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From Tragedy to Triumph

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • August 1, 2015
    11:00 AM
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Let's pray. Father who can open your word. And I pray the that is we do. That your spirit would touch us. Come with your mighty power amongst us today. And do something special here in this place in Christ name on than three weeks ago I was preaching at Atlantic Union College in South Lancaster Massachusetts. And during that sermon I invited our Chinese pastors. Three of them to participate with me and tell their stories. Let me share with you about Mr Chan. Mr Chan was a member of the Red Army. He was a communist and believes that Christianity was for mindless ignorant. Peasants. He thought nobody. That has any brain could possibly be a Christian. In one nine hundred ninety one ninety two and ninety three. A mighty re five all swept through northeastern China. In the seventh they have been issued shirts. And one local congregation began to pray and seek God. In the Spirit was poured out in an unusual way. And they began to baptize in that one sure a church two to three thousand people every year. The pastor. Baptized. People for a week. In the baptismal waters. The pastor entered into the water is about eight thirty nine o'clock in the morning and baptized people all day for one week. These people worth. Thoroughly indoctrinated they were coming to church for about a year and at the end of the year they'd have the best his most services in three years they baptized in that one congregation between eight and nine thousand people. The Holy Spirit was poured out in a mighty way. Well Mr Chen's wife came to those meetings at that great revival and she was baptized unknown. Be knowing to him because he was off in the Red Army. His brother was baptized his father and mother was step is when Mr Chen came back to home. He was absolutely astounded and angry. He said what in the world is my wife doing. Joining this sect. Becoming one of these ignoramus Christians. I've got to straighten her out. But as hard as they tried she was firm their convictions. He ranted. He raved he threatened to beat her but she was faithful to her convictions. At times Mr Chen would come into the local advantage shirts and break up the services disrupted. But his wife was faithful to the call of Christ. On one occasion he came to the outside of the church and smashed all the windows out with rocks. But his wife was faithful to her convictions. He was impressed with. Earth faithfulness but threaten to leave her at about the same time she developed a very strange ideas these needed to go into the hospital. As she would into the hospital. She had a serious operation on her eye and a very large patch on that one eye. The doctor told her not to do any more reading her husband sat by her hospital bed day after day week after week. But he noticed that she was picking up the Bible then with the patch on the one I holding her Bible. Out in reading it. This frustrated Mr Chan. He said Look darling. You're going to go totally blind did not only will I have a wife that's a Christian of a blind wife. He said What me read to you. She handed him her Bible. And she said read the book of Job. He began to read the book of Job on one Sabbath afternoon. They read the entire book of Job together. He was absolutely stunned with this man who had gone through trial gone through difficulty gone through challenges. This man that had family problems this man that had lost his possessions. But this job that was so faithful to God and he saw God working in showbiz life in remarkable waves. Now when Mr Chen came to the end of the Book of Job he read passages like this and if you have your bible please take it and turn to the last chapter of the Book of Job. Mr Chen could not believe his eyes as he read these passages. Because God had turned job sorrow into joy. He had turned his tears into rejoicing. He turned his morning. Into jubilation. He turned his tragedy into triumph. Take your Bible look at Job Chapter forty two firsthand Mr Chan read this and he was amazed and the Lord. Re stored. Job's losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before. Let your eyes drop down to verse twelve. Job forty two verse twelve. Now the Lord blessed. The latter days of job more than the beginning. Look at Job forty two. Verse sixteen. In this job lived one hundred forty years and saw his children and grandchildren for four generations. Mr Chan was absolutely amazed at a god that that was this that powerful. A god that that was that incredible a god that was that amazing. A god that could take the tears and bring joy. The tragedy and bring triumph. Mr. Chan. Continued reading the Bible secretly. When his wife would go out for treatments. Mr Chen would take the Bible out of the drawer and secretly read it. When she would have doctor's appointment he would read it. And there was that day. Mr Chan. Now. By that bed and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. Today. He is a pastor in that varies. City where that revival took place. And they have four hundred churches in twenty thousand members. You know throughout the Bible. There are numerous examples of God. Leading people from tragedy to triumph. Think about Joseph. He goes from the pit. To the prison. To the palace from tragedy to triumph. Think about Daniel. He is faithful to God lives through Babylonian captivity. Goes into captivity twenty seventeen years old but eventually becomes the prime minister of Egypt of Babylon. He goes from Daniel goes from tragedy to triumph or think of the Astor. She's a slave girl. But she becomes the queen. Goes from tragedy to triumph. Now the greatest example of course is Christ himself. The Friday. Of Jesus' crucifixion. Did not look hopeful at all if there ever was a dark day it was that one like you to take your Bible and turn to Matthew the twenty six. Chapter. Because let's try to look at what's taking place around the crucifixion. The attitudes that are taking place that day. It sure does not look. Hopeful at all for Jesus. And if you didn't know anything else except the crucifixion story. He didn't know any of the prophecies that led up to it or if you didn't know the story of the resurrection. Following it. You would say this is one of the most depressing stories that I've ever read. If all you knew was the tragedy of the cross. If that's all you saw. You would think to yourself. This is a devastating blow for Christianity. Here the leader of the Christian faith. Hangs on a cruel cross with a crown of thorns upon his head with blood running down his face with nails through his hand with his side. Pierced crying out. It is finished my God my God why have you for saken me. If that's all you knew you knew nothing leading up to the cross. Nothing following the cross. You would say What a tragedy. If all you read. Were the reactions of people to Jesus dying on the cross. He would say What a tragedy. Let's look at for reactions to the cross. The first reaction is the reaction of the disciples. You find that in Matthew Chapter twenty six. And you're looking there at Matthew twenty six and verse fifty six. Matthew twenty six verse. Fifty six. But all this was done that the scripture of the prophets might be fulfilled verse if the six. Then all of the disciples forsook him and fled. Not too pleasant. Isn't it. Here he's with his disciples for three and a half years. And every single one of those disciples forsake you. Every single one of those disciples at that moment fully. All of his disciples or suck him and fled. What a tragedy. Let's look at the reaction of the Jews. Matthew Chapter twenty seven. Verse twenty two to twenty five. We looked at the reaction of the disciples not the reaction of the Jews Matthew twenty seven. Verse twenty two to twenty five. This is at the trial of Christ when pilot. Offers the crowd. Either Jesus or Parappa pilot said to them. What then shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ. They all said to him let him be crucified. Than the governor said. Why would he the less he did. But they cried out all the more saying. Let him be crucified. When pilots saw that he could not prevail at all rather that a tumult was rising. He took water and washed his hands before the multitude saying. I am innocent of the blood of this just person you see to it. Now all the people cried out Who are they the jewish masses the Jewish kraut and all the people I answered said. He is blood be on us in our children. So the people he came to redeem the Bible says He came to his own in his own received him what not. So you look at the disciples they for sake of and flee. You look at the Jews. And the Jews say his blood be upon us in our children. If all you saw was the picture of the cross. It would be a tragedy. It would be you'd say. There is no hope here. He would be filled with hope left. Despair. Look at the reaction of the Romans we look at the reaction of the disciples are actually the Jews. Look at the reaction of the Romans. There at the cross. The voices surrounding to cross word not very hopeful at all to Jesus. Not hopeful that all this moment. If you just look at the cross and nothing more could easily have been a moment of great despair. Matthew twenty seven verse twenty seven to thirty two. And here is what you see when you look at the reaction of the circle Jews. Then the soldiers first twenty seven of the governor took Jesus into the Pretoria men gathered. The whole garrison around it and they stripped him and put a scarlet robe on him. And when they twisted a crown of thorns they put it on his head and they read in his right hand. And they bowed. The need before him and mocked him. Hail King of the Jews they stitched upon him. And they took the Redan struck him on the head. Now. The disciples forsake him. The Jews say crucify Him We want the blot upon our hands. This Roman soldiers spit upon him and mock him. What about the religious leaders. If anyone should have been sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit is anything but he should have been sensitive to the things of God. You would think it would be people that had studied the Bible all their lives. Matthew twenty seven. Verse forty one and forty two. What is the reaction of the religious leaders. Matthew twenty seven verse forty one and forty two we've seen the disciples first saw him. The Jews. Said let his blood be upon us in our children to the Roman soldiers spitter podium and mocked him. What about the religious leaders certainly they must have been somewhat more hopeful and optimistic. Not at all. Matthew twenty seven verse forty one and forty two Likewise the chief priest also a mocking with the scribes the elders said. He saved others Himself He cannot save to be the king of Israel. That have come down from the cross and we will believe him. What hopeless despair. It was dark dark. Friday. The flowers. Droop their head. Son ceased it shining. The thunder rolled in the lightning flashed it was dark dark Friday in Christ own statement on the cross indicates the willed are meant confusion. He says in Matthew twenty seven verse forty five and forty six my God my God why have you forsaken me. Seen is so evil genius the wicked. Scene is so terrible that for that moment. Ethan the Savior could not see the father's face. Even for that moment there with the hiding of the father's face. And it appeared to Christ. That even got it for sake of him. But a prophecy centuries old was waiting for its fulfillment of prophecy over a thousand years old was waiting to come to fruition. Very very soon. Now when Jesus died he did not die with to stay there. He said Father into the I hand I command my spirit. But David had made a prediction of prediction centuries old that on that Sunday morning would be fulfilled. Take your Bible and turn to Psalm sixteen. Because God is a master at turning tragedy into triumph. He is a master at turning defeat in devic three. He is a master at turning sorow into Joyce. It hears a prophecy a thousand years old that waited as a seed in the earth. To bloom and to grow into blossom. Here is a prophecy centuries old that waited for the right time for its fulfillment. Some sixteen verse nine and ten. David predicted that although Christ would go into the grave. That is body would never see corruption. Another words that he would be resurrected from the dead. Some sixteen verse nine and first hand. Therefore my heart is gone. And my glory rejoices. My flesh will rest in hope. That's what Jesus said you know when he said Father into I hands I commend my spirit. What he was saying is my flesh is resting in hope. The hope of the resurrection. The hope of a new day that will dawn. The hope of an empty to the hope of the glory of Sunday morning. Then first hand here is the prophecy. You will not leave my soul that's my life. My person. My being in she'll she'll is the grave. Nor will you allow your holy want to see corruption. You'll show me the path of life. So Jesus knew of this prophecy. And although he could not see through the portal so the two vice safety believe that his body would not be left in corruption that he would be raised from the dead. But the glory of the father frighting strategy gave way to Sunday's triumph. The Old Rugged Cross he'll did to the empty to the crucified Same here became our resurrected ward. The dying lamb became our living priest. The darkness that engulfed the Cross gave way to the glorious light of resurrection morning. The soldiers that watched him die fell over as dead men. As the core of the Lord was resurrected. You know I love that song Rise Again the words and music by Dallas home it goes like this. Go ahead drive the nails in my hands. Laugh at me where you stand to go ahead and say it isn't me. The day will come when you will see. Because all rise again. There is no power on earth that can tie me down yes all rise again. Because death. Cannot keep me in the ground. You see the resurrection reveals that we serve an all powerful god that turns every tragedy into triumph. The Resurrection reveals that Christ is alive. The tomb is empty. And that makes all the difference. Now commenting on the death of Christ on the cross. And how the resurrection. Impacts our own lives. Because the question we have to ask is What difference. Does the empty to make to you and to me today. What difference does it make that Christ turned the tragedy of Calvary into the glory of the resurrection. How does that relate to me when I live on Monday and Tuesday and Thursday and Friday. What differences that make in my life. Ellen White makes this magnificent statement in disarm pages page six ninety two. This is worth noting Christ. Rejoiced that he could do more for his followers than they could ask or think. He spoke with assurance. Knowing that an almighty decree had been given before the world was made. So what was the mighty to Creagh given before the world was made it with that Christ would triumph over the Prince of palaces and powers of hell. It is that that the death toll is a defeated follow. Notice. I continue. Jesus knew the truth. Armed with the omnipotence of the Holy Spirit would conquer in the contest with evil. In that the blood stain banner would wave triumphantly over his followers. You knew and I need not march to heaven as a band of mourners. The Victory in Jesus Christ has been one Hallelujah. It's been won. We can walk to heaven triumphantly. Not with our heads back out in gloom and doom. Not looking at all the troubles and trials around us. Christ has triumphed of the Prince of paladins and powers of hail the tomb is the empty. No notice what Ellen White says Jesus knew that the life of his trusting disciples would be like is a series of uninterrupted victories. Not seen to be such here. But recognized as such in the Great. Here after the life of Jesus followers would be a life of what. I for one on the interrupted what victory. Not seen to be such here. But from the purse fact if of eternity. Have you gone through some crushing blows in your life. Some tragedy. Some defeat. When we look back from the perspective of eternity. We will choose to be led exactly like God has led us. We will look back and we will see our darkest moments. And are shattered dreams and are are frustrated hopes. As stair steps of uninterrupted victory for the glory of God. It is fascinating to consider the fact that Jesus turned every tragedy of our life into a triumph. Every defeat into a victory. That we can trust him that he is doing things right now have you ever thought about the parallel between the tragedy of the Cross and the triumph of New Testament Christianity. And the tragedy of early ads and to some. And the triumphs that is destined for this church. Christ. Not only will take our personal deceit and turn them into victories. He will not only take the personal tragedies that we go through in our life and turn them into glorious triumphs. He did the same thing with the Christian Church and will do the same thing with the advent movement. Have you ever noticed the parallels that led up to the cross. In the parallels that led up to the early Advent movement. Well for example. Early Christians and early ads and it's both believed. That Christ was going to establish his Messianic Kingdom. Did the early Christians in tips of paid. Christ's death on the cross. Did they believe Jesus going to die on the cross. They thought he was going to savage a Messianic Kingdom. They thought he was going to break the yoke of the Roman armies. They thought the kingdom was on the verge of coming that's why James and job right on the on the pathway to the cross. Right a few hours before the cross that. To their mother influenced Jesus. And that's why. Mary came and said Look. The mother is empathy. Came and said look the mother is every Sunday. Came and said. When when you come to your kingdom get one sit on your left hand once it on your right. Good James and John. She thought. And they thought the disciples thought. Christ was going to stab which is king. Early Adventist believe Christ is going to stab which a king. Didn't say. Just like these early Christians who both groups believe that Christ was going to establish a kingdom. They both misunderstood prophecy. Where their prophecies that led up to the first coming of Jesus. Where the disciples could have known that Christ was going to die in the cross with their prophecies there in some twenty two and I say fifty three. But if they need to understand of prophecy. Sure. To her early Add going to step prophecies talking about Christ by the work in the sanctuary. Did they misunderstand those prophecies. They did. So both early at or early Christians merely adds that it's believed that Christ is going to staff which is Messianic Kingdom. Both had prophecies very clearly revealed in scripture both of us understood where they both bitterly disappointed. If you would have talked to the disciples the day after the cross. Would they have been singing the doxology praise God moment of lesson for what they have done. What would happen to them they would have been disappointed right. Discard. What did they say they said. We thought it was he who would ever deemed Israel right. If you to talk to you had finished the day after the disappointment the day after they believe Christ was going to come out of to over twenty two eight hundred forty four would they have been singing praises to God. They would then what disappointed. But the amazing thing was out of the tragedy of the cross Christ was resurrected. And he gave destructive instructions he is a Siple that they were to go to preach the Gospel to the world take your Bible absurd actually after one action after one out of the tragedies across. Christ was to once a do Testament movement. That would move in impact the world with the gospel. Actually chapter one verse eight. But you shall receive power. When the Holy Spirit has come upon you. You should be witnesses to me in Jerusalem. In Judea into Mariya into the end of the earth. This movement that was so tragically disappointed at Calvary. Would yet. Rise to its destiny to proclaim the gospel to the world. And that's why for example. When you take your Bible and turn to act. The seventeenth chapter in the sixth. Verse. You see the impact of New Testament Christianity. Coming out of the tragedy of the cross they were triumphant. Coming out of sorrow they entered into joy. Coming out of disappointment. They entered into gods of point meant. God's commission to preach the Gospel to the world. And actually after sixteen. And if you look there at verse six the non-word you looking act acceptor seventeen rather acceptor seventeen verse six. The Bible says. But when they did not act seventeen verse six. But when they did not find them. They dragged Jason and some brethren to the roof of the city crying out. Those who have turned the world upside down have come here to the Holy Spirit has so filled New Testament believers that out of the tragedy the cross. They went forth to see the triumph of the gospel. Notice these four points. One. They misunderstood prophecy two they were bitterly disappointed. Three They expected a Messianic Kingdom. Four out of that disappointment and tragedy God raised up New Testament Christianity. Now take your Bible police and turn to Revelation Chapter ten. And you will notice precisely. Precisely this same scenario. Not only does God take our personal tragedies in turn them into trials. Not only is Jesus the resurrected Lord for each one of us individually. He is the resurrected Lord for this movement. And he will take this advantage of people that have been through the disappointment of eighteen forty four been through the tragedy in the sorrow of the Anticipating the coming of Christ. And he has out of that movement raised up a divine movement that will go to the ends of the earth. It will not be broken up it will not be splintered. God will not take his people to the edge of eternity and leave them or shoot off with some other movement. Revelation the tenth chapter is the story. Revelation Chapter ten we look at their first one and onwards. And I saw another mighty angel. Here is a mighty angel. Coming down from heaven clothed with a cloud. What it indeed does a cloud represent. In the Bible. Can you think of Israel traveling in the wilderness. And what did God do with them. He put a cloud over them to shade them from the sun. That was God's favor. In the Bible. A cloud represents the favor of God So God's favor. His people may drift is people may or may at times. Not Be faithful to His will but its favor is over them. Notice. The scripture says. I saw another angel coming down from heaven. Close with a cloud. A rainbow. Was on his head. When do you think about the rainbow. The rainbow came when right after the fun. As a sign in the Heavens that God would never destroy the earth with a flood again it represent his justice and mercy. So here the favor of got an angel comes from the presence of God. This is a judgement scene where God's people got to have mercy upon his people through the cross they'll be redeemed by His grace but it's a judgment scene that's what rainbow is all about. It says rainbows upon his head and said his face was like the shining sun sun represents always the right just north of Christ. His feet like the pillars of fire. What do you know about the tiller a fire in the Old Testament it guided God's people in the wilderness. So pillar. Represents the guidance of God. So here it Angel comes here at death and with the glory of God God's favor is upon His see for the justice of mercy of the judgment of God hangs over the world but God have mercy upon those that come to him who come to Jesus and their face shining with the glory of His righteousness. He will guide them. Like he did Old Testament is true with pillars of fire notice verse two and he had a little book in his hand. That was open a little book open. And he said his right foot on the on the sea and its left foot on the land. So hear see and land land in unpopulated area see a populated area here is a universal message that's the go to all men Guy and The Little Book is open to to read in the Bible. Any book that was ever close what was that book. To continue. But here is a little book open. Then the thunderous utter and. When the thunder Sautter. The Lord says the angel says to John don't write about that. And so we skip over that because of the Lord says that. You don't know what's in there. No need for this preacher to speculate. Notice verse five in the angel whom I saw standing on the sea. And on the land. Lifted up his say into heaven when Angel gets up his hand to heaven the angel. Swayer is by solemn oath. Now when an angel swears by solemn oath I want to listen to what the angel says don't you. If an angel is swearing by a solemn oath. Notice what the angel says. You want to stamp or six and seven will save you from a thousand heresies. It says. And he swore by him a live forever and ever and who created Heaven. And the things that are there in. And the earth and the things that are there in and noticed. This is an allusion to the three. Angels message of Revelation chapter fourteen. Take your bible and go to Revelation Chapter fourteen. This is amazing stuff in scripture here. Revelation fourteen you're looking there at first six and seven. I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to those that preach to dwell in the earth to every nation kindred tongue and people saying with a. What kind of voice loud voice. Fear God that's respect got obey God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship him. Who made heaven and earth to see in the fountains of waters another words worship the creator. So here in Revelation Chapter fourteen verse six and seven. There is a universal appeal to get ready for the coming of Christ in the light of worshipping the Creator. Here in Revelation Chapter ten. The angel Swayer a spy the one that created heaven and earth. In the light of the judgment hour. And what does it say that are in it that there should be delaying or time. No longer. Now is this speaking about this couldn't possibly speaking about the end of time time no longer. Because the seventh trumpet. Is yet to say now what kind of time. Is this. If you're taking notes this morning write down the Greek word for time it's the word Kronos C H R O N O S if your spelling in English Kronos. What I say the word Kronos what word comes to your mind immediately. Chronology. Chronology is the study of time. So this is not dealing with time. As a punk. Till your point. In other words it's not dealing with time. As an end point. But it's rather did with time as a duration of time. The word Kratos means to ration. So there's a little book of Daniel. That speaks about the duration of time that would run out. When did the longest time prophecy in Daniel right now. Eight hundred forty four. So what is this passage say that after eighteen forty four. They will no longer be any message. In time prophecy that points to a specific time. Now it's interesting how Ellen White comments on the it's very passage. List. This is seven five a commentary nine seventy one. This time which the angel declares with solemn oath is not the end of this earth. World History. Knees there of probationary time but a prophetic time. Which should precede the advent of our Lord. That is the people will not have another message upon a definite time. After this period of time reaching from eight hundred forty two to eight hundred forty four. There can be no definite tracing of the prophetic time. So somebody rises and they says. They say to you. Look I've got this time chart all figured out. And this event is going to happen. The economy is going to go bust in September. And then it's going to in usher in these events. And then Jesus going to come. What do you know about that. Why do you know that's false because Revelation says. The angel this is hand with US Problem is I believe the angel rather than some speculative time chart that somebody tries to give me today don't you. I'd rather have confidence in the angel would new. What is this what is the angel say he listened saying with a solemn oath and he says there be time what. No longer. Another word. Prophetic time ran out in eighteen forty four. And there is no further. Message based on side what then is Jesus waiting for. If the message is not based on time. The Scripture tells you. Revelation the tense Chaffee revelation the tenth chapter. And we look there at Revelation Chapter ten. Notice. Verse seven. But in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel. When he's about to sound the ministry of God would be what singed. God is not waiting for more texts on the time cause. He is not waiting for more quakes. Famines wars he's not waiting for the anti-christ to manifest himself more fully That's not the prime thing God is waiting for is not waiting for the economy to go bust. He's not waiting for crime to get higher. What is he waiting for the ministry of God to be. What is the ministry of God. Kolache in chapter one. What is the mystery of God. Kolache ans one. The mystery of God is Christ in you the hope of glory. The mystery of God is in experience with the living Christ. Where his grace so transforms. Our lives that we want more of heaven than we do of our. The mystery of God kolache in chapter one. You're looking there at verse twenty seven. To whom God willed to make known. What are the riches of the glory of this mystery. Among the Gentiles. Which is Christ in you the hope of glory. Him we preach warning every man in teaching every man. That always with whom we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus what is mystery of God Christ in us the hope of glory. It is so knowing the living Christ that he flows out of us every single person we meet. What is Jesus waiting for. He's waiting for Christ to be so. To Christ the so fill his people his grace to so changes people that all they want is to share his love with the waiting world the watching universe. So this gospel of the kingdom can be praised to all the world as a witness the well Nations. And then the end will come. Revelation Chapter ten. The little book would be open. The judgment would be set. The grace of God would be revealed to his people early ads in a switch study these prophecies. And as they studied the prophecies. They like the early Christians would misunderstand them. They would think that the cleansing of the same sure at the end of the eight. The twenty three hundred days and Daniel A fourteen. With the cleansing of the earth by fire. They would think that Christ was coming to this that which is Messianic Kingdom. Just like the early disciples believe crisis could establish a kingdom. Just like the early disciples. Misunderstood prophecy. Just like the early disciples. Thought that. Indeed the Messiah was coming to. Then which the Romans. So a last day people would study the prophecies. They would think that Christ going to set which is Messianic Kingdom. They would think that the powers of evil would be thank wished they would study prophecy and they would misunderstand it. Revelation Chapter ten. In to subpoena that Revelation Chapter ten. Verse eight through eleven. Then the first which I heard from heaven spoke to me again and said. Go take the little book which is open. In the hand of the angels which stands on the scene on the earth. So go take this book of Daniel. Verse nine. And I went to the angel and said Give me the little book. And he said to me. Take it needed. It will make your stomach bitter but it'll be sweet as honey in your mouth. And I took the little book out of the angels hands and I ate it. It was sweetest honey in my mouth. And when I had eaten it my stomach became bitter. These early ads then a slice the early Christians. Studied prophecy. And that prophecy was so sweet in their mouth. They believe Jesus is coming a mighty spiritual revival took place throughout New England the United States and throughout the world. People anticipated crisis when it come. It was so sweet in their mouth but when he did not come it was bitter. In their belly with this little people. Be broken up in fragmented. With this movement that was based on prophecy. With it yes they'd into insignificance. DANIEL. Revelation Chapter ten verse eleven. Just like Christ had a message for his disappointed. Disciples. In the first century. Christ had a message for his disappointed advent the reverse. Versity eleven. And he said to me. You must prophesied again. About some people are concerned about the word about there in the Greek language you can translate. About. Also is two and two is a much better translation. And he said to me you must prophesy again to many people. Nations tugs and people and King. God would take those disappointed. Discouraged. Adventists that went through this tragedy of eight hundred forty four. And he would raise up a divine. Movement of destiny God would raise up a worldwide movement out of the disappointment eight hundred forty four. Over a misunderstanding of Daniel's prophecies of movement that would go from tragedy to triumph. From a small band to believe first. In New England. To the fifth largest Christian church in the world. A church with members in over two hundred sixteen countries that ties in three thousand people a day. Some people wonder. And I've heard discussions recently. Will God's church break up into independent units will here is the incredible good news. God has not led his church this far to leave or now. He has not letter to the borders of Canaan to abandon or. He is not letter to the edge of eternity to begin some other movement. He has not led to this far easier to leave you now. If God can take the tragedy of the cross. In turn it into the tribe of the gospel. If God can take the tragedy of eighteen forty four. And the disappointment there and turn into a worldwide movement. God can take every tragedy of your life every disappointment of your life. Every dark moment of your life and turn it into a glorious victory for his cause. It was Monday October fourteen eighteen forty four eight days before. What some call the great disappointment. Charles Fitch and early MILLER Right. Preacher was lying on his bed. Congested in his chest coughing his last a few weeks before stitch. Had entered into the cold waters. In a New England. River to baptize a number of converts that wanted to be ready for the coming of Christ. On October twenty two eighteen forty four. When Fitch came out of the water his body was shaking was really really cold. That cold developed into severe. Fluid to Burke It was a severe flu. And a venture Lee on October fourteenth eight hundred forty four Charles. Fitch died. His a bit sure he was put in the newspaper the next day. Now. Here is the exact a detour. As it appeared to the newspaper. His widow and fatherless children are now at Cleveland Ohio. Confidently expecting the coming of our Lord. To gather the scattered members of the family. The think about it here. To choose wife and children. Had lost a father. But they didn't really lose him. Because they believed that he was waiting for the glorious day of Christ coming. Even in that tragedy of this. Shortly before. And I had you understand that they thought crisis coming after twenty second. And I could almost imagine mama saying. Bob you know. You know children. Jesus is going to come. And we're going to see daddy get is going to be just a daisy sleeping. When Christ did not come. Certainly they were disappointed but they did not lose hope. When William Miller was asked after that great disappointment when is Christ coming. He said for me. It may be today. And today and today. There is something that is boys up. Seventh Day Adventists throughout our history. We are not a people of whom we are people of hope why because we believe that Jesus Christ is coming again. And there is nothing more hopeful. We look beyond the tragedy to the Triumph. We will be on to what's around us to what's above us. We'll get our mind. Not on trials but I enjoy. We focus not on what human beings are doing but what Christ is doing. We are a people of what. Hope not do. Were people of joy not despair. Where people of faith not doubt. Were people of life not death. Were people a victory not to feed. One of Charles fishes favorite songs. With that song Low He comes low Jesus because you have your himself. Take it. I did tell you something about this song. You'll find it in your him. On page two hundred and eleven two hundred eleven. This song is filled with illusions to the Bible. But I want you to particularly notice. I want you to particularly notice here. Not that one. Let's look at. What she seems five ninety eight OK. Five ninety eight. Here we go. This is the one we want now to have a story about this or five hundred ninety eight. Here we go. Notice the first verse. What you think with I was waking low the powers of heaven a shaking. Keep your lamps all trimmed and burning ready for your Lord's return it now is that chorus that I want you to do. Let's read the chorus together. You read it read. Five ninety eight. Reading the course. Lol he comes. Level Jesus comes low he comes all glorious. Jesus comes to reign victorious. He glow he comes Yes Jesus come see. That's what the early Adventists believe they believe the Christ was coming. How could they be doubtful how could they be discouraged. How could they be disappointed why because they had a hope. And that hope burned in their hearts that hope for and in their soul. They believe Christ was coming. When you go out of this church today. Go out with a joy in your heart. Christ has triumphed over the Prince of palace these and powers of hail the tomb is a empty. Jesus takes the grave and turns that from darkness to light. He took the tragedy of the cross and turned it into the glorious proclamation of the gospel. When you go out of this place today go out knowing that you are part of an end time. Last day Boothman that experience. A disappointment. But is accepted the Christ commission to proclaim the gospel to the ends of the year. Does the church have some challenges today it does. Did Israel have some challenges. It did. Did the New Testament church have some challenges certainly. But did God get. Israel finally to the promised land. He did this God to lead Israel in another direction. He led them directly to that promise when it took them awhile to get there but they got their right did God bless the New Testament church. In spite of Peterson I'll In spite of Thomas' doubt. In spite of the problems James and John had God poured out His Spirit their hearts were broken and God did something with that New Testament church will Christ. Take this body of believers. The ads on a shirt is in feeble and defective as it may be and cause of the gloriously triumph. Will God take this little congregation at Haymarket warrant. As in feeble and defective. As we may be as weak as we may be as feeble as we may be. As for the sea as we may be. We're not quite ready for translation. Yet. Maybe next week but not today. Will God take us. And use us powerfully. With all of our feebleness and all of our weakness for His glory. Will he do something with this little movement. I believe he will. I believe that God has a destiny for this church that's beyond what we can imagine that this congregation. Will Have A worldwide. Impact The four beyond what any of us know lives in hope not despair live in joy. Not in gloom. Live in faith. Not in doubt. Father with our faltering voice is we sing the song Low Jesus comes. But with our hearts we believe that. With our hearts. We have that sense that we're on the knife edge of eternity. In the toenails of the image of Daniel to. Lord. In a world filled with turmoil. We are to be a people of hope in a world filled with confusion seeking for answers we are to P.P. a people of certainty in a world filled with doubt. We are to be a people of faith and we are filled with sorrow we are to pay the people of joy. Because we know the end of the story. We know that Christ will come. That sickness and sorrow and suffering and death will be gone. Teach us the can turn every tragedy into triumph. Teach us to look beyond what is to what will be to look beyond time to eternity. To look beyond. Today. The to morrow. Send us from this church. As people of hope and bastard terrorists of hope. Ministers of hope to a waiting world. In a watching universe. In Christ name on them. Hi This is Mark Finley I hope you are really blessed by the sermon today that the Holy Spirit touched your heart and you were led to make commitments to Jesus. I want to give you a special invitation. We have seen God work so many miracles here in Northern Virginia. Our little church unwarranted is packed in overflowing. We are building a new beautiful church sanctuary. But much more than that if I can say it that way. Is that we're building a training center. A training center for pastors and lay people all over the world. They will come and be trained equipped. In how to reach out for Christ. How to get viable studies. How to preach of angels stick sermons. Will have courses on spiritual leadership. Revival Reformation. Bible memorization of courses on how to model Crisil was in a given community. And how to reach out through comprehensive health ministry. This church. Evangelistic training center will also be a community outreach center. It's right in the heart of didn't involve me it is in the center of our community. And we will reach out to people often who don't have much of an interest in spiritual things secular people through Health and Family Life Ministries and through meeting the very needs they have just like Jesus Christ did. And I want to give you a special invitation first. If you're in the Northern Virginia area and. You're in Haymarket for junior come to Dominion Valley. Starting in March of two thousand and sixteen. We will programs will be running our classes will be running. Contact us and we're more than happy to have you visit or join us for one of our four eight day sessions our sessions will be four days and eight days. And we can give you. Dates. If you'd like to inquire about our classes you can call one. Three zero one six eight zero six six one nine. That's one three zero one six eight zero six six one nine you can call them. Talk to my administrative assistant Joe Alexander. There may be some of you that would like to help us financially. We still have a ways to go in raising the funds for our center. And everything is on faith that we're doing. We're stepping out in faith in God is helping us to raise those funds. We still have a number of thousand dollars yet to raise. Probably between two hundred two hundred fifty thousand. Yet on the building furniture. We need to furnish the building. We're building a media center within the building. If you want to contribute one hundred dollars fifty dollars one thousand five thousand whatever you choose to do. What those spirit guide you in a voice for prompts you that you want to do something special that are really make a difference in the world field. And really make a difference in people's lives. Both for training and outreach in worship. You can send a donation to the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists twelve. Five zero one. Old Columbia Pike. Silver Spring Maryland. Two zero nine zero four that's the General Conference Seventh Day Adventists. Twelve five all want to hold Columbia Pike. Silver Spring Maryland two zero zero nine zero four will send you a tax deductible receipt. And you can be part of something big something large for God something that will make a difference. To get people ready for this in return of Jesus. Thank you so much for your prayers. Thank you for your financial support. And we look forward to seeing the here at our site and visiting us into new family a market which media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like for about body over. If you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave it there. W.W.W. audio verse or.


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