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Righteousness by Faith in the Sanctuary- Part 2

Robert Blais


There is a lot of confusion regarding salvation. How are we saved? What is necessary for salvation? The clear, biblical answer is found in the sanctuary service. Discover the wonderful work of Christ on our behalf through the sanctuary service and how we can join Him in this marvelous process and journey toward heaven.




  • August 14, 2015
    11:00 AM


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I just want to recommend a few reading material. A few very very good books first book Crisis sanctuary. Compilation from Ellen White. Of Ellen White's writing about Christ and his sanctuary. Awesome material. Great stuff. Highly recommend it. Some of you have the app. It's probably on there. The Ellen what. At second book is called the sanctuary service by M.L. Andrea soon. And past it. Much detail very well written. You read this you'll know the sanctuary from in a no no problem. And the last book I don't have a copy with me it's called The Shadow and the cross. By one of our founding father brother hey school. Excellent book showing. Showing a how the how Christ is the type. You know Christ fulfilled. The different things in the sanctuary service. Very very well written book. Easy to understand. And the Such a very good. What I want to do not like I says I want to go through a little bit more of the century service and show how it teaches us about righteousness by faith. What it means to us today. And what we can learn about how we ought to live today. And I'd like to finish a little bit early to know if ever you have questions to give you a little bit of time to answer questions to ask questions. To put me on the spot and see where I will and then sort or not then I pray God will give me the answer. And if I don't then I will go when you will do my research and bring you a satisfying answer. Sounds good. All right let's begin with a ward of prayer. Father load we once again come to you as we are continuing our study of the sanctuary service for this service that you have instituted for teaching word. And we pray that you can see to teach us. As we continue to studies or for we want to know all that we can. And Lord do we will not exhaust this topic I pray that you will give us a thirst for righteousness and a thirst. To study of sanctuary. I thank you so much sir for giving us this privilege. We pray for the forgiveness of our sins. And we pray that you put a hedge. Around us that we may not be distracted by anything. We thank you Lord and we pray this. In the name of Jesus. Amen. I want to talk about the sanctuary in heaven. You are aware that there is also a sanctuary in heaven. OK let's do a quick Bible study. Exit is twenty five eight and nine. You can take the. The references because I'll try to go a little quicker. God says and let them make me a sanctuary them a dwell among them. According to all that I show the. After the path turn of the tabernacle. And the path turn. Of all the instrument thereof. Even so shall you make it. Now when we talk about a past burn. What does that imply. Yeah there there. There is the pattern is something that we need to Emma Tate. OK. Like when. When people do dresses. OK or clothes they have this pattern that they follow and. If they follow the pattern correctly. Then they get the proper result. If they mess up the path turn the dress doesn't fit or. It's too short. Now. Moving on. Hebrews eight. VS one into. Now of the things which we have spoken this is. If you study the Book of Hebrews. OK this is this is where the. The sanctuary service comes to the New Testament. This is where Paul explains. And expound how Christ. Fulfills what the sanctuary is and I remember when I when I started reading my Bible and I read the book of Hebrews. I was like What am I reading. I have no understand that couldn't get it it just when WAY over my head. Why. Because I didn't understand the sanctuary. Right now that I've gained an understanding of the century I good the book of Hebrews and like. All these incredible jewels and treasure comes alive. So now he proves aides were sworn into this is now the things which we have spoken. This is the sum OK. I've spoken for you for seven chapters but this is the Sun This is what I am I was building to. We have such an high priest who is set on a right hand of the throne of of the majesty. In the heavens and. So where is this high priest in the heavens and who is this high priest. Jesus. A menace stir of the sanctuary and of the true. Tabernacle which is Lord pitched and not men. So where is the truth Auburn Akhil in heaven. Hebrews eight five it says who serve unto the example of the shadow of heaven the things that's the one more this bill as Moses was a nonissue of God when he was about to make the tabernacle for see city that they'll make all things according to the pattern show to the in the mount. So the pattern that Moses used to build the tabernacle. Was the Same sure in heaven. So he got to see like this this. Miniature version of where the tabernacle in heaven was like and this is where he bade the. The tabernacle that he built on earth. On. All right now. We've never seen the tabernacle in heaven. They must be awesome and great. And obviously the one that is here. Would never be as great as the one in heaven. That's a guaranteed. Verse three says for every high priest is or then to offer gifts and sacrifice. Wherefore it is necessary of Nessus city that this man. That's Jesus. Have somewhat also to offer. And so the services that were taken place here. Were overshadowed a representation of what was happening in heaven or what happens in heaven. And Chapter nine verse eleven and twelve says but Christ being come and high priest of good things to come by a greater and more per second tabernacle. Not made with hands. That is to say not of this building neither by the blood of goats or couse. But by his own blood he entered in one's into the holy place. Having obtained eternal redemption for us. And so when Christ came to heaven. As a high priest he didn't just come in the sanctuary without nothing. He also came with blood. The same with the high priest. On Earth would enter with blood. The only difference is that he came into his own blood the blood that he shed on the cross. It was therefore this is twenty three to twenty eight of chapter nine of Hebrews. It was different. Necessary that the pattern of things into heaven. Should be purified with the speaking of the blood. But the heavenly things themselves with better sacrified then these for crisis is not entered into all the place made with hands that means is not entered into tabernacle on earth. Which are the figure of the true. But into heaven itself. That's where we entered. Now to appear in the presence of God for us now let me ask you when with the high priest. On Earth. Appeared before God. On the Day of Atonement right. Nor yet that he should offer insult often as the high Precentor into the holy place every year with the blood of others. Forth. Then must be off enough the first is the foundation of the world but now once in the end of the world. He had he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself. So when Christ died. He went into heaven. But at the end of the world. He would answer with his own blood in the presence of this father. In the most holy place. So good so far. OK We're going to put that in perspective. So Christ was once offered to bear the sense of many and unto them that look for him he shall appear a second time without sin and salvation. So now if you look at the the pattern Christ came to heaven. He came with his blood and at the end of time. Now we understand at the end of time. Is a period of time. OK. The and time event that we always talk about. When this began Christ and tours in the most holy place with his learn. And according to the text once is done with this portion of his ministry. He appears a second time. That's the second coming. OK. So between the beginning of the end time and Jesus' Second Coming. He's in the most holy place. Why is he doing that. It's been done on earth. Why isn't doing it there. What is it that the Day of Atonement teaches us. Why is it that there is this thing because he's doing kind of a Day of Atonement thing in heaven. The same way that it was done on earth. Why what what is the Day of Atonement was really all about. Well. The Day of Atonement. Was simply a figure of the judgment. Do we all see that. If on the Day of Atonement you have not confess your sins. And the divot all men would end. You would be cut off. It was a figure of how did judgment takes place. The judgment of. There's only two outcome. Eternal life eternal death. That's it. And what determines the to your character. How is your character determined by the choices and the habits that you've formed in this life. Right. You choose sin. You former character after that of Satan. You're taught you're moving toward eternal death. You choose obedience and righteousness and faithfulness and holy living and Christ likeness. And your habits are moving you toward a character like Christ. You're moving toward eternal life. That's it. And so the judgment of the end of days. Determines exactly that. Now in the Bible. And you've you've most likely heard that several time if you attend that evangelist six Erie. You've heard about a prophecy in the Book of Daniel. And that's in the book of in chapter eight. Of Daniel if you. If you turn there that the that be really good. Than You'll chapter eight. Verse thirteen fourteen. You have these two saints that are speaking to each other and and. We. Daniel had this vision about about these great be sent. And these terrible things that are happening. And this this. Horns and all the things that they're doing in there's still huge commotion that's going to happen on the world. And suddenly in verse thirteen. He heard one sane speaking to another saint said on to. And they speak to get or how long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice. OK What kind of language is that all about that sanctuary in language. Right so when Daniel heard these things is mind was automatically taking to the sanctuary service system. And that's why there's a lot of language that we read in the Bible that if we don't understand. The sanctuary it's meaningless to us when we talk about Christ being the lamb of the world. The to the land that takes away the sin of the world. That should take our mind back to dissension wary. When we talk about the hundred forty four thousand standing with the lamb on Mount Syon the lamb. She takes our mind back to the sanctuary service. That's the proper way to understand things. When than you'll see this vision with. It's the goat. And the RAM with a horn. Attacking each other that should take you back to the types of sacrifices that you have in the sanctuary service. OK The words are not haphazard. OK. There are specific and they have a purpose. They're there for a reason. One is talking about those two animal they're clean animals. When stalking about the rest of the be the lying in the bear and all these are unclean animal These are Association that we would be making. If we had a better understanding of the sanctuary. So it's important to study it in that. And so he sent concerning the daily sacrifice. And the transgression of there's a lesson to give both the sanctuary and the Holst to be trodden underfoot. And he sent on to me unto two thousand three hundred days than what the sanctuary shall be clans. Sanctuary language. Now. When was the sanctuary cleanse. OK in the verse after twenty three hundred days. But in the sanctuary service when is it Clance on the day of atonement and was the day of atonement. Judgment. So the sanctuary and this is obviously talking about the sanctuary in heaven will be Clance when the judgment and. After twenty three hundred days. That makes sense. OK So now how do we. And this is obviously a time prophecy. And you've heard about it. And I'm sure you're a little bit familiar some not going to spend so much time on it. But the the prophecy. Is explain a little bit more in Daniel and then we always catch elated right. The right way. And Daniel nine twenty to twenty four we have this angel that comes in and he gives them undersea gives than your understanding because he didn't get it. I have questions in the back. Yeah and I'm getting there. I don't say it ends there. And they will end with a judgment. OK. They make a mistake yet. Again. And sought when. When the the answer comes it comes to day I'll give them understanding it talks about another prophecy called the seventy weeks prophecy in the seventy weeks prophecy is a prophecy that is cut out of the longer prophecy of the twenty three hundred days. But they both have the same beginning. And the beginning. According to the book is when the temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem will be revealed. And the walls will be rebuild. And this you found in the book of AS for. And it begins. Essentially And for fifty seven B.C. and when you add the twenty three hundred days. And because in prophecy. A day. Equals the year. You add twenty three hundred years. And where do you get to eighteen forty three. Well that's what they calculated the first time. And then they realize that the years eroded not really exist and then you had to add an extra year. Because there's no such thing as the years your you go from minus one to plus one in a film say OK. And then you get an eight hundred forty four. And what's eight hundred forty four. No it's of the great disappointment. It's the day of judgment that begins. That's the period where the Day of Judgment begin. That's when the end of time. Begins. That's when Jesus. Enters the most holy place and begin. The judgment. Begins to minister. The blood begins to plead for us on our behalf. This is when it begins now with year when twenty fifteen. So twenty fifteen minus eight hundred forty four How much is that it's a map with. Because you're about one hundred seventy years. Judgment has been going on for hundred seventy years. Names have been appearing in heaven for one hundred seventy years beginning with the dead. Beginning with Adam and Eve moving toward our time. Hundred seven years. How long does it take for God to judge the whole world. All the billions of people. Because it's been happening for hundred seven years. You know in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight it was the message of righteousness by faith that was given into the Adventist Church. This message was to give. If accepted in its fullness was to give power for the church to finish the work. And for the end to come. Eight hundred forty four. That's about eighty something years now were we were eighty years overdue. Right. Why because we keep on sinning we keep on burning to thank you very and Jesus just want to cleanse it. But every time we send a signature it gets dirty again. But one day when the sanctuary is clients. It's done. Probation is done. The ceiling is done. The marking is done and Jesus. Steps out. And so when you're going to be praying and asking for forgiveness of sin. There's nobody of there to hear you. There's no one to minister for you. There is no more sacrifice for sin. One day. This whole judgment will close. And when it closes. Well it's done. Your fate as decided. Your fate is decided the judgment. Two ways. Everlasting Life Everlasting this. This is where we're living now. And if eight hundred eighty eight there were cloaks. How much closer are we in two thousand and fifteen. During the day of atonement on earth. People were on their knees searching their hearts. Pleading for God to show them their sins so that they could ask for forgiveness. So that they could repent. So that they would not be cut off. What are we doing today. Are we taking this seriously. Because this is the time we're living in. And I don't think we're realize how crucial this time. Is and God is not going to extend this time forever. Because the longer extend the time. The more set told we will be in our sins and more done for. And you will cut time short and time is running out. Time is not something we have. You know and this is something I believe and even for myself I speak for myself. We need to realize. We're being very pretentious. When we think we have to morrow. Because it just takes a few more a few too many people in the elevator tonight for the elevator to crash and we all die. God forbid this would ever happen. But think about it. We don't know when our last breath is going to be. Because once we die our permission ends. There's nothing to do afterward that we can't do anything. While we're alive we have to make things right we have to be searching are hard we have to make sure we're right with God And I'd like you to turn to the book of Hebrews Chapter ten. And we're going to read several longer passages. Because I want you to understand. The link that Christ has between the Saints where on earth and the sanctuary in heaven. And how it helps us. How it connects us to the same surely. Because remember. God says that his way. Is in the sanctuary. Vote on earth. And in heaven. You cannot take that and that's where Adventism has been privileged with the message of the sanctuary. Because we get to understand salvation. In a way that no other churches out there understands it. Because they do not have the understanding that we have of the sanctuary message. Privilege. Privilege is what we have been responsible. Is what we have to be Hebrew stand versus five. A prophecy that was found in the Old Testament where for when you come into the world he say it. Sacrifice and offering Tao wouldst not but a body as Dr parrot for me what is it that God doesn't want. Sacrifice and offering. What's the purpose of the sacrifice and enough free as to deal with sin. So what is the really saying he doesn't one sin. It doesn't once and he doesn't want you and I to sin. Goes on in first thing in verse six. In burnt offerings and sacrifice for sin that last had no pleasure. God does not enjoy sacrifices. In fact this place is in the Bible where it says. Your sacrifice makes me so sick. I don't want them anymore. God doesn't want us to come and ask for forgiveness. All the time he wants us to be and so much better. Have you ever had to ask forgiveness for someone to someone actually you know you've hurt somebody. And now you have to ask for forgiveness. Is it a fun thing to go through. Don't you just ask some many would have been so much easier if I would have not had to ask forgiveness. If I would have done the right thing. Right. That's us now think of the person you and to ask forgiveness from don't you think that person is thinking the same when many would have been so much easier if you would not have messed up of course me right on God is thinking the same way. God doesn't want us to have sacrificed and to be continually asking for forgiveness. Yes we need to when we realize something. What he wanted for us to be faithful. That's so much better. So much better. Verse seven then said I. Lot I come in the volume of the book it is rid of me to die will or God to do the I will or God this is Jesus speaking. Now keep that in mind. Keep in mind when Jesus is saying. Would Jesus a stinking. Would Jesus is doing. Above when he said sacrifice and offering and burnt offering an offering for send out what is not that or has pleasure there in which are offered by the law then say Lo I come to die will God he take it away the four is that he made stablished a second here we're talking about the covenants. It's going to become clear in a moment. By which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ. Once and for all. So God takes away the all system. To establish a new system. Now some because the old system is old is because he brought a new system that makes the system that was before. Old. OK Does it doesn't mean all because it wasn't good or it was bad. And every priest verse eleven. Stand a daily ministering in offering oftentimes the same sacrifices which can never take away the sin. Those sanctuary services could never take away. Sin. They were there for a figure for a teaching. And for developing and understanding. FACE. But this man Jesus. After he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever sat down under right hand of God. From henceforth expecting till his enemies be made his foot stool for by one offering yet perfected forever then that are sanctifying. What does it say. He's perfected them. That are what. Sanctify in order to get perfection. When months we have first sanctification OK. Perfection is the end result of sanctification and sanctification doesn't happen like that. It's a lifetime work of B.D.S.. OK. There's a lot of like rough edges and kink in our character the needs to be cleanse. Where for the Holy Ghost also is a witness to us for after that he had said before. This is the covenant I will make with them after those they said the Lord. I will put my laws where into their hearts. And in their minds will I write them and their sins and iniquities Will I remember nor more. Now where Mitt where remission of these. Is there is no more offerings for sin. OK. There is a covenant that crisis making. And this covenant is not the tables of stone. In the ark is the law. On our heart or come back to that. Because Christ gave His body has an offering We don't need to offer anymore the Bible is clear. Chapter eight. Beginning is verse six. Hebrews. But now how do you have to in a more excellent ministry. By how much. Also he is the mediator of a better covenant This is the covenant of the law written on our heart. Which was established. Upon better promises. The previous come. Covenant if you're a member more as a seal that by sprinkling blood on the people. And what did they say we will be obedient to the covenant which included all the laws. And the Ten Commandments. For in the first covenant had been faultless then should know place I've been sought for the second. Now. What was the fault with the first covenant. It was the people. That was the fault with the covenant. God didn't make a faulty cut in the coming in with fine. But because the people couldn't do it. The covenant became faultless faulty sorry for fall. See for finding fault with them. That's the people. He said Behold the days come said the Lord. When I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel with the House of Judah. Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt. Because they continue not in my covenant. And I regarded them not said the Lord for this is the covenant I will make with the House of Israel after those they say he does Lord. I will put my laws into their mind and write them in their heart. And I will be to demagogue and they shall be to me a people and they shall not teach every man his neighbour and every man his brother saying. No the Lord for all. Shall know me from the least to the greatest for I will be merciful to their own right just sniffs. And their sins that their iniquities Will I remember Norm or. In that he said a new covenant. He had made the first old. Now that which the kids and wife that all is ready to vanish away. So now what God is trying to do what God wants to do is rather than having us. Always looking to the law of the tank a man is to put it in our heart. And that's the holy spirit that's going to do that and by having the law in our hearts. It means that we are converted. It means that we have power to do that very law. By the way. You need to understand that the law of God is the standard of righteousness. That's how important that law is is the stand there are of righteousness is the standard in judgment is the standard that determines what sin is. If you take away the law like some other than a mission once to do there. Well you take away the law. Well you take away the standard of sin. You take away the standard in the judgment. You take away the standard of righteousness. So when you have you have nothing you have basically nor no religion. This is central in everything and I'll show your central it is. So so right says the same law that was engraved on the tables of stone is written by the Holy Spirit upon the tables. Of the heart. Instead of going about to establish our own righteousness. We accept the righteousness of Christ. Why. If you studied righteousness by faith you understand that when we fall. All of our righteousness that we ever had gone. You keep the law. You would have been right just if you would have kept the law. All your life. And you would have made it. You would have been OK. But when you fall. Just tiny little sin whatever it may be whatever righteousness that was their go on and you fall short. And you can't keep the law in order to be right just because the law is only as good as when you keep it and it cannot make up for your past mistakes. So you're short. And you're always going to be short and you're always going to be short. No matter how much you try you can't get bonus. Righteousness point. For keeping the Law harder. Doesn't work. That's why you need Christ. Because Christ has a perfect right just ness. So instead of focusing so much well I've messed up so much. That's fine. Christ. Imputes is righteous ness to make up for the rights of snow that you're missing. So you can be at the level. And now you can obey. And what Christ does is that you're now he imputing means to credit. Rights of snice So your bank account is is in the minus. So what crisis is the credits you write just Nestle your bank account is at the level. So now you have the same level of Christ. It's pretty amazing. It's pretty amazing. But now you've got to you've got to keep going because if you sin again Well guess what you fall short again into go back. Forgiveness. Impute asian of righteousness and then you come back to the level. And then you said you can't keep doing that so what Christ does is that he part is righteous ness. Get em part thing means that he's share his righteousness with you. So now that you have the right just enough of Christ impart into you. You can walk faithfully and obey because their ISP our There is called Grace. You know. Every time I ask people great like what is Crace. First thing people say is classic answer which is the right answer is. Well it's it's it's unmerited favor. Pockets on merit affair so what's the favor. While it's Grace. Or what's great is what it's a favor. They really doesn't tell you what it is all the tells you you can't earn it. You can't work for it. What grace is. And then why tells us is that it's the great power of saving our salvation. So great powers that so its power power to be forgiven. Power to obey that great grace is power power available to you and I not the cheap grace that we we've been hearing too too often which is just. Well you just need God's grace. To do what you just need God's grace to do what to obeying. As what you need God's going nobody's going to talk to you about that it's going to tell you don't God's grace forgives you. And then it ends there but God's grace is not limited to give forgiveness. It's much bigger and greater than that. So now let's go back to where we were Hebrews. Eight and begin verse six again but now. He had a pain and a more actual ministry. By how much Also he is the mediator of a better covenant which was established upon better promise for in the first covenant been false as bench. Then should no place have been sought for the second for finding fault with them. He said Behold the day comes. Said to the what I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel. And with the House of Judah. I was there with one sort of that's what I was reading here from L.A. The same law that was engraved upon the tables of stone is written by the Holy Spirit upon the tables of the heart. Instead of going about to establish our own righteousness we accept the righteousness of Christ which is to spend ten minutes trying to explain his blood atones for our sins. His obedience is accepted for us. The passes covered. Then the heart. Renewed by the Holy Spirit will bring forth the fruits of the Spirit. You wonder fruit of the Spirit. You need to renew the heart. You get the remuda heart. When the law is written on. Through the grace of Christ. We shall live in the B.D.'s to the law of God written upon our hearts. Having the Spirit of Christ. We shall walk. Even as he walked. Walking as Christ walked. What does that look like going to second Peter. Chapter two. One of my favorite passage because it's it hurts. Because it's hard. That's why I like it. Verse twenty first Peter chapter two verse twenty fifth for what glory is that if when you best. You be buffeted for your fault. You shall take it patiently. But if when you do well and suffer for it you take it patiently does acceptable. With God. Or we all there for first period I might be second Peter. First Peter chapter two verse Peter chapter two verse twenty one now. For even a whore. Here unto where you call because Christ. Also suffered for us. Leaving us an example. When you do it an example you follow it. Right that's exactly what it says that you should follow his steps. Verse twenty two. Who did what. No sin. That is the example that he left. No sin. Neither was guile found in his mouth now. Keep these two in mind will come back to them who when he was reviled reviled not again. When he suffered the threatened not but committed himself to him that judge it. Right to sleep. Who is own self bare our sin is on body on the tree that we being dead to sins. Should Live on to rights of snice. By whose stripes. You were sealed. Christ left us an example that we should follow his steps. We did know since neither was guile fun it is Mount. We have now died for sins and we live on to rights of snice those that look like through have to keep on singing and singing is fine. Does it look like we're going to keep sending forever and ever and ever know how can you do that and follow Christ's example you can't. There is a time when we will get it together. And the grace of God will empower us to be obedient obedient. Continually obedient. This is experience we're looking for when we go back to the sanctuary ill make so much more sense. Revelation fourteen. One five. One to five excellent passage speaks of the hundred forty four thousand it begins in verse one cent. And I look and look. A lamb a stood and Mount Syon OK what kind of language is that. Sanctuary is language. A land this is Jesus the sacrificial lamb. Refer us back to the sanctuary service. With him in one hundred forty four thousand having his father's name written on their forehead. What's a name represents in the Bible. Character whose character do they have on their forehead. THE FATHER. God's character. They've developed a character. Just like gone. And I'll do we know what the character of God looks like. Look to Jesus. If you see me. You've seen the Father. And I heard a voice from heaven as the voice of many waters and as the voice of a great thunder and I heard the voice of Harper's harping with their hearts and they sung as it were a new song before the throne and before the forty's and the elders and no men could learn that song with a hundred four in Fort. Forty And for thousands which were redeemed from the earth. These are they which are not defiled with women. They are virgins that means that their their doctrine and their truth is spurious. These are they which followed the lamb whether so ever he goal with. Follow the lamb. Whether thought. Ever he go where does the lamb go. Goes to the slaughter. He ready to fall of the Lamb. Whether So wherever he go with. These were redeemed from among men being the first fruit on to God and to the Lamb first fruits. Again century language. First Fruits was a festival of. Basically of the harvest when they. They harvested their first true that would take these first fruits and they would wave them with gone and they would offer them to God to sing them for having giving them a great harvest. When Christ. Resurrected in. If you remember Mary was going to worship him and says don't worship me for I've not yet ascended to my father. But then later on is the cycle came and started worship's worshipping him and he accepted the worship. In between these two there's an event that happened. And it's described very clear in the desire of ages where Christ. Ascended immediately to heaven waves themselves before got to see if his sacrifice had been accepted and came back. That is the first fruit. Now here. These hundred forty four thousand. Are the first fruits of the saved. Showing that you know. The sacrifice of Christ and everything that has been done as been accepted. Now let's look at the last part in their mouth was found what. No guy where did we read that before. The example of Jesus. For they are what without fault. Before where the throne of God. Throne of God in the most holy place. That means they have nothin there like Jesus. They're following the example of Jesus to the dot. They're following him. What are so ever he go with this. Hundred forty four thousand is what God is preparing right now. These people that can show the world. That indeed the law of God can be kept beginning to end. And we can be obedient. We can be faithful. We can be righteous. Not in our own strength impossible. Why God gave us great men and men for grace. True Grace. Not cheap false Grace real grace. So now. Here's the thing the Bible tells us that before Christ came and before Christ's sacrifice himself. The way to the most holy place was not open. But when Christ come. The way to the Holy Place was now open to us. So what does that mean. What it means we need to take a trip. In our lives through the sanctuary. The sanctuary will teach us how we need to live right now. Because right now. We are in the Grady of atonement the in to in time in tight typical day of atonement. Right now we're living in that period of time where the judgment is happening. And one day this judgment will close. So how in the world am I supposed to live right now to make sure that when the judgment close. I'm saved. And not lost. Sanctuary. Teaches that to us. Stake a trip we begin outside. We are outside the camp. This is where we live. This is the world is where everything's happening. This is where we're we're interacting this is where we do stuff. This is where we fall and sin. We've all been there. Where a journey begins when we fall in sin we realize what we've done. Because the Holy Spirit convicts us. And we need to do something about it. And what we do is we come to the sanctuary. We cross the first. The the outer curtain. The one that brings us and was the first thing that we see there. It's the outer of sacrifice. The altar of sacrifice to take care of our sin we need a sacrifice. We need the fact what's our sacrifice. As Jesus Jesus is our sacrifice and. And not only do we need Jesus is our High Priest we meet him as a sacrifice. And still at this point Jesus. Thanks care of arson. In the Lord's Supper it. He spoke of the New Testament. His blood being the New Testament. That is stead for the rim mission of sin. And the book of Romans tells us that God has set him for to be appropriate for appreciation through faith in his blood to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that our path since you've committed. God can take care of it through the blood of Jesus. And so the sacrifice of Jesus takes care of our sins. So to speak. Now. What's the next thing that happens in the sanctuary. Still Laver. What's the purpose of the labor is to wash. Wash purify Clance. You see. When we entered the courtyard. The goal is to take care of the penalty of sin. And this is what Jesus does for us. So every time we sin. The idea is to get there. To get sin dealt with now. We want to stay in the courtyard and we once in the courtyard. Nobody wants to stand of course your and yet. This is what is being preached. All the time. You see the experience in the courtyard is the experience of justification by faith. You hear about it that is justification by faith alone. But really what they're preaching is justification. Alone by faith as if there is no what their experience. All we need is forgiveness. All the time every day continuing. Yet every time in use and comes to your mind. You need forgiveness. But you don't stay there. You need to keep going. There is another experience that is even much better than forgiveness. Once were clients were wash. We get to experience the Holy Place. Now the holy place. Is one of our happens after we've received justification we've we're now we're now writes this. God has made us right now a lot of people talk about God. Declares us rights but we're not really righteous one one God. Declared let there be light whether they're light. Of course there was life. When God says something. It happens because the Word of God have power. So whether God. Declares Our makes the Bible says He makes us writes us. We are right to say now we can enter the whole the place in the holy place. They are three things. You have the table of shortbread. The lamb stand. The ultra Vincents would do these things. Represent these things tells us how we are to be living our Christian experience. The bread. Represents obviously Jesus. The bread of God. The Bread of Life. The Word of God. Study. This is where you can find life. In the word. That's one of thing we have to do. The next thing is the lamb stand. The light of the world. Jesus. But it's all thought. We are the light of the world. And what are we supposed to be doing now was forced to shine. Was supposed to be witnessing. We're supposed to be sharing and get a lot of us. And I speak for myself. Your. We can be really good at reading our Bible. But you know. You don't just read your Bible you study your Bible you meditate your work on the word. You you sweat over it and when the last time you were in tears and you sweat anyway. It was an act. I don't want to say agonizing experience. But intense experience. Because that's how you ought to study your Bible. Not just to get up in the morning after sleepin of Gambon on my devotional you to spend time agonize with the Word of God. Then when you get to the lamps then you're able to share what you've agonized over. And you have a joy of sharing it. And then the last one that has become my favorite is the outer of incense What does that represent the Bible in Revelation speaks of the the smoke. Being mixed with the prayers of the saints. This is prayer time. But you know what I find saw incredible above this is. It's the high priests that make sure that the ensign's. Is there. That the fire is working. Christ is the one who make sure that our prayer. Are ascending to God. And remember we said that the smoke goes from the holy place. And goes into the most holy place. If you know what is the way the. It's arrange the outer of been since is the closest place. To the throne of God. When you pray. You get as close to the throne of God. As you can ask close to the throne of God as you get and you're not even alone there. Your with Jesus and the Bible tells of that the Holy Spirit. Translates our prayer because we don't even know what we supposed to pray for. Right. How much time should we be praying. And I speak for myself because when I found them like all the Lord forgive me I'm such an incredible center. How much time should be spending in prayer I mean we're at the edge of the throne of God and this. My friend is the sanctification by faith. Experience. This is when we. We learn to strengthen ourselves to be obedient to be faithful. This is how we ought to be living our Christian lives. Because when you spend time in the holy place. When you go back in the camp. You have power. You can witness. You can preach the word. You can pray. You can be strong because you spend time with Christ. In every area crisis there. And you know well says there. The Holy Spirit. Right. How is the Holy Spirit portrayed in the Bible. One of the many ways. Is. All right. Is a passage in exit or thirty. Where Moses is given instruction to make a annoying thing or ill. And this annoying thing. Or will actually anoints. Everything in the sanctuary the elder of burnt offering the laver the shortbread the lamb stand the altar events and the Ark The priests. Everyone. The Holy Spirit is everywhere. There is the one experience that we're going through that the Holy Spirit is not there. But you seeing. This is great you know we have righteousness by faith we have justification by faith. We have the sanctification by faith but you don't. Being obedient is not an easy thing right. There are struggles. It's. It's hard to go through everything. There is temptation that assails us and. Do we want to go through that forever. No because there is another experience. And that's the experience of the most holy place. The for the first experience in the courtyard. Takes care of the penalty of sin. The second. Takes care in the holy place. Takes care of the power of sin. Over you. The third one takes care of the very presence of sin. Because you cannot appear before God. With sin. And God wants to take away soon. Forever and ever say it never comes again. But before we gotta get before we can get there. We gotta make sure that we're settled in the truth. And that nothing will deter us from following. And obey. The arc of the Covenant. The Mercy Seat. Holds the commandments. The law the law is the center of righteousness. The law tells us how we are to be living. It's not just about what you cannot do. If you study it clearly you'll see what you're ought to be doing so just don't kill. Is take care of life. Says don't lie. Speak truth. And then. These are the thing. This is how we ought to be living and. Something that is amazing about the law may give you a few verses for you to consider in Luke six forty five the Bible tells us that. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth. Speak it. Let me ask you how did God give the commandments. He's spoke it right he was on Mount Sinai. He spoke of the commandment before he rolled them. And this is a principle that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speak it. Out of the abundance of the heart of God came. The commandment of God and what is it that God wants to do. He wants to put his law. On our heart or God is trying to do is when he's saying I'm going to take your heart of flesh. Your heart of stone and give your heart of flesh is trying to say I want to give you my heart that you may be think act. Speak. Just like me. The whole experience here is God. Trying to transform us to change us to make us. Like him. And we ruin our Christian experience. When we stay in the camp. Or where we stay in the court your and were afraid to move forward. Because God wants to change us he wants us to be like Christ. And it's about time for us to start. Or better to start walking forward. It's not an easy experience. It's not going to be all your flowers then. And roses and your perfume and rainbows nonono. There's going to be dark moments. It's going to be painful. It's going to get seventy experience. But that's all we get refined. That's how we learn to depend on God. That's how we learn to to stop focusing on ourselves and focusing on God. That's when we stop complaining and realize that God has a greater purpose. That's when we realize that our character is not there yet. If everything would go fine. We were in care about God when you read the Bible you realize that at the end of time. There's going to be a lot of plagues falling everywhere. And you realize also that when the plague start falling judgment. That's that. And you realize that the people of God will go through something called Jacob's time of trouble. And Jake of sour trouble is not a fun time. Fury than the Bible when Jacob was agonizing with the Angel. He wasn't enjoying its time especially when his is hip got dislocated that was not a pleasant experience. There was an agony was holding to him is that you can't leave until you bless me. And you wouldn't let him go and there's also let me go because the sun is rising let me go and says no I'm not going to let you go we didn't know he was holding. You didn't know he was holding Jesus. And when you touch an under hip. The joint just dislocated and must be painful but he wouldn't let him go. He would just hold on to him. The pain. The agony. All he could remember is how much of a deceiver he was. And yet he wouldn't let go because he needed God to bless them. And what God did. Is that he changed him you know or going to be a deceiver. You're going to be a conqueror. A prince. And this is what God wants us to do. And this is why the time of Jacob's trouble is when the hundred forty four thousand are going to go through. And they going to suffer as going to be difficult but yet. Above all that. And through all that they're going to remain faithful and obedient. So that God will be able to look and says. These people are just like my son. And Jesus is going to say. I see myself in there and the engineers are going to look at Jesus Jesus these people are there just like you. We want to hang out with. Can we go get them engineers Masoe Yes. Let's go get them. And then Jesus is going to come back. But it will not happen until we get our act together. Depend on God and obey Him for the incomplete. Two things I want to appeal to you this morning. First would we've studied this morning is minimal the SO much more that I had that I could even share and so much more that there is that I could even get together. So much more for you to dig in and to study and to learn about things that will empower your Christian life. In the message of the sanctuary. Remember Ellen Whitehall's a very clearly. We have to have a clear understanding and I don't even consider myself having a clear understanding. I need to go back and study more and more and more and more. It never ends. Is the shortbread experience. It doesn't end. We will have to continue doing that because one day when they take away our scripture world we going to have to study. What we have there. We have to meditate day and night. And so my first appeal is for you when you leave here. To go back and study the sanctuary. Study it from the beginning. From the simple thing. From the basics. And to keep on going deeper and deeper. Three books they suggested to you is a good start. Crisis Sanctuary's the sterling white the sanctuary service by M.L. Andrea's and the shadow in the cross by elder HOUSECALL. If you know you can find all that long. You know I'm going to spend money I'd rather you get the book because it's better in the book than an electronic format but it doesn't matter. This is a good place for you to start. Go and study. But my second appeal is way more important. My second appeal. Is for us to realize where we are not just in the day of atonement war where we are in the things wary. Too many of us are in the camp. Too many of us have not even and turd. The sanctuary. If you've not even entered the sanctuary. You need to because those that don't enter get cut off. And they walk away with a scapegoat. And never come back. Some of us have entered. But we've stayed in the courtyard forgiveness forgiveness forgiveness forgiveness but we don't go beyond that it's time to go beyond that it's time to go in the holy place that we may prepare ourselves to go into the most holy place. And so my appeal for you today is very simple. Go through the whole experience. Go through the whole experience. Don't get stuck. Keep moving forward. Don't get stuck in sin. That's not God's will his will is our sanctification his will is for us to perfect our character that we may be just like Christ to follow his example and to fold the lamb. Whether so ever gone. If today you wanted to indeed. Follow the example of the hundred forty four thousand. To go where so ever the lamb go it. To have your two. To be to not be would any woman to be virgins meaning to have your doctrine pure to purify your believe to purify your understanding that you know with. Just like that and that it's you that you want to have no guile in your mouth. Speak truth. Speak. Elevating that you want to be faultless before the throne of God nor soon. Like Jesus. Like to ask you to kneel with me as we pray. Father Lord we. We kneel before you. Because we know when we prayed Lauren. We have Jesus. And when we have Jesus. We also have the Holy Spirit. And when we pray we also have you because our prayer. Offense to your through a lawyer we realize that there's much to be done in our lives. But nothing will be done until we take the first step and now we are tired of lingering outside the sanctuary. We're tired of lingering in the camp we're tired Lord. Of being in the wilderness. But we realise Lord you will not force us. You will plead. But you will NOT course you will encourage. But you will not push. And so learn to do we are convicted of the importance of the way we live our lives. Your laws are clear and order. And we need your righteousness. We need Lord to be faithful. We need Lord to be obedient. We need you. We need your grace. We need power. We need strength. We are weak and feeble and on our own Lord. We're no better than the scapegoat. Father Lord I pray for all of us that are kneeling here. But I don't know if Personally I was able to convey the message you wanted me to convey. I don't know Lord it. If everything was well understood. And if not what I asked for forgiveness for my of my own weaknesses. But I pray that for everything that was understood Lord that you will magnify it through your spirit. That it will empower everyone that is here Lord to indeed. Walk through the sanctuary. So that one day. I pray. Each and every one of us will be able to present ourselves before your throne. Faultless and that we may be able to sit on your throne cross Christ in on your throne and he said would be able to sit on this through. I pray this will be our experience that as we. We live in the slide that we will do all we can Lord. To be part of this hundred forty four thousand group. No matter what the sacrifice will be the pain. And the struggle. Heaven is cheap enough. Heaven is worth it. The struggle of this life. Do not compare with what you have in store for us. Help us to be faithful. Help us to be obedient. Lord sanctify us your glory will sanctify us your character. Will sanctify us. And we will be able to be like Jesus thank you Lord for hearing our prayer hearing the desires that we have change our hearts Lloyd and write your law on them that we may follow every requirement. In the thank you for Jesus. For what he's done for us for his sacrifice for his ministry. And for opening the holy place in the most holy place for us. Thank you so much for. Please bless us live as we continue this conference as we continue to learn about righteousness by faith. And thank you Lord for blessing us so much with your presence. Thank you Lord I pray this in the beautiful perfect and holy name of our High Priest Jesus. 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