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When Temptations Return

Sebastien Braxton


For God to accomplish the work that he has begun in us, we need to rely on Him. Nevertheless, as we follow Christ, we should recognize that we are not worthy of any of the good he bestows upon us, but because of his goodness.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.




  • August 15, 2015
    7:30 PM


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Father we pray that you would goddess to an experience of rightly dividing the Word of Truth. And Jesus says that the Holy Spirit when he would come. He would guide us into all truth. And all we pray Lord is the words of that song this is God be in my head. And in my thinking. God be in my eyes. And in my looking God in my mouth and in my speaking of God be in my heart. And in my understanding. This is our prelude. And we offer this prayer from our hearts in Jesus's name Amen. The gospel. From the Gospels I want you to turn with me to the book of Matthew chapter for the first thing I want to talk about is right is missed by faith in the context of discipleship that there is no such thing as the cycle shit with our righteousness by faith. And unfortunately for many of us. Or maybe fortunately I should say that the. The actual Great Commission is a commission to go and make disciples. So to understand right his knees by faith is a critical element of understanding how to engage in discipleship. And how discipleship works is what we teach in discipleship. So are you there with me Matthew chapter for women. OK I'm going to pray that you are awake. Matthew Chapter four beginning in verse eighteen. The Bible says. And Jesus walking by the Sea of Galilee saw two brothers. Simon. Called Peter and Andrew his brother. Casting a net into the sea for they were fishermen. Then he said to them. Follow me and I will make you. What fishers of men. And they immediately left their nets and followed him. Going from there he saw two other brothers James the son of seventy and John his brother in the boat with seventy their Father Manning their nets. He called them. And immediately they left the boat and their father and followed him. Now. Right here in the midst of this passage. There's something that is actually teaching us about Christ method. You ever heard that quote right. Ministry of yelling page one forty six Christ message alone. Right. And if you remember all the steps in a writer says. Christ. That alone will. Is will basically give us true success. And he a he did was mingled among men desiring their. Good to be sympathized with them. Thirdly he minister to their needs. Fourthly he won there. And then he bade them. That is telling you what he did with Peter before he called them here. The result of Christ method is not baptism the result of Christ method is discipleship. It is the beginning of the journey. So he says you mingled among men desiring their good. You sympathize with them. You minister to their actual needs you when they're confident and then you bid them to do what. Follow me. Now I want you to. I want you to track with me on this. When he calls Peter. He doesn't say follow me. He says follow me. And the call to decide which it is not just about following Jesus. He says follow me. And I will what makes you what fishers of men so I want you to understand something right here in the middle of discipleship is the principle of righteousness by feet. He looks at Peter he looks at James and John and he says follow me. And I will make you fishers of men in other words he saying who is the subject of the verb. Follow. Who does the following the one who is being called right. So if you and I are receiving a call from Jesus. To be disciples. Our primary call is to what. To follow. We are to live a life of imitation. We are to study the steps in the words of Jesus. You see back in those days when a rabbi would call someone. He had different test of discipleship. Typically you would walk up to a rabbi. And you would say you know I want to be one of your students and a rabbi would say OK. Quote for me Jeremiah Chapter thirty five. If you can call it word for word because he knows the whole oh Testament probably from memory. And so he qualifies as students by how much knowledge you have. And then. If you got it right let's say you call it all the germ I thirty five from memory and you did not mess up one time. Then he would say these two words to you follow me. You can be my disciples. But you see when he made that call to them. He literally meant. Follow me. And in some traditions they suggest that some rabbis literally expected you to walk in their literal physical footprints. You ever been in the snow right. And when the snow is really high and you want to walk to your car to row what do you do you look for the footprints. Right. And you step in the footprints Now if you're like really short like. Shantelle. And she's trying to follow my footsteps right. I have a long stride. So she's going to be. You know doing these things you know magine people walking around Jerusalem trying to follow the rabbi. So here they are like walking where he walks stop where he stops and. Literally they would say when it's time for me to sleep. You Sleep. When I wake up. You wake up. If I fast you fast. Because the whole point was if I'm going to be your disciple. I need you to transmit your life over to me. And eroded transmitter your life over to me I have to literally walk in your actual steps. Live your actual life with you and realize the discipline. The asceticism the commitment. The fasting. The prayer. Everything that he does so that I can also have the same result and power and knowledge that he possesses. Are you with me. So can you imagine that the God of the universe. Incarnate in Jesus says. Follow me. Now you have to step back a moment and recognize a what he's asking me to do. The power is not a need to do it. I tell people all the time the story when I was a kid right. In your thinking about the fact that. Playing basketball in learning anything. I said listen. If someone you know is kid on the playground He's like a college basketball player and he's like case of ash and. I want to teach and I want you to follow what I do right put some cons on the court takes the basketball dribbles around a Congress where this way. Right it doesn't lay upon like OK I can't do that for these I know want you to follow what I do in my I cannot dribble that will. I'm not able to follow what you're doing. So you're asking me to do something for me that's out of my league and you know what he tells me he says Listen. All I'm asking you to do is to continue to try. Right in this principle that Sister Y. gives a ministry of healing. She says that which at first is difficult when done repeatedly becomes easy. So therefore the issue is to stick with it no matter what. This would get us out of a lot of devotional ruts. Too many times we give up on a devotion because when I'm not getting anything out of it the point is keep coming. Even if I'm looking at income paper almost open the Bible and look at the Bible. Because guess what a fun will be bored if I'm going to be anything out of my mind from a be sick tired I'd rather be sick tired bored in the presence of Jesus. But I just need to stick with it. No matter what. Follow me. Jesus is but as he looks at Peter and James and John he realizes that listen. When you follow me. There's something that needs to happen in your life. The call to decide which it is not just to walk with me and live as I live do as I do. No no no it's not just that he says follow me. And what happens. I will work. I will make. Now is Jesus going to make them what they already are. Yes or No No right. If you're already a fisherman he doesn't need to make you what you already are are you with me. So the point is if you can make yourself a fisher of men you wouldn't be following Jesus. So right here in there we are now introduced again to the concept of Jesus doing for Peter James and John and Andrew. What they do not have the power in themselves. To do for themselves. Are you tracking me right know what is justification by faith. It is the laying into the dust. The was the glory of man. I'm going to keep repeating this a huge to get it and. Yes. Doing for man that which it is not the power within himself. I just miss of the group. You have a correct. And I can blame it on being tired to see. This is what justification by faith is so right here in discipleship. Jesus is saying. You do the following. I do the making. This is the experience of being a disciple of Christ. I'm not asking you to do any excessive work. I'm just asking you to follow me. You see when we sit down and we are joined in South Asian we become disciples of Christ. Our number one obsession is just to follow him not to learn about him not to study about to follow him. That's what I want to do that is the commitment of my life as a disciple. I just want to follow Jesus. You see Jesus doesn't say. Follow my doctrine. He doesn't say follow my teachings that's what every other rabbi would tell you if you follow my teachings you'll be this you'll be that Christ says. I am the very thing that your faith should be in. I am the end of what you are supposed to be can. The whole goal is to follow me. Not my teachings. Who I Am. Because you can understand the teachings of Jesus and you accept them and you believe them. And you may even teach them but if you don't practice them. They wrote no change in your life. That is when the truth becomes the truth. As it is in Jesus. For many of us. We can understand the Sabbath but the Southern does not transform us. It does not seem to find us into we say OK I'm going to live out this thing. The are many people know that the seven days a sub and are not keeping it. I told the story before when I was at the church I was baptized into in Georgia. We're having a Y one time and this guy was outside yelling in the parking lot. Super tall guy. Buff. Big afro right. Baby blue suit. Yelling outside in a parking lot people are like brothers of ash and you're a Marine could you go see what's going on out there outside the church. So I'm walking out the elders kind of trailing me a little bit for I don't know what the situation is going to be a my brother you need to have faith in Christ. You know don't look at what. I skinned see right just. We need to go out there as he was going on as I go others excuse me sir. Can we help you. He starts waving in here money for the church. Money for the church. Money for the church Mike. Can I help you. This is Jaeger money for the church he hands me the money. Site twenty five dollars or something. I'm like OK God bless you sir thank you for giving the money. He's like yeah I have money for the church I said OK sir. Would you like to come inside. He says no actually I'm the pastor of the Baptist Church of the street. I said Really. He says Listen. I'm known at the seventh day as the Sabbath. On my life before I became a pastor. And he said recently I've been having dreams. And Jesus been coming to me in a dream and saying if you don't start preaching the saboteur your church. You're going to be lost and your whole congregation. So we said then I realize the only seven keeping church in town. Was the Seventh Day Adventist Church. So I decided to take my money. And I'm going to give it to the church. The true church. This the Baptist minister telling me in the parking lot of this of the of a district. He comes I say listen and we can study I can teach you some things that you can preach to your congregation. We pray together I get his number call the number it never existed. I'm like this crazy or maybe this is an angel. Be aware of you entertain strangers I don't know. But all I know is when I came back in to preach for that a while I had to change my message. Because it showed you right there that people know the Sabbath but they're not live in it and therefore doesn't have a transformative power over their lives. He said. God was giving him dreams. To warn him he needs to preach this true to his cases I've known the truth for twenty five years. So ago so show you. People know things that they're not practicing. But the difference between us and them. Is not the fact that we believe or know different things in terms of knowledge. The difference is I actually surrender to Jesus's command. I actually desire to follow Christ. Because as was his custom. He went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day. I'm doing that because Jesus did that too many times when we're not going to church because I don't like the people I don't like this. Give me one example of Jesus doing that because your focus is not following him your focus is on yourself. Follow me. Now follow your heart. Not follow your cousin. Not follow your mom not follow your pastor. Follow me. We are the saying in entertainment well used to be in acting. It's called the audience of one. When you get on stage to perform. Don't look at the crowd don't look at that. You're only performing for one person. So whenever we would get up to do acting. I would choose a person in the audience and my whole performance was just for them because it made me less stressed to think I'm only performing for you. But as soon as I starting to well there's a for the person there's huge eyes all over the ridge a star get nervous your hands are shaking sweaty all this kind of stuff so therefore the person will say listen to live for the audience of one. And right here in the call of discipleship Jesus is teaching us that in right is this point faith. It's about living for the audience of one person. I just want to follow Jesus. That's it every day of our lives that should be the number one thing. On the To Do list. Follow him. So when someone looks at me and says you know Subash. I don't like the way your suit is looking don't respond the way I was taught to respond. Don't respond with a look usually said to me I'm Jamaican. No that is not an excuse my goal is not to follow my culture is to follow him. My goal is not to follow my my emotions. My goal is not to follow the general norm of how Canadians do this and how Canadians do that. My goal is to follow him and his promises. I'm going to do for you what you can never do for yourself. You don't have the power to make yourself. Which of you. Bike thinking and worrying can add one cubit to your stature. If you can add a physical cubit What makes you think you can add a spiritual one. So Jesus says. Follow me. I do the making. You do the following. Start worrying about am I growing. Am I doing this and my expanding here is my knowledge is. We want to have all this my new should approve that. Guess what I'm advancing in the Christian life. Jesus says. It is my work. I do the making. You do the following. That is discipleship Peter's. Number one goal. And cult was to follow Jesus. And I don't care of your seven day Ventus seven day Baptist Buddhist whatever it is. If you're going to be a disciple of Jesus. You follow him. He does the making. You do the following. And there it is. Laying into the dust. The glory of men. Because whatever Peter becomes what glory could he take to himself. Because the question is when Peter is there in the sand he joined an accepted three. Accept the four accept or five. You judge whether it's right to obey God. You know rather the man does your own thing to the decide but as for us. I can only testify of what I have seen and heard. Who made that men who did. Jesus then you look at John on the island of Patmos faithful even to boiling part of oil. How did this man. BE ABLE TO was who made him. Jesus and was still making him. Why. Because he followed him. That's why revelation is so powerful. Not so much for all the prophetic sense. But you have to think about the Book of Revelation from John's perspective. This was his mentor this was his god. This was his rabbi. My teacher. This is the one who made me and shaped me as to who I am. I haven't seen him in how many years. Forty years plus. And he sitting on the island of Patmos alone and guess who appears to him. Cheese. Jesus appears to him. He heard a voice behind him and he turned in the song. It was one like the son of man. Eyes were like fire. Johnny think I haven't seen Jesus and forty fifty years. In Jesus's. I have some letters I want you to write. I want you to say into this church you think John was complaining. No because that's who he always was following. And so brothers and sisters. If you and I could adopt this principle into our Christian experience. To say guess what I'm going to start focusing on the making and even start focusing on the following. Paul writes in a fusion five be imitators of God as dear children. Do you know how children learn. You know the first way a child learns is by imitation. Do you realize that science is now showing that you know if your child is born in Montreal she already starts developing a French accent from the womb. Just by hearing the mother talk as she is developing. It's crazy stuff just from there cry. Richard. Researchers can show. By the way be. The baby cries What kind of action is going to have. Because it's listening to the mom. In the womb. And that the influences upon the child's life the nurture. Doesn't start after they're born at a certain age of accountability. It started right in the when this was the thing that's molding. So guess what you're looking at Christ when you look at discipleship is the same thing in parenting. So I look at my kids I want to teach you to speak I want to teach a class what do I do. I clap. So here is cry saying listen. I left Heaven to come down to serve. Follow me. Once you living your heaven your comfort place. You see me healing the sick giving sight of the blind. Healing all manner of disease. Follow me. You see Christ suffering betrayal from his closest friends. You see Jesus hanging on upon across not resisting the people crucifying him. Follow me. You see Jesus being persecuted by his own church you know the people killed Jesus were typing. Seventh day. Keeping people. Those are the ones that put him on across these brothers were not even just tithing they were typing on men and cumin. You talk about spices. I just got my cumin let me take a ten to this this is for the Lord. I'm like This is on a whole nother level. I know you and I have not you haven't been tied in on your gardens. People over time our country live in all these cabbages. They're not taken a tender summer bring into the church is the truth. We're keeping all of our garden. But these brothers are so serious my money. My garden my spices. Everything I aren't anything I get I'm a give a tent. And these are the brothers putting him on a cross and crucifying. These are the ones killing the Lord. But in coming to Christ and experiencing the site will ship. Righteousness by faith is at the very heart of it seem to study. To follow him in trust he's going to do the making. And in case we get discouraged the Bible reminds us to the writings of Paul. That he that has begun a good work to complete it. So the. The issue is not. If you will finish it because did he started then he often issues. He's already proven it twice from creation and redemption. Eventual E six days was over. It is finished. Then you go to crisis on the cross. It is finished. He's letting you know it when if it took crucifixion. Even if you took the wrath of God. Even if it took separation from my father I will keep my promise. How can you and I be discouraged about what Christ will do for us. When they're you saying I will go to crucifixion swag great job so blood. Just to keep my promise. It is finished. Jesus finish what he starts. So if he begun. In your life. In my life. He will finish it. All you gotta do is keep following. And if we follow. He will make it last clearly seaman go to Matthew Chapter eighth and I want to get stuck on one story. I did that this morning. Matthew Chapter eight. The story of this interior servant. It says Now when Jesus had entered Capernaum a century and came to him pleading with him saying Lord my servant is laying at home. Lying at home. Paralyzed dreadfully tormented. And Jesus said to my will come and heal him. Sorry. Matthew Chapter eight. We begin in verse five nowhere in verse eight this interior answered said lord. I am not worthy. That you should come under my roof. But only speak a word in my servant will be healed. For I also am a man under authority. Having soldiers under me and I say to this one go and he goes to another Come and he comes to my servant do this and he does it. When Jesus heard it he marveled and said to those who followed. Assuredly I say to you I have not found such great faith. Not even in Israel. And I say to you that many will come from east and west and sit down with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. In the kingdom of heaven. But the sons of the kingdom will be cast out into outer darkness. They'll be weeping in gnashing of teeth then Jesus said to this interim go your way. And as you have what it believed. So let it be done for you and his servant was healed. That same hour. I want you to look at this story very carefully right. First of all why did this man come to Jesus. Because was his servant was was lying and homesick so he came to Jesus because a servant is lying at home sick. So first of all he valued his his servant right. Second of all. He realized that he there was nothing he could do for his servant. Are you following me. He wasn't coming to Jesus to do for him what he could do for himself. He was coming to Jesus. And every person who comes to Jesus for a miracle is coming to Christ because they believe he can do for them what they can never do for themselves are you following me. And not only that he says. You know what I will come to your house and I will heal him. And you know this attorney and says. I am not worthy for you to come to my house. So here you have this injury and is not saying. Do this for me because I didn't sing when you look at Luke's account. The Bible says the Jew said Oh Lord you should do this for this man because he has helped our nation. Oh so now he's worthy of a miracle of Christ. Because he was helping him ministering to the Jews know that's how they saw him. Because they had that mindset of righteousness by works. But what he had was a mindset of. I am not worthy. Even though everyone else thinks you're worthy. You gotta sit down and process this very clearly the very person in your life in my life that we may think if anyone's going to be saved if any was going to be in heaven if anyone is living by faith in Christ. It's this person right. He's right she's with God and the Bible says. You may view him one way as worthy when he doesn't see himself that way. Which is exactly laid the foundation for his great thing. He came to Christ recognizing listen. What can I recommend to Jesus for him to do this for me. Just because I help you build the temple. Just because I supported the Jewish nation doesn't make me worthy for his blessing. How could I be worthy for his blessing because I did these things. Those are things I ought to have done. Because if Christ has to do it because I didn't than it is not a face right. It is of death. He owes it to me. I don't know about you but I don't feel comfortable telling Jesus he owes me anything. But some of us when we talk about suffering and evil in the problems we're going through. We act as if we are worthy. Just because my grandmother is a Christian and she loves God doesn't mean she's worthy to be healed or you understand what I'm saying. We shouldn't say well why didn't God hear my mom why didn't God save my sister in a car accident. How come they died of diabetes or such a young age and were looking so why didn't God do this we say look we're they were the. We act as if from the very beginning when we come to God as if he owes us something because my grandmother lived a faithful life to Christ for eighty years. Even our eighty eight hundred. Will never make us worthy. This was the problem with the prodigal son. He comes back to his father saying oh you know my father's service I'm going to come home. And as you come is preparing this little speech. Gotten in his breast pocket. Father I have sinned against heaven and against you and I'm no longer worthy to be your son his father stop soon. In the middle of a speech. Looks at his son and why see stopping a because immediately the son doesn't even recognize that all he thinks now because he went out into the world. Now because I wasted your inheritance. Now because I was out there in riotous living with prostitutes. Now I'm no longer worthy to be called your son. The point is you were never worthy. You just now came to realize it. So you wonder why God allows us to go to the goddess of life. To remind us you were never worthy. But the problem was because we were faithful and eventually some because we thought we were worthy and pride goes before a fall. We were never worthy. So many times when I used to do canvassing. People used to say to me Sebastian. How many books. Are you praying for our look at the mast are smiling. I shout and pray for books. I pray for experiences. Gods of the books. They're like. Nah nah I mean I know you're out there you're hustling man you're working hard you try to get his books in the zone. Like the leaves of autumn. Now looking at the muscle Listen brother. I said. I said let me tell you something. Do you think I deserve one book. Do I deserve one book I said this guy over here. He woke up in the morning in my chemistry program. Snuck out of the of the place we were staying went to Wal-Mart stole the CD player. Came back home went to sleep and when and so twenty five books that day I said you know why you sold twenty five books. Because those souls needed the truth. Had nothing to do with him. God did in bless him because he was worthy. Are you funny well of saying. So I said. When I look at him and I see the fact that God is going to give this man twenty five thirty forty books and his do is waking up in the morning early to do. The Bible says God hates feet there are swift to do we can is. But you bless and the one that is for swift to do with us and goddesses sure is sending his rain on the just. And on the answers. But just because God has rained on you doesn't mean he's affirming your actions. So many times right I remember when I was. I was on doing a preaching on a small group in these people being baptized. And so I was in there for the baptism because without a different church. So as I came later to this. This afternoon program. They picked me up from the train station like yeah brother Sebastian is a little complications with this situation. That other day and I'm like OK whatever I guess I'll hear about it so I get there. To the house the pastor is there. Which is abnormal. And in all the people I got baptized from the small group that I had spoken at whatever. They were all there and so they're able to just go good to see you know Preacher Lord. Congratulations welcome to the family you know you did a whole spiel. And as I'm welcoming them into the family they see me down and said well we have a situation today. The personal ministries leader. Choose our brothers rush. We want to ask you a question. So today after the battle we want to celebrate. So we decided to go out to eat at a restaurant. I said OK. They said well we went out eat whatever and then while we were there. The son of one of the people who who was I'm hosting the small group was walking with a suit and a woman stopped him at the other table and said Why are you looking so nice today and he says was a razor seven day service is God's day. Is the holy day. She's like the seventy seven notice others on Sundays and no is on Saturday. This a nine year old boy. So she's like Well where are your parents so if you comes over to her parents. She starts talking now this woman wants Bible studies on the Sabbath. So they say she brought this about. She wouldn't take them out to eat on a service. Who never met this lady. This is what do you think. I said I'm a tell you what I think human for evil government for good. That's what I think. I said at the end of the day. Just because Joseph became second in command of Egypt because you sold him. Doesn't justify selling it just because you crucified the Lord and he ended up dying for your sins doesn't justify crucifixion. Pilot should I let him go. Are you following what I'm saying. So when we when we're were coming you're thinking oh yeah you were worthy. Listen I'm looking at if you will that look. You never were worthy. Never are worthy. Never will be worthy. And in Revelation when this question came up. And John was weeping. They said who is worthy to open this book. Even John. Wasn't worthy. Gabriel wasn't worthy. He's never even seen. You're like OK what about all you can give me name Daniel know or. Joseph searching. No one is worthy. Then he said Oh don't we. John. For we found on the line of the tribe of Judah. He is worthy. So if anyone is called a child of God Do you understand the power of this is says Behold what manner of love that we should be called what the children of God. Why because we're not worthy. The only person worthy to be called a Son of God is Jesus. So the very fact that God says When you pray I want you to pray. Our father doesn't already bring you into a position of humility. Because I'm calling you father. Now because I deserve because I'm completely and. The very fact that God would allow you to take his name and let you do the foolishness that you do. Already proved to us that God are not pour out His love upon us because we were worthy. He poured out his love upon us to make us worthy. That's what happened. So here comes this interest in coming to Christ and saying Lord are not even worthy that you should come to my house just speak the word only. I want you to pause for a moment about this experience and what it teaches us about righteousness by faith that as I'm grappling with the Gospel in my own life. You know we like to make demands upon God. We always want God to go beyond his word. We have a problem with that. So we look at it we say well it's not enough that God says. Your be accepted it's not a love that he says. I will instruct you in the way in which you should go look at you give me a sign. More can you do this or can you do that. Here's this interest says I'm not even worthy for Jesus to physically come down into my house. To heal my son. Just speak the word. But here we think we are worthy for Christ the come down into my life. Manifest themselves all socketed is atheist girl one time. And she was like from China. And she was like well you know I don't know if I can ever believe in Christ because she was raise a theist. So I said. What would it take for you to believe in God. You know she said to me she's well he appeared in my dorm room. You know in the was like I am Jesus. All these colors and he started knowing like personal secrets about my life and where I grew up and he could speak Mandarin. Then I'd be like Alright this guy's definitely he's probably God. And I'm looking at this girl like. Are you serious. I said. The I said. My shock is not the request my shock is that you would even think you were worthy of that who are you that the God of the universe a come into your don't room. But we sit there in the audacity in the pride of the arrogance that we think we were these this. And we wonder why when we're praying for God to deliver us listen. God is not going to take your hand off the remote control. God is not going to come down. And even if he could. We're not worthy. So all I'm saying is Lord just give me the word. Just speak the word only because I'm not even worthy for you to Melle a faster miracle in my life so if I see God do some supernatural thing in my life. I gotta even humble myself like Peter and say Lord the part for me I'm a sinful man. I'm not even worthy for this. But were quick to say look give me a miracle give me an experience the realities. We're not even worthy. And that is the very foundation of righteousness by faith. God did not make me right you see hasn't declared me right just because of anything I have done anything I've said anything I've thought anything of accomplished. He's done it because of his great love. That's it that's the only reason. That's why I am justified. And in His Love. He lays my glory. Into the dust in his love. He does for me what I could never do for myself. Why else would he do it for us who are we in a universe of a billion billion stars. We are nothing. And yet he has given everything for nothing. That is the love of God as a dozen people you say listen. Did he deliver there from Egypt because they were right just all look at that holy people in the middle of that Egyptian oppression. No he did not deliver them because they were keeping the Sabbath. And because there are now taking his name in vain. Because they were not involved in any art I doze because look when Moses came and already told you the condition of the people they are fighting against each other why are you hearing your brother your brethren who made you a prince of the divide over us. Or you will kill me like you killed the Egyptian yesterday. That was the condition of the people. Forty years before you deliver them. And now you say to your so these people were worthy for God to come and deliver them from Egypt from bondage. No it tells you right then and there. He did not deliver them because they were worthy. There was nothing special about them that he delivered them he deliver them. Because of his promise to Abraham Isaac and Jacob. I'm a be faithful to my promise. Even when I look at the nation. And I see these people are lacking faith. Internal strife and righteous and holy people. And I automatically tells you that before you start the ten commandments he says. I am the LORD your God. That brought you up out of the land of Egypt. Have no other gods before me. The only god you should have in your life is the one that is delivered you from bondage. You should make up in your mind. Our worship no thing and no one that has not freed me from sin or right there in the Commandments themselves. I am the LORD your God delivered you out of the out of Egypt. Out of the house a bunch. I delivered you before I brought you this law. That tells you that I didn't need you to keep the law to deliver you. I'll take that one element. And so here's a century and coming to Christ. Not worthy to come. He doesn't even want to make any demands he says just speak the word. The most basic thing you can do. So that means for you and I when we are grappling with our situation we say Lord. Look at my addiction. Look at my struggle. Look at my broken relationship. Look at my broken home. Look at my broken heart look at my broken life. I cannot do it. I don't have the power in myself to do this thing. Whenever we find ourselves in a circumstance where we have surpassed ourselves. We need to do this a Turion did go to Jesus. And when we go to Jesus we're expecting him to do for us. We can do for ourselves. And yet all we say is Lord. I don't want to supernatural miracle. I don't want some fuzzy warm experience or offloading spirit in my room. I'm coming to you and I'm just saying just speak the word. Only righteousness. By faith. Lord I'm not going to I'm not going to think that I'm right is now. Because I saw this miracle because I felt this emotional thing in my heart just speak the word only. We have to come to a point in our Christian life. Where we just say Look brother. All I need is simply the word. That's the point we have to come to and that is what righteousness by faith is all about. When the Bible says He justifies the ungodly just speak the word that's all I need. Justifies the ungodly. So you say to yourself I am on godly brother Subash you don't know how we could i am. Brother Subash you don't know what I've done are you want godly are you wicked guess what. This is a saying. And worthy of all acceptance right. That Christ Jesus has come into the world to do was to save sinners. Of whom I am. Chief. You could be the worst one. You could be the worst one. And let's just say you are the worst one. Guess what I came in to say people like you the said. The whole plan of salvation was made for you. I didn't come to save the whole. I came to save the sick. Are you following what I'm saying. Crisis like listen you think you're so bad you think you messed up so many times you think you're failing so often. I mean the plan of salvation for you. This is for sinners. That's why Christ Jesus came into the world. And therefore for you and I if we want to have GREAT think that leads to this great experience of rightness misfire faith. Great faith that appropriates the right is of Christ is a faith as is just speak the word. Only just the word. So therefore I'm not going to get off my knees when I pray for forgiveness. When I pray that I am excepted with God that I'm right with God and say well I feel right with God I don't need to feel right with God. I don't need to see my come on kilter that I'm feeling normal again. All I need to know is just what the word says. That is what it means to step out in three. That means to come to Kermit when you don't feel like you should come to primitive. Let me suggest up and get on the prayer call. Even when you don't feel like you should be on the prayer call that stepping out in faith. Say brother or sister how are you doing this week look I'm having a bad week I'm struggling but I'm here because he said this. Why are you coming here to church even though you feel lost. You haven't had devotion like who knows how long. Because I'm stepping out in faith. He says. If I come to him he will in no wise cast me out. I'm stepping out in faith. Because all I need is simply the word. So I don't have to sit here and struggle about my mom doesn't accept me. I don't have to struggle with the fact that old you know my marriage did this. Things are going south. I had to struggle with that when the Bible says you are accepted in the Beloved. You are except God already except you why because he says. That's all I need. Nothing else. Nothing more simply the word. And all my time's running out one more passage. I'll go to fertility John eight. John eight beginning in verse two are you there. The Bible says now. Early in the morning he came again into the temple. And all the people came to him and he sat down and taught them. Then the scribes and Pharisees brought to him a woman caught in adultery. And when they had set her in the midst. They said to him. Teacher. This woman was caught in adultery. In the very act. Now Moses in the law commanded us. That such should be stoned. But what do you say this they said testing him. That they might have something of which to accuse him. But Jesus. Stooped down and wrote on the ground with his finger as though he did not hear. So when they continued. Asking him. He raised himself up and said to them. He who is without sin. Among you. Let him throw a stone at her furs and again he stooped down and rode on the ground. Than those who heard it being convicted by their conscience. Went out one by one. Beginning with the oldest even to the last. And Jesus was left alone. And the woman standing in the midst. And when Jesus had raised himself up and saw no one. But the woman. He said to her Woman. Where are those accusers of yours has no one condemned you. She said no one Lord. And Jesus said to her. Neither do I condemn me. Go and sin no more. In this passage. The Bible says that we have a woman who is caught in adultery we already know there's problems with the experience. They brought the woman he didn't bring the man. They both are supposed to be stoned. So we already see problems with the story. In the bud already told us they're bringing him to test him are you with me. So this is all about the fact that people like to accuse other people. We have the fact that here's this woman and the reality is she's guilty. She actually committed adultery. Now granted right the spirit of prophecy and other sources suggest that they set her up. That's how they caught her right they paid the guy. Get a prostitute whatever. Setter up to be an adult and it caught up you're caught in adultery go to Jesus. They used her as a tactic to try to condemn Christ are you with me. The devil does the same thing. This whole thing about sin never about you. He said she was. And as the devil is sitting there in a corner of life he's like listen I said she was for this in. I knew I'm looking awash in a suit you fell for it as soon as you went for boom. I'm going to bring it before God. And sometimes even spills out before human eyes were ashamed were nervous. Were overwhelmed like are can't believe people know this. I can't handle the fact that people are aware of this. I'm so sure I don't want to go to that church anymore. I don't know why because we feel like we're going to be judged we feel like we're going to be condemned. You know what's powerful is the Bible says in the book of Jude. That when Michael was contending with Lucifer over the body of Moses. That even then he did not bring a railing accusation against him. The understand the implications of that. Even when he was dealing with the devil. He didn't bring any accusation. Because he says Listen. Accusation and accusing is the work of the devil. And anybody who engages in that is doing the devil's work for him. He is the accuser of our brethren and if we accuse our brethren. We are also aligned with sitting. So this all walking around with suspicion is so profound because when I was commenting on John Matthew seven. Judge not lest ye be judged. And why don't you take the beam out of your own eye. You know what she comments on that she says usually the first one to suspect wrong. Is the first one guilty. I said. The reason why your suspect in a person is probably because you doing the same thing. You know that person is probably doing this in it. I saw them. I said. Why would you even think that in your mind. And is hoping is a judge mental spirit is like a been compared to the last that you're accusing the person of is a speck. Are you following what I'm saying. And Sister White goes on to say in another place she says people who indulge in a judgment to in critical spirit God can never take them to heaven. She says you know wife because she says. If you were to take them to heaven. They would eventually find fault with Jesus himself. So here we are walking around think it's OK to have a critical spirit and to accuse you see the people who are accusing are the ones who are living by works. All associated together. So soon as a person goes to a works based approach to right isn't if they start judging other people by their standard of righteousness. Oh yeah they're not vegan. I tell people it's all a trying to go right in this by tofu. You've got right is nice by this on are you in me you definitely your loss. And if this is a great job recently preset a church like this and people like lissome and you know sister rolled up and part luck she was a new Adventists. She brought her play some I said who brought this thing. Took it off the table and said this cannot be served. She never came back. Cuter of the president. Because when people said of their own standard of righteousness they want to judge you by their own. And crisis is like a been compared to a speck. You so focused on the fact the ocean has short skirts. He's over there flirting with girls this person is watching these kind of movies. This person is going to these kind of parties. That whole spec is compared to your judgment to critical spirit is a beam in your eye. That's the difference in magnitude. So as they bring this woman there. This is not even about the woman. Just like the devil comes in our lives and says Look at all our sins. Look at the temptations we fall into he's like I said she walked. Because I'm trying to get to Christ. They was a drag us before God. Have us in our rooms have a sin our basement. Have a sin our cars have a sin the back of our churches. Guilt ridden burdened feeling like we can do nothing for God The God can never use us. And this is the devil's plan from the beginning. We thought oh you know where I can eat this question listen to this we should do this together you know. We're not married. Although that's the. The devil has us focus on this when he's thinking bigger things. He says My goal is to embarrass God and to constantly accuse him how can you say this person and kick me out of heaven. How can you justify the and Godly. So as they bring the woman. Before Christ. Then I want to use the Bible. But the. Moses said that when we bring. We should stone them. Knowing they cetera. Said she will. You know it's always interesting right. You're doing something wrong. Soon as you finish doing some wrong or a conviction a guilt hits you you know sometimes it's not even the Holy Spirit that's the devil. You know the Bible says this. The Bible says this. Seventy times seven. That's only time you should forgive your brother. The Bible says He who keeps on sinning is of the devil. First John three verses. So guess what says you keep on singing you're of the devil. You people pretend. This is just you know of the devil. Like really. So here's a double want to throw all the stuff out there is a Jesus what do you say. And I like the fact that they asked that question because that's the same question we should ass. When we find ourselves in failure and embarrassment because guess what in the eyes of God Every sin that we commit and has ever committed we were caught in the very act. God is a first eyewitness to every crime against his law. It was never a secret. It was never. It was never covered. David's experience proves that. Here is thinking yeah got away with this you know Joab got me he's got me covered. OK he's killed Agassi everything looks good kosher. The native shows up. There was a man and had one sheep. There was a man had a lot of shoot as it gives a no parable Mini's like men I mention Dionysus. Oh you're the man. And David realizes. I have seen. Because guess what at that point. Stop playing games. You've been confronted. And thank God. David. Give us one of the most beautiful songs of repentance. What sincere repentance looks like in that which the Holy Spirit can create in our own hearts. In response to sin. But you see when we fail God. The question we should ask ourselves is what does Jesus say. What does Jesus say in this is where right is this by faith confronts us. In the media in our failures in our struggles. I'm sure this testimony many times. You know. I tell people all the time that you know. This is the very thing that helped me to cross the line to become a priest. Is this truth. And I'm thinking to myself in our finished testimony in a minute. But as we ask ourselves this question when I have failed. And I want to know what does Jesus say. We already started this morning. When Adam and Eve failed. When David failed and he says I have seen ANY came to the Lord you know innate and told in the Lord's forgiven your iniquity forgiven. That's what Jesus is so right here in this passage when the woman comes in are saying. Lord what do you say what do you say. Should she be stoned. Should she be this. Jesus says OK he without sin cast the first on that already deals with the judgment aspect. I'm not going to deal with that right now. But the focus is. When Jesus came up. The Bible says in verse nine that those who heard of being convicted by their conscience when I one by one beginning with the oldest even to the last and Jesus was left was alone. And the woman standing in the minutes. You see when we start talking about our sins in our struggles. And the fact that we were caught in the very act of whatever it was. And we have failed the Lord. We got to distill it down get rid of all the accusers. Get rid of all the people that you think are going to come to you and say this about us out to you about that relationship. I told you not to go there. I told you not to do this. I told you gotta remove all those people from your mind. And it just needs to be me. And Jesus. Alone. That's when you're going to hear what Jesus says that's why she says listen. We when we want to come apart and rest awhile. She says we need to hush. Every other voice. And when every other voices hushed. And in the quietness of the soul. She says. Makes more distinct the voice of God. All the other voices are gone. Now I can hear him. And this is the first thing we need to do. As we're struggling in our failure. Remove all the people were worried about how they're going to look at is how they're going to judge is just you and Jesus. Alone. And as we're sitting there with Jesus alone jesus asks us a question. Woman. Were you were choosers. No one no one. And then Jesus responses Neither do I condemn. And he could condemn me. Because what is the condition of drawing the stone. He who was out what was Jesus without sin. Yes. So I want you to understand that right is this by faith teaches us that the one person that could condemn us is the one person that doesn't. And everyone who can condemn us is so quick to try. So here I am thinking listen. Laying into the dust. The glory of men. I am not condemned because I deserve to not be condemned. I was caught in the very act of what I was doing in my foolishness. You were caught in the very act of what you were doing in your foolishness. And while you were calling. You deserve to be condemned but the one person who can condemn you says. Neither do I condemn. And why doesn't Jesus condemn us. Because exactly. Because he knew exactly what he was going to do. For that woman. He says I'm not going to condemn you because I'm condemning myself. So that I don't have to continue. I condemned myself. I submitted to go to the second death. I submitted to go to this experience of separation from God so that you will never feel it. So I don't care about your lowest days about your greatest struggles about your loneliness moments with God You are not feeling with Jesus felt upon the cross. He went through it so that we would not have to. And as heavy as the guilt as heavy as the grief may be upon us. It is nothing compared to what he actually went. He drink the cup so I don't have to drink that cup he says Neither do I condemn him. And the funny thing is Jesus was never the one that even accused Christ never accused. And he doesn't condemn. So now you're dealing with the fact that this woman. She could never deliver herself from the situation. You see right in is by works. Is already shown foolish. By the fact that what with this woman tried to have say. What would what could she have said to try to get herself out of the situation where you don't understand I give to the poor. You don't instead I'm a faithful seven days. I go to church every sat idle miss one in sixty years. Even when I'm sick flu and when I can go physically because I was in I tuned in are lying. What could she have said. That's the attempt of justifying ourselves. Thinking I'm actually going to try to argue my way out of something I was caught in the very act. This one was over her own glory. She knew she was caught. She knew that she didn't deserve it. To walk away from that alive. She already knew she didn't she knew she didn't walk out of there because of anything worthy. In her her glory is already been destroyed. Because she's been exposed. But now Jesus is going to do for her what she can never do for herself. Which is to go home. Justified. Justified. I realize that you know. In the SAYS I'M ONLY. You know that I have a so why rights and is my fave brought me over the line. You know I remember having this girlfriend in at the time I had these messages on right as no spicy person gave me the tapes I was listen to these things. Best thing ever heard. I start listening to the tapes like five six times. I had a whole sermon memorize word for word. I'm like man you know if I have a memorize in my mind it is going to help me. Live a righteous life. It's going to help me to actually apply to sting that's what I thought in my brain. So there was a my girlfriend in. We'd already said you know what we're going to stop sleeping together. We're going to start senior. Nothing changed. Course right later on years later my spiritual mothers like how about you just not be alone would have solved the problem quite well. But here we are finding ways do own We're not going to do this but we're doing it. And eventually after the third time this happened I said you know Lord. I thought this all right it is by faith thing was supposed to like. You know cure this thing in the bud like no problem delivered. I'm good. No struggle that's not what. My experience was so then. My girlfriend says you know I'm going to come over on Sunday. I'm like aren't sure I'm thinking my family's going to be their brother this is no problem. No risk of sin. Friday comes around. My stepmother's like oh yeah I'm a take the kids. We're going to go to grandma's house. For the next week so just you and your dad. But I'm OK I'm still good. My desk in to be home. So Saturday night. I'm coming home from work. My dad says Hey. Continue education gone. House to yourself from I meant double strand seventy or so Sunday morning before she comes over pop that sermon in this thing is rolling. Five times I listen to five times that morning. Over and over and I'm like lords. Trying to be face on them trying to be free for trying to be faithful not trying to sin today she comes over. So this ng is a Deep in my mind. I do not want to sin. So she comes over. She's like oh hey you know whatever. And at first right she's in my room she's on the floor. Doing her schoolwork or something I'm sitting on the bed watching my T.V. and she comes to the bed. Turn off the T.V. are long gone to the floor. Then she follows me back to the floor. Then my OK I'm going to the next room. So I go to the next room. This she comes out to the next room. And I'm like OK I'm going upstairs. You never seen a brother avoid his girlfriend. As much as I was avoiding her that day. So finally right I think she got the picture right. I'm not trying to sin. So she's I hate you know what. It's my sisters or mother's or somebody is birthday so she had to go. So I jumped up. I was excited. Started packing her slow for her. No problems go about a given to read a day. Toppling or to stuff and they're packing all her stuff. You never seen a brother so excited isn't his girlfriend. So as I pack all the stuff then the comes the moment right you have to say goodbye. Lori right for you just like come on lower just carry me through. I'm not even baptized Mind you I haven't even decided to keep the Sabbath you haven't even started going to church. Nothing I mean I'm still fully in the world I haven't made any decision. I just started studying. So now as we're having this interaction my course we say goodbye my girlfriend was like at the time like five feet tall. I'm like I'm a Marine not is going to happen here like. She can't force me to do anything. You know. So you know we saw her again in a hug is a little long and all the kind of stuff being leads on to something else I'm like most of the shit were you doing. So before you know it right my girlfriend this of is escalating So look at my girlfriend like listen you know this is not right. Should be doing this right here is the un-Christian talking to the Christian. I'm actually doing this is not right. You know she says to me. She says Well you know you dance and I hear your brother sister and I you know I know we said we will stop How about just this one time. So I have a sermon called just as one can. This is literally because of that experience. Just this one time. And so in that immediate moment right I'm like This is like the voice of the devil talking to me through this person. Just this one time. My so we're going back and forth and of course right eventually. You know my body isn't coming on like well maybe I should just do this. Maybe you know that one last time you do this all the time playing with ourselves. So by the time you know I start talking to myself in my head. And as I'm talking to myself my head I'm also pushing his girl back in like. We're going back and forth on this thing. And as I'm thinking in my mind the sermon comes back to my mind and the preacher in a sermon was like why do we wait to talk to God after the temptation. Why don't you talk to him right then. So this comes to my my so I start talking to God. Stop talking to myself. Because so can help you a minute start talking to yourself out there are some like. Lord. If you don't help me right now you'll give me any great any part I'm going to sin. This what I'm telling God in my mind. This goes on me I mean this is. This is she's like this is going to happen. So next you know. I'm talking to God in my mind. And I hear nothing. I don't even know what to expect I'm not even a Christian. So next you know. I just go silent. And I'm like Lord. You know what maybe this thing is not even real. Maybe I'm just fighting a battle that I'm destined to lose. Was the point of resisting. And so right then in that moment. I was thinking you know. I'm just going to you was the point. And it was in that specific moment. All the sudden this power comes over my physical body I'm not even exaggerating. Comes over my physical body. Remove all sexual desire from my body. In my mind start pushing his girl off of me all these different things. Finally she stops. She starts crying. This is like I think I have a demon. I'm like What. So we start praying to like. Like my girlfriends for say. So what very well like an hour or two hours. Then she's like you know maybe we should break up. I'm like you think you possess we for sure his chair break up. It's like put on Facebook is complicated. It's complicated. Something you know myself there's no way we could speak to this replaces it. So we go outside. I walk into the car. Now you're she's thinking right she realizes now like she's a Christian right I'm not a Christian. And she's like dang you know I really missed the so. Like what if you know he was looking to me. You know for Christianity whatever. So she asked me right before she gets in a car she says Are you sure you're OK you're going to be OK Like I said I'll be fine no problem. So she gets in a car she drives off came into my house. I was the only one home. There was no one there. Went to my room sat on my bed. And I said. Christianity is for real. I'm a be a Christian. There was no one there. At least no humans. But the Bible says all of heaven. Rejoices over one. The Bible says that what happened in that moment. Was that the shepherd had found me stuck in a bush and laid me on his shoulders. And he says I'm taking you back to the fold. What happened in a moment was I came to myself. And I said how am I here. My father has servants who have bread. Another into spare. And here I suffer with hunger. I will go to my father in the lawyer didn't wait for me to start keeping the Sabbath. He the way for me to start going to church. It Away From Me to start reading the Bible. He met me a great way off to about me His arms of love and his robe of righteous. The rest is history. Here I am today. I am a Christian because of this truth. If it were not real. I would not be here. I'm telling you the truth and God knows. I would not be so for us as we look at this gospel. In the Gospels. And we talk about. You do the following. Keesters the make. We talk about stop demanding from God some supernatural experience because that's not what I prayed for NOT moment. I said Lord I need something I'm just trying to be faithful. I'm just trying to be faithful. And I promise you that the one thing I look back on my testimony whenever us reflect on that moment in my Christian experience. It reminds me to say Sebastian listen. Those words alone might write in Acts of the Apostles that men's extremity is God's opportunity. And many times God doesn't get an opportunity because we haven't gone to the extremity. We need to be a that place where we're in the temptation. We're struggling the desires are running the blood is pumping our single I just want to be faithful. I just want to be faithful. How many to deceitful. Right now. I'm not worried about all the other temptations that are coming tomorrow. I'm not worried about the temptations of the next hour. In this moment in time. I just want to be faithful right now. Another lie says God will sooner. Send every angel in heaven. Before he allows one trembling child of God to be overcome by darkness. That trust in him. No one the wiki sink. Who places their trust in Christ is more powerful than all the holes of darkness. The weakest. You can know nothing about Christ and guess what I don't know much at that time didn't matter because as soon as you put your faith in Christ. He will sooner send every angel in heaven. Before he lets us of the overcome every head is about every eyes closed. Perhaps tonight. The Lord has been speaking to your heart and. Maybe you're thinking. Lord I've been trying to do the making. I'm trying to augment Jesus's work of a living for the audience. Of someone else. Rather than one may be obvious in her thinking that I'm worthy of something supernatural when I just need him to speak the word only. I've been depending on me. On miracles in my experience or maybe like this woman caught in adultery or life is fraught with shame. Of what you have done. Constant accusations and speculation. But tonight Jesus is saying neither do I condemn in Jesus will accept you. A great way off in Jesus who help you to be faithful. Right now. It is a day by day. Experience. So my appeal is very very specific. If you right now are fighting a battle similar to what I fought. Doesn't necessarily have to be sexual sin or temptation. But you're fighting a battle in the sense that you're saying Lord. I'm trying to be faithful. And all I'm asking is day by day. Give me the grease. To be faithful. Help me to just have you speak the word. And I just want to make a commitment to follow you. So that you'll do the making. If there's someone to has that kind of struggle raging in their life. And I want to come up front and say Lord. I'm coming to you right now just a century and came for you to do for me. What I can never do for myself. I want you to come up to this alter is a lord I just want to be faithful. I just want to be faithful. You know my situation. You know my struggle. You know my failings. I just want to be faithful come press forward press for make room. We can spread out. Because Jesus doesn't condemn you. If he doesn't condemn me. And all you need is simply the word. In the immediate self-same hour. It was done. And all you do when you leave this prayer is you do the following. And Jesus does the making your job when you leave this prayer is just to follow Jesus. Live for the audience of one man. The man Christ Jesus. The man who when you fall. He will say neither do I condemn. Go and sin moment. This is the one we are coming to. And we're asking Him Lord to some to be sucked Father in heaven. You seen. Every soul. That is come here is a story. There ARE THEY ARE a story of a raging battle. A battle that they have often lost. With battle scars. Shame and fear. Some have fears of being found out others have fears that they will never stop. Others has fears that you can't use them because of the struggle. But father you told. Jarius when things started going from bad to worse. Do not be afraid. Only believe in so Father these have come along with me to cast ourselves. Upon you. These have come with me. So that father you can help us to be faithful. And we just want day by day. Give us what we need to be faithful. Today. And we pray. The words of that song that all for grace. To trust him more. And I pray for that as you give victory to every soul. Here right now as you show up as the hero in their story. As you so. Show up not only as their Savior. But as their Lord and King. As you continue to lead them on from victory on to victory. Lord made their boast be in the Lord made their bows be in what Jesus has done and may they be a walking living testimony like Lazarus. Doesn't matter what Lazarus. Each is the fact that he can't. Doesn't matter where Lazarus walks is the fact that he can. Because he was dead. And he's now alive. So Father. In this experience. I pray that the transformation you work in their lives this victory would give them courage to believe that Christ will lead them on to victory after victory after victory. And every day their prayer was a lead on a king in turn. And their every prayer every night is to say all he lead is of bless a thought or words with heavenly comfort. Fraud. And Lord as we head forward into the things that the devil has waiting for us outside of this prison. And we know he's not going to wait till tomorrow morning he's going to start tonight. All we pray. Is that we would live for the audience of one that she would teaches. The science of following G.'s to focus upon him what he has done and what he does. And what he continues to do. And to be imitators of him. That's all we want in our hearts Lord. We know that you can give it to us. We know that you promise to do it. And so we're believing it not because we feel it now because something warm has come upon our mind up here in this prayer at this altar. We're believing it because simply. The Word says. It is so. And Father that each one here at this altar knows they're going to go back to their seat they're going to go back to their hotel when they're going to go back to their homes. Justified. Because all we're here to praise God be merciful. Thank you for hearing and answer news. Geez this media was brought to you by audio person a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave it the W.W.W. audio verse. Dot org.


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