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Randy Skeete

Hosting its seventh annual conference, GYC's 2008 theme this was "For This Purpose." How do we find this purpose? By listening to and studying God's Word. Featuring inspirational speakers such as Justin Kim, Randy Skeete, Radim Passer, Chelsy Jourdan, Alistair Huong, Doug Batchelor, and more, this conference leads us in studying how we can reflect Christ's character.


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • December 19, 2008
    7:00 PM
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I have something to tell you I want to do you forward and listen is just between you and me no one else will know are you ready I love you somebody said about why do I always have to beg this is not a Christian way I love you for the reason is one reason John fifteen twelve this is my commandment that you love one another as I have been up to let me tell you why I know I love you first within greater love hath no man than this at a maddening it down his life for his friends to consider how tough the message was last night I placed my life on the line for you that's love how many of you found it tough to take a nice you're right at it how many of you are angry with me originally left have an you have some honest vegetarians to the right and the left do you still love me even though you don't know what I will say tonight you love me by faith all right the just shall live all by faith before I plunge into my message in the forty minutes I have let me make something clear from last night it was brought to my attention that some people left of depression but I said if you are married to a non- symbiotic with get a divorce immediately I did not say that I exempt of those wall-mounted and no one else better to do something quickly I am a seven this printer I am not a Baptist preacher but with all Baptists I am not a Muslim preacher bought missed only four months I am not a holiness preacher God bless all holiness people I'm not a Mormon preacher therefore you should expect me to say things that you would not be there anywhere else does not access you on the twelfth so I know you can did what I'm about to go nuclear let me get something off my chest again should I shouldn't question because above the influence he or she exerts yes I know as you conduct your snows over this weekend should you be careful not to mislead by your behavior yes or no historical sketches page one forty three five analyte rights we are all woven together in the great web of humanity and God holds us responsible for the influence we accept on authors listen to what bothered me the other before me is a mingling of married people and single people matter people are allowed certain physical rights denied the single Christian somebody agree with me but in the spirit of being concerned with your behaviors influence on others in the spirit of Paul when first revealed it thirty instead wherefore if me that my brother to offend I will ignore me why the world standard yes I also might crop up to a friend always willing to set aside certain things in the interest of the spiritual welfare of his brothers knowledge to get to the thing because you are eager to find out there's nothing wrong in holding happens innocent simple when it comes to caressing fondling and kissing quite out of place to politely request that you reserve Doctor suite there are single people on the hunt at Olympia Seaway again say this behavior it lists our reactions to events that are not consistent the sermon on the Mount or any of the parties which amount beliefs restraining ourselves do I need to assemble all right thirty seven minutes of message tonight whom IT people of France seven along with turn off your cell phones please don't put him on vibrate or turn them off please are you doing that I don't hear them going off but I accept by faith that you will obey seven of its Opera formulae speak alternate who says Lord put your words a fat man's mouth jar my alumni than the market for this kind of touched my mouth of the Lord set of the people I upload my words if I mouth simply said Lord put your words if that is not a simple number three I want you with all my heart think of the cell phones off the set text messages in the presence of a holy God turn them off completely please let's pray our loving father in heaven I completed the name of Jesus I plead with you father to have mercy upon the and to help create a site on the take this burdensome responsibility of preaching the word of the special task by Lawton Chiles spiritual father helped me through the agency of your spirit give me the right words fulfilled for me the prophecy made the Moses in Exodus chapter four was twelve when you said to him now therefore go and I will be refined mouse entities to a functional say father for Christ's sake for the sake of the truth for the sake of your honor and glory for the enlightenment of your people and be with my life that's usually what I should say either the high the cross so that you will only be seen I offer this prayer for my heart that Jesus Merryman for his sake about what people say a man and a man in John chapter eight reading from verse thirty one John eight four thirty one Bible says then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him if you continue in my word then are ye my disciples indeed and ye shall not approve and the truth shall make your freight vans and him we may ever have seen him enough and bonkers any facts house there's about you shall be free not where Jesus said ye shall be free the chills listening more offended they took great pride in paying the descendents of Abraham of this that we cannot understand your statement in the light of the fact that we are Abraham 's seed and were never in bondage to any man of playing up I ought to send out for the importance of digital stewards in November nineteen versus one to ten which gives the cost of the conversion of sexiest influence in the Bible since then thank you stood before the Lord and said behold all the half of my quotes I give to the poor final ticket anything from any man by false accusation I restore him fourfold strategies that set up to him first there is salvation come to this house forasmuch as he also is a son of Abraham Christ recognized that sake us was the son-in-law of Abraham it meant something to be a son of Abraham a little shop of her divorce is a level does experience the outcome of Christ healing a woman with a spirit of infirmity eighteen years when he performed a medical vigil is being opposed it because it was done on the Sabbath day and choose a set of four such that it am about this woman the book of Abraham will sit housebound will be sticking here at videos from Bismarck on the Sabbath day Jesus calls upon November because that gets us out of Iraq and the jewels were the children of Abraham of enterprise have a question for you what to move the Jews so special our subject is a mighty label of truth let's first the scope of what not to make them special in the eyes of God Naslund book of Deuteronomy Chapter seven relief verses six and seven Deuteronomy chapter seven verses six and seven full power the holy people unto the Lord like all the love that God has chosen me to be a special people unto himself above all people but upon the face of the facts what Rick Rick told Toronto seventh section of the law like God have some sympathy to be a special people unto himself this is infamously missed this classless there are special the blog is a very personal way for seven below did not set his love upon you not chosen because it will more in number than any people for you with the fewest of all people so one reason why the one-off special is the fact that it was not special because it wouldn't even Hamas the one millionth the Bible says they were among the psychologists so their warm-up special to block because there was the one who am many enough to run it up rid of verses six and seven understand therefore four six oh two on the night that the love I thought it would be not this good land to possess it for my righteousness for file art of stress may affect people are rebellious going to say you're not special to me because your righteous and your same way as you obey my will does not want respect for seven remember I'm forgot not how the upper book is the love that both Iraq and Willis from that band about this and put forth out of the land of the debt until the campaigns of this place now hospitable to us against the Lord want to say for most businesses to me you Israelites for forty years on end thirdly you have been approved as people but you're still my people want to move the joint specialty dog Romans chapter one and Romans sent it to follow excessive for example one that all the Gentiles are sinners but the overall message that all the journalists this has really offsets not partisan writing this and he is always met with leather will derive by Jos so as of intelligent write-off as they challenge that charts lead up Paul and dissipates the objects in any answers the objections before it is made teammates and so adverse type of reverse one of the book of Romans the Bible says one advantage that happens it will a lot profit is there a circumcision no thought is a legitimate question what makes this embed the special to God why is it a send out notice perhaps more than any of the church on the face of your books so much time and effort into getting other people to join the church both that this will become to the top winter evangelism as the summer rest of the year those who have been here a long time it's perhaps evangelism goes on more frequently but we have a history of Defense shall lysing others at Iraq yes love you need to understand why you do that if you want to sell you something what because it causes tremendous stress and I got in a language when some people make decisions to accept our message some are better spider family members they lose their jobs got ostracized by their friends why what makes the effort of special walking married that shows special to block Russian railroad shop the perimeter is one what affect does that have to drill a lot of profit if the uncircumcised on the first of March at freeway much of reform eight identify the much basketball diversified what then are we better than they on a human level individual better than the Gentiles all on a human level eleven is better than a Baptist now for my favorite is not better than the Baptist all ours what then are we better them than what was written I know that's all in all I thought we had before proved both Jews and Gentiles not all unnecessary and Senator has one remedy about is Christ the remedy works for the jewel the revenue are five other efforts by the way that supposedly will lose a bit of your Canadian Nigerian Japanese Russian a Malaysian a Martian you have one problem was the problem said and there's only one solution was that price does your culture change that absolutely not what then are we better than thing nor in the life will be out before Pro both July Gentiles do all of the same novice collector versus water through the fullness of the three has repented of the mighty cleanup optional what affect does that have to drill a lot of profit of circumcision for storing much every way chiefly was a largely through the primarily principally of highest airport and listen carefully and think chiefly because that is the the welcome letter lot they are close up the message you are not going to the jewelers is not much more than anything else distinguished man that were distinguished by their message not by how loaded there were both established the Deuteronomy nine twenty four hour hospital rebellious against the Lord from that day that I knew you need to know them at the beginning of the forty years in Uganda for argument in exile were going too fast I was going fast what made you special the message chiefly that both of them were committed of the Greek were difficult but it is a certain group of individuals recently forgot some of the world that was to give us old enough son that whosoever believe that is a part not apply what it means that when thought to have the articles bought believed God had confidence that they would count out the message once a mental dog to help one has faith in you personal saving faith but as they can be safe but it has on Lake God has faith in you chiefly because out of the van were committed articles about now what makes us several the abacus special chiefly because the van was similarly committed the articles of thought known in our products as president through notebook conceals private shuttle with pleasant to this sound alike there are different using methods from the but Chavez Junior if there's nothing wrong to be present eventually six new series as you point pleasant through all-night effort what you end up with possibly is a chance of the bill for shipment that's it I thought I said that the reason of his Buddhists couldn't explain to send out as best as I don't explain that this memo are you ready was watching some people walk out what is assumed that Ms. Buddhist a sum that is Buddhist is someone certain Sabbath message and has incorporated some of keeping it is traditional beliefs and he doesn't even have a search baptized is the long-standing but this religiously there are places where I don't preach where I have to make a call to all those who've gone to the witch doctor all of us want charmers on other units in the process July because even all that exists anymore Christ says they gone back to what they were brought up in our US affiliate as our things automatically have precipitously arrived that both of thou which Doctor Bud Abbott is no something is wrong somewhere this seminar was Baptists also got was Pentecostals grab and members of the Church by baptism it am I just had to budget cuts out their roofs by the worship style to try to insist upon the artist for freedom as I like because not just loves me and a preference from the audience we have seven revenues governments will breach this sermon it alienates it upsets the man of sin don't know that what's the point of creating division next comes the gap are let's be nice but God has provided a way to cut someone out from what he or she has been accustomed to enter that person so completely that the person does not go back that person becomes our Seventh-day Adventist Seventh-day Adventist avoid a way that will feel less that that spirit fortified autograph to seven advocates have been chosen by God as a peculiar people separate from the world by the great leave unofficially he has missed the whole arts he has caught some out from the wall real coloring my what is a quarry up as we go to get what rocks of something are the by halitosis he has come out to you was saying that to leave the option you are not part of the world and brought into connection with shout of mouthwash what if the cream optional one euros as I just wanted fortified before for the five paragraph two Gore has called his church in this day as he called it since Israel just has also liked every item ID leave a optional knowledge identifies that the messages of the first second and third insurance he has separate the seven churches and from wireless to bring into our sacred Internet modems out the Nike leave a patrol as one God he holds the reins that struts a black system because you're not little bit is applied with the one that follows is went back to the truck of Islam from a stalking stalking stalking God was conducting up to its heat value apply this value all forefathers on my van with a course pilot study and sacrifice to the lanes of Doctor Loveland Bishop of the straps to leave off optionally added as an act of bitch right out to you was that he had a kind of instrument the target of the live of a sake we must use the law records were submitted for my paragraph one the script and what about all of us have been twelve percent talk about the fact that the central to the capital was the declaration of the two thousand three hundred days as how this argument when it is not present at fourteen Revelation fourteen on March the twelfth all six of twelve that come rise the people of little food music using what is religion for these explosive one whose value is fourteen and what the world wants the Bible predicted that people would look like customs sensitivity chapter four four four four the time will come what come out of a department vendor will not enter a lot sound track to but he listened Jesus Christ is coming back the use not for people know your program for price and one of the ways you want to prepare to receive them eternally all your prepared to have them destroy you but you must be prepared I does inaccurately again Christ is coming back for a world prepared all the world as a harvest Revelation fourteen forty the twenty eighth of October harvest one of course if they want to proceed in my eight gigabytes and bought harvest all right right means point of large part especially when a man or woman are a people reached a point of ripeness but said unit is right just righteous so that is why Vladimir Holy Spirit he that is locked from the obsessed letter May fifth to unjust out now the question becomes what has to happen for the wild to be brought that this mess up write match whether to allow the right football right dance I Canada Day what causes that might make it up all preaching up presents rolled back the monarchs ruled the method of the first set of credentials that somebody with an administrative and is not Jesus loves you the world needs alone when I saw the Lord wants Jesus loves you go to one of your life is a loving God you want this right with you doesn't this voice that is the day you must go back and read all those will be destroyed in the flood but literally something the Jesus who died on the cross was the Christ said that for public shellshocked justice is part of love that Jesus hold softhearted to all kinds of abuse is the Jesus who worth of Sodom Gomorrah at most a boy and a bailout for Christ was that I am that's when Posada God is the one who sent an angel and killed one hundred and eighty five thousand Syrian soldiers of the Army of sin the defendant is able Jesus loves but has now come thousands up Chris Christ is coming back he has coming back for a while that is already one where are the awful wide variety to be received already to be destroyed well I know when you'll will be ready not want to step must correct the material of Revelation fourteen at a rabbit if you want the five percent of relative watching my throat I want about the other for Tejada with all of this right this is what I require to the provision of molecular what you notice self-confidence positive thinking the abundant life how to make money how to what I thought but if you want to hear present strengths you've got the children to assume that was broadcast for Mikey Olivo of trolls the message as of the first second and financial power luckily just present something for you there is something called methods on this on the call method involves systems some things are more important than others there are degrees in God 's organization in other words you've got the love bought more than one of the parents of ironic yes that's a degree thousand efforts but a ten Commandments the first four left about that of course the next disruptive fellowman there the second Jesus something more than something else all are reported sons seem to enjoy a higher prominence when it comes to preaching the message the boss you have method and you have message on involving what is more important speak with authority message not one is about a Mac OS X verse five after this manner therefore pray ye that is the method that is the high how to pray how to be saved out of a healthy outlet has each other out the one I bought the plant is about how how how it is all public about the priest but without the breach is not as important as what you preach some of us have elevated methods with such a level that it doesn't matter what you think of malicious fate of certain way so you want to present implement a citizen across a slide use this method was a priest of the creation of the one of six they will alter the time that's fine just use this method remember method has its place but what distinguishes us is message the message was just saying that if the power fundamentals of Christian education thirty one eighty six paragraph three and understanding of the customs of the people that time a little case of events is practical knowledge for eight days in making the frigate in the Bible player is bringing out the forms of price lessons but it is not positively necessary to know these things you hear me fundamentals of Christian education page one eighty six paragraph three on understanding of the customs of people the time of vocational defense is practical knowledge for it is in making the figures of the Bible Claire and ringing out the force of Christ's lessons perhaps she says but it is not positively necessary to be safe while I think you if you roof five days up background in block by Doctor LaSalle was useless the combination that works powerfully is the message of the map the message of the Mac prophecy came not at all time by the will of man but man but holy men of God spake what kind of man only men of God spake when you may not come back with the message the woman with the message account without any work and it is a message that such people out of the religious traditions in a class out of this secularism a part of the philosophy that I had tried on a cost of the quarry up arrow to reach the sermons that please everybody we've gotten all of Windows in some parts we can't know that the instrument is present I'm looking at your eyes and I'm not sure was following me but my brothers and sisters go back to the Israelites what makes him special chiefly rhetoric of them were committed the oracles of God loss have been committed the greatest wealth of tools at the convicted bottles of that profit is the three Angels messages rep Paul wrote in the spiritual responsibility younger and old and in between to make this message our site is our subject I was seeing not only for preaching the other but for the guidance of our lives because what we breach the others must be demonstrated that they're missing up out of their lives were not prepared to do that we should leave people within our thought was that Pharisees did the traverse legacy to make one plus life of any of it intubated twice the size of hell as he offset Jesus Christ if we're not fixed and determined to use Bob Smith but leave an optional step people from the quarry up arrow and traditions contrite about what we might as well leave them on the GUI see I don't know why you ping maybe it's the unit of vacation it's rodeo it's time to see and be seen by the level of the singles and see who's available it was not the time to where you live a stress reliever spams I will accept what is I bought no suitable but I'm guessing that's perhaps you get the right reasons I want you to make a quick series that you will well and mark upon the study of presence truth you want to walk up on this all five body up so that this thing was just the start not because other charges Maria Buckley explaining because when God has not given you something you cannot experience the people were my hobby horses the Bible says that God has hidden some fictionalize the Bible say that yes there's some people believe if I bought a Harcourt and got up it states that I can find out what opposite my brothers and sisters God will give you a fitness of preparation on level of readiness to deliver this message if you will welcome your cells just taught me understand a playa and then proclaim present through this as what the world needs but the world does not know that when Jesus present resident Johnson opposites is that eat my flesh and blood not even my fence in front of my blood has eternal life and I will raise him up at the last edge on such of the form of events upon not eat my flesh but the Pharisees were offended by the rest was sixteen many therefore the disciples where the purpose that this is a hot snag for sixty six from that time many of the disciples went back and walked to within that could not make it perfect I believe you get the Muslim comeback for the homage you understood the heart of whiteness is likely to have the heart answer if you want to contribute the return of Jesus Christ the haste that is coming asking this question seriously get yourself acquainted with that which makes us special not better faster different from what I say not medevac different from for our three young kids my house of leaders multiple forms of it for me they are both people who express my admiration for the gentle soft-spoken boldness but announced to them with equable that it was my bunk did you like about I so we left on good terms some Jehovah's Witnesses to my house unannounced there were lots of people I said let's try to set our goal we operate with you what didn't as an additional unit of account groups are not afraid to say we are cost you something this just can't present a reasonable justification with Mexico identifying Marks why it's saying it is not present so damage loss one advantage than half the seven Adventists a lot brought up as they are pragmatism much every way chiefly because that both of them were connected at its roots revolution fourteen hundred twelve nine hundred fourteen Revolution if you want applied the heart and soul of provincial presence of means what is needed now not developers that that was not necessary then the disciples that the project we protect we bought such edit format Bustamante and that because this is the last one it's a lot of fun last whether forest fires in California the fire department company back to its people once was a fire alarm of this miss last night for life that way peacefully but I cannot in the lobby that will alarm we have a responsibility to want while both of us who thought we would help not on Allah 's positive view of the law I want to learn more about presence of large amounts I want to a message that with me I want to know this message is not the nineteenth leave a visceral fat cuts enough of the quarry of arrow and rain stopped Hitler connection left on enough of methods from we walked presence of about a really close for the name of Jesus Christ I ask you not to touch everyone's hearts touch every mind willing to allow your word to do its work talk to us that God with an awareness of the urgency of the time of the monumental nature of the task of the size of the work the lives that are waiting to be touched by this message that you have committed lots as fairly as he permitted a message against a naturalized off father help us a bit consciousness God lives are in our hands in the name of Jesus Christ there bought put up with no heart for us to know this message to become familiar with the logic leave a patrol with which you caught out out with with your caught others that they wanted list met by Joseph believes that talk talk talk talk 's debacle self-sacrificing spirit that rule however the coming of Jesus Christ maybe it's in this humble prayer they bought and when you put your pin the same as that last without the loss of one of Buffalo network I offer this prayer in Jesus 's name of what they meant all about bashing Merrimac moneyman moment you will will you like a generation in human like to learn more about G1 need them you know nothing like that working like this will be online soon to tell me nothing is done on humors


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