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When The High Priest Leaves the Temple

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN




  • September 7, 2015
    11:15 AM
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Are all good morning everyone. Thanks for coming out. And we're going to get started here. They have asked me to make an announcement about this afternoon. Breakout session which is breakout session number five. All of the speakers will be made a location for canceling answering questions or pressure so all the Ponderosa. When Lemon will be there as well and I think he allas here and chaperone they're going to be in one of the rooms also to just keep that on line so if you want to talk to the speakers. They just wanted us to announce at the beginning of this show. Are right well let's go ahead and get started and. Our heads for prayer. Father in heaven we thank you so much for. What we're experiencing here is Southwest Conference this year. And I pray that you would Blas us in this next hour as we go through some very important information from the Book of Revelation we thank you for your leading our lives and I pray that you would guide us now I pray in Jesus' name in them. OK so I'm assuming most of you were in Sabbath school yesterday morning so this is sort of just going into a little bit more depth than what we talked about and then I also talked to yesterday afternoon. About the high priest the words of Jesus in a bit of a more detailed fashion. As it relates to the seven churches in the seven seals. And in that presentation basically I. Which kind of laid the foundation for we're talking about this morning in a nutshell what we saw is that Jesus who is our High Priestess of witness you give testimony in court. And what he says about the advent movement. When you look at the Second Advent movement through the Book of Revelation. It gets off to a pretty bad start. When Jesus looked at the second of a movement revelation is that you make me want to throw up. And that's who we are now jesus love the sea. Yes but at the same time. You can love someone and still be disappointed. Where they are in life. So just because Jesus love those I mean that he's always happy with the decisions that we make or the direction in life that we're headed and. When he looks at avenue to them. The Church of the judgment our the church that he's giving testimony about it. He says You make me want to throw up. We talked about that yesterday and now interestingly when you come to the seals and this is what I did yesterday as well as I connected. What Jesus is doing on the throne because Jesus as if you overcome as I overcame. You'll sit with me and my through the that's what he says the way it is it. Then when you come to the SEALs you see Jesus as the Lamb slain. On the throne and worthy to open the book with seven seals. Now. I don't think any of you were here yesterday someone a just or you were so you remember but. One thing that's very interesting when you look at the seals is that Jesus found worthy to open the book where the seven seals. And he's the STRIVE is the lion of the tribe of Judah the root of David in Revelation Chapter five or six and. Now I'm just giving you a really quick rundown here is Earth verse five revelation five or so if he's the lion of the tribe or due to the root of David. Who's prevailed open the book with seven seals. Now it's interesting when you go to the Old Testament. The concept of the root of David is the scribe is the root of Jesse and Isaiah Chapter eleven. And in Isaiah Chapter eleven there are two roots of Jesse. And Jesse of course is David's father. So if you're the root of David you're going to be the root of Jesse. So who's described as the root of Jesse and I was a loving Jesus is in the first nine versus advise the eleven. But then when you start in verse pattern. And I should probably read this to you so that you'll see what I'm talking about turn to as the a Chapter eleven. And this is just a brief foundation for we get your next section here in verse eleven it says in in that day. There shall be a root of Jesse which show fan for an end sign of the people to chill the Gentiles. Seek and his rest shall be glorious. So then you go to verse eleven and so the National come to pass on that day that the Lord will set his hand again. The second time to recover the remnant of his people so now this is interesting because you look at the first line verses. And the root of Jesse is clearly. Jesus. But the root of Jesse in the end of Isaiah. Eleven is actually the remnant that god. Recovers. A second time not his first run for the children of Israel. A second remnant who has an end sign which is the Sabbath. And the Gentiles seek it and they receive rest because the Sabbath is connected with rest. This root of Jesse is the remnant which is the Second Advent movement. And so the Book of Revelation is always talking about the Second Advent movement. You see it as the Laodicean church in the seven trumpets. And in the seven seals. You see it as the root of David. Connected to Jesus not here's the amazing thing. What you see in the seven seals is that Jesus. Try amps or has conquered so that he can open the book of Seven Seals. Because he is the root of David. In the reason why that qualifies him to open the seals. Is because his wife and death. On this earth. While of. Eyes him to begin opening the book with seven seals. But this book is sealed up. And in order to open it completely you have to seal all seven seals that makes them. So you get progressive revelation as you go through the seals and. You get through the first six seals which takes you right up to the second coming. But then you see that the seventh seal is not going to be sealed until the hundred forty four thousand are sealed in there for. Now the hundred forty four thousand. Come from the Second Advent movement which is the root of Jesse or the root of David. So what does that tell us that. Only when Jesus reproduces himself in the one hundred forty four thousand. Will he have the root of Jesse or the root of David. The second time. And when he has of the second time. Then he opens up the last seal. And then the book is fully opened and when the seven seals open as though their silence and having about the space of happen hour of the Second Coming. So this is fascinating to me. Because the root of David is Jesus. Root of just as Jesus. But it's also the Second Advent movement so how is the Second Advent movement equal to De Jesus was because the hundred forty four thousand. Become like Jesus. Because he reproduces his character in the admin. Movement. They have a movie comes like Jesus. And then that and then vacates him to finally open the Seventh Seal. And he comes to take his people home. So that's. What we talked about yesterday Laodicea. You start off with a second I have a movement. And it makes Jesus want to throw up with any kind of the seal the like. But from that group of people that makes and she does want to throw up. He develops a group of people that become like him. Which of them to Kate's and open the last of the seals. He could open the first six seals. Based on what he did on this earth. But he can only open the last of the seals. When he reproduces them selves in the second at movement. That's pretty amazing to me. Revelation it worse one of those in the seventh year was up and on there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour of the second coming of Jesus. So that's where we were yesterday now. So we see the throne. Jesus says if you overcome as I overcame you'll sit with me and my through into Laodicea then from the throne we see that he is the lamb who was slain the line of the tribe of Judah. Whose prevailed opened the book with seven seals. And he's prevailed. Through his life and death on the cross and through his final triumph through the Second Advent movement. Just before he comes back. And so Jesus He's the hive pre-season on the throne he's working to develop a group of people who are now when we come to the seven trumpets. Talked about this yesterday that when we come to the seven trumpets. At the beginning of the trumpets in Revelation Chapter eight versus two through six. We see the. Starting in verse three. You have Jesus as an angel standing at the altar of incidents with a sensor in his hand and he's the prayers of the Saints are ascending from the sensor so he then are sitting on behalf of his people in this is taking place in the holy place. Now. Some people get confused and I mentioned this yesterday because the angel takes the sensor and cast it into the earth. And so people say oh this is talking about the clothes or probation. Well. The reality is that the trumpets. Represent a progressive closer probation if you will for the people that receive the judgment that the trumpets. Give So when you look at the big picture the trumpets and I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time on this. But you study the history of it. Element make that very clear in great controversy three thirty four that. What the Miller writes tot about the Sixth Trumpet which was that the fall of the out of an empire on August eleventh eight hundred forty was the fulfillment of the six trumpet. She calls out a remarkable fulfillment of prophecy. So if your interpretation of the trumpet veers away from that. Then you've gone off the tracks. So then you work vac words from there and the trumpets are judgments on the people who persecuted God's people because you look at the churches and not the history of the Christian church. From the time of the office politics or choose the time of the judgment hour the SEALs describe the history of the Christian church. But as it relates to how the world around them related to them. And basically after the. The White Horse. When you get to the red horse. It becomes the persecuted church. And then in a compromise church. And a sick church and then you have souls crying out on the altar. God When are you going to then your blood. And so you see in the SEALs. There will be a time when God will judge his people. And there's actually a progressive judgement that takes place. It starts with the Western Roman Empire. Who had been responsible for persecuting the early Christian church. And God used various powers including the barbaric Nations to bring judgments on the Western Roman Empire which led to the fall of the Western Roman Empire by for seventy six eighty. And that's how she threw the in a Revelation Chapter eight. Then when you get to Revelation Chapter nine. The Ottoman Turks show up. The law mix a nation. And they start pouring out judgments on the Eastern Roman Empire. And that culminates with this remarkable time prophecy of three hundred ninety one years. And fifteen days which is described prophetic they have one hour one day one month and one year. It's literally three hundred ninety one years and fifteen days. And so that takes you through the through the first six trumpets. And these are judgments on Western and Eastern room for the persecution of God's true people. Now. That's getting into the detail of the trumpets but in the big picture. The big picture starts off. Where Christ is the angel with the sensor in his hands. And he is interceding for his people at the altar events and which means he is the high priest. And he's the scribe is the angel. That's very important because when you come to Revelation Chapter ten. And the mighty angel comes down from heaven. We're still speaking about Jesus. And he goes from being the angel to the mighty angel. Because the nature of his work is going to escalate. As he moves from the holy place. To the most holy places let me just read you. One point statement from great controversy three thirty four she says in the year eight hundred forty another remarkable fulfillment of prophecy. Excited widespread interest to years before. Josiah which one of the leading ministers preaching the Second Advent published an exposition of Revelation nine. Predicting the fall of Saddam an empire. According to his calculations this power with the be overthrown in eighty eight hundred forty. Sometime in the month of August. And only a few days previous to the complex human he wrote Alone in the first period a hundred fifty years by the way the fifth trumpet. Was five months or hundred fifty years that's very he's referring to here. A lot of the first period a hundred fifty years to have been exactly fulfilled before DIA Cody's a sin to the throne by permission of the church which that took place in twelve ninety nine. And that the three hundred ninety one years fifteen days commenced at the close of the first period which is four hundred forty nine. It will end on the eleventh of August. Eight hundred forty one the Ottoman power and Constantinople may be expected to be broken and this I believe will be found to be the case. Now this is what. Now Elam why it's going to speak that was just CYA which she says at the very time specified chirpy through her ambassadors except for the protection of the allied powers of Europe and thus placed yourself under the control of Christian nations. The event. Exactly fulfilled. The prediction. Now let me just say something here. She's already called it a remarkable fulfillment of prophecy. Now she says of the event exactly fulfill the prediction. I hear people say today well. Josiah lich's gave up his beliefs. After October twenty eighth see in that prophecy he didn't even believe it after October twenty third we will guess what. You know what Josiah ledge did with the twenty three hundred a prophecy. Same thing. So if you say Well Josiah let's doesn't believe in August eleventh eight hundred forty anymore. Why should we believe in it. Well he didn't believe in October twenty eighth here anymore either. So if you throw out. The leaven eight hundred forty. Then you need if throw October twenty two eighteen forty four. And interestingly when you study the trumpets out. It's connected to the three was were trumpet five as the first for trumpet six as the second will. Trumpet seven as the third row and Revelation eleven fourteen. As the second one was passed but the six through on foot and behold the third row that's the seventh trumpet cometh quickly. And then when you see the seventh trumpet sound. The most holy places open in heaven. That's eight hundred forty four. There's only a period of four years. Two months and eleven days between the six. On the seventh trumpet. So that's that's pretty quickly. Alright. Now I want to look at Revelation ten especially now. Because we've looked at the church is Jesus's Second Avenue but you make me want to through. You look at the seals and. Jesus is the root of David who reproduces himself as the root of David through the Second Advent movement. And when he does. The hundred forty four thousand receive the seal of God and that then decayed them to open the book with the seventh seal that's pretty amazing. So now we want to find out how did god. Take this label to see and movement. That makes him want to throw up and churn it into a reproduction of himself which is the root of David. So that he could put the seal of the Living God and therefore there's not a good question. Because the seal don't tell us how it happened. It just of the half and. You know you look at Laodicea and you come to the end of then you're like wow I hope they allege of come on because that's not a pretty sure. And then you come to the seals and you're like wow he reproduces himself as the root of David and places the seal of the Living God on their foreheads. Because they become like Him How did that happen. Like I'm thankful it did but how does that happen. So that's where revelations at the end of the seven trumpets gives some more information as to how this happened so. Turn to Revelation Chapter ten. Looking in verse one. And this would be in the time period of eight hundred forty. After the fulfillment of the fall of the autumn and empire. This is when the miller right movement takes off and Revelation Chapter ten verse one says and I saw another mighty angel. Come down from heaven clothed with a cloud and a rainbow was upon a sudden this face was as it were the Sun and its feet as pillars of fire so here we see a mighty angel. Coming down from heaven and again. At the beginning of the trumpets we see the angel in heaven. In the sanctuary. So if you see an angel. At the beginning of the trumpets. In the holy place at the altar of incense and now Revelation ten says he's coming down from heaven as a mighty angel. You start to have a clue as to who this mighty angel is. And when you fall of the sequence here. You gain a better idea of how this mighty Angelus crises clothed with a cloud a rainbow of the planet said. And his face is like the sun. His fear liked. Fillers. Of Fire. First of all he's close with a cloud go to Exodus Chapter thirteen versus twenty one and twenty two. Next to this chapter thirteen versus twenty one and twenty she. And here we read. The Lord went before them by day in a pillar of was of a cloud. To lead them the way. And by now I am a pillar of fire to give them lie. To go by day and night. He church not away the pillar of the club by day nor the pillar of fire by not from before the peaceful. Now what's also at Leviticus sixteen. Verse two. Leviticus sixteen hrs. In the Lord said in the Moses speak. And to Aaron my brother that he come not at all times into the holy place within the Ville before the mercy seat I want to so the holy place within the veil before the mercy seat was that Saddam out of the most holy place. Which is upon the ark that he die and not for I will appear where in the cloud. Upon the mercy seat. So want to says you have a mighty angel coming down from heaven. Closed with a cloud. When Jesus was in the cloud of the Pre-N. TARNEY Christ. Where was that cloud in the Old Testament. It was in the most holy places over the mercy seat. So when you start the seven trumpets. Jesus is in the holy place at the altar of incense doing a work of intercession. But Revelation ten is announcing that he's moving apartment. Because he's closed with a cloud. And when he's close with a cloud in the Old Testament that cloud is over the mercy seat in the most holy place. Furthermore when you study the sequence of prophecy in the trumpets and this is why understanding. The correct prophetic sequence of the trumpet the so important when you understand that revelation nine fifteen and Revelation nine. In with the fulfillment of the Sixth Trumpet in eight hundred forty. Now you know that you're very close to the end of the twenty three hundred days when it says under two thousand three hundred days then she'll the sanctuary. Cleanse which that takes place in the most holy place. So Jesus is coming down from heaven to give power and emphasis to the miller right movement. Because they are actually preaching about the fulfillment of the twenty three hundred a prophecy and he comes down from heaven and self to give power to that movement. As the mighty angel. He's the angel. At the beginning of the trumpets. Now he's the mighty angel. Because his work is escalating. As are hyper ease of very powerful. And he's showing that he's going to be doing that work. As the high priest. Just as in the Old Testament he was close with a cloud. Above the mercy seat in the most holy place. Now he's going to be in the most holy place. So that the first thing he's clothed with a cloud. Be it he also has a rainbow. Upon its head. And in Genesis Chapter nine versus nine through seventeen. The Rainbow was a covenant. Or a symbol of the Covenant between God and now. So there are the fact that there is a rainbow shows that God has a covenant with his feeble and. Furthermore Revelation Chapter four of three shows that there is a rainbow. Around the throne of God So Jesus. He's coming down from heaven close with a cloud showing that he's moving to the mercy seat. Choo re new the covenant with his people from the throne of God that is moving from the holy place. To the most holy place just as Daniel seven shows that the throne has willed them it can move. So Jesus is the angel. The high priest. The intercessor who is moving. Apartments. Because he's close with a cloud he's moving to the mercy seat. And he has a rainbow above us had because the rainbow is above the throne of God and the rainbow shows that God is going to renew a covenant with his people and the reason why the covenant needs to be renewed. With his people. Is because the Christian world has lost sight of the Sabbath. And the covenant of God's law in our heart and mind. And he's going to renew the new covenant where he will write his law in their hearts and minds which is by the way part of the closing of the sanctuary when God right that was his character and. And our hearts and minds we become close and the sand and when we become clones of sin the sanctuary becomes cleanses than. And that's what Jesus is doing. So based on the clothing. And the description of Christ here. You know that this is sanctuary language. You know that this is related to this time period. Eight hundred forty. Ottoman Empire Falls six Tromp it comes to an end. The Seventh Trumpet is about to sound. And so now Jesus comes down from heaven to give impetus to the movement here on Earth. That is proclaiming the message on to chew thousand three hundred days. And then shall the sanctuary be climbed let me tell you something a seventh they have nots. We are not following Conway devised fables. Jesus is the leader of our movement. He came down from heaven to start this movement and. When he looks at this amazement that he came down to start again you go back to lay out a see any of those you know I came down from heaven to start this move and you make me want to throw up. But I'm planning to produce a reproduction of my character in you. So that you become the root of David. So that you will be that you will have the experience of being cleansed. So let's keep going here his face shines like the sun. Malakai chapter four hours to describe as Jesus of the Sun of Righteousness not as a win as the U.N.. So Jesus coming down from heaven to move from the holy place of the most holy place. He's giving impetus to this movement. So he doesn't give it to any angel to do. He himself raises this movement. And he's clothed with a cloud showing that he's moving to the mercy seat. He has a rainbow above his head showing that he's going to renew the covenant. And this covenant which is the everlasting covenant is based on the everlasting right just means of Christ. He is coming to raise up a movement. That will experience. The right just most of Christ. And it talks about how his feet are pillar the fire and that. Again connects to the pillar of cloud by day in the pillar of fire by night. So Jesus comes down from heaven choose to raise up a new movement that he's going to lead from this earth to heaven. By moving apartments from the Holy Place to the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary. To prepare a people just as he led the children of Israel of old from Egypt a cane and. He's going to lead spiritual Israel today from the. The Egypt of this world. To the heavenly canon. Now verse two says he hadn't a sand a little book open. What do you think that little book is going to be talking about. That little book is going to be talking about the very work that Jesus of doing. And the very fact that he has a book that's open and it's and what does that tell you about that book at one point. It was close. And what book in Scripture. Was sealed or close that one point. The Book of Daniel now and not the whole book of Daniel because if you read Daniel chapter cheer and Daniel told never can as are you are the set of gold. You would be able to read that and figure that out. It's not like you would read that and say I don't know what that man. What does that mean when Daniel says your the solder gold. It's sealed I can't figure it out. No idea what that means. Now that the. I mean Martin Luther. Even have say your doubt that the little horn. Of Daniel seven with the papacy. And we can figure that out today. I mean the Protestant Reformers and you hear the little horn was so it was the portion of Daniel that was healed which specifically where the vision of the evenings and mornings with the vision of the twenty three hundred days. Which was the be sealed. Till the time of the end. And so Jesus is coming down from heaven to announce this movement that has been raised up on this earth. That is preaching from Daniel Chapter eight fourteen and a two thousand three hundred days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. This is my movement. I have raised that up this is my message. And it's pointing to the work that I am going to do in the sanctuary in heaven. So again. We're part of a special movement that Jesus is the leader of now again. We're later to see it. And we make jesus want to throw up so we shouldn't have any spiritual pride. We should. Because I can guarantee you that at some point in your life if you're not that way right now. You've made. Jesus want to throw up. Sorry. That's the reality. He loves you absolutely. But it doesn't change the fact that he's always been happy with what we're doing. But he's raising us up for a very special work. So this book that's open in the hand of Jesus is specifically. Daniel eight fourteen which points to the cleansing of the things she worried. And his right foot on the sea is love is on the earth. Roof floods. This is a worldwide message. And the seven founders Ellen why just tell this relates to the vents. Under the the miller right movement and what happened during that time. Now. When you get to verse five it says the end of which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth. Lifted up his hand to heaven and swear by him that live it's forever and ever. Who created heaven on the things that there are in the earth and the things that they're in are and the see in the things which are there in that was that the that there should be time. No longer. Now what time. If you're just looking at this passage. Where would you get information about the time that would be no longer going to go look in her back to her that her maybe Psalms are Second Chronicles and say let's try to figure out what this time no longer mean were you going to find out what this time no longer in the little book that. Daniel eight fourteen. Daniel A fourteen and a two thousand three hundred days then she'll the sanctuary be clones that takes you to the point in time where there is time no longer. How can we show this world. The twenty three hundred days takes us to the most holy place which takes us to the judgment. Hour and a Revelation fourteen. In connection with the judgment our you have fear God give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven earth the sea in the found the waters here in Revelation Chapter ten. It's very similar. Where the message of creation is connected to the fact that there is time no longer. In Revelation fourteen on the first angels message the message of creation is connected to the idea that the Alwar of his judgment is come. Now the Miller writes got a bit confused on this and they said see. There's going to be. Time no longer This is the end of the world. And they didn't get the idea that this was the end of prophetic time. Ushering in the judgment hour. The Revelation fourteen makes it very clear. Creation that being reminded that God as Creator that the Sabbath is part of the creation message is connected to the judgment. Hour of Earth's history. Which means when you hit the judgement our verses tree. There's no more prophetic time. And Revelation ten. The creation message is connected to now more prophetic time. So time no longer. And the hour of his judgment is come of the same thing as the mix and the time no longer are his judgment is come. And it's connected to the Sabbath message so here and revelations. Chapter ten the fact that remote we're reminded that God as creator. It's a reminder that he is the creator of the Sabbath. That he's here to renew the covenant. And it's the Sabbath commandment that's the only one he says remember because he knew it would be for God. And Adam this will forget it today too. But anyway so when we get to verse seven of those but in the days of the voice of the seven thing Joel. When he shall be given descend. The mystery of God should be finished. As he have the cleared to his servants the prophets. So. Revelation eleven fifteen and nineteen shows that when the seventh angels. Sounds the most holy places open in heaven. And so Jesus saying that when the Seventh Trumpet begins the sound. And the advent movement is raised up. The mystery of God shall be finished. As he has declared his servants the prophets. And I think most of you know what the ministry of God is right. Colossians one twenty seven. Maybe we should turn their most of you know that some of you may not have seen this. Go to collage ins one. And we may pick it up in verse or two sooner them or twenty seven is going to collages one. And this is the work that Jesus is going to be doing in the Second Advent the in from the most holy place. Of certain wrist one and five Paul says where of I am made a minister according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you to fulfill the Word of God. Even was the mystery which has been hidden from ages and from generations. But now is made manifest to saints. Notice first twenty seven. To Him God would make known. What is the riches of the glory of this was a mystery among the Gentiles. Which is what. Christ in you the hope of glory that's Christ Our Righteousness That's the theme of this conference I am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ liveth where in me. That's Christ in you the hope of glory. So the mystery of God Christ in you is being crucified with Christ. And then Galatians two goes on to say. And the life which I now live in the flesh I live by was the face of the Son of God that the faith of Jesus. Of the third Angel's mouth and of Revelation fourteen. So the mystery of God being sentenced. Is Christ in you. The hope of glory. Living by the faith of Jesus which is the third angel's message. So Jesus saying I'm coming down from heaven to raise up a movement through whom I'm going to reproduce my character so you look at Laodicea and you say Whoa. This is your judgment in our church. And it makes you want to throw up. But then in the SEALs it's like wow you sealed that people that made you want to throw up. And you reproduce your character in them in them how did you do that Jesus will Revelation ten shows Jesus the mighty angel. Comes into the most holy place to begin a special word. Of purifying his people and. Through the prophetic message that points to the cleansing of the sanctuary. We have this promise that during the judgment hour versus tree when there is no more prophetic time. The mystery of God will be Senate. Which is Christ in you. Which means that Adam and. This will surrender to Jesus. Which is why Jesus of the Laodicea. If any man will open the door. I will come out. So that's ad been says I'm a great problem even today. We're happy to have Jesus on the outside. And with our lips we draw near but our hearts are far from. And Jesus of the need to love me come in and if we let Jesus come in. It will change our characters I said savagely today. Well actually become nice people to be around. Stopping those grumpy grouches Muti and some bitter and angry and mad at the world the spirit of Christ in you the hope of glory. I'd rather have Christ in me than me because I'll tell you why Yeah I can get up here and give messages. But if I'm not surrendered. Not a pretty to sure. And we all know that we all know what we're like when we're not converted. We can put on a good front. And get by for a while and something goes wrong again and then we're back in our. Whatever it is our bad. Cycle. And then we can to get out of that bad cycle for a little bit and then we're back in the bad side all again. And Jesus says I can help you get out of that. That's what he's why he's in the most holy place Christ in you. The hope of glory in this concept of Christ in you. The hope of glory. Is connected to the cleansing of the century now. Here's the thing let me read it just a few more verses. Oftentimes we stopped in verse twenty seven Christ in you the hope of glory. But Paul's not done it. First twenty eight. Whom we preach warning. Every man and teaching. Every man and all wisdom that we may present. Every man. Perfect in Christ Jesus so notice. People say Oh I love the gospel of Paul. Yeah I did hear and you know what Paul preached. He preached Christ in you the hope of glory. And he warned every man saying this is the Christ you need not Christ outside of you not a legal Tavor ing only. But Christ in you. The hope of glory. So that you may be perfect in Christ Jesus. Of the words of Scripture and then he goes on a verse twenty one of those where and she was also Laver striving according to his working. Which work within me mightily which. Another words. You know Paul says. Englishness you twenty I am crucified with Christ. So because he's crucified with Christ. Christ lives in him and Christ. Works through him. Mightily. Sometimes we give lip service to so wanting because. Well that's or supposed to do in the Bible says people that go to heaven will be wanting soul so I better do that checklist this week are my church is doing. Door to door all go. Maybe I'll get some brownie points for the kingdom. But I thought your motivation. Do you really love Jesus Christ in you the hope of glory. But if you don't have Christ in you you don't have anything to share. It's like hey here's a here's some literature. You might want to read about. STATE OF THE DEAD. Don't have to do that for another six weeks. Oh no Paul. When Christ is in him the hope of glory. He lay Vered striving according to his working. Which work this. In me mightily in the notice this and verse one of chapter two. This message is relevant for another church besides the church a colossal for I would that you name. What great conflict I have for you and for them at where. Laodicea. You know what lay out a C.S. problem is they don't have Christ in the hope of glory. And then he says in verse two that their hearts might be comforted. Being knit together in love. So we need to be knit together in love. Think about this. What is. Christ really was in the hope of glory wouldn't our hearts be knit together a lot of because we all have Christ in our heart. So wall of each other but instead. We put ourselves into different camps. And then we have disagreements. And then the good old self rises up and we have arguments in this. And that. And then you have all sorts of dysfunction. Because Christ is not in the hope of glory. And we hide behind Paul as the and. And the and that. And yet at the end of the day. Christ wants to throw out the reality. But if Christ is in us the hope of glory. There's going to be a difference. That will bring us together in love and when that happens. That's evidence that Christ is in our lives that we have been clear on this and as the Apostles on the day of Pentecost came together. And they put their differences aside and their hearts were in it together in love then the Holy Spirit was forth. But that doesn't happen the a an avenue to them. So apparently our hearts are not in it together in love. Now going back to revelation here at the end of Revelation and you know there's the great disappointments we in the mouth of that are in the belly and that's further evidence of the great disappointment that the evident movement went through. After they ate the little book of Daniel. Versa love and so he said to me the most prophesied again. Before many peoples and nations and tongues and kings. Meaning the miller right movement how their experience up until eight hundred forty four. And after eight hundred forty four when the Seventh Trumpet begins to sound. Now the Second Advent movement is the take the thirteen jewels message which wasn't fully understood. Of until October twenty two were now the commandments of God in the most holy place. Are connected to the message of the coming of Jesus and the savages connected to it. Now we are to prophesied again this is the third angels message to every nation kindred hung on people. So now Revelation Chapter ten. Gives us. Further evidence of the prophetic message that we have by the way what Thomas twelve thirty. OK So here's where we are in the big picture of Revelation. Looking at the sanctuary message. Jesus is our High Priest in the most holy place and you see his work as the faithful and true witness in court giving testimony in court to latest the is saying You make me want to throw up. You think you're OK and you're not. But then he reproduces themself as the root of David through the second Adam movement through many places a seal in their forehead. And then we see that in the Second Advent movement that what he does specifically. Is that he moves the most holy place. To renew a covenant. Where he writes of law and there are hearts and minds. So that the character of Christ Christ in the the hope of glory. Is reproduce. So that we actually become like Christ our hearts become knit together in love and the Spirit of God works in us mightily. So that we become of force. For God. A powerful witnessing force for you. Don't think you're just going to skate by into the kingdom like. Well I go to church and Condi just enough right things and I know when you love Jesus. The Hearts going to change. The end side going to change the outside going to change but most importantly. You're trying to be witnessing and working for God. Ellen why it's as if you've lost your love for souls your Laodicean it lukewarm. You know care about witnessing or so when you're Laodicean. And I mixed races want to throw up because if you have Jesus in your heart. Jesus. One souls. All the time. And if we have Jesus in our heart. We're going to be doing so one thing. Because we love him and we say we have the most amazing message that's ever been given to the world. The most comprehensive message the message that points to the soon coming of Jesus. And this should not be a scary message. We love Jesus he's in our hearts. And we'll go from a long distance relationship. She's a in person relationship. And any couple that want to have a permanent long distance relationship. Would be the most dysfunctional pull on the face of this planet. That most Christians want to maintain a permanent. Long distance relationship with Jesus. Because the reality is they love this life more than the thought of the reality. So then we get scared of the second coming because we're really not ready for it because we don't want to go through the time of trouble because when I what we know we're not ready for the time of trouble. Because we don't want to give up our and i thousand our nights are in our nice job and the constable life that we live. Up the reality. If we're honest with ourselves. But if we love Jesus will be like Praise the Lord Jesus is coming soon. Us the reality. Christ in you the hope of glory. So. One of these days. Jesus is going to leave the think sure every and high priest and in fact the seven trumpets teach that he begins his work in the trumpets. As high priests. But he finishes his words and comes back as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. That's Revelation eleven fifteen. So what happens in the century let's go to Revelation fifteen. Revelation fifteen verse one and I saw another sign in heaven and great in marvelous seven angels having the seven last plagues for in them is filled up the wrath of God. So when the seven. Last plagues happen. That means probation is closing then you see VS two through four. And that's a description of the one hundred forty four thousand who gained the victory over the beast over his image of the market over the number of his name. That means these are people from the second haven't movement who were alive at the end of this world. And they gained the victory. And they sing the song of Moses' the servant of God and the song of the lamb you think of a song another. That's the song of the children of Israel saying. When they cross the. The Red Sea and then the Egyptians were destroyed. And they saying while saying out of the Lord for his triumph gloriously. Because the Egyptian army was behind them and the Red Sea was before them. And there was no way out. But the deliverance of God and the hundred forty four thousand. Will have no way out but the deliverance of God. And they sing the song of the Lamb. Because Jesus was faithful and to death. And they would have been willing to dive well. So they sing with song of Moses'. And the song of the Lamb and just when it seemed that they were going to die. They receive the deliverance of. Boy I hope I sing that song. I hope I hope we will all sing that song. That's right. And so but then we get diversified. And this shows the end of the work of Christ in the same jury. And this section of Revelation is not talked about very often but it's very important. And after that I looked and behold that simple. Of the tabernacle. Of the testimony in heaven. Was opened and the seventy jewels came out of the temple. Having the seven plagues clothe them pure and white linen and having their breasts girded with Golden Girls. And one of the four beasts gave into the seven angels seven golden vials. Full of the wrath of God who live with forever and ever. A day is coming. When the seven last place will be forward on the years. And that means probation has close and verse eight the end that simple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from his power. And no man was able to enter into the chapel till the seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled. This is showing us that Jesus has left the temple. Go to first kings A First Kings Chapter eight. And you look at the dedication of Solomon simple. And when you come down to the end of this chapter. It talks about how smoke fills that simple. After the priest come out of that simple. And if someone finds the earth. Help me out. So here in first kings A always say this. At the dedication of that simple. The priests go into that simple. And as they come out at the dedication of the temple. As the temple has been completed. Then smoke fills the temples here in First Kings Chapter eight and I'm sorry I don't have the verse. With me right now but it's in here in chapter eight. So first to know if you think you. Here we go and it came to pass when the priests were come out of the holy place. That the cloud filled the house of the ward. So that the priest could not stand a minister. Because of the cloud for the glory of the Lord had sold the house of or. So when the smoke filled the temple. That means the glory of the Lord fills the temple. And that tells me in Revelation fifteen. When smoke filled the temple. The glory of the Lord is filling with sample. That is analogous to Revelation eighteen. Where it says an angel comes down from heaven having great power. And the earth of light and with the glory. So the glory of God. Filled that simple in heaven because he's klyn. The sanctuary that samples of sent. Christ in you the hope of glory has been completed. So now the High Priest leaves the temple. And the seven plagues begin to be poured out. Now while the seven plague are being poured out. What's happening to God's people here on this earth. Jacob's time of trouble. Jacob's time a trouble not especially happens. In the sixth plague. The the plague of Armageddon. Now. I want you to go to Leviticus Chapter sixteen and the Leviticus Chapter sixteen. We see what happened when the High Priest. Finished his work. On the Day of Atonement. And Christ is the high priest in the answer to fickle Day of Atonement. Right now. But let me start first twenty one he has made an end of reconciling the holy place in the tabernacle of the congregation. And the altar he shall bring the live. And Aaron chalet both his hands upon the head of Alive go and confess over him all the inequities of the children of Israel. And all their transgressions and all their sins. Putting them upon the head of the go. And she'll send him away by the hand of a fit man. Into the wilderness in the GO shall bear upon him. All their iniquities until land not inhabited. And he shall let go of the glow in the wilderness. So the sins of God's people that are confess their blotted out in the most holy place on the day of atonement of the final tome. But then those sins are transferred to the skate who is saved. Let me read to you a very interesting statement from Spalding and McGann collection. Page he. Here we read. Then I saw the Jesus were in the sanctuary. Will soon be finished. And after his work there are sinister. He will come to the door of the first apartment and confess the sins of Israel. Upon the head of the scape. And then he will put on the garments of then gins. And then the plagues will come upon the wickets the. This is all part of what we've seen here in Revelation fifteen. Christ senators as work in the sanctuary. Now the sins of God's people that have been blotted out. Are placed on the scapegoat so that's why I say it is motivated to have as many people lost as possible because the last people say the last ones are placed on the side of the end of probation. Then the plug will come up on the word and they do not come till Jesus puts on the government takes his place upon the great white cloud. Then. While the plagues are following the scapegoat is being led away now who leads the scape the other way. The fifth man. He makes them ID struggle to escape. But he is held fast. By the hand that leads him if he should have sectors escape. Israel would lose their lives I thought that it would take time to lead away the scape into the land of forgiveness after the sins were put on a set so here's the deal. Christ. Finishes his work in the same jury. And he comes and places. The sins of God's people that he blots out with his blood. And he places them on Satan. When probation close. Now. The fifth man is to lead the scape away. And who do you think the man is. The fifth man was different than the high freeze. And if you study of us out. Who is the scribe in Revelation fifteen it's the same sing the song of love in the song of the Lamb one hundred forty four thousand. They are the ones. Through whom God works to triumph in the great controversy over stayed because in the great controversy between Christ and Satan. Just think about this. Satan was a perfect being in a perfect environment. Who was the covering cherub over the mercy seat. And he sense. And he says god. Your law is not fair it cannot be kept it's arbitrary. I was as close to you as any created being ever was and I couldn't even keep your log God. And then you create Adam and Eve and look what I did to them. One little temptation and they were flat on your face. And you're telling me that you're going to have a will a group called the hundred forty four thousand at the end of the world who keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus give me a break. And quietly at the end of the world. When Christ stands up and probation close. He says. Here's the patience of the same. Here they that keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus. And so probation closes and Satan says. You may say they are like this but I know who they are. I remember what I did in Norman the he was just like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden I'll get him on probation closes. And the statement says. If the scapegoat should affect his escape all Israel will lose their lives so here's the thing. And a lot about enough don't realize this but there is a lot riding on the hundred forty four thousand through the time of trouble. Which is why Jesus thousand come it. Because you think that he's going to let a an unfit man who makes them want to throw up. Try to leave the scapegoat through during the time of trouble. When of the plagues are falling and Satan is allowed to do everything possible to get us to lose our hold on God You think he's going to allow an unfit. Seventh they have in this to doesn't have the slightest. Care about doing so when and he was all into the things of this world and I was more about Kim Carr dashing on the work of God and Kobe Bryant or whatever and but yeah we're marching design we just don't think about it very much. The Christ in you the hope of glory changes everything we see Jesus on the cross our hearts are melted by his love. We repent and be zealous their form repent we repent of our lukewarm condition. Jesus comes in and when probation closes. He knows because God is all knowing. Seen knows he has that fit man to lead Satan away because what does Satan going to say now. He was a perfect a being and a perfect environment. And he sinned against God and God is going to say Satan. You threw everything at them. They were human beings born at the worst time and Earth's history. Every generation gets weaker and weaker. And they were able through my grace and power to by allowing me to comment. To perfect a Christian character. That shows that everything you've said about me is completely false. Jesus showed that when he lives here on this earth and saints at all but your god even though Jesus came in a fallen human nature and Satan. So then he tried to make it sound like Jesus was different than the so that we can't really be like him. Of another attack of Satan the great controversy. And that's why the nature of Christ thing can be talked about because oh. Say no one wanted to be talked about because he knows that's one of the keys to giving us faith over time because of Jesus could overcome. And a fallen human nature so can wait. So anyone. Jesus is the root of David. And because he took our nature. He can reproduce his characters in our lives. So that we become the root of David. So Jesus comes and. We overcome and here we came we sit with him in his throne. Even as he is that down with his father and his term. We then receive the seal of the Living God in our forehead. The mystery of God is finished. And then we are prepared to lead. Satan the scapegoat away. When Jesus. Leaves the temple. As or intercessor. And that's why we talk about salvation and salvation is the same from the beginning of time to the end of time. But there's a difference between being saved. And being spiritually mature. You can be a babe in Christ and have a saving relationship with Jesus and you're going to grow from a blade to an ear. To a full corn in the year. When God has the full corn on the year which is a mature Christian. He harvest his people. You can be saved fully surrender but you may not yet be fully mature there may be things that you don't understand about the health message or about. You know various types of reforms but you've surrendered everything that you know up until that point. And as more like comes you keep surrendering. And as more like comes you keep surrendering. And you say Yes Lord. And thus at the same time you don't turn around and become judge mental towards those who are at the same place you are you use the Spirit of Christ to maybe help them. But anyway. You keep growing and growing and there will come a point and you won't realize it but there will come a point in your Christian experience. Where there won't be anything left for Jesus to have you. And it's going to happen. Interestingly enough to me at an individual level but also on a large scale level. So that God is going to have a whole group of people ready to go through the Final Crisis. So it's not just want to be like. See I had Enoch and I had job and Alijah and Moses' he's going to say look at this whole movement that I've developed. Now here's the amazing thing and all. I'm about to wrap up. Christ comes down as the my vehicle in Revelation Chapter ten for the purpose of developing a group of people like him. So the Ministry of God could be finished Christ in you the hope of glory. Revelation eighteen. When that work is finished. This angel comes out again and Elam white called it a mighty angel again whereas those and I saw another angel come down from heaven. Having great power. And the earth was alight in the weather's or you know you want to know why it has power. Because all over the world. Jesus has been reproduced in the lives of the Second Advent movement. So Revelation tennis powerful. Because Jesus is the mighty angel. And he raises up a movement for revelation eighteen is even more powerful. Because Jesus has reproduce themselves in his entire made. And when Jesus reproduces them self and his entire movement when the glory of God is seen in the face of Jesus Christ through the Second Advent movement. Then Jesus leaves the temple. The plagues begin to fall. And the hundred forty four thousand leads. Satan away. And that is the end of Satan. And the great controversy until the destruction of the wicked at the end of the thousand years of friends. We are a special group of people. And in some cases for not good reasons were the group of people that Jesus was makes them want to throw up. But we're also the group of people that he's going to take from being like that to being like him and. It's at weekends like this where we can bring new a commitment or maybe we've never made that commitment to let Christ really become our right. So I have the filthy rags taken. And they have his white garment. Put on so many of us want our filthy rags to be covered. So that we can keep sending and use of now we take the filthy garments off. Then he comes and clean this up. And that's where Jesus is doing right now in heaven. So by the grace of God I want to be one of the saints sings the song of most of the servant of God and the song of the Lamb and it will only be by the grace of God because I know that if I do try to do it on my own on a flat on my face but if I know that if I surrender to Jesus if I choose to give my heart and yield my will to him. He will come out and change and transform me and new and transform us into the likeness of his image. So that we will be loving and lovable Christians who wins souls for God. Let's close with forever. And if you would need to with me as we free. Father in heaven we thank you so much that you love us so much that you've sent Jesus to die for us as are Savior and to be our High Priest. In the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary. And as we live at this late day of the anti Chipotle Day of Atonement. At this late date in Earth's history. As we see the signs all around us that Jesus is coming soon. I pray that we would not be motivated by fear. To prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus. I pray that we would be motivated by love for what Jesus is done for us. So that we will let Christ and. So that his character will be reproduced in us. So that we will see our hearts knit together in love. So that we will become spiritually mature. So that you can give us the grace in the strength to lead the city man into the land of forgetfulness. Forgive us for being lukewarm. Forgive us for being selfish. Help us to grow into the full measure of the stature that Christ would have that we would be presented perfect in Christ Jesus be with each person here today. Thank you that you love us and be with us and may we be faithful and found in the King and I prayed in Jesus' name amen. This media was brought to you by audio crews a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version. Or you would like to listen to more servant leader visit. 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