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Who Is My Neighbor?

Michael Hargreaves


Michael Hargreaves is currently a religion student at Hartland College in Rapidan, Virginia. He has spent most of his life traveling with missionary parents and doing mission work with them in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. After assisting his family in starting the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE) in the Philippines and in Kenya/Uganda, and volunteering for Amazing Facts ministries for seven years, God opened the door for him to get further education in religious lines at Hartland College. Michael has a passion for reaching difficult-to-reach parts of the word with the Gospel Message. 



  • October 3, 2015
    11:30 AM
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We're going to talk about who is the my neighbor. That's the title of the message who is my neighbor. And a stand that song was sung about the good Samaritan I didn't understand it in. So Healy obviously but they told me that was about the Good Samaritan that fits very well with our sermon today. On April eighteenth two thousand and ten at five thirty A.M. on the quiet streets of Queens New York. A thirty one year old immigrant to the United States. Came to the aid of a woman that was being attacked by a man with a knife. Well the man struggled this young immigrant struggled with the arm man and he got stabbed in the process. And the woman and the attacker fled in opposite directions. And the guy that helped the woman. Lay on the street in a pool of blood. Surveillance camera showed a very shocking scene. That took place next. More than twenty people walked right by this man who was laying on the street wounded and helpless. And did nothing about it they didn't even pick up their phone and call the police they did nothing to help. Very shocking. And when the firefighters arrived fifteen minutes later after the last man had walked by and photographed. The man with his phone that needed help he took a picture of him but he did not help. Fifteen minutes later the man was already dead. And then in another city. A fifteen year old girl. Which probably some of you are that age. Was beaten brutally and Rogge by some teenagers. Three security guards stood by and watched and did nothing to help. And then in two thousand and three M. a N. was shot in Washington D.C. and a witness of the crime finished pumping gas into a container and drove away without doing anything to report about the crime. What has happened to society today. The siding has become so hardened. So it's so used to crime. Why don't people respond when they see someone suffering. Well. Some people say well you know it's just kind of the product of living in the cities. The more you live in the cities you're used to seeing things all the time homeless people and needs and you just kind of do what everybody else does and walk by without rendering help. And other people say well we're still used to violence we see it on television we watch it on movies we hear it in music that we can't distinguish between cyber violence that's that's the television and regular violence. Let's go read a similar story this is our scripture reading Luke chapter tin verses twenty five. Through thirty seven. What verses that everyone. Who's been twenty five to thirty seven. You have a Bible. You can turn there I put it on the screen for the sake of ease but I see most of you have Bibles. And so you can follow along your Bible. And the scribes in the fairest season this story were trying to get. Jesus into trouble. You know from your bible that they were his worst enemies they were always trying to catch him in his words. And so one day. They thought of a clever strategy they call the lawyer to their side. Now lawyers a very high ranking rich. Educated person. He knew a lot about the law. They called a lawyer to their side and they said they gave him some instructions I want you to tell Jesus to ask Jesus. A question. Notice what question that they asked the lawyer asked. This is a loop chapter tin. Verse twenty five. A certain lawyer stood up so Law Jesus is teaching the lawyer stands up to interrupt him. And he says Master. What shall I do. To inherit eternal life. What is the question. Do internalize. How did he expect to get eternal life. By what by doing something. Isn't that something we all want to know how to get eternal life you want to know that. How can I have eternal life that's a question that everybody wants to know. Well the lawyer. He knew the answer to his own question that's very obvious. He was trying to get Jesus into a trap so he could catch him in his words and turn the people away from Jesus. So Jesus says to the lawyer verse twenty six he sent him what is written in the what the law. What do you read about. So did Jesus say I think. I assume in my opinion. I believe is that would Jesus said yes or no no he said what is written. Way. In the wall. What is a verse twenty say to the law. And to the testimony if they speak not according to this word. There is no light in them. And so Jesus points him back to the law of God to base his faith upon the Word of God. And here we can read another story Mark in your notes Luke. Eighteen verse eighteen that's easy to remember. Eighteen. Verse eighteen. A certain ruler asked him think good master. What shall I. What's the word in yellow do. To inherit eternal life now the word inherit means to come into possession as your right. Do we have a right to everlasting life yes or no no. So he was obviously confused verse twenty. Jesus tells this Rich. RULER you know the commandments What are the commandments everybody. Let's call him out. Do you know. Mark committed adultery do not care what else. D.L. do not bear false witness stand on to your father and mother. Now we know that that's the last part of the law. The last six commandments. To the law into the testimony I mention this before. Now this. Rich young ruler. He was a good. Seventh Day Adventist and he saw himself a good. Commandment keeper. He came and he sat in church once a week. He said I'm a pretty good commit keeper I'm keeping the Sabbath all the rest of the people are not sound familiar. He expected to be saved by his works can you be saved by works. Well I'm going to sound like a heretic today. But there is actually a way that you can be saved by a. Leviticus. Eighteen verse five says you shall therefore keep my statutes. And my judgments. Which if a man do what he shall live in them. I am the Lord. If you could obey the law of God without fault from the first day of your life. To you died. Then you could earn salvation. Has anybody ever done that yes or no. Nobody except Christ so nobody can earn salvation. Luke eighteen verse twenty one lawyer says are the. The rich ruler says I kept the commandments What do I lacked Jesus says. You lack one thing. What did he need to do. Go sell that you have and what. Give to the poor and you shall have treasure way there. In heaven and then come and follow me what did he do. He went away. He walked away from Christ. Was he a keeper of the law yes or no know why he had something in his life he loved more than his god. More than his fellow man and that was his wealth. So Christ says what is written in the law. What do you read. And notice what it says. Lieutenant verse twenty seven He answered me and said You shall not love who the Lord your God with how much of your heart some. You know with all your heart and how much of your soul all your soul. All your strength. All your mind and your neighbor as yourself. How many commandments are there in that verse. To what are those two commandments. Love who love God and love who else. Love your neighbor as yourself. Two commandments if you're taking note love God. That's vertical. Love your neighbor. That's horizontal. Now. The lawyer here. He was quoting some verses in the Old Testament Deuteronomy six verse five. You so love the Lord your God with all your heart. All your soul. All your strength. And all your mind that's in Deuteronomy six five. And the Vedic use one thousand nine hundred eleven your neighbor as yourself. That is the summary of the teachings of the whole Bible. Love God and what else. Love your neighbor as yourself. That's the summary of the Word of God. And you can mark down. Matthew twenty two we don't have time to read all these things but I put them there. Matthew twenty to thirty six to forty crisis on these two commandments paying all the law. And the prophets that's the entire Bible. Now who demonstrated love for us. Sees us. How did he demonstrated. Does anybody know John three sixteen. Let's say it all together for God so loved the world. Then he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. God so. What with the world. He so loved the world. What did that lovely in him to do. He gave His only begotten Son that we might not perish but have everlasting life. When you see the love of Christ. What happens to you your heart is what your heart is drawn to Christ you love Christ and. If you love Christ. What are you going to do to other people. You're going to love them as you love who as you love yourself. Right. That's why it says Paul says the love of Christ constrains us you see we have a perverted concept of love. When you think of love What do you think of. Well I love what. To PADI's or you know whatever you love I love this boy this girl whatever that we normally think of love like that. Well I'm here to tell you that's not love. If you want to know the Bible definition of love markdown First Corinthians thirteen that's the Bible definition of UN selfish. Adoptee selfless love. This is the kind of love that God wants us to have for others. First John four nineteen you can put in your notes and first Corinthians for verse thirteen. Glacier in fivers fourteen says. All the law is fulfilled and how many word. One word. You can summarize the whole Bible in one word what is that word. Love. The problem is we don't understand love. That's why the rest of the Bible explains what it is to love God and to love our fellow human beings. You see the greatest demonstration of whether you love God is whether you show love to to another person that's the greatest proof that you love God. Actions speak a lot louder than words first John chapter three verse eighteen. Let us not love in Word. But let us love Indeed let us love in actions it says. Luke ten verse twenty eight. And Jesus sent him to me you have answered rights of the lawyer says you supposed to love the Lord with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself prices yes. You got it. That's the right answer this do. And you show us you shall live now the lawyer wasn't very happy. Do you know what the lawyer did next. He was unhappy. Why was he not happy because he wasn't doing that. So he had to justify himself. Now before I go there live in a KISS eighteen verse five says the man that does the commandments will live in them and glaciers three verse twelve. However there's one problem Matthew nineteen twenty six With man this is was impossible. So can you keep the commandments yes or no no it's impossible. With men it is impossible we have a problem. Our nature. Wants to do what's wrong. We don't naturally like to do. Unselfish things we like to do what's wrong because it's more comfortable. That's the nature of man but I think the Lord because the verse doesn't and there it says with God How many things are possible. All things are possible. Amen. How many things. All things are possible with God. And so here. The lawyer was self condemned he wasn't a lot keeper. And he was being humiliated he was a doctor he was well educated. And he was embarrassed because Christ did shown him that his question was worthless he could answer is own question. So he thinks he has to think quickly of another question. And he justifies himself notice what he says verse twenty nine. He willing to justify himself said unto Jesus what. Who is my me ber. Now that's a little bit harder of a question the first question wasn't very hard. The second question was hard. He thought and I'm going to get Jesus in trouble here. Who is my neighbor. You know my friends there's only two options for you. Either you justify yourself. When the truth of God comes to your life and points out. Areas that are not in harmony with His will or you homily. Submit yourself to God and allow him to justify you that's the only two options. He willing to justify himself said to Jesus. Who is my neighbor who is my neighbor. How does Christ respondents Christ start up a debate or an argument yes or no no. So if someone comes to you and try to ask you a trick question. To start an argument. How should you respond. Should you start an argument. Know of Christ in start an argument. Christ told a parable. Let's notice that Jesus answering said. A certain man. What did a certain man do. He went down from where Drusilla him to Jericho. But it but there was a problem what happened to him. He fell among thieves which stripped him of his Rayman and wounded him and departed leaving him. Was half did. Now. This man was likely a Jew. He was a was a Jew. Keep that in mind this important point. And he was making a journey from way there. From Jerusalem to us to Jericho. And now. Think of a city that's twenty thirty kilometers from Nairobi that's approximately the distance was about thirty kilometers from Jerusalem. To Jericho and you can see here is a map. And there's the route there. From Jerusalem. To Jericho and he was going which way up or down. He was going down because you see when you go from Jerusalem to Jericho you have to descend one thousand meters which is a long ways. Though he was going down. And the highway from Jericho just to Jerusalem was was it was desolate. Was there any police stations. There was no police stations was there any houses. No. Was there anybody know. This was a barren desolate place and it was a perfect place for robbers and thieves to hide behind the rocks it was a dangerous highway. And so here this man he goes. And he falls among what everybody's seen eaves. Does that sound like something you want to happen to you know these thieves are cruel they brutalize him leaping down from the mountains with wild cries. They leap upon him. And they brutalize him and they steal his clothes and his means of transportation and his money and everything valuable. And they almost kill him in the process. And there he is line by the road. Almost dead. And the robbers disappear with all his stuff into the rocks. Then it says in verse thirty one. And by what everybody. By Chance. There came down a what a certain priest that way. Now who is a free. A priest is a minister a pastor right. A priest is a religious leader a priest The supposed to obey God's law and teach God's law. Was this a good priest or a bad one. Was a bad one. By chance it says as if by accident. There came a priest that way was it an accident yes or no no God had planned this. To see if the priest with live up to his religion. And so here comes the priest you can picture in your mind. He comes riding along in his land cruiser I don't know what he had three three years the rich back then he comes running along with his caravan. And he sees there a man by the side of the road. That's almost dead. What does he do. He turns his head the other way and what does he do. Goes right by he says you know what I've got a pre-teen engagement. At the main synagogue. At eleven o'clock if I stop now. I'm going to be late. And you know moreover this guy this line here he might be a Samaritan. And I don't want to help with Samaritan. So the Bible says that the priest he ignored him and he went by and he proved that his religion. Was in vain. Now in God's providence he puts many people into our pathway. He makes you come in contact with people every day. Why. So the you can reach out and do what and bless and help people notice this quote. This is from Illinois. Ministry healing one forty three Christ method alone will give truth success in reaching the people there are a lot of people in the school to reach here what must you do number one he what he mean girls with Sammy made friends. And then what else. He showed his sympathy for then they had problems in their life he sympathized with them he also did what he ministered to their needs and then he did what he won their confidence. Then he said follow me. And that those are the methods we need to use when reaching out to others. Well. What would modern Christians do. Many modern Christians would be like the priest. Seen a person in need. Not my job. That's somebody else's responsibility. Viable says in James two verse thirteen. He shall have judgment without mercy that what showed no mercy. That's a pretty solemn Bible picks. Judgment without mercy. That showed no mercy. Proverbs twenty one verse thirteen. Who ever stops is easier is at the cry of the poor. He also will cry himself and what. He will not be heard. So when it's in our ability to help somebody and we close our years and walk by in the other side. When we get into a hard place. What's going to happen to us. Nobody's going to help us. That's what the Bible says here. What is the golden rule does anybody know the golden rule. Matthew seven verse twelve zero I know it. Therefore all things you would that men should do to us to you do so to them for this is the law and the prophets. All things that you would that men should do to you. The golden rule does not allow pride and self-seeking what two things. Pride and self-seeking doesn't allow any of it. So in everything this is the New International Version. So in everything how many things. Everything. Do to others what you would have them do to you for this sums up the law. And the prophets. That's a summary of the Word of God. Do to others what you would have them do to you. I'm a skip through some of this. Mark in your notes is equal through emerged is seventeen through nineteen. Easy kills three verses seventeen to nineteen and basically God says to is equal and to all of us. I've set you as a watchman in the you know the watchman is a guard. What is a guard do. A guard watches out for a while for danger for problem. And it says I've sent you as a guard as a watchman over the house of Israel that's God's people who is God's people. Everybody right. We're all God's people. I've set you as a watch man or a guard over the house of Israel. If you hear of danger. And you don't sound a warning. Then what happens. Then the people die but their blood I require your hands. That's a pretty scary thought. However if you warn those people. Then you deliver years full. Go read it in your spare time we won't read it now X. the Apostles page nine. The church is God's appointed agency for the salvation of man. It was organize for what. Service. Why was the church organized for first service was it organized so we could come and sit once a week. In a church service and hear sermon yes or no no not primarily it was organized for what for a service for service. What are we doing to spread the gospel to those who don't know it. Not as a church. Individually. You and me personally. Ask yourself What am I doing. To spread the gospel. To those who don't know it. John for verse thirty four Jesus said unto them mind me that's my food is to do the will of Him that sent me. And what else finish his work now. If we are a Christian. What is a Christian. A Christian the someone that does what who did. Christ. What did Christ. Do. He had one goal in mind and that was to what finish the work what works. Gospel the work that God had given him to do. Did Christ give us a commission yes or no. Yes Matthew twenty nine thousand and twenty go you therefore in a lot. Teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father in the sun in the Holy Ghost you're probably familiar with that verse go and teach how many nations. All nations. Anybody excluded. No go and teach all nations. When a person is converted when he has what. Converted Have you heard of conversion. What is conversion. Is that where you have some sort of high feelings. No conversion means. Change that's all it means you change from being the all of you to a new you. And when one is converted his first desire is to bring souls to Christ. Here's a very interesting statement by own white Christian service. Ninety two. Heaven stands what. Indignant and that's kind of a hard English word that means angry. Heaven stands indignant at the neglect shown to the souls of men in jewels marvel at man's surface. Shallow appreciation of God's love. That's an interesting thought. One saw how many souls. One soul is of more value to heaven than a whole world of what property. Houses land and money. How is property worth a lot here is worth a lot but one's soul is worth more than the whole world of property. For the conversion of one full we should tax our resources our time our money our talents to the most. Let's read now Lukin verse thirty two. We're going on now to the Levites. It says likewise a Levite. When he was at the place. Came. And what did the Levite dues. He looked. He looked at him but what did he do after he looked. He went by on the other side. Now the poor man is in critical state if he doesn't get help soon he is going to die. So I imagine here the Levite is driving along. Maybe he's driving his camel. With all his servants. And as he's driving along he rounds a band and he sees the man lying on the side of the road. Now Levi has a little bit more of a heart than the priest he brings his caravan to a halt he leaps off his his camel. And he goes over to where the man is and what does he do. He looks it in. Is it enough to see someone in need. Yes or No no that's not enough. The Levite saw him he looked at him and what did he do. That's not my job. That's not my responsibility. Someone else will have to help him I've got an appointment to make. Besides he might be a Samaritan he's not of my tribe or my culture. It's not my responsibility. All heaven was watching to see what the Levite would do. Did believe I disappoint. Jesus. Yes or no. Yes. This point to Jesus in the Angels. Levite man and his camel. Convinced himself that the matter was not of his concern. And left. Now there was someone else like this in the Old Testament who is this in the pics and Cain and Abel remember the story of Cain. What it came due. He killed his brother. And when the Lord came to CAIN What did the Lord say. We got some reconciliation to do. Where is able your brother. What in Cain say I don't know that it was that true or or a lie. That was a lie. Knew very well were his brother was. I don't know in my my brother's keeper of Genesis for verse nine. It's not my responsibility to know about his health for Hill his whereabouts his salvation his happiness his comfort. I'm looking out for who's me that's his problem. Does that sound selfish. Does that sound Christian. No. But many people are saying that today I don't know about my neighbours health or salvation my co-workers my classmates my relatives. I don't know. It's not my responsibility. I'm not my brother's keeper. Genesis for verse him and he said what have you done who is the he here. God what have you done. The voice of your brother's blood does what. Cries of from the ground and to me. What does. What does it call for for vengeance on whose on Cain because Keynes the one that killed him. Genesis for verse ten Revelation six nine and ten you can mark that in your notes. God says to Cain Cain that you are curse. There are some lessons we can learn. Christian service page thirteen. If you could to be the children of God. You all are your was. Brother's Keeper. Are we our brothers our sisters keeper yes or no. If we claim to be the children of God which we do. We all are our brother's keeper. Now the attitude of selfish indifference is the opposite of God's character. Some people say oh Lord why do I have to help them why can't he do it. She do it. Why do I have to go share the gospel. Is that a good attitude. Now that's a bad attitude. God could have used. Angels but he chose us. Unworthy sinners to go bring to others. What should be precious to us what most people like to talk about who's themselves. Will Christ tell those who have selfishly carelessly and indifferently neglected the needs of their fellow human beings will Christ tell those people. Well done. Good and faithful servant. Entering to the joy of your Lord yes or no I don't think so Christ Matthew twenty verse twenty eight his mission was what he came not to be ministered unto he did not come to be served and waited upon. But to minister. And to give his life a sacrifice for many Bible says is the servant greater than his master. We are the servants of Christ. Can we expect to sit back in differently. To the needs of other people. And then when Jesus comes. Interest to the joy of our Lord. You know. We can expect that. Romans one verse fourteen. Paul says. I am what I am dead are now mostly you are quite young and I don't know you probably haven't incurred a debt. But you know what a debt is right. That's when you allow somebody money or something. You know it doesn't belong to your borrowing you owe them something. Paul says I am a dead or to the Greeks and the barbarians. Those that aren't of my culture in other words translate into modern language. Both to the was wise that's educated and who else. The unwise that's the ignorant. Let me ask you a very interesting question. Do you do. I do we own the Gospel yes or no. Do we put do we own it is it ours know who does it belong to. It's God's got his intrusted the gospel to us why so we can quote it to ourself yes or no no. So we can pass it on to those who haven't heard. Now if you don't pay on something. What happens. Well let's say you bought a car that's probably years from now but let's say you buy a car. And you go into debt. And you don't pay on it what happens to that car. It goes back to the bank right. If you don't pay on it you lose it. If you don't share the gospel with others what happens to it you lose it. It doesn't. It doesn't make any more sense. Here is a very interesting quote. The inhumanity of man to to animals. No two to man. Human beings that's what it means the inhumanity of man to man is what our greatest sin. As a people as a church. We don't care about others needs. Just like the Levite in the priest. Well the Levite What did he do. He passed by on the other side he mounted his camel. Hopped in his car. And he drove away. But thank the Lord this story doesn't end there. Amen. Verse thirty three but a certain what. Samaritan. Now there's something I want you to understand about a Samaritan. The you know who is American was as very interesting. We could go into the history of I'm just going to summarize it. For the time being the remember that Israel was divided into ten. Tried to remember that. And ten of those tribes apostatize and worship idols. Right. We remember that story from the Bible. And what eventually happened to those ten tribes. They were carried away into captivity. By the Assyrians and then the King of Assyria brought in pagans in their place. And they populated the area. And these pagans adopted the religion of the Jews. Except in portions of it in rejecting others. That's how the Samaritans. Came to be. John for verse nine. This tells you what was thought about the Samaritans then said the woman of Samarian to him How is it that you. Being a Jew are asking drink of me which I'm a woman of Samarian for the Jews have was no dealings with the Samaritans. If you walk by and you saw Samaritan and you were a Jew and the Samaritan needed help. You would turn your face the other way and not even look is the way that's how that's how deep the prejudice. Was between Jews and Samaritans. Now we have some of that even today Dhoni the Samaritan who came across the wounded man. He realized that this man was a Jew. I'm sure he realized it. And he knew that if he was wine in the ditch. What would the do do. The Jew would pass him by on the other side. But he didn't stop to ask whether the man that was a Jew or a Samaritan. He had one question to ask. To answer this man needs help. And I'm going to help him doesn't matter what his race is or is language. Or is culture. And this Samaritan revealed that he was a true Christian. When the Samaritan came to him and he had what was the Bible say. He had compassion on him. He had compassion on him he said this poor man is in trouble. If he didn't help him what would happen to the man. He was going to die. And so he he came and he saw the man with the blood. And in a terrible state. And what does he do. He helps him out now I'm thinking of another good Samaritan. I'm thinking of someone much better than the good Samaritan who is Christ Jesus. You know. In is the key of Chapter sixteen you can read the story of you. And the story of me. We were helpless. We were ready to die the Bible says we were strangers separated from God by sin. And the son of God came passing by and be held our condition. And what it tries to do that he go walking on. He stopped and he helped he step down from heaven. He laid aside his high position is corral on his power and what did he do. He came down here to this wicked filthy world. And he came to put to help us. Bible says He went to him and he what bound up his wounds Bible says in sixty one sin has wounded us. Seen created Wu's he bound up his wounds pouring in Oreo and wine. And then he set him on his own beast and brought him to an inn and took care of him. There are so many lessons in this we're going to skip some of these for the sake of time. But did Christ come to bind up the broken hearted yes or no. You can read that in Isaiah sixty one. He came to heal the wounds that sin had me. Wine as a symbol of the blood of Christ. The Oriel of grace was do did we deserve help yes or no no it's Grace. That's a loyal represents. As the song says marvelous grace of our loving Lord grace that exceeds our C.N.N. and our guilt Have you heard that song. GRACE. GRACE. Marvelous grades. God's grace. Freely bestowed on all who believe there is a great lesson in this story. He can mark down Matthew eighteen. Versus twelve to fourteen. The story of the one last see that the Shepherd went out and he sought for that one lost sheep. Until he had found him. Luke ten verse thirty five and on the morrow when he departed he took out how many pence. To it's about sixty dollars. And then he gave him to the host. Gave it to the host in said to him what I want you to take care of him. And whatever you spend more when I come again I will repay you. Now the good Samaritan represents Christ. And the wounded man represents lost sinners. What does the innkeeper represent. That's you and me. Part of the fold part of the church God says God brings law sinners to us and he says I want you to do what. Take care of these people. He that has pity upon the poor lands under the Lord and that which he has given him. God will repay. And he said. Well let me back up I forgot to mention something. Who repays you and you. Help others. Goddard pays you. They can always your pay you could that man repay the Samaritan. Probably not but he will be recompensed. When Jesus comes back. God will repay. Everything we spend to save others. On the other hand if we neglect others will God also repay us or know he will repay. In punishment. And then it says in Luke ten verse thirty seven. He that showed mercy on him he was the neighbor. To that wounded man. He was the neighbor to the wounded man and then Christ says. Was go. And what do that how likewise. What does that mean. Go and do the same thing. Go to live out the principles of loving God and loving your fellow human beings. And then you will fulfill the whole wall. Why do we not appreciate the sacrifice of Christ more than we do. Here's why we don't realize it's what its value. Its value is somebody gives you one hundred shillings. Is that worth very much. No. But if someone gives you a billion shillings as our with more. Will you appreciate it more. That's a much bigger gift. Christ says there is a parable about a certain servant. That the Lord forgave him ten thousand pounds the a member that parable. That's a lot of money that's billions and billions of shillings. He forgave him. Ten thousand talents. And that same servant. Found one of his fellow servants. He grabbed him by the neck and he said Pay me that you owe the member that story. And the lord of that servant was what. Was angry. And he said should you not have had compassion on who's your fellow servant your fellow person your fellow human being your neighbor. Even as I had pity on who you who is the lord of that servant. Christ God and His Lord was about everybody was raw was angry and delivered him to the what. To the tormentors till he should what. Pay all how much. All that was doing to him is only one way you can pay all the do. The wages a sin is what. Death. But they give to God is what eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord and God says. I gave you a gift of priceless. If they give to salvation. Now I want you to turn around and pass that gift on to your fellow man. Have pity on your fellow servant as I had pity on you. Here is a few quotes in closing. Christ that our neighbor does not mean one who is merely of our church or our faith. So are our neighbors only those who come here with us to church yes or no no has no reference to race color or class. Our neighbor is how many people and every person who needs our help. Our neighbor is every soul who was wounded and bruised by the devil the adversary. Our neighbor is everyone who is the property of God. We are to regard how many human beings. And really human beings. Can we say this all together and every human being. Whatever caste or nationality whether he is wider black high or low as our Watts neighbor who is our neighbor. Every human beings. Let's not forget that. Here in this parable is a lesson on the duties of man with reference to his fellow man. Those who need Gleg to carry out the principles illustrated in this lesson are not commandment keepers. Though they may pretend to revere the law of God. The most eloquent sermon. That can be preached upon the Ten Commandments is to what everyone to do then. That's pretty profound and straightforward simple. What is the best sermon you can preach on the Ten Commandments. But is it. Do then is that hard. It's hard but with God How many things are possible. All things are possible to him that believes Mark nine. Verse forty four. Divine Truth exerts little influence upon the world when it should exert much influence do our practice. The mere professional Let me sort of simplify things. What is the mere profession. That means when you say I'm a church member. I'm an avenue this. That's all you religion consists of the mere profession of religion abounds but has little weight. In other words it doesn't influence much. We may claim to be followers of Christ we may claim to believe every truth in the Word of God. But this will do our neighbor no good unless our belief is was carried into our daily life. When you're at school. When you're at home with mom and dad and siblings. When you are out on the street. Every day life. Our profession may be as high as heaven but it will save neither ourselves nor our fellow man unless we are Christians. A right example will do more to benefit the world. Then all our profession. Now let me read you this one more quote. It is not possible for the heart in which the love of Christ. Dwells to be destitute of love. So it is not was possible for the heart in which the love of Christ twelve. To be destitute to have no love for others. If Christ is dwelling in you and you are a Christian will you love others yes or no. Yes. It's not possible to do otherwise. Luke ten twenty eight as we draw the sermon to a conclusion Christ says. This is the instruction for us today. Mark this in you know. One two three four five six words that he term member. Lieutenant verse twenty. This do. And that it was lit. Does it say this preach. And you will if you have to know. Now. Does it say this talk about and discuss in Sabbath school and you will live yes or no now. Does it say this read about and you will live yes or no no this was due. And you will live talk is cheap a tree is known by its fruit loop ten verse thirty seven. Then said Jesus and to him go. Go you into all the world and what. Preach the Gospel to every creature go. And what do that all likewise. Follow the example of the Good Samaritan show love to your fellow man as God has showed love to you. ARE THEY WERE THE you may be not were we were the of jesus love yes or no no we are to show mercy where to show compassion on others crisis I've given you an example. They you should do as I have done to you. This gospel of the kingdom shall be preaching how much of the world. All the world as a witness and all nations and then. What the end will come. The you want Jesus to come. You want and to come. First the gospel has to go where. To the whole world. Now is the gospel merely preachiness that only preaching yes or no no the Gospel includes a practical demonstration of the kingdom and the principles of cries every day every place everywhere. All Times. That's the gospel of Jesus Christ. And when that gospel is proclaimed then the end will come. X. The apostle says Long Has God waited. How long long long is God waited for the spirit of what service that the spirit of Jesus the spirit of the Good Samaritan. The spirit of service to take possession of how much of the church. The whole church that's you and I were part of the church. So the how many A Everyone will be working for him. According to his ability. How much longer will the Lord wait. Well that's up to you. And that's up to me. I want to think about what we've looked at today. We hear a lot of sermons and forget what we heard. I want to meditate upon this. I want you to do some thinking as we draw the sermon to close. Ask God to show you how this parable applies to you personally. Not to the person sitting next to you to you personally. And I want to call for a decision today. At the end of this meeting. Let's Bower heads and close their eyes. We don't need to see everybody else's decision this is between us and God less power has been close their eyes. And I'm going to make an appeal. As the Spirit of God is speaking to you right now. Ask yourself this question how many people have I passed by in the past week month or year. That I could have helped. Think about it. How of I use my time my money on myself or on others. What has been the majority. Where has the majority of my time and money gone to self or others. Talk is ain't its actions that demonstrate what ways if we denied ourselves for the good of others. Let's think about that for a while. Have we appreciated the sacrifice that cost. God so much. We don't need to ask to be excused. We need to say Lord what do you want me to do now. I'll go anywhere I'll be anyone I'll do anything for a use who did all for me. I'm willing to be nothing to be something to endure hardship in privation and suffering. And even deny myself of my precious time and money. So that I can help others time that would otherwise be spent. Wasted in television or other things. And if you want to make this commitment today you want to say Lord. I'm willing to do anything for you I'm willing to go anywhere for you. I want to help other people. Show me how this is your commitment would you just raise your hand in the air today. Raise your hand if this is your commitment. God sees your hand. Let's stand and let's close our meeting with prayer. Then to Jesus and to him Go and do that now. Likewise. Go and do though. Likewise. Let's pray. Our Father in heaven. Thank you so much at the end of this meeting. We have sensed your presence in our mitts. We have sensed your call to our hearts to action. We recognize that we have often passed by many people that we might have benefited we do pray for your forgiveness for that for our neglect our indifference our hard heartedness and selfishness. Please forgive us. Please break the hearts of stone and help us to have a heart. Like the heart of Christ. The heart that will be willing to give ourself for the good of others. An unselfish heart. Bless each person here these young people now know as they have the power when they surrender their heart to you to move this. This campus and then the world. So we pray that you would be with each each young person each person also they made a decision. Strengthen that commitment we pray God Each one of us and help us to go from this place to live. The principles of the gospel. This is our prayer that we ask. We thank you for hearing us in Jesus' name amen. 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