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What Is Righteousness by Faith?

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.




  • August 14, 2015
    7:30 PM


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We have many things to be grateful for him and. It is a blessing. Not only to be alive. But not this. Living but having eternal life. You know eternal life begins today. The day that you immediately give your life over to Christ. It's not that life starts right just go to sleep. And then you he wakes you up when it's time to go home. And so oftentimes you know we as I was telling some of the leaders outside we kind of lose the joy of salvation. Look a little serious. Sometimes. So it's OK to loosen up and smile every once in awhile. I promise I want to get vanity of you. If you smile. But I but nevertheless it is a joy. Just to be back in Canada. I remember when this movement conference was beginning to thousand and nine actually and had the privilege to come in speak there. The first time and have been excited about all the things that you guys have been doing here in Canada in the missions. And so it's just great to be back again and to be willing to have me here. With the before we get started I also want to kind of talk a little bit about right is a spy face right out the gate. You know it's one of those topics that no one really wants to touch when we used to plant some in ours for July seen as a low interesting choosing who was going to talk about salvation. If you had a seminar on that thing to for cation or justification or eight hundred eighty eight. You know these things are very hot topics in the church maybe not among young people right we're not Nestle debating about salvation but on the higher ivory towers of life. The scholars are debating about this issue. Gets very very minute. The points and. What specific terms you use and at what point does justification become sink difficult issues. And what does that mean to sin in was Paul converted in Rome and seven and we go on and on and on down the line. But I want to let you know. My intentions in terms of going forward this weekend. I want to start off first with Jesus is teaching. To me. If you want to enter stand anything clearly. Just look at what Jesus says He explains everything very clearly. And I believe that Mary's counsel in John two is the best counsel you can ever receive. Which is whatever he says to you doing. That's the best counsel you can ever receive whatever Jesus says do you do. End of discussion. And if that's carrying water pots then carry water part to be a part of a miracle. But sometimes we're where we're so much burden by the menial apparent menial tasks that Jesus access to do. When in actuality he's inviting you to be a part of a miracle. A story that will always be told. We don't even know the names of those guys they carry those water points. But they knew their family knew. And of course who knows what their children went on to do for the Lord will hear about it in heaven. But I want to first talk about Christ and His teachings of out right she's innocent face and all those things. Then I want to kind of continue want to talk about righteousness by faith and you'll Testament. Tomorrow morning. And in Toronto I will go into the Gospel from the Gospels. I don't know why people don't like to use the Gospels to preach the Gospel we like to go to Paul. But it's called The Gospel of such visits. And so I want to talk about the Gospel in the Gospels. And then my last message out deal with the whole eight hundred eighty eight in our pioneers you know some people say we rejected it in a year and a half ago I was sitting at dinner with some friends. Having some Thai food and. My meal got ruined. You know very quickly. As this discussion came up of eight hundred eighty eight. And the brothers like looking at me said man you know don't you feel like our whole church we just need like a corporate repentance like go to a field. And just like repent publicly as a church. You know with the leaders all of us there are said all eighteen million is like. And I'm like. I don't believe that the church fully rejected it and I don't believe the church fully accepted. Says. It's a little bit of both. But I said. Which is one starting with three quotes from madness authors. At different times in the church to show that the continuity of righteousness by faith has always been in our church. It's never not been in our church even the great controversy. Before eight hundred eighty eight when these visions were given it's saturated with righteous missed by faith language. That was the book that converted me into the church and righteousness by faith was the most powerful truth I've ever heard in my life to date. I haven't heard anything more powerful. And what I mean by powerful. Is the ability to transform an individual's life. Every major figure in Christian history. The turning point to where they became the people we how now admire them to be. Was the point of their conversion. And I'm going to talk about that a little bit later in this message. So to talk about this experience of Russia this by faith. It is not happenstance that when you trace people who inspire you to touch your life. It is oftentimes rooted in the experience of salvation. In their life. Listen. You don't. You don't start giving certain kinds of messages. Unless you've been through something. I can tell you that right now people think you know people come to me about mentoring them in preaching and like Listen. I can teach to teaching him preaching by teaching how to play pool. Very basic stuff to hit the ball on the top the middle or the bottom hard soft or medium. It's not complicated. But while it's simple. You know these things will take you a lifetime to master them but I said at the end of the day. There's certain things. I can never teach. I said unless you've been through something. There's a certain things. A person cannot teach. And you know systemwide talks about this in ministry of yelling some people have never been touched by trials or burdens. So soon as something difficult comes people come and say I've got victory over this I'm like that if that's the most difficult thing you're dealing with in your life. You can have a hard time relating with the world. Because I will be in a city. My best friend was shot at nine fifty bullets. My lunch lady was killed for talking against games. Seen women rate. Seen kids picked up my babysitter was jumped walking me home from school. Those are just a few of my experiences in the city. And you come to the church and people I call you know I'm struggling with impatience. I got victory over impatience. And I'm not doubting anyone's victory Don't misunderstand me. But what I'm saying is I need to know Christ can do more than just handle impatience. You understand what I'm saying. I need to know that Christ can resist or. My last child. My innocence you know sexuality is also a meaningful topic for me to you go on the city your parents are not around single moms they're working all day long. So you're left to the devices as that quote said as a mother. Do you let them hang with these kids in the city your choice. Your friends are who live nearby. And who knows what kind of stuff going on in their house. And you know who knows. We know as kids because they're showing me sitting there thinking. Playing House is such a very you know innocuous game right. You're the mom on the poppers the kid we do the dinner. You know case come to go to bed. This girl took me by hind the door and started explaining to me this is exactly how you have sex Mom and Pop is do this. Six years old. Did you know based on behavioral and criminal science that. When a when a child is exposed to sexuality before their time. This is where deviance begins. And the earlier they are exposed to sexuality where they don't understand it the more deviant they will be. Now it's not happenstance. So when we talk about getting victory over things we need to be very very keen on the fact that the people we're trying to ministering minister to are dealing with a lot more than the things we talk about getting victory over. Didn't we're real struggles. And I think that our struggles are not real but I'm just saying they're real on a different level. Those are the things you have nightmares about happening to your kids. Nightmares about happening in your church when they happen in our churches. And we find out were so shocked by it as if we don't even know how to handle it absurd in the the meetings as an older. So I am coming from a place to make sure that we actually want to be put our phones on silent just in case we have not let your doctor on the money body to die. If you listen to my service. But it is very important when we engage in this topic of righteousness by faith we don't just talk about. You know Jesus came to die for me so that I could overcome impatience. Sounds like a very costly sacrifice. And the reality is true. You couldn't overcome impatience without the righteousness of. You will continually be an impatient. Selfish person. That's true but the issue is we don't see where impatience will eventually take us. It's not about the impatience it's about this is what's coming down the road. If this thing does not stop. You know people give the originally because they're impatient. People get addicted to drugs because they're impatient. People kill people because they're impatient. You know road rage is one of the primary reasons for violence. On highways in general communities. Road rage. Tracking a person down you cut me off I'm a follow you all the way home. Do you understand the level of anger a person must have over such a small infringement. I cut you off in the lane you want to track me down to my house to you run out of gas. And it's legitimate a car going to jump out of the jewel. Just to make a point you should have never done so it's not just about all you know sometimes I get angry in my heart listen. We have to understand what does things are going to take us. So as we think about this. I don't want you to think about the nice pretty since because we have those pretty sins right. Those are the ones that you can talk about. Those are the ones you can share those are the ones that we can use James five sixteen right confession of all the one to another. Yeah yeah you know these are my faults. Sometimes I'm not really ready for the Sabbath my shirts are not pressed Amen this brother's going to grief. Let me pray and interest see Lord help of the iron his shirts. Before the sunset a twelve. But listen. Been a preacher for a long time. Counsel a lot of people. And one these days I'm going to preach a sermon called the other side of the administration. The side we don't. We like to act as if it doesn't exist because the whole point is we come to this meeting we smile we dress nice. And we make ourselves look at certainly but you and I both know was going on we both know. So I'm not asking us to listen to the sermons in the light of these little weaknesses we're going to have a prayer session afterward and be like oh yeah just pray for me. You know I'm just trying to get my devotional life together. Those are what we call the acceptable struggles right those are ones we expect because we're kind of Everyone has those struggles. But what I want you to think about in the light of these sermons this. This conference is the ones that are in the basement of your soul. The ones you're afraid that somebody will find out about the ones that when people confront your ask you questions that are dancing around the bush. You start getting nervous your heart rate goes up your breathing changes. You start becoming defensive. Telling people is not your business. Those things that you probably win even want to mention to your kids. Those are the since we should be thinking about in the light of these storms. Because those victories are what change your life. Because in your mind. If God forgave you for those. You'll be like Mary you feel like he forgave you much. And if you've been forgiven much you love much. You sing differently. You struggle differently. During spiritual lows. Because you come like Peter. Where else would I go. I can tell you right now been spiritual lows but I'm not leaving Jesus is hard. Is rough. I'm like Lord I'm struggling. But I'm not. I will stay right I'll shrug or right here in your presence. But there's no possible way. There's nothing for me. That's where we have to be at that level of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy in Christ. So I need to say this before we start talking about at least my sermons and hopefully reflecting on the ones that have already been shared. That you don't have to grow been a city or have to have your best friend shot fifty times. Double powerful testimony. You just have the no sin. And you have to know a Savior that got you out of one I talk about the petty pet since I'm talking about the things that define you in your mind as to why you struggle to accept the love of God. And I'm also talking about the ones that we like to coat over like pride. Those are the ones a kind of get it actually stayed off but you know you got pregnant at a marriage where we got a disfellowshipping. When a pregnant girl in one thousand is less dangerous than a prideful elder. But our brother will stay in a position for decades. Should be at the church in ten minutes. In a board meeting in a lease she feels that from Washington. So please please please. Serious reflection on these things. Anyway. I'm losing my timeless pre Father in heaven. We are so grateful for the gift of life and for Christ. You know that more this man is but dust in your sign. Nolen asking in praying for is that you would do for us what we can never do for ourselves. That you would give us the ear of the learned and father that you would give me the tongues of them and that I may know how to speak a word in season. To Him and Her That is really. Thank you for these gives me offer this prayer from our hearts in Jesus name Amen. I want to read to you three quotes by three advantages three different times. The first one says faith is as it were the hand that the sinner stretches forth. To receive the free gift of God's mercy. This gift God is ever waiting and willing to be stole upon us. Not as a reward for anything we may do. But simply because of his own infinite love. The gift is ours to receive. And it is received through faith. Seven days Ventus Bible commentary. Volume six page five zero two. Very recent quotation from seven didn't. But let's go back a little bit farther. This one is by men in Carlisle be pains. It's called right she's in this in Christ. Page fifteen. He says this When God. Pronounces us just. We are freed from condemnation. And we store to his favor to the city men a new standing before God is bestowed upon us. We are pardoned. Period. As they say in England for stop. The penalty of death for the transgression of the law is remitted. We are received into God's favor. His Grace. Now flows out. Actively to us. And in part. Every spiritual blessing. And the basis of all of this is Jesus Christ and his finished work at the base but then let's go back even more succinct. What is justification by faith. It is the work of God in laying the glory of man in the dust and doing for man that which it is not in his power to do for himself. That Illinois a testimony to ministers. Page four fifty six. It's in the section to ministers where it's called Elevate the standard. That's the last paragraph. So I want you to think about this this is the framework I'm working with this entire weekend. I don't want to sit here and start developing concept after concept. I'm a give do to you straight out from the beginning what is justification by faith. What is right there the same thing right is this by fate salvation by faith whatever you want to call it. What is right is missed by faith. It is the work of God in laying the glory of men in the dust. If you want to talk about righteousness by faith you have to recognize that humility is not some grace. Necessarily developed for virtue. It is the proper response to the fact that there's nothing I can do to save myself. You have to make a person humble when they understand. This is because we're crisis done. How can I boast. But when people walking around prideful. You can't understand right she says my faith in be prideful. You don't understand it. You see you understand the theology right. The Pharisees knew where Jesus was going to be born. Oh Where will he be born King of the Jews of the Bible says and Michael five. Bethlehem if rock. They know exactly where Jesus was going to be born but were they there. Know they were not. Why not because it was knowledge. Not experience. Their hearts were not ready to receive a Messiah from Bethlehem be from that that was the reality. But they could break down the theology. So when we talk about Rice's missed by faith. The first thing we're going to deal with is anytime we deal with writers in a spy faith. We are laying the glory of man in the dust. All of our glory all of our righteousness the Bible says is what. Filthy rags. You know that means your the garment is a symbol of character. So if it's filthy. Then it's mingled with something else. That's called self right. Call prime. Whatever else you want to add in ears sin our righteousness. So the first thing is killing the glory of men. Destroying it. Putting it in the dust. But it goes forward and says. And number two. Doing for man that which it is not in his power to do for himself. This beautiful. What is justification by faith. By the end of this Congress on what you have this quote memorized. So sounds what is justification by faith. I'll just give you the prophets simple explanation. It is the laying into the dust. The glory of men. And it is doing. For men that which it is not in his power to do for himself. So when we look at the Old Testament tomorrow morning. With this concept. You'll be realize it's all over the Bible. Every story. Every tacit every experience. The entire canon of scripture is saturated with these principles. And as we understand these principles we realize that rights this by faith. Also teaches us how to do ministry. Because it's not only that we are right just by faith is not all that were sent to five by faith. It's also we win souls by faith at the cavity ministry for twelve years. Constantly I tell students the first worship. I give them every single summer. Every single program. I tell you in a crisis object lessons. It is not the capabilities. You now possessed or ever will possess. That will give you success in the word. I didn't say to Ellen my sadness. So what this means is this. It is not the capabilities. You possess before you came to this program. I don't care if your natural speakers. I don't care if you're naturally good carious. I don't care of your friendly person and you love people. I don't care if you're Hispanic and you saying Listen man I could talk to anybody Arkansas water to a will. I don't care what sales experience you have. It is not the capabilities you now possess. And when I'm done training you after ten weeks. The capabilities. You ever will possess. That will give you success in the world. You know the next sentence is it is that which the Lord can do for you think we need to have less confidence. And what men can do. And more confidence in what God can do for every believing Saul. Sounds like righteousness my faith to me. But this is. Christ object lessons. Dealing with ministry. So right it is by faith directly impacts our effectiveness in evangelism. Because if I don't understand that principle. I think because I'm not going its doors and I did this in a did that. This is was giving me success. No it is not the capability. The only reason why the person opens that door the only reason why that woman was ready to receive. That book from you today was because of more prepared or heart. He just needed a delivery boy. Amen. I'm happy to be a delivery boy for the king of the universe. Listen when the king calls are ready to go. So by us the fact that we have a king. God doesn't need us. Great controversy says he could finish the work by speaking one word. It doesn't need us. One word. So God you could finish the work by speaking one word and you got us out here organizing missions to Manitou Island doing outreach and stuff was going on clearly God has a purpose I follow what I'm sane. But because God doesn't need us in the work is because he didn't need us and salvation heater is the same principle. So this not only impacts our lives. Our journey. Our everyday walk with Christ. It impacts our understanding of how to do eventually. And just like in ministry. Just because it's what the Lord can do doesn't mean you see him do nothing to talk about that today. I want to start with these quotes. To make it very plain. Every sermon. You're going to hear from me. You're going to hear these principles again and again. And the reality is. I was thinking to myself I'll fuck it to the Lord today are say Lord you know. How's it going to preach for sermons on writes this by faith. I mean by the first sermon you pretty much gun. Why do we need to keep preaching and then you realize. Well we're going to be studying in this thing for eternity. So the Holy Spirit is like so we're going to be studying it for the rest of eternity you think you can compass that in for sermon. Laying into the dust. The glory of MN your sermons ain't even scratching an inch of what it understood what happened on that cross. Listen I want to read to you a quote. Go to do around me twenty nine twenty nine. Deuteronomy twenty nine twenty nine. We there you can see MN Deuteronomy. Twenty nine twenty nine. I love this verse. It says the secret things belong to the Lord our God. But those things which are revealed. Belong to Us and to our children forever. That we may do all the words of this law. I want you to listen to education page one seventy one. They have it in my Bible just makes life easy. It says the idea that certain portions of the Bible cannot be understood. Has led to neglect of some of its most important truths. The fact. Needs to be emphasized in this to be what. Emphasize the fact needs to be emphasized. And often repeated as if there are two different things that the mysteries of the Bible are not such because God has sought to conceal the truth or you understand what I'm telling you right now. This is serious stuff right here. I'm going to say it again. The mysteries of the Bible. Are not such. Because God has sought to conceal truth. We don't understand the incarnation because God is just concealed from us. We may go back and forth about one hundred forty four thousand all these other things that we feel are concealed in the Bible. The seventh under the revelation we are all kinds of stuff. We think are now goddess hasn't. No listen. She says. It is not because God has sought to conceal truth from us. It goes on to say. But because of our own weakness or ignorance. Makes us. Incapable of comprehending or appropriating the truth. The limitation is not in his purpose. But in our capacity. You looking at the Bible in the morning you're like I'm not getting anything out of this the limitation is not in God's purpose. It's in your capacity. I don't see anything in the genealogies of the Bible. The limitation is not in his purpose. It's in your capacity. You told yourself there's no message in the genealogy. That's why you look at all. Yeah we're reading the Bible all the way through Arman Chronicles has all these genealogies. Genesis is our Leviticus. Our Lord I don't know of our numbers. Because the limitation is not in his purpose but in our capacity. So we look at righteousness by faith and we're trying to understand the depths of these things the limitation is not in God's purpose. It's because in our capacity. We can't comprehend. One of my favorite quotes is the eyes. Can never see what the heart cannot accept. And it's a truth. It could be plain as day in your face but you'll never see it because in your heart and Ken. There's many people like this right now. And they get to my message proper I'm way off track I mean. Go to Matthew five. Matthew five. I'm going to talk about our lord for a little bit use his teachings. Matthew chapter five. This is the Beatitudes. Now the Bible says in verse one of Matthew chapter five. And seeing the multitudes. He went up on a mountain. And when he was seated. His disciples came to him then he opened his mouth and he taught them. Now. The Bible tells you in the previous verses of Matthew chapter four. In verse twenty three in Jesus one about all Galilee preaching. Sorry teaching in their synagogues. Preaching the Gospel of the kingdom and healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of diseases among the people. Then his fame went throughout all Syria. And they brought to him. All sick people who are afflicted with various diseases internments. And those who are demon possessed of a leaped ICS and paralytics and healed them and great multitude there was what is your Bible says. The followed him. So in seeing the multitude. Christ The decides to take a seat on a mountain and start teaching the things we're going to look at so now. I was under said that in the Gospel of Matthew this is a very very critical time in the Gospel of Matthew. Because the Gospel of Matthew I don't want to get into all the details of it but suffice it to say that up until this point in Matthew crisis been going around saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand. It's near ting. It is drawn closer to you. So obviously crisis talking about himself. Having come down and now he's ministering to people. So saying this is the kingdom of heaven. It is drawn near to you. It is at hand I mean it is close to him. So now as Christ draws nearer to people and says the kingdom of heaven is at hand. And he's preaching his thing but they're like OK the kingdom of heaven is at hand and what does that mean. So now this is the first time to all these healing ministry. He now sits down and says I'm gonna teach a multitude this is the whole group from all kinds of places. And of course the people who are sitting there in the audience. They're thinking this guy's definitely probably got to be the Messiah. And if he's got to be the Messiah. Then this guy's ready to deliver us from the Romans I'm ready to hear what he's got to say. What exactly is the game plan. What tell us about the kingdom. Give us something specific. So as they're listening to Christ. I want to focus our study today on. Matthew chapter five in verse six. The Bible says that Jesus said. Blessid are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. For they shall be filled. Now I want you to notice that. For the first thing about this text that is interesting is that the Bible says. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness not those who are right Jesus. You see when you use the word blessed. In the Bible right when Abraham was called in Genesis twelve what God promised to do for him. He promised the world to bless him. He says and I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. And in you. All the families of the earth shall be blessed. Now when you talk about being blessed. He's not talking about blessed as in you know some thirty four hour bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth. God's not praising you. That's not what the text the saying is nothing Abraham. Our praise those who praise you. And I will curse those no no no no. When you talk about blessing and curse is we're talking about Deuteronomy twenty eight. Blessing and cursing had to do with either. Blessing meant. God's going to cause good things to come. This is a sign of the working of God in your life. And a curse was God going to bring some very difficult things into your life but it away if it was a blessing or a curse. Even though sometimes of the same word in Hebrew. Which is interesting. It's always God. That is conducting the action. So I want you to track with me for a second. So if the Bible says. Bless it are you. If you hunger and thirst for righteousness. So the first thing we have to establish here tonight is the fact that God's working in your life is given is is evident by your desire for righteousness. You see the word. Hunger in thirsting is trying to communicate something that in an eastern mind. They would get it. You see when you are hungry in an in an Israeli in a Middle Eastern context I mean there was probably a famine you were probably very poor. You can afford resources but most of the time. If you're talking to a multitude of people that are hungry and thirsty. That means that there is a famine in the land. And when there's a famine in the land there is literally no food. When your whole livelihood is based upon whether this thing produces grain or not so Christ draws upon this figure that they felt it before. And if you look in the Bible. Hunger has haunted the people of God. Literally a brand gets called all the sun he goes out what happens. There's a feminine the land then Isaac takes over as the patriarch. There's a feminine the land. Then you're like OK we're go forward. Amos talks about well the be a famine in the land but not for bread. And the days of root. There was a feminine the land. And I could take you from famine. To famine to famine. Joseph had his famine in Egypt. Why is it that these situations are constantly haunting the people of God. You notice that in all of these famines God had a purpose of where he wanted to drive them somewhere. Are you hearing what I'm saying. When God allowed a famine. He was trying to drive his people to some place. You see when he allowed the famine. Abraham he allowed a brand to go to Egypt. He had a purpose. He wanted to use for Avram to go to Egypt but Abraham lied. He didn't trust God. So he made the situation worse. You're already in a famine now you just lost your wife. Because you didn't trust God. Now Isaac comes along he knows the story of his father. There's a famine in a land he tries to go to Egypt the Holy Spirit says stop. Don't go to Egypt. I want you to stay in a land of famine. And I want you not only stay I want you to throw your seed in a land of famine where there is no rain. Why would you want me to stay here in so my see what the Bible goes on to tell us right Genesis twenty six. That Isaac in the same year received a hundredfold. Then when Joseph was in Egypt. Pharaoh had the dream right. About a famine was coming. There will be seven years aplenty seven years of famine. Why would God allow this while Joseph. Was there. We know the story don't we all the things that he learned in part of her house. And in that prison. Prepared him to be perfectly positioned to be second in command of Egypt to guide the most powerful nation on earth. To offended because God was driving that nation closer to God. When God allows there to be a lack of famine in the land. When he suffers us to hunger. He's driving us from where this is wide following us all the time. We think well if I follow Jesus. I'm always going to have plenty of wine. Because here's the problem. When we have plenty there are certain things as human beings. We never think about pursuing. We naturally become content. So a lot of times in our lives God has to let us go to a famine. So we'll run to him. He says Listen. I'm going to let you lack this thing so you can go this place. Listen I remember one time. I was driving back from a friend's house. My cars never had a mechanical issue. Never one time this car never had a mechanical issue. Driving back. Upper Peninsula of Michigan. And as I'm driving right everything's fine no problem. Get down and next thing you know. I'm coming to this. This intersection of two highways. And as I come to this intersection of two highways I'm like OK. You know. But there is something stirring in my heart about this intersection our signature I pull off here and guess. But I was like nah nah just keep driving I can go another fifty miles and in August. Soon as I pass that intersection. Car breaks down. Overheats. I'm I was going on a pull over on the side of the road. Now my two miles away from this intersection right. And you know there's an intersection of highways there's no gas station. South like. Lord. Are you serious. So I got out the car looked at the bottom like. Men So I started walking. And as I start walking I realized men. There's no gas station at the highway I have to go back to the previous exit where I was thinking I should stop for gas. So as I'm walking I'm thinking maybe somebody might recognize me or pick me up or something. Then I see a sign that says prison nearby Do not pick up strangers. Come on Lord. Famine in the lane and burning hot in the summer. No right does that you're going to walk. So I walk two and a half miles a distinct sweat pants burning up. Get to the exit and I go in is to gas stations. There's one on the left one on the right. And I saw the one on the left are like oh we have this big beef jerky thing. Such thinking well. I'm big insult use the other guest if you see this is my reasoning but I'm going somewhere. Go to this gas station. As I walk in a gas station right I'm sweating and everything I'm super hot. And I'm excuse me. Is it possible for me to to like use your phone. And she's like Well no but you can. You can use my personal phone. So I said OK so I called a friend of mine that lived about an hour away. He's like yeah yeah man I'll be on my way there. As we start talking. You know I'm like OK. I have to make this not awkward. Right because there are signs that a prison nearby. So here's why girl working in a gas station right on this black guy hanging around the gas station. There's no one in the gas it is no one around. Right on the this is looking really suspicious I pull out my Bible right. I'm like trying to show I'm a spiritual person. And I had a book I was reading on Revelation by Norman golly. It was called focus on Christ not the crisis. Right from reading his book. So as I'm reading through this book of Revelation in a corner I'm like Do you mind if I just stay in here is the local ER said Nono problem. So I start reading a book. And then after a while I'm like man when Thursday you know maybe I should buy something to kind of feel better than I'm wearing. So I go and buy something and then she says So what are you reading. Teller we start this conversation. Next thing you know. I'm giving this girl the book. She wants the book that I'm reading on Revelation. After I give her the book I signed the book put a message in Iran said listen to my dear friend such and such and such a surge. You know I said you'll be blessed by this book. And so she's like yeah I think so too like I've been thinking about in time of the Ensign like. You know what's coming in the world right now in this in a third. And she said this is so crazy. Why is this crazy. Says because I was was the work. But she says they just called me. Fifteen minutes ago. Right now you know I had to walk. Because if I had gotten there before her or her manager would have been there. But he had an emergency. In his life right yet a feminine The landlord was driving him somewhere. She had to go take her to so he called her to immediately come in on her day off. And she said I had plans. But I decide to cancel the plans and then he called me to come in. So I came in she said I literally just got here a minute before you walked in. It's an hour I'm sitting this conversation like this is crazy. This is crazy she's like a total It's crazy. We start talking about God life. Campus Ministry. On and on we had a talk for two hours right. My friend was delayed he said it would only take him an hour it's been two hours is the other showed up. So he's blowing up my phone. Yeomen I'm so sorry I'm running late right I'm thinking men take your time. So by the end of it she a nice change information. She's like I'm like listen I know some pleasure can get bible studies this in and the third. And I'm looking at this thing and he told my car so he comes in we told the car and he starts apologizing for a man should got this thing checked and about right. He's going off and he's like Usually here in our like going back and forth right which is arguing in. But he's I mean kind of calm like you are right. This is not normal. You're very fiery person. As a man. I'm just blessed MN. I said I'm thinking about my life right now in my situation I'm thinking. The day I left my friend's house. The time I left. When I saw that exit Something told me pull over and guess. I did not listen. So the Lord just broke my fickle. Then he brought me down near an area where you cannot get picked on. And I had to walk the thirty minutes which gave her just enough time to get to the word gets a word. So when we talk about God allows a famine. It's because God is driving us. Somewhere. If we understood this. We would look at difficulties very differently. Now we're think it to ourselves men. Why is it that I didn't get into the school the first time I applied. Because God was waiting for someone to get into school for you to be with you may be thinking Lord why put me in this relationship. Knowing that I was going to last two years and was going to dissolve and it wasn't going to work out why did you sell me from the beginning that it was a bad relationship because God I had a hold you for the right person. This is somebody as you know what I'm talking about. I'm telling you the truth. Don't people come and say why would God Just tell me that this is the wrong person I said How do you expect God to tell him. Come to you in a dream. The person you're dating this ain't going to work. Leave them. Leave the relationship. I said I want you to understand something. The fact that God gave you the dream and going to change one ounce of your factions. I said if anything God would be encouraging disobedience. Because you will know the vision you have the dream. But you'll be seen or feeling for something you know God doesn't want for you. That's a difficult place to been so God in His mercy. Allows himself to lead you by Providence. And you think you why would I even God you could have told me I trade about this relationship. I agonized. You did agonize you did pray and got answer Joe prayer. But the reality is God can't make two people work together. He can do that if you don't work it doesn't work. But there's only one way to find out. Can Look at you and know that this religion being a word. But it's the same concept is it people say why would God allow this thing because it's driving you. Somewhere. So when Christ talks about blessid. Are those who hunger in thirst for righteousness. He's saying the very fact that you have this desire is an indication of divine working upon your heart. Listen I want to review a statement from Tottenham on a blessing. This is what she says. Make sure I get this quote right. These are her words not my words. She says. If you sense this is not from the mount a blessing page one thousand. If you have a sense of need in your soul. If you hunger and thirst after righteousness. This is an evidence that Christ has wrought upon your heart in order that he may be sought unto to do for you to the endowment of the Holy Spirit. Those things which is it possible for you to do for yourself. That sounds a lot like the definition of righteousness by feel so right here in the Beatitudes. Matthew five or six he says bless it are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. In other words crisis looking at us and saying listen. The very idea of righteousness by phase begins with a desire. It begins with the craving in the soul. But this craving is not of human origin. God has to give us a craving. God has to give us a craving for right useless and in that craving that God provides. It is the very sign that we will have rights. Isness is the fact that we have the craving itself. You're not hearing what I'm seeing rightness by faith in this verse is being illustrated by saying this. What qualifies me for being filled with righteousness. By hungering and thirsting for it not how sorrowful I feel. If you hunger and thirst. What will happen to you shall be filled. That's the end of the worse. If there's no other condition it doesn't matter if you're white black blue or purple. It doesn't matter if you're young or old fat or skinny tall short. It does not matter your culture your age how. If you hunger and thirst for righteousness. You will be filled there is no craving for right reason is so great that God cannot fill. You may be thinking Lord I'm so far the Bible says in Hebrew seven twenty five that he is able to save to the uttermost completely. There is no one is going to come up short when we lean upon the merits of Christ. No we're going to say Lord I need this much right is this is what I'm wondering for the text says. You are blessed. Just for having the craving. Because God gives a craving and that's what we need to start praying for. If we want to have an experience would write it in a spy feet lower I'm not praying for righteousness. I'm praying for craving. I need to have a desire but you see what outta desire. You will not be filled in if the desire is a divine work. It is a sign that Christ has wrought upon your heart and my heart that means. It is him doing for me. What I cannot do for myself. You cannot manufacture a desire for righteousness. You can create it. It's not emotion. We can try to manufacture emotion right. You know we have this thing as Christians we like to sometimes take our favorite Christian songs make us really emotional right when we sing we mess up. We just listen to that Chris's song starts making a still are guilty and convicted in understand which Jesus did for me and tell me because I've done it. I'm not a indeed. And I know I'm not only want. We centered our Christian song we said we messed up. And there it is in cries the loans were like yes Lord yes. Yes. My hope is found. And I'm over here listen to the song my eyes again teary eyed my heart is racing on like men and to give my life to Christ again Lenny to surrender again I messed up. Should he said this to my wife. And as I'm grappling with this NG I'm using the music. To make me feel like I'm accepted with God. When what I need to do is go on my knees and sing or give me a craving for righteousness. Listen. C.S. Lewis. He has one of an illustration he likes to use as his inductive argument for heaven. And he says that oftentimes what we find in nature. Is that God gives desires right. And then there's a corresponding fulfillment for that design. So he says well you know. Ducks have a desire to swim. Well there's such a thing as water. Right he says Well people have sexual desire Well there's such a thing a sex. People have a desire for food. Right they have hunger. Was there such a thing as food. But it makes sense for God to create us with the desire for hunger. And there's nothing to satisfy that hunger are you with me. So he says. If I find in myself right. A desire which nothing in this world can fulfill. Than the most logical conclusion is that I was made for another world. That C.S. Lewis. Now I want to duck this illustration for this point. God. Supplies the needs that he creates. Are you understand what I'm saying this is a firm principle and in the in the Sermon on the mountain. So when Christ is given a sermon on the mount this is a firm principle. That was true for then. And it is true for today. God supplies the needs that he creates the year on he goes on in Matthew six as you continue in the sermon. And he says Listen. While you take it off for food. Consider the birds of the air. They don't so they don't reap. But your heavenly Father does what he feeds them. So I want you to think about this crisis look at creation. Who created the birds. Your father. Your father created the birds. Who created the birds with an appetite. THE FATHER. And who supplies the the desired. The father feeds them. So crisis saying listen. You think why is it that you have only Father knows what you need. Because I made you. I measure what a stomach. A major what a throat I made you with this to desire water. To desire hunger and food listen. From the very beginning of time God gave us a craving. The very day he looked at Adam and Eve and said you may eat freely. Of all the trees of the garden. The day he said listen. He blessed them and said Be fruitful and multiply and behold I have given you all these trees. The very moment he did that God was already suggesting. He had given them a craving. Even in perfection. Even in sinlessness there was desire. In this desire God says. I supply the needs that I create. But we have to first admit that the desire for righteousness is divinely created. Our desire for righteousness is not something is going to come from us. It's not going to come from your guilt is not going to cover many of these things. It is divinely created. We have to thank God that when we sin we feel guilty. That's because the Holy Spirit is still working. Young men come to me said you know I think I committed the unpardonable sin. I said the very fact that you said I mean he didn't. These are what. What do you mean. I'm pretty sure committed the unpardonable sin. The very fact that you're saying that is proof you didn't. He's like What. I don't get it. I said. If you feel like you sin. You have not commit the important perspective. The all particles in is the exact opposite of what you're saying to me and portable sin is. I have not sinned. Because only sin God cannot forgive is the one you're not willing to confess. And you know a confess means. It means to agree. Con. Means with fest means to say God I already know isn't. So when you come to confess your sins. He is faithful and just why. He knows you sin. He's waiting for you to come and say I have sinned. Listen when David killed the Araya took his wife. Slept with her. All he had to do was come to God and say what I have said. That's what happened here and go to ANY RITUALS What did he do climb the highest mountain before God forgave him. There is room to the depths of the Red Sea. Did he go and kill two thousand has a Philistine to bring them to God as an offering. Listen Michael is not exaggerating when he says the anx within the human soul with what shall I come before the Lord. And Baum I saw before got on height. Shall I come with thousands of rams and ten thousand rivers of oil. So I give my firstborn. The fruit of my body for the sin of my soul. He has shown you a moment. But this is how we come to God. Before had come why should I come with. Should I come with thousands of rams ten thousand rivers of oil. Before come down to bow down before God on high. He says. Like the words of Abraham to Isaac. God shall provide himself. Of let him think about that right then and there he was teaching Rice's mispricing. He supplies the needs that he creates. Whereas the lamb God will provide himself a lamb. It's no different in your experience in mind. I'm totally way off topic. But that's OK. I want to close because I know my time is pretty much running out some is going to rush to my conclusion. I want to first talk about Luther. Martin Luther God gave him a craving. You know Luther. The story goes that he was extraordinarily successful as a monk. He plunged himself into prayer. Fasting and ascetic practices. What we mean by ascetic is this going without sleep. Enduring bone chilling cold without a blanket and flagellating himself as he later commented. If anyone could have earned heaven. By the life of a monk. It was I. Sounds a lot like Paul right. For Libyans three. Though he sought by these means to love God fully. He found no consolation. He was increasingly terrified of the wrath of God This is what he said he said when it is touched by this passing inundation of the eternal. The SO feels and drinks nothing but eternal punishment. This is Luther talking during his early years whenever Luther read what would become the most famous Reformation text. Romans chapter one verse seventeen. His eyes were drawn not to the word faith. But to the word rightness. Who after all could live by faith. But those who were already right is. The text was clear on the matter. The righteous shall live by faith. Are you following this. He's looking at the text right but what do we say. The limitation is not in God's purpose but in our capacity. He's looking at the text resells the just shall live by faith he says of course. If you're just. You can live by faith but if you're not just. You can't live by faith. So it's focusing on the just part. Faster than the faith part. And is looking at the sex all the time. Luther remarked. I hated that word right has the right uses of God. By which I had been taught. According to the custom and use of all teachers. That God is right is and punishes the UN right isn't it the young Luther cannot live by faith. Because he was not right choice. And he knew it. Meanwhile. He was ordered to take his doctorate in the Bible and became a professor at Wynberg University. During lectures on the Psalms and the study of the book of Romans he began to see a way through his dilemma. This would happen to Luther. At last meditating day or night by the mercy of God. I began to understand that the rightness of God is that through which the righteous live by a gift of God. Namely by faith. Here I felt as it were entirely. Born again and had entered paradise. Itself to the gates had been flung open. This is how Luther felt the day he came to this reality said listen I felt like I was entirely born again. I'm a completely new person. This is the Luther. That became diluted that we know and respect. All that. Here I stand I can do no other that all started with an understanding of just the right emphasis from the word rightness to the worth it just that change. Created a man that has really become the voice of the Reformation. Just a change of the emphasis in the south this experience that it brought to his own life. We go to the life of Ellen want God gave her a craving. Her salvation experience as she recollected began in earnest after the family had moved from Gordon to Portland Maine. When she was a child. At nine years of age eighteen thirty six. She went through a traumatic injury. We know the story right. Being struck in the face with a stone thrown at her by Class me. At this time she diligently sought the Lord to prepare her for death. The swelling wife started doing. Preparing for that at nine. She strongly. Desire to become a Christian and prayed earnestly for the forgiveness of her sins. Ellen remembered a peace of mind and a deep desire that all should love Jesus and have their sins forgiven. But these very early your innings were only. The prelude to what could be characterized as her conversion crisis. It began to unfold with intensity during William Miller's first visit to Portland Maine. In March of eight hundred forty four a course of lectures on the second coming. This is in first testimonies. Page fourteen. The series of lectures created a serious crisis of soul for the twelve year old Ellen. A crisis that was not to be clearly resolved until eight hundred forty two two years in the making in the wake of Miller second series of lectures important. During Miller solemn appeals she found it hard to obtain an assurance of acceptance. Feeling that. And I quote. She could never become worthy to be called a child of God. This is all she felt she later related how she felt that she would be lost if Christ had come and find her in her current spiritual condition. And what is William Miller preaching. Jesus is coming in eighteen forty four. So here she is thinking this guy coming in preaching convincing by prophecy that the judge of all the earth is coming in here I am not ready. I don't. I don't I don't have my experience of conversion so she goes on. She later related how she felt sorry read this she said it was very difficult to surrender fully to the Lord. She was so burdened that she confided to her brother Robert that she had coveted death. In the days when life seems so burdensome. But now her mind was terror stricken with the thought that she might die in her sinful state and be lost eternally. It seems that our fears and confusions continued until the summer of eighteen forty two when she attended a Methodist can't meeting at Buxton Maine where she was fully determined to seek the Lord and obtain the pardon for her since her resolutions were not in vain during this deeply spiritual season. She came to understand that she had been indulging in self. Dependence. This was the turning point. She had come to realize she had been indulging in self. Dependence. Goes on to say. She professed to find comfort in a thought that only by connecting with Jesus. Through faith. Can the sinner become a hopeful. Believing child of God. She now began to see her way more clearly and the deep night of spiritual darkness began to turn to a more hopeful. Dawn was earnest when persistently seeking the Lord for forgiveness. At the altar and sensing or hopeless condition. She felt her burden suddenly lifted and enjoyed a light heartedness that seem too good to be true. She sensed that Jesus was near. And that he had blessed her. And pardoned her since the days following the Boston can't meeting. Ellen witnessed an almost constant state of joy in the Lord. Soon after return home she was baptized by immersion in Casco pain and was received into for membership of the Chestnut Street Methodist Episcopal Church in Portland Maine God given her a craving. And she was full. When I read these things. I cannot believe that all of us are experiencing them to think that it's saying here that she witnessed an almost constant state of joy in the Lord. And sometimes I'm a weak a walk around and just look in our faces and know we don't have joy in the moon. We don't. Our life is all about the thorns. And the burdens. This is the drawing of our minds. And this was the experience of Mother Teresa my last person you know Mother Teresa. When she died they released. Copies of her diary. These were letters that she sent to a spiritual adviser. And they published these in a book and. This is the interesting stories I want you to follow this. And one letter from one hundred sixty two Mother Teresa. Even mused about her sense of spiritual desolation. Might impact the bit which was to make her a think so now she goes on and says. If I ever became become a Saint. I will surely be one of Darkness is One Mother Teresa wrote. I will continually be absent from heaven to the light of those in darkness. On Earth. I think that this is a real treasure. This is the guy commenting. For not only believers but even doubters and skeptics. I think it also makes for much more accessible to every to the everyday believer. It shows that even the Saints struggling are spiritual lives. And that they don't have an easier than we do. They sometimes have a harder than we do. This is what these people are right. But it's getting even more interesting. In one thousand nine hundred two Mother Teresa she took a vow to not refuse Jesus. Anything that was survive. Starting in one thousand forty six she experienced these mystical encounters with Jesus which she called the voice asking her to serve the poorest of the poor. The Darkness. Quote unquote was her term for feelings of loneliness and abandonment. When her communion with Jesus and it. Prior to nine hundred forty six. This gentleman who was analyzing said Little was known about to receive spiritual life. She says in a letter. I came to India with the desire to love Jesus. As he has never been love. Before. Just think about the statement. I came to India with the desire to love Jesus. In a way he's never been loved before. But she says she was a woman passionately in love with Jesus. Yet no sooner did Teresa start or work in the slums of Calcutta than she began to feel the intense. Absence of Jesus. A state that lasted until her death. According to her letters. And a letter estimated to be from one thousand nine hundred one Teresa wrote darkness is such that I really do not see. Neither with my mind or with my reason. The place of God in my soul is blank. There is no God in me. When the pain of longing is so great. I just long and long and long for God. The torture and pain. I can't explain. Over time. The Reverend Joseph Nurin or a spiritual adviser help to research realize her feelings of abandonment only increased her understanding of the people she helped. Ultimately she identified her suffering. With that of Jesus which helped her except that I am with the story. Because God had given her a craving. But no one wanted to point her to the feeling here she is saying. I feel this loneliness there is no God in me. I feel disconnected from Christ the sense of abandonment the sense of loneliness. God gave her a craving. But no one told her where to where to drink. Because in Catholicism. Doesn't exist. There is no such found. And I wonder as you and I've come to this event. If we really made up our minds that. We want to love Jesus. In a way that he's never been loved before. That's the first question. You know when my wife and I were first married. We had this devotion one time early part of our marriage the first few months. And as we're having worship together. We were reflecting on this whole idea of. You know what's a good model. To approach our life at home. And so we're reading this devotional book. And as reflecting on this devotional book. We came out with these words. We said what if we set a vision for marriage is. I want to love my wife. In ways she's never been love before. That's my goal every single day. And would have her goal every single day was I want to love my husband in ways that he's never been loved before but then we realize right that this is all it's all well and good he sounds great a romantic but what if we apply that to Jesus. And I listen to what other people do for Christ. I listen to the office other people bring to Christ. But what if I wanted to love Jesus. In a way that he's never been loved before. But in that desire. That I have in that emotion in that passionate you can have a crisis in all that you can give it will not feel. Even if you had that desire in your heart. Even if it crossed your mind to do that tonight. In this room. You may be inspired by C.N.N. I want to leave I want to love Jesus in ways you never loved before but. Mother Teresa says you still feel the abandonment. The loneliness the brokenness the darkness. Because when God gives us a desire for righteousness. Our works it doesn't say. Bless it. Blessed are those who hunger there's a right in it for they shall do works. It says they shall be filled. It is passive in the Greek that means. It is something done to you there is a filler. And as God looks at our response he says. Would you open your heart to allow me to give you a craving for right isn't it that says question. God gave them a craving. Gave it to Luther. He gave it to Ellen. He gave it to Mother Teresa. And I don't know about you but I want to in the black Luther. In Ellen. I don't want to end up like militaries to the grave. In emptiness. When the Bible says. You shall be filled. That means there will come a day when you won't even desire. Right. You be filled every head is about every eyes closed mind potations very simple. For the person. The Lord spoke to your heart. In the Lord is saying to you tonight. I want to give you a craving for righteousness. What I gave to Martin. What I gave to Ellen. But the question is your heart open. Is your heart open. And if you want to say Yes Lord. My heart is open and my prayer. Tonight And we're going to be a procession even after this. Give me a craving for righteousness. That should resign want to bite you distant you feel. That's your desire. Give me a craving. Father in heaven. You know our hearts. You know our needs. And you know our weaknesses. You see those of us who have stood in on the first one to confess Lord. That we need this crazy. We need God to awaken a deep desire in our souls for righteousness. And that desire is awakened to the activity of God. There's something when we see the example of Christ. There's something when we see the goodness of God. The something when we see right in is lived out before us. Around us. Lord that awakens in us that desire that craving for righteousness and father that's the craving we want. The craving. That is deeper than the craving for food. The craving that is deeper than the craving for power or for security or for love or for acceptance. A craving. That is greater than any other that it will consume all desires. In that we would seek first. Your rights his father give us this craving and help us to know that just a very desire itself is a sign that we shall be filled. Thank you Lord for hearing in answering this trust that you hope is to you as we often Spurgeon this media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave the W.W.W. done audio Verse dot org.


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