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Jesus An Unsurpassed Leader

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • October 3, 2015
    11:00 AM
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Father we have come to a period in our service we're going to open the Word of God. We pray that as we do that that you would speak to us that your spirit would bring deep conviction. To us we pray that we would be more conscious of the awareness that we live on the knife edge of eternity. And that the signs of the times indicate that this is a special error interests history. That soon Jesus will come in Christ's name. Man. And one of the greatest needs in America today is moral leadership. America is facing a serious. Leadership Crisis. Well there's gridlock in Washington and political parties. Battle to retain their turf. Millions want for some type of moral leadership. They are tired of the wrangling and debates. They're looking for solutions to the problems of war. The problems of injustice the problems of social and equity the problems of fragmented families global warming the refugee crisis in Europe. Economic woes and a multitude of other problems. Thinking people say. Is there any moral leader. That has the ability to lead society. Out of the toboggan slide that it's on. Where can the world so I moral leadership to deliver us from our problems. To lift us from the pit. Into which we are rapidly. Sinking. Millions of people are asking this question Is there some world leader on the horizon that has the international respect to influence. World leaders bring nations together and change the course of history. So that's the question. Now another question is Have recent events in America. Indicated that millions of people actually believe that there is a world leader that does exist. One that stands above other leaders one that can bring nations together. The last two weeks of that incredibly amazing. In American history and really the history of the world. The Pope Francis visited America. And millions of people. Not only in this country but around the world were going to their T.V. screens. He was given. Red carpet treatment in Washington D.C. A Welcome. Unlike the welcoming of even for the president of China. That occurred. The very next week. When the presence of China visited America. His arrival was almost insignificant in comparison to the rival Pope Francis. The Pope Francis of course a met with President Obama. Then he addressed a joint session of Congress. First time in history that a pope did that travel to the United Nations made a major speech there. Travel to Philadelphia and a spoke on the nature of American families and. And the situation among families around the world. During the time that he was here he addressed. Inequality among peoples. He and he addressed. World hunger. He addressed at the family. He addressed global warming. It was quite remarkable to see the millions of people attracted to the message of the Pope of Rome. Featured of course on the end and C.B.S. A.B.C. N.B.C. Fox News. All of those letters. It featured. Again and again accuse hardly turn on the television screen. No I was interested in the news reports and glean just a few. Here's what one international reporter stated about the pope's visit. Although Pope Francis left. The United States for Rome this was written on the day he left on Sunday. The significance of the papal outing will resonate for a long time. With the soul lifting statements he made in the course of the visit to Cuba and subsequently to the United States. This sentence really struck me. The two hundred sixty six Pope has undeniably a merged as a more. Oral forth. That the world. Urgently needs. So here is a recognition by the international press that at a time of chaos and confusion in the world at a time of fragmentation. At a time when many world leaders are at one another's throats there is a moral leader that has arisen. That has attracted the attention of the world. I was interested in a short article in the Catholic News Service. Who were really evaluating what. Pope Francis said. And the Catholic News Service issued this statement Pope Francis. Several speeches especially in front of a joint session of Congress. The United Nations General Assembly in Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Still nothing short of a treaties on human. Politics. He was rather interesting to me that the leader of the largest religious Christian organization in the world one point three billion people. Has bridged the gap. Into politics. Now that is quite significant but the most significant article that I read was in The Huffington Post and published in Washington D.C. September twenty eighth to thirty. Now this article is significant and I want you to listen to it says he hasn't announced his candidacy. Canada see. Indeed the job he seeks doesn't really exist. But shrewdly must photic Clee in with a showman Slayer. The Argentinian Jesuit priest named Pope Francis. Showed Thursday that he's running to become the president of the planet. That's how the news media released it now I want to go on because there is something significant here. He did so in a congressional ceremony of secular civic pump. In a massive legislative building that's the U.S. Congress that after all harks back to ancient Rome. So what we're seeing is the revival of the ancient Roman Empire. The the next paragraph to me is really significant in this news release. As does out Hansie is and has focus on the Faith and Practice of the Catholic Church. Francis is also campaigning to lead. Public. Secular political discourse worldwide. He is arguing. The news media says that the two realms of faith and politics are one. So what we see taking place. Is the leader of the largest Christian body in the world. Making a persuasive. Philosophical argument that you cannot separate religion and politics. That faith in politics are indeed one. I was quite astonished when I saw the cover of Time magazine. The cover of Time has a picture of the pope and it says Pope Francis. And the new Roman Empire. Now those who are familiar with church history. Are understandably concerned about the pope's meteoric rise to prominence. The article Pope Francis in the new Roman Empire. In the days of Constantine. The Roman Empire was falling apart. Pagan influences were coming down from the north of our very and tribes. Like the Elemental I the angle Saxons the swathes I the hair you lie. We're taking over Europe. Constantine recognized that he had to do something if he was going to save the Empire. The fragmentation. In the empire was great the challenges that we're faced to stability in governments were enormous and Constantine a political leader you nineteen at the time with the Pope of Rome in an attempt to Christianize Europe. Now when that happened. Two things occurred. First there was a compromise with biblical values. That's when of course. Image or ship came into the church in the fourth century. That's when Sunday worship gained prominence. And many pagan practices came into the church. But there was a second thing that happened in that amalgamation of the Roman Empire and that is the minorities were persecuted. And that's why we had what was known as the dark or Middle Ages. Church and state united. If history tells us anything it tells us this. Every time church and state. You know names. These two things occur. There is a compromise of biblical values. And there is a persecution of the minorities. So those that study history. Are quite nervous. When you look at terms the revival of the Roman Empire. But there is another reason why the Bible students are somewhat nervous about the events of the last few weeks. And they should be. And that is not only do they know history. But they know prophecy. And there are two. Prophecies in Revelation. That should give us pause to think. Revelation Chapter thirteen talks about a time when the religious political powers will you none. And for all Christians everywhere. In specifically Seventh Day Adventists. This. Prophecy should give us pause. It talks about a rise of shirts in state power in Revelation Chapter thirteen. And looking for at verse three. It says in the last part in all the world. One hundred after the beast. The Bible talks about the union of church in state. And it talks about the world wondering. It talks about the world being amazed at a power that would rise. And that this power. Would would come on the scene of this world's history as a Merril force that would change the world. The Bible then describes the compromise and persecution that would take place. There is another prophecy that should give us pause in Revelation the seventeenth chapter in Revelation Chapter seventeen first thirteen and fourteen. Should give Bible Students something seriously to think about when we see the events of the last two weeks. Revelation Chapter seven team. And we're looking there at Revelation Chapter seventeen. And we're good kings at verse twelve and thirteen. Revelation Chapter seventeen verse twelve and thirteen. And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings that receive no kingdom yet. But they receive. Authority for power for one hour. As kings with the beast. These have one mind. In they give their power and authority to the beast. So here are two predictions in Revelation. Where the political powers of the world. And the religious powers of the world. Under the auspices of world unity. Under the auspices of solving the problems of the world. Under the auspices of solving the injustice the war. The climate change in the under the auspices of bringing families together. That the world leaders will look for somebody that's beyond politics. Somebody that stands above nationalism. Some moral leaders that they can look for I wonder are these prophecies being fulfilled before our very eyes. Now Revelation predicts. Not one leader will emerge but two. And it's the second leaders that I want to spend most of the time focusing on in our message. Revelation predicts. And it talks about what is the dragon. And the lamb. It talks about the rise of the anti-christ power. But it also talks about the supremacy of a leader that is unsurpassed. Jesus Christ. And I want to focus the smore name on. Why Jesus is the only leader that can solve the problems of this world. The Bible's last book presents the only leader that can deliver us from the world's dilemma. He is the only leader who is wise in all powerful. He is the unsurpassed Jesus Christ in Revelation the dragon battle for the lamb and wonder of all wonder marvel of all marvels the lamb. Wins. And the dragon loses. Now in the Book of Revelation. Jesus Christ is described as the Lamb. Twenty eight times. Now that itself is significant in Revelation numbers mean something three is the number of the Trinity the Father the Son and Holy Spirit. And then you have the dragon the beast in the false prophet the false Trinity. In Revelation. You have the number seven which indicates perfection. You have. Number ten which is a church. Number like ten virgins. Why not. Six versions Why not twelve because can. Was the smallest number of Jewish men that could form a synagogue. So every time you read about ten. It's Church it has it would sure it show the ten virgins are in Jersey. So the numbers are significant in Revelation in Revelation. Triple six seven is perfection. Six is imperfection a triple six is the trinity of imperfection. The stance against God You see twelve is completeness not take twenty eight. What is it for tonight seven. Seven its perfection fortunate personality. Jesus the Lamb of God mentioned twenty eight times. He is our universal perfect Savior. You can add nothing to salvation. You can take nothing away from his South Asian. Jesus the perfect salvation. War is a number of universes ality. The points of the compass the four winds north south east or west. Seven is the symbol of perception. The seven seal seven trumpets seven candlesticks. Jesus the Lamb of God is the universal savior of mankind. Through his perfect life and perfect sacrifice and perfect ministry above and perfect plan for the world. Nothing can be taken from it nothing can be added to it. Now there are four facets of Jesus in the Book of Revelation that I want to study with you for things that qualify him as the only true leader of this world. For things that distinguish him from any other world leader. We're going to take our Bibles and go to Revelation Chapter one. We're going to study the unsurpassed supremacy of Christ that lifts him above all. World leaders. First. If there are four things about Jesus and revelation that we're going to study. First he is the revealing Christ. Second to use the read deeming Christ. Certainly he is the returning Christ. Fourthly. He is the reigning Christ. The Revealing Christ. We look at Revelation Chapter one Verse one. The Revelation of Jesus Christ. Which God gave Him to show his servants things which much sure it lead to take place. And he sent and signified it by its angel to his servant John. He is the revealing Cripe. The Father gave to Jesus and eternal message. Jesus gave it to the Angel. The angels then gave it to John and John wrote it down for you and me. With the world seeking answers about the future. The Book of Revelation from vides those a hamster. In a world of uncertainty in a world of confusion. No What human being knows the future. But we can be thankful for a god that knows the future. He's got the whole world is saying ants. We are secure in him. We are safe in him. This world. It's not going to be destroyed in some spinning global Bash. It is not going to be destroyed at some world hunger with people calling it will not that one another for a living space. Here is the incredible good news. While world leaders are confused about the future. While the future looks murky and dark and foggy an uncertain. Jesus Christ has revealed. The future. And that's incredibly good news. Now look at Matthew chapter twenty four verse thirty two to thirty three. Now it's interesting to me and quite fascinating. That after Jesus gives his sermon about the signs of the times. Jesus makes a strong appeal to his people. Jesus does not make an appeal. Sharing with them. The exact time of His coming. We can know his coming is near a foot we can never know when his coming is here. We will not know is coming is here. Until we see him coming in the cause of heaven with power and glory. So. Notice what Jesus says. The emphasis of Jesus in Matthew twenty four. Famines earthquakes fires floods war. Rise a crime and violence comes to a climax. Itself. In Matthew chapter twenty four verse thirty two and thirty three. Now when this terrible from the fee. Now learned this parable from the fig tree. When its branches already become tender and put forth. Leaves. You know that. Summer is what near. So are you also when you see all of these things. Know that some translations say it is near. But do you have a little number by the word it. There in your bible that refers you to a marginal reference. What the marginal reference. He so much better translation. So you also when you see all these things how many of these things. All of them are we seeing all these things will sit around us today. Know that he is what near even at the door so where is Jesus. Where is jesus now. He is what near How near is near. At the door. How close can I be to your house. Without coming in at the what. At the door. Now it seems he is at the door. What he has is appeal to you and me. Matthew Chapter twenty four. And we're looking there at verse forty four. Matthew twenty four verse forty four. Therefore you also be what reading for the Son of Man is coming at an hour. You don't expect it. So when the world. Looks to the Middle East and sees confusion in Syria. When they're concerned about unrest in trouble in Iraq. When they see Russia. Beginning to move into a Middle East crisis. When you look at Boca around and terrorism and ISIS in Africa. When you see global warming and instability everywhere. When you see famine and earthquake. What do we know the world looks for a leader. A political moral leader to bring society together. We look for a leader to put our leader is Jesus Christ. He comes from the sky. He descends from Heaven. Now there is a fascinating statement written by Ellen White. In a book called Child Guidance stage five hundred fifty five in which she says transgression. Has almost reached its limit. What's transgression What's another name for transgression sin. So see an almost has reached its limit. Is there a limit beyond which God will allow Seon to go. It says. Transgress. Action has almost reached its what limit. So see in wickedness is not going to go on indefinitely. Next scented confusion. Fills the world. Are we living in a time of confusion and a great terror is soon to come on human beings. The end is very near God's people are we got Stephen. What should we be doing. Should be preparing for what is to break. Upon the world as it over whelming surprised. We look for divine solutions to the world's problems. So well as looks for human solutions. That's the essential difference. And so we are preparing for something what are we preparing for something that's going to break upon this world as an overwhelming surprise. Now how do you prepare prophets in Kingston age six twenty six. Wonderful book if you're not familiar with it. Commentary on the Old Testament. Christian should be preparing for what soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise. We read that did way. What is this preparation. In this preparation they should make by diligently studying the Word of God in striving to conform their life to its precepts. What is the appeal of the our from the revealing Christ. The Revealing Christ reveals personally to you would be. The trauma. Challenges and difficulties ahead in the Christ who reveals the future. Gives us an urgent appeal to our needs to know him into the Julie. To open our hearts. To let him speak to us in the quietness of our homes. To fill our minds with the Word of God. If Neville blind. Cannot see the word. Like you would I see it can commit his mind to memorizing the entire book of Hebrews. The entire book of first John. If he makes that commitment to God. Is that not a challenge for those of us who have two eyes to see. He sees what he sees in a little different way than you what I see. He sees in his mind. Is that not a challenge to us. The Revealing Christ. Speaks to use fix to me to fill our minds with the Word of God for things about Jesus in the Book of Revelation that sets him up of all are there are world leaders. First he is the only one that can reveal the future. Are there is make gets others may project. But what Jesus says about the future is true because he is the way the truth. And the life. But there's a second thing in red in those first five verses of the Book of Revelation that I want you to notice. He is the revealing Christ. But he is also the read deeming. Christ. There is only one that hung upon the cross. There is only one who had nails through his hands is only one that had gone to thorns upon his head. But is only one who hung between heaven and space and died for humanity. There's only one who can provide salvation. No religious leader can do that the scripture says in Revelation Chapter one. And you're looking there at Revelation one and verse five. It's talking about the Book of Revelation it says and from Jesus Christ. The safe the witness. The firstborn from the dead and ruler over the kings of the earth. To whom you loved us and washed. US from artsy events in his own blood. And it's made us kings and priests. To his God and Father. To hear a big lorry dominion forever and ever notice Jesus does two things there. He washes us from our it seems in his own blood. And he makes us he washes us and makes us. We come to the cross. We come to there with guilt. We come here we shame. We come there with failure. We come here looking over our lives in acknowledge that the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked Jeremiah seventy verse nine we come and acknowledge with the prophet Isaiah Chapter fifty four verse six. All are right she says this built the rags. We come with guilt we come with shame we come with nothingness and we come and say Jesus. Nothing in my hand I bring. But to Zion Kristoff. I claim. And we come clean to the one that died. We come open our hearts to receive his rightness and the greatest need of our world is not peace in the world it's peace in our hearts. The greatest need of this world is not an earthly leader who sits upon a throne. But it is Jesus Christ sitting on the throne of our hearts. The greatest need of our world is not a religious political leader. It's the Savior. The Savior Jesus Christ. He comes. Hanging on the cross. Offering to you with the pardon. No notice what Scripture says. Let's look at two passages in Romans. Something that we have it in Christ in something that we do not have in Christ. Both of them are gifts. Romans Chapter five. Verse one. Therefore having been justified by say. When Christ died on the cross. You were justified. You were pardoned. But you cannot receive that justification that he wrote out and help repeal unless you accepted by faith. No notice. Therefore being justified by faith. We have peace with God through Gore Jesus Christ. What the if comes to you and to me through the cross What is that the gift of what it yes but what is the text say your ad that is you give me what you think I want to hear. I want what the text says. Therefore having been justified by faith we have what Charles what we have. We have peace. Do you have to eat. The Epi. Do you know. In your heart of hearts. You're so sore that through Jesus. Your sins are forgiven. That's for Jesus. The gift of eternal life is yours. Do you know. The peace that comes the past is all understanding. Now there's something we haven't something we do not have Romans a verse one. Jesus is a leader. Unsurpassed in Revelation because this is why when they could wash. With his blood. He's the only one that can give us peace. Romans eight. Something we haven't something we don't have Romans eight verse one. There is there for now. No condemnation. To those that are in Christ Jesus. Who do not walk according to slash But according to the spirit. So we have peace and we do not have what we have what we do not have what we have what he is and what don't we have kind of nation. Thank God for peace. Now what. When the devil comes to he says look what you did. Three months ago. Look what you did. Six months ago. Little. Look at how unworthy you are look at how how imperfect you are. What do you say to the devil. Say praise God I have what peace. He's in a lose. Jesus. Praise God I do not have what condemnation. We come to Jesus just as we are. But to remain as we are after we come to Revelation Chapter one. He does two things. He washes us. And what else does he do for us. He watches us and he somebody said it. He makes us. Oh I want Jesus to wash me and I want Jesus to make me what about you. Revelation Chapter one we're looking there. Again at verse five. And from Jesus what is Jesus. The faithful witness the firstborn from the dead. He is the ruler over the kings of the earth there is only one you see unsurpassed Christ. To him who loves us. And what is the else he did and washed us from our own see into his blood when he washes us what do we have peace. What don't we have condemnation and has made us what he and priests. To his God in the court. What Jesus to Claire's you to be now. He wants to make you. Jesus to Claire's you right just through his blood. And he wants to make you right just through his power. Jesus the choirs you. The Son of God and works in you by a power to make you the Son of God who is this Christ in Revelation. He is unsurpassed by any world leader. He is the revealing Christ. One that knows the future. He is the read deeming Christ. The one that washes us and gives us the peace and frees us from condemnation. He is the one that makes us what we long to be. He is the author and the what. Finisher of our faith. He is the one that began a good work in us and will do what completed until the day of Jesus Christ. How many of you know today that Jesus at least has begun. A good work in you can I see your hands. He's begun something if you asked Willie finish it. You say I feel so unworthy. I feel so weak. I feel I'm not like Jesus. He has begun a good work in you and he will do what finish it. I praise his name that he will complete in me what he started here three visa in crises are we dealing Christ and praise God he is the returning Christ Revelation Chapter one. We find all this in the book of rich. Revelation Chapter one. He is the revealing Christ. He is the redeeming Christ. And he is the returning Christ. Revelation Chapter one you're looking there at Revelation Chapter one. You're looking at verse seven. This world is not in the hands of human beings. This world is in the hands of God. Revelation Chapter one Verse seven. Read it together with me. Police behold he is coming with clouds and every I just see him. And they also which pierced Him. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn. Because of it even so he's coming with clouds. Revelation for verse eight. The theme of the Book of Revelation. Is that he comes. This world. It's not in the hands of very religious political leader who will usher in peace in unity among nations. The True. Unsurpassed leader is coming in the clouds of heaven. That's the theme of Revelation. It is not an earthly solution it's a heavenly solution. It's not a human solution it's a divine solution. Revelation for. We're looking there at verse ten. The verse that begins. Holy holy verse eight. Verse eight. Notice the end of the verse. Holy Holy Holy. Lord God Almighty. WHO WAS and IS and IS what. Because he is the one that was he existed from eternity. He is these are heavenly I priests and he is what he is to cub revelation. The nineteenth. Chapter Revelation Chapter nineteen. Revelation Chapter nineteen throughout the book of Revelation Jesus is presented as the returning Christ. He is coming is the only hope of the world. The return of our Lord is the ultimate solution to the world's problems. While the world looks for a human solution. We look to a divine solution where the world looks for peace on earth we look for the coming of the Prince of Peace. Revelation the nineteenth chapter that I saw I have an open to the worlds filled with conflict famine. War strife. The world filled with difficulty and challenges the world filled with social inequity. And should we work for a solution to human problems. Definitely. But do we recognize that although we work diligently as Christians to solve human problems of social justice and inequity and hunger. And although we try to solve problems of salmon and poverty. We do everything we can it's Christians. We recognize that because of the sin of humanity. And because of the selfish nature of the human heart these things will be with us till Christ curves. And we look not to the ultimate solution as a solution on earth we look to the ultimate solution as a solution when Jesus comes Revelation nineteen verse eleven. Then I saw I have an open to behold a white horse. And he was sat on him was called faithful and true. And he'd write just nasty judges and makes war has eyes like the flame of fire his head. Had many crowns. He had a name written on it that no one knew except himself. He was closed with a rope. Diffs implied his name is called the Word of God and the armies of heaven code in fine linen white in clean followed him and white horses. Notice. Verse sixteen. And he has on his robe and eyes name. A sigh written. KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. There is one that is unsurpassed. Jesus Christ of. There will never be a print permanent solution to the problem of war until the prince of peace returns. There never be a permanent solution to atmosphere of pollution. Until Christ creates a new heaven and a new worse. There will never be a permanent solution to the problem of Justice into the one who is just comes to make every wrong right now never be a permanent solution to suffering sickness and death. Until the one who is Life comes to close us with immortality. They'll never be a permanent solution to hunger in till the one who is the bread of life since US with the heavenly matter and resorts to the waters of life. There will never be a permanent solution to homelessness an economic uncertainty. Until Jesus comes and supplies our every need in the kingdom of God Jesus is a leader who is unsurpassed. He reveals he read eaves. He returns. And one day he will reign for ever take your Bible please and turn to Revelation Chapter one Arce chapter of today. Revelation the first chapter. Revelation Chapter one. The Book of Revelation is not about the reign of an earthly religious political leader that receives glory to solve the problems of the world. The Book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ. It is about Jesus who will come. He is the one who's revealed the future he is the one that is ready mankind He is the one that returns in glory. And here is the one that will reign for ever and ever. Revelation Chapter one. You're looking there at verse six. Revelation Chapter one Verse six. Notice what it says. And it says the last part of her spies and beginning of her six. That he is the ruler of the kings of the earth. He is the one that robbed us washed us from our screens in his own blood. He makes us. Kings and priests to his God and Father to him to whom to Jesus. G. here be what glory. And what go Meenie and for ever and ever. Revelation Chapter eleven. Verse fifteen. The Book of Revelation talks about the one that will reign and for ever and ever. Revelation Chapter eleven. Verse fifteen. Then the seventh angel sounded how many angels sound after the seventh angel. He is the last one right in the seventh angel sounded and there were loud voices in heaven saying the kingdoms of this world. Have become the kingdoms of our Lord and are these Christ. And he shall reign for ever before God on their throws and still they fell on their faces say will give thanks. Oh Lord God Almighty is the one who is it was and is to curb the fundamental Salah sees that our world is facing today. Is that it is working to a human. Religious political leader. To solve problems that are unsolvable and seven Jesus Christ comes to solve them. Notice what it says the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and He shall reign for ever and ever before God on their throats. They fell down and worship him. Notice. Back to Revelation nineteen but this time a look at verse six. We were looking at verse eleven. Revelation nineteen first six. And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude. As the sound of many waters and of the sound of mighty thunder think. Hallelujah. For the Wal-Mart. Our God I'm the potent. The all powerful want another way of saying it is the great one. The Lord. The omnipotent when the great one reigns. Let us be glad and rejoice and give him. Glory. So here in the Book of Revelation. We see that Christ is the supreme unparalleled all wise. All loving all powerful leader. Any so-called pretender. Is a counterfeit. There is only one who can reveal the future. There's only one who died for our sins there's only one who can change our lives there's only one who return in power and glory to solve this or its problems. There's only one who reign in glory. Eternally in seventeen fifteen. King Louis. The fourteenth of France. Died after a rain of seventy two years. He was called King Louis. The great. He was the monarch that made the famous statement. I am. The State. When he died. His funeral was incredibly spectacular you know during his life his court was the most spectacular in all of Europe. His body lay in this magnificent cathedral. And it lay in state in a golden Courson and orders were given by his kingly court. Who worship him almost as God. Orders were given that the cathedral should be Didn't really lived with only its national candle. Above. The coffin. That's a memorial thousands waited in a hushed silence. Then the preacher got up. Began to speak and slowly as the congregation sat in hushed silence. The religious leader presiding at that funeral and over and snuffed out the candle and quietly said. Only God is great. Our leader Jesus Christ is truly great. He created this world. And he holds the future. In his name as in our hearts we sing how great what Vallarta. He has read Dean does it in him we have peace in assurance forgiveness spring salvation and eternal life in our hearts we thing what. How Great Thou Art. He will return in a whole and glory and give us a glorious tomorrow in our hearts we sing lot. How Great Thou Art. He will reign for ever and ever and ever and ever. In our hearts we think how great is our art. He is a great creator. He is a great revealer of the future. He is a great read Deemer. He is a great rate he is the one who will return. And he's the one who rain for ever. We can leave this sanctuary with hope today. Sealed with confidence today. Jesus Christ is unparalleled. He has revealed the future. This world is in his hands. Jesus Christ has redeemed us. There is peace and forgiveness and strength in him. And Jesus is return. This world is in his hands. And he will reign for ever all my father. In a world of confusion. And a world looking for answers in a world looking for moral leadership. There is a leader who is unsurpassed. Gee. Is this the reveals the future. Gives us confidence and hope. Jesus who read being with us and gives us. Peace freedom from condemnation. And all makes us priests and kings of God. Transforms our lives and Jesus who is returning soon. And Jesus all rain for ever. Send us from this place today with hearts filled with love for him there share the message of his love. The power of His grace. And the hope of His return with people we meet. This week in Christ's name Amen. Hi This is Mark Finley I hope you are really blessed by the sermon today that the Holy Spirit touched your heart and you were led to make commitments to Jesus. I want to give you a special invitation. We have seen God work so many miracles here in Northern Virginia. Our little church unwarranted is packed in overflowing. We are building a new beautiful church sanctuary. But much more than that if I can say it that way. Is that we're building a training center. A training center for pastors and lay people all over the world. They will come and be trained equipped. In how to reach out for Christ. How to get bible studies. How to preach of angels six sermons. Will have courses on spiritual leadership. Revival Reformation. Bible memorization of courses on how to model Christ's love and a given community. And how to reach out through comprehensive health ministry. This church. Evangelistic training center will also be a community outreach center. It's right in the heart of dignity and of alley. It is in the center of our community. And we will reach out to people often who don't have much of an interest in spiritual things secular people through Health and Family Life Ministries and through meeting the very needs they have just like Jesus Christ did. And I want to give you a special invitation first. If you're in the Northern Virginia area and. You're in Haymarket junior come to diminutive Valley. Starting in March of two thousand and sixteen. We will talk programs will be running our classes will be running. Contact us. And we're more than happy to have you visit or join us for one of our for eight days sessions our sessions will be four days and eight days. And we can give you. Dates. If you'd like to inquire about our classes you can call one. Three zero one six eight zero six six one nine. That's one three zero one six eight zero six six one nine you can call them. Talk to my administrative assistant Joe Alexander. There may be some of you that would like to help us financially. We still have a ways to go in raising the funds for our center and everything is on faith that we're doing. We're stepping out in faith in God is helping us to raise those funds. We still have a number of thousand dollars yet to raise. Probably between two hundred two hundred fifty thousand. Yet on the building. Furnish we need to furnish the building we're building a media center within the building. If you want to contribute one hundred dollars fifty dollars one thousand five thousand whatever you choose to do with those spirit guide you one of those for promise you that you want to do something special that are really make a difference in the world field. And really make a difference in people's lives. Both for training and outreach in worship. You can send a donation to the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists twelve. Five zero one. Old Columbia Pike. Silver Spring Maryland. Two zero nine zero four that's the General Conference Seventh Day Adventists. Twelve five all want to hold Columbia Pike. Silver Spring Maryland two zero zero nine zero four. Will send you a tax deductible receipt. And you can be part of something big something large for God. Something that will make a difference. To get people ready for this in return of Jesus. Thank you so much for your prayers. Thank you for your financial support. And we look forward to seeing you here at our site and visiting us into Newtown a market which media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like for about body over. If you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave it there. W.W.W. audio verse or.


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