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Elijah, Jesus and End Time People

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • August 22, 2015
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven. We thank you that you are still a God of miracles. We thank you that your ear is not far distant from your children. And Justice Elijah. Cried on Mount Carmel for the mighty working. Of God We last week. Knelt in this simple humble church and cried for the mighty working of God. And we saw your power. Your hand was manifest. And we thank you for that. Now as we focus on the life of the U.I. just the smore knowing in the Bible message. Encourage our hearts. Fill us with new faith. Encourage in Mayor faith grow today in Christ name on them. John Kenneth Galbraith was a Canadian American an economist and his books on economy were bestsellers in America for not about one hundred fifty to two thousand. He received the Medal of Freedom from the United States government one hundred seventy six. He also received the Presidential Medal of Honor freedom in two thousand. In his autobiography titled Life in our times he tells an interesting little story about his housekeeper Emily Wilson. One day John Kenneth Galbraith came back to his home. And he was a counselor on economy to many presidents of the United States. He was particularly weary he was exhausted. Wanted to go to sleep in so he looked at his house keeper Emily Wilson he said look I'm going to take a nap and whoever calls me please do not disturb me. So of course he had regular contact with the president of the United States in particular was close to Lyndon Johnson. So shortly after he went to sleep. The telephone in his house. Rang Emily Wilson his housekeeper answer the phone and. The voice on the other end of the line said this is Lyndon Johnson. I need to speak to Kenneth Galbraith and Emily Wilson said I'm sorry Mr President but he's taking a nap. Right now. Lyndon Johnson said. I don't care if the snapping or not you wake him up. This is the president took the United States. And Billy Wilson said. With all due respect Mr President. I work for Mr Gore birth. Not you please call him back. When he's awake and after his nap. The next day Lyndon Johnson called. Kenneth Galbraith. And he said. I don't know who that lady is. But whoever she is. As I want her to work in the White House for gay because anybody that would protect her boss. Like that needs to be in the White House. Emily Wilson had this. Principled meant to her boss. She knew her leader was the great worthies of faith. Down through the centuries. Knew their voices. They knew their master. They had this unprecedented. UN Prinz this principled commitment to God. That's the lesson of Elijah that I want to study with you this morning I'd like you to take your Bibles and turn to first kings the sixteenth chapter. First Kings Chapter sixteen. Elijah is one of the most principled. One of the most committed. One of the most faith filled. Characters in Scripture. Now you'll notice the title of my message you see why should Jesus. And in time people. Why are we interested in studying the life of the live show. Elijah came on the scene of this service history at a time of great spiritual apostasy. He came on at a time of great compromise and you I just saved that compromise and apostasy. In faith. Elijah. Called the nation back to obedience. And eventually lives it was translated. Without seeing death. God Then time. People are looking forward. Once again to being translated without seeing death. And we are told in the prophecies of Malakai that the message of Elijah will return just before the coming of Jesus. A message of a faith filled people calling in immoral sex centered thrill jaded and morally twisted society back to will be begins. So we are interested in Elijah. Because Elijah represents a type of the read demon that will live just before the coming of Jesus and prepare for translation. So we have more than a casual interest in you I git. We turn to get a setting of the times of you I'm sure. Here in First Kings Chapter sixteen. And we begin there with the twenty eighth vert twenty ninth verse. First Kings Chapter sixteen first twenty nine. The scripture says. In the thirty eighth year of eighth the king of Juda a have the son of Omri became king over Israel. And they have the son of armoury reigned over Israel in some area for twenty two years so a have reigned more than two decades. Next verse verse thirty. Now we have the son of the Embry did. Evil in the sight of the Lord more than all that were before him. Verse thirty one tells us that he married. Jazz about. Who was yes about. Jessa that was a fit nation. Came from a town called. Seitan and sight it was a city in Phoenicia. The Phoenicians were bail worshippers. So here you have King. A have the king of these frail. Marrying Jessa Val a bale worshipper you have the union of church in state power it's. Now when a have marriage as a bell. He argued in Israel Fatah Lawrence. His big argument was for tolerance. The bail worshippers worship the sun the moon the stars veil was the God of the storms. The bail worship was one in which they believed that the rain that fell. Was given by Dale now. A Have did not deny the worship of the Israelites. He did not deny the Israelites having the privilege to worship the true God. But he said we need to be tolerant of all peoples. Therefore tolerance names that we have to give bail worship the freedom of worship right. In Israel in other words within God's Church. There is tolerance of all points of view that position of tolerance let Israel. To abject apostasy it lead them to revalue and against the true God. It led them to dig LAX I'm sure a God It led them to let leave the altars of Bayeux to be worshiped rather than the true God. Now the Bible says in verse thirty two and. First thirty three. Then he set up an altar for a bail in the temple of bail which he built in some area. So you could have a temple at Jerusalem but you'd also have a temple to veil. The the idea was in breakthrough all except all don't push anybody out. That was the idea of the Israel. Verse thirty thought. And they have made a woman would name it should a have did more to provoke the Lord God of Israel to anger than all the kings of Israel that were before him. So what is the setting. When Elijah comes on the scene. The setting is syncretism or to me. Use another word the interation of bail worship in the worship of Jehovah. Israel becomes disobedient to the true God the commandments of God are in distribute. And God brings the man on called. Elijah. Now there are seven. Lessons of think that I want to look at in the life of Elijah if you're taking notes and I hope that you'll bring notebooks to church because this is a place where you learn to grow and study the Word of God and apply the messages of scripture. To life today there are seven great lessons of faith that we learn from the life of Elijah. Here is the first lesson of faith in the life of Elijah Lesson number one they feel. Opens the door to receive God's abundant blessings. While disobedience forfeits the blessings of God. That is a key principle. Now. Faith grows. As we see. God's blessings in our lives. Faith and obedience are two twins of the Christian life. So we want to look at this basic principle and here is a principle that faith. Opens the door to receive God's abundant. Blessings we're going to look at first change Chapter seventeen and verse one. First thing seventeen verse one the scripture says. In the life of the Tishbite of the inhabitants of Dealey had said to a have as the Lord of the Israel. Lives. Before whom I stand there shall not be do nor reign these years except by my word see the. The worshippers of Bale believe that Bale provided the blessings of do and rain. He provided the wash valleys and fertile plains babbling brook Brooks and flowing streams that he provided green fields in abundant or orchards. Now God's judgment was not arbitrary. When God said that there would be famine in the land because of the drought. God was really no mocking the gods of bail. Because they believe that Vale gave the rain. They believe that the blessings of life came from Vale. And so what God was showing here was that the blessings of Haven't come on those that are oh G.-D. and that the life of tolerance the life of compromise. The life of disobedience. Forfeits the blessings of God. We find this. All through Scripture. That the blessing of God comes and those that are obedient. Deuteronomy twenty eight verse one in verse to dinner on a me twenty eight verse one in verse two you forfeit the blessings of God. When you consciously disobeyed God and go contrary to His will. This is true for a nation. This is true for families. This is true for individuals. When a nation. Turns its back on God. In the name of tolerance. When a nation. Except moral prefer ssion in the name of tolerance. The judgments of God will come upon that nation. When a family. Knowing what God wants them to do. Turns their back on God in disobedience and compromise for convenience. They forfeit the blessings of God. When we as individuals. Know the leading of God in our life. Know what God wants us to do. But aren't faithful in our ties and faithful in Sabbath keeping and faithful to God in the message of help. When we consciously knowingly aren't faithful to God. We forfeit the blessings of God. The blessings of God for all those whose hearts are obedient to God. Jeter on a beach after twenty eight notice what Scripture says verse one. Now it shall come to pass. If you diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God. To observe carefully as commandments which I command you. And that the larger God will set you high above all the nations. And all these Plessy until come upon you. I want the blessings of God in my life what do you say. Notice verse fifteen. Deuteronomy twenty eight verse fifteen that you'll come to pass if you do not obey the voice of the Lord your God. To observe faithfully all is commandments and His statutes which I can. And you this day. All these curses shall come upon you and overtake you. The blasting come of this is by faith. We enter into obedience with God. The we lose the blessing. When we knowingly disobeying the Word of God. Notice. Joseph difficult circumstances. Obeyed God receive the blessed it became the prime minister of Egypt. DANIEL. There a difficult circumstances in battle and obeyed got purpose in his heart to serve God receive the blessings. Became an influential leader in Babylon. Esther. Went in before the king and receive the blessings of God. Now Elijah's faithfulness to God in a day of moral compromise the largest faithfulness led him to receive the blessings of God. Because notice. First changed after seventy obedience. Faith in obedience leads you receive the wonderful blessings of God in a time of Fame and in a time when food was scarce. The Bible says. First Kings Chapter seventeen. Do you know to sing verse verse three and for the word of the Lord comes to you I just get away from here turn. Eastward into high by the brook share with which flows into the Jordan will be that you'll drink from the brook. And I have commanded you Ravens to feed you there. So he went by the word of the Lord. By the brook cherish. At a time of famine and hunger. The blessing of God came upon Elijah and raisins. Said him say or do I wonder where did the Ravens get the food. May I suggest. Off the king's table. Elijah was out by some brook by Cherice. And every day the Lord sent from heaven. Array that over the king's mood and the Teaching says that the rabid Hey here's a loaf of bread. That he does know that the ravens flying from the palace right to that brook sheriff. Giving it to Elijah. The blessings of God always come on those that are obedient to God. We cannot expect the expect the blessings of God living in disobedience to His commands. But one thing the story of the lie just teaches us. Is that when we step out by faith. To do what is right. Because it is right. When we step out by faith God. Empowers. Our actions and brings us. Blessings. Beyond what we can possibly imagine. God said Elijah three times in the story. He set him by the brook cherish with that brook dried up. God sent Elijah. To the with to of Arafat. You know that you know where is there a pit is. It's a little south of site in its infancy ship. It's amazing to me that God sent Elijah. To the varied city in the very area where jets of They'll came from and a happened jazz Adele looked all over to find. And they couldn't find him. And he was right under the nose of her relatives. They are being protected by God being blessed by God it live she was faithful to God God set him by the brook charity God set him in Sarah path and later. God that him again when he was running from a habit will come to that story. When the you are safe full to God. You open up the doors for God to work miracles in your life when you are unfaithful to God you close the door on the miracle that God wants to work in your life. God longs to work a miracle. In your life God longs to do for you that which apparently is impossible. God is the God of the impossible he's the God of miracles faithfulness to God opens the door for God to work in those miracles. Now the lesson second lesson we learned about in time Faith is this first lesson. End Times. Faith is obedient. Even when obedience seems impossible. And in time faith. Does not accept the compromise isn't this world and forfeit the blessings of God Second lesson about in time Faith in time faith does not mean we always understand. Because God leads us at times in pathways that we do not understand. For three and a half years they did not rain. Elijah receive the blessings of God during those three and a half years. But at the end of those three and a half years. God gave Elijah. A command. You will find that command in first. Kings Chapter eighteen verse one. Now the prophet could have hesitated. The Prophet could have stayed where he was shaking in fear that if you appeared before a have the wicked king would kill him. He could have told God. He would not he could not he should not go. God was saying something to to Elijah. Any logical to look. Got I can't do this. I've got I'm not going to go. Lord. If I go there I'm your prophet. And I'm going to get saline and the in the voice of God will be silenced. You I just could have said God. I've been doing OK here. By the brook and Sheriff I've been doing all he can hear and Zerafa. I've been doing OK here Lord you protected me. You've said me. Lord please. I'm not going to a had. I suppose that he lied should did not understand. Faith does not need to understand. It simply needs to obey. First Kings Chapter eighteen verse one. Now it came to pass that the word of the Lord came to Elijah in the third year saying go present yourself to a have. And I will stand. Rain upon the earth. Verse to you I just doesn't reason. He lies or doesn't tell a have all the reasons he can't go. So you lied you went to present him self to a have and there was a severe famine in some area. Elijah goes. I remember an occasion. I was holding an eventual istic meeting in Brockton Massachusetts. And an amazing experience happened. Unbeknown to me. There was a woman who had been studying the Bible. Living up in Monkton New Brunswick. Up in Canada. And she had studied the Adventist message was convicted of the truth in the Bible. Because when you study the Adventist message. In the Word of God the Holy Spirit conviction with those truths which she was convicted Jesus is coming through. She was convicted on the Bible Sabbath. She will be lieve that God was leading her make a decision. And she was going to be baptized in a couple weeks. There was one problem. Her husband was not an Adventist Christian. And he was really angry that she was considering becoming a Seventh Day Adventist. And so he did everything he could to discourage or. And just shortly before her baptism he said there's one more thing I'm going to do. He said let's go to a friend's wedding he knew they'd be a lot of drinking and partying in the wedding. And he said to her look. As a wife I am telling you you must go to this wedding with me. I want to get you away from all this nonsense. I want to get you away from these ads and this she said Lord I don't know stand. He is my husband. I will not drink. But are a stay in this. I'm going to go. So she made a decision to be faithful to Christ. But she made a decision not to be defiant of her husband. So she decided to go. She said Lord I totally don't understand. But I'm going to trust you what I want to obey you. They got in the car and they drove. They drove a number of hours from Monkton New Brunswick. Down to Brockton Massachusetts. He was absolutely exhausted. They came in and checked into the hotel room. She walked down into the lobby. He went to sleep in the lobby that was a large sign and the sign said. Prophecy lectures by Pastor Mark this family. The topic tonight is how you know the true church. She walked into those meetings. Listen to a message on Revelation Chapter fourteen. The message of the true church I made an appeal she got up and came forward and came to the altar. Went back to the room with her husband woke up she said thank you so much for bringing me here. Because tonight I went to Pastor Finley's meeting. And I discovered it I am more convinced than ever that the administers the true church. He threw up his hands and said go be baptized if you want we can get away from these people. Or you may not always understand. But you trust. Elijah did not understand. But he trusted. There is a time to think there's a time to weigh out your options there's a time to consider all the possibilities. But there's also a time to trust and obey. There's a time to step out in faith. There may be somebody here today that God is leading you to some decision your life. I don't know what that decision may be they be a decision of the faith only in your stewardship. It may be a decision to be more faithful in your ties that may be a decision to be faithful in some areas health may be a decision to be more faithful in Sabbath keeping there may be somebody here today. That God is leading you to make some decision for Christ. And maybe you don't fully understand how it's all going to work out. Maybe you don't fully understand how to sort out everything. There is a time to listen to the voice of God and think God whether I understand or not I'm going to trust and obey God's end time people don't have to figure out everything in their heads. Elijah could have been incredibly War read about the consequences of going to a have. And he could have to let his fears about what might happen keep him from doing God's will but deep within his heart he made a decision. I will do God's will. No matter what happens. Seven great lessons of faith a lesson number one. The blessings of God come on those who step out in faith. We forfeit those blessings. If we live openly and disobedience. Lesson number two faith does not need to understand. Safe needs to trust and obey. Lesson number three First Kings Chapter eighteen. Verse twenty and twenty one. Our faith always depends at the point of a test our faith. Always deepens at the point of a test. God allows tests to come in our life. And those tests are allowed by God to deepen our faith. First Kings Chapter eighteen. Here. Elijah comes to Mount Carmel. And he's he comes to Mount Carmel. We look at verses. Twenty and twenty one. So way have sent for all the children of Israel and gather the prophets together on Mount Carmel. And he lives here came to the people and said How long will you full tour between two opinions. If the Lord is God. Follow him. But if they all follow him but the people answered. Not a word. No notice and Elijah says to the people I alone am left a prophet of the Lord. But Bale's prophets. Elijah's That's OK this we're going to do. We're going to put God to a test. You build an altar and on that alter you pray to your god. And if he is God let him send fire down from heaven and burn the sacrifice on the altar. So they begin to pray. And they pray to early in the morning. They begin to scream. You know Elijah must have had a little sense of humor because you know what he said that maybe your god is and they can shin. You know Mitt maybe not think a shit then you I just said look who may be your god is a little hard of hearing maybe can hear you. They scream louder louder they're screaming. Said fire down from heaven. Then fire down from of burned up this altar and you I just chiding I'm a little bit. They come to the end of the day they cut themselves they flail themselves all day their prey. Than a logic calmly kneels down any repairs. The altar of the war that has been trampled down. He kneels. And he says to them. Here's the sacrifice on the altar no poor water on the altar. No poor water on the altar again. And he prays and miraculously fire comes down from heaven. In the fire is so bright that they are stunned and driven back. What do you think that that answer to prayer. Did for Elijah. It's trying things his face. He was facing this incredible test on Mount Carmel. And as he saw the working and power of God is faith was strengthened. There's a wonderful. Reference in profits in Kings page one seventy four and one seventy five and it says this. To wait patiently. That Elijah wait patiently. Indeed he did. To trust when everything looks dark. Is the lesson that the leaders in God's work need to learn. Heaven will not fail them in their day. Of adversity. Nothing is more apparently help. Nothing is apparently more helpless. Yet really more invincible. Than the soul that feels it's nothingness and realize holy on God. Listen to this reference again nothing is apparently more helpless. But more invincible. Then the soul that feels it's nothing this in realize holy on God God is going to bring you in your life. Interests or comes to answers. God is going to bring you in your life. To tests. To test that there is no way out. Around or through the mountain is going to be so high. The the. The mountain is going to be so large that you're going to sit back and say God. I don't know how I can get through this. God This seems to be impossible to me. Why is God allowing that to strengthen your faith. He is building in you. And time. Faith. Just like our muscles become flabby and week. If we don't lift weights. But when you lift weights. Your muscle strength. So. Tests. Trials obstacles impossibilities. Are the stuff that end time. They is made out of. So God is allowing you can allow you this week to go through some tests. And rather than say oh God why do you love me to go through that this is the. Thank you Jesus. Because you are building. And in time see you I just prayed and miraculously fire came down from heaven consumed that altar. There's a fourth thing about in times of peace. You see you are just faith through the point of a test for Thing about in time things in time Faith perseveres it never gives up. It believes in the God of the impossible. When the fire consume that alter the law I just said to his servant at the end of the mountain look out there. Because the rain is going to be coming. Now it's very interesting. If you look at First Kings Chapter eighteen here is Lesson number for faith. Perseverance. They never gives up. It believes in the God of the impossible. Notice first Ting's chapter eighteen. And you're looking there at verse forty one to forty four. That he was just said a have go up and. Go up. Eat and drink. For there is the sound of the abundance of rain and they have been up and ate and drank in your head you went to the top of Mount Carmel any bowed down on the ground and put a space between his knees. And he said to his servants go up now look toward the sea. So he went up in looked and said There is nothing. And seven times he said Go again. Elijah said to his servant you go up there and they'll in the service I don't see anything lies that I'm not concerned what you see what you don't see go up there again. Logic is up the second time comes back. I don't see anything. I'm not concerned about what you see what you don't see I want to go up there again. Six times he goes up in looks and he lied said look I want you to go to seventh died. Because God told me it was going to rain. And I can accept the promises of God. I am staking. My life. On the promises of God. They think does not mean that the first two minutes you get on your knees and pray you're going to find an answer. But what faith means that you're never going to give up that you believe that when God says I shows. God says I'll show pie your every need. You believe God's going to do that he is going to supply your need. Faith. Never gives up. Because God never lives. And God is the God of the impossible. And in time people will face trial and in time people will face difficulty and and time people will face challenges. But in time people will never give up because they serve. The God of the impossible. They have the faith that person hears this is not some sugar coated candy colored candy. Sugar coated see. It's not some cotton candy faith. It's not a faith that says I praise God when everything goes good in my life. But when things don't go good. God must be off on some vacation. It's not a faith that says. I praise God when I'm financially prosperous. What I'm healthy wealthy and wise. It is not the prosperity gospel at all that is a million miles from genuine Biblical faith. Genuine typical faith perseverance when the going gets tough. Because genuine Biblical faith believes that God is sufficient to solve every problem and answer every difficulty that when I have a problem in my life God's going to do want to do things he's either going to move the mountain and take it away or he's going to give me the strength to be a mountain climber and climb right over the mountain. If I don't go over the mountain he's going to give me the strength to walk around the mountain. If I can't go around the mountain I'm gonna dig in the mountain find gold. Because they always perseverance. For lessons of faith so far. What are the a number one and time faith is obedient to God and expect the blessings of God. Number two. N. time faith may not always understand. But in time state. Always trust believes it obeys. Lesson number three what Lesson number three you got it. Yeah and times faith in Lesson number three says what. Yes. It depends at the point of a test. So we can expect some test can't wait any time faith is going to what. Defend at the point of those test for Thing about in time think what is it. N. time Faith perseveres it does not what. Give up. Sifting about in time Faith is this and in time space is always accompanied by great you military. N. times faith is never arrogant. Now there's something really really interesting in the story that is so easy to miss. And I want you to notice it. So you I just challenges the prophets of Bale fire comes that it consumes the altar of God then seems the rain. A large is faith has persevered. But you notice verse forty five in verse forty six. Of first change chapter eighteen. Now it happened in the meantime that the sky became black with clouds and wind and there was a heavy rain. So a have brought away and went to jazz real. Then the hand of the Lord came upon Elijah. And he girded up his loins and he ran ahead of they have the entrance of jazz trio. Now this is an amazing Bible passage because here's why. The rain is pouring down a have a striving that charity can't see. Have you ever been driving and a terrible fund or storm has come up in the heavens of opened in the rain just come down and down and down and you can't see. So you've pulled it to the side of the road. Underneath a bridge. And you kind of wait for the rain to go. Think of if you were in a chariot. A have is in this chariot. It hasn't rained for three and a half years. Now. If you have a drought for three and a half years. And it hasn't rained. What typically happens. If you get. They haven't just opened. You get a lot of flooding right. Because the earth is hard and it can't handle the water. So picture this scene. The sky is incredibly dark. The dark clouds are hanging low. The rain is pouring down like everything you can't see this ability is poor. There's a great deal of flooding. A have is the man. That's going to kill. Elijah a had is the one that let Israel into apostasy. A Have would have killed him during these three and a half years. A have busy lives his worst enemy. But God comes upon an ally Ginny says look he lied to you you are the prophet of God. You know every inch of this land. You walk ahead. Or run ahead of a Habs chariot and get him home to a place of safety. So we live show. Through the pouring rain through the darkness. Humbly and kindly leads his worst enemy. To a place of safety and and time. People will not be their trials like. Against those who disagree with them. And in time people have a kindness and humility. A K R. And a concern. Not an arrogance. They will reach out to their worst enemies and see their hearts broken. With the love of Christ. They will reach out to those that disagree with them. Theologically their reach out not to compromise. Not intolerance. But in carrier in love in gentleness. Elijah. The one that would be translated. Without seeing death was one of the most humble. Of all man. Some time ago when tinny and I were in China. We were visiting in a church that was in Shenyang we have to our churches in Shan young China one has about six thousand Adventist members the other about a thousand. We were in both of them but in this story came out of the one in a thousand members that were sitting around with the pastor and two or three associate pastors and I was asking if they always had been Seventh Day Adventists. And one of the associate pastors look up that looked at me he said let me tell you my story. And he pointed to the elder of the church. And he said You see the elder there he said the pastor of the church the senior pastor and the elder worse muddling. He didn't use the word smuggling he used the word secretly they were secretly bringing the book desirable ages. By Ellen White translated into Chinese to other advantage for leavers. And they had these books in sacks with groceries and other things they were going to bring them to the train station to give them to some of our believe or is to take the book desire the ages because it's against the law. In some places in China to print a book like desire of ages and rush of approval from the government. And so they were taking them there. While they took them there. The pastor in the older got arrested. The pastor was let go. Finally after he was interrogated but the elder was thrown in prison. It was a very rough Chinese prison. And each evening. The prisoners would go into the cell a number of them five or six of them seven or eight of them sometimes ten of them they would crowd into the cell of this. Advena sailed or. And they'd beat him. And he would be beaten. Lying on the floor bloody and bruised. And each evening as he was beaten he would make a pro at this dear Lord Father forgive them for they don't know what they're doing. He reached out in kindness to his tormentors to the ones that beat. I was one of those prisoners. And when I saw his humility. When I saw his love. When I saw his care. When I saw his concern. When I saw this in his life. It was something that in my heart. I longed for. You remember what it says it Romans Chapter twelve. That prisoner Incidentally when they when he get out of prison. The elder get out of prison. They both went to the advantage church the prisoner said to the elder I want to go to the church you go to. They went together. The prisoner took Bible studies was baptized eventually became the assistant pastor that church. There is a marvelous passage and Romans Chapter twelve you don't want to miss it you'll find it there in Romans twelve and. When IN think if we reach out to others in kindness. God works. Unusual miracles notice what it says In wrote in Romans Chapter twelve verse twenty and twenty one. Therefore if your enemy hunger if he is your enemy and he hungers do what CD of. If the thirst given what a drink for in so doing you will heat coals of fire on his head. Now you know they are in Romans twelve. It's quoted. What is it me to heap coals of fire and it said what you think that means he called a fart is it. You will cause him to burn with the desire to know why you're doing that you will cause him to you you will cause him to stop doing what he's doing is your enemy. But there. This quote from Romans twelve twenty and twenty one twenty one says Do not be overcome with evil but overcome evil with good. This quote comes from the Book of Proverbs. So what I'd like you to do now is turn back to the Book of Proverbs. Because the quote we've just read is only half the quote in Proverbs. So Proverbs Chapter twenty five Hurst twenty two. Proverbs twenty five verse twenty two and times faith reaches out to those that do not agree. In kindness and love and time faith is humble it is not arrogant. Proverbs twenty five verse twenty two. Now you'll notice something different in this tax than we read in Romans twelve. Proverbs twenty five percent when he wanted twenty two. If your enemy is hungry give him bread to eat Did we read that Romans twelve. We did. If he's thirsty give water to drink that we read that for so you will heat coals of fire on its head. And the Lord will do what reward you do you want the richest reward of heaven. Reach out to somebody that is offended you. Reach out to somebody that consider she was an enemy. Are you in some institution is somebody offended you with that institution. Had somebody offended us your place a work. You say they shouldn't done that will bless your heart I know they shouldn't have done it. But whether they should have done it or not. What does Scripture say. If your enemy is hungry give him what. Bread see if he's thirsty give him what water to drink. And what will the war do. If you go out of yourself. If you humble yourself to go to another who has wronged you. What will the war do to you. He's going to do what reward Jew. If you want. Richest reward. What is the fifth lesson of and time and time faith is home and time Faith reaches out to others that don't deserve it. What I give others loves that they do not deserve. God bless this me with the abundance of blessings that I do not deserve it. Why Joe. First in chapter nineteen. If I just had a rough day. They've been on Mount Carmel all day. First things. Chapter nineteen. Six a lesson in I just been on Mount Carmel all day. Elijah's weary. He's exhausted. He is physically mentally emotionally and spiritually wasted. He spent all day on Mount Carmel challenging the prophets A. God was on trial before all of Israel the honor of God was at stake. Elijah prayed he believes God experience the miracle. But something happens first in chapter nineteen What is it. And they have told Jeffs Adele. All that Elijah had done. Also how he had executed all the prophets with the sword. Then Jessa they'll send a messenger to Elijah saying so let the gods do to me and more also if I do not make your life. Like the life of one of them by tomorrow this time we saw that he ran for his life and he sits under a broom tree now that broom tree is not a verse was not a tree that grows Broom's a broom tree is like a juniper tree it's an evergreen that's beautiful yellow flowers incidentally. And he prays. He said it's enough. Now the Lord take my life for I'm no better than my father's. Now here is a man who's for three and a half years. Believed in trust in God. Here is a man who's challenged the Prophets a veil. Here is a man that seen the mighty miracles of God. But now he's tired. He's weary. He's exhausted. And he runs. And he wants to die. He doesn't want to live other times that mighty men and women of faith get discouraged. Other times that God's leaders in his local church elders and deacons get discouraged. Other times. Members get discouraged. Are those people preparing for translation. With the logic preparing for translation. Now it's interesting to me what God did not do. God did not come over to Elijah and say logic. Where is your faith man. Let's get going here. Didn't you see what I did at Mount Carmel. It's amazing that God did not preach a sermon to Elijah. It's amazing that God did not read Bible promises to Elijah. What did God do. Let's look at see if verse four verse five. Then as he lay and slept under a broom tree suddenly an angel touched him and said Arise and eat. When he looked in there. By is the head was a cake date on coals in a jar water so we ate and drank and lay down again the angel came the seconds I was that arise in eat because the journey is too great for you. So he arose and ate and drank and he went on the strength that at food forty days and forty nights now look. There's a time to preach but that's a time to get your arms around somebody faith is practical. Faith is practical. And there are times when people don't need a sermon. What they need it's you to get your arms around the bring him a loaf of bread. Bring him a bowl of soup. Give them some hope and encouragement. This is Jesus medical missionary work for Elijah. So there are times when people who discovers that they know what they want to do what they need is a hand. Somebody to encourage their heart. Somebody to lift the load. Somebody to bear the burden. Somebody to take care of the kids so they can get a nap because they've been up all night. Somebody they can make a loaf of bread and a good vegetarian meal because my husband's been in the hospital and time. They think is a real and time. They think practical. It is the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ. The people around us who see needs. He was your narrow goes into a cave. See the thinks the lesson that we learn is this. Faith is not exempt from trials. Elijah came down from the mountain and went to the valley. He came from the sunlight of encouragement to the darkness of despair. Faith is not exempt from Drs often in trials what we need is somebody come alongside of us. Somebody to give us a little hope and encouragement. Often one word one telephone call. One visit. Can really make a difference in somebody's life. If I have any longing for our church here. It is that we will. Reincarnate. The message and ministry of the logic that this will be a church where God's love reigns where we're sensitive to one another where we are faithful to God in do not compromise the integrity of his word. But that nobody will ever be able to say this church is very and loving that everybody that walks through the door. Will find the love in the grace. And the goodness of Christ. Here is the church that holds the highest bid book all standards possible. A church that refuses to compromise its integrity of the Word of God. With the world. But it shirts that is so loving. So caring so compassionate. So humble. The people pick up the very atmosphere. When they come. Lesson Number six. Faith is not exempt from trials last lesson today here we go. Elijah ends up in a cave. It's quite a play for the prophet they end up isn't it a cave. And we look there. And he's in this cave. Feeling that is life is over. And God comes to him first Kings Chapter nineteen verse nine. And there he went into a cave and spent the night in that place and behold the work of the Lord came to him in the said. What are you doing here Elijah. That's an interesting question. What are you doing here is a lie just that I sent you here. What are you doing here on your job. God says I send you there. I send you there you're there for a missionary What are you doing in that school student gods as I sent you there. I put you there. What are you doing in that neighborhood. God says I planted you there. See that's the question always got asks us. What you doing here. God did not bring you to this church by accident. In this church that are committing spectators. Every single one of us are involved Missionaries which is as Christ. This is not a church where people come to just sit and go out and be the same. What are you doing here. Why did God bring you to this church. God brought you here because somebody else in this church in Egypt. They need your loving touch they need your prayers. Why did God put you in this church. He put you here so you could be motivated for Mission. So you could sense that your job is a mission field. The school students that God put you in that's the mission field you pray for those other students and got it going to lead you to do some amazing things there. The neighborhood that you're in God's going to lead you he's going to bring somebody to your house he's going to do something amazing with your life. God does that for us. Now God says to to to do you live. God says what are you doing here. We might give them all these excuses. I've been that was for the LORD of hosts. But who ordered. They've all for say can you and God says there are many others. They have not about a need a veil denim a classic text her celeb and he says go out and stand on the mountain before the Lord God says the larger You may have disappointed me but I have a purpose for your life. Thomas. Doubted the. Peter denied him. But God still had purposes for their life. I have a purpose for your life go out and stay on the mountain get out of the cave and get on the mound is somebody in the cave today. God says get out of that cave despondency get out of that cave discards and stand on the mountain and God says I have a real purpose for your life and so what is god's way to sue to Elijah. He says. Verse fifteen. Then the Lord said to him Go return your way to the wilderness of Damascus and when you arrive there anoint has a as king over Syria what is God saying you say OK Alija. I have not taken you this far to let you down yet. I've got this incredible purpose for your life I get this incredible. Task for you to do. You may have failed you may have disappointed me you may be in the cave right now. But you come out of that cave and stand on a mountain. Because I have a destiny for you I have a purpose for you. God has a purpose for you that you do not understand right now. God city lies you come out of the cave you stand on the mountain. And you go anoint has a less King. God has a purpose for you. A purpose that you can't imagine a destiny far beyond what you can ever understand by date and end time people believe that they were called to the kingdom for such a time as this. Why were you born now. Why weren't you born a hundred years ago. Why weren't you born five hundred years ago. Why weren't you born a thousand years ago. Did you choose. When you would be born. Did you choose your parents. Did you choose to live here in Haymarket in Gainesville. Why aren't you living. Right now in a remote village in Africa. Starving to death. Why aren't you living in China where there is no religious freedom. Why aren't you. Living in Iran or Iraq. Why are you living here now. Why were you born at this time. Because in the design drama of destiny. God. Conceived you in his mind. Before you were conceived in your mother's womb. And God had a plan for your life. And that plan is not to live in a cave. That plan is to stand on a mountain that plan is not to live in darkness it's to live in the light. That plan is not to make money. That plan is not simply to live a life here is to get others rate. Ready for eternity. When we trust and obey. We sense that God has a plan for our life that is a match up. I love that song. Trust and obey for there is what nor the way to be what Happy into. Jesus are you happy in Jesus. Are you happy in Jesus. Trust and obey for there is no other what way to be happy in Jesus. When we trust and obey. The blast things of God. Fall upon our lives. When we trust and obey our faith. Grows. When we trust and obey. Humbly. We reach out to others that our enemies. We trust and obey. We leave the cave and stand on the mountain and recognize that God has a plan for our lives we can't imagine. Father in heaven for there are times that we hesitate. Obeying. We know what we ought to do. But excuses fill our mind. And we have to Tate like you I just may we trust and obey. As you convict us with duty as your revealed to us what you want us to do. Help us know that you always give us the strength and the courage to do it and father teach us that the blessings come upon our lives. As we obey you. Help us be done with. The sugar coated light. Say Or face of the world. And enter into the deep faith of. We too are a people preparing for translation people preparing for the coming of our Lord. The people who are facing a world of moral compromise and tolerance of father. Teach us to stand firm. But in the standing firm help us not to become content or us. Help us not become harder callus help us be loving humble people. For us practical. Maybe so practical that we care for others. We meet their needs. Now Lord. Take us from the cave and up a stand on the mountain. Take us from sitting and cause us to run like you into our communities this week. To do the task for Jesus. Thank you that life is purpose that life has meaning. We pray that will fulfill that purpose for life in Jesus name. Oh man. Hi This is Mark Finley I hope you are really blessed by the sermon today that the Holy Spirit touched your heart and you were led to make commitments to Jesus. I want to give you a special invitation. We have seen God work so many miracles here in Northern Virginia. Our little church unwarranted is packed in overflowing. We are building a new beautiful church sanctuary. But much more than that if I can say it that way. Is that we're building a training center. A training center for pastors and lay people all over the world. They will come and be trained equipped. In how to reach out for Christ. How to get viable studies. How to preach of Angel istic sermons. Will have courses on spiritual leadership. Revival Reformation. Bible memorization of courses on how to model Christ's love in a given community. And how to reach out through comprehensive health ministry. This church. Evangelistic training center will also be a community outreach center. It's right in the heart of didn't involve me it is in the center of our community. And we will reach out to people often who don't have much of an interest in spiritual things secular people through Health and Family Life Ministries and through meeting the very needs they have just like Jesus Christ did. And I want to give you a special invitation first. If you're in the Northern Virginia area and. You're in Haymarket for junior come to diminutive Valley. Starting in March of two thousand and sixteen. We will talk programs will be running our classes will be running. Contact us. And we're more than happy to have you visit or join us for one of our four eight day sessions our sessions will be four days and eight days. And we can give you. Dates. If you'd like to inquire about our classes you can call one. Three zero one six eight zero six six one nine. That's one three zero one six eight zero six six one nine you can call them talk to my administrative assistant Joe Alexander. There may be some of you that would like to help us financially. We still have a ways to go in raising the funds for our center and everything is on faith that we're doing. We're stepping out in faith in God is helping us to raise those funds. We still have a number of thousand dollars we have to raise. Probably between two hundred two hundred fifty thousand. Yet on the building. Furnishing. We need to furnish the building. We're building a media center within the building. If you want to contribute one hundred dollars fifty dollars a thousand five thousand whatever you choose to do. Let those spirit guide you out of the oyster promise you that you want to do something special that are really make a difference in the world field. And really make a difference in people's lives. Both for training and outreach in worship. You can send a donation to the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists twelve five zero one. Old Columbia Pike. Silver Spring Maryland. Two zero nine zero four that's the General Conference Seventh Day Adventists. Twelve five all want to hold Columbia Pike. Silver Spring Maryland two zero zero nine zero four. Listen to a tax deductible receipt. And you can be part of something big something large for God something that will make a difference. To get people ready for this in return of Jesus. Thank you so much for your prayers. Thank you for your financial support. And we look forward to seeing you here at our site and visiting us into an example A marketing. Media was brought to you by Audioboo a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like for about body over. If you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave it there. W W W. Audio person or.


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