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Why Do I Love Evil?

Sebastien Braxton


God will can enmity between us and the devil, a hatred for sin. He has to put enmity between us and Satan is because we have a tendency to be aligned with him thus it is important that we ask God to give us a perfect hatred for sin.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.




  • August 15, 2015
    11:30 AM


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We must recognize that in discussing this kind of topic as. As we try to build a case last night. This could be the turning point in someone's life that turns them into a major Christian reform. This could be the preparation for someone to serve the Lord. Even as a prophet. We look at Illinois. This could be the preparation of someone even going be on what mother to reset don't. Can you imagine how powerful her testimony would have been has she done the things she had done. And she had the peace of God. At the same time. But it's all marred at the end of her life. All her legacy all those things are marred by the fact that she had this constant abandonment and loneliness in her heart which goes to show you know. Amount of works will bring us peace. However good and however inspirational they are people can even canonize you and make you a sink. It does not do anything. There is no replacement for Christ Martin Luther is recorded as having preached a sermon one time. And while he was preaching a sermon it was he was frustrated because they had. You know the little indulgences. Outside right you know. Whenever a coin in a cough or rings a soul from purgatory Springs right this kind of stuff. So people have been hearing Luther preach but they felt like you know what there was an opportunity maybe I can add to the glass with that Luther is preaching. So not only can I you know. Listen to the Gulf and believe in Christ but I can put my money in this coffers. And I can go to these relics right this is St John's piece of his robe. Rights are you going to touch the robe of St John from Patmos and. You know you get some blessing from there in India they believe they have the tomb of Thomas. They believe in the Middle East that Daniel is buried there so Muslims and Christians and Jews all fight over the space. So you're thinking. All these concepts were going on and Luther came to that service that day and he had to preach and he said. Steps away from the podium which is very abnormal for a priest to do you ever seen a Catholic Church right they have the little lectern all the way sorted up like above the congregation. So Luther. Doesn't preach from there he preaches. On the floor with the congregation. And as he steps away from his podium. He's clearly moved by something. And they describe the experiences Luther comes and he says Listen. He says Return to relics. You pay your money. You think you have to do this penance and climb up this innumerable amounts of stairs. Self legislature self when all along. There is Christ. Right there you just have to go to him. Why is it that we have to add to what Jesus does. It is sufficient. If it's not sufficient. Then why did he die. Jesus didn't come down to pay ninety percent of the bill. Work out the other ten percent. Thanks God I can't even fill the ten percent. Amun the loser is looking at recent you can add to the sacrifice of Christ. He says you drop your coin in a cough or you're saying His sacrifice is insufficient. You go and touch that relic. And these people are sitting there so moved by the fact that for us. It seems so basic. It seems so assumed. But the reality is we don't have relics anymore right we don't have places to go to touch. St John's garments. Or this was the Bible that Daniel had in Babylon. All these other relics that were like oh wow you know. I'm going to get a blessing from this because this thing a saint if I set aside by God. But we do have our own modern relics as well. You think because you woke up and read your bible this morning that recommended you to go on some of us thing because we pray for two hours rather than the normal thirty minutes right you sound like the fairy see in the temple. I thank you Lord. That I pray two hours. Unlike the thirty minutes that these other people prayed. Because I'm not like other men the Bible says He went to his home. Condemned not justified. But he spiritual doing spiritual activities I'm not an extortioner. I'm not an adulterer I'm not like these other MN. But the man who sat a far off and said Lord be merciful to me a sin and preaching my sermon for tonight already. But the point. Must remain the same. What is justification by faith. It is the laying into the dust of the glory of who of men. And doing. For men that which it is not in his power to do for himself I told you I want you to memorize call before you leave. This is what it is whatever. Reduces man's glory. And whatever God does for you that you cannot do for yourself. Do you know you aren't around the righteousness poncy. You start preaching anything else that you can do for yourself. That's not right is by faith is works. You can't add. And God doesn't do for men. What men can do for himself. Amun This is why you know one of the favorite famous reverence in New York City. He used to have the saying write the best you can do for the poor is not be one of them. That's the best thing you can do. Because if you're poor you know how can anyone. So in this context right. If I apply that to physical poverty. And it is true. The best and you can do for the poor is not be wanted. Because if you're poor you a helping anybody. You want to same boat as me. But it applies equally to spiritual poverty. So listen the best way I can do for the people outside in eastern Canada is be filled with righteousness. That's the best thing I can do for them is to have his righteousness. And as I'm living that life out sing to fight. This is what's awakening the hunger in them to desire right is nice and all they need is the hunger in third and they will be filled. That's all they need. Once you have that desire that I want to live a better life. I want to do good. I want to live right by my wife. I want to be a faithful father as soon as you have the hunger and thirst and he says you are blessed you shall be food. That's not usually a message to people. I want to begin with a story from Charles Spurgeon. But before I do that let's pray together. Father in heaven. We are bound to embark upon the experience of the Gospel in the Old Testament. Father. Most often in our highest and most severe critics. Use this part of the canon of scripture. To discount the blessing. The bless it love grace and faithful that we speak of in terms of salvation. And the God whom we love and worship. We pray Father that you would raise up at the knees or today that do the reflection upon these stories. As they revealed the principles of the gospel of righteousness by faith in the Old Testament that Christ would be of lifted. That Jesus would be seen that we would be drawn to him Lord. And that we would not resist. But father that we may find ourselves coming before God not just in brokenness and in contrition. But Father. In Chile. And in peace in love and in excitement of living life. Abiding in him. This is our prayer. And we trust that you hope this to be our experience for we offer this prayer in Jesus' name amen. Charles Spurgeon tells a story take your Bible started Genesis three verse fifteen. We're going to start with our scripture reading Charles Spurgeon tells a story. He says there was a men who was a a power of a pastor over a over a church in England. He remembered one day that one of his parishioners was a very poor woman. And he had received several offerings in church so he said you know what I remember this woman has need. I'm going to go visit her to go and help her meet her needs financially. So the pastor. Leaves the church locks up heads down. You know to where she lives. Knocks on the door. It's about twelve o'clock in the afternoon. What's on twelve o'clock in the afternoon. This will be important later on. So he knocks at twelve o'clock. No answer he knocks again no answer. His Ok goes back to the church. About one o'clock. The woman walks into the church. As she walks into the church the pastor run bumps into an ISA sister. You know this morning. God had reminded me of your need. And I'd come to your house. To give you for your need and she says about what time did you come to my house was under the gun. She was home. At twelve o'clock. She says. Oh you know Pastor I'm so sorry. I was actually home at twelve o'clock. The reason I didn't open the doors I thought you were the men who was calling for the rent. Because she couldn't pay. You see in this message of the story that Spurgeon is trying to get across is the fact that. Too many times. This pulpit. We wonder why people are close to three cheers why they're not interested in church. Why they're not interested in being faithful in surrendering their life to Christ is because we got preachers knocking at the door calling for the rent of which they can never pay. Sermons are just another reiteration of something else you need to add. I remember when I first came into the church I mean I was studying the Bible. A night ten hours a day and reading the Spirit of Prophecy. I had nothing else to do with my life. Because I was coming from the world it was like well you want to go to the movies Nah not doing that you want to do all you're never going to strip not doing. Him ever going to hang it now not doing so at the end of the day was I DO YOU WANT TO WATCH HIS spiritualistic show. Now not doing what are you going to sit at home and read the Bible. I got no spiritual friends my family is not Christian. So I'm sitting among reading reading studies funny when you go to church. Right and every Sabbath school every sermon right I'm listening to these messages like oh yeah you know you thought you were really vegetarian and vegan but you need to be G.M.O. not G.M.O. in them. There was a time when soya milk was the cutting edge of educator in Islam. And I'm going to assort milk tasted terrible. I was like This is the nasty stuff I've ever tasted in my life. Our Indra tofu was like an abomination I was like. There's no way I can eat this stuff. But now you know you gotta get one G.M.O.. Tofu. So I'm not has too many of these community Allman milk no. But now it's now all you need cash to mill. Then it's like OK well it's not enough for you just to be vegetarian gotta be juicing a certain amount of times you gotta know. You can mix fruits and vegetables. Who in the world put the strawberries in the salad a potluck. Because I just heard I can eat fruits and vegetables. Then he says well we should add too many spices who made this curry for Sabbath afternoon. Do you understand where I'm going with this is just another knock at the door and people eventually say look you know I can't paint. Like I have. I have loved ones who are struggling with cancer. Trying to do it the natural way. And as I walk with these people to their experience and all the things that help people will tell them to do. Take three jobs at this. You know eight. Probably are juice in this ten twelve times a day. How do you do that you work in ten hours. But the time you get home you're tired. Only to find out what you need a ten thousand dollar. Champion juice or if you really want to be a strong. Vegetarians like. I can afford a ten thousand dollar juice or. Well or start with a basic blender but these kind of can make these kind of smoothies. You've got to have this and you probably need a supplement to add to this. Said before you get done with this thing. People start realizing that's just a health message. We haven't even gone into the other twenty a fundamental believes. So people realize you know what I'm shut down by the preacher. I don't want to come to church. I don't want to sit in Sabbath school. Why cause it's just another knock at the door and all I'm thinking is the guy asking for the rent. Telling me oh how many of you want to so last year. Now you feel now about the burden of getting a champion juice or juicing eating this way. And I gotta want to soul on top of that somewhere my schedule. While I'm also told don't let the family ministry people show up. You start reading closer mellow white every evening should be dedicated to family time. So how are you going to come home. After working nine to five. Every evening is dedicated to family time but then you should be doing outreach or some point. So guess what they get relegated for outreach. Service. This is the life. People say this now. When do you actually Reston do understand where I'm going. I'm talking to people who come to me all the time and say Sebastian are only sent home so so do all of this. Because when your new convert. You want to do everything. I was there. Someone told me to do something. It was like automatic. You know you have those thing when you're a kid and your sibling will say to you. Hey I want to ask you something but you have to say yes. Nona. You got to tell me what it is first. Do you know that's how we grow in the administration. Before we commit anything tell me what it is first when a canoe convert comes they say. Just tell me I'll do it. I'm committing before you even ask. Listen when we got that thousand Avenue Should we are no idea what we're getting into. You didn't. So what we're talking about right isn't a spy face. Right or this by faith is the third angel's message. In verity isn't right George. That is the truth. I didn't say that Sister why I said that. So that is the third angel's message and since eight hundred forty four we are in the time of the third angel's message. What then is our message. It's not Beast and stuff all again the ocean and. How many has that the dragon have that's not our message. Our messages. You need to depend fully upon the right wrist of Christ to become right with God. That's what the Sabbath is all about. You think you can keep twenty four hours holy because you cook your food on Friday. Because you are interested before the sunset. Because the house was clean you're now holy for twenty four hours. No it is a sign between you and me. God says that I think if I you. I'll take that one element. The Sabbath is a sign. Between us and God that he sent to find us human I cannot keep twenty four hours holy. We have to accept that in of ourselves. It is not possible. So every week. God giving us a reminder. A test and experience of righteousness by faith. Weekly. Your part is cook your food. Our new clothes clean your house. That's your part that's the human part. The next twenty four hours is when I work a miracle. To remind you. Twenty four hours of holiness. And this is a powerful thing right. Holiness. Is there not about work. Think about the association. The day that got asked us to keep holy is the day he asked us to do nothing interesting. So the other six days you shall work and do all your labor. But the day I want you to keep all the pages do nothing. What you mean. No I want you to do any work. I don't want to do. I want you to enter into my wrath. And God arrest because he was tired. So he's not asking us kill yourself for six days and pass out Sabbath afternoon. That's not keeping the service. A man. Listen when God Creator seven that's not what he had in mind. Hey man work yourself to the bone pass out Sabbath afternoon. Barely stay awake during the sermon. That's what God had a vision for the savage. No that is not what he had in mind. So I want you to know very clearly on this Sabbath day. When we talk about righteousness fine faith. Jesus is saying. An advantage preacher is the man coming to your house not to ask for the rent. But to give you the money to pay. That's an advantage preacher. I'm not coming to you this morning to tell you what more you need to do. I'm telling you what more Christ has done. And in case we didn't get it we need to hear a hundred times. Because we are always in danger of trusting to self. Dying to self is not don't eat chocolate cake after ten o'clock. That's not dying to self. Ali to die to self man I'm I'm struggling with chocolate cake at ten o'clock. Who knows what you got to your hotel room right now. And we think all you know what that is of us should those chips in the trash. No dying to self. Right Listen to this right. L O Y says. If we come to Christ. And we confess our sins in face believing that he forgives us. This may properly be termed a crucifixion of self. Dying to self is casting yourself. Myself wholly on the merits of Jesus Lord I can do it does dying to self. There is nothing in me. That will help me live this life. Out. That's dying to self. When I sit up and say Lord. I don't have it in me. Under going to come like this little boy did he really think he was going to be five thousand people were his lunch. Yes or No No He just said look I see you have a need. I'm going to bring what I have. I know it's insufficient. I know that a short i know is not going to cover. Maybe one person won't be fed by this. But I brought what I had. That's all Jesus is asking brothers and sisters. See I'm basically preachin set to nice. Of the Gospel in the Gospel. When I hear to ask for the rent. And I had to tell you hey add this to your health repertoire. Start doing this with your family. Listen. When I was coming into the faith. No one told me to give up hip hop music. No one said Sebastian. You see don't have naked women posters on your wall. You should buy to close them here I am studying Genesis right writers have naked woman. Half naked woman. This hip hop star this pop star and I was like How can you study the Bible in this atmosphere every time you look at half naked woman. It's like no I'm silly reading the Bible and the Holy Spirit is like you take that down. You're right in the trash. Then annex they are selling my Bible only reason I use it as CD book you got three four hundred C.D.'s crazy music and. I start going to the CD book on the air. D M X Nah can listen to that city after city other side you know just go to Hoboken attraction. Don't sell it back to make money because somebody else might get their CD for the for cheaper put in the trash. This is what I was doing. Then one day I'm selling my Bible I come to my wardrobe these are all my clubbing clothes. You know how can you wear this man. These big baggy jeans right bright colored shirt would like a print of New York on the shirt. Like the actual city of New York. Bright blue with mixed. I mean it was just over to Tom. Lord God wants to be humble. It was really be modest. I can't predict this. No one told me. There was no G Y C. There was no seminar on dress reform. The dress reform started right here. That's where it started because I had trusted holy to Christ. And as I'm going to live jesus like here's another thing Sebastian. Let's keep rolling. Then we keep rolling guys like hey you know this right here. You're right. It's done. The thing that makes the Christian life difficult. Is not the lack of the grace of God. It's my lack of willingness. He starts revealing things nonaligned trying to give that up. You know but what about how we start looking at other people in the church who are doing never God is using them. She watches she retiree Potter. She's having a blast time is obviously when you know they're kissing in their relationship and they seem to have a good relationship. And we're not saying that because really believe it the illogically were saying that because we're trying to justify our position. I don't want to stop doing this. That's why we're doing this. But the reality is I don't need to get up and give you a seminar on relationships I need to get up and tell you. Here is what Jesus has done for you. How can your response be was the least I can do. How so here Christ has given everything. Life. Love all of heaven. Suffering and your response is what was the least I can do is to go to the kingdom. The only way you could respond that way is because you don't know what Jesus has done for you L Y seven steps the crisis is people think it hard to give all to Christ. She says I'm ashamed to think it a machine to write it. When Christ has given all for them to understand what she's trying to teach us. She's trying to teach us listen. The way is not to help people to say. Oh yeah. Let me just tell you what happens if you don't surrender. The point is to show them. Look at what Christ has done for you look at all that he gave you see my job as a preacher is to fill in all flesh it out. This is all. Every story every message is this is what all means. And as we dive into that all. Every time it gets deeper and deeper you realize what am I doing. As the man is preaching this message as he's given me to cross he's given me the resurrection. He's shown me there is my lord's lifeless body in the hands of Nicky Demas caring to the grief. How can I respond and be like Lord I just want to do what I want to do and go to heaven. Chrysler you think my life was body is a nicotine Mrs and. So you can continue do what you want to do. This is what sin is sin is here in your hands. Have you ever held your own child. Lifeless. But now think about your own mother or father. In your hands. Lifeless. And you're carrying her body. To a grief in knowing your mother gave all. And your response. She can give all just to go do what you want to do. But it's what we do across the focusing listen. I'm going to tell you that he's paid this what he's given and. If we will not resist. Our human response will be exactly what it ought to be. How can I withhold anything from him. What could be so precious that I won't give it to Christ and what I care about so much that I don't trust him to manage to decide to control them to directed killed half my time. Genesis three. The Bible says. Talking to the serpent. The Bible says as he's giving the judgment of the servant he says and I will put. What end MITI between you and the woman is talking to the serpent and between your seed in her seed. He shot through your head. Your Head. And you shall Bruce his heel. Now I want you to notice. Very what's very interesting about this verse. The Bible says that God promises to the serpent. That he is going to put what. Enmity what is unwitting Emmet he is a tree. So if God has to put hatred that means hatred is not there. Are you with me. So that means when Adam and Eve sinned. What happened was not that they necessarily gained something but they lost something. Are you following what I'm saying. I want to say that again. The very first promise a God is giving to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. After they have fallen into sin is not that I'm going to give you this. His first promise. In the context of condemning the serpent is. I'm going to put something that is now been removed by your sin. Because Adam and Eve sin they no longer have any MATY with the devil. They no longer have and mature resistance to the issues of unrighteousness. So God comes in and says I'm going to do for you what you can never do for yourself. If God has to put anybody between you and the devil and MILLION the devil. What is that teachers about our condition. We are naturally aligned with Satan. We are naturally drawn to underwrite she says. I don't hate sin. Listen. The reason why we feel guilt. The reason why we struggle in the Christian life is because we're trying to figure out why do I love the things that bring me pain. That's the point of addiction. If you ever listen to a drug addict talk. The drug addict says Man you know I was clean for two weeks. And then one day I had a stressed out day. I was over in a corner and. I was trying to fight it I was trying to fight it and then. I just felt defeated man I was lost after I smoked this thing. Now to get how can I do this. I was clean for two weeks and the funny thing is if you don't know they were talking about drugs. You would think they were talking about since the first summer heard a documentary on addiction. That's how they started the documentary. And as I was listening to us I thought this was about drugs. I toss the movie. This guy sounds like a sinner. A guy who's come to me for counsel before I remember when I was younger my Christian faith the elder who brought me into the church with my baptismal classes. Used to take me on eventually them with him. Personal Bible studies all these things. Great experience. Highly recommended. If you're an elder you should do that he would take me to personal but that's where for me to be a Christian I assume they had to be evangelists. I couldn't be a Christian without eventually. That's was my experience. So we're going on is Bob So this is one woman. We were ministering to. And she had previously had a drug addiction they took away her kids from her. I mean. Very terrible situation. But eventually she got back on her feet the government gave her housing all this kind of stuff. So we were meeting with her. And while we're meeting with her. I had told her that my favorite Bible study was to give the Daniel to Bible study because that was the thing that started my experience. So I said I'm really excited about this study. So she says sounds good so we came I gave her the study. She was super blessed and. I left right now is like man this eventually and stuff is amazing. Like I to do this more often. So the elder was really excited I was excited we did a couple more bother so he's a member talking to her about heaven. And what heaven was going to be like and what the Bible says about heaven. And you could just see her eyes men she started tearing up. And she's thinking. I don't even know if I deserve to live in a place like that and I'm like of course you deserve it because Christ died. So that you could. So here she's like you know what. I'm excited about this on the get my kids back. Just so she's really excited one day. The following week. I'm sitting at home. She calls me at home. She calls me at home. And I can tell immediately when I answer the phone and she's crying. Said was wrong. She's like well Sebastian you know. I did it. I went out. Some friends some guys I just met in a neighborhood as you want to come with them. I went for a ride with them they broke out some drugs. And as you know I'm sniffing cocaine again. And I said OK. She says I just feel so bad I feel like I can't come back to Christ. I feel like there's nothing I can do like I've gone too far. God has been so gracious and God has been so good to me. How could I respond like this. I feel unworthy and I'm like well no no you're not unworthy Now mind you right. I'm not even baptize you. This is before baptized. I've just started reading the Bible like two months ago. So I'm going to this experience with this woman. I'm thinking to myself. I don't have the verses to encourage her. I don't know the verses to tell her. Some trying to. You know slip through the Bible to random passages like what the Bible says this in some forty eight. And the Bible says this isn't. I'm just trying whatever I can to and I'm going to follow her three hours why because she's saying she's there in our house she's standing on a chair with the rope on her neck. She's going to hang yourself. Some trying to do everything say everything I possibly can to prevent this suicide. Because this girl feels like she's gone too far she's crossed the line. There's no way Christ can accept her. Finally she hangs up the phone. I have no car. Cannot drive to her house. Right you can call the police but are going to be like whoa. What you want to do. How do we know this we can start by the house but she doesn't answer the door to police can bust in the house. They don't have probable cause. So I call the elder he says I'm a try to get to issue he picks me up we go to the she doesn't answer. Never heard from Oregon. To this day. When Elvis run me off at home. I remember making a commitment to myself. I will never be in the situation everyday. If anyone ever calls me through failure to discouragement. Because of sin. I will know the verses it now only will I know the verses. Lord I'm going to have experienced them and tested them. In my own life. So that it comes I will conviction and not just sounding like academic knowledge. And I can share from my own failures my own struggles. Because naturally what grieves her heart is the fact of. Why is it that I don't hate cocaine. Why is it that I'm still drawn to this ng after I've come to Christ. I know about heaven. I know about salvation. I know about prophecy. I know about this but guess what. That doesn't change one iota of her draw to cocaine. And it bothers her. But you see what I didn't understand then that I understand now is that a supernatural work. You can make yourself hates in. You can make yourself naturally and MATY with the devil. Only Christ can do that. God says. I will put and Miltie. We have to recognize that right here in this verse right. There is laying into the dust of the glory of men. Just when you thought you were a good person this just in. You are not naturally drawn to write Jesus. You actually have no problem with the devil. That is our natural state. It is the grace of God that you and I are not submitted to the power of demons this moment. It is the grace of God that you actually sin and were able to get up and run to Christ and go to him and prayer and contrition. Because the devil was unable to hold you in his control listen. When we say he has every right. But because of the mercy of God and God says I'm going to do for you what you can never do for yourself. So the very fact that I've been Phil guilt is very proof positive that Christ is working in my life. And therefore we have to pray on this very morning that if I really wanted spirits right is nice by faith. I need to go to Christ and say Lord give me and Mickey Lord give me hatred. Put it in my life. Listen right Jesus isn't just about love it's also about a tree. And God doesn't just hate your sin he doesn't just hate the embarrassing since he hates all sin. Amen. And we need to come to go out and say Lord I want to heart like Christ heart. And guess what Christ heart is like. He hates every sin. Small big wide. Often frequent once in awhile. He said Oh that's a sin that he hates. But the problem is we only hate the ones that get us in trouble. But crisis saying. I'm talking about the sins that you're planning to do tonight. When you finish. I'm talking about the sins that you can to give a savage right you know the double edge rest for twenty four hours. There's stuff we're already planning tomorrow already planning this week. I'm a go do this. I'm a watch this. I'm a go eat this. I'm a go dotted i was why want with where I want. When I want. It's in the back of our minds right now but we have to make sure we put on the face of people know where a good seven day event is because we came to church where the C.Y.C.. I'm on the economy so I can be dressing like this when I come to E.C. Y.C. but I know how I dress during the week. I seen it too many times. I remember men. Cyst. One time I was dating his girl. And I was like canvassing came in to surprise her of like you know I'm a drive an hour and a half. Go see her right surprise or at her house. Some judges need to surprise your girlfriend. Road up to her apartment right as I'm approaching the dorm like my hear some loud music. I'm thinking men are neighbors are just like Jim an hour later I get in right. Walk down. It's her apartment. Blaring music. Hit the corner there she is dancing around the apartment covered in jury. Necklaces bracelets everything era I mean I'm talking about pounds of jewelry. She saw me in the doorway. Right you can imagine her heart stop. My heart stopped to. As I have to tell my girlfriend. I think some must be the rug a part of it. We literally sat in silence for forty five minutes didn't say anything to each other then I just left. Little I mean there was. I couldn't. I literally didn't have the words like. I was completely in shock because this is what's presented to me. We know how to look pretty for the camera. So that's why I remember when I started traveling globally. Mean Jesus had to have a talk in the lore sat me down to Sebastian listen you travel the world. You don't consider any woman. Outside of the country. As a lesson you go to preach for two weeks in Rwanda any girl can be right for two weeks. Oh yeah he's in town. And then of course every time you got I want to all he's pastor brassy single and. Eligible Amen. It's not good for men to be alone pastor. We're laughing because we do it is the true. Then your shaking hands after your son a priest brother were you eating Sabbath this you know should come in my daughter. Not to come in here at the church things. It's a true. This woman came to me one time in a church I was free I'm not going to say where this grow this woman came to me and said Sebastian. Will you wait for my six year old daughter. Sixteen. I'm like. One more time. You want me to wait for your daughter. Yeah way to she turns eighteen then you can marry my daughter us. I'm sorry I have to disappoint you on that when she said NO me at least pray about it. These are seventy seventy S.. Listen when you travel the church you get to see a lot of interesting things. But it is the point that I'm sitting down with Christ in Christ like Sebastian. If she's out of the country. She's off limits. I don't care how pretty she is and how godless is I don't care she was organizing the event. Gave her blood to fund it doesn't matter. I will meet them as a well man speired by you she's a nice girl but she was I had that plane. Delta Airlines please make sure you see belts are fasten a your tray tables are an upright and locked position. She was gone soon as the point to go. Not an option. Why because I cannot know for sure. So people talking a promise of azure you know when in the church there's no girls either. I said just because you have numbers doesn't mean you have quality. And I'm not single because I couldn't get married. I was single because I'm not just marry anybody. But you see. This is what I'm talking about. We must accept the fact that we love sin. We don't love all sin. Right we all have our sin that does so easily be set us and the Bible says it Genesis three fifteen. From the very first gospel sermon. That was preached according to SR one. The gospel is about restoring hatred. Where it was lost. We need to be praying this morning Lord give me. And because we tolerate things we shouldn't be tolerated. We allow things we should be allowing. And I'm not talking in other people and tell them ourselves. We have this thing in communication. We call self talk. And a lot of times when you're counseling people through self talk. What you realize is people tell themselves things they will never take from someone else. So it's gross it down you know I was in England. One time and she was like you know. I just don't feel like I'm beautiful in that any guy would ever want me and her boyfriend was mistreating and all this kind of stuff. And I'm listening to her talk right you know I'm really ugly and I'm not very intelligent and I'm thinking so if I sat down right here and I told you everything you're saying to yourself. I say you know you're very ugly. You're not intelligent. You're really not useful to the church. I don't even know why you exist like. If I said that he this is what she sings who are self. I said How would you react she was like I'll be a great wife. You're the one telling yourself the same thing. So why are you not angry with yourself. So therefore take your trust are yourself and put it in Christ. That is the reality. Lean not on your own understanding. This how you see yourself thanks for letting us know in the trash. Now let's focus on what Christ thinks of you. That's what we need to focus on that's where our faith needs to be. And I need to recognize that in my heart. I am not opposed to sinfulness. I'm not opposed to evil. I'm not opposed to wrongdoing. I'm not opposed to going off on people in the parking lot. I'm not opposed to. You know what I'm a get one over on you. We are not a pulse of those things. We're not opposed to abusing power and therefore. Let's not kid ourselves. Thinking that you know all the sudden I'm just going to you know. Sometimes people will try to come up with these things right they'll say well. I'm going to I'm going to do this I was dating this girl same girl actually other way to say this girl. Like I had like all these relationships. My wife would be like why are you saying this. But same girl. And I remember we're having issues with physical boundaries. Right so you come together. You know it was so stupid. You come to you know we come to my apartment her apartment we sit down we start saying you know I we're going to start with a bible study in for right. And it's Elizabeth City for a was over we start violating boundaries. Kissing tatting all this kind of stuff. Then we afterwards I will repent Lord we're so sorry. You know the sin have been right for the next time we said we're going to read the Bible and we're going to read Spirit of Prophecy a whole chapter great controversy. Those along chapters by the time you don't with that you need to be thinking about it. That's what you thought. Then you can read the Bible. Read all of the chapter great Kaja verses violate your boundaries. Then the next time he said OK we're going to read the Bible. Read a chapter spirit of prophecy and we're going to have a seasonal prayer. And guess what. Then we violated our own just a shadow of my spiritual mother. And I was stunned I said you know. Mom having these struggles with my girlfriend that she looked at we started laughing. She said Did ever occur to you maybe just in be alone. Because I don't he said. She says if you're serious about send you'll make it impossible for to happen again. Cry says listen if you're either causes you to offend isn't I a bad thing. It's not a bad thing. If your eyes cause you to of and what should you do. Pluck it out but don't stop there. Put it in the jar. Cast it away from you but you know we do we pluck it out put it in a jar. Put it on the shelf. You know it's not bad it's an army. There's nothing wrong with a relationship with a Seven Day Adventists Amun. Nothing wrong with that but put that on the shelf. So when you know. It's not that I don't have to get rid of it. No pluck it out in the Bible says cast it from you it be better for you to enter into life with one eye the for your whole body to perish. But you see we take out I want to put that thing on the shelf. Make it look nice in the jar we can access it whenever we feel like it you know because there's nothing wrong with being alone with your boyfriend your girlfriend. Stuck it in yourself. You do not have. And maybe that's the hardest part. And it makes sense why it's one of the first promises because we think we love righteousness and we hastened but we don't. And it doesn't make sense that men would degrade in sin. Unless he loved it. How would he get worse and worse if he hated sin. He want to get worse. He hates it. No it doesn't he. Since you most in. He doesn't like the effects. Doesn't like the guilt. Doesn't like the embarrassment. Doesn't like the shame. But he has no problem with sin. That's was only got a princess and doesn't feel good. Yes it does. We would do it if we didn't I tell people all the time ever wondered why everything is healthy for you doesn't taste good. It was like that's not true. I might listen if carrots tasted like donors. We'd be very healthy. Am I telling the truth is the truth. And of donors tasted like you know Brussels sprouts would be like in a Dunkin Donuts is closed down for business. But the very fact of the matter is you wouldn't be having people in obesity in all these issues. Unless it. It's no different in our spiritual life. If it was not pleasurable if it did not take that we would not be consuming it ourself for all the guilt that I sat down with young men about pornography a masturbation the bottom line is the reason why you're addicted is because it's pleasurable. Point blank period. We're going to get over that so I'm sitting on that academy in are saying you know we got this group of boys are struggling for an R.V. masturbation. In the dorm rooms at the academy. Advantage to carry in the chaplain in the principal and the president of the school or sitting down is a brother so I can you help us because I preach the message on the grace of God and the kid was convicted. So we said on in the office. Right now it's like well you know. He really wants to give it up and all this kind of stuff I said listen you the first is to tell yourself. Stop lying to yourself. Stop lying to you don't want to give it up. You need to accept that this is you who you are right now this ugly person that you're ashamed of to be in the presence of the pastor and confessing these kind of things in to the principal and to the person over here and saying the chaplain in you're like I can't believe I'm saying he sings out loud in front of these people that person right now that you feel does you without Christ. This is you. Any desires of goodness did not come from you. So I said the first thing a nice to happen is you need to pray to God helps you to hate sin. Helps you to hate. Pornography. Helps you to hate masturbation. That's what you need to pray for. Because right now you have no one MATY with you you have no problem doing this and I said. The very fact that it's easy to should have communicated that to you a long time ago. And you should have gotten rid of all forms of technology. Immediately. That's what should happen. I tell people all the time. I remember years ago. The first time in my life I ever access progress and I went to my wife and I said Baby. I want you to have the passwords to all of these things. I can access the militia in the room. She looked at me she said Are you sure I said I wanted to percent sure. Including Facebook. So I was like OK. So for come on the use phase. She has a log in and she sitting right there. Can access it from work can actually go on a plane can access it overseas. Can access it in a hotel. And people said well why would just say look I'm not doing because I have a problem doing is I don't want when I'm not waiting until I'm there stuck. You know masturbating in some old tell them all over the world before I come back so I need help. You know the first time. You need help. I'm not even trying to go down this road. Because I know where he's leading me. But for many of us we look at the arm All right you know that was a one time now men do not play was sent. We have a saying on the street is call is not a game. That is a street saying it is not a game. The devil is not playing with you it seems innocuous to seem so nice it seems so easy right I said many times. Sinner sound like smokers right I can quit anytime. We all know is not true. When it comes to cigarettes but we think is different when it comes to sin. Our can quit anytime. Really the words of C.S. Lewis you never know how bad you are so you try to be good. Just sit down and tell yourself right now. When you leave this room. Oh yeah I'm never going to do this and again. See how that goes. I'm never going to do this thing again the next thing you know when you find yourself in the temptation and you find yourself in a struggle you think it is how did I get to this place. Remember these words from Christ. I will put N.T. The answer is not try to make yourself hate women. The answer is not let me get rid of all technology because listen. If you really want to sin you'll find a way I can tell you there right now. Apartment buildings are free computers. Is the truth. People go up. I'm going to find a way. And I remember I was saying I want to partner complex. And every time I would use the computer there. It would always have signed in stuff do not access for Naga free do not do this why they have those signs in because some brother who's married with kids is going to the computer. Which is accessible twenty four hours a day to access what he wants to see. Because we really want to sing you will find a way. The only problem is we got to turn that around and change that determination from sin. Right like song to Christ. The same I determine a sin is not to get out of the situation my determination not to clean myself up. My determination is to run to crisis fast as possible to get what he meant. That's the truth. Don't wait to repent don't wait to do it is don't just go straight to Jesus. Immediately run to him. The Bible says the name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run to it. They don't walk. They don't even job. They run. They run to it and are safe and are safe. When they trust in the Lord. Listen. I want you to know this morning. That Christ has made provision in every facet of every person's struggle and since Jesus knows that we're drawn to evil. The Bible says He knows our frame. He remembers that we are both flesh. And the techs present God not as a God who comes and says. The very first thing God says When Adam and Eve sin was not that your condemned the very first thing he said was I'm going to give you a MITI Amun. That's who God is God is saying listen. When you fall. When you make the mistake. When you're in that moment. And you have failed the Lord. His first response is to talk to the devil and say look I promise you I'm going to put image he between you and her. Between you and him. That's what I'm going to do before he goes to Adam and said a curse is the ground for your sake. That is not the first words out of God I'm in fill your. The first words out of God's mouth is where are you. Why far from me. God is looking for us. And if you're a parent you know what I'm talking about. When your child misbehaves that's a time when you want to talk to your child. And my telling the truth. So as a charm Mrs Are you looking for the child. We need to sit down and talk. What did you do what happened why did you do this thing. That's why we say children misbehave to get attention from their parents. Because when a child is misbehaving dest when you want to talk to the child. So as God looks at us and he sees us disobeying chattering away from his will. Doing things that are harmful to us and to others. That's the time when Jesus is looking for us. And when he comes. His first words are not. Because you did this. His first words are and will help you get out of this. Imman. I'm a help you get out of this mess. I want you to think for a moment about your mess. I want you to think about your mess. And maybe it's a mess you come to Christ about often. Or maybe it's the one you're free to come to Jesus about and all because you actually believe in your heart. You'll never be free. We just give ourselves over to say this is just what I will do this is how I am this is my personality. We try to use all kinds of excuses. But Rice is missed by faith removes. Every excuse to because he is provided on every site. You come in so Jesus why you can't be saved. He's going to laugh in your face. Are already provided for that. So you tell me why this particular sin. This particular aspect of your Christian experience cannot be overcome. And all I'm going to do is take you back to Christ. And Fred Smith by faith. Take your mess. And someone he said Come to Jesus today. So that Jesus can tell them. I'm going to get you out of this mess. Neither do I condemn. And I could condemn you. But God did not send isn't into the world to condemn. Christ comes to us. He calls us today. That we might be saved every head is about every eyes closed. I want to make an invitation for at least one to come to this altar. Right here and say Lord I'm coming to bring my mess. And I know what you're going to tell me when I make it to the front of this room. And I kneel at this altar. Jesus wants to say to you this morning. I'm going to get you how to dismiss. I just need you to surrender. I need you to let go of this belief that it will never change that you'll never overcome. And I need you to accept that you like this thing. And you don't want to let it go. So is anyone here. That the Holy Spirit is speaking to your heart I want you to come to this altar. Right now right here in crisis saying. Bring your mess. And I promise. All I'm going to tell you is I'm a get you out of this mess. I'm a help you get out of this mess. Comp. Whoever you are wherever you are just come. Crisis on the Get you out of this mess. Every head is about every I is close. You're not coming in need to be praying that the ones that Jesus is calling come. Because this is the moment for some people. People going to leave this altar and are going to leave free. They're going to leave understanding. This is my burden. In this is Kreisberg. I just need to walk with him. Anyone else. Crisis bring your mess. And all I'm going to tell you this afternoon. Is I'm going to get you other dismiss. That's my first response. Jesus. I'm a get you out of this mess. I'm a do for you that what it is not in your power to do for yourself. And he says. I promise. And I can't lie. I can't like anyone else. The Holy Spirit is touch your heart. And you want to come and say Lord. I'm bringing my mess. And I just want to hear you say to my heart but I'm going to take you out of this mess on the Get you out it is those who have come if you will with me as we pray. Father in heaven. We thank you so much. For the truth of the Word of God Father we thank you that you already knew from the very beginning. From the very first sinner. That we've lost our hatred for that which is wrong. Law that sometimes we pursue things that ought not to be more that we are satisfied with base desires and broken cisterns which can hold no water. And Lord were kneeling here because we censure spirit calling us to bring our message to you and as we come. Lord and as we have failed you were kneeling here because we want to hear those words to our own hearts the same message you gave to adamant. That when we sin. Your first audience is not with us but with the devil. And it is your commitment to give us hatred towards him. In towards the works of the devil. And Lord. We first pray that you would put and Miti in our hearts. Father we despise the fact. And it pains us to see how much we love that which is wrong. That which is sinful. And we're just praying Father that you would do a supernatural work in our lives and or that you would crush the devil. Underneath our heels that certain. Lord. We also pray that you would speak to our hearts just now. And Father that we would hear you saying to us. I'm going to get you out of this mess. And or that we can trust in Christ. And that we will find that it is sweet to trust in Jesus. This is our prayer. In the after this break from our hearts in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version. Or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave the W.W.W. done. Audio verse. Dot org.


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