mind. My brain friend. I encourage you see God with all your heart. Somebody. When you can be very very been scammed me that kind of leadership at all levels. So there's every other. This May I put my life on here is one of the outstanding place in different from a lot of other people with a blessing. Sooner or later. Our destiny on every other problem with the personal concern at all levels where people can have contact. Wrapped up in this land and you're looking right. And they're all right now because you may have seen. This isn't some honest club. Back slapping. This isn't some per gram and big buddy system. Now you know the thing. Bangs. People to your heart in the hopes the rest of that's and then. He let you know. But friend. If you are a Christian then you have my concern about right and the wrong. God and right belongs to yourself. Something that's worth knowing your automobile. Ramoni Well Currier many people were position and has the best thing to do with your inner circle. They are allowed to be. And he has committed then to your case he has he said we're giving you a commission. Like you did to Peter after his conversion. Simon. Do you live in the US with I love my life. But when we really lovely thing that little. Do we really really really mean the Manson. Well you know you know I think the best of work with this current best of will consume council at Providence. If you've got one a hand on the healer help rather than the whole room of the person that help. At the wrong turn and I'm seeing it hundreds of times. And I hope precious it is to be the right man with the right word that the right place at the right. That's your destiny is a great. In the next. And now trying to run a good to thank you same both medically running to the very sensitive or move. The name institution there is mention it to be done right and that's and. You know when it was the first word but then his tank size Chan knew we had that we were talking about happy that they re still going to be thinking about them personally and I rang some soccer term that had been the responsibility and helping them when a man who claims to be allowed into the work of saving institutions to be done in the name to down to the hundred times have been converted among the number. Then should put in a separate to win them to Christ as a result and subset of could be run to the Savior. God. So why am I so we have six minute that I want to hear from. Weber. What is Greg. Let's assume impress. To mention the red grandest happen. That's discussable put in for something about certain duties we haven't gone. Whether really hard or strong or weak. The people at the desk we're going to be that the best and do the best money grab some spiritual man enough to read what conservatism. This is not a matter. We have to go. We can go in there in virtue. Almost like they won the earth. Even remember the. Rather the not happy with her the last Reich with have this morning. And we'll think of it as a compartment over in. And we wish that we didn't have quite so much to do down at the nutrition center clear. So that we can do that. Not quite so much to do in the business office. So that we can do a song. There are. Somebody is programming are doing is planning a root spring comes to once the road to be a laboratory to run a Congress study. So instead of blaming things circumstances. Oh if I could just get rid of all rows. Now. Then I could do what we started this morning. This stuff was reliably Tory where we carry this up with the me really gather. Thousand Protheroe through Broncos terms and the men and women in their through the booth or rather proud as we are today who are Bill growling. Over here. Bank run over this media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about our universe or if you'd like to listen to more sermon. Leave it. W W W dot audio first. Dot org.


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