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Righteousness by Faith in the Sanctuary- Part 1

Robert Blais


There is a lot of confusion regarding salvation. How are we saved? What is necessary for salvation? The clear, biblical answer is found in the sanctuary service. Discover the wonderful work of Christ on our behalf through the sanctuary service and how we can join Him in this marvelous process and journey toward heaven.




  • August 14, 2015
    9:30 AM


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Will be talking about the sanctuary now the sanctuary is excessively important and I'd like to read to you this quote here it's from the great controversy page four eighty eight. Alan why tells us that the subject of the sanctuary. And the investigative judgment should be clearly understood by the people of God to have some people of God here. Do you understand. Clearly the sanctuary message. And the investigative Justin. Because she said. It ought to be clearly understood. And so this morning what I would like to do is I would like to take a trip through the sanctuary service the sanctuary message. As well as how it applies to us and what does that teach us about righteousness by faith. And how we ought to be living in these days. So we're going to be looking at a lot of material a lot of stuff we're going to go really fast and I only have like three slides. But you'll need more is my Bible. Thank you. My wife is keeping my precious books. So we. I'd like to ask you to turn it off so you're not going to be distracted. I'd like to also ask of you to pray. While I present this message. Not only that I may have the proper word but that might be in tune with God at all time. And that you may also understand and be protected. So that if I say anything of a human nature. It will not affect you and man. And the last thing is I want you to think. Because we need to think God gave us the a mind. A renewed mine. For as the Lord to think and understand things of God. Right and we need the Spirit of God in order to do that. So before we begin let's pray. Of Father Lord we come to you this morning. I first we just want to thank you god of the so amazing to be able to come to you in prayer. To be able to come to you word study and lawyer later will be able to go to your people to your sheep. That do not know that they are your sheep. And Lord I pray that you will be would have had this time good as we study your words we study the sanctuary message took such an amazing doctrine that you gave a special understanding and knowledge to this church should this movement. And I pray Lord that as we look and study that will gain a greater understanding of you and your plan of salvation. And what you have in store for us. And I preload that we will leave. Would have better understanding. Better equipped. But also convicted of what you expect of us. I thank you Lord for giving us this chance I pray that you will let your spirit abide on us. On all of us that I may speak. But that your people may hear and understand. And I pray Lord that all will go according to Will that your spirit will be here in that your angels will protect us. And that anything that is of the devil will be evicted at this time. I thank you Lord. And I pray this in our living Savior. The land that takes away the sins of the world. Jesus a man. The sanctuary message. I have just made this little graphic really quickly is very central to a lot of doctrine in Adventism. In fact if you do not understand the sanctuary. There are many aspects in Christianity and in Adventism that you will not understand. Things like salvation. The law. The nature of thin. The judgment. The Atonement and righteousness. If you do not have a correct understanding of the sanctuary. These things will be nebulous to you or they will simply be incomplete. Your knowledge and your understanding understanding will not be complete. And so it is accessed. Excessively important for us to have a good understanding of the doctrine of the sanctuary. I'd like to ask you to first turn to the Book of Psalms. Schefter seventy seven seventy seven. Now read verse thirteen. It says. The I waited all God is in the sanctuary. Who is so great a god. As our God. And if you want to understand. The ways of God. How do you understand it. According to the verse. Through the sanctuary. All right so if you want to know the ways of God. It is through the sanctuary so here you have a picture. A depiction of an artist. Which kind of like fills your little bit with the sanctuary may of looked like. Obviously it is not. Hundred percent accurate because nobody was there to take a picture. But I'd like for us to go a little bit through the history what I want to do this morning is because I don't know where everybody is in their understanding of the sanctuary. So we'll begin at the beginning. And then we'll progressed. Until us far as we can go into two hours. Prophetic hours. That we have. Let's begin in the book of existence and we're going to spend a lot of time now in the Book of Exodus because this is where the idea of the sanctuary begins. Exit is Chapter twenty five. In verse eight. God says. And let them make me a sanctuary. Why. That I made dwell among them. And so God wants to dwell with us if you're a member of the promise. In Revelation twenty two is that God will be our God. And he will dwell with us. The word dwelling. Mean in the Hebrew is the same or for the word. Tabernacle. OK the word tabernacle means dwelling. It's the staying place. And saw when we talk about the tabernacle we obviously think of the tabernacle. Of Moses. In the wilderness. And that's where the word comes from and the idea. The idea comes from. But now my question is why is it that God wants a sanctuary. He wants to dwell among us. Yes But couldn't you have dwelled in any other ways with us. Starting to exit is Chapter twenty now what is Exodus Chapter twenty famous for the Law the Ten Commandments in the beginning of the Book of Exodus we're going to take a trip to the book of exit from the beginning of the Book of Exodus. The Israelites are captive in Egypt. And God sends Moses. As this general to take the Israelites. Out of Egypt. And as he does that there's a bunch of plagues and. And the people are seeing the power of God. This ng all of these places happening. And they're looking at Moses and I like. I don't know who this more this guy is bases or God must have sent him because look all these things are happening just as Moses. Predicted. And in the end they finally leave Egypt and Moses is leading them and they're coming to Mount Sinai and at Mount Sinai there's a great display of God's glory. There's a cloud coming down covering the whole mound there's like name flashing everywhere. And suddenly they're hearing this booming voice. I like to think it's a booming voice. It's described in Revelation as loud thunder and voice of many waters. And then God speaks. The Ten Commandments. And then we go to chapter two verse eighteen of chapter twenty and we. We see their reaction to this displayed. It reads. And all the people saw the tundra ings and the lightning. And the noise of the trumpet. And the mountain smoking and wonder people saw it. They removed the and stood a far. God has just come down to them and they removed themselves and stood a far. And they said unto Moses and catch this. Speak that hour with us and we will hear. But let's not God speak with us less we die. And Moses said unto the people fear not for God is come to PROVE you. And that is fear may be before your faces. That use and not. And the people stood a far off and Moses drew near unto the thick darkness were God was what was the reaction of the people when they saw God's this play. Fear. They were scared. Now is that those that look like a familiar reaction to you turn to Genesis Chapter three. Don't lose your hand we're going to come back to that passage. Genesis Chapter three. And verse eight. Adam and Eve. Today are eaten the fruit that it were not supposed to eat. It reads and they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day. And Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God. Among the trees. Of the garden. And so the Israel I just like Adam and Eve feared and hid themselves. And so it seems to me that God couldn't just appeared. Just like that to them. It was just too much they were not ready. They couldn't handle it. And so in chapter twenty four. It's Move further now. When you go through Chapter twenty one and twenty twenty three you get extra details expounding the Ten Commandments that God had given. And then Chapter twenty four. We read in verse one. And he said unto Moses come unto the Lord the hour and Aaron. Nay that and they be who and seventy. Of the Elders of Israel and worship. A far off in August on them. Stay a far. Don't come too close and Moses alone shock come near the Lord. But they shall not come nigh. Neither shall the people go up with him and Moses came and told the people all the words of the Lord in all the judgment and all the people answered with one voice and said. All the Word which the lured had said. Will we do. That's a pretty tall order. Once you read everything that God had commanded for them to do. And more of us wrote all the words of the Lord in a rolled up early in the morning and build an altar under the hill and twelve pillars under according to the twelve tribes of Israel. And he send young men and the children of Israel which offered burnt offering and sacrifice peace offering of oxen. On to the Lord and Moses took half of the blood and put it in Basin and half of the bloody sprinkled on the outer. And he took the book of the Covenant and read in the audience of the people and they said all that the Lord had said. We will do and be. What obedient. O.B.D. in the Israelites understood that God. The mended. Requested. Required. Obedience and Moses took the blood and sprinkled it under people and said Behold the blood of the covenant which the Lord had made with you concerning. All these word. So they entered into a covenant of obedience. With the Lord. Immediately in the next chapter. Begin to plan for the sanctuary. And I find a very interesting because the people pledged that they would be obedient. And then God began the work of the sanctuary. You know what the primary purpose of the sanctuary is. It's to deal with the broken law. And so they began saying we will obey. And God said that's fine you'll obey as well which in my sanctuary but that's actuary will be there to deal with the broken law with sin. And so in verse. In chapter twenty five to twenty seven you have the plans of the sanctuary. Chapter twenty of the close of the priests in chapter twenty nine you have the consecration or the ordination of. Aaron and his sons to the priestly ministry. And then in verse and chapter twenty nine versus forty three and forty six. If you will turn there. It says. And there this is God speaking. I will meet the children of Israel and the tabernacle shall be sanctified by my glory. And I was sanctify the tabernacle of the congregation and the altar. I was sent to find Also both. Aaron and his son to minister to me in the priest's office. And I will dwell among the people. Among the children of Israel and will be as their god. And so on and so for now. What is the idea that you get in these two verses. What is God doing. He's saying. Defying gays doing the work of sanctification. God is the one doing that and. How is it that the sanctuary is being sanctified by the glory of God by his present glory is this character. By the presence. And the character of God is a sanctuary sanctified now the word sanctification as been a source of debate. I would say in Adventism a lot of the modern scholars just like to say well it's a setting. Apart for a good use. Totally true. It's that the sanctuary is set apart for a good use the articles in the Saints were are set apart for special holy use. But when it comes to the people not only are they set apart for holy use. They're also expected to obey. By doing the work that they're supposed to be set apart to do which is a B.S.. They become sanctified by God. Just keep this idea in your mind. In Chapter thirty more plans are giving chapter thirty one God selects the very workers to build a sanctuary. It was not haphazard. God had people that were very specific. This guy is going to be the woodworker this guy is going to be the metal worker. Everyone had a specific role. God was in charge of the whole plan. And you get to chapter thirty one and. And all these things are happening and. God is trying to find all the articles. All the people that are going to work. Everything is being sanctify. Now if you're in this real life and you realize you need to be sanctified. What do you think the first thing you need to do is. You need to associate with the sanctuary. Because that's Think about it. The outer is sanctified the. The whole place the sanctified the priests are sanctify. If I want to be sanctified. Well. I need to associate myself with the sanctuary and God wanted to make sure that that would not stay in the mind of the people. And so let's turn to exist thirty one and. Let's understand what God is saying. Out of nowhere God suddenly start talking about the Sabbath. Event talk about the sanctuary service. And then he goes to the Sabbath one of the commandments. And he said in verse two versus is the law spake unto Moses by a verse thirteen. Stigall also to the children of Israel thing. Verily my sabots. You showed keep for. It is a sign between me and you throughout your generation that you may know that I am the Lord that the sanctify you who sanctifies. God sanctifies. The service in the sanctuary. Necessary. But that's not what sanctifies to people. God is. And so God in order for people to understand. They may not be confused as to the role of the sanctuary. Specify and says. My Sather is a sign between you and me. It's a sign that. I am the one who's going to sanctify you. Not your work. Not anything that you do but I am the one who will thank the for you. Goes on in verse fourteen you shall keep the Sabbath. Therefore for it is holy on to you. Everyone that defile it it. Shall surely be put to death for whosoever do with any work there in that source shall be cut off from among his people. And at the end in verse eighteen it says then he gave unto Moses when he had made an end of communing with him upon months on I two tables of testimony. Tables of stone. Written with the finger of God So there is no mistake in as to which Sabbath God is speaking of here. He's talking about the Sabbath. Of the time commandments. The Sabbath. Of the tank M M and had became a path turn for the feast Sabbath. You know that they have all these different feeds the Passover the Day of Atonement. The trumpet and all these things. And the way they were to keep the special days. Their pattern was the Sabbath. No work. Flexion of soul. You come to God. Spend time in prayer. You put everything aside. It's a time one on one with God. So in order for people to understood that God It reemphasize important the Sabbath. The Sabbath became a pattern for these things as well. All right let's move ahead. There were three. Tabernacle. Temple in the history of the Israel there were three types of things more not three types of sanctuaries. But three different sanctuaries. The first one is one that were probably the most knowledgeable with. It's the one that is usually called the tabernacle of Moses. Now it didn't belong to Moses. It was a tabernacle of God But Moses get the credit. If you will for building it right in the exit of twenty nine verse forty three. It says and there will need to chill in of Israel and the tabernacle shall be sanctified by my glory. OK. And saw how does God sanctify the tabernacle by his glory in Chapter forty. We read. Then a cloud covered the tenth of the congregation. And the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle. That said the time that the tabernacle became sanctified and Moses was not able to enter into the tent of the congregation. Because the cloud. Abode there on. And the glory of the Lord. Filled the tabernacle the tabernacle. Of more those in the wilderness. Became sanctified. When the glory of God and heard him. Now. Keep that in mind this tabernacle. Was design. The words have been Akhil is also a tent. That's what it is the tenth of the congregation. The tent. Of meeting. The thing would attend. Is that you take out the pagans and you move. And so every time that the glory of God she kind of glory would move. People would take up the tent. Pull everything together that it was all very specific certain tree. People were to take care of the candlestick certain people WORDS TO TAKE YOUR of the Ark of the Covenant. Certain people were to take care of the outer court. Everyone had a specific role. It would take everything out. And then they would move. And where the she can i go we would stuff that would reset the temple. They were in a time of transition they were in the wilderness the were walking around. God had to get Egypt. Out of their system. Before they could settle down. Now this temple. Stopped being in use. When Solomon's Temple was built. Now Solomon's Temple. Originally is Father David wanted to build it. But because it was a man of war and shed much blood God says no you can't. But your son will. And so they were selfie I can build a temple. But let me make prepare as much material as I can. So I can have a part in in this building. And so the building was built by Solomon and in Second Chronicles seven one three. We read now when Solomon had made an end of praying he did this awesome prayer. He finished praying it says the fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and of sacrifice. And the glory of the Lord filled the how now was the Temple of Solomon sanctified. Yes. It was sanctified by the Lord's glory. And so the tabernacle of Moses was sanctify. The Temple of Solomon was sanctify now the Temple of Solomon was eventually. This true or that when Babylon came when the invader came and brought the Israelites into captivity. But during the time of Persia. The Israelis were allowed to go back to Israel go back to Jerusalem and rebuild a new temple. That's during the time of the rubella that's often known as the rebels temple. Now this is a lot of information. But I think it's important because people have a lot of trouble building that temple. When they were in the wilderness. I mean nobody was bothering them. That all the riches because Egyptian and giving them everything. And the time of Solomon It was a time of peace. No invaders. No war. Very easy to build. But when they were in captivity. If you read a book of the Maya as a road to chronicle. They were constantly being a RAST by the people around them. Construction started. Ended stopped everything. But it's very interesting in the book of as read Chapter six. We read. And the elders of the Jews build it and they prospered. Through the process sighing. Of hay guide to profit and Zakaria The son of It'll and they build it and finished it according to the commitment of the God of Israel. And according to the commandment of Cyrus and there is an art to succes king of Persia. So they were. Despite the difficulty they were encouraged by the prophet is your understanding to discourage go to the prophet. Were seventy Adventist called it a prophet. When you discourage. So now what is that the prophet encouraged them with what was the word that he preached that encouraged him or them. Hey guys chapter two verse nine. It said. The glory of this latter house. Shall be greater than the former. What was the former. Solomon's Temple. The latter. The temple that were building. So what are people expecting. No I would not talk about Gloria's beauty. Not to the eyes and only. What is the glory. That may be a temple awesome. Yes the presence of God. Right every time there would be done the presence of God would just fall and it would be full of Smaug and people couldn't approach it right in as for a Chapter six. Verse fifteen seventeen we read. And this house was finished. Undeterred. Third day of the month. Adar which was in the sixth year of the reign of their years. The King. More that's it. No glory. God's presence that in following the temple. No she kind of glory abiding. How is it that the glory of this temple. Which by the way is now destroyed was destroyed in seventy eighty. How is it that the glory of the Stempel was greater than the former. That's right. Jesus Jesus himself. When into the temple in the wonder he was so angry at people selling stuff like this is a Stempel. And he's bringing his glory and these people are thinking this is a marketplace the latter Temple's glory was greater because Jesus Himself in humanity. Was divinity clued. You know the Jews still don't understand they're still waiting for this prophecy to be fulfilled when Jesus fulfilled it. I just think it's pretty amazing. The very presence of Jesus is what made this temple. Incredible. I want to spend a little bit of time talking about the actual structure of the temple. Because as we understand with these things are all about. And what they mean it will give us a better understanding of what God is trying to teach us. Because these are not just articles. They have a meaning that a purpose and. They're teaching us. The first thing that I want you to understand is the door. Is on the eastern side. That is very significant because people would worship. Facing the sanctuary. What does that mean they have in their back. The Sun. People at the time were big sun worshipper. And so God designed it that when they would worship God their back would be turn to the sun. That would completely cut off whatever pagan influence they had in worshipping the sun. Not supposed to fall on your knees with your face to the right. Risen sun you're supposed to be facing the sanctuary. And so that's the first thing around. The the. The sanctuary as you've seen the previous picture you had the camp of the Israelites. Again. Specifically arrange tribes in certain places. And you couldn't mix and go around. God designed it like that and A will be significant when we talk about how this. What it means to us. The courtyard. Was basically white linen. Held by Poles and that was the first place that you would enter you would enter from the courtyard in the courtyard. There are two pieces. Two articles. Inside. There's the tent. The actual tent the tabernacle it has to apartment. The holy place. And the most holy place. Now. The courtyard is interesting because that's soon as you enter the courtyard the first thing that isn't front of you is the altar of sacrifice. Every time you committed some sort of sin or. You you had to bring a sacrifice and. Most of the time that's where the sacrifice go. Depending who you were there were different ways of disposing of the animal disposing of the blood splitting of all these things but it's. It's important to understand that this was where sin was dealt with the moment that there was a sin. It began at the altar of the burnt offering. The fire was a divine fire. It came from God. And it burned continually. Nobody could put any fire there it was a fire. That was kindled. By God. Between the outer of burnt offering. And the most holy place which is the first apartment. Stood the laver. Basically what it is it's a big giant bowl of water. You can put it like that I very interesting because this Laver served for the washing the priests would wash their hands and their feet. And they could not enter into the holy place before they've done that or they would die. So one sin was dealt with they needed to be purification. And then they could enter in the holy place. The first apartment. Has a veil. And nobody can see inside. So when the center with Brynn bring is sin offering would do is work and everything. Then the priest with carry the blood inside. And the sinner could not see what was happening inside. No idea is a presuming his work is a really a tornado is the really ministering the blood. I don't know I can't see it. So what did the sinner needed eggs of size. FACE. Say that whatever was happening in there was actually happening in there. All right. The same way we need to exist life. Fate. First apartment you have first the lamb stand or the candle stick on the south side. It was lit only by the High Priest. Nobody else could touch it and it at all in it and it burned. Continually. That's the only thing that gave light in the sanctuary. Nothing else could inflict a switch. It was constant for the burning. It had seven branches and was made of beaten. Gold complete gold. The table of shewbread was on the opposite side. And it had two rows of six. Bread and the bread was made. Do you know when because they change the bread once a week. Now do you ever leave your bread. Out for a week. What happens to it. Yeah kind of mold. This bread then in mauled is bread with great from the further they put it until the last day they put it. Now you know which day they would make the bread. It's a trick question. On Sabbath. On Sabbath. The priests would beg the bread he would take the old bread. And please. New fresh bread. And they would need that bread right there on the spot. The old bread. Of course. And then the outer of incidents which was right before the veil that separated the holy place from the most holy place. And that's where they would burn incense. And this incense with permeated the place and would also enter into the most holy place. And there's something really awesome about this mom can tell you that later. And actually when I was doing this. This study in preparing for this this actually became my favorite thing. Before it was like to show bread but now it's the all servants and I just think it's awesome. So they're excited here. OK so you have the veil that separate in. Now keep in mind that throughout the year. The priest were only allowed to go into the holy place. Most holy place. Couldn't go. You get there. You Die. That simple. Was veiled we occurred and you couldn't go in there in there you had the Ark of the Covenant Ark of the Covenant was basically a box. It's a box of wood covered with gold and inside the box where do you have the Ten Commandments A tables. Of the testimony of tables. Of the ten commandments. Now. On top of the box. There's a cover. OK The cover is called the mercy seat. OK. It's a representation of the throne of God in heaven. In the mercy seat is also made of pure gold and. You have to share of two angels that are kind of like like this with their wings. And they're looking downward at the law very reverently in the middle of the mercy seat so you have one on each side. And in the middle the mercy seat is where the Shekinah Glory. Would rest the presence of God. So you have the law. The broken law. And on top the mercy seat. OK. Law and mercy. Together. Justice and Mercy. Together in one article. Now. Will spend more time talking a little bit in detail but the idea is the sanctuary service was there to deal with sin. Depending who you were as I said earlier. You offered different sacrifices. Age sacrifice demanded. Blood. The penalty of sin is death. And therefore every time there was a sin. The So no we need to bring a sacrifice because the broken law demand the death of because nobody wants to die. I meant what he was to die you would need to bring a substitute somebody who would die in your place. Somebody who was blameless. Or something in this case. It could have been a go to a young bloke a lamb. You know depending who you were you were priest if you were king if you were a peasant. All of them would be different now I didn't check online but I wanted to check how much was the price of a sheep or goat today. When you have any idea of a few hundred at these hundred dollar. That would that seem fair. So every time you sin. Get it take your card and Hundred bucks. Hundred bucks. Hundred nominees some decent everyday. No seriously. How many time. Expensive. But I want. Don't want you to think so much as it's expensive in time. Terms of finances. It's expensive in terms of sheep and blown. The audition see. There would be no these farmers because most of them were farmers or or sheep or your and shepherd. And so they would have the sheep and they would be born. They would take care of them and wash them and feed them and you know help them grow. And then finally make a sin. That sheep. Had to be taken and brought. And with their own hand. They would have to slit their throat and let the blood drip and but he has a cat or a dog at home. Would you sacrifice that animal for your sin a sin is expensive. It costs Jesus. And so this was very very graphic for the Israelites. In made them think twice before sinning. Before losing their temper. Before getting angry at their neighbour before taking something that they shouldn't take flirting with boys and girls. These things would make them think make them think twice. Now we don't have that today in and. Praise the Lord because I don't think I can afford. As many sheep. As I sin. Which is bad but you know God is there to give us victory. And then. But I think along these lines. When you think about the sanctuary. Because this is there to teach us. So before that would kill the animal they would. The that a need to put their hand on the animals had. And they would confess their sin sin would be transferred to the animal. The animals thrilled to be slid the blood would be dripped. And then the priest would take the blood. He would wash his hands first and everything. Depending on. Again who it is something that would go in the sanctuary in the holy place. Something that would not something that would just go in the altar of of offering something that would need to dispel the blood. Outside and. But when he would go in he would go to the I'll turn the would place the blood there. And then he would dispose of the rest of the blood and so the sin would be transferred to the animal and then would be transferred quote unquote to the holy place. To the sanctuary. And that was a record of sin. Now the man was forgiven the sinner was forgiven his sin. But there was still a record. Inside the sanctuary. OK. Just like today. There is a record in heaven and they are books in heaven. That records. While pretty much everything. Bible tells of that all our deeds will come in review. All our words will come in review. All right there is a record of everything. We have in there. So here's what I want to do now there's a lot of the a lot of feasts. That would be taken place. Passover. Tabernacles trumpets. So on and so forth but the one that is more important to us to them and to us of Adventists is the Day of Atonement. You've heard of the Day of Atonement. I want to go through the day of atonement a little bit that Sunday and live in a kiss. Chapter sixteen. Now though I've always found the book of Leviticus to be a very very difficult book to read a lot of laws a lot of details. But I've found it increasingly intriguing interesting. The more I get to understand. And to know. The debt of atonement was a special day because it was the only time during the year. That the high priest. Not the normal priests the high priest was allowed to go inside the most holy place. And what's inside the most holy place. Presence of God. So he would appear before God. That's a scary thought. In itself. That scary in the sense that. You're not appearing before anyone. Right it's the presence of God. Now before the day of atonement would begin. In fact ten days before trumpets would be sounded the Feast of Trumpets. And in these ten days. The people understood that on the divot omen something very critical and crucial is going to happen. They would spend these ten days. Afflicting their souls. Searching their hearts. Making sure that every single soon. Had been transferred into the sanctuary. That there were clans and free. In the meantime to priest who'd be going through a ten day of cleansing and purification ritual. Because he couldn't just go in there for ten days. Even the day before. The priest the high priest. Apparently was not even allowed to sleep. In case it would fall into sinful things. It was very very crucial because of the high priest would go in there. And he would fill that sin. It's instant that. They took This is a very serious. And so for this whole time. These ten days they would prepare. When the Day of Atonement Cain. And the morning they they have the daily. Sacrifice and the evening sacrifice in the morning they would have the daily sacrifice. As they always have every day. Oh and I forgot to mention. During the daily sacrifice. That's when the oil was refuel. And the outer of incense was also refuel with more incense. OK Just so our you know when that's done. Veggie things bring up on that they the high priest would now come. And they would bring him to go to and a book. The Bullock was for him he will make a sacrifice he would kill the bill look it would bring the blood inside. Not before washing his hands and the laver will go inside. Minister the blood on the altar of incense. Then he would leave. And then there was two goats. OK So this first sacrifice was for him and his house. OK that was for his sin. And his house. Your what that means. The preserve the man is responsible for his house will not let me digress. Just just a little moment. I think that's important in the Sabbath commandment. You know it says you shall keep the Sabbath day holy cities shall do all the work blah blah. And then. It says You shall do no work. Neither who your son or your daughter or your maid servant you made from in your oxen your eyes and everything and everyone. That is of inside your gate. Have you ever asked yourself why God has to enumerate all these people. OK because he is obviously talking to the head of the family. Because he's talking about sons and daughters. Is that they shouldn't be also doing any work. What would happen if. If you know I I don't have a son or daughter. But if I had a son or daughter. And on Sabbath I'm keeping the Sabbath you know very very well very biblically and everything. But my son and my daughters that are living within my gates. Work on that day or or do things that are not in Sabbath keeping regulation. What would that do. And my keeping the Sabbath. So you get to be. You know young people you've got to be very careful because the Sabbath keeping of your house. Does not just depend on the head of the house. It also depends on you. What you do on that the affects of all your father and your mother. And so think about it. God in the just specify these things just for fun. Because the man is expected the priest is expected to be keeping its Housel in horder in order. So I when it speaks of of elders. You know it talks about having their children in good order in the years and everything why because if they're not. These guys shouldn't be elders. Because how can they keep the church in order. If they can't keep their own family in order so that under they have Atonement precise done if things so he is clans as was his house. As a representative of his house. And now he has these two goats. Lots are being cast. One is the Lord of the goat. Of the Lord. And the other one is known as the scapegoat or Zazzle And so the Lord the God of the Lord. Is there for a specific purpose. Throat would be slit it would be sacrificed. And then it would be brought inside. It would wash its feet and hand in the labor of course. Then he would go through the holy place. And then he would enter the most holy place before he does that he would take some of the instance. Put it in a in a sense or any would make sure that there's smoke everywhere in the most holy place. To saw the smoke would cover the glory of God. They wouldn't be destroyed. While that was then he would be able to go in with the blood. And so he enters the most holy place. Nobody sees that happening. It's just the high priest. And God and their coming together and. I'm. I just try to imagine the. The the emotion that must be going through that. It's thrilling. But it must be frightening. It's kind of a very mixed thing but yet. Out of duty the precisions just like chicken out and run. Why. Because he says he has all of Israel. On a shoulder. Because web. Basically happened is when he when he takes that blood he goes to them or secede. And he sprinkle. Now the blood is to cleanse the sprinkle it seven time on the eastern side of the mercy seat. Once that is done. The sanctuary is considered cleanse the sin. Are symbolically now transferred to the high priests. Now the High Priest is scaring all of this of the were there and he comes out of the Holy Place and. You know you can imagine the people must have been thrilled because now the people or the high priest is coming out and he's still alive and now he goes to the scapegoat. And he basically confessed. All of the sins of Israel to disc a goat. OK. So that the sin. OK So basically this is all it's when the sinner had a sin and went to the animal. The animals blood. Went into the sanctuary. The sanctuary became defiled with sin. OK. It became defiled with sin. Now. The record is what the file there because the record. Stays there because some people are asking what if the the man is already forgiven. Why is it that there needs to be another cleansing at the end. Have you ever asked yourself that I've already brought my sin offering like last week. Why is it that I still need a day of a time and why is it that there still need to be a cleansing. It's just like today when we ask for forgiveness of sin. What is expected of us after. What. What's the requirement for forgiveness. There's a vote requirement you know that was a requirement What's the condition. It's repentance. What is repentance. It's a turning away from the sin. So if I would go in there with. You know I've murdered someone. I goal. I confess my sins a murderer I'm sorry Lord please forgive me if I'm repenting of my sin bring the sacrifice inside the next they're kill somebody else. From edited. I just wanted to kill that person. The record shows. Yes. You've repented but what kind of repentance was that you're still out there serial killing people. Right. And so there was it just like today. There's a record in heaven. And that's why we have this time of probation. To make our repentance. Secure. And so once the high priest comes out. He's carrying the sin. He placed it on the scapegoat. Now the interesting thing with the scapegoat is the key skateboard was not killed his throat was not slip there was a strong man a fit men would carry the goat and he would go through a lot of purification as well. He would carry the go through the whole. And you called it. Camp. There you go through the camp. And everybody would see the scapegoat. And they understood that. That's what happen. When you soon. He would be carried outside the camp. It would be left in the wilderness. At the mercy of whatever was out there. Animals danger or whether whatever he would be. It would be left there to die. The greatest fear for the Israel I would be that that gold found its way back. Because then what happened sometime in our lives. We get rid of sin and sin finds its way back in our lives. They would bring the. They would make sure that that goeth with us. Far as could be. And as as lost as possible. And then when the strong men would come back as was the high priest they would go through another right of purification they were not allowed to go back into the camp. And so it was very graphic for people to understand and. What this did is that it is cleanse. Everyone still sin was like we're good. We've passed through this year. If you had the misfortune or the hard head in this or the hard heartedness to not confess your sin. And it was found. You would be cut off from the camp. You're done you're cut off. Just like the scapegoat. You're outside the can you just lost your salvation. People understood that it was a very important. Time now there is no record in the Bible of this ever happening. But I'm pretty sure I imagine it would have happened at some point. But it was very graphic this. Scapegoat. Told the people of lot about their condition. Every year. They would see this happen in chapter sixteen Like I said. You have the whole a day of atonement. That is described in verse twenty eight twenty nine we read and you shall do that nor work in that same day for it is a day of atonement to make atonement for you before the Lord your God for whatsoever Saul. It be that shall not be afflicted. In that same the. He shall be cut off from his people. Cut off from his and you can't come back. Now here's the thing. This is the of atonement is very very special because it did happen then. But it has a great significance. Today. And why I want to do. It seems that my prophetical time is up is when we come back. I want to continue in that train of thought. OK. The Day of Atonement and. I've seven day adventures we're all aware that we're living in what we call the in type typical THE of atonement. What in the world does that mean anyways. There were going to look into that in some details and. I want to go through that quickly. So that we can start talking about. What does it really mean for us. What does it have to do with righteousness by faith and. How is it that the sanctuary can teach us today even if it's of them. Of the old have this media was brought to you by audio proves a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermons. Please visit. W W W dot. Audio verse. Dot org.


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